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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45940

Chapter 45940 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kahol; Lao; Williams; Dalal, 1994:
Electron-spin-resonance line-shape studies of the AsO44- center in RbH2AsO4 and RbD2AsO4

Leslie-Pelecky; Cowen, 1993:
Electron-spin-resonance linewidth of multilayered CuMn/Cu spin glasses: Residual width and thermal-broadening coefficient

Siu; Zhao, 1991:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of Cr-ion pairs in LiNbO3:Cr3+

Carlos; Freitas; Khan; Olson; Kuznia, 1993:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of donors in wurtzite GaN

Tanaka; Kobashi; Sanekata; Yamabe; Yamauchi; Yata, 1991:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of porous polyacenic semiconductive materials

Tanaka; Koike; Yamabe; Yamauchi; Deguchi; Yata, 1987:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of pristine and heavily doped polyacenic materials

Reynolds; Shinkoda; Hardy; Berlinsky; Bridges; Statt, 1985:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of spin-polarized hydrogen on the surface of liquid 4He

Lue, 1988:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of the Ag-, Eu-, and Gd-doped Y-Ba-Cu-O high-Tc superconductors

Shaltiel; Grayevsky; Zevin; Grüner, 1988 :
Electron-spin-resonance studies of the charge-density-wave phase of (TaSe4)2I

Chen; Lue; Liu, 1995:
Electron-spin-resonance studies of the hole-doping effect on (Tl0.5Pb0.5)Sr2(Ca1-xYx)Cu2O7 high-Tc superconductors

Heynderickx; Goovaerts; Schoemaker, 1987:
Electron-spin-resonance study of Pb2 3+ dimer centers in NaCl:PbCl2

Schoemaker; Heynderickx; Goovaerts, 1985:
Electron-spin-resonance study of Sn+(5p1) centers of the laser-active-type structure in KCl:Sn2+ and analysis of the hyperfine structure

Nistor; Goovaerts; Schoemaker, 1990:
Electron-spin-resonance study of Tl0 centers of the laser-active type structure in SrCl2

Gavriljuk; Efimenko; Smuk; Smuk; Shanina; Baran; Maksimenko, 1993:
Electron-spin-resonance study of electron properties in nitrogen and carbon austenites

di Vittorio SL; Enoki; Dresselhaus; Dresselhaus; Endo; Nakajima, 1992:
Electron-spin-resonance study of fluorine-intercalated graphite fibers

Petit; Robert; Fischer, 1995:
Electron-spin-resonance study of the dimer state of KC60 and its transformations

Hijmans; Beyermann, 1987:
Electron-spin-resonance study of the high-field phase of the spin-Peierls system tetrathiafulvalene-Au-bis-dithiolene

Suzuki; Sampere; Koga, 1989:
Electron-spin-resonance study of two-dimensional antiferromagnet stage-2 MnCl2-graphite intercalation compound

Jackson; Stutzmann; Tsai, 1986:
Electron-spin-resonance-transient spectroscopy

Sambe; Ramaker; Parenteau; Sanche, 1987:
Electron-stimulated desorption enhanced by coherent scattering

Ekwelundu; Ignatiev, 1988:
Electron-stimulated desorption of O+ ions from a gas-covered CdS(0001) surface

Burns, 1985:
Electron-stimulated desorption of neutral NO from Ni: State-specific resonance-ionization detection

Wurz; Sarnthein; Husinsky; Betz; Nordlander; Wang, 1991:
Electron-stimulated desorption of neutral lithium atoms from LiF due to excitation of surface excitons

Fain; Xia; Peidle, 1994:
Electron-stimulated desorption of positive ions from physisorbed monolayers of H2, HD, and D2 on graphite and D2 on Kr-plated graphite

Xia; Fain, 1994:
Electron-stimulated desorption total-removal cross sections for H2 and HD monolayers physisorbed on graphite

Johnson; Joyce; Madey, 1988:
Electron-stimulated-desorption ion angular distributions of negative ions

Snyder; Reynolds; Fincke; Lassahn; Grandy; Repetti, 1994:
Electron-temperature and electron-density profiles in an atmospheric-pressure argon plasma jet

