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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45483

Chapter 45483 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Loach, L., 2002:
Changing health through sexual revolution

Newman, I.M.; Martin, G.L.; Farrell, K.A., 1978:
Changing health values through public television

Anonymous, 2002:
Changing hearts and minds

Thomachot, L.; Boisson, C.; Arnaud, S.; Michelet, P.; Cambon, S.; Martin, C., 2001:
Changing heat and moisture exchangers after 96 hours rather than after 24 hours: a clinical and microbiological evaluation

Scanlon, D.S.; McLaughlin, S., 1998:
Changing homecare practice to support patients who are terminally ill

Oldershaw, P., 1994:
Changing horses--a response

Hume, M., 1999:
Changing hospital culture and systems reduces drug errors and adverse events

Hume, M., 1999:
Changing hospital culture, systems reduces drug errors

Powell, C.V.; Stokell, R.A., 2000:
Changing hospital management of croup. What does this mean for general practice?

Edmonstone, J.D., 1979:
Changing hospital organization using outside consultants: evaluation of one example

Bentley, J.D., 1983:
Changing hospital payments: implications for teaching hospitals

Grossman, L.; Harrell, W.; Melamed, M., 1979:
Changing hospital practice and social work staffing

Haycock, J.; Stanley, A.; Edwards, N.; Nicholls, R., 1999:
Changing hospitals

Glueck, W.F., 1979:
Changing hours of work: a review and analysis of the research

Roschelle, J.M.; Pea, R.D.; Hoadley, C.M.; Gordin, D.N.; Means, B.M., 2001:
Changing how and what children learn in school with computer-based technologies

Davis, N.M.; Cohen, M.R., 1995:
Changing how pharmacists think about errors

deMoissac, D.; Jensen, L., 1998:
Changing i.v. administration sets: is 48 versus 24 hours safe for neutropenic patients with cancer?

Warner, L., 1994:
Changing ideas

Cassell, E.J., 1979:
Changing ideas of causality in medicine

Goddy, D., 1984:
Changing ideas of global limits

Sanchez, C.P..; Lanzer, M., 2002:
Changing ideas on chloroquine in Plasmodium falciparum

Eschbach, K., 1993:
Changing identification among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Jetten, J.; O'Brien, A.; Trindall, N., 2002:
Changing identity: predicting adjustment to organizational restructure as a function of subgroup and superordinate identification

Vandenbroucke, J.P.; Snow, J., 2002:
Changing images of John Snow in the history of epidemiology

Rippel, P.W., 1979:
Changing images: community involvement in nursing homes

Hyssäla, L.; Rautava, P.; Sillanpä, M.; Yuominen, J., 1993:
Changing in the smoking and drinking habits of future fathers from the onset of their wives' pregnancies

Melia, J., 1997:
Changing incidence and mortality from cutaneous malignant melanoma

Ferrières, J., 1999:
Changing incidence and mortality of coronary heart disease

Lauritzen, J.B.; Schwarz, P.; Lund, B.; McNair, P.; Transbøl, I., 1993:
Changing incidence and residual lifetime risk of common osteoporosis-related fractures

Chow, K.U.; Mitrou, P.S.; Geduldig, K.; Helm, E.B.; Hoelzer, D.; Brodt, H.R., 2001:
Changing incidence and survival in patients with aids-related non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)

Maffulli, N.; Waterston, S.W.; Squair, J.; Reaper, J.; Douglas, A.S., 1999:
Changing incidence of Achilles tendon rupture in Scotland: a 15-year study

Gaylard, E., 1996:
Changing incidence of atrial fibrillation following coronary artery bypass grafting: a retrospective analysis

Braden, G.L.; Mulhern, J.G.; O'Shea, M.H.; Nash, S.V.; Ucci, A.A.; Germain, M.J., 2000:
Changing incidence of glomerular diseases in adults

Stockton, D.; Cooper, P.; Lonsdale, R.N., 1997:
Changing incidence of invasive adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix in East Anglia

Yamaguchi, N.; Hirano, M.; Inoue, O.; Yano, M., 1995:
Changing incidence of liver cirrhosis B and C

Budhy, T.I.; Soenarto, S.D.; Yaacob, H.B.; Ngeow, W.C., 2001:
Changing incidence of oral and maxillofacial tumours in East Java, Indonesia 1987-1992. Part 1: Benign tumors

