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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45877

Chapter 45877 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shen, J., 2001:
Effect of degenerate spherical harmonics and a method for automatic shimming of oblique slices

Sterer, N.; Rosenberg, M., 2002:
Effect of deglycosylation of salivary glycoproteins on oral malodour production

Karaseva, E.I.; Cherednikova, T.V.; Metelitsa, D.I., 1996:
Effect of degree of aerosol OT reverse micelle hydration on the catalytic activity of peroxidase, its conjugate with cortisol and their immune complexes

Kanicky, J.R.; Shah, D.O., 2002:
Effect of degree, type, and position of unsaturation on the pKa of long-chain fatty acids

Solenov, E.I.; Baturina, G.S.; Nesterov, V.V.; Khodus, G.R.; Ivanova, L.N., 2002:
Effect of dehydration and dDAVP on water permeability of basolateral membranes of epithelial cells in the kidney collecting tubules

De la Horra, M.C.; Calonge, M.L.; Ilundáin, A.A., 1998:
Effect of dehydration on apical Na+-H+ exchange activity and Na+-dependent sugar transport in brush-border membrane vesicles isolated from chick intestine

Gil-ad, I.; Shtaif, B.; Eshet, R.; Maayan, R.; Rehavi, M.; Weizman, A., 2001:
Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone and its sulfate metabolite on neuronal cell viability in culture

Mohan, P.F.; Benghuzzi, H., 1997:
Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on endothelial cell proliferation

Farrukh, I.S.; Peng, W.; Orlinska, U.; Hoidal, J.R., 1998:
Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction: a Ca(2+)-activated K(+)-channel opener

Golda, V.; Hilgertová, J., 1997:
Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on lipemia, glucose tolerance, insulinemia, insulin binding to erythrocytes in SHR/N-cp lean rats of Koletsky type

Orlikowski, C.E.; Murray, W.B.; Rocke, D.A., 1993:
Effect of delay and storage on whole-blood clotting analysis as determined by thrombelastography

Rudski, J.M., 2000:
Effect of delay of reinforcement on superstitious inferences

Skaggs, D.L.; Kautz, S.M.; Kay, R.M.; Tolo, V.T., 2000:
Effect of delay of surgical treatment on rate of infection in open fractures in children

Pakdaman, K.; Malta, C.P.; Grotta-Ragazzo, C.; Vibert, J.F., 1997:
Effect of delay on the boundary of the basin of attraction in a self-excited single graded-response neuron

Tay, F.R.; King, N.M.; Suh, B.I.; Pashley, D.H., 2002:
Effect of delayed activation of light-cured resin composites on bonding of all-in-one adhesives

Gallo, J.R.; Burgess, J.O.; Xu, X., 2001:
Effect of delayed application on shear bond strength of four fifth-generation bonding systems

Guntinas-Lichius, O.; Streppel, M.; Angelov, D.N.; Stennert, E.; Neiss, W.F., 1997:
Effect of delayed facial-facial nerve suture on facial nerve regeneration. A horseradish peroxidase tracing study in the rat

Shoskes, D.A.; Cecka, J.M., 1997:
Effect of delayed graft function on short- and long-term kidney graft survival

Ceballos, E.; Martínez-Martínez, L.; de Cueto, M.; Clavijo, M.J.; Pascual A, A., 2001:
Effect of delayed incubation of blood culture bottles in detecting bacterial growth with the Bact/Alert 3D system

Crisp, B.J.; Yancey, M.K.; Uyehara, C.; Nauschuetz, W.F., 1998:
Effect of delayed inoculation of selective media in antenatal detection of group B streptococci

Manabe, A.; Debari, K.; Itoh, K.; Hisamitsu, H.; Wakumoto, S., 1993:
Effect of delayed light curing of a resin composite on marginal integrity in cylindrical dentine cavities

Williamson, P.P.; Choi, S.C., 1998:
Effect of delayed observations on Bayesian decisions for binary data

Main, E.; Elliott, M.J.; Schindler, M.; Stocks, J., 2001:
Effect of delayed sternal closure after cardiac surgery on respiratory function in ventilated infants

Thompson, J.G.; Allen, N.W.; McGowan, L.T.; Bell, A.C.; Lambert, M.G.; Tervit, H.R., 2000:
Effect of delayed supplementation of fetal calf serum to culture medium on bovine embryo development in vitro and following transfer