Boots, 1992:
Electron-temperature concept at very high electric fields: A Monte Carlo study

Ganguli; Biondi; Johnsen; Dulaney, 1988:
Electron-temperature dependence of the recombination of HCO+ ions with electrons

Dulaney; Biondi; Johnsen, 1988:
Electron-temperature dependence of the recombination of electrons with O4+ ions

La Fontaine B; Dunn; Baldis; Enright; Villeneuve; Kieffer; Nantel; Pépin, 1993:
Electron-temperature inhomogeneities along an x-ray laser plasma

Marjoribanks; Richardson; Jaanimagi; Epstein, 1992:
Electron-temperature measurement in laser-produced plasmas by the ratio of isoelectronic line intensities

Geer; Holroyd, 1992:
Electron-thermalization lengths and total initial-ionization yields in tetra-alkyl liquids

Saripinar, E.; Güzel, Y.; Patat, S.; Yildirim, I.; Akçamur, Y.; Dimoglo, A.S., 1996:
Electron-topological investigation of structure-antitubercular activity relationship of thiosemicarbazone derivatives

Pickett, C.J.; Vincent, K.A.; Ibrahim, S.K.; Gormal, C.A.; Smith, B.E.; Best, S.P., 2002:
Electron-transfer chemistry of the iron-molybdenum cofactor of nitrogenase: delocalized and localized reduced states of FeMoco which allow binding of carbon monoxide to iron and molybdenum

Wang; Church, 1987:
Electron-transfer collisions of low-energy multicharged nitrogen ions with H2 and N2

Wei, J.; Liu, H.; Khoshtariya, D.E.; Yamamoto, H.; Dick, A.; Waldeck, D.H., 2002:
Electron-transfer dynamics of cytochrome C: a change in the reaction mechanism with distance

Ambundo, E.A.; Ochrymowycz, L.A.; Rorabacher, D.B., 2001:
Electron-transfer kinetics of tris(2-(methylthioethyl))aminecopper(II/I). A tripodal ligand complex exhibiting virtual C3v symmetry

Habermüller, K.; Mosbach, M.; Schuhmann, W., 2001:
Electron-transfer mechanisms in amperometric biosensors

Schuhmann, W.; Zimmermann, H.; Habermüller, K.; Laurinavicius, V., 2001:
Electron-transfer pathways between redox enzymes and electrode surfaces: reagentless biosensors based on thiol-monolayer-bound and polypyrrole-entrapped enzymes

Hellberg; Strömquist; Kasemo; Lundqvist, 1995:
Electron-transfer pathways in dynamic processes: Cl2 on K

Van Pouderoyen, G.; Cigna, G.; Rolli, G.; Cutruzzolà, F.; Malatesta, F.; Silvestrini, M.C.; Brunori, M.; Canters, G.W., 1997:
Electron-transfer properties of Pseudomonas aeruginosa [Lys44, Glu64]azurin

Fan, C.; Wang, H.; Sun, S.; Zhu, D.; Wagner, G.; Li, G., 2001:
Electron-transfer reactivity and enzymatic activity of hemoglobin in a SP Sephadex membrane

Miller, J.S.; Glatzhofer, D.T.; Vazquez, C.; McLean, R.S.; Calabrese, J.C.; Marshall, W.J.; Raebiger, J.W., 2001:
Electron-transfer salts of 1,2,3,4,5-pentamethylferrocene, Fe(II)(C5Me5)(C5H5). Structure and magnetic properties of two 1:1 and two 2:3 Fe(C5Me5)(C5H5) electron-transfer salts of tetracyanoethylene

Bednarek, P.; Zhu, Z.; Bally, T.; Filipiak, T.; Marcinek, A.; Gebicki, J., 2001:
Electron-transfer-induced tautomerization in methylindanones: electronic control of the tunneling rate for enolization

Marsh; Gilton; Meier; Schneider; Cowin, 1988:
Electron-transfer-mediated and direct surface photochemistry: CH3Cl on Ni(111)

Levi; Späh; English, 1987:
Electron-transport dynamics in quantized intrinsic GaAs

Vanderhaghen, 1988:
Electron-transport parameters and tail-state distribution in hydrogenated amorphous silicon obtained from position and tail-state matrix simulation of drift experiments