Wells, V.M.; Hearn, T.C.; McCaul, K.A.; Anderton, S.M.; Wigg, A.E.R.; Graves, S.E., 2002:
Changing incidence of primary total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty for primary osteoarthritis

Malavaud, B.; Mazerolles, C.; Rischmann, P.; Bertrand, N.; Sarramon, J.P., 1999:
Changing indications and histological and biological results of radical prostatectomy

Ganley, J.P., 1995:
Changing indications for enucleations

Stiebel, H.; Sela, M.; Pe'er, J., 1995:
Changing indications for enucleations in Hadassah University Hospital, 1960-1989

Schwesinger, W.H.; Diehl, A.K., 1996:
Changing indications for laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Stones without symptoms and symptoms without stones

Chen, W.L.; Hu, F.R.; Wang, I.J., 2001:
Changing indications for penetrating keratoplasty in Taiwan from 1987 to 1999

Flowers, C.W.; Chanq, K.Y.; McLeod, S.D.; Irvine, J.A.; McDonnell, P.J.; Rao, N.; Smith, R.E., 1995:
Changing indications for penetrating keratoplasty, 1989-1993

Wong, T.Y.; Chan, C.; Lim, L.; Lim, T.H.; Tan, D.T., 1997:
Changing indications for penetrating keratoplasty: a newly developed country's experience

Cursiefen, C.; Küchle, M.; Naumann, G.O., 1998:
Changing indications for penetrating keratoplasty: histopathology of 1,250 corneal buttons

Joyce, F.; Tingleff, J.; Pettersson, G., 1996:
Changing indications for the Ross operation

Taicher, S.; Givol, N.; Peleg, M.; Ardekian, L., 1996:
Changing indications for tracheostomy in maxillofacial trauma

Webberley, M.; Neuberger, J., 1994:
Changing indications in liver transplantation

Schlotman, R.S., 1986:
Changing industry demands new approach to information systems planning

Gray, S.P., 1987:
Changing industry expands MM's role

Peters, S., 1997:
Changing infant formula. When is it warranted?

Khaldi, F.; Ben Mansour, A., 2001:
Changing infant-feeding practices and growth in Tunisian children

Mitchell, E.A.; Thach, B.T.; Thompson, J.M.; Williams, S., 1999:
Changing infants' sleep position increases risk of sudden infant death syndrome. New Zealand Cot Death Study

Porter, S., 1993:
Changing influence of occupational sociology

Foerster, D.W., 1998:
Changing insurance

Xu, G.; Veloski, J.J.; Hojat, M., 1993:
Changing interest in family medicine and students' academic performance

Rempfer, R.K., 2002:
Changing issues and demographics affecting periodontal and implant therapy

Iltanen, S.; Holm, K.; Ashorn, M.; Ruuska, T.; Laippala, P.; Mäki, M., 1999:
Changing jejunal gamma delta T cell receptor (TCR)-bearing intraepithelial lymphocyte density in coeliac disease

Pumpian, I.; Fisher, D.; Certo, N.J.; Smalley, K.A., 1997:
Changing jobs: an essential part of career development

Simkins, T., 1976:
Changing jobs: when compromise is no longer possible

Huang, J.; Jiang, D.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Fennie, K.; Burgess, J.; Williams, A.B., 2002:
Changing knowledge, behavior, and practice related to universal precautions among hospital nurses in China

Reed, G., 2000:
Changing landscape of pediatrics

Caldwell, P.; Kennedy, G.D.; Michelson, G.G.; Wendt, H.; Zeien, A.M., 1999:
Changing leaders: the board's role in CEO succession ... roundtable discussion

Markowitz, L.E.; Albrecht, P.; Rhodes, P.; Demonteverde, R.; Swint, E.; Maes, E.F.; Powell, C.; Patriarca, P.A., 1996:
Changing levels of measles antibody titers in women and children in the United States: impact on response to vaccination. Kaiser Permanente Measles Vaccine Trial Team

Chenet, L.; McKee, M.; Fulop, N.; Bojan, F.; Brand, H.; Hort, A.; Kalbarczyk, P., 1996:
Changing life expectancy in central Europe: is there a single reason?

Chenet, L.; Osler, M.; Mckee, M.; Krasnik, A., 1997:
Changing life expectancy in the 1980's. Why was Denmark different from Sweden?

