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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45596

Chapter 45596 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Miranda, A.O.; Corcoran, C.L., 2000:
Comparison of perpetration characteristics between male juvenile and adult sexual offenders: preliminary results

Chen, S.H.; Bernard-Opitz, V., 1993:
Comparison of personal and computer-assisted instruction for children with autism

Hardigan, P.C.; Cohen, S.R., 1998:
Comparison of personality styles between students enrolled in osteopathic medical, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and occupational therapy programs

Culver, C.M.; Dworkin, H.J., 1993:
Comparison of personnel radiation dosimetry from myocardial perfusion scintigraphy: technetium-99m-sestamibi versus thallium-201

Reschini, E.; Catania, A.; Ferrari, C.; Bergonzi, M.; Paracchi, A.; Raineri, P., 1993:
Comparison of pertechnetate and radioiodine thyroid scintiscans in thyroid disease

Budenz, D.L.; Pyfer, M.; Singh, K.; Gordon, J.; Piltz-Seymour, J.; Keates, E.U., 1999:
Comparison of phacotrabeculectomy with 5-fluorouracil, mitomycin-C, and without antifibrotic agents

Siegel, J.M.; Oshinski, J.N.; Pettigrew, R.I.; Ku, D.N., 1995:
Comparison of phantom and computer-simulated MR images of flow in a convergent geometry: implications for improved two-dimensional MR angiography

Brix, G.; Henze, M.; Knopp, M.V.; Lucht, R.; Doll, J.; Junkermann, H.; Hawighorst, H.; Haberkorn, U., 2001:
Comparison of pharmacokinetic MRI and [18F] fluorodeoxyglucose PET in the diagnosis of breast cancer: initial experience

Gruber, R., 1998:
Comparison of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data of interferon-beta 1a preparations after intramuscular and subcutaneous administration

Lee, S.Ku.; Ou, Y.C.; Yang, R.S.H., 2001:
Comparison of pharmacokinetic interactions and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling of PCB 153 and PCB 126 in nonpregnant mice, lactating mice, and suckling pups

Paoletti, A.M.; Pilia, I.; Nannipieri, F.; Bigini, C.; Melis, G.B., 2001:
Comparison of pharmacokinetic profiles of a 17 beta-estradiol gel 0.6 mg/g (Gelestra) with a transdermal delivery system (Estraderm TTS 50) in postmenopausal women at steady state

Castelli, F.; Tomasoni, L.; Zeroli, C.; Suter, F.; Trespi, G.; Carosi, G.; Hedman, A., 1997:
Comparison of pharmacokinetics and dynamics of two dosage regimens of foscarnet in AIDS patients with Cytomegalovirus retinitis

Kuwata, K.; Nagayama, S.; Hirakawa, Y.; Matsushima, E.; Kawaguchi, Y., 2000:
Comparison of pharmacokinetics of 5-FU and alpha-fluoro-beta-alanine, a metabolite of 5-FU, in plasma after administration of UFT, tegafur, 5-FU or doxifluridine to rats

van Mourik, I.D.; Thomson, M.; Kelly, D.A., 1999:
Comparison of pharmacokinetics of Neoral and Sandimmune in stable pediatric liver transplant recipients

Bhavnani, B.R.; Nisker, J.A.; Martin, J.; Aletebi, F.; Watson, L.; Milne, J.K., 2000:
Comparison of pharmacokinetics of a conjugated equine estrogen preparation (premarin) and a synthetic mixture of estrogens (C.E.S.) in postmenopausal women

Leppo, J.A., 1996:
Comparison of pharmacologic stress agents

Mo, Z.; Tang, X.; Sun, Z.; Li, W., 2001:
Comparison of pharmacological effects between cultispecies Sichuan Fritillary bulb (F. wabueasis, F. mellea) and wild Sichuan Fritillary bulb (F. unibracteata)

