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Dietary intake of antioxidant vitamins and personal demographic characteristics of Guangdong residents

Liu, X.; Mai, J.; Rao, X.; Gao, X.

Wei Sheng Yan Jiu 30(2): 107-110


ISSN/ISBN: 1000-8020
PMID: 11321943
Accession: 045779003

The study aim at revealing the associations between the intake of dietary antioxidant vitamins and personal characteristics on age, sex, education, working status and household gross income etc. The intake of antioxidant vitamins in a population of Guangdong Province was studied. A total of 418 males and 503 females, aged 25-84 year were interviewed, and questionnaires on socio-demography and on a 12-month food intake frequency (FFQ) were completed in 1995. The daily average intake of antioxidant vitamins and energy was higher in male than in female. Older subjects consumed lesser antioxidant vitamins. The vitamin E intake of higher education persons as well as high family income females (> 15001RMB) was higher. Individual business owners and farmers consumed lesser antioxidant vitamins than the other counterparts. The highest vitamin E intake was found in the currently unemployed men and retired women. BMI was positively associated with the intake of antioxidant vitamins excepted for the obesity group. The result suggests that the consumption of antioxidant vitamins varies with characteristics of socio-demographic status. Health promotion programs, such as suggestions on eating more fruits and vegetables should be targeted at the elderly, the less educated, lower income families and rural community.

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