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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45647

Chapter 45647 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chiba, I.; Teh, B.Gwan.; Iizuka, T.; Fukuda, H., 2002:
Conversion of a traumatic bone cyst into central giant cell granuloma: implications for pathogenesis--a case report

Fujita, K.; Yorimitsu, H.; Shinokubo, H.; Matsubara, S.; Oshima, K., 2001:
Conversion of acid chloride into homoallylic alcohol via allylic C [bond] H bond activation of alkene with a zirconocene complex

Pekçelen, Y.; Timurağaoğlu, A., 1998:
Conversion of an acute leukemia from a mixed lineage to lymphoid phenotype

Sykaras, N.; Woody, R.D., 2001:
Conversion of an implant radiographic template into a surgical template

Tapia, G.; Casey, D.; Schaaf, N.G., 2002:
Conversion of an interim into a definitive speech aid: a predictable approach

Malik, D.; Hnatkova, K.; Malik, M., 1995:
Conversion of analog signals into computer oriented data

Bershteĭn, L.M.; Poroshina, T.E.; Zimarina, T.S.; Larionov, A.A.; Uporov, A.V., 1997:
Conversion of androstenedione in the lymphocytes infiltrating the breast tumor tissue

Hori, Y.; Sugiura, Y., 2002:
Conversion of antennapedia homeodomain to zinc finger-like domain: Zn(II)-induced change in protein conformation and DNA binding

Puelles, A.; Jiménez, M.; Mateo, G.; Rodríguez, M.M.; Eugui, J., 1998:
Conversion of apolipoproteins A-1 and B reference limits obtained by a turbidimetric procedure to other methods

El-Zaria, M.E.; Dörfler, U.; Hofmann, M.; Gabel, D., 2002:
Conversion of arachno-nonaborane into azanonaborane: unexpected loss of a firmly integrated boron atom

Goedel-Meinen, L., 1994:
Conversion of atrial fibrillation after mitral valve valvuloplasty

Bunc, M.; Starc, R.; Podbregar, M.; Bruĉan, A., 2001:
Conversion of atrial fibrillation into a sinus rhythm by coronary angioplasty in a patient with acute myocardial infarction

van Son, J.A.; Mohr, F.W.; Hambsch, J.; Schneider, P.; Hess, H.; Haas, G.S., 1999:
Conversion of atriopulmonary or lateral atrial tunnel cavopulmonary anastomosis to extracardiac conduit Fontan modification

Tyler, L.A.; Olmstead, M.M.; Mascharak, P.K., 2001:
Conversion of azomethine moiety to carboxamido group at cobalt(III) center in model complexes of Co-containing nitrile hydratase

Gessler, N.N.; Dmitrovskiĭ, A.A.; Gomboeva, S.B.; Bykhovskiĭ, V.Ia., 1999:
Conversion of beta-carotene and some beta-apocarotinoids under the effect of substances from the intestinal mucosa

Pasquato; Modena; Cotarca; Delogu; Mantovani, 2000:
Conversion of bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate to phosgene and reactivity of triphosgene, diphosgene, and phosgene with methanol(1)

Wright, J.W.; Tamura-Myers, E.; Wilson, W.L.; Roques, B.P.; Llorens-Cortes, C.; Speth, R.C.; Harding, J.W., 2002:
Conversion of brain angiotensin II to angiotensin III is critical for pressor response in rats

White, J.D.; Blakemore, P.R.; Milicevic, S.; Choudhry, S.C.; Cupano, J.; Serico, L., 2002:
Conversion of carbamates to amidosulfones and amides. Synthesis of the [14C]-labeled antiobesity agent Ro23-7637

Russe, K.; Kipphardt, H.; Bréas, O.; Taylor, P.D.P., 2002:
Conversion of carbon into CF4 for SI-traceable measurements of absolute carbon isotope amount ratios: a feasibility study

Collins, B.E.; Fralich, T.J.; Itonori, S.; Ichikawa, Y.; Schnaar, R.L., 1999:
Conversion of cellular sialic acid expression from N-acetyl- to N-glycolylneuraminic acid using a synthetic precursor, N-glycolylmannosamine pentaacetate: inhibition of myelin-associated glycoprotein binding to neural cells

Houck, J.B.; Mueller, T.R., 1986:
Conversion of charitable HMOs to for-profit status

Hirano, K.; Saitoh, T.; Kadono, K.; Oose, H.; Watanabe, S.; Hasegawa, S., 1997:
Conversion of chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis to invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, and successful treatment with fluconazole

Hultin, M.; Olivecrona, T., 1999:
Conversion of chylomicrons into remnants

van Son, J.A.; Falk, V.; Black, M.D.; Haas, G.S.; Mohr, F.W., 1998:
Conversion of complex neonatal Ebstein's anomaly into functional tricuspid or pulmonary atresia

Ruettinger, W.F.; Dismukes, G.C., 2003:
Conversion of core oxos to water molecules by 4e-/4H+ reductive dehydration of the Mn4O2(6+) core in the manganese-oxo cubane complex Mn4O4(Ph2PO2)6: a partial model for photosynthetic water binding and activation

Lockwood, M.D., 1998:
Conversion of cycles per minute to hertz incorrect

Kerdesky, F.A.; Brooks, C.D.; Hulkower, K.I.; Bouska, J.B.; Bell, R.L., 1997:
Conversion of cyclooxygenase inhibitors into hydroxythiazole 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors

Matl, I.; Lácha, J.; Lodererová, A.; Vítko, S.; Lánská, V., 1997:
Conversion of cyclosporin A therapy to conventional treatment with diagnostic use of aspiration biopsy in kidney transplantation

Mori; Katsouleas; Dawson; Lai, 1995:
Conversion of dc Fields in a Capacitor Array to Radiation by a Relativistic Ionization Front

Wise, C.J.; Watt, D.J.; Jones, G.E., 1996:
Conversion of dermal fibroblasts to a myogenic lineage is induced by a soluble factor derived from myoblasts

Adamec, M.; Bĕlina, F.; Saudek, F.; Tosenovský, P.; Janousek, L.; Ryska, M., 1999:
Conversion of drainage of a pancreatic transplant from the urinary bladder to the intestine in a recipient

Grant, S.; Dent, P., 2003:
Conversion of drug-induced differentiation to apoptosis by pharmacologic cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors

Hinkel-Lipsker; Fried; Morales, 1991:
Conversion of electrostatic and electromagnetic waves in a plasma at the peak of a parabolic density profile

Hashimshony, D.; Zigler, A.; Papadopoulos, K., 2001:
Conversion of electrostatic to electromagnetic waves by superluminous ionization fronts

