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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45678

Chapter 45678 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Welch, A.J.; Venkatasubramanian, U.; Rosair, G.M.; Ellis, D.; Donohoe, D.J., 2001:
Crystal engineering with heteroboranes. I. 1-Carboxy-1,2-dicarba-closo-dodecaborane(11)

Strong; Millis, 1994:
Crystal field and Kondo effects in CeCu6 and CeAl3

Wenger, O.S.; Bénard, S.; Güdel, H.U., 2002:
Crystal field effects on the optical absorption and luminescence properties of Ni2+-doped chlorides and bromides: crossover in the emitting higher excited state

Santini; Amoretti, 1994:
Crystal field model of the magnetic properties of URu2Si2

Lacueva; Levy; Fert, 1985:
Crystal field of Gd3+ in hexagonal metals

Tröster; Holzapfel; Goffart, 1995:
Crystal fields of U3+:LaCl3 under pressure

Giordano, F.; Gazzaniga, A.; Moyano, J.R.; Ventura, P.; Zanol, M.; Peveri, T.; Carima, L., 1998:
Crystal forms of piroxicam pivalate: preparation and characterization of two polymorphs

Yano, K.; Takamatsu, N.; Yamazaki, S.; Sako, K.; Nagura, S.; Tomizawa, S.; Shimaya, J.; Yamamoto, K., 1996:
Crystal forms, improvements of dissolution and absorption of poorly water-soluble (R)-1-[2,3-dihydro-1-(2'-methylphenacyl)-2-oxo-5-phenyl-1H-1, 4-benzodiazepin-3-yl]-3-(3-methylphenyl)urea (YM022)

Rowe, R.C.., 2001:
Crystal gazing - seeking that elusive polymorph

Bonucci, E., 2002:
Crystal ghosts and biological mineralization: fancy spectres in an old castle, or neglected structures worthy of belief?

Gu; Vohra; Brister, 1995:
Crystal grain growth during phase transformation in cerium metal at high pressure

Wang; Buschinger; Geibel; Steglich, 1996:
Crystal growth and anisotropic resistivity of Bi2Sr2-xLaxCuOy

Ohno, 1996:
Crystal growth and characterization of Cu-intercalated misfit-layer compounds

Chernov, A.A., 1998:
Crystal growth and crystallography

Löwen; Bechhoefer; Tuckerman, 1992:
Crystal growth at long times: Critical behavior at the crossover from diffusion to kinetics-limited regimes

Sathyanaryanan, R., 1999:
Crystal growth bonded composite restorations. A bond strength evaluation

Brener; Müller-Krumbhaar; Saito; Temkin, 1993:
Crystal growth in a channel: Numerical study of the one-sided model

Robinson, C.; Brookes, S.J.; Kirkham, J.; Bonass, W.A.; Shore, R.C., 1996:
Crystal growth in dental enamel: the role of amelogenins and albumin

Barth; Wei; Herlach, 1995:
Crystal growth in undercooled melts of the intermetallic compounds FeSi and CoSi

Asano, K.; Fujita, S.; Senda, T.; Mitsui, Y., 1992:
Crystal growth of ribonuclease S under microgravity

Sathyanarayanan, R., 1999:
Crystal growth technique for composite resin bonding. A SEM study

Stitzer, K.E.; Smith, M.D.; Darriet, J.; zur Loye, H.C., 2002:
Crystal growth, structure determination and magnetism of a new hexagonal rhodate: Ba9Rh8O24

Garekani, H.A.; Sadeghi, F.; Badiee, A.; Mostafa, S.A.; Rajabi-Siahboomi, A.R., 2001:
Crystal habit modifications of ibuprofen and their physicomechanical characteristics

Kamatani, N., 1997:
Crystal induced arthritis

Wang; Yip; Phillpot; Wolf, 1993:
Crystal instabilities at finite strain

Maximov; Sirota; Werner; Schulz, 2000:
Crystal lattice and phase transitions in Na4TiP2O9 (NTP) and Na4.5FeP2O8(O,F) (NFP) superionic conductors as a function of high pressures and temperatures