Liguori, A.; Petti, F.; Bangrazi, A.; Camaioni, D.; Guccione, G.; Pitari, G.M.; Bianchi, A.; Nicoletti, W.E., 2000:
Comparison of pharmacological treatment versus acupuncture treatment for migraine without aura--analysis of socio-medical parameters

Schwartz, L.H.; Panicek, D.M.; Thomson, E.; Herman, S.K.; Shah, G.V.; Heelan, R.T.; Fong, Y.; Blumgart, L.H., 1997:
Comparison of phased-array and body coils for MR imaging of liver

Thilothammal, N.; Banu, K.; Ratnam, R.S., 1996:
Comparison of phenobarbitone, phenytoin with sodium valproate: randomized, double-blind study

Kirazli, Y.; On, A.Y.; Kismali, B.; Aksit, R., 1998:
Comparison of phenol block and botulinus toxin type A in the treatment of spastic foot after stroke: a randomized, double-blind trial

Hateboer, N.; v Dijk, M.A.; Bogdanova, N.; Coto, E.; Saggar-Malik, A.K.; San Millan, J.L.; Torra, R.; Breuning, M.; Ravine, D., 1999:
Comparison of phenotypes of polycystic kidney disease types 1 and 2. European PKD1-PKD2 Study Group

Joshi, S.S.; Vu, U.Eileen.; Lovgren, T.R.; Lorkovic, M.; Patel, W.; Todd, G.L.; Kuszynski, C.; Joshi, B.J.; Dave, H.P., 2002:
Comparison of phenotypic and functional dendritic cells derived from human umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Becher, B.; Antel, J.P., 1996:
Comparison of phenotypic and functional properties of immediately ex vivo and cultured human adult microglia

Kanayama, T.; Minowa, K.; Inoue, N.; Yamaguchi, T.; Tamura, T.; Yoshida, S.; Kawasaki, T., 2001:
Comparison of phosphocreatine concentration in the human masseter and medial pterygoid muscles by 31P-CSI

Imai, A.; Nashida, T.; Shimomura, H., 2000:
Comparison of phosphodiesterase isozymes in rodent parotid glands

Vidotto, V.; Leone, R.; Sinicco, A.; Ito-kuwa, S.; Criseo, G., 1999:
Comparison of phospholipase production in Cryptococcus neoformans isolates from AIDS patients and bird droppings

Hofmann, N.; Papsthart, G.; Hugo, B.; Klaiber, B., 2001:
Comparison of photo-activation versus chemical or dual-curing of resin-based luting cements regarding flexural strength, modulus and surface hardness

Azim, W.; Parveen, S.; Parveen, S., 2002:
Comparison of photometric cyanmethemoglobin and automated methods for hemoglobin estimation

Fernández, A.P.; Jaramillo, J.; Jaramillo, M., 2000:
Comparison of photorefractive keratectomy and laser in situ keratomileusis for myopia of -6 D or less using the Nidek EC-5000 laser

Morris, A.T.; Ring, C.P.; Hadden, O.B., 1996:
Comparison of photorefractive keratectomy for myopia using 5 mm and 6 mm diameter ablation zones

Lipshitz, I.; Fisher, L.; Dotan, G.; Lazar, M.; Loewenstein, A., 1999:
Comparison of photorefractive keratectomy on one eye and laser in situ keratomileusis on the other eye of the same patient

Van Gelder, R.N.; Steger-May, K.; Yang, S.H.; Rattanatam, T.; Pepose, J.S., 2002:
Comparison of photorefractive keratectomy, astigmatic PRK, laser in situ keratomileusis, and astigmatic LASIK in the treatment of myopia

Lee, C.C.; Pouge, B.W.; Strawbridge, R.R.; Moodie, K.L.; Bartholomew, L.R.; Burke, G.C.; Hoopes, P.J., 2001:
Comparison of photosensitizer (AIPcS2) quantification techniques: in situ fluorescence microsampling versus tissue chemical extraction

