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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46003

Chapter 46003 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Weis, P., 2002:
European research. Mystery academy holds first powwow in private

Mitchell, P., 1997:
European researchers condemn US firm's cord-blood-storage patent

Gern, L.; Estrada-Peña, A.; Frandsen, F.; Gray, J.S.; Jaenson, T.G.; Jongejan, F.; Kahl, O.; Korenberg, E.; Mehl, R.; Nuttall, P.A., 1998:
European reservoir hosts of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato

Decludt, B.; Etienne, J., 2001:
European resorts at risk of Legionella

Zhong, C.; Liu, R.; Luo, C.; Jiang, S.; Dong, L.; Peng, R.; Guo, F.; Wang, P., 2018:
Altered Structural and Functional Connectivity of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: An fMRI Study

Krüll, A.; Schwarz, R.; Engenhart, R.; Huber, P.; Lessel, A.; Koppe, H.; Favre, A.; Breteau, N.; Auberger, T., 