Rosenkoetter, M.M., 1996:
Changing life patterns of the resident in long-term care and the community-residing spouse

Riley, M.W., 1994:
Changing lives and changing social structures: common concerns of social science and public health

Holt, K.D., 1998:
Changing lives, one smile at a time: an operation smile mission to Machala, Ecuador

Rudkin, S., 1998:
Changing lives. Interview by Charlotte Alderman

Andrews, G.J.; Phillips, D.R., 2002:
Changing local geographies of private residential care for older people 1983-1999: lessons for social policy in England and Wales

Hillegass, B.E.; Smith, D.M.; Phillips, S.L., 2003:
Changing managed care to care management: innovations in nursing practice

van der Grinten, T.E., 1996:
Changing management in health care

Glasgow, R.E.; Visser, B.C.; Harris, H.W.; Patti, M.G.; Kilpatrick, S.J.; Mulvihill, S.J., 1998:
Changing management of gallstone disease during pregnancy

Rintoul, R.; O'Riordain, M.G.; Laurenson, I.F.; Crosbie, J.L.; Allan, P.L.; Garden, O.J., 1996:
Changing management of pyogenic liver abscess

Seville, C.M., 1985:
Changing management positions

Conrad, J.K.; Ferry, K.M.; Foreman, M.L.; Gogel, B.M.; Fisher, T.L.; Livingston, S.A., 2000:
Changing management trends in penetrating colon trauma

Jacques, J.M., 2002:
Changing marital and family patterns: a test of the post-modern perspective

Anonymous, 1986:
Changing market for sets

Krishnamoorthy, S., 1987:
Changing marriage and divorce patterns in Australia, 1921-81: an application of multi-state life table analysis

Smeulders; Mellema; Blom, 1992:
Changing mechanical properties of lipid vesicle bilayers investigated by linear viscoelastic measurements

Lappe, M.L., 2002:
Changing media in workplace programs

Lucas, A., 1980:
Changing medical models in China: organizational options or obstacles?

Mechanic, D., 1996:
Changing medical organization and the erosion of trust

Barwood, N.T.; Valinsky, L.J.; Hobbs, M.S.T.; Fletcher, D.R.; Knuiman, M.W.; Ridout, S.C., 2001:
Changing methods of imaging the common bile duct in the laparoscopic cholecystectomy era in Western Australia: implications for surgical practice

Hupp, J.R., 1993:
Changing methods of preventing infective endocarditis following dental procedures: 1943 to 1993

Gorenflo, L.J.; Levin, M.J., 1995:
Changing migration patterns in the Federated States of Micronesia

McMillan, I., 1998:
Changing minds

Mulkay, M., 1994:
Changing minds about embryo research

Shusterman, C., 1981:
Changing minds on changing beds

Lafollette, J.; Pilisuk, M., 1981:
Changing models of community mental health services

Calista, D.; Morri, M.; Stagno, A.; Boschini, A., 2002:
Changing morbidity of cutaneous diseases in patients with HIV after the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy including a protease inhibitor

Crimmins, E.M.; Hayward, M.D.; Saito, Y., 1994:
Changing mortality and morbidity rates and the health status and life expectancy of the older population

Malone, B.L., 1997:
Changing my mind: without global, there's no local

Holland, W.W., 1994:
Changing names

Keigher, S.M., 1994:
Changing national priorities regarding substance abuse: détente comes to the war on drugs

Stein, S.; Lafarge, L., 2002:
Changing nature of family structure: developmental theories under challenge

Tannenhaus, N., 1984:
Changing nature of health care reflected in new EMS trends

Dower, C.M.; Gragnola, C.M.; Finocchio, L.J., 1998:
Changing nature of physician licensure. Implications for medical education in California

Schulz, R.; Scheckler, W.E.; Moberg, D.P.; Johnson, P.R., 1997:
Changing nature of physician satisfaction with health maintenance organization and fee-for-service practices

Goody, B.; Mentnech, R.; Riley, G., 2002:
Changing nature of public and private health insurance

Leung, E.M., 2002:
Changing needs and changing service delivery for long-term care in Hong Kong

Rivchun, S., 1978:
Changing needs of employees: give them more soul food

George, M.S.; Freud, S.; Little, W.J.; Portrait, 1992:
Changing nineteenth century views on the origins of cerebral palsy: W. J. Little and Sigmund Freud

Babin, S., 1979:
Changing notes in medical records: a proposal

Wagoner, D., 1995:
Changing nothing, changing everything

De Camara, J.M., 1997:
Changing notice and appeal rights for Medicare contracting HMOs

