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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45565

Chapter 45565 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Navarra, G.; Carcoforo, P.; Turini, A.; Ascanelli, S.; Tonini, G.; Pozza, E., 2001:
Colonic pouch versus direct colo-anal anastomosis in the reconstruction after total resection of the mesorectum: review of the literature

Huber, F.T.; Herter, B.; Siewert, J.R., 1999:
Colonic pouch vs. side-to-end anastomosis in low anterior resection

Seow-Choen, F., 1996:
Colonic pouches in the treatment of low rectal cancer

Lawrance, J.A.; Massoud, T.F.; Creasy, T.S.; Shatwell, W.; Mason, A.; Nolan, D.J., 1994:
Colonic preparation with Picolax: patient tolerance and approaches to fluid replacement

Güller, R.; Reichlin, B.; Jost, G., 1996:
Colonic preparation with sodium phosphate. Prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled double blind study with various antiemetics

Villanueva-Sáenz, E.; Alvarez-Tostado Fernández, Jé.Fernando.; Martínez Hernández-Magro, P.; Valdés-Ovalle, M.; Peña Ruiz-Esparza, J.Pablo., 2002:
Colonic primary lymphoma

Tiffet, O.; Poulard, G.; Versini, P.; Baccot, S.; Boucheron, S.; Cuilleret, J., 1996:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction caused by digestive amyloidosis in a chronic hemodialyzed patient. Apropos of a case

Harouna, Y.D.; Seibou, A.; Ganda, S.; Bazira, L., 2002:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction disclosing bladder calculi: report of 2 cases

Bruno, M.J.; van Dorp, W.T.; Ferwerda, J.; Dekker, W.; Schut, N.H., 1998:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction due to beta2-microglobulin amyloidosis after long-term haemodialysis

Rodrigues, G.; Kannaiyan, L.; Gopasetty, M.; Rao, S.; Shenoy, R., 2002:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction due to herpes zoster

Teh, S.H.; O'Riordain, D.S.; O'Connell, P.R., 1998:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction following acute pancreatitis

Cooley, S.; Geary, M.; McDermott, E.; Keane, D.P., 2003:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction following elective caesarean section

Oneschuk, D., 2002:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction in a patient with advanced small cell carcinoma

Oldfield, E.C., 1994:
Colonic pseudo-obstruction: a complication of herpes zoster

Karliĭchuk, O.O., 2002:
Colonic sanation in peritonitis caused by acute destructive cholecystitis

McCune, T.R.; Nylander, W.A.; Van Buren, D.H.; Richie, R.E.; MacDonell, R.C.; Johnson, H.K.; Shull, H.; Cate, C.K.; Helderman, J.H., 1992:
Colonic screening prior to renal transplantation and its impact on post-transplant colonic complications

Kaminaga, N.; Parra-Blanco, A.; Fujita, R., 1999:
Colonic side effects of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs

Walter, D.F.; Govil, S.; William, R.R.; Bhargava, N.; Chandy, G., 1993:
Colonic sonography: preliminary observations

Gagliardi, J.A.; Radvany, M.G.; Kilkenny, T.E.; Russo, R.D., 1994:
Colonic sphincters revisited: simulators of organic disease

Thirouard, D.; Champault, G.; Belhassen, A.; Boutelier, P., 1994:
Colonic stenosis revealing Recklinghausen disease

Velling, T.E.; Hall, L.D.; Brennan, F.J., 2000:
Colonic stent placement facilitated by percutaneous cecostomy and antegrade enema

Arnell, T.; Stamos, M.J.; Takahashi, P.; Ojha, S.; Sze, G.; Eysselein, V., 1998:
Colonic stents in colorectal obstruction

Miyazaki, R.; Naito, Y.; Iinuma, S.; Yagi, N.; Takemura, T.; Yoshikawa, T.; Kondo, M., 1996:
Colonic stricture due to acute pancreatitis--the examination of our cases and the past reports in Japan

Ong, T.J.; Murray, F.E.; Redhead, D.N.; MacGilchrist, A.J.; Anderson, J.T.; Mehta, A., 1996:
Colonic stricture in cystic fibrosis unmasked by successful transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent shunt (TIPSS)