Uchida, N.; Ezaki, T.; Fukuma, H.; Tsutsui, K.; Kobara, H.; Bang, M.H.; Ogawa, M.; Watanabe, K.; Ono, M.; Morishita, A.; Ogi, T.; Kamata, H.; Masaki, T.; Watanabe, S.; Kuriyama, S., 2002:
Conversion of endoscopic nasobiliary drainage to internal drainage by means of endoscopic scissor forceps

Jones, L.H.; Harwig, C.W.; Wentworth, P.; Simeonov, A.; Wentworth, A.D.; Py, S.; Ashley, J.A.; Lerner, R.A.; Janda, K.D., 2001:
Conversion of enediynes into quinones by antibody catalysis and in aqueous buffers: implications for an alternative enediyne therapeutic mechanism

Foitzik, T.; Klar, E.; Buhr, H.J., 1998:
Conversion of experimental research findings to treatment of acute pancreatitis

Nowotarski, P.J.; Turen, C.H.; Brumback, R.J.; Scarboro, J.M., 2000:
Conversion of external fixation to intramedullary nailing for fractures of the shaft of the femur in multiply injured patients

Chen, Y.S.; Ko, W.J.; Chou, T.F.; Chou, N.K.; Hsu, R.B.; Wang, S.S.; Lin, F.Y.; Chu, S.H., 2001:
Conversion of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation to non-pulsatile left ventricular assist device. Is it out-of-date for non-pulsatile LVAD?

Sierra, R.J.; Cabanela, M.E., 2002:
Conversion of failed hip hemiarthroplasties after femoral neck fractures

Behrens, D.T.; Paris, M.; Luttrell, J.N., 1999:
Conversion of failed ileal pouch-anal anastomosis to continent ileostomy

Levine, W.N.; Ozuna, R.M.; Scott, R.D.; Thornhill, T.S., 1996:
Conversion of failed modern unicompartmental arthroplasty to total knee arthroplasty

Sugerman, H.J.; Kellum, J.M.; DeMaria, E.J.; Reines, H.D., 1996:
Conversion of failed or complicated vertical banded gastroplasty to gastric bypass in morbid obesity

Selim, N.; Fendley, M.J.; Boyer, T.D.; Galloway, J.R.; Branum, G.D., 1998:
Conversion of failed transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt to distal splenorenal shunt in patients with Child A or B cirrhosis

Taskin, M.; Zengin, K.; Unal, E.; Sakoglu, N., 2002:
Conversion of failed vertical banded gastroplasty to open adjustable gastric banding

Costa Pinel, B.; Belmonte Serrano, M.; Páez Vives, F.; Sabaté Obiol, A.; Estopá Sánchez, A.; Borrás Borrás, J., 2001:
Conversion of fast insulin intensive therapy to lispro insulin in type I diabetes. Pharmacoeconomic analysis of cost-effectiveness

Goto, K., 2001:
Conversion of floral organs into leaves, leaves into floral organs: complexes of MADS transcription factors determine floral organ identity

Kamali, F.; Edwards, C., 1993:
Conversion of flosequinan to the sulphone metabolite in subcellular fractions of human liver, in-vitro

McHugh, K., 1997:
Conversion of gastrostomy to transgastric jejunostomy in children

Marx, M.V.; Andrews, J.C., 1993:
Conversion of gastrostomy tube to gastrojejunostomy tube

Kerns, S.R., 1993:
Conversion of gastrostomy tube to gastrojejunostomy tube by using a peel-away sheath

McGeary, R.P.; Wright, K.; Toth, I., 2001:
Conversion of glucosamine to galactosamine and allosamine derivatives: control of inversions of stereochemistry at C-3 and C-4

Behenský, P.; Stenzl, V.; Adámek, F.; Bĕhal, V., 2000:
Conversion of glutamate to glutamine by permeabilized Corynebacterium glutamicum

Rezaie, A.R.; Esmon, C.T., 1993:
Conversion of glutamic acid 192 to glutamine in activated protein C changes the substrate specificity and increases reactivity toward macromolecular inhibitors

Okubo, Y.; Seno, T.; Tanaka, M.; Yamano, H.; Nakade, T.; Yamaguchi, H., 1994:
Conversion of group A red cells by deacetylation to ones that react with monoclonal antibodies specific for the acquired B phenotype

Matsui, N.; Chen, F.; Yasuda, S.; Fukushima, K., 2000:
Conversion of guaiacyl to syringyl moieties on the cinnamyl alcohol pathway during the biosynthesis of lignin in angiosperms

Sharkey, P.F.; Rao, R.; Hozack, W.J.; Rothman, R.H.; Carey, C., 1998:
Conversion of hemiarthroplasty to total hip arthroplasty: can groin pain be eliminated?

Guillou, Hé.; Rioux, V.; Catheline, D.; Thibault, J-Nöel.; Bouriel, M.; Jan, S.; D'Andrea, S.; Legrand, P., 2003:
Conversion of hexadecanoic acid to hexadecenoic acid by rat Delta 6-desaturase

Braun, T.; Noveski, D.; Neumann, B.; Stammler, H-Georg., 2002:
Conversion of hexafluoropropene into 1,1,1-trifluoropropane by rhodium-mediated C[bond]F activation

Panagiotopoulos, K.P.; Robbins, G.M.; Masri, B.A.; Duncan, C.P., 2001:
Conversion of hip arthrodesis to total hip arthroplasty

Attarian, D.E.; Southworth, S., 1994:
Conversion of hip arthrodesis to total joint arthroplasty

Kopelovich, L., 1993:
Conversion of human fibroblasts to tissue macrophages by the Snyder-Theilen sarcoma virus (ST:FeSV): tumouricidal effects on K-562 and Daudi tumour cell lines in monolayers and in agar suspensions

Grace, R., 2000:
Conversion of ileorectal anastomosis

Oh, J.H.; Olson, R.A.; Noe, B.; Hollins, B.; Whelchel, J.D., 1994:
Conversion of immunogenicity of blood to tolerogenicity by prior platelet transfusions in rabbits

Brodwater, B.K.; Silber, J.S.; Smith, T.P.; Chao, N.J.; Suhocki, P.V.; Ryan, J.M.; Newman, G.E., 2000:
Conversion of indwelling chest port catheters to tunneled central venous catheters

Vølund, A., 1993:
Conversion of insulin units to SI units

Harris, E.J., 1969:
Conversion of isocitrate to citrate and accumulation of the citrates in mitochondria

Li, 1987:
Conversion of isospin to spin degrees of freedom: Induced monopole fields in adiabatic processes