Waldman, H.B., 1998:
Changing number and distribution of endodontists: a continuing imbalance--1987-1995

Harris, J.E., 1998:
Changing number and distribution of orthodontists

Waldman, H.B., 1994 :
Changing number and distribution of orthodontists: 1982-1991

Waldman, H.B., 1998:
Changing number and distribution of periodontists: a continuing imbalance--1987-1995

Waldman, H.B., 1994:
Changing numbers of dental students in New York State schools: 1970-1992

Castro Martin, T., 1993:
Changing nuptiality patterns in contemporary Spain

Huff, C., 1991:
Changing nurse middle manager role

Silcox, S., 1996:
Changing nurses in a changing environment: saving your profession

Saunders, A.N., 1994:
Changing nurses' attitudes toward parenting in the NICU

Jones, V., 1999:
Changing nurses' practice

Kerfoot, K., 1993:
Changing nursing image through the media

Fleck, E.; Fyffe, T., 1997:
Changing nursing practice through continuing education: a tool for evaluation

Bellman, L.M., 1996:
Changing nursing practice through reflection on the Roper, Logan and Tierney model: the enhancement approach to action research

Janken, J.K.; Blythe, G.; Campbell, P.T.; Carter, R.H., 1999:
Changing nursing practice through research utilization: consistent support for breastfeeding mothers

Ciliska, D.; Mitchell, A.; Baumann, A.; Sheppard, K.; Van Berkel, C.; Adam, V.; Underwood, J.; Southwell, D., 1996:
Changing nursing practice--trisectoral collaboration in decision making

Davidhizar, R.; Farabaugh, N.; Giger, J.N., 1994:
Changing nursing students' attitudes--an exploratory study

Salvage, J., 1997:
Changing nursing. Changing times

D.J.ng, G.F.; Blair, M.C., 1994:
Changing occupational characteristics of U.S. immigrants

Leira, H.L., 2001:
Changing occupational medicine

Gardner, J.; Weissenstein, E., 1994:
Changing of congressional guard to give GOP control of healthcare's key committees

Barthelmebs, M.; Billing, A.; Stephan, D.; Krieger, J.P.; Grima, M.; Imbs, J.L., 1993:
Changing of renal endothelium-dependent vascular reactivity by cyclosporin A

Honkila, M.; Renko, M.; Ikäheimo, I.; Pokka, T.; Uhari, M.; Tapiainen, T., 2018:
Aetiology of neonatal conjunctivitis evaluated in a population-based setting

Shoenfield, Y.; Rotem, Y., 2001:
Changing of the guard--tribute to Ya'acov Rotem

Dermer, M.; Faloon, T.; Pelletier, S.; Swiggum, S., 2001:
Changing of the guard. Successfully transferring an established practice

Gunby, P., 1994:
Changing of the medical guard in Croatia

Moriya, H., 2002:
Changing of treatment goals in lung cancer patients--from cure to palliation

Kenyon, D., 1983:
Changing office environment creates new hazards for hospital office staff

Nimmo, M.J.; Benson, N.; Berge, J.; Brown, C., 1992:
Changing operators: are you ready?

Wierzbicka, M.; Petersen, P.Erik.; Szatko, F.; Dybizbanska, E.; Kalo, I., 2002:
Changing oral health status and oral health behaviour of schoolchildren in Poland

Riter, R.N., 1994:
Changing organizational culture

Ferrara-Love, R., 1997:
Changing organizational culture to implement organizational change

Mechanic, D., 1992:
Changing our health care system

Neal, M., 1983:
Changing our way of thinking. Health professionals and nuclear weapons

Clemmer, J., 2001:
Changing ourselves to help change our teams and organizations. Interview by Matthew D. Pavelich

Anonymous, 1997:
Changing outcome for infants of birth-weight 500-999 g born outside level 3 centres in Victoria. The Victorian Infant Collaborative Study Group

Singer, S.T.; Styles, L.; Bojanowski, J.; Quirolo, K.; Foote, D.; Vichinsky, E.P., 2000:
Changing outcome of homozygous alpha-thalassemia: cautious optimism

Merikangas, J.R., 1993:
Changing over-the-counter drugs while retaining the brand name

Burda, D., 1988:
Changing ownership. Not-for-profit hospitals become major players in hospital takeovers

White, C.L., 2000:
Changing pain management practice and impacting on patient outcomes

