Section 46
Chapter 45,381

Biomedical research and conflicts of interest

Eisinger, Fçois.

Presse Medicale 31(36): 1686-1689


ISSN/ISBN: 0755-4982
PMID: 12467147
Accession: 045380077

"PLURAL" Research is no longer an individual activity but is now "plural" and therefore induces conflicts of interests. Using conflicts of interests as an analytical grid, as such, allows to shrug off value judgements. Good and evil are no more at stake and interests enlightened the actions of the various parties. The patient versus patients leading to the paradigmatic case of sacrifice. Is it allowed to sacrifice one human being on purpose to increase the benefit of many? Researcher (the agent of science) versus physician (the agent of the patient). Patients versus patients (struggle for funding). Manufacturers versus researchers. The simplifying view of "big investors" versus "immaculate research" is superimposed on the metaphor of Goliath versus David. Truly the point here argued is that it is not an ethical and individual concern but an organizational issue. The key question is: therefore what kind of rule, what kind of organization should lead to increase efficacy and to reduce tension among the parties involved?

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