Safránek, J.; Sebor, J.; Geiger, J., 2002:
Conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Eldar, S.; Siegelmann, H.T.; Buzaglo, D.; Matter, I.; Cohen, A.; Sabo, E.; Abrahamson, J., 2002:
Conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to open cholecystectomy in acute cholecystitis: artificial neural networks improve the prediction of conversion

Wiebke, E.A.; Pruitt, A.L.; Howard, T.J.; Jacobson, L.E.; Broadie, T.A.; Goulet, R.J.; Canal, D.F., 1996:
Conversion of laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy. An analysis of risk factors

Celliers; Eidmann, 1990:
Conversion of laser light into x rays in thin foil targets

Herrero, J.I.; Quiroga, J.; Sangro, B.; Girala, M.; Gómez-Manero, N.; Pardo, F.; Alvárez-Cienfuegos, J.; Prieto, J., 1999:
Conversion of liver transplant recipients on cyclosporine with renal impairment to mycophenolate mofetil

Bunc, V.; Winterová, J., 1994:
Conversion of load intensity from a pedalling ergometer to a walking treadmill in patients with ischemic heart disease

Burghoff, M.; Nenonen, J.; Trahms, L.; Katila, T., 2000:
Conversion of magnetocardiographic recordings between two different multichannel SQUID devices

Schneider, P.; Holler, N.; Bodmer, J.L.; Hahne, M.; Frei, K.; Fontana, A.; Tschopp, J., 1998:
Conversion of membrane-bound Fas(CD95) ligand to its soluble form is associated with downregulation of its proapoptotic activity and loss of liver toxicity

Connor, S.; Guest, P., 2000:
Conversion of multiple solid testicular teratoma metastases to fatty and cystic liver masses following chemotherapy: CT evidence of "maturation"

Kresl, J.J.; Potempa, L.A.; Anderson, B.E., 1999:
Conversion of native oligomeric to a modified monomeric form of human C-reactive protein

Sourla, A.; Lembessis, P.; Mitsiades, C.; Dimopoulos, T.; Skouteris, M.; Metsinis, M.; Ntounis, A.; Ioannidis, A.; Katsoulis, A.; Kyragiannis, V.; Lambou, T.; Tsintavis, A.; Koutsilieris, M., 2002:
Conversion of nested reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction from positive to negative status at peripheral blood during androgen ablation therapy is associated with long progression-free survival in stage D2 prostate cancer patients

Hiramoto, K.; Ojima, N.; Kikugawa, K., 1997:
Conversion of nitroxide radicals by phenolic and thiol antioxidants

Morris, J.C.; Kim, C.K.; Padilla, M.L.; Mechanick, J.I., 1997:
Conversion of non-iodine-concentrating differentiated thyroid carcinoma metastases into iodine-concentrating foci after anticancer chemotherapy

Kang, M.K.; Park, N.H., 2001:
Conversion of normal to malignant phenotype: telomere shortening, telomerase activation, and genomic instability during immortalization of human oral keratinocytes

Eberl, J., 2002:
Conversion of nursing diagnoses as an integrated element of the nursing process

Eberl, J., 2002:
Conversion of nursing diagnosis as an integrated element of the nursing process. II

Smith, J.E.; Fenner, S.G., 1993:
Conversion of orotracheal to nasotracheal intubation with the aid of the fibreoptic laryngoscope

Finan, J.E.; Rosato, A.E.; Dickinson, T.M.; Ko, D.; Archer, G.L., 2001:
Conversion of oxacillin-resistant staphylococci from heterotypic to homotypic resistance expression

Schröder, A.J.; Quehl, P.; Müller, J.; Samstag, Y., 2000:
Conversion of p56(lck) to p60(lck) in human peripheral blood T lymphocytes is dependent on co- stimulation through accessory receptors: involvement of phospholipase C, protein kinase C and MAP-kinases in vivo

Tabo, T.; Hayashi, H.; Onodera, H., 2002:
Conversion of paraesophageal hiatal hernia to the "upside-down stomach"--a case report

Fugit, R.V.; Resch, N.D., 2000:
Conversion of patients from simvastatin to lovastatin in an outpatient pharmacy clinic

Zafar, N.; Lal, M.; Muzzamil, B.; Khalil, S.; Hussain, Z.; Naqvi, A.; Rizvi, A., 1998:
Conversion of patients to cyclosporine E microemulsion

Rowlands, R.G.; Williamson, P.A., 2002:
Conversion of percutaneous tracheostomy-a practical solution

Renton-Harper, P.; Claydon, N.; Warren, P.; Newcombe, R.G.; Addy, M., 1999:
Conversion of plaque-area measurements to plaque index scores. An assessment of variation and discriminatory power

Soucy, P.; Luu-The, V., 2000:
Conversion of pregnenolone to DHEA by human 17alpha-hydroxylase/17, 20-lyase (P450c17). Evidence that DHEA is produced from the released intermediate, 17alpha-hydroxypregnenolone

Zhu, J.; Nathan, C.; Jin, W.; Sim, D.; Ashcroft, G.S.; Wahl, S.M.; Lacomis, L.; Erdjument-Bromage, H.; Tempst, P.; Wright, C.D.; Ding, A., 2003:
Conversion of proepithelin to epithelins: roles of SLPI and elastase in host defense and wound repair

Wong, E.; Bayly, C.; Waterman, H.L.; Riendeau, D.; Mancini, J.A., 1997:
Conversion of prostaglandin G/H synthase-1 into an enzyme sensitive to PGHS-2-selective inhibitors by a double His513 --> Arg and Ile523 --> val mutation

Sugerman, H.J.; Kellum, J.M.; DeMaria, E.J., 1998:
Conversion of proximal to distal gastric bypass for failed gastric bypass for superobesity

Matsuda, T.; Ohashi, Y.; Harada, T.; Yanagihara, R.; Nagasawa, T.; Nakamura, K., 2002:
Conversion of pyrrole to pyrrole-2-carboxylate by cells of Bacillus megaterium in supercritical CO2

Botto, G.L.; Bonini, W.; Broffoni, T.; Molteni, S.; Lombardi, R.; Alfieri, G.; Barone, P.; Bernasconi, G.; Ferrari, G., 1996:
Conversion of recent onset atrial fibrillation with single loading oral dose of propafenone: is in-hospital admission absolutely necessary?