Haberstroh, J.; Wiese, K.; Geist, A.; Dursunoglu, G.B.; Gippner-Steppert, C.; Jochum, M.; von Specht, B.U., 1998:
Effect of delayed treatment with recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor on survival and plasma cytokine levels in a non-neutropenic porcine model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa sepsis

Woo, S.B.; Shenoy, B.C.; Wood, H.G.; Magner, W.J.; Kumar, G.K.; Beegen, H.; Samols, D., 1993:
Effect of deletion from the carboxyl terminus of the 12 S subunit on activity of transcarboxylase

Marre, M.; Chatellier, G.; Alhenc-Gelas, F., 1996:
Effect of deletion polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme gene on progression of diabetic nephropathy

Zetterström, J.; Mellgren, A.; Jensen, L.L.; Wong, W.D.; Kim, D.G.; Lowry, A.C.; Madoff, R.D.; Congilosi, S.M., 1999:
Effect of delivery on anal sphincter morphology and function

Bourguignon, J.; Bauer, P.; Atienza, P., 1998:
Effect of delivery on the anal sphincter

Li, H.Lan.; Mathias, N.; Timoszyk, J.; Stouffer, B.; Wall, D., 2002:
Effect of delivery route on pulmonary response to oncostatin M

Zuk, M.M.; Rihter, B.D.; Kenney, M.E.; Rodgers, M.A.; Kreimer-Birnbaum, M., 1996:
Effect of delivery system on the pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of bis(di-isobutyl octadecylsiloxy)silicon 2,3-naphthalocyanine (isoBOSINC), a photosensitizer for tumor therapy

Baum, J., 1993:
Effect of delle in Vogt Limbal girdle

Zee, K.; Rundegren, J.; Attström, R., 1997:
Effect of delmopinol hydrochloride mouthrinse on plaque formation and gingivitis in "rapid" and "slow" plaque formers

Badiani, K.; Lu, X.; Arthur, G., 1993:
Effect of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol and merthiolate on acyltransferase activities in guinea pig liver microsomes

Bondarenko, T.I.; Miliutina, N.P.; Shustanova, T.A.; Mikhaleva, I.I., 2000:
Effect of delta sleep-inducing peptide on lipid peroxidation and xanthine oxidase activity in rat tissues during cold stress

Sazontova, T.G.; Golantsova, N.E.; Kolmykova, S.N.; Arkhangel'skaia, M.I.; Kosharskaia, I.L.; Arkhipenko, I.V., 1996:
Effect of delta sleep-inducing peptide on the status of the calcium transport system of the sarcoplasmic reticulum and activity of antioxidant defense enzymes in the myocardium

Shustanova, T.A.; Miliutina, N.P.; Bondarenko, T.I.; Mikhaleva, I.I., 1999:
Effect of delta sleep-inducing peptide on the structure of erythrocyte membranes during cold-induced stress in rats

Tiktopulo, E.I.; Loseva, O.I.; Vasil'ev, V.D.; Dobritsa, A.P.; Potekhin, S.A., 2000:
Effect of delta-endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis var.tenebrionis on phospholipid vesicules

Kielbassa, A.M.; Munz, I.; Bruggmoser, G.; Schulte-Mönting, Jürgen., 2002:
Effect of demineralization and remineralization on microhardness of irradiated dentin

Damien, C.J.; Parsons, J.R.; Prewett, A.B.; Huismans, F.; Shors, E.C.; Holmes, R.E., 1995:
Effect of demineralized bone matrix on bone growth within a porous HA material: a histologic and histometric study

Flint, A.J.; Rifat, S.L., 1997:
Effect of demographic and clinical variables on time to antidepressant response in geriatric depression

Sarkar, D.; Chattoraj, D.K., 1994:
Effect of denaturants and stabilisers on protein adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces

Rutkiewicz, J.; Czarnowski, D.; Górski, J., 1993:
Effect of denervation and tenotomy on 5'-nucleotidase activity in rat skeletal muscles

Tanaka, A.; Ueno, T.; Oka, M.; Suzuki, T., 2001:
Effect of denervation of the pylorus and transection of the duodenum on acetaminophen absorption in rats; possible mechanism for early delayed gastric emptying after pylorus preserving pancreatoduodenectomy