Gordon, A.C.; Cundall, D.B.; Spicer, R.D.; Mortensen, N.J., 1994:
Colonic stricture secondary to haemolytic uraemic syndrome

Karmazyn, B.; Steinberg, R.; Ziv, N.; Zer, M.; Horev, G., 2002:
Colonic stricture secondary to torsion of an ovarian cyst

Dumitraşcu, D.L.; Grănescu, S., 1996:
Colonic transit investigated by radiopaque markers in females with irritable bowel syndrome: no correlation with symptoms and chronic stress

Leduc, B.E.; Giasson, M.; Favreau-Ethier, M.; Lepage, Y., 1997:
Colonic transit time after spinal cord injury

Leduc, B.E.; Spacek, E.; Lepage, Y., 2002:
Colonic transit time after spinal cord injury: any clinical significance?

Savoye-Collet, Céline.; Thoumas, D.; Savoye, G.; Ducrotté, P.; Dacher, J-Nicolas., 2002:
Colonic transit time and MR colonography

Chen, C.M.; Allen, L.; Coory, M.; Anseline, P.; Agrez, M., 1997:
Colonic transit time assessed by 67 Ga-citrate in a case-series of patients with recto-sigmoid adenomas

Pigeon, N.; Leroi, A.M.; Devroede, G.; Watier, A.; Denis, P.; Weber, J.; Arhan, P., 1997:
Colonic transit time in patients with myelomeningocele

Royle, C.A., 1995:
Colonic trauma: modern civilian management and military surgical doctrine

Isaacs, P.; Zissis, M., 1997:
Colonic tuberculosis and adenocarcinoma: an unusual presentation

Pintor, E.; Piret, M.V.; Velasco, M.; Barreiro, P.; Ruiz, M.; Blanco, J., 1996:
Colonic tuberculosis as a cause of rectal bleeding in 2 patients with HIV infection

Chatzicostas, C.; Koutroubakis, I.E.; Tzardi, M.; Roussomoustakaki, M.; Prassopoulos, P.; Kouroumalis, E.A., 2002:
Colonic tuberculosis mimicking Crohn's disease: case report

Dagli, A.J., 2000:
Colonic tuberculosis mimicking ulcerative colitis

Misra, A.; Khanduri, A.; Jain, M.; Gupta, R.K.; Choudhuri, G., 1996:
Colonic tuberculosis presenting as diffuse pancolitis

Gómez-Rubio, M.; de Cuenca, B.; Opio, V.; Ulloa, J.; Garcia, J., 1993:
Colonic tuberculosis. An unusual endoscopic diagnosis

Kacem, C.; Kamoun, A.; Bahout, M.; Zermani, R.; Najjar, T.; Zaouche, A., 2000:
Colonic tuberculosis: an exceptional cause of a massive surgical hemorrhage apropos of a case and review of the literature

Das, H.S.; Rathi, P.; Sawant, P.; Chodankar, C.M.; Vyas, K.; Patrawala, V.; Dhadphale, S., 2001:
Colonic tuberculosis: colonoscopic appearance and clinico-pathologic analysis

Olid Cobos, F.; Mariscal Labrador, E.; Garriga Farriol, V.; Esquius Soriguera, J.; Pedrol Clotet, E., 2001:
Colonic tuberculosis: current diagnostic difficulties

Hammani, L.; Bellin, M.F.; Vanglabeke, E.; Conort, P.; Vasile, M.; Richard, F.; Grenier, P., 2000:
Colonic tubular adenoma following ureterosigmoidostomy: CT features

Pozo Parilli, J.C.; Méndez Castro, M.V.; Pinto Plata, V.M.; Gómez, L.G.; Ott Itriago, S.C., 1994:
Colonic tumors: experience at a clinical center in Caracas

Chetty, R., 1994:
Colonic tumour with rhabdoid phenotype

Varsky, C.; Martínez López, C.; Dutack, A.; Bonfanti, M.; Peluffo, G.; Freire, M.; Boffi, A., 1995:
Colonic ulcer in HIV (+) patients

Kaufman, H.L.; Fischer, A.H.; Carroll, M.; Becker, J.M., 1996:
Colonic ulceration associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Report of three cases