Atarashi, H.; Inoue, H.; Hiejima, K.; Hayakawa, H., 1996:
Conversion of recent-onset Atrial Fibrillation by a single oral dose of Pilsicainide (Pilsicainide Suppression Trial on atrial fibrillation). The PSTAF Investigators

Hennersdorf, M.G.; Perings, S.M.; Zühlke, C.; Heidland, U.E.; Perings, C.; Heintzen, M.P.; Strauer, B.E., 2002:
Conversion of recent-onset atrial fibrillation or flutter with ibutilide after amiodarone has failed

Boriani, G.; Biffi, M.; Capucci, A.; Botto, G.; Broffoni, T.; Ongari, M.; Trisolino, G.; Rubino, I.; Sanguinetti, M.; Branzi, A.; Magnani, B., 1998:
Conversion of recent-onset atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm: effects of different drug protocols

Fricker, J., 1996:
Conversion of red blood cells to group O

Ichikura, H.; Tanabe, K.; Tokumoto, T.; Shimuzu, T.; Ishikawa, N.; Harano, M.; Inui, M.; Manu, M.; Ito, S.; Shimmura, H.; Okuda, H.; Yagisawa, T.; Fuchinoue, S.; Toma, H., 2000:
Conversion of renal transplant immunosuppression from tacrolimus (FK 506) to cyclosporine: a single center experience

Morris-Stiff, G.; Talbot, D.; Balaji, V.; Baboolal, K.; Callanan, K.; Hails, J.; Moore, R.; Manas, D.; Lord, R.; Jurewicz, W.A., 1998:
Conversion of renal transplant recipients from cyclosporin (neoral) to tacrolimus (prograf) for haemolytic uraemic syndrome

Morris-Stiff, G.; Talbot, D.; Balaji, V.; Baboolal, K.; Callanan, K.; Hails, J.; Moore, R.; Manas, D.; Lord, R.; Jurewicz, W.A., 1998:
Conversion of renal transplant recipients from cyclosporin to low-dose tacrolimus for refractory rejection

Berman, A.T.; Mazur, D., 1994:
Conversion of resection arthroplasty to total hip replacement

Seger, W., 1996:
Conversion of results of expert evaluation in disputed work disability(section 275 paragraph 1a SGB V regulation)

Slyper, A.H.; Pietryga, D., 1997:
Conversion of selective IgA deficiency to common variable immunodeficiency in an adolescent female with 18q deletion syndrome

Parrer, G.; Schroll, G.; Gapes, J.R.; Lubitz, W.; Schuster, K.C., 2000:
Conversion of solvent evaporation residues from the AB- (acetone - butanol) bioprocess into bacterial cells accumulating thermoplastic polyesters

Ganichev, S.D.; Ivchenko, E.L.; Danilov, S.N.; Eroms, J.; Wegscheider, W.; Weiss, D.; Prettl, W., 2001:
Conversion of spin into directed electric current in quantum wells

Baird, C.L.; Vela, G.A., 2000:
Conversion of supra-ventricular tachycardia by catheter manipulation of the right atrium

Cooper, T.T.; Clancy, A.N.; Karom, M.; Moore, T.O.; Albers, H.E., 2000:
Conversion of testosterone to estradiol may not be necessary for the expression of mating behavior in male Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

Guichard, S.M.; Morton, C.L.; Krull, E.J.; Stewart, C.F.; Danks, M.K.; Potter, P.M., 1998:
Conversion of the CPT-11 metabolite APC to SN-38 by rabbit liver carboxylesterase

Hashimoto; Kindo; Takeuchi; Senda; Date; Yamagishi, 1994:
Conversion of the Ising axis in DyCu2 under high magnetic field

Ninan, M.; Myers, J.L.., 2001:
Conversion of the atriopulmonary Fontan connection to a total cavopulmonary connection

Ecker, K.W.; Haberer, M.; Feifel, G., 1996:
Conversion of the failing ileoanal pouch to reservoir-ileostomy rather than to ileostomy alone

Gunthorpe, M.J.; Lummis, S.C., 2001:
Conversion of the ion selectivity of the 5-HT(3a) receptor from cationic to anionic reveals a conserved feature of the ligand-gated ion channel superfamily

Fahrenholz, F.; Klein, U.; Gimpl, G., 1995:
Conversion of the myometrial oxytocin receptor from low to high affinity state by cholesterol

Linger, T.S.; Davies, J.C., 1978:
Conversion of the patient master index at Southampton to a computer based system

Bauer, H., 1993:
Conversion of the public health structure regulation--experiences with diagnosis-related total cases in surgery

Hage, J.J.; Chami, S.Z., 1998:
Conversion of the "kangaroo pouch" neovagina to a skin inversion vaginoplasty in male-to-female transsexuals: two unusual cases

Kitrenos, J.G.; Rotella, D.L.; Nakasato, S., 1994:
Conversion of treatment from cefoxitin to ampicillin/sulbactam: experience in a university teaching hospital

Ketcha, M.M.; Stevens, D.K.; Warren, D.A.; Bishop, C.T.; Brashear, W.T., 1996:
Conversion of trichloroacetic acid to dichloroacetic acid in biological samples

Timosheva, N.V.; Chandrasekaran, A.; Day, R.O.; Holmes, R.R., 2002:
Conversion of tricoordinate to hexacoordinate phosphorus. Formation of a phosphorane-phosphatrane system

Reynolds, M., 1995:
Conversion of unresectable to resectable hepatoblastoma and long-term follow-up study

Sitzmann, J.V., 1995:
Conversion of unresectable to resectable liver cancer: an approach and follow-up study

Barrett, S.R., 1985:
Conversion of variable-rate debt to fixed-rate debit: an idea whose time has come

Lehmann, B.; Rudolph, T.; Pietzsch, J.; Meurer, M., 2000:
Conversion of vitamin D3 to 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 in human skin equivalents

Fisch; Karney, 1985:
Conversion of wave energy to magnetic field energy in a plasma torus

Hirata, Y.; Ishii, K.; Taguchi, T.; Suita, S.; Takeshige, K., 1993:
Conversion of xanthine dehydrogenase to xanthine oxidase during ischemia of the rat small intestine and the effect of trifluoperazine on the conversion

Toivari, M.H.; Aristidou, A.; Ruohonen, L.; Penttilä, M., 2001:
Conversion of xylose to ethanol by recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae: importance of xylulokinase (XKS1) and oxygen availability

Nagaoka, M.; Sugiura, Y., 1995:
Conversion of zinc finger protein to artificial site-specific nuclease: application to chromosome mapping and sequencing

Fass, J.; Rau, M.; Dreuw, B.; Schumpelick, V., 1996:
Conversion operation for alkaline reflux after total gastrectomy and Schloffer reconstruction

Simler, S.L., 1980:
Conversion plans infuriate Harlem

Schulz, S.; Zaiss, A.; Brunner, R.; Spinner, D.; Klar, R., 1998:
Conversion problems concerning automated mapping from ICD-10 to ICD-9

Pampalone, B.R., 1996:
Conversion prosthesis: a transitional fixed implant-supported prosthesis for an edentulous arch--a technical note

Trappe, H.J.; Pfitzner, P., 1996:
Conversion rate and prevention of recurrence of paroxysmal and sustained atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter with verapamil/quinidine

Kane-Gill, S.L.; Bauer, S.R., 2017:
AKD-The Time Between AKI and CKD: What Is the Role of the Pharmacist?

