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Construction and characterization of a bacterial artificial chromosome library from chili pepper

Yoo, E.Y.; Kim, S.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, B.D.

Molecules and Cells 12(1): 117-120


ISSN/ISBN: 1016-8478
PMID: 11561720
Accession: 045630871

A library of the bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) that consisted of a total of 78,336 clones with an average insert size of 80 kb was constructed from Capsicum annuum, 'CM334', which is resistant to Phytophthora capsici and PVY. Based on a haploid genome size of pepper of 2,702 Mbp/C, the BAC library was estimated to contain approximately three genome equivalents and represented at least 90% of the pepper genome. In order to determine the percentage of BAC clones that contained mitochondrial DNAs, the entire library was screened with probes of chili pepper mitochondrial DNAs. The result showed that only twenty-five clones, which is 0.03% of the total BAC clones, were hybridized to mitochondrial gene probes. This indicates that the library is comprised predominantly of the nuclear sequences. The library was also tested for isolating specific clones by screening with a few known genes from the chili pepper, phytoene synthase gene, and two MADS genes--HpMADS1 and HpMADS3. The result showed that the three clones for phytoene synthase and the two clones for each MADS gene were positively hybridized to the specific probes. This indicates that the library is highly reliable and represents a resource for initiating map-based cloning and contig mapping in chili pepper.

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