Buchman, A.L.; Schwartz, M.R., 1996:
Colonic ulceration associated with the systemic use of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medication

Eres, N.; Flor, A.; Saldaña, J.; Capdevila, J.A., 1996:
Colonic ulcers caused by Campylobacter jejuni in a patient with HIV infection

Elias, N.; Sabo, E.; Naschitz, J.E.; Yeshurun, D.; Misselevich, I.; Boss, J.H., 1998:
Colonic ulcers in a patient with hepatitis C virus-associated polyarteritis nodosa

Rohren, E.M.; Borges-Neto, S., 2002:
Colonic uptake of Tc-99m MDP in pseudomembranous colitis

Miao, Y.M.; Catnach, S.M.; Barrison, I.G.; O'Reilly, A.; Divers, A.R., 1996:
Colonic variceal bleeding in a patient with mesenteric venous obstruction due to an ileal carcinoid tumour

Fracasso, P.; Caviglia, R.; Grassi, A.; Lapenta, R.; Stigliano, V.; Casole, P.; Casale, V., 1993:
Colonic varices secondary to recurrent acute pancreatitis

Loffeld, R.J.; van Bochove, A.; de Graaf, J.C., 1996:
Colonic varices: an unusual cause of occult blood loss

Todorovic, V.; Janic, B.; Koko, V.; Micev, M.; Nikolic, J.A.; Ratkovic, M.; Leposavic, G.; Jankovic, T.; Knezevic-Usaj, S.; Milicevic, Z., 1996:
Colonic vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) in ulcerative colitis--a radioimmunoassay and immunohistochemical study

Ozkan, E.; Ozlem, N.; Küçük, K.; Kir, K.M.; Erbay, G., 2001:
Colonic visualization during renal scintigraphy secondary to ureterosigmoidostomy

Bannura, G.; Díaz, L.; Sanhueza, C., 1993:
Colonic volvulus during pregnancy: 2 clinical cases

Sarioğlu, A.; Tanyel, F.C.; Büyükpamukçu, N.; Hiçsönmez, A., 1997:
Colonic volvulus: a rare presentation of Hirschsprung's disease

Kashid, Y.; Bakshi, G.; Verma, R.; Joshi, A.; Mohite, J., 2001:
Colonic wall necrosis due to tuberculosis in HIV-seropositive patient

Guingrich, J.A.; Kuhlman, J.E., 1999:
Colonic wall thickening in patients with cirrhosis: CT findings and clinical implications

Connett, G.J.; Lucas, J.S.; Atchley, J.T.; Fairhurst, J.J.; Rolles, C.J., 1999:
Colonic wall thickening is related to age and not dose of high strength pancreatin microspheres in children with cystic fibrosis

Dodge, J.A., 1999:
Colonic wall thickness and pancreatic enzymes in cystic fibrosis

Ramsden, W.H.; Moya, E.F.; Littlewood, J.M., 1999:
Colonic wall thickness, pancreatic enzyme dose and type of preparation in cystic fibrosis

Sharpe, G.J., 2001:
Colonic washouts

Fazio, V.W.; Mantyh, C.R.; Hull, T.L., 2000:
Colonic "coloplasty": novel technique to enhance low colorectal or coloanal anastomosis

Malmodin, B.; Morén, S.; Håkansson, S., 1998 :
Colonic-cutaneous fistula after colon perforation. Complication after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Szilagyi, A., 1998:
Colonically adapted lactose maldigesters may bias dietary studies of colorectal cancer

Marín, S.; Sanchis, V.; Arnau, F.; Ramos, A.J.; Magan, N., 1999:
Colonisation and competitiveness of Aspergillus and Penicillium species on maize grain in the presence of Fusarium moniliforme and Fusarium proliferatum

Tatnell, P.J.; Russell, N.J.; Govan, J.R.; Gacesa, P., 1996:
Colonisation of cystic fibrosis patients by non-mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa--characterisation of the alginate from mucoid variants

Rodgers, M.R.; Blackstone, B.J.; Reyes, A.L.; Covert, T.C., 2000:
Colonisation of point of use water filters by silver resistant non-tuberculous mycobacteria