Zimmerman; Nesterov, 2000:
Crystal lattice photochemistry often proceeds in discrete stages. Mechanistic and exploratory organic photochemistry

Venker, D., 2002:
Crystal methamphetamine and the dental patient

Nokhodchi, A.; Bolourtchian, N.; Dinarvand, R., 2002:
Crystal modification of phenytoin using different solvents and crystallization conditions

Toellner, T.S.; Hu, M.Y.; Sturhahn, W.; Bortel, G.; Alp, E.E.; Zhao, J., 2001:
Crystal monochromator with a resolution beyond 10(8)

Soltzberg; Madden, 2000:
Crystal morphology prediction and morphology variation in NaIO4 and NaIO4.3H2O

Kanno, Y.; Okada, H.; Nemoto, H.; Sugahara, S.; Nakamoto, H.; Suzuki, H., 2002:
Crystal nephropathy: a variant form of myeloma kidney--a case report and review of the literature

Su, W.; Huang, X.; Li, J.; Fu, H., 2002:
Crystal of semiconducting quantum dots built on covalently bonded t5 [in(28)cd(6)s(54)](-12): the largest supertetrahedral cluster in solid state

Kleemann; Schäfer; Rytz, 1986:
Crystal optical studies of precursor and spontaneous polarization in PbTiO3

Djuran, M.I.; Milinkovic, S.U.; Habtemariam, A.; Parsons, S.; Sadler, P.J., 2002:
Crystal packing and hydrogen bonding in platinum(II) nucleotide complexes: X-ray crystal structure of [Pt(MeSCH(2)CH(2)SMe)(5'-GMP-N7)(2)].6H(2)O

Ramakrishnan, B.; Sundaralingam, M., 1993:
Crystal packing effects on A-DNA helix parameters: a comparative study of the isoforms of the tetragonal & hexagonal family of octamers with differing base sequences

Brock, C.Pratt., 2002:
Crystal packing in vicinal diols CnHm(OH)2

Hayashizaki, J.; Ban, S.; Arimoto, N.; Kato, N.; Kimura, Y.; Hasegawa, J., 1995:
Crystal phase of fibrous calcium phosphates prepared with sodium alginate

Blunck, U.; Söderholm, K.J., 1993:
Crystal precipitation on dentin by poly(acrylic acid) solutions containing SO4(2-) ions

Verhulst, A.; Asselman, M.; Persy, V.P.; Schepers, M.S.J.; Helbert, M.F.; Verkoelen, C.F.; De Broe, M.E., 2002:
Crystal retention capacity of cells in the human nephron: involvement of CD44 and its ligands hyaluronic acid and osteopontin in the transition of a crystal binding- into a nonadherent epithelium

Sjögren, C.E.; Johansson, C.; Naevestad, A.; Sontum, P.C.; Briley-Saebø, K.; Fahlvik, A.K., 1997:
Crystal size and properties of superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) particles

Majewski; Vogl, 1986:
Crystal stability and structural transition pressures of sp-bonded solids

Sciortino; Essmann; Stanley; Hemmati; Shao; Wolf; Angell, 1995:
Crystal stability limits at positive and negative pressures, and crystal-to-glass transitions

Choi; Ree; Ree, 1993:
Crystal stability of heavy-rare-gas solids on the melting line

Otter, A.; Lemieux, R.U.; Ball, R.G.; Venot, A.P.; Hindsgaul, O.; Bundle, D.R., 1999:
Crystal state and solution conformation of the B blood group trisaccharide alpha-L-Fucp-(1-->2)-[alpha-D-Galp]-(1-->3)]-beta-D-Galp-OCH3

Tsukihara, T.; Yoshikawa, S., 1998:
Crystal structural studies of a membrane protein complex, cytochrome c oxidase from bovine heart

Kolp, B.; Viebrock, H.; von Zelewsky, A.; Abeln, D., 2001:
Crystal structure analysis and chiral recognition study of Delta-[Ru(bpy)2(py)2][(+)-O,O'-dibenzoylD-tartrate].12H2O and Lambda-[Ru(bpy)2(py)2][(-)-O,O'-dibenzoyl-L-tartrate].12H2O

