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Effect of a 10-day animal fat-free diet on cholesterol and glucose serum levels, blood pressure and body weight in 50-year-old volunteers

Slavícek, J.; Kittnar, O.; Dohnalová, A.; Trojan, S.; Novák, V.; Tichý, J.A.; Trefný, Z.M.

Sbornik Lekarsky 102(4): 519-525


ISSN/ISBN: 0036-5327
PMID: 12448204
Accession: 045869449

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The morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases is high in developed countries including Czech Republic. The lifestyle decreases it in 50%. The aim of this work was to ascertain if the short lasting stay without stress and with vegetarian diet (without eggs) and physical activity is able to decrease the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. In 106 volunteers, mean age 49.1 (+/- 14.1) years, 83 women and 23 men, the body weight, blood pressure, serum cholesterol and blood glucose (Accutrend GC, Boehringer, Mannheim, BRD) have been measured before and after the stay at the same conditions. Eighty persons were healthy, seven persons with essential hypertension, eight persons with ischemic heart disease, four persons with diabetes mellitus and seven persons with other than cardiovascular diseases. In some persons the lipid spectrum was measured. Cholesterol decreased in blood serum from 4.9 to 4.3 mmol/l (11%--p < 0.01), blood glucose decreased from 4.2 to 3.3 mmol/l (p < 0.05), blood pressure systolic from 121.5 to 117.4 mm Hg (p < 0.01) and diastolic from 76.5 to 73.8 mm Hg (p < 0.05), body weight was not significantly changed. Our results showed, that 10-days lasting stay containing vegetarian diet and physical activity decreased the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in 50 years-old volunteers.

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