Tao; Singh, 1992:
Electron-transport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas interacting with phonons of a defect-containing lattice: A paradigm for layered oxide superconductors

Mizuno; Taniguchi; Hamaguchi, 1993:
Electron-transport simulation in silicon including anisotropic phonon scattering rate

Vlachos, P.; Kelly, S.M.; Mansoor, B.; O'Neill, M., 2002:
Electron-transporting and photopolymerisable liquid crystals

Nistor; Ursu; Velter-Stefanescu, 1987:
Electron-trapped centers in x-irradiated LiCl:Fe crystals

Wallinga, J.; Murray, A.S.; Wintle, A.G.; Bøtter-Jensen, L., 2002:
Electron-trapping probability in natural dosemeters as a function of irradiation temperature

Mohaidat; Shum; Alfano, 1993:
Electron-tunneling dynamics through a double-barrier structure in the presence of phonons

Baublitz, 1993:
Electron-tunneling spectroscopy: A test of quantum mechanics

Naito; Smith; Kirk; Oh; Hahn; Char; Mitzi; Sun; Webb; Beasley; Fischer; Geballe; Hammond; Kapitulnik; Quate, 1987:
Electron-tunneling studies of thin films of high-Tc superconducting La-Sr-Cu-O

Ekino; Akimitsu, 1990:
Electron-tunneling studies on the superconducting (La1-xSrx)2CuO4 and YBa2Cu3Oy systems

Blevin; Fletcher; Hunter, 1985:
Electron-velocity distribution functions in gases: The influence of anisotropic scattering and electron nonconservation by attachment and ionization

Auerbach; Manini; Tosatti, 1994:
Electron-vibron interactions in charged fullerenes. I. Berry phases

Manini; Tosatti; Auerbach, 1994:
Electron-vibron interactions in charged fullerenes. II. Pair energies and spectra

Hennig, 2000:
Electron-vibron-breather interaction

Tadic; Ikonic; Milanovic, 1996:
Electron-wave-function calculation in the continuous part of the spectrum: The case of slowly varying potential asymptotics

Neuvonen, H.; Neuvonen, K.; Koch, A.; Kleinpeter, E.; Pasanen, P., 2002:
Electron-withdrawing substituents decrease the electrophilicity of the carbonyl carbon. An investigation with the aid of (13)C NMR chemical shifts, nu(C[double bond]O) frequency values, charge densities, and isodesmic reactions to interpret substituent effects on reactivity

Leemans, W.P.; Catravas, P.; Esarey, E.; Geddes, C.G.R.; Toth, C.; Trines, R.; Schroeder, C.B.; Shadwick, B.A.; Van Tilborg, J.; Faure, J., 2002:
Electron-yield enhancement in a laser-wakefield accelerator driven by asymmetric laser pulses

Udugala-Ganehenege, M.Y.; Heeg, M.J.; Hryhorczuk, L.M.; Wenger, L.E.; Endicott, J.F., 2001:
Electron/atom transfer in halo-bridged homobimetallic complexes. structure and donor-acceptor properties of face-to-face dicopper complexes with teraazamacrocyclic ligands

Cavaco, D.; Adragão, P.; Morgado, F.; Aguiar, C.; Chotalal, D.; Palos, Jé.; Bonhorst, D.; Seabra-Comes, R., 2002:
Electronanatomical mapping and ablation of atrial tachycardias with the CARTO system

Sen; Seminario; Politzer, 1989:
Electronegativities and isoelectronic energy and electronegativity differences for monatomic systems with nonintegral nuclear charges: Local-spin-density-functional calculations

Monach, J.; Drozdowski, W.; Skowroński, J., 1994:
Electroneurographic and electromyographic assessment of rat skeletal muscle reinnervation after microsurgical implantation of nerve into muscle venter

Valls Canals, J.; Montero Homs, J., 1994:
Electroneurographic parameters in cubital neuropathy of the elbow

Ardiç, F.N.; Ardiç, F.; Topaloglu, J.; Oncel, S.; Uguz, M.Z.; Topalogu, D., 1997:
Electroneurography in the late period of Bell's palsy