Romero, A.; Nar, H.; Huber, R.; Messerschmidt, A.; Kalverda, A.P.; Canters, G.W.; Durley, R.; Mathews, F.S., 1994:
Crystal structure analysis and refinement at 2.15 A resolution of amicyanin, a type I blue copper protein, from Thiobacillus versutus

Bach, A.; Lentz, D.; Luger, P.; Messerschmidt, M.; Olesch, C.; Patzschke, M., 2002:
Crystal structure analysis of 1,1,4,4-tetrafluorobutadiene and experimental determination of the charge density of 1,1,4,4-tetrafluorobutatriene

Pattabiraman, N.; Matthews, J.H.; Ward, K.B.; Mantile-Selvaggi, G.; Miele, L.; Mukherjee, A.B., 2001:
Crystal structure analysis of recombinant human uteroglobin and molecular modeling of ligand binding

Gilliland, G.L.; Gallagher, D.T.; Alexander, P.; Bryan, P., 1996:
Crystal structure analysis of subtilisin BPN' mutants engineered for studying thermal stability

Turel, I.; Leban, I.; Bukovec, N., 1997:
Crystal structure and characterization of the bismuth(III) compound with quinolone family member (ciprofloxacin). Antibacterial study

Nespolo, M.; Isobe, M.; Iida, J.; Kimizuka, N., 2000:
Crystal structure and charge distribution of YbFeMnO4

Carrodeguas, J.A.; Theis, K.; Bogenhagen, D.F.; Kisker, C., 2001:
Crystal structure and deletion analysis show that the accessory subunit of mammalian DNA polymerase gamma, Pol gamma B, functions as a homodimer

Wernimont, A.K.; Huffman, D.L.; Finney, L.A.; Demeler, B.; O'Halloran, T.V.; Rosenzweig, A.C., 2002:
Crystal structure and dimerization equilibria of PcoC, a methionine-rich copper resistance protein from Escherichia coli

Valsakumar; Subramanian; Yousuf; Sahu; Hariharan; Bharathi; Sankara Sastry V; Janaki; Rao; Radhakrishnan; Sundar, 1993:
Crystal structure and disorder in solid C70

Söderlind; Ahuja; Eriksson; Wills; Johansson, 1994:
Crystal structure and elastic-constant anomalies in the magnetic 3d transition metals

Cho, H.S.; Choi, G.; Choi, K.Y.; Oh, B.H., 1998:
Crystal structure and enzyme mechanism of Delta 5-3-ketosteroid isomerase from Pseudomonas testosteroni

Ariyoshi, M.; Morikawa, K., 1993:
Crystal structure and function of pyrimidine dimer specific excision repair enzyme: T4 endonuclease V

Pacold, M.E.; Suire, S.; Perisic, O.; Lara-Gonzalez, S.; Davis, C.T.; Walker, E.H.; Hawkins, P.T.; Stephens, L.; Eccleston, J.F.; Williams, R.L., 2001:
Crystal structure and functional analysis of Ras binding to its effector phosphoinositide 3-kinase gamma

Rosov; Lynn; Radousky; Bennahmias; Goodwin; Klavins; Shelton, 1993:
Crystal structure and magnetic ordering of the rare-earth and Cu moments in RBa2Cu2NbO8 (R=Nd,Pr)

Zhong, Z.J.; Seino, H.; Mizobe, Y.; Hidai, M.; Verdaguer, M.; Ohkoshi, S.; Hashimoto, K., 2001:
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of an octacyanometalate-based three-dimensional tungstate(V)-manganese(II) bimetallic assembly

Daoud; Salah; Chappert; Renard; Cheikhrouhou; Duc; Verdaguer, 1986:
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of piperazinium hexadichlorocuprate: A new S=(1/2) antiferromagnetic chain with alternating exchange

