Section 46
Chapter 45,596

Comparison of routine semen analysis with results of the hypo-osmotic test and hamster penetration test

Semczuk, M.

Ginekologia Polska 65(1): 1-4


ISSN/ISBN: 0017-0011
PMID: 8070697
Accession: 045595903

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In the program of semen preparation to intra uterine insemination (IUI) the comparison of the routine semen analysis with the results of the Hypoosmotic Test (HOS-T) and the Hamster Oocyte Penetration Test (HOP-T) was performed. The positive correlation between the sperm quality and the results of the used tests (HOP and HOS) was revealed. It was found that the essential indicator of the decreased fertilizing capacity of the semen is it's motility. The significance of the studied tests in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility was discussed.

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