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Clinical and bacteriologic response to irrigation with a chlorhexidine solution in the treatment of periodontal pockets

Diallo, A.S.; Sembene, M.; Diallo, P.D.; Ngom, M.; Benoist, H.

Odonto-Stomatologie Tropicale 23(90): 19-23


ISSN/ISBN: 0251-172X
PMID: 11372159
Accession: 045528602

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Most of parodontal diseases have a bacterial aetiology. Their episodic and asynchronic evolution differs from site to site. The "in situs" antimicrobian used in the parodontal bags reduces the systemic administration. Various antibiotics or antiseptics slow liberation systems were experimented. Two patients suffering from advanced parodontitis were treated after radicular scraping by subgingival irrigation with a syringe filled with chlorhexidine. Each patient presented at last four parodontal bags more or less six millimetres (6 mm) deep. The following clinical parameters were noted: Patch index, bleeding index, bag depth. A bacteriological analysis was realized at the beginning and of the treatment. Controls were made at D60. Results showed a significant improvement of clinical parameters. It seems that the chlorhexidine irrigation improves the parodontal treatment efficiency.

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