Medarde; Rodríguez-Carvajal; Vallet-Regí; González-Calbet; Alonso, 1994:
Crystal structure and microstructure of Nd1.8Sr0.2NiO3.72: A K2NiF4-type nickelate with monoclinic symmetry and ordered oxygen vacancies

Escudero, E.; Vidal, X.; Solans, X.; Peggion, E.; Subirana, J.A., 1996:
Crystal structure and molecular conformation of the cyclic hexapeptide cyclo-(Gly-Aib-Gly)2

Loosli, A.; Wermuth, M.; Güdel, H.U.; Capelli, S.; Hauser, J.; Bürgi, H.B., 2003:
Crystal structure and optical spectroscopy of Er2[Pt(CN)4]3.21H2O and Er2[Pt(CN)4]2.SO4.11.5H2O

García-Martínez, C.; Taguchi, Y.; Oishi, A.; Hayamizu, K., 2000:
Crystal structure and preferred conformation of beta-lactams derived from (S)-1-arylethyl isocyanates and vinyl ethers

Mogi, T.; Kandori, H., 1999:
Crystal structure and proton pump mechanism of bacteriorhodopsin

Matsumoto, K.; Ozawa, T.; Jitsukawa, K.; Einaga, H.; Masuda, H., 2001:
Crystal structure and redox behavior of a novel siderophore model system: a trihydroxamato-iron(III) complex with intra- and interstrand hydrogen bonding networks

Hasemann, C.A.; Ravichandran, K.G.; Peterson, J.A.; Deisenhofer, J., 1994:
Crystal structure and refinement of cytochrome P450terp at 2.3 A resolution

Bi, L.H.; Wang, E.B.; Peng, J.; Huang, R.D.; Xu, L.; Hu, C.W., 2001:
Crystal structure and replacement reaction of coordinated water molecules of the heteropoly compounds of sandwich-type tungstoarsenates

Simaan, S.; Marks, V.; Gottlieb, H.E.; Stanger, A.; Biali, S.E., 2003:
Crystal structure and rotational barrier of octakis(bromomethyl)naphthalene

Tsuge, H.; Nagahama, M.; Nishimura, H.; Hisatsune, J.; Sakaguchi, Y.; Itogawa, Y.; Katunuma, N.; Sakurai, J., 2002:
Crystal structure and site-directed mutagenesis of enzymatic components from Clostridium perfringens iota-toxin

Anulewicz, R.; Wawer, I.; Piekarska-Bartoszewicz, B.; Temeriusz, A., 1996:
Crystal structure and solid-state NMR analysis of methyl 2,3,6-tri-O-acetyl-2-deoxy-2-[3-(2-phenylethyl)-ureido]-beta-D- glucopyranoside

Karydis, D.A.; Boghosian, S.; Nielsen, K.; Eriksen, K.M.; Fehrmann, R., 2002:
Crystal structure and spectroscopic properties of Na(2)K(6)(VO)(2)(SO(4))(7)

Mansy, S.S.; Xiong, Y.; Hemann, C.; Hille, R.; Sundaralingam, M.; Cowan, J.A., 2002:
Crystal structure and stability studies of C77S HiPIP: a serine ligated [4Fe-4S] cluster

Lee; Yang; Shih; Yang, 1994:
Crystal structure and superconductivity in the Ni-based ternary compound LaNiSi

p Sishen X; Cuiying; Xiaojing; Guangcan; Hanjie; Wei; Yuqing; Zhongxian; Qiansheng; Genghua; Jingkui; Fanghua, 1987:
Crystal structure and superconductivity of LaBaCu2O

Soriano-García, M.; Ramírez, E.; Bratoeff, E.; Cabeza, M.; Aguirre-Hernández, G., 2001:
Crystal structure and synthesis of 17 alpha-(5-bromovaleroyloxy)-16 beta-methylpregna-4,6-diene-3,20-dione

Soriano-García, M.; Ramírez, E.; Bratoeff, E.; Cabeza, M.; Aguirre-Hernández, G., 2002:
Crystal structure and synthesis of 17 alpha-acetoxy-4-bromopregn-4-ene-3,20-dione