Miyamoto, Y.; Umebayashi, Y.; Nishisaka, T., 2000:
Comparison of phototoxicity mechanism between pulsed and continuous wave irradiation in photodynamic therapy

Britto, M.T.; Garrett, J.M.; Konrad, T.R.; Majure, J.M.; Leigh, M.W., 2000:
Comparison of physical activity in adolescents with cystic fibrosis versus age-matched controls

Cummings, J.A.; Brizendine, L., 2002:
Comparison of physical and emotional side effects of progesterone or medroxyprogesterone in early postmenopausal women

Harlow, K.; Johnson, R.; Callen, P., 1993:
Comparison of physical health benefits utilization. Mental and physical health claimants, 1989 and 1990

Sugisawa, H.; Sibata, H., 2000:
Comparison of physical, psychological, and social resources and their effects on mental well-being between young-old and old-old Japanese elderly

Thomas, A.R.; Hedberg, K.; Fleming, D.W., 2001:
Comparison of physician based reporting of tobacco attributable deaths and computer derived estimates of smoking attributable deaths, Oregon, 1989 to 1996

Miljkovic, Z.; Zeljkovic, M.; Anojcic, M., 2001:
Comparison of physiologic methods of determination of occlusal vertical dimension in edentulous persons

Tai, P.; Guo, S.; Song, Y.; Sun, T.; Li, P.; Jiang, S., 2002:
Comparison of physiological characteristics of different ecotype plants

Carraro, J.C.; Raynaud, J.P.; Koch, G.; Chisholm, G.D.; Di Silverio, F.; Teillac, P.; Da Silva, F.C.; Cauquil, J.; Chopin, D.K.; Hamdy, F.C.; Hanus, M.; Hauri, D.; Kalinteris, A.; Marencak, J.; Perier, A.; Perrin, P., 1996:
Comparison of phytotherapy (Permixon) with finasteride in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia: a randomized international study of 1,098 patients

Fink, W.H..; Power, P.P..; Allen, T.L.., 1997:
Comparison of pi-Bond Strengths in M-E (M = B, Al, Ga; E = O, N, S) Compounds. Ab Initio Calculation of Rotational Barriers

Igarashi, H.; Yoshida, A.; Tanaka, K., 1993:
Comparison of pig cornea preservation solutions using quantitative 31P NMR spectroscopy

Vilei, M.T.; Granato, A.; Ferraresso, C.; Neri, D.; Carraro, P.; Gerunda, G.; Muraca, M., 2001:
Comparison of pig, human and rat hepatocytes as a source of liver specific metabolic functions in culture systems--implications for use in bioartificial liver devices

Küpfer; Zhukov; Kresse; Meier-Hirmer; Jahn; Wolf; Matsushita; Kimura; Salama, 1995:
Comparison of pinning parameters between low-Tc superconductors and YBa2Cu3O7- delta

Jennings, M.B., 1994:
Comparison of piroxicam and naproxen in osteoarthritis of the foot

Siambanes, D.; Mather, S., 1998:
Comparison of plain radiographs and CT scans in instrumented posterior lumbar interbody fusion

Dosdá, R.; Martí-Bonmatí, L.; Menor, F.; Aparisi, F.; Rodrigo, C.; Ricart, V., 1999:
Comparison of plain radiographs and magnetic resonance images in the evaluation of periosteal reaction and osteoid matrix in osteosarcomas

Mouratidis, B.; Ash, J.M.; Gilday, D.L., 1993:
Comparison of planar and SPECT 99Tcm-DMSA scintigraphy for the detection of renal cortical defects in children

Danielsson, R.; Boné, B.; Agren, B.; Svensson, L.; Aspelin, P., 1999:
Comparison of planar and SPECT scintimammography with 99mTc-sestamibi in the diagnosis of breast carcinoma

Hacot, J.P.; Bojovic, M.; Delonca, J.; Meier, B.; Righetti, A., 1993:
Comparison of planar imaging and single-photon emission computed tomography for the detection and localization of coronary artery disease