Beck, D.L.; Benecke, J.E., 1993:
Electroneurography: electrical evaluation of the facial nerve

Cruz, M.W.; Tendrich, M.; Vaisman, M.; Novis, S.A., 1996:
Electroneuromyography and neuromuscular findings in 16 primary hypothyroidism patients

Cruz, M.W.; Corrêa, R.B.; Puccioni-Sohler, M.; Novis, S.A., 1999:
Electroneuromyography and somatosensory evoked potentials in HTLV-I associated myelopathy

Aĭrapetian, K.V.; Nikitin, S.S.; Pavlov, E.V., 1996:
Electroneuromyography in patients with severe diphtheric polyneuropathy under conditions of artificial ventilation of the lungs

Ivanov, A.O.; Elifant'ev, V.K., 1996:
Electroneuromyostimulation in closed injuries to the peripheral nerves

Gamba, G., 2000:
Electroneutral chloride-coupled co-transporters

Isenberg, S.F., 2002:
Electronic 'superbills'

Wood, B.P., 1997:
Electronic AJR on the World-Wide Web: "www.arrs.org/ajr.htm"

Isovitsch, R.A..; Beadle, A..Scott.; Fronczek, F.R..; Maverick, A.W.., 2001:
Electronic Absorption Spectra and Phosphorescence of Oxygen-Containing Molybdenum(IV) Complexes

Adrowski, M.J..; Mason, W..Roy., 1997:
Electronic Absorption and MCD Spectra for Pd(AuPPh(3))(8)(2+), Pt(AuPPh(3))(8)(2+), and Related Platinum-Centered Gold Cluster Complexes

Seo, D-Kyun.; Ren, J.; Whangbo, M-Hwan.; Canadell, E., 2001:
Electronic Band Structure Study of the Transport Properties of the Intermetallic Compounds ZrRuP and ZrRuSi

Seo, D.-K..; Liang, W..; Whangbo, M.-H..; Zhang, Z..; Greenblatt, M.., 1996:
Electronic Band Structure and Madelung Potential Study of the Nickelates La(2)NiO(4), La(3)Ni(2)O(7), and La(4)Ni(3)O(10)

Tissue, B.M.; Van Bramer, S.E.; Rosenthal, D., 2002:
Electronic Chemistry Conferences: 7 years of CONFCHEM

Kheradmandan; Heinze; Schmalle; Berke, 1999:
Electronic Communication in C(4)-Bridged Binuclear Complexes with Paramagnetic Bisphosphane Manganese End Groups

Whelan, J., 2002:
Electronic DPI for insulin

Bradley, 1999:
Electronic DTB, eBNF/eMeReC

RajanBabu, T..V..; Radetich, B.; You, K.K..; Ayers, T.A..; Casalnuovo, A.L..; Calabrese, J.C.., 2001:
Electronic Effects in Asymmetric Catalysis: Structural Studies of Precatalysts and Intermediates in Rh-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Dimethyl Itaconate and Acetamidocinnamic Acid Derivatives Using C(2)-Symmetric Diarylphosphinite Ligands

Schmickler, W., 1996:
Electronic Effects in the Electric Double Layer

Campbell, J.; Klapstein, D.; Bernath, P.F..; Davis, W.M..; Oakley, R.T..; Goddard, J.D.., 1996:
Electronic Excitation of the 1,2,3,5-Dithiadiazolyl Radical. A Spectroscopic and Theoretical Analysis

Bach, R.D..; Canepa, C., 1996:
Electronic Factors Influencing the Decarboxylation of beta-Keto Acids. A Model Enzyme Study

Anonymous, 1998:
Electronic Freedom of Information Act; implementation--USIA. Proposed rule

Linnartz; Motylewski; Vaizert; Maier; Apponi; McCarthy; Gottlieb; Thaddeus, 1999:
Electronic Ground and Excited State Spectroscopy of C(6)H and C(6)D

Annett; Martin; McMahan; Satpathy, 1989:
Electronic Hamiltonian and antiferromagnetic interactions in La2CuO4

Müller-Hartmann; Dagotto, 1996:
Electronic Hamiltonian for transition-metal oxide compounds

Huberman; Overhauser, 1994:
Electronic Kapitza conductance at a diamond-Pb interface