Soriano-García, M.; Ramírez, E.; Bratoeff, E.; Cabeza, M.; Aguirre-Hernández, G., 2002:
Crystal structure and synthesis of 17alpha-hexanoyloxy-16beta-methylpregna-4,6-diene-3,20-dione

Hu, S.H.; Gehrmann, J.; Alewood, P.F.; Craik, D.J.; Martin, J.L., 1997:
Crystal structure at 1.1 A resolution of alpha-conotoxin PnIB: comparison with alpha-conotoxins PnIA and GI

Gaudet, R.; Bohm, A.; Sigler, P.B., 1996:
Crystal structure at 2.4 angstroms resolution of the complex of transducin betagamma and its regulator, phosducin

Wang, J.; Hartling, J.A.; Flanagan, J.M., 1999:
Crystal structure determination of Escherichia coli ClpP starting from an EM-derived mask

Löwe, J., 1999:
Crystal structure determination of FtsZ from Methanococcus jannaschii

Li, H.; Jin, L.; Zeng, Z.; Wang, M.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, D., 1996:
Crystal structure determination of an acidic neurotoxin (BmK M8) from scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch at 0.25 nm resolution

Skriver, 1985:
Crystal structure from one-electron theory

Nazarenko, V.G.; Nych, A.B.; Lev, B.I., 2001:
Crystal structure in nematic emulsion

Terán, J.L.; Gnecco, D.; Galindo, A.; Juárez, J.; Aguirre-Hernández, G.; Enríquez, R.G.; Soriano-García, M., 2002:
Crystal structure of (+)-(R)-3-methyl-1-(1'-phenyl-ethyl)-1H-pyridin-2-one

Terán, J.L.; Gnecco, D.; Galindo, A.; Juárez, J.; Aguirre-Hernández, G.; Enríquez, R.G.; Soriano-García, M., 2001:
Crystal structure of (-)-(1'R)-1-(2'-hydroxy-1'-phenyl-ethyl)-1H-pyridin-2-one

Omae, T.; Sakurai, M.; Ashizawa, K.; Kajima, T., 2002:
Crystal structure of (-)-(S)-N-(endo-8-methyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-3alpha-yl)-4-amino-5-chloro-2-(1-methyl-2-butynyl)oxybenzamide monohydrochloride tetrahemihydrate

Lu, T.H.; Panneerselvam, K.; Chen, L.H.; Lin, Y.J.; Liao, F.L.; Chung, C.S., 2002:
Crystal structure of (2,2'-bipyridine-N,N')(1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-N,N',N",N''')nickel(II) diperchlorate

Elmali, A.; Elerman, Yçin., 2002:
Crystal structure of (2,2'-dipyridyl)-(2-hydroxynaphthaldehydato)copper(II) perchlorate

Shimakawa; Jorgensen; Hinks; Shaked; Hitterman; Izumi; Kawashima; Takayama-Muromachi; Kamiyama, 1994:
Crystal structure of (Cu,C)Ba2Ca3Cu4O11+ delta (Tc=117 K) by neutron-powder-diffraction analysis

Minkwitz, R.; Berkei, M.; Studentkowski, M.; Ludwig, R., 2001:
Crystal structure of (difluoro)methoxyoxo iodine(V) IF2(O)OCH3

Yamamura, K.; Kitagawa, Y.; Hashimoto, M., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1,1,1-triphenyl-4-(10-benz[a]azulenyl)-2-butanone

Yamamura, K.; Kitagawa, Y.; Hashimoto, M., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1,1,1-triphenyl-4-(10-benz[a]azulenyl)-3,4-buten-2-one

Azumaya, I.; Sagara, Y.; Takayanagi, H., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1,2-bis(N-methyl-2-fluorobenzoylamino)benzene

Fujii, I.; Ohtani, J.; Kodama, K.; Kunimoto, K.; Hirayama, N., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1,3,4-triphenyl-pyrrole-2,5-dione

Soriano-García, M.; Hernández-Ortega, S.; Domínguez-Pérez, A.E.; Trujillo-Chávez, G.; Martínez-Ramos, F., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1,3,5-tri(4-chlorophenyl)carbamoylurea

