Section 46
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Brief symptom inventory scores of Asian, Asian-American, and European-American college students

Iwamasa, G.Y.; Kooreman, H.

Cultural Diversity and Mental Health 1(2): 149-157


ISSN/ISBN: 1077-341X
PMID: 9225555
DOI: 10.1037/1099-9809.1.2.149
Accession: 045405012

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Brief Symptom Inventory scores of Asian, Asian-American, and European-American university students were examined. It was hypothesized that Asian-Americans with low-medium levels of acculturation would show levels of distress similar to those found with Cheng, Leong, and Geist's sample of international Asian college students, whereas Asian-American research participants with higher levels of acculturation would report levels of distress more similar to European-American college students. The results indicated support for the influence of level of acculturation on the reporting of distress on the BSI and further indicated the need for future research on Asian-Americans to examine gender effects in addition to acculturation.

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