Gadre, S.R..; Suresh, C..H.., 1997:
Electronic Perturbations of the Aromatic Nucleus: Hammett Constants and Electrostatic Potential Topography

Kumar, A.; Mital, S., 2001:
Electronic Properties of Q-CdS Clusters Stabilized by Adenine

Rashkeev; Wendin, 1993:
Electronic Raman continuum for YBa2Cu3O7- delta : Effects of inelastic scattering and interband transitions

Nyhus; Cooper; Fisk, 1995:
Electronic Raman scattering across the unconventional charge gap in FeSi

Gupta; Sood; Mahesh; Rao, 1996:
Electronic Raman scattering from La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 exhibiting giant magnetoresistance

Das; Gersten, 1988:
Electronic Raman scattering from spherical particles

Bartholomew; Suh; Ramdas; Rodriguez; Debska; Furdyna, 1989:
Electronic Raman scattering in Cd1-xCoxSe

Mishchenko, 1996:
Electronic Raman scattering in a magnetic field

Katsufuji; Tokura, 1994:
Electronic Raman scattering in filling-controlled metals: Sr1-xLaxTiO3

Wagner; Cardona, 1985:
Electronic Raman scattering in heavily doped p-type germanium

Devereaux; Einzel; Stadlober; Hackl; Leach; Neumeier, 1994:
Electronic Raman scattering in high-Tc superconductors: A probe of dx2-y2 pairing

Schüller; Kraus; Schaack; Weimann; Panzlaff, 1994:
Electronic Raman scattering in p-doped GaAs/Ga1-xAlxAs quantum-well structures: Scattering mechanisms and many-particle interactions

Devereaux; Einzel, 1995:
Electronic Raman scattering in superconductors as a probe of anisotropic electron pairing

McCarty; Liu; Shelton; Radousky, 1990:
Electronic Raman scattering of YBa2Cu3O7 using c-axis polarization: Evidence for two characteristic superconducting energies

Shanabrook; Moore; Bishop, 1986:
Electronic Raman scattering of the negative charge state of the 78-meV double acceptor in GaAs

Wan; Bray, 1985:
Electronic Raman spectra of shallow acceptors in semi-insulating GaAs

Sanjuán; Kanehisa; Jouanne, 1992:
Electronic Raman study of Fe2+ in FePX3 (X=S,Se) layered compounds

Springborg; Satpathy; Malinowski; Zimmermann; Martin, 1996:
Electronic Shell Structure and Relative Abundances of Cesium-Coated C60

Adam; Athanassenas; Gillett; Kingston; Merer; Peers; Rixon, 1999:
Electronic Spectra of YOH and YOD in the Visible Region: Strong Vibronic Coupling between the &Btilde;1Pi and &Ctilde;1Sigma+ States

McCleskey, T..Mark.; Mizoguchi, T.J..; Richards, J.H..; Gray, H.B.., 1996:
Electronic Spectroscopy of Gold(I) Pseudomonasaeruginosa Azurin Derivatives

Fougère; Balfour; Cao; Qian, 2000:
Electronic Spectroscopy of Rhodium Mononitride

Kaledin; Heaven, 1997:
Electronic Spectroscopy of UO

Singh; Venkatasubramanian; Gopal; Balasubramanian, 2000:
Electronic Spectrum of the Antimony Monoxide Radical

Hopkins, T.A..; Metcalf, D.H..; Richardson, F..S.., 2001:
Electronic State Structure and Optical Properties of Tb(oda)(3)(3)(-) Complexes in Trigonal Na(3)[Tb(oda)(3)].2NaClO(4).6H(2)O Crystals

Shestakov; Breidohr; Demes; Setzer; Fink, 1998:
Electronic States and Spectra of BiO

Effantin; d'incan; Bernard; Shenyavskaya; Topouzkhanian; Wannous, 1998:
Electronic States of Lanthanum Monoiodide: Preliminary Data from High-Resolution LIF Spectroscopy

Effantin; Shenyavskaya; d'incan; Bernard; Topouzkhanian; Wannous, 1997:
Electronic States of Scandium Monoiodide

Biagini, 1996:
Electronic Structure Calculations for YBa2Cu3O7 within the Slave Boson Formalism