Morrison, L.J.; Allan, R.; Vermeulen, M.; Dong, S.L.; McCallum, A.L., 2001:
Conversion rates for prehospital paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) with the addition of adenosine: a before-and-after trial

Kwarcinski, M., 2001:
Conversion ratio and cost of oxycodone

Rabus, R.; Widdel, F., 1995:
Conversion studies with substrate analogues of toluene in a sulfate-reducing bacterium, strain Tol2

Eggers, C., 1998:
Conversion symptoms in childhood and adolescence

Kapfhammer, H.P.; Dobmeier, P.; Mayer, C.; Rothenhäusler, H.B., 1999:
Conversion syndromes in neurology. A psychopathological and psychodynamic differentiation of conversion disorder, somatization disorder and factitious disorder

Rosik, C.H., 2001:
Conversion therapy revisited: parameters and rationale for ethical care

Tolba, R.H.; Wrigge, B.; Machein, U.; Minor, T.; Kalff, J.C.; Hirner, A.; Wolff, M., 2001:
Conversion to Neoral for tacrolimus-related adverse effects in liver transplant recipients and improvement in quality of life

Howard, J., 1980:
Conversion to SI units in a regional 300 bed hospital and ten associated hospitals

de Csepel, J.; Quinn, T.; Pomp, A.; Gagner, M., 2002:
Conversion to a laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch for failed laparoscopic adjustable silicone gastric banding

Maisnier-Patin, S.; Dasgupta, S.; Krabbe, M.; Nordström, K., 1999:
Conversion to bidirectional replication after unidirectional initiation from R1 plasmid origin integrated at oriC in Escherichia coli

Soltoski, P.; Salerno, T.; Levinsky, L.; Schmid, S.; Hasnain, S.; Diesfeld, T.; Huang, C.; Akhter, M.; Alnoweiser, O.; Bergsland, J., 1999:
Conversion to cardiopulmonary bypass in off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: its effect on outcome

Pericot, I.; Tintoré, M.; Grivé, E.; Briev, L.; Rovira, A.; Montalbán, X., 2001:
Conversion to clinically definite multiple sclerosis after isolated spinal cord syndrome: value of brain and spinal MRI

Anonymous, 1997:
Conversion to computerized patient records streamlines ER process, saves money

Martínez-Martín, P.; Grandas, F.; Linazasoro, G.; Bravo, J.L., 1999:
Conversion to controlled-release levodopa/carbidopa treatment and quality of life as measured by the Nottingham Health Profile. The STAR Study Group

Shannon, J.; Douglas-Jones, A.G.; Dallimore, N.S., 2001:
Conversion to core biopsy in preoperative diagnosis of breast lesions: is it justified by results?

Cossu, M.; Satta, R.; Branca, G.F.; Pala, P.G.; Serra, G.; Satta, R.P.; Sorba, G., 1998:
Conversion to cyclosporine microemulsion (Neoral) in stable renal transplant patients: results from a single center

Bailey, S.C., 1994 :
Conversion to day surgery unit in listed building achieved in 16 weeks

Edstrom, L.E., 2000:
Conversion to digital photography and photo archiving

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Conversions, construction crowd the rehab field

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Conversions, construction crowding the rehab field

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Conversions. States that step in

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Conversions. Turnabout is fair play

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Convert physician gripes into health care process changes

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Convert the disaster into a case report

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Convertible mini-nuc technique

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Convertibles in the fast lane. Healthcare systems turn to hybrid financing vehicle

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Converting Bangladesh's influential religious leaders

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Converting acute beds to chronic care

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Converting between sequence formats

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Converting from OPL to contract service

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Converting hospital computer systems

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Converting pH and H+

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Converting pH and H+: a rule for the other thumb

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Converting pH and H+: a "rule of thumb"

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Converting physicians to the marketing religion

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Converting public hospital to private not-for-profit can be political tussle

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Converting public hospitals to private: how to maintain public accountability

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Converting radical oligomers to a single product

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Conveying an effective message in voice mail or e-mail

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Conveying population education through games

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Conveying the substance of images. Interior design in long-term care

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Convicted child molester not obligated to take HIV test

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Convicted murderer can avoid determination of HIV status

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Convicted psychopaths and special hospitals

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Conviction and conversion: the role of shared fantasies about analysis

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Conviction and interpretation: hiding and seeking with words

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Conviction is not a dirty word

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Conviction of Kansas City hospital executive and physicians upheld. United States v. LaHue

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Conviction upheld despite prospect of death in prison

Anonymous, 2002:
Conviction upheld for couple promoting unsafe HIV/AIDS therapy

Anonymous, 2001:
Conviction upheld in case that hinged on victim's credibility

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Conviction upheld in murder prompted by AIDS rumor

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Convictions upheld in tainted animal feed case

Anonymous, 1998:
Convince your administrator to invest in EMS

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Convincing a hospital that rental is best

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Convincing administration that the OR needs to be automated

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Convincing an Asian community of the importance of flu vaccination

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Convincing cases: important component of user acceptance

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Conviviality and cuisine in a palliative care facility. The art of restoring a taste for life

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Convocation address of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

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Cooccurrence of latex and fruit allergies

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Cook County (Ill.) scaling back plans

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Cook County Hospital RNs take on restructuring

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Cook County Hospital laundry will be closed within 9 months

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Cook County Hospital plan debated

Anonymous, 1982:
Cook County Hospital stabilized two years after critical financial crunch

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Cook County enters partnerships to expand community primary care capacity

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Cook Hospital provides a good example of what works on a healthcare Web site

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Cook and scurvy

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Cook chill cuts costs, not quality

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Cook chill--innovation par excellence!

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Cook chill: design and equipment consideration

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Cook chill: no catering panacea

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Cook it, peel it, or don't eat it

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Cook up an OBRA solution. meeting new dietary regs

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Cook-chill meets diversified needs

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Cook-chill system solves problems of space and time for Boston hospital

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Cook-chill: implications for the hospital engineer

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Cook/chill catering in hospitals

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Cook/chill equipment review

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Cookbook insurance. Restaurant staff serves up their own health care benefits

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Cookbook medicine

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Cookbook medicine invites malpractice suits

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Cookbooks and aphorisms

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Cookbooks, guidelines and double-edged swords

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Cooke and Vander Veer on heredity and sensitization

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Cooked food mutagens and breast cancer

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Cookeville hospital on block despite city charter change

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Cookie sheets and frozen sections: the high-tech world of telepathology

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Cookies in my computer?