Montecalvo, M.A.; Forester, G.; Tsang, A.Y.; du Moulin, G.; Wormser, G.P., 1994:
Colonisation of potable water with Mycobacterium avium complex in homes of HIV-infected patients

Bobryshev, Y.V.; Inder, S.J.; Cherian, S.M.; Lord, R.S.; Ao, P.Y.; Hawthorne, W.J.; Fletcher, J.P., 2001:
Colonisation of prosthetic grafts by immunocompetent cells in a sheep model

De Schutter, B.; Aerts, R.; Rombouts, L., 2002:
Colonisation of soilless growing media for tomato by Trichoderma harzianum

Rezaie, P.; Male, D., 1999:
Colonisation of the developing human brain and spinal cord by microglia: a review

Male, D.; Rezaie, P., 2001:
Colonisation of the human central nervous system by microglia: the roles of chemokines and vascular adhesion molecules

Schulze, F.; Erler, W., 2002:
Colonisation studies using Campylobacter jejuni in chicks

Griffiths-Jones, A., 1996:
Colonised community

Suresh, M.R.; Fanta, M.B.; Kriangkum, J.; Jiang, Q.; Taylor, D.E., 2000:
Colonization and immune responses in mice to Helicobacter pylori expressing different Lewis antigens

Shattuck, K.E.; Cochran, C.K.; Zabransky, R.J.; Pasarell, L.; Davis, J.C.; Malloy, M.H., 1996:
Colonization and infection associated with Malassezia and Candida species in a neonatal unit

McCathey, S.N.; Shomer, N.H.; Schrenzel, M.D.; Whary, M.T.; Taylor, N.S.; Fox, J.G., 1999:
Colonization and tissue tropism of Helicobacter pylori and a novel urease-negative Helicobacter species in ICR mice are independent of route of exposure

Chua, K.B.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Lim, C.T.; Ng, K.B.; Chye, J.K., 2000:
Colonization and transmission of Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis from mothers to full and preterm babies by normal vaginal delivery

Garabal, J.I.; Vázquez, F.; Blanco, J.; Blanco, M.; González, E.A., 1997:
Colonization antigens of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from piglets in Spain

Boyer, B.P.; Ryerson, C.C.; Reynolds, H.S.; Zambon, J.J.; Genco, R.J.; Snyder, B., 1996:
Colonization by Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella intermedia in adult periodontitis patients as detected by the antibody-based Evalusite Test

Riera, L.; Benavides, G.; Morillo, N., 1993:
Colonization by Streptococcus group B in full term pregnancy and newborns in a community in Venezuela

Galetto Lacour, A.; Zamora, S.; Bertrand, R.; Brighi Perret, L.; Auckenthaler, R.; Berner, M.; Suter, S., 2001:
Colonization by Ureaplasma urealyticum and chronic lung disease in premature newborn infants under 32 weeks of gestation

Della Morte, M.A.; Ratti, E.; Sala, M.R.; Colombo, B., 1996:
Colonization by group B hemolytic streptococcus in pregnancy. Note of prevention and therapy of the materno-neonatal infection. Casuistics

Truffault, A.; Mimoz, O.; Karim, A.; Edouard, A.; Nordmann, P.; Samii, K., 2000:
Colonization by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a predictive factor for the resistance phenotype of an infectious strain of S. aureus

Boisivon, A.; Thibault, M.; Leclercq, R., 1997:
Colonization by vancomycin-resistant enterococci of the intestinal tract of patients in intensive care units from French general hospitals

Gaastra, W.; Svennerholm, A.M., 1996:
Colonization factors of human enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC)

Marshall, H.D.; Baker, A.J., 1999:
Colonization history of atlantic island common chaffinches (Fringilla coelebs) revealed by mitochondrial DNA

Lipchik, R.J., 1996:
Colonization in patients receiving and not receiving topical antimicrobial prophylaxis

Cannon, R.D.; Chaffin, W.L., 2001:
Colonization is a crucial factor in oral candidiasis

Solé, E.; Mestres, F.; Balanyà, J.; Arenas, C.; Serra, L., 2001:
Colonization of America by Drosophila subobscura: spatial and temporal lethal-gene allelism