Hökelek, T.; Kiliç, Z.; Hayvali, Z., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-3H-pyrazol-3-one-4-[(1E)-(aminomethylidenyl)]-5'-hydroxy-benzo-15-crown-5

Candan, M.M.; Kendi, E.; Yarim, M.; Saraç, S.; Ertan, M., 2001:
Crystal structure of 1,7,7-trimethyl-4-(4-methylphenyl)-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- octahydroquinazoline-2,5-dione

Oztürk, S.; Akkurt, M.; Küçükbay, H.; Fun, H.K., 2001:
Crystal structure of 1-(2-ethoxyethyl)-3-(2-methoxyethyl)-benzimidazolium chloride.monohydrate, (C14H21N2O2)+.Cl-.H2O

Unver, H.; Zengin, D.M.; Durlu, T.N., 2001:
Crystal structure of 1-[N-(4-fluorophenyl)]naphthaldimine

Ozbey, S.; Kuş, C.; Göker, H., 2001:
Crystal structure of 1-cyclopropyl-2-ethyl-5-fluoro-6- (4-methylpiperazin-1-yl)-1H-benzimidazole

Soriano-García, M.; Huipe-Nava, E.; González, V.Mendoza.; Garibay, E.García.; Guzmán, J.A., 2002:
Crystal structure of 10-hydroxy-2,6,9-trimethyltricyclo[6,3,0(1,6)]dodeca-9-en-5,11,12-trione (alpha-homopipitzolone)

Morgant, G.; Viossat, B.; Daran, J.C.; Roch-Arveiller, M.; Giroud, J.P.; Nguyen, H.D.; Sorenson, J.R., 1998:
Crystal structure of 180 degree K of bis-3, 5-diisopropylsalicylatobisdimethylsulfoxidozinc(II) and the inhibition of seizures and polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemiluminescence

Shimo, T.; Yano, H.; Yasutake, M.; Shinmyozu, T.; Somekawa, K., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1:1 complex crystal between 4-(3-methoxybenzyloxy)-6-methyl-2-pyrone and maleimide

Zhong, J.Chu.; Maekawa, M.; Kuroda-Sowa, T.; Suenaga, Y.; Ohta, T.; Munakata, M., 2002:
Crystal structure of 1:1 donor-acceptor complex between 9,10-benzophenanthrene and 2,3,5,6-tetrafluoro-1,4-benzoquinone

Adamiak, D.A.; Milecki, J.; Popenda, M.; Adamiak, R.W.; Dauter, Z.; Rypniewski, W.R., 1998:
Crystal structure of 2'-O-Me(CGCGCG)2, an RNA duplex at 1.30 A resolution. Hydration pattern of 2'-O-methylated RNA

Jaskólski, M.; Gdaniec, M.; Gilski, M.; Alejska, M.; Bratek-Wiewiórowska, M.D., 1994:
Crystal structure of 2'-deoxycytidine hemidihydrogenphosphate reveals C+.C base pairs and tight, hydrogen-bonded (H2PO4-)infinity columns (1)

Fujii, I.; Ohtani, J.; Kodama, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Hirayama, N., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2,5-bis-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-benzyl)-3,6-bis-(4-dimethylamino-phenyl)-2,5-dihydro-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione

Fujii, I.; Ohtani, J.; Kodama, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Hirayama, N., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2,5-bis-(3,5-dimethylbenzyl)-3,6-dinaphthalen-2-yl-2,5-dihydro-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione

Hökelek, T.; Bilge, S.; Kiliç, Z., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2,5-dioxa-13,17-diazatricyclo[,11)]-tricosa-6,8,10,12,17,19,21,23(1)-octaene

Azumaya, I.; Okamoto, T.; Takayanagi, H., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2,8,14-trimethyl-2,8,14-triazatetracyclo- [14(2,24),7,2(10,13)]tetracosa-4,6,10,12,16,18,19,21,23-nonaene-3,9,15-trione