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Cooking (with) Clio and Cleo: eloquence and experiment in seventeenth-century Florence

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Cooking and oxygen. An explosive recipe

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Cooking at the speed of light

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Cooking catastrophe: chronic exposure to burning biomass

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Cooking from the Diabetes Food Pyramid. Vegetables

Ross, T., 2003:
Cooking from the diabetes food pyramid. Fats, sweets, and alcohol

Ross, T., 2003:
Cooking from the diabetes food pyramid. Meat and other proteins

Ross, T., 2003:
Cooking from the diabetes food pyramid. Milk

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Cooking fuel and the Rwanda crisis

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Cooking in the intensive care unit: evaluation of the febrile patient

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Cooking in the pediatric department

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Cooking oil fumes and risk of lung cancer in women in rural Gansu, China

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Cooking oils, cholesterol and CAD: facts and myths

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Cooking pots and progress...building from the bottom up

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Cooking program promotes dignity through socialization, therapy

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Cooking smoke increases the risk of acute respiratory infection in children

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Cooking up a choice NHS

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Cooking up memories in the resident kitchen

Borges, W., 2002:
Cooking up trouble

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Cooking with Salmonella

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Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of tuberculosis

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Cooking with biomass stoves and tuberculosis: a case control study

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Cooking with the polymerase chain reaction

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Cooking, heating and air treatment pollutants in indoor environments

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Cookouts and the seasonal peak of Escherichia coli infection

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Cookson's recipe for benefits savings

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Cookworthy-chemist and potter

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Cool Web sites for community preceptors

Ash, R., 1999:
Cool down. Heated conversations with constructive communication

Pirkle, F., 1998:
Cool equipment for hot jobs. Personal cooling systems should be an integral part of a complete safety program in hot environments

Van Brabant, K., 1998:
Cool ground for aid providers: towards better security management in aid agencies

Anonymous, 1996:
Cool heads in a hot climate

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Cool laser optics treatment of large telangiectasia of the lower extremities

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Cool perfusion solutions for skin flaps

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Cool reception. Analysts question outcome of Columbia spinoff plans

Anonymous, 2002:
Cool rigs. Ambulance manufacturers showcase 2002

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Cool stuff. JEMS' techno-wizard cruises EMS today for equipment innovations

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Cool walking: a new Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling method

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Cool, clever, established--variations on anxiety defenses in today's society

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Cool-temperature-induced chlorosis in rice plants

Anonymous, 2001:
Cool.click: a needle-free device for growth hormone delivery

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Coolant evacuation: a solution for students working without dental assistance

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Cooled CCD versus intensified cameras for low-light video--applications and relative advantages

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Cooled-tip ablation results in increased radiofrequency power delivery and lesion size in the canine heart: importance of catheter-tip temperature monitoring for prevention of popping and impedance rise

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Cooled-tip diode laser catheter for improved catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia

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Cooley building opens in Houston. Demonstrates value of fully integrated marketing communications

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Cooley operation for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy associated with Noonan Syndrome following Morrow operation--a case report

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Cooling Flow Star Formation and the Apparent Stellar Ages of Elliptical Galaxies

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Cooling System Permits Effective Transcutaneous Ultrasound Clot Lysis In Vivo Without Skin Damage

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Cooling action of topicals--present results and testing methods in vivo and in vitro

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Cooling and irrigation, volume replacement, pain management. First aid in burns

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Cooling and localization of atoms in laser-induced potential wells

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Cooling and resonance fluorescence of two atoms in a one-dimensional optical molasses

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Cooling and slowing of trapped antiprotons below 100 meV

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Cooling and the SU(2) instanton vacuum

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Cooling arm to the solar warming system for newborn babies

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Cooling as a method of finding topological dislocations in lattice models

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Cooling as treatment of birth asphyxia

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Cooling atoms with stimulated emission

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Cooling atoms with stimulated emission: Reexamination of the dipole force

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Cooling by convection vs cooling by conduction for treatment of fever in critically ill adults

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Cooling decreases fos-immunoreactivity in the rat after formalin injection

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Cooling dilates carotid artery

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Cooling down over cloning

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Cooling dynamics of ultracold two-species Fermi-Bose mixtures

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Cooling effect of continuous renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients

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Cooling effect on excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy

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Cooling efficiency of cryogen spray during laser therapy of skin

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Cooling gel improves pulsed KTP laser treatment of facial telangiectasia

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Cooling hot potatoes

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Cooling hyperthermic and hyperpyrexic patients in intensive care

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Cooling improves the writing performance of patients with writer's cramp

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Cooling is a potent vasodilator of deep vessels in the rat

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Cooling it gets hot

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Cooling mechanisms of the planetary thermospheres: the key role of O atom vibrational excitation of CO2 and NO

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Cooling methods for heatstroke victims

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Cooling of a hot electron-hole plasma in AlxGa1-xAs

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Cooling of a lattice granular fluid as an ordering process

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Cooling of a strange star with crust

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Cooling of a trapped ion in the strong-sideband regime

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Cooling of an electron-hole plasma in a Ga0.47In0.53As multiple-quantum-well structure

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Cooling of atoms in colored vacua

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Cooling of atoms in external fields

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Cooling of boar spermatozoa prior to freezing and post thaw quality and evaluation of membrane state using chlortetracycline (CTC) staining

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Cooling of coupled solids by helium films

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Cooling of electrons in a silicon inversion layer

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Cooling of hot carriers in highly photoexcited semiconductors

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Cooling of hot carriers in three- and two-dimensional Ga0.47In0.53As

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Cooling of photoexcited carriers in undoped and n-doped Ga0.47In0.53As studied within the first few picoseconds

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Cooling of the blood and the rete mirabile of Herophilus

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Cooling off hot flashes

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Cooling or heating of atoms by radiatively assisted inelastic collisions

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Cooling rates in embryo cryopreservation

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Cooling schedules for learning in neural networks

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Cooling sensitive [Ca2+]i response associated with signaling of G protein-coupled receptors

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Cooling shell in renal transplantation. Thermometric evaluation of a prototype

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Cooling strangulated intestine before and following release of an obstruction protects from ischemia/reperfusion injury

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Cooling systems for ultra-high temperature turbines

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Cooling the asphyxiated newborn-responsibly

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Cooling the burn wound: evaluation of different modalites

