Section 46
Chapter 45,887

Effect of oral contraceptives on carbohydrate metabolism. Hormonal contraception and diabetes mellitus

Chimenes, H.; Jouin Caurier, D.; De Kergorlay, B.; Russo, F.

La Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 48(22): 1587-1600


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-1777
PMID: 12256597
Accession: 045886375

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The effects of hormonal contraception on carbohydrate metabolism and the development of diabetes mellitus are discussed. The effects of estrogens on glucose metabolism have been very little studied and results are contradictory. Although gestagens have been studied more, results are contradictory for these substances also. Both oral contraceptive use and pregnancy seem to play a determining role in the appearance of diabetes mellitus in predisposed patients. No differences have been found, in this respect, between combined and sequential preparations. The authors recommed: 1) follow-up investigation of predisposed women who have been treated with oral contraceptives; and 2) double-blind clinical testing of oral contraceptives and their effect on glucose metabolism.

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