Cowpe, J.G.; Ogden, G.R.; Green, M.W., 1993:
Comparison of planimetry and image analysis for the discrimination between normal and abnormal cells in cytological smears of suspicious lesions of the oral cavity

Bourasset, F.; Dencausse, A.; Bourrinet, P.; Ducret, M.; Corot, C., 2001:
Comparison of plasma and peritoneal concentrations of various categories of MRI blood pool agents in a murine experimental pharmacokinetic model

Scott, Y.; Parker, P.; McArdle, B.; Wallis, J.P., 1996:
Comparison of plasma and serum for antibody detection using DiaMed microtubes

Uehar, M.; Arai, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Adlercreutz, H., 2001:
Comparison of plasma and urinary phytoestrogens in Japanese and Finnish women by time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay

Giagulli, V.A.; Verdonck, L.; Deslypere, J.P.; Giorgino, R.; Vermeulen, A., 1993:
Comparison of plasma androgen glucuronide levels after percutaneous or peroral androgen treatment in men: evidence for important splanchnic contribution to plasma 17 beta-hydroxyandrogen glucuronides

Chakraborty, S.K., 1993:
Comparison of plasma ascorbate status between diabetic retinopathy subjects with and without photo-coagulation therapy

Ito, C.; Ando, Y.; Akimoto, T.; Kusano, E.; Asano, Y., 2000:
Comparison of plasma exchange (PEX) vs. double filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP) with or without steroid administration in a case of MPO-ANCA-positive immune complex type crescentic glomerulonephritis

Wang, X.; Wang, G.; Yang, C.; Li, X., 2002:
Comparison of plasma fibrinogen level in members of Uygur family of longevity and non-longevity in Xinjiang

Lakshman, M.R.; Reda, D.; Materson, B.J.; Cushman, W.C.; Kochar, M.S.; Nunn, S.; Hamburger, R.J.; Freis, E.D., 1996:
Comparison of plasma lipid and lipoprotein profiles in hypertensive black versus white men. Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study Group on Antihypertensive Agents

Sánchez-Nieto, S.; de Gómez-Puyou, M.T.; Rodríguez-Sotres, R.; Carballo, A.; Gavilanes-Ruíz, M., 1998:
Comparison of plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity in vesicles obtained from dry and hydrated maize embryos

Piiparinen, H.; Höckerstedt, K.; Grönhagen-Riska, C.; Lappalainen, M.; Suni, J.; Lautenschlager, I., 2001:
Comparison of plasma polymerase chain reaction and pp65-antigenemia assay in the quantification of cytomegalovirus in liver and kidney transplant patients

Ma, H.; Zhang, G.; Zhao, R.; Chen, W.; Chen, J., 1997:
Comparison of plasma thyroxin and insulin concentrations between 10-day old layer and broiler chickens

Ducros, V.; Candito, M.; Caussé, E.; Couderc, R.; Demuth, K.; Diop, M.E.; Drai, J.; Gerhardt, M.F.; Quillard, M.; Read, M.H.; Sauvant, M.P., 2002:
Comparison of plasma total homocysteine determinations in 9 French hospital laboratories by using 6 different methods

Takagi, Y.; Aoki, T.; Osaka, Y.; Kuroda, N.; Moritani, M.; Takagi, M.; Tamura, K.; Okada, R.; Sato, S.; Koyanagi, Y., 2002:
Comparison of plastic prostheses and self-expandable metallic stents in the treatment of malignant esophageal stenosis

Kolasa, D.; Malinowski, A.; Baj, Z.; Owczarek, D.; Szpakowski, A.; Dyński, M.A.; Szpakowski, M., 2000:
Comparison of platelet activation and procoagulant activity of blood cells in healthy pregnant women and EPH-gestosis patients

Baba, T.; Kodama, T.; Yasuda, T.K.; Ishizaki, T., 1993:
Comparison of platelet aggregability in Japanese type 2 diabetic patients with and without microalbuminuria