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Cooling the newborn after asphyxia - physiological and experimental background and its clinical use

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Cooling tower drift elimination

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Cooling towers, Legionella pneumophila and chlorine--an alternative systems treatment

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Cooling using velocity or mode selection for alkali-metal atoms

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Cooling-induced gastrointestinal smooth muscle contractions in the rat

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Cooling-induced melting of ion crystals in a Paul trap

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Cooling-rate dependence for the spin-glass ground-state energy: Implications for optimization by simulated annealing

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Cooling-rate dependence of the ground-state energy using microcanonical simulated annealing

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Cooling-rate effects in a model of glasses

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Cooling-rate effects in amorphous silica: A computer-simulation study

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Cooling-tower upgrades: an economical alternative to replacement

Sorensen, K., 1994:
Coomassie protein assay reagent used for quantitative determination of sodium cyanoborohydride (NaCNBH3)

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Coomb's negative autoimmune hemolytic anemia with thrombocytopenia (Evan's syndrome)

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Coombs positive giant cell hepatitis--a new feature of Evans' syndrome

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Coombs-negative autoimmune hemolytic anemia associated with a primary hepatic lymphoma

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Coon dog graveyard

Haberek, J., 1989:
Coop care units: labor costs low, patient census high

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Cooper Curtice: soldier on the quiet frontier

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A keen eye for risk

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Cooper and some of his contemporaries

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Cooper instability in the presence of a spin liquid

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Cooper integrates to avoid catastrophe

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Cooper minima in the photoemission spectra of solids

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Cooper pairing in a soluble one-dimensional many-fermion model

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Cooper v. Roberts: a "reasonable patient" test for informed consent

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Cooper's conceptual leaps unsupported

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Cooper's ligament urethrovesical suspension for stress incontinence. Nine years' experience -- results, complications, techniques. 1968

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Cooper-Breaux bill gets mixed review from CBO

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Cooper-pair and Bose-Einstein condensations in two dimensions: A critical analysis based on the Nozières and Schmitt-Rink formalism

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Cooper-pair charge solitons: The electrodynamics of localized charge in a superconductor

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Cooper-pair current through ultrasmall Josephson junctions

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Cooper-pair mass

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Cooper-pair states for heavy fermions in the atomic representation: UPt3

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Cooper-pair tunneling in small junctions with tunable Josephson coupling

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Cooper-pair tunneling into a quantum Hall fluid

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Cooper-pair-condensate fluctuations and plasmons in layered superconductors

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Cooper-pairing interaction at the edge of an electron energy gap due to antiferromagnetism

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Cooper-pairing interaction due to magnetic fluctuations near the spin-density-wave phase transition

Brazil, A., 1980:
Cooperate to communicate

Hughes, M., 1999:
Cooperate to innovate

Borglund, E., 1993:
Cooperating clinics--pathology departments are important

Smith, T., 1998:
Cooperating to improve community health

Callahan, S., 1989:
Cooperating with evil

Schumacher, R., 1997:
Cooperating with nursing care

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Cooperation ... not confrontation. Building a positive relationship between the OR and purchasing

Goodman, N., 1978:
Cooperation = knowledge + stimulation

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Cooperation among Stat1, glucocorticoid receptor, and PU.1 in transcriptional activation of the high-affinity Fc gamma receptor I in monocytes

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Cooperation and collaboration for clinical nursing research. The Akron-Canton Clinical Nursing Research Network

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Cooperation and competition between dentists and denturists in Finland

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Cooperation and compromise

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Cooperation and consensus in the outcomes movement

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Cooperation and coordination between medical boards and hospitals

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Cooperation and integrity. Analyse the relation to commercial interests!

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Cooperation and job satisfaction in a nursing-physician team. An analysis of nursing evaluation in psychiatry

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Akermanite used as an alkaline biodegradable implants for the treatment of osteoporotic bone defect

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Cooperation and "hard cases." Part 1: cooperation pro and con

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Cooperation between CR1 (CD35) and CR3 (CD 11b/CD18) in the binding of complement-opsonized particles

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Cooperation between Fc gamma receptor II and complement receptor type 3 during activation of platelet-activating factor release by cytokine-primed human eosinophils

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Cooperation between IL-7 and the pre-B cell receptor: a key to B cell selection

Sirotkin, A.V.; Nitray, J.; Kolena, J.; Bulla, J., 1994:
Cooperation between LH-RH and LH in the direct action on the ovary: LH-RH stimulation of LH/hCG receptors, basal and LH-induced cAMP and cGMP release by porcine granulosa cells in vitro

Sármay, G.; Koncz, G.; Pecht, I.; Gergely, J., 1999:
Cooperation between SHP-2, phosphatidyl inositol 3-kinase and phosphoinositol 5-phosphatase in the Fc gamma RIIb mediated B cell regulation

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Cooperation between clinic and laboratory: purpose, philosophy, and practice

Chiba, Y., 1994:
Cooperation between clinical departments and tissue pathology department

Reiss, M.; Reiss, G., 1999:
Cooperation between clinicians and pathologists

Schem, B-Christian., 2002:
Cooperation between competitors?

Grass, H.; Klaas, J.; Staak, M., 2002:
Cooperation between criminal investigators and forensic medicine. A complementary system and its peculiarities, illustrated by a case from general practice

Mejsnar, J.; Mejsnarová, B.; Baxová, A.; Mayer, Z.; Gregor, V., 2000:
Cooperation between genetic counseling centers, cytogenetic laboratories and in vitro fertilization centers in the treatment of reproductive disorders

von Samson, E., 1997:
Cooperation between humans and technology is necessary. Old age homes can save 25% of personnel by use of apparatus

Keinänen, M., 2001:
Cooperation between mental health professionals and doctors in a Balint-oriented supervision group

Ott, G.; Bowi, U., 2002:
Cooperation between office-based medical practices and hospitals in the treatment of schizophrenia in children and adolescents

Vikhanskaya, F.; Colella, G.; Valenti, M.; Parodi, S.; D'Incalci, M.; Broggini, M., 1999:
Cooperation between p53 and hMLH1 in a human colocarcinoma cell line in response to DNA damage

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Cooperation between parents in caring for diabetic children: relations to metabolic control and parents' field-dependence-independence

McCreedy, C., 1997:
Cooperation between pharmacists and general practitioners benefits patients

Kamiński, Z., 2002:
Cooperation between pharmacists of Gdańsk and Wielkopolska region in the XX century

Kawanishi, H., 2001:
Cooperation between primary care physicians and nephrologists (the current status and the future of nephrologists, including a comparison between Japan and the United States)

Tsuji, M.; Yamashita, T., 2001:
Cooperation between public health centers and hospitals in tuberculosis control--how should clinical nurses and public health nurses work together?