Berggreen, E.; Sae-Lim, V.; Bletsa, A.; Heyeraas, K.J., 2002:
Effect of denervation on healing after tooth replantation in the ferret

Del Valle, M.E.; Cabal, A.; Alvarez-Mendez, J.C.; Calzada, B.; Haro, J.J.; Collier, W.; Vega, J.A., 1993:
Effect of denervation on lamellar cells of Meissner-like sensory corpuscles of the rat. An immunohistochemical study

Suzuki, Y.; Takeda, M.; Obara, N., 1998:
Effect of denervation on lymphocytes and dendritic cells in the rat circumvallate and foliate papillae

Jiang, L.; Guo, H.; Fang, D., 2003:
Effect of dengue virus infection on the production of ET-1 and PGI2 by human vascular endothelial cells

Thomas, S.; Tandon, S.; Nair, S., 2001:
Effect of dental health education on the oral health status of a rural child population by involving target groups

Wataha, J.C.; Lewis, J.B.; Lockwood, P.E.; Rakich, D.R., 2000:
Effect of dental metal ions on glutathione levels in THP-1 human monocytes

Charon, J.A.; Joachim, F.; Champagne, C.; Torpier, G.; Capron, A., 1987:
Effect of dental plaque on the oxidative metabolism of normal neutrophils

Seifert, E.; Runte, C.; Selders, D.; Lamprecht-Dinnesen, A.; Bollmann, F., 1999:
Effect of dental prosthesis on the voice

Taylor-Hardy, T.L.; Leonard, R.H.; Mauriello, S.M.; Swift, E.J., 2002:
Effect of dental unit waterline biocides on enamel bond strengths

Pradelle-Plasse, N.; Nechad, S.; Tavernier, B.; Colon, P., 2002:
Effect of dentin adhesives on the enamel-dentin/composite interfacial microleakage

Rakich, D.R.; Wataha, J.C.; Lefebvre, C.A.; Weller, R.N., 1999:
Effect of dentin bonding agents on the secretion of inflammatory mediators from macrophages

Piemjai, M.; Nakabayashi, N., 2002:
Effect of dentin conditioners on wet bonding of 4-META/MMA-TBB resin

Toledano, M.; Perdigão, J.; Osorio, R.; Osorio, E., 2001:
Effect of dentin deproteinization on microleakage of Class V composite restorations

Yim, N.H.; Rueggeberg, F.A.; Caughman, W.F.; Gardner, F.M.; Pashley, D.H., 2000:
Effect of dentin desensitizers and cementing agents on retention of full crowns using standardized crown preparations

Jain, P.; Reinhardt, J.W.; Krell, K.V., 2002:
Effect of dentin desensitizers and dentin bonding agents on dentin permeability

Xu, P.; Wang, T.; Xu, H., 2002:
Effect of dentin inorganic material during dentin bond

Ogata, M.; Nakajima, M.; Sano, H.; Tagami, J., 1999:
Effect of dentin primer application on regional bond strength to cervical wedge-shaped cavity walls

Jain, P.; Stewart, G.P., 2001:
Effect of dentin primer on shear bond strength of composite resin to moist and dry enamel

Woronko, G.A.; St Germain, H.A.; Meiers, J.C., 1996:
Effect of dentin primer on the shear bond strength between composite resin and enamel

Fukushima, T.; Itoh, T.; Inoue, Y.; Kawaguchi, M.; Miyazaki, K., 1999:
Effect of dentin primers containing N-methylolacrylamide or N-methylolmethacrylamide on dentin pretreatment

Eliades, G.; Vougiouklakis, G.; Palaghias, G., 2000:
Effect of dentin primers on the morphology, molecular composition and collagen conformation of acid-demineralized dentin in situ

Terata, R.; Nakashima, K.; Yoshinaka, S.; Kubota, M., 1998:
Effect of dentin treatment with citric acid/ferric chloride solutions on glass ionomer bond strength

Tam, L.E.; Yim, D., 1997:
Effect of dentine depth on the fracture toughness of dentine-composite adhesive interfaces

Holland, R.; Sakashita, M.S.; Murata, S.S.; Junior, E.D., 1995:
Effect of dentine surface treatment on leakage of root fillings with a glass ionomer sealer

Grasso, J.; Gay, T.; Rendell, J.; Baker, R.; Knippenberg, S.; Finkeldey, J.; Zhou, X.; Winston, J.L., 2001:
Effect of denture adhesive on retention of the mandibular and maxillary dentures during function