Dzieciatkowska, A.; Fuksiewicz, M.; Lachert, E.; Ziemba-Zółtowska, B.; Letowska, M., 1995:
Comparison of platelet and leukocyte content in platelet concentrates obtained from CS-3000 and third generation (CS-3000 plus and Cobe-Spectra) cell separators

Dzieciatkowska, A.; Fusiewicz, M.; Lachert, E.; Ziemba-Zółtowska, B.; Sabliński, J., 1994:
Comparison of platelet concentrates obtained using blood cell separators with continuous flow: CS-3000 and Cobe-Spectra

Tai, D.Y.; Chan, K.W.; Chee, Y.C.; Mak, K.H., 1995:
Comparison of platelet counts in simultaneous venous and capillary blood samples using an automated platelet analyser

Jin, Y.S.; Mintz, P.D., 1997:
Comparison of platelet loss during leukocyte reduction at 4, 24, and 48 hours postcollection using a Closed System Apheresis Kit with Integral filter

Kumar, N.D.; Bhatia, A.; Misra, K.; Suri, J.C., 1995:
Comparison of pleural fluid cytology and pleural biopsy in the evaluation of pleural effusion

Korabiowska, M.; Ruschenburg, I.; Brinck, U.; Jahns, A.; Berger, H.; Droese, M., 1998:
Comparison of ploidy status of melanoma metastases in different locations

Tornambe, P.E.; Poliner, L.S.; Hilton, G.F.; Grizzard, W.S., 1999:
Comparison of pneumatic retinopexy and scleral buckling in the management of primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Han, D.P.; Mohsin, N.C.; Guse, C.E.; Hartz, A.; Tarkanian, C.N., 1998:
Comparison of pneumatic retinopexy and scleral buckling in the management of primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Southern Wisconsin Pneumatic Retinopexy Study Group

Shelly, M.A.; Jacoby, H.; Riley, G.J.; Graves, B.T.; Pichichero, M.; Treanor, J.J., 1997:
Comparison of pneumococcal polysaccharide and CRM197-conjugated pneumococcal oligosaccharide vaccines in young and elderly adults

Ninomiya, K.; Kitano, S.; Yoshida, T.; Bandoh, T.; Baatar, D.; Matsumoto, T., 1998:
Comparison of pneumoperitoneum and abdominal wall lifting as to hemodynamics and surgical stress response during laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Wright, P.; Rogers, N.; Hall, C.; Wilson, B.; Evans, J.; Emslie, H.; Bartram, C., 2001:
Comparison of pocket-computer memory aids for people with brain injury

Polivka, B.J.; Elliott, M.B.; Wolowich, W.R., 2003:
Comparison of poison exposure data: NHIS and TESS data

Höger, R., 1994:
Comparison of polarity profiles by novelty filters

Chakravarti, A.; Hakim, Z., 1994:
Comparison of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis & silver staining method with ELISA for rotavirus detection

Nairn, L.M.; Woster, P.M.; Lindsay, G.S.; Wallace, H.M., 1999:
Comparison of polyamine analogue toxicity in two cell lines (HL-60 & MCF-7)

Brophy, P.D.; Thomas, S.E.; McBryde, K.D.; Bunchman, T.E., 2001:
Comparison of polyclonal induction agents in pediatric renal transplantation

Hilgert, R.E.; Dörner, A.; Wittkugel, O., 1999:
Comparison of polydioxanone (PDS) and polypropylene (Prolene) for Shouldice repair of primary inguinal hernias: a prospective randomised trial

Guyuron, B.; Vaughan, C., 1996:
Comparison of polydioxanone and polyglactin 910 in intradermal repair

Gremse, D.A.; Hixon, J.; Crutchfield, A., 2002:
Comparison of polyethylene glycol 3350 and lactulose for treatment of chronic constipation in children