Hu, S.; Chen, Z.; Chan, L., 2018:
A Kernel Embedding-Based Approach for Nonstationary Causal Model Inference

Anonymous, 1995:
Cooperation between surgeons and anesthesiologists studied by the Polish Society of Surgery

Lee, R.J.; Lujan, D.E.; Hall, A.L.; Sklar, L.A.; Wilson, B.S.; Oliver, J.M., 1997:
Cooperation between the Fc epsilonR1 and formyl peptide receptor signaling pathways in RBL(FPR) cells: the contribution of receptor-specific Ca2+ mobilization responses

Lindgren, L.; Höckerstedt, K., 2001:
Cooperation between the anesthesiologist and the surgeon

Sachs, V., 1995 :
Cooperation between the clinic and transfusion medicine

Postema, N.; van Overveld, H.A., 2001:
Cooperation between the dentist and the dental technician

Fransson, G., 1996:
Cooperation between the different units of forensic psychiatry is missing

Hülsemann, J.L., 1999:
Cooperation between the family physician, rheumatologist, hospital and rehabilitation clinic. Contribution of regional cooperative rheumatic disease centers for total quality management

Zabłocka, A., 2001:
Cooperation between the immune and nervous systems

Poul, J., 1993:
Cooperation between the pediatrician and orthopedist in the diagnosis of congenital hip dislocation

Michels, H., 1995:
Cooperation between the public health office and federal health insurance in the area of health promotion

Shi, Q.; Le, X.; Abbruzzese, J.L.; Wang, B.; Mujaida, N.; Matsushima, K.; Huang, S.; Xiong, Q.; Xie, K., 2000:
Cooperation between transcription factor AP-1 and NF-kappaB in the induction of interleukin-8 in human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells by hypoxia

Beecham, L., 1999:
Cooperation could provide better hospital care

Yamada, M.K.M.; Tanabe, Y.; Sano, T.; Noda, T., 2002:
Cooperation during dental treatment: the Children's Fear Survey Schedule in Japanese children

Hellsing, K.; Bergqvist, Y.; Edman-Falkensson, M.; Eggertsen, R.; Falck, G.; Hovelius, B.; Lind, L.; Tryding, N., 1996:
Cooperation for quality development in primary health care: the new laboratory committee will become "a long arm" of SEQLA

Anonymous, 2000:
Cooperation forms to accelerate access to AIDS care in developing countries

Längle, G.; Welte, W.; Renner, G.; Roesger, U.; Waschulewski, H., 1998:
Cooperation guidelines--a contribution to the development of process quality in psychiatric community management

Matson, P.L., 1994:
Cooperation in IVF strategy

Sanderfoot, A.A.; Lazarowitz, S.G., 1995:
Cooperation in Viral Movement: The Geminivirus BL1 Movement Protein Interacts with BR1 and Redirects It from the Nucleus to the Cell Periphery

Anonymous, 1998:
Cooperation in ambulatory care. International Council of Nurses

Ellefsen, B., 1999:
Cooperation in community health nursing. There is more to cooperation than doing things together

Halamandaris, V.J., 1993:
Cooperation in competition--e pluribus unum

Anonymous, 1991:
Cooperation in identifying and providing information to assist states in pursuing third party health coverage--Family Support Administration, HHS. Final rule

Merckel, L., 1985:
Cooperation in operation

Doucette, W.R.; Wiederholt, J.B., 1997:
Cooperation in pharmacy-drug wholesaler relations

Bechter, E., 1995:
Cooperation in public health in the Bodensee district from the viewpoint of Vorarlberg

Tønnesen, H., 2000:
Cooperation in the Sound region when it comes to developmental perspectives of prevention

Arm, F., 1994:
Cooperation in the Spitex. A permanent topic

Sherer, J.L., 1994:
Cooperation in the new 'underground'

Remmelink, H.J., 1995:
Cooperation in wearing orthodontic appliances

Hegardt, C., 1993:
Cooperation is A and O for field hospitals

Taber, S., 2002:
Cooperation is core to care services

Bokeloh, C., 1997:
Cooperation is not just helping work satisfaction

Eliasson, G., 1997:
Cooperation is task of the profession! High expectations put on consultants in general practice

Hornbake, E.R., 1993:
Cooperation is the antidote to managed competition

Hull, W., 1989:
Cooperation is the key to success

Gottlieb, S.R., 1981:
Cooperation more productive than competition

Warner, R., 1979:
Cooperation necessary between trustees and legislators

Hausman, K., 1984:
Cooperation needed between universities, state institutions. Part I

Glassroth, J., 1993:
Cooperation needed to control TB

Thomsen, A.R.; Nansen, A.; Andersen, C.; Johansen, J.; Marker, O.; Christensen, J.P., 1998:
Cooperation of B cells and T cells is required for survival of mice infected with vesicular stomatitis virus

Lukin, L.I., 1978:
Cooperation of COMECON member countries in the field of population statistics

Wei, Q.; Wu, M-Ping.; Chen, P-Fang.; Mei, M-Zhen.; Gao, X-Jian., 1996:
Cooperation of HDL Receptor and Hepatic Lipase in the Selective Uptake of HDL(2)-CE by Rat Hepatic Sinusoidal Cells

Amundadottir, L.T.; Nass, S.J.; Berchem, G.J.; Johnson, M.D.; Dickson, R.B., 1996:
Cooperation of TGF alpha and c-Myc in mouse mammary tumorigenesis: coordinated stimulation of growth and suppression of apoptosis

Usenko, V.I.; Levin, A.V.; Vorotnikova, L.Z.; Perla, N.I., 1999:
Cooperation of a general practitioner and cardiological services

Liu, S.S., 2000:
Cooperation of a "reactive oxygen cycle" with the Q cycle and the proton cycle in the respiratory chain--superoxide generating and cycling mechanisms in mitochondria

Messner, B.; Stütz, A.M.; Albrecht, B.; Peiritsch, S.; Woisetschläger, M., 1997:
Cooperation of binding sites for STAT6 and NF kappa B/rel in the IL-4-induced up-regulation of the human IgE germline promoter

Jancinová, V.; Nosál, R.; Drábiková, K.; Danihelováa, E., 2002:
Cooperation of chloroquine and blood platelets in inhibition of polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemiluminescence

Czerniecki, J.; Czygier, M., 2002:
Cooperation of divalent ions and thiamin diphosphate in regulation of the function of pig heart pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

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Cooperation of fuzzy segmentation operators for correction aliasing phenomenon in 3D color Doppler imaging

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