Grasso, J.E.; Rendell, J.; Gay, T., 1994:
Effect of denture adhesive on the retention and stability of maxillary dentures

Murakami, H.; Mizuguchi, M.; Hattori, M.; Ito, Y.; Kawai, T.; Hasegawa, J., 2002:
Effect of denture cleaner using ozone against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli T1 phage

Tan, H.; Woo, A.; Kim, S.; Lamoureux, M.; Grace, M., 2001:
Effect of denture cleansers, surface finish, and temperature on Molloplast B resilient liner color, hardness, and texture

Jamani, K.D.; Moligoda Abuzar, M.A., 1998:
Effect of denture thickness on tooth movement during processing of complete dentures

Davis, D.R.; Watters, J.L.; Nguyen, J.H.; Grey, B.L., 1992:
Effect of denture wax-pattern position on radial setting expansion

Ryzhavskii, B.Y.; Rudman, Y.Y., 2000:
Effect of deoxycorticosterone acetate administration to pregnant rats on the brain of their offspring

Bilgeri, R.; Petzer, A.L.; Zilian, U.; Geisen, F.H.; Schirmer, M.; Haun, M.; Konwalinka, G., 1993:
Effect of deoxycytidine on 2-chloro-deoxyadenosine-mediated growth inhibition of normal human erythroid and myeloid progenitor cells

Wang, H.; Sun, X.; Zhang, X.; Zuo, L., 2002:
Effect of deoxynivalenol and aflatoxin G1 on apoptosis of human blood lymphocytes in vitro

Zhang, L.; Huang, Y.; Qian, Y.; Xiao, P., 1995:
Effect of deoxynupharidine on immune function in vitro

Weiss, L.; Reich, S.; Slavin, S., 1996:
Effect of deoxyspergualin on graft-versus-host disease and graft- versus-leukemia in mice

Alqaisi, M.; Carver, M.; Cunningham, P.; Kasten-Jolly, J.; Thomas, F.; Thomas, J., 1993:
Effect of depleting CD3+ cells from DR- donor bone marrow to facilitate kidney graft tolerance in recipients given total lymphoid irradiation

Oyama, T.; Miyashita, Y.; Kinoshita, K.; Watanabe, H.; Shirai, K.; Yagima, T., 2002:
Effect of deposited lipids in atheromatous lesions on the migration of vascular smooth muscle cells

Patten, C.A.; Drews, A.A.; Myers, M.G.; Martin, J.E.; Wolter, T.D., 2002:
Effect of depressive symptoms on smoking abstinence and treatment adherence among smokers with a history of alcohol dependence

Macleod, M.R.; Andrews, P.J.D., 2002:
Effect of deprivation and gender on the incidence and management of acute brain disorders

Sturdy, P.; Pereira, F.; Hull, S.; Carter, Y.; Naish, J.; Harvey, C., 1997:
Effect of deprivation on general practitioners referral rates. Analyses should take age and sex into account

Scrivener, G.; Lloyd, D., 1997:
Effect of deprivation on general practitioners referral rates. Jarman score measures workload not deprivation

Williams, T.; Jackson, A.; Turbitt, D., 1997:
Effect of deprivation on general practitioners' referral rates. Study should have used deprivation index that is independent of age

Paterson, I.C.M.; John, G.; Adams Jones, D., 2003:
Effect of deprivation on survival of patients with head and neck cancer: a study of 20,131 cases

Wright, R.D.; Day, R.W., 1993:
Effect of depth information on a bistable spiral-motion aftereffect

Taylor, S.M.; Fields, C.R.; Barker, F.M.; Sanzo, J., 1994:
Effect of depth upon the smoothness of excimer laser corneal ablation

Emel'ianova, T.G.; Usenko, A.B.; Bonartsev, A.P.; Kamenskiĭ, A.A.; Guzevatykh, L.S.; Andreeva, L.A.; Alfeeva, L.Iu.; Miasoedov, N.F., 2002:
Effect of dermorphin analogs on thermoregulation of rats under various thermal conditions

Saraph, V.; Zwick, E.Bernhard.; Zwick, G.; Dreier, M.; Steinwender, G.; Linhart, W., 2002:
Effect of derotation osteotomy of the femur on hip and pelvis rotations in hemiplegic and diplegic children