Jayanthi, V.; Ramathilakam, B.; Malathi, S.; Dinakaran, N.; Balasubramanian, V., 2000:
Comparison of polyethylene glycol versus combination of magnesium sulphate and bisacodyl for colon preparation

Eggli, S.; z'Brun, S.; Gerber, C.; Ganz, R., 2002:
Comparison of polyethylene wear with femoral heads of 22 mm and 32 mm. A prospective, randomised study

Tuompo, P.; Partio, E.K.; Jukkala-Partio, K.; Pohjonen, T.; Helevirta, P.; Rokkanen, P., 1999:
Comparison of polylactide screw and expansion bolt in bioabsorbable fixation with patellar tendon bone graft for anterior cruciate ligament rupture of the knee. A preliminary study

Wang, J.; Zheng, Z.; Wang, H.; Liu, Y.; Wang, X., 2001:
Comparison of polymerase chain reaction and culture method for assaying ureaplysma urealyticum in urogenital specimens

Tabrizi, S.N.; Lees, M.I.; Garland, S.M., 1993:
Comparison of polymerase chain reaction and culture techniques for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis

Hussein, H.A.; Frost, E.; Talbot, B.; Shalaby, M.; Cornaglia, E.; el-Azhary, Y., 1996:
Comparison of polymerase chain reaction and monoclonal antibodies for G-typing of group A bovine rotavirus directly from fecal material

Ghisetti, V.; Barbui, A.; Donegani, E.; Bobbio, M.; Caimmi, P.; Pansini, S.; Zattera, G.; Pucci, A.; di Summa, M.; Marchiaro, G., 1996:
Comparison of polymerase chain reaction and pp65 antigen test for early detection of human cytomegalovirus in blood leukocytes of cardiac transplant recipients

Domeika, M.; Ganusauskas, A.; Bassiri, M.; Fröman, G.; Mårdh, P.A., 1994:
Comparison of polymerase chain reaction, direct immunofluorescence, cell culture and enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Chlamydia psittaci in bull semen

Shi, L.; Yajima, M.; Kawatsu, K.; Matsuoka, M.; Kashiwabara, Y.; Endoh, M., 2001:
Comparison of polymerase chain reaction, immunohistochemistry and conventional histopathology in the diagnosis of early leprosy in Sichuan Province of China

Kinomoto, Y.; Torii, M.; Takeshige, F.; Ebisu, S., 1999:
Comparison of polymerization contraction stresses between self- and light-curing composites

Dinh Bui, S.Bao.; Gazerani, P., 2018:
Airplane travels can induce headache

Kuong, S.J.; Williamson, D.S.; Baker, N.D.; Sosman, J.L.; Nawfel, R.D.; Wilson, M.G.; Weissman, B.N., 1999:
Comparison of polytomography and computed tomography for fracture assessment

Nikolettos, N.; Al-Hasani, S.; Küpker, W.; Vakalopoulos, I.; Asimakopoulos, B.; Fornara, P.; Diedrich, K., 2002:
Comparison of poor responders with good responders using intentionally frozen-thawed epididymal spermatozoa in subsequent ICSI cycles

Jaleel, M.Asif.; Nooreen, R.; Parveen, A.; Farhana; Nadeem; Hameed, A., 2002:
Comparison of population survey of Multan about cigarette smoking with survey of Abbottabad

Dittrich, S.; Alexi-Meskishvili, V.V.; Yankah, A.C.; Dähnert, I.; Meyer, R.; Hetzer, R.; Lange, P.E., 2000:
Comparison of porcine xenografts and homografts for pulmonary valve replacement in children

Leippe, M.; Bahr, E.; Tannich, E.; Horstmann, R.D., 1993:
Comparison of pore-forming peptides from pathogenic and nonpathogenic Entamoeba histolytica

Tripp, H.F.; Glower, D.D.; Lowe, J.E.; Wolfe, W.G., 2002:
Comparison of port access to sternotomy in tricuspid or mitral/tricuspid operations

