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Complications of extraintestinal endocrine disease associated with ulcerative colitis--association of ulcerative colitis and autoimmune thyroid disease

Okai, K.; Machida, K.; Nishi, M.; Nanjo, K.

Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 57(11): 2536-2539


ISSN/ISBN: 0047-1852
PMID: 10572426
Accession: 045607262

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We experienced a rare case of Basedow's disease followed by ulcerative colitis (UC). The association of UC and autoimmune thyroid disease was reviewed and discussed. A high frequency of endocrine autoimmunity, especially autoimmune thyroid disease, was reported in patients with UC. But prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease associated with UC varies widely in different studies. Some authors described that it was impossible to say that the observed numbers of UC associated with thyroid disease exceed to those to be expected in a random sample of the general populations. The hypothesis that autoimmunity is important in the pathogenesis of UC and thyroid disease continues to stimulate interest. But the evidence for autoimmunity acting in these diseases is not quite as convinced. Further investigation is warranted to clarify the exact relationships between UC and thyroid disease.