Arata, M., 2002:
Changing pain management practice at Franciscan Woods. Interview by Samantha Libby Sodickson

Rhoades, E.R., 1997:
Changing paradigms and their effect on American Indian and Alaska Native health

Schultz, A.M., 1996:
Changing paradigms for an HIV vaccine

Lanzafame, R.J., 2002:
Changing paradigms for education and academic health care centers in the 21st century

Salvi, G.E.; Lang, N.P., 2001:
Changing paradigms in implant dentistry

Tabbush, V.; Swanson, G., 1996:
Changing paradigms in medical payment

Headley, B.L., 1992:
Changing paradigms in pain management. chronic pain

Lee, R.J., 1997:
Changing paradigms in the management of breast cancer

Hagerty, B.M., 2001:
Changing paradigms: depressed patients as treatment partners

Fox, M.; Molesky, M.; Van Aerde, J.E.; Muttitt, S., 1999:
Changing parenteral nutrition administration sets every 24 h versus every 48 h in newborn infants

Polack, F.P.; Khan, N.; Maisels, M.J., 2000:
Changing partners: the dance of infant formula changes

Li, D.K., 1999:
Changing paternity and the risk of preterm delivery in the subsequent pregnancy

Trogstad, L.I.; Eskild, A.; Magnus, P.; Samuelsen, S.O.; Nesheim, B.I., 2002:
Changing paternity and time since last pregnancy; the impact on pre-eclampsia risk. A study of 547 238 women with and without previous pre-eclampsia

Maeland, J.G., 1993:
Changing patients' health behavior--consultation and physician-patient relationship

Medina-Morales, F.; Salazar-Flores, M., 2000:
Changing pattern and frequency of lung cancer in Mexico

Cartier, R.; Leacche, M.; Couture, P., 2002:
Changing pattern in beating heart operations: use of skeletonized internal thoracic artery

Tange, Y.; Kobayashi, Y., 1993:
Changing pattern in rickettsia infections--with special reference to tsutsugamushi disease and spotted fever

Kishimoto, T.; Soejima, R., 1993:
Changing pattern of Chlamydia respiratory tract infections--with special reference to infections in Japan

Kim, S.K.; Kong, S.K., 1991:
Changing pattern of National Family Planning and Fertility Survey in Korea

Ingole, K.V.; Jalgaonkar, S.V.; Fule, C.; Fule, R.P., 1997:
Changing pattern of Vibrio cholerae serotype EL TOR and 0139 in Yavatmal (Maharashtra, India) during 1992 to 1994

Naaeder, S.B.; Archampong, E.Q., 1993:
Changing pattern of acute intestinal obstruction in Accra

Jibril, J.A.; Redpath, A.; Macintyre, I.M., 1994:
Changing pattern of admission and operation for duodenal ulcer in Scotland

Sidhu, S.; Bambach, C.; Pillinger, S.; Reeve, T.; Stokes, G.; Robinson, B.; Delbridge, L., 2002:
Changing pattern of adrenalectomy at a tertiary referral centre 1970-2000

Witte, W.; Braulke, C.; Cuny, C.; Heuck, D.; Kresken, M., 2002:
Changing pattern of antibiotic resistance in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from German hospitals

Ranju, C.; Pais, P.; Ravindran, G.D.; Singh, G., 1999:
Changing pattern of antibiotic sensitivity of Salmonella typhi

Farooqi, B.J.; Shareeq, F.; Rizvi, Q.K.; Qureshi, H.S.; Ashfaq, M.K., 2000:
Changing pattern of antimicrobial susceptibility of organisms causing community acquired urinary tract infections

von der Hardt, H., 1993:
Changing pattern of asthmatic symptoms during childhood--different diseases?

Kumar, R.; Aneja, K.R.; Punia, A.K.; Roy, P.; Sharma, M.; Gupta, R.; Ram, S., 2002:
Changing pattern of biotypes, phage types & drug resistance of Salmonella typhi in Ludhiana during 1980-1999

Swanson, G.M., 1994:
Changing pattern of breast cancer. Is it a reflection of changing etiology?