Manning, C.A.; Kloess, P.M., 1997:
Comparison of portable automated keratometry and manual keratometry for IOL calculation

Gattoni, F.; Baldini, U.; Raiteri, R.; Pozzato, C.; Blanc, M.; Spagnoli, I.; Uslenghi, C., 1993:
Comparison of portal CT, arterial CT and CT with intravenous contrast media in the diagnosis of hepatocarcinoma

Watari, A.; Miyata, K.; Kanazawa, H.; Kobayashi, M., 1993:
Comparison of portal pressure with intravascular esophageal variceal pressure (IEVP) directly measured with a flexible indwelling needle

Schepke, M.; Raab, P.; Hoppe, A.; Schiedermaier, P.; Brensing, K.A.; Sauerbruch, T., 2000:
Comparison of portal vein velocity and the hepatic venous pressure gradient in assessing the acute portal hemodynamic response to propranolol in patients with cirrhosis

Zupancic, J.; Bajd, T., 1998:
Comparison of position repeatability of a human operator and an industrial manipulating robot

Iarovaia, O.V.; Razin, S.V., 1996:
Comparison of positions of attachment sites of DNA loops to nuclear matrix, MAR-elements, and autonomously replicating sequences in the elongated region of Drosophila melanogaster X-chromosome

Hering, F.L.; Lipay, M.V.; Lipay, M.A.; Rodrigues, P.R.; Nesralah, L.J.; Srougi, M., 2001:
Comparison of positivity frequency of bcl-2 expression in prostate adenocarcinoma with low and high Gleason score

Terada, K.; Niizuma, T.; Daimon, Y.; Kataoka, N.; Niki, Y., 2000:
Comparison of positivity rates for antibodies against measles, rubella, chickenpox and mumps by assays

Cohen, A.M., 1998:
Comparison of positron emission tomography and computed tomography in detection of recurrent and metastatic colorectal cancer

Kluin; Hehenkamp, 1991:
Comparison of positron-lifetime spectroscopy and differential dilatometric measurements of equilibrium vacancies in copper and alpha -Cu-Ge alloys

Hastier, P.; Harris, A.G.; Caroli-Bosc, F.X.; Dumas, R.; Delmont, J.P., 1996:
Comparison of post-ERCP biological pancreatitis in chronic alcoholic and control nonalcoholic group

Cehreli, M.C.; Canay, S., 2002:
Comparison of post-gel shrinkage strains in light-polymerized composite resins

González, M.G.; Hernandez-Madrid, A.; Sanromán, A.L.; Monge, G.; D.V.cente, E.; Barcena, R., 1999:
Comparison of post-liver transplantation electrocardiographic alterations between cyclosporine- and tacrolimus-treated patients

Grossi, E.A.; Zakow, P.K.; Ribakove, G.; Kallenbach, K.; Ursomanno, P.; Gradek, C.E.; Baumann, F.G.; Colvin, S.B.; Galloway, A.C., 1999:
Comparison of post-operative pain, stress response, and quality of life in port access vs. standard sternotomy coronary bypass patients

Berman, D.; Germano, G.; Lewin, H.; Kang, X.; Kavanagh, P.B.; Tapnio, P.; Harris, M.; Friedman, J., 1998:
Comparison of post-stress ejection fraction and relative left ventricular volumes by automatic analysis of gated myocardial perfusion single-photon emission computed tomography acquired in the supine and prone positions

Carter, J.; Mant, F.; Mant, J.; Wade, D.; Winner, S., 1997:
Comparison of postal version of the Frenchay Activities Index with interviewer-administered version for use in people with stroke

Puolakka, R.; Jokinen, M.; Pitkänen, M.T.; Rosenberg, P.H., 1998:
Comparison of postanesthetic sequelae after clinical use of 27-gauge cutting and noncutting spinal needles

Tschopp, O.; Rombouts, J-Jacques.; Rossillon, R., 2002:
Comparison of posteromedial and subtalar release in surgical treatment of resistant clubfoot

