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Enhanced expression of the UROC28 gene in human breast cancer: relationship to ERBB2 gene expression

Kamagata, C.; Tsuji, N.; Kondoh, K.; Sasaki, M.; Kobayashi, D.; Yagihashi, A.; Watanabe, N.

Anticancer Research 22(6c): 4087-4091


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-7005
PMID: 12553037
Accession: 045966456

ERBB2, a highly important oncogene in invasive breast cancer, is not only a prognostic factor but also a predictive marker for response to therapeutic agents. Recently, An et al. (10) identified a novel gene, UROC28, that is also overexpressed in breast cancer. To examine possible interrelationships, we quantitated UROC28 and ERBB2 mRNA in breast cancers. The expression of UROC28 and ERBB2 mRNA in breast cancer tissues were determined using RT-PCR. The expression was also examined in T-47D breast cancer cells treated with estrogen. UROC28 mRNA expression was greater in cancers than in noncancerous tissues (p < 0.0001), as was ERBB2 mRNA. ERBB2 and UROC28 gene expression was dose-dependently down-regulated in T-47D breast cancer cells treated with estradiol. However UROC28 mRNA and ERBB2 mRNA expression did not correlate with one another. These results indicate that UROC28 may be a useful target molecule in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, complementing ERBB2.

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