Li, J.; Irle, S.; Schwarz, W..H..Eugen., 1996 :
Electronic Structure and Properties of Trihalogen Cations X(3)(+) and XY(2)(+) (X, Y = F, Cl, Br, I)

Pershina, V.G.., 1996:
Electronic Structure and Properties of the Transactinides and Their Compounds

Parise, A.R..; Baraldo, L.M..; Olabe, Jé.A.., 1996:
Electronic Structure and Substitution and Redox Reactivity of Imidazolate-Bridged Complexes of Pentacyanoferrate and Pentaammineruthenium

Anglada, J.Maria.; Bofill, J.Maria., 1997:
Electronic Structure and Unimolecular Reactions of Cyclopropenone Carbonyl Oxide. A Theoretical Study

Umeda; Yamasaki; Isoya; Matsuda; Tanaka, 1996:
Electronic Structure of Band-Tail Electrons in a Si:H

Di Bella, S.; Lanza, G.; Gulino, A.; Fragalà, I., 1996:
Electronic Structure of Bis(2,4-pentanedionato-O,O')oxovanadium(IV). A Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Electronic Spectroscopy, and ab Initio Molecular Orbital Study

McGrady, J.E..; Stranger, R.; Lovell, T., 2001:
Electronic Structure of Face- and Edge-Shared Bioctahedral Systems: A Comparison of M(2)Cl(9)(3-) and M(2)Cl(10)(4-), M = Cr, Mo, W

Stadnik; Purdie; Garnier; Baer; Tsai; Inoue; Edagawa; Takeuchi, 1996:
Electronic Structure of Icosahedral Alloys Studied by Ultrahigh Energy Resolution Photoemission Spectroscopy

Rousseau, R.; Palacín, M.Rosa.; Gómez-Romero, P.; Canadell, E., 1996:
Electronic Structure of Layered Oxides Containing M(2)O(7) (M = V, Nb) Double Octahedral Slabs

Williams, D.S..; Korolev, A.V.., 2001:
Electronic Structure of Luminescent d(0) Niobium and Tantalum Imido Compounds cis,mer-M(NR)Cl(3)L(2)

Sundermann, A.; Schoeller, W.W.., 2001:
Electronic Structure of Metallacyclophosphazene and Metallacyclothiazene Complexes

Bo, C.; Costas, M.; Poblet, J.M..; Rohmer, M-Mad..; Benard, M., 1996:
Electronic Structure of Rh(2)(&mgr;-CO)(CO)(2)(H(2)PCH(2)PH(2))(2). An Example of a Non-A-Frame Structure

Tan, A.; Harris, S., 2001:
Electronic Structure of Rh(2)S(3) and RuS(2), Two Very Active Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts

Stranger, R.; Medley, G.A..; McGrady, J.E..; Garrett, J.M..; Appleton, T.G.., 1996:
Electronic Structure of [Pt(2)(&mgr;-O(2)CCH(3))(4)(H(2)O)(2)](2+) Using the Quasi-Relativistic Xalpha-SW Method: Analysis of Metal-Metal Bonding, Assignment of Electronic Spectra, and Comparison with Rh(2)(&mgr;-O(2)CCH(3))(4)(H(2)O)(2)

Lawler, K.A..; Hoffmann, R., 1996:
Electronic Structure of [Ta(5)(NH)(4)Cl(17)](6-): A Cluster with a Distorted Square Pyramidal Ta(5) Core

Guillaumont, D.; Daniel, C.; Vlcek, Aín., 1997:
Electronic Structure of the Lowest Excited States of Cr(CO)(4)(2,2'-bipyridine): A CASSCF/CASPT2 Analysis

Li, X.; Bancroft, G..Michael.; Puddephatt, R.J..; Yuan, Z.; Tan, K..H.., 1996:
Electronic Structures of Copper(I) and Silver(I) beta-Diketonate Complexes

Zernik, J.H., 1994:
Electronic Study Club on Internet

Peng, Y.; Fan, M.; Peng, C.; Wang, M.; Li, X., 2018:
Alleviating the Intestinal Absorption of Rhein in Rhubarb through Herb Compatibility in Tiaowei Chengqi Tang in Caco-2 Cells