Soeno, K.; Taira, Y.; Matsumura, H.; Atsuta, M., 2002:
Effect of desensitizers on bond strength of adhesive luting agents to dentin

Haghighi, S.S.; Sirintrapun, S.J.; Keller, B.P.; Oro, J.J.; Madsen, R., 1996:
Effect of desflurane anesthesia on transcortical motor evoked potentials

Wang, Y.; Guo, Q.; Tan, X., 2002:
Effect of desflurane on quantitative electroencephalogram and hemodynamics

Ronco, A.M.; Tijmes, M.; Santibáñez, J.F.; Moraga, P., 1998:
Effect of desialylated human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) on the bioactivity of rat Leydig cells

Bouschlicher, M.R.; Vargas, M.A.; Denehy, G.E., 1996:
Effect of desiccation on microleakage of five Class 5 restorative materials

Houang, E.T.; Sormunen, R.T.; Lai, L.; Chan, C.Y.; Leong, A.S., 1999:
Effect of desiccation on the ultrastructural appearances of Acinetobacter baumannii and Acinetobacter lwoffii

Fürderer, S.; Schöllhuber, F.; Rompe, J.D.; Eysel, P., 2002:
Effect of design and implantation technique on risk of progressive sintering of various cervical vertebrae cages

Cordeiro, R., 2001:
Effect of design in cluster sampling to estimate the distribution of occupations among workers

Chang, W.C.; Millstein, P.L., 1993 :
Effect of design of prefabricated post heads on core materials

Sato, I.; Parry, B.W., 1999:
Effect of desmopressin on plasma factor VIII and von Willebrand factor concentrations in Greyhounds

Akpolat, T.; Eser, M.; Albayrak, D.; Arik, N., 1997:
Effect of desmopressin on protein S and antithrombin III in uremia

Saha, A.; Roy, K.; De, K.; Sengupta, C., 2002:
Effect of desogestrel on blood-lipid in relation to its biological activities

Arangino, S.; Cagnacci, A.; Angiolucci, M.; Longu, G.; Melis, G.B.; Volpe, A., 1999:
Effect of desogestrel-containing oral contraceptives on vascular reactivity and catecholamine levels

Lucky, A.W.; Grote, G.D.; Williams, J.L.; Tuley, M.R.; Czernielewski, J.M.; Dolak, T.M.; Herndon, J.H.; Baker, M.D., 1997:
Effect of desonide ointment, 0.05%, on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis of children with atopic dermatitis

Semchyshin, H.M.; Dyl'ovyĭ, M.V.; Klymenko, A.O.; Lushchak, V.I., 2001:
Effect of destruction of Escherichia coli cells on the catalytic ability of catalase

Lepekhina, L.M.; Tsipurina, E.A., 1999:
Effect of destruction of subthalamic region on the rhythm of grooming in rat ontogenesis

al-Zahrani, S.S.; Ho, M.Y.; Velazquez Martinez, D.N.; Lopez Cabrera, M.; Bradshaw, C.M.; Szabadi, E., 1996:
Effect of destruction of the 5-hydroxytryptaminergic pathways on behavioural timing and "switching" in a free-operant psychophysical procedure

Bahlmann, E.B.; McQuillan, B.M.; Handschumacher, M.D.; Chow, C-Ming.; Guerrero, J.Luis.; Picard, M.H.; Weyman, A.E.; Scherrer-Crosbie, M., 2002 :
Effect of destructive pulse duration on the detection of myocardial perfusion in myocardial contrast echocardiography: In vitro and in vivo observations

Liu, X.; Zou, H.; Chen, Q-Jian.; Lu, C-Ming., 2017:
Allergic fungal sinusitis caused by Schizophyllum commune

Currie, A.; Ryman, A., 1996:
Effect of detection of depression in general practice. Patients may be receiving inadequate treatment

Menezes, P.; Lewis, G.; Sharp, D., 1996:
Effect of detection of depression in general practice. Study had methodological limitations

Morita, K.; Pollard, H.B., 1998:
Effect of detergent treatment on the cross-linking of purified chromaffin granule membranes with F-actin

Bubis, J., 1999:
Effect of detergents and lipids on transducin photoactivation by rhodopsin