Singh, S.; Singhi, S.; Sood, N.K.; Kumar, L.; Walia, B.N., 1995:
Changing pattern of childhood poisoning (1970-1989): experience of a large north Indian hospital

Schärer, K.; Reiss, U.; Mehls, O.; Gretz, N.; Möhring, K.; Müller-Wiefel, D.E.; Wingen, A., 1993:
Changing pattern of chronic renal failure and renal replacement therapy in children and adolescents: a 20-year single centre study

Cui, J.; Kaldor, J., 1998:
Changing pattern of delays in reporting AIDS diagnoses in Australia

Chidgey, M.A.; Yue, K.K.; Gould, S.; Byrne, C.; Garrod, D.R., 1997:
Changing pattern of desmocollin 3 expression accompanies epidermal organisation during skin development

Scher, H.I.; Sarkis, A.; Reuter, V.; Cohen, D.; Netto, G.; Petrylak, D.; Lianes, P.; Fuks, Z.; Mendelsohn, J.; Cordon-Cardo, C., 1995:
Changing pattern of expression of the epidermal growth factor receptor and transforming growth factor alpha in the progression of prostatic neoplasms

Zhang, Y.; Shen, Y.; Feld, L.G.; Stapleton, F.B., 1994:
Changing pattern of glomerular disease at Beijing Children's Hospital

Chen, H.; Fan, W.; Jin, X.; Wang, Q.; Pan, X.; Chen, X.; Wang, M.; Dai, R.; Cao, Y.; Li, B., 2001:
Changing pattern of heart diseases in Shanghai from the 1950s to 1980s

Borch, K.; Jönsson, B.; Tarpila, E.; Franzén, T.; Berglund, J.; Kullman, E.; Franzén, L., 2000:
Changing pattern of histological type, location, stage and outcome of surgical treatment of gastric carcinoma

Koller, J.; Boca, R.; Langsádl, L., 2000:
Changing pattern of infection in the Bratislava Burn Center

Yeung, C.Y., 2002:
Changing pattern of lower respiratory tract infections in Hong Kong children

Eskelinen, E.; Eskelinen, A.; Hyytinen, T.; Jaakkola, A., 2002:
Changing pattern of major lower limb amputations in Seinäjoki Central Hospital 1997-2000

Ito, H.; Mori, T.; Kumagai, N.; Miyauchi, M.; Harada, S.; Yamamura, M.; Nakano, R.; Kurita, H.; Sasaki, Y., 1995:
Changing pattern of mental health utilization in Hachijojima

Tröbs, R.; Möritz, R.; Bühligen, U.; Bennek, J.; Handrick, W.; Hörmann, D.; Meier, T., 1999:
Changing pattern of osteomyelitis in infants and children

Barman, D.; Singh, K.K., 1981:
Changing pattern of type of households in Varanasi (rural): some preliminary results

Eriksen, N.H.; Hartzen, S.H.; Bangsborg, J.; Andersen, L.P.; Rosdahl, V.T.; Espersen, F., 1994:
Changing patterns among the subgroups of strains of Staphylococcus aureus of phage group II in Danish hospitals from 1961-91

Park, J.; Kim, H., 1991:
Changing patterns and projections of headship rates in Korea

Pervez, S.; Hasan, S.H.; Aijaz, F.; Aziz, S.A.; Amirali, Y.; Shaikh, H., 1998:
Changing patterns and re-distribution of antigen in poorly differentiated carcinomas: its implications in tumour diagnosis

Thomas, P.; Doddoli, C.; Lienne, P.; Morati, N.; Thirion, X.; Garbe, L.; Giudicelli, R.; Fuentes, P., 1997:
Changing patterns and surgical results in adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus

Patterson, R.; Greenberger, P.A.; Grammer, L.C.; Ditto, A.M.; Harris, K.E., 1999:
Changing patterns in academic allergy-immunology

Wass, A.; Zoltie, N., 1996:
Changing patterns in accident and emergency attenders

Kouraklis, G.; Misiakos, E.; Papachristodoulou, A.; Papavasiliou, V.; Glinavou, A.; Karatzas, G., 1999:
Changing patterns in advanced gastric carcinoma

Laube, D.W., 1994:
Changing patterns in ambulatory care: a more broad-based approach

Whiteley, M.S.; Ray-Chaudhuri, S.B.; Galland, R.B., 1996:
Changing patterns in aortoiliac reconstruction: a 7-year audit

Edwards, S., 1997:
Changing patterns in cancer service provision

Zwierstra, R.P.; Scherpbier, A.J.; van Schilfgaarde, R., 1994:
Changing patterns in graduate surgical education in The Netherlands

Anonymous, 1995:
Changing patterns in health finance

Stone, R.S., 1975:
Changing patterns in local environmental health administration