Liu; Sidorenko; Wagner; Ziegler; Löhneysen, 1996:
Electronic Transport Processes in Heavily Doped Uncompensated and Compensated Silicon as Probed by the Thermoelectric Power

Lin, C.; Protasiewicz, J.D..; Ren, T., 1996:
Electronic Tuning Using Remote Substituents in Tetrakis(&mgr;-N,N'-diarylformamidinato)dinickel. Linear Free Energy Relationships in Dinuclear Compounds. 3

Macfarlane; Shelby; Winnacker, 1986:
Electronic Zeeman and Stark spectroscopy of BaClF:Sm2+ using photon-gated hole burning

Mason, W.R., 2001:
Electronic absorption and MCD spectra for Pt(AuPPh3)8(2+) and Au(AuPPh3)8(3+) cluster complexes in poly(methyl methacrylate) thin films at 295 and 10 K

Yaman, A.; Bayrakçeken, A.B.; Demir, O.J.; Bayrakçeken, F., 2000:
Electronic absorption and Raman resonance scattering of spectroscopically pure SiO2

Mason, W.R., 2001:
Electronic absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectra for the linear two-coordinate bis(tri-tert-butylphosphine)platinum(0) complex in 2-methylpentane at 295 and 80 K

Szczepanski, J.; Fuller, J.; Ekern, S.; Vala, M., 2001:
Electronic absorption and resonance Raman spectra of large linear carbon clusters isolated in solid argon

Ratnakaram, Y.C.; Reddy, A.Viswanadha.; Chakradhar, R.P.Sreekanth., 2002:
Electronic absorption spectra and energy gap studies of Er3+ ions in different chlorophosphate glasses

Friedman, 1993:
Electronic absorption spectra in C60- and C60+

Radovanovic, P.V.; Gamelin, D.R., 2001:
Electronic absorption spectroscopy of cobalt ions in diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dots: demonstration of an isocrystalline core/shell synthetic method

Salama, F.; Joblin, C.; Allamandola, L.J.; Allamandola, L.J., 1994:
Electronic absorption spectroscopy of matrix-isolated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon cations. II. The phenanthrene cation (C14H10+) and its 1-methyl derivative

Wasbotten, I.H.; Wondimagegn, T.; Ghosh, A., 2002:
Electronic absorption, resonance Raman, and electrochemical studies of planar and saddled copper(III) meso-triarylcorroles. Highly substituent-sensitive Soret bands as a distinctive feature of high-valent transition metal corroles

Dimitroff, A., 2000:
Electronic access in Russian medical libraries

Saba, V.K.; Pravikoff, D.S.; Pletzke, C.J., 2001:
Electronic access to military/uniformed services nursing research

Bult, C.J.; Krupke, D.M.; Eppig, J.T., 1998:
Electronic access to mouse tumor data: the Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) project

Graves, J.R., 2001:
Electronic access to scientific nursing knowledge: the Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library

Meikle, M.B., 1998:
Electronic access to tinnitus data: the Oregon Tinnitus Data Archive

O'Shea, J.C.; Murphy, M.B., 2000:
Electronic activity-monitor-derived sleeping and awake times and diurnal variation of blood pressure

Gabrieli, E.R., 1988:
Electronic ambulatory medical record

Hammond, E.; McIndoe, A., 1996:
Electronic anaesthetic logbooks; standards for data entry

Sellidj; Koel, 1994:
Electronic and CO chemisorption properties of ultrathin Pd films vapor deposited on Au(111)

Albert, K.; Neyman, K.M..; Pacchioni, G.; Rösch, N., 1996:
Electronic and Geometric Structure of Bimetallic Clusters: Density Functional Calculations on [M(4){Fe(CO)(4)}(4)](4-) (M = Cu, Ag, Au) and [Ag(13){Fe(CO)(4)}(8)](n)(-) (n = 0-5)

Shin Yg, Y-gyo.K..; Szalda, D.J..; Brunschwig, B.S..; Creutz, C.; Sutin, N., 1997:
Electronic and Molecular Structures of Pentaammineruthenium Pyridine and Benzonitrile Complexes as a Function of Oxidation State