Goswami; Biswas, 1987:
Effect of detuning on a single-mode modulated laser

Chang-qi; Xiao-hong, 1992:
Effect of detuning on deep squeezing of coherent light in the Jaynes-Cummings model

Gorokhov, V.V.; Knox, P.P.; Korvatovsky, B.N.; Paschenko, V.Z.; Zakharova, N.I.; Rubin, A.B., 1999:
Effect of deuteration and cryosolvents on the energy transduction in primary processes of photosynthesis

Briercheck, D.M.; Rule, G.S., 1998:
Effect of deuteration on the accuracy of HN-HN distance constraints

Markus, M.A.; Dayie, K.T.; Matsudaira, P.; Wagner, G., 1994:
Effect of deuteration on the amide proton relaxation rates in proteins. Heteronuclear NMR experiments on villin 14T

Oklejewicz, M.; Hut, R.A.; Daan, S., 2001:
Effect of deuterium on the circadian period and metabolism in wild-type and tau mutant Syrian hamsters

Chaen, S.; Yamamoto, N.; Shirakawa, I.; Sugi, H., 2002:
Effect of deuterium oxide on actomyosin motility in vitro

Azam, 1987:
Effect of deuteron structure on hyperfine structure of deuterium

Sato; Suckewer; Wouters, 1987:
Effect of deuteron temperature on iron forbidden-line intensities in rf-heated tokamak plasmas

Xu, M-Ying.; Lu, H-Ming.; Wang, S-Zhen.; Shi, W-Yan.; Wang, X-Chun.; Yang, D-Xiao.; Yang, C-Xiao.; Yang, L-Zhuang., 2002:
Effect of devazepide reversed antagonism of CCK-8 against morphine on electrical and mechanical activities of rat duodenum in vitro

Radchenko, A.I.; Beĭer, T.V., 2001:
Effect of developing Sarcocystis muris tissue cysts on ultrastructural change of murine muscle fibers

Chen, X., 1986:
Effect of development of rural commodity economy on family planning

Pincze, Z.; Lakatos, Péter.; Rajkai, C.; Ulbert, Ián.; Karmos, G., 2002:
Effect of deviant probability and interstimulus/interdeviant interval on the auditory N1 and mismatch negativity in the cat auditory cortex

Dias da Silva JH; Cisneros; Guraya; Zampieri, 1995 :
Effect of deviation from stoichiometry and thermal annealing on amorphous gallium antimonide films

Elias, D.; Wolday, D.; Akuffo, H.; Petros, B.; Bronner, U.; Britton, S., 2001:
Effect of deworming on human T cell responses to mycobacterial antigens in helminth-exposed individuals before and after bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination

Joseph, J.; Devkar, R.V.; Ramachandran, A.V., 1998:
Effect of dexamethasone and corticosterone on activity levels of ATPase, phosphomonoesterases and phosphodiesterase in liver, muscle and testis of post-hatched White Leghorn chicks

Khalil, M.W.; Strutt, B.; Vachon, D.; Killinger, D.W., 1994:
Effect of dexamethasone and cytochrome P450 inhibitors on the formation of 7 alpha-hydroxydehydroepiandrosterone by human adipose stromal cells

Yang, B.; Guan, F.; Liu, W.; Song, L., 2002:
Effect of dexamethasone by local treatment on cerebral edema and serum myelin basic protein after brain injury in rabbits

Chitrit, Y.; Caubel, P.; Guillaumin, D.; Schwinte, A.L., 1998:
Effect of dexamethasone on Doppler velocimetries of the fetal cerebral arteries

Liu, R.; Liu, Y.; Zhu, C., 1997:
Effect of dexamethasone on Glu-IR and GABA-IR neurons of hippocampus in rats

Chang, C.K.; Llanes, S.; Schumer, W., 1997:
Effect of dexamethasone on NF-kB activation, tumor necrosis factor formation, and glucose dyshomeostasis in septic rats

Cichy, J.; Potempa, J.; Travis, J., 1995:
Effect of dexamethasone on alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor synthesis in human cells of monocytic origin

Dixon, E.R.; Weinberg, J.A.; Lew, D.B., 1999 :
Effect of dexamethasone on bovine airway smooth muscle cell proliferation

Valiullin, V.V., 1999:
Effect of dexamethasone on development of denervation changes in fast and slow skeletal muscles