Janssens, J-Paul.; Derivaz, S.; Breitenstein, E.; De Muralt, Bît.; Fitting, J-William.; Chevrolet, J-Claude.; Rochat, T., 2003:
Changing patterns in long-term noninvasive ventilation: a 7-year prospective study in the Geneva Lake area

Cohen, B.; D'Amaro, J.; De Meester, J.; Persijn, G.G., 1997:
Changing patterns in organ donation in Eurotransplant, 1990-1994

Senior, B.A.; Radkowski, D.; MacArthur, C.; Sprecher, R.C.; Jones, D., 1994:
Changing patterns in pediatric supraglottitis: a multi-institutional review, 1980 to 1992

Davies, K.N., 1996:
Changing patterns in the care of elderly people

McCormack, G.; O'Donoghue, D., 1996:
Changing patterns in the management of duodenal ulcers

Daniels, I.; Chisholm, E.M., 2000:
Changing patterns in the management of gastric volvulus over 14 years

Watson, D.I.; Devitt, P.G., 2000:
Changing patterns in the management of gastric volvulus over 14 years

Pachter, H.L.; Guth, A.A.; Hofstetter, S.R.; Spencer, F.C., 1998:
Changing patterns in the management of splenic trauma: the impact of nonoperative management

Sim, E.; Lim, T.C.; Tan, W.T.; Rauff, A., 1993:
Changing patterns in the treatment of early breast cancer: a historical perspective and a review of changing local trends

Hotopf, M.; Wall, S.; Buchanan, A.; Wessely, S.; Churchill, R., 2000:
Changing patterns in the use of the Mental Health Act 1983 in England, 1984-1996

Donisi, A.; Tomasoni, D.; Ripamonti, D.; Milini, P.; Palvarini, L.; Cattane, A.; Paraninfo, G.; Casari, S.; Cadeo, G.P.; Carosi, G., 1999:
Changing patterns of HIV transmission and better targeting for intervention strategies

Santos, B.R.; Beck, E.J.; Peixoto, M.F.; Kitchen, V.; Weber, J., 1994:
Changing patterns of HIV-1 transmission in southern Brazil 1985-1991

Toursarkissian, B.; Mejia, A.; Smilanich, R.P.; Shireman, P.K.; Sykes, M.T., 2001:
Changing patterns of access site complications with the use of percutaneous closure devices

Honda, N.; Kato, A.; Hishida, A.; Hidaka, S.; Nagase, M., 1993:
Changing patterns of acute renal failure--from clinical statistics

Kapadia, F.N.; Bajan, K.B.; Singh, S.; Mathew, B.; Nath, A.; Wadkar, S., 2001:
Changing patterns of airway accidents in intubated ICU patients

Peleman, R.A.; Vogelaers, D.; Verschraegen, G., 2000:
Changing patterns of antibiotic resistance--update on antibiotic management of the infected vascular access

Angyo, I.A.; Okpeh, E.S., 1998:
Changing patterns of antibiotic sensitivity and resistance during an outbreak of meningococcal infection in Jos, Nigeria

Johnson, R.E.; McFarland, B.H.; Nichols, G.A., 1997:
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Changing the rules in enterprise data warehousing

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Changing the rules. With hospitals increasingly dissatisfied with the accreditation process and its high costs, the JCAHO overhauls its approach

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Changing the rules: coverage of nonprescription drugs

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Changing the rules? The agreement between Celera and Science magazine concerning Celera's publication of its human genome sequence is upsetting many researchers in bioinformatics

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Changing the tone of blood-pressure control

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Changing the use of albumin at the Oslo hospital

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Changing the volume. New SEC regulation prompts companies to be more cautious in conveying financial data

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Changing the way doctors treat the seriously ill

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Changing the way we care for young mothers

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Changing the way we change

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Changing the way we live as we change our health care

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Changing times ahead

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Changing times and the business case for "telestuff"

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Changing times focus attention on medicine in the workplace

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Changing times for anesthesiologists

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Changing times for disinfection and sterilization procedures in general practice

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Changing times for philanthropy

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Changing times for sisterhood. Hospitals, nuns increasingly do without each other

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Changing times for the management of diabetic retinopathy

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Changing times in cancer care

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Changing times in rehab staffing

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Changing times require hospitals to reach out to minority markets

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Changing times, changing names. Hospital keeps image in step with rapidly-shifting demographics. NorthEast Medical Center, Concord, N.C

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