Bangs, M.J.; Soelarto, T.; Barodji; Wicaksana, B.P.; Boewono, D.Tri., 2003:
Colonization of Anopheles maculatus from Central Java, Indonesia

Villarreal, C.; Arredondo-Jiménez, J.I.; Rodriguez, M.H.; Ulloa, A., 1999:
Colonization of Anopheles pseudopunctipennis from Mexico

Sen, B.H.; Safavi, K.E.; Spångberg, L.S., 1997:
Colonization of Candida albicans on cleaned human dental hard tissues

Oo, K.N.; Htwe, K.M.; Khine, T.T., 2001:
Colonization of Vibrio cholerae among persons in contact with cholera patients

Rivera, A.; Alonso, C.; Sánchez, F.; Izquierdo, C., 1995:
Colonization of a parenteral nutrition catheter by Malassezia furfur in an adult

Abdul-Khaliq; Bagyaraj, D.J., 2001:
Colonization of arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi on Ri T-DNA transformed roots in synthetic medium

Steindel, M.; Toma, H.K.; de Carvalho Pinto, C.J.; Grisard, E.C.; Schlemper BR Júnior, 1994:
Colonization of artificial ecotopes by Panstrongylus megistus in Santa Catarina Island, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Sumi, Y.; Miura, H.; Sunakawa, M.; Michiwaki, Y.; Sakagami, N., 2002:
Colonization of denture plaque by respiratory pathogens in dependent elderly

Tanquerel, T.; Strullu, B.; Guillodo, M.P.; Perrichot, R.; Cledes, J.; Lejeune, B.; Burette, L., 1994:
Colonization of dialysis catheters by Pseudomonas cepacia: importance of the systematic examination of the stasis liquid

Sampson-Johannes, A.; Wang, W.; Shtivelman, E., 1996:
Colonization of human lung grafts in SCID-hu mice by human colon carcinoma cells

Sankaridurg, P.R.; Sharma, S.; Willcox, M.; Sweeney, D.F.; Naduvilath, T.J.; Holden, B.A.; Rao, G.N., 1999:
Colonization of hydrogel lenses with Streptococcus pneumoniae: risk of development of corneal infiltrates

Hubert, P.; van den Brüle, F.; Giannini, S.L.; Franzen-Detrooz, E.; Boniver, J.; Delvenne, P., 1999:
Colonization of in vitro-formed cervical human papillomavirus- associated (pre)neoplastic lesions with dendritic cells: role of granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor

Peng, H.; Chen, H., 1998:
Colonization of intestinal bacteria in ill neonates

Bizuneh, A.; Birrie, H.; Debele, K., 1995:
Colonization of irrigation canals by Bulinus abyssinicus and upsurge of urinary schistosomiasis in the middle Awash Valley of Ethiopia

Karn, T.A.; O'Sullivan, D.M.; Tinanoff, N., 1999:
Colonization of mutans streptococci in 8- to 15-month-old children

Rózalska, M.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Józefowicz-Korczyńska, M., 2002:
Colonization of post-operative wounds by endogenous gram-negative rods in patients after laryngectomy

Drinka, P.J.; Maddens, M.E., 2002:
Colonization of residents with antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in skilled care facilities

O'Meara, G.F.; Evans, L.F.; Womack, M.L., 1998:
Colonization of rock holes by Aedes albopictus in the southeastern United States

Sawyer, D.R., 1979:
Colonization of the Amazonian region: migration of nordestinos to an agricultural frontier in the state of Parma

Kober, M.B.; Mason, B.A., 1998:
Colonization of the female genital tract by resistant Ureaplasma urealyticum treated successfully with azithromycin

Verweij, P.E.; Meis, J.F., 1994:
Colonization of the female genital tract with Haemophilus influenzae

Umeda, A., 1998:
Colonization of the human nasal cavity with Staphylococcus aureus

Björklöf, K.; Nurmiaho-Lassila, E.L.; Klinger, N.; Haahtela, K.; Romantschuk, M., 2000:
Colonization strategies and conjugal gene transfer of inoculated Pseudomonas syringae on the leaf surface

Kakuno, Y.; Honda, M.; Takakura, K., 1997:
Colonization types of Escherichia coli in experimental urinary tract infection in compromised mice treated with hydrocortisone