Nevagi, S.A.; Kaliwal, B.B., 2002:
Effect of dexamethasone on implantation and pregnancy in albino rats

Thakur, A.; Sase, M.; Lee, J.J.; Thakur, V.; Buchmiller, T.L., 2000:
Effect of dexamethasone on insulin-like growth factor-1 expression in a rabbit model of growth retardation

Moya, F.R.; Becerra, M.; Leiva, L.; Sorensen, R.U., 1993:
Effect of dexamethasone on leukocyte numbers and lymphocyte-blastogenic responses to mitogens in infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Zaitsu, M.; Hamasaki, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; Kita, M.; Hayasaki, R.; Muro, E.; Kobayashi, I.; Matsuo, M.; Ichimaru, T.; Miyazaki, S., 1999:
Effect of dexamethasone on leukotriene synthesis in DMSO-stimulated HL-60 cells

Parimi, P.S.; Birnkrant, D.J.; Rao, L.V.; Diaz, G.; Moore, J.J., 2000:
Effect of dexamethasone on lymphocyte subpopulations in premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Klymenko, M.O.; Kozyrieva, H.F., 2002:
Effect of dexamethasone on mast cell reaction in inflammation

Lavista Llanos, S.; Roldán, A., 2000:
Effect of dexamethasone on nitric oxide (NO.) production by cultured astrocytes

Werner, S.B.; Tessler, J.; Guglielmotti, M.B.; Cabrini, R.L., 1996:
Effect of dexamethasone on osseointegration: a preliminary experimental study

Watanabe, T.; Noshiro, T.; Akama, H.; Kusakari, T.; Shibukawa, S.; Miura, W.; Abe, K.; Miura, Y., 1995:
Effect of dexamethasone on plasma free dopamine: dopaminergic modulation in hypertensive patients

Sergeev, P.V.; Ukhina, T.V.; Metel'kova, N.N., 1993:
Effect of dexamethasone on skin phospholipid spectrum in laboratory animals

Ogurtsov, S.I.; Temnov, A.A.; Akatov, V.S.; Solov'eva, M.E., 1998:
Effect of dexamethasone on the activity of alkaline proteases and intracellular pH of thymocytes

Yang, J-Tsung.; Chang, C-Nen.; Lee, T-Hai.; Hsu, J-Ching.; Lin, T-Nan.; Hsu, Y-Hsin.; Hsieh Wu, J., 2002:
Effect of dexamethasone on the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neurotrophin-3 messenger ribonucleic acids after forebrain ischemia in the rat

Khuang Véĭ; Vishniakova, T.G.; Bocharov, A.V.; Zaĭtseva, E.V.; Frolova, E.G.; Sviridov, D.D.; Repin, V.S.; Nano, Z.L.; Rompal', P., 1994:
Effect of dexamethasone on the expression of high-density lipoprotein binding sites in a culture of rat hepatocytes (independence of hormone effect from intracellular cholesterol pool)

Guan, Z.; Wu, N.; Shen, Y., 1996:
Effect of dexamethasone on the human interleukin-2 receptor alpha chain gene expression

Fedin, A.N.; Nur, M.M.; Kriukova, E.N.; Vasil'eva, K.A., 2001:
Effect of dexamethasone on the rat respiratory passages

Maksimenko, E.I.; Umnova, M.M.; Sééne, T.P., 1995:
Effect of dexamethasone on transplantation regeneration processes of rat skeletal muscles

Reyes, G.; Medina, R.; Castillo, C.; Rodríguez, J.; Mateos, E.; Terán, F., 2000:
Effect of dexamethasone plus vitamin B complex in the PIFIR model

Goff, B.S., 1996:
Effect of dexamethasone treatment of tuberculous cattle on results of the gamma-interferon test for Mycobacterium bovis

Geyer, G.; Haidinger, G.; Francesconi, M.; Langmayr, N.; Prager, R.; Schoberberger, R.; Toplak, H.; von Kalckreuth, G.; Kunze, M., 1995:
Effect of dexfenfluramine on eating behavior and body weight of obese patients: results of a field study of Isomeride in Austrian general practice

Fragen, R.J.; Fitzgerald, P.C., 1999:
Effect of dexmedetomidine on the minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of sevoflurane in adults age 55 to 70 years

Taoda, M.; Adachi, Y.U.; Uchihashi, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Satoh, T.; Vizi, E.S., 2001:
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