Lu, T.H.; Chattopadhyay, P.; Liao, F.L.; Lo, J.M., 2001:
Crystal structure of 2-Aminobenzoic acid

Kendi, E.; Ates-Alagoz, Z.; Suzen, S.; Buyukbingol, E., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2-[(5',6',7',8'-tetrahydro-5',5',8',8'-tetramethyl)-2'-naphthyl]-1-ethyl-1H-benzimidazole-5-carboxylic acid ethyl ester

Asano, A.; Katsuya, Y.; Sasaki, M.; Taniguchi, T.; Hasegawa, H.; Doi, M., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2-[N-(t-butoxycarbonyl)amino]-4-(thymin-1-yl)-butyric acid methyl ester

Kitoh, S-ichi.; Matsushima, T.; Matsumoto, N.; Senda, H.; Kunimoto, K-Ki. , 2002:
Crystal structure of 2-benzoyl-3,4,5,6-tetrachlorobenzoic acid

Oztürk, S.; Akkurt, M.; Sönmez, M.; Ide, S., 2001:
Crystal structure of 2-dibenzoylmethyl benzimidazole

Ishiwata, T.; Yamamoto, H.; Ohashi, K.; Nakano, Y., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2-isopropyl-3,3,7-trimethyl-4-(m-toluidino)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline

Calderón, Jé.S.; Covarrubias-Zúñiga, Aán.; Toscano, A., 2002:
Crystal structure of 2alpha,3alpha-dihydroxycativic acid: 6,7-dihydroxy-1,4,4a,5,6,7,8,8a-octahydro-beta,2,5,5,8a-pentamethyl-1-naphthalene pentanoic acid

Kabak, M.; Güner, V.; Elerman, Y.; Durlu, T.N., 2001:
Crystal structure of 3,3-dichloro-N-p-methoxyphenyl-4-(2-phenylstryl)-2-azetidinone

Hökelek, T.; Akduran, N.; Bilge, S.; Kiliç, Z., 2002:
Crystal structure of 3,4,6,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,27-dodecahydro-2,5,8-trioxa-16,20-diazatetracyclo[20.4.1.(16,20)0.0(9,14)]heptacosa-9,11,13,22,24,26(1)-hexaene

Hökelek, T.; Akduran, N.; Bilge, S.; Kiliç, Z., 2001:
Crystal structure of 3,4,6,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21-undecahydro-2,5,6-trioxa-16,20- diazatricyclo[,14)]hexacosa-9,11,13,22,24,26(1)-hexaene

Fujii, I.; Ohtani, J.; Kodama, K.; Kunimoto, K.; Hirayama, N., 2002:
Crystal structure of 3,4-diphenyl-N-(2,6-bis(isopropyl)phenyl)pyrrole-2,5-dione

Fujii, I.; Ohtani, J.; Kodama, K.; Kunimoto, K.; Hirayama, N., 2002:
Crystal structure of 3,4-diphenyl-N-cyclohexylpyrrole-2,5-dione

Hwang, L-Chih.; Wang, J-Hui.; Tzeng, C-Chyi.; Lee, G-Hsiang.; Peng, S-Ming., 2002:
Crystal structure of 3-amino-1,2,4-triazin-5(2H)-one

Tsuchiya, D.; Sekiguchi, T.; Takenaka, A., 1998:
Crystal structure of 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase from the moderate facultative thermophile, Bacillus coagulans: two strategies for thermostabilization of protein structures

Shimo, T.; Uchiyama, K.; Yasutake, M.; Shinmyozu, T.; Somekawa, K., 2001:
Crystal structure of 4,13-dimethyl-3,7,10,14,19,22,25-heptaoxapentacyclo- [25.0.0(1,6).0(6,26).0(11,16).0(11,18)]heptacosa-4,11-diene-2,15-dione

Fujiwara, M.; Okuda, R.; Ozeki, M.; Asada, H.; Matsushita, T.; Muralidharan, S.; Freiser, H., 2002:
Crystal structure of 4,4'-bis(4-chloro-1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolonyl)

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