Rossman, M.D., 1999:
Colonization with Mycobacterium avium complex--an outdated concept

Drakulovic, M.B.; Djokic, D.; Torres, A., 1999:
Colonization with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in critically ill patients and measures for its prevention

D'Agata, E.M.; Venkataraman, L.; DeGirolami, P.; Burke, P.; Eliopoulos, G.M.; Karchmer, A.W.; Samore, M.H., 1999:
Colonization with broad-spectrum cephalosporin-resistant gram-negative bacilli in intensive care units during a nonoutbreak period: prevalence, risk factors, and rate of infection

Oberhelman, R.A.; Laborde, D.; Mera, R.; Starszak, E.; Saunders, P.; Mirza, A.; Bessinger, G.T.; Hull, A., 1999:
Colonization with enteroadherent, enterotoxigenic and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli among day-care center attendees in New Orleans, Louisiana

Galiński, J.; Szponar, M.; Namysł, E.; Czajkowska-Laniecka, T.; Swarzyńska, B., 1995:
Colonization with group B streptococci in neonates and premature infants from selected neonatal departments

Garrouste-Orgeas, M.; Timsit, J.F.; Kallel, H.; Ben Ali, A.; Dumay, M.F.; Paoli, B.; Misset, B.; Carlet, J., 2002:
Colonization with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in ICU patients: morbidity, mortality, and glycopeptide use

Roghmann, M.C.; Fink, J.C.; Polish, L.; Maker, T.; Brewrink, J.; Morris, J.G.; Light, P.D., 1998:
Colonization with vancomycin-resistant enterococci in chronic hemodialysis patients

Finelli, A.; Burrows, L.L.; DiCosmo, F.A.; DiTizio, V.; Sinnadurai, S.; Oreopoulos, D.G.; Khoury, A.E., 2002:
Colonization-resistant antimicrobial-coated peritoneal dialysis catheters: evaluation in a newly developed rat model of persistent Pseudomonas aeruginosa peritonitis

Arangüena, L.G.; Zurbano, F.; Cifrián, J.M.; Golpe, R.; Mar García, M.; Jiménez, A., 1998:
Colonization/infection of pulmonary graft by Scedosporium inflatum

Taylor, J.Y., 1999:
Colonizing images and diagnostic labels: oppressive mechanisms for African American women's health

Baber, Z., 2001:
Colonizing nature: scientific knowledge, colonial power and the incorporation of India into the modern world-system

Perry, R., 1991:
Colonizing the breast: sexuality and maternity in eighteenth-century England

Thorne, M.L., 2002:
Colonizing the new world of NHS management: the shifting power of professionals

Diers, D.; Downs, F.S., 1994:
Colonizing: a measurement of the development of a profession

Stans, A.A.; Coleman, S.S., 1997:
Colonna arthroplasty with concomitant femoral shortening and rotational osteotomy. Long-term results

Coleman, S.S., 2000:
Colonna capsular arthroplasty and femoral head necrosis

Kanai, H.; Takatori, Y.; Nakamura, S.; Morimoto, S., 1999:
Colonna capsular arthroplasty: a 33-year follow-up of four patients

Roediger, W.E.; Millard, S., 1996:
Colonocyte metabolism

Rogalla, P.; Meiri, N.; Rückert, J.C.; Hamm, B., 2000:
Colonography using multislice CT

Luboldt, W.; Fletcher, J.G.; Vogl, T.J., 2002:
Colonography: current status, research directions and challenges. Update 2002

Wehrmeyer, J.A.; Barthel, J.A.; Roth, J.P.; Saifuddin, T., 1999:
Colonoscope flexural rigidity measurement

Dickey, W.; Garrett, D., 2002:
Colonoscope length and procedure efficiency

Joiner, R.J.; Bergeman, C.S.; Wang, L., 2018:
Affective experience across the adult lifespan: An accelerated longitudinal design

van Heel, D.A.; Panos, M.Z., 1999:
Colonoscopic appearances and diagnosis of intussusception due to large-bowel lipoma

Matsushita, M.; Hajiro, K.; Takakuwa, H.; Nishio, A., 1998:
Colonoscopic clipping closure of a divot after the removal of an impacted chicken bone