Fainstein; Ruf; Cardona; Belitsky; Cantarero, 1995:
Electronic and acoustic-phonon inter-Landau-level Raman scattering in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs multiple quantum wells

Northrup; Bringans; Uhrberg; Olmstead; Bachrach, 1988:
Electronic and atomic structure of GaAs epitaxial overlayers on Si(111)

Barkyoumb; Mansour, 1992:
Electronic and atomic structure of Mn-doped CaF2: An x-ray-absorption near-edge structure and extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure study

Robertson; O'Reilly, 1987:
Electronic and atomic structure of amorphous carbon

Lammers; Borstel, 1994:
Electronic and atomic structure of copper clusters

Chambliss; Rhodin, 1990:
Electronic and atomic structure of the Cu/Si(111) quasi-5 x 5 overlayer

Sprenger; van Kemp R; Sieverts; Ammerlaan, 1987:
Electronic and atomic structure of the boron-vacancy complex in silicon

Chambliss; Rhodin; Rowe, 1992:
Electronic and atomic structure of thin CoSi2 films on Si(111) and Si(100)

Alonso, J.A., 2001:
Electronic and atomic structure, and magnetism of transition-metal clusters

Kumar, 1993:
Electronic and atomic stuctures of Sb4 and Sb8 clusters

Rich; Miller; Chiang, 1990:
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Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems

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Electronic bibliographic tools for incorporating social science research into health care must be improved

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Electronic billing and related issues

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Electronic billing entering new era. Switch to new forms will bring the process a giant step closer to true standardization

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Electronic billing of Medicare claims

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Electronic billing saves time, money

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Electronic billing: a cost-reduction opportunity

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Electronic billing: it's more than just a coming attraction. Here's how to take the first step

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Electronic biomedical library image service for Europe--phase II ELISE II

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Electronic claims

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Electronic claims are smart way to trim costs, share outcomes

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Electronic claims can be a remedy for cash flow troubles

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Electronic claims filing

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Electronic claims growth plods ahead

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Electronic claims growth remains stubbornly slow

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Electronic claims growth slows

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Electronic claims growth sputters

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Electronic clinical logic revamps medical management

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Electronic coherence length following pulsed-laser annealing of Cu(001)

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Electronic commerce and Internet-based health care

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Electronic communication in dentistry, 1996

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Electronic communication in medicine

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Electronic communication on the Internet

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Electronic communication with general practice

Anonymous, 2002:
Electronic communications

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Electronic communications: E-mail in the emergency department

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Electronic conductance of a two-dimensional electron gas in the presence of periodic potentials

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Electronic conductance of an orifice in a magnetic field

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Electronic conductivity of Si(111)-7 x 7

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Electronic conferencing for continuing medical education: a resource survey

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Electronic control of pathologic tone disturbances in the larynx

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Electronic correlations in manganites

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Electronic correlations of cubic boron nitride

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Electronic counters for recording indicators in biomedical experiments

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Electronic coupling and charge transfer of DNA: energy control

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Electronic current awareness for mental health facilities

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Electronic data collection and privacy

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Electronic data collection at source for a joint replacement registry

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Electronic data exchange

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Electronic data exchange standards. American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

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Electronic data interchange

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Electronic data interchange (EDI): an enabler of financial business process reengineering

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Electronic employee benefit management services

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Electronic filing

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Electronic house call

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Electronic image

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Electronic information sources in medicine

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Electronic infusion pumps

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Electronic integration a must for integrated delivery networks

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Electronic journals

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Electronic learning contracts

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Electronic localization in the cuprates

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Electronic look-up tables on retention and excretion of radionuclides as a PC based support system for internal dosimetry

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Electronic mail

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Electronic mail (Email)

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Electronic mail (email) for anaesthesia departments

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Electronic mail and privacy: setting your company's policy

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Electronic mail can be protected from computer viruses

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Electronic mail discussion lists

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Electronic mail for the preparation of collaborative documents: democracy in the information age

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Electronic mail may infect computers with viruses

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Electronic mail. A physician extender?

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Electronic mail: enhancing communications in a 24-hour hospital admitting department

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Electronic mailing lists

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Electronic manipulation to enhance medical photographs

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