Shipp, D.B.; Nedzelski, J.M.; Chen, J.M.; Ng, A.H., 2002:
Comparison of postlingually deafened adults using the SPEAK and CIS coding strategies

Demirer, S.; Karadayi, K.; Simşek, S.; Erverdi, N.; Bumin, C., 2000:
Comparison of postoperative acute-phase reactants in patients who underwent laparoscopic v open cholecystectomy: a randomized study

Lin, W-qian.; Zeng, W-an.; Li, W.; Xu, M-xi.; Zhong, Z-jian., 2002:
Comparison of postoperative analgesia with tramadol, morphine versus their combination in patients undergoing abdominal cancer surgery

Kirdemir, P.; Ozkoçak, I.; Demir, T.; Gögüş, N., 2001:
Comparison of postoperative analgesic effects of preemptively used epidural ketamine and neostigmine

Kaurich, M.J.; Otomo-Corgel, J.; Nagy, R.J., 1997:
Comparison of postoperative bupivacaine with lidocaine on pain and analgesic use following periodontal surgery

Wada, A.; Kubota, H.; Miyanishi, K.; Hatanaka, H.; Miura, H.; Iwamoto, Y., 2001:
Comparison of postoperative early active mobilization and immobilization in vivo utilising a four-strand flexor tendon repair

Stremple, J.F.; Bross, D.S.; Davis, C.L.; McDonald, G.O., 1993:
Comparison of postoperative mortality in VA and private hospitals

Barton, J.G.; Paden, M.A.; Lane, M.; Postier, R.G., 2002:
Comparison of postoperative outcomes in ulcerative colitis and familial polyposis patients after ileoanal pouch operations

Wu, C.L.; Rouse, L.M.; Chen, J.M.; Miller, R.J., 2002:
Comparison of postoperative pain in patients receiving interscalene block or general anesthesia for shoulder surgery

Carr, M.M.; Muecke, C.J.; Sohmer, B.; Nasser, J.G.; Finley, G.A., 2002:
Comparison of postoperative pain: tonsillectomy by blunt dissection or electrocautery dissection

Wani, K.Alam.; Dar, H.Ahmad.; Malik, A.Ahmad.; Chowdry, N.Ahmad., 2002:
Comparison of postoperative pulmonary function tests after cholecystectomy performed through Kocher's incision and mini-incision

O'Brien, W.; Hasselgren, P.O.; Hummel, R.P.; Coith, R.; Hyams, D.; Kurtzman, L.; Neale, H.W., 1993:
Comparison of postoperative wound complications and early cancer recurrence between patients undergoing mastectomy with or without immediate breast reconstruction

Whiffen, V.E.; Gotlib, I.H., 1993:
Comparison of postpartum and nonpostpartum depression: clinical presentation, psychiatric history, and psychosocial functioning

Kuraoka, S.; Orita, H.; Watanabe, T.; Gotoh, S.; Inui, K.; Washio, M., 1995:
Comparison of postsurgical respiratory function employing either cold blood or crystalloid cardioplegia during open heart surgery

Shapovalova, K.B.; Chikhman, V.N., 2002:
Comparison of postural and motor components in instrumental defense learning in dogs

Pethica, B.D.; Penrose, A.; MacKenzie, D.; Hall, J.; Beasley, R.; Tilyard, M., 1998 :
Comparison of potency of inhaled beclomethasone and budesonide in New Zealand: retrospective study of computerised general practice records

Adjei, A.A.; Davis, J.N.; Erlichman, C.; Svingen, P.A.; Kaufmann, S.H., 2000:
Comparison of potential markers of farnesyltransferase inhibition

Amundson, 1995:
Comparison of potential models through heavy quark effective theory

Stoks; de Swart JJ, 1995:
Comparison of potential models with the np scattering data below 350 MeV

Stoks; de Swart JJ, 1993:
Comparison of potential models with the pp scattering data below 350 MeV

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