Lee, S.O.; Jeong, Y.J., 2001:
Colonoscopic clipping of fecal fistula that occurred as a postoperative complication in patients with perforated appendicitis: two case reports

Ozuner, G., 2002:
Colonoscopic detection of a malignant melanoma metastatic to a tubular adenoma of the colon: report of a case

Celestino, A.; Castillo, T.; Contardo, C.; Frisancho, O.; Osorio, M.; Huaroto, M.; Vidal, P.; Ruiz, E.; Gómez, A.; Mantilla, L., 1994:
Colonoscopic diagnosis

Kudo, S.; Kashida, H.; Tamura, T.; Kogure, E.; Imai, Y.; Yamano, H.; Hart, A.R., 2000:
Colonoscopic diagnosis and management of nonpolypoid early colorectal cancer

Tarnasky, P.R.; Newcomer, M.K.; Branch, M.S., 1994:
Colonoscopic diagnosis and treatment of chronic chicken bone perforation of the sigmoid colon

García-Cano Lizcano, J.; Morillas Ariño, M.J.; Troitiño Rodríguez, E.; Pérez Sola, A.; González Martín, J.A., 1993:
Colonoscopic diagnosis of the origin of a right inguinal abscess

Lee, J.G.; Leung, J.W., 2002:
Colonoscopic diagnosis of unsuspected diverticulosis

Acosta, J.A.; Fournier, T.K.; Knutson, C.O.; Ragland, J.J., 1994:
Colonoscopic evaluation of rectal bleeding in young adults

Harris, M.T.; Laudito, A.; Waye, J.D., 1994:
Colonoscopic features of colonic anastomoses

Holloway, H.; Fielding, J.F., 1996:
Colonoscopic findings in Crohn's disease--reproducible, but of questionable benefit

Ogutu, E.O.; Okoth, F.A.; Lule, G.N., 1999:
Colonoscopic findings in Kenyan African patients

Nakasone, H.; Hokama, A.; Fukuchi, J.; Makishi, T.; Yamashiro, T.; Sakugawa, H.; Kinjo, F.; Saito, A., 2000:
Colonoscopic findings in an adult patient with Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Lee, C.R.; Kim, W.H.; Cho, Y.S.; Kim, M.H.; Kim, J.H.; Park, I.S.; Bang, D., 2001:
Colonoscopic findings in intestinal Behçet's disease

Barlow, A.P.; Thompson, M.H., 1993:
Colonoscopic follow-up after resection for colorectal cancer: a selective policy

Chen, F.; Stuart, M., 1994:
Colonoscopic follow-up of colorectal carcinoma

Cuquerella, J.; Ortí, E.; Canelles, P.; Martínez, M.; Quiles, F.; Sempere, J.; Bixquert, M.; Medina, E., 2001:
Colonoscopic follow-up of patients undergoing curative resection of colorectal cancer

Savides, T.J.; Jensen, D.M., 1994:
Colonoscopic hemostasis for recurrent diverticular hemorrhage associated with a visible vessel: a report of three cases

Dear, K.L.; Hunter, J.O., 2001:
Colonoscopic hydrostatic balloon dilatation of Crohn's strictures

Sudan, D.L.; Mellinger, J.D.; Miller, S.F.; Pett, J.L., 1993:
Colonoscopic indirect lymphangiography

Terdiman, J.P., 2001:
Colonoscopic management of lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Postic, G.; Lewin, D.; Bickerstaff, C.; Wallace, M.B., 2002:
Colonoscopic miss rates determined by direct comparison of colonoscopy with colon resection specimens

Araghizadeh, F.Y.; Timmcke, A.E.; Opelka, F.G.; Hicks, T.C.; Beck, D.E., 2001:
Colonoscopic perforations

Damore, L.J.; Rantis, P.C.; Vernava, A.M.; Longo, W.E., 1996:
Colonoscopic perforations. Etiology, diagnosis, and management

Winawer, S.J.; Zauber, A.G., 2001:
Colonoscopic polypectomy and the incidence of colorectal cancer

Kirsch, M., 2000:
Colonoscopic polypectomy in chronic colitis

Kronborg, O., 1994:
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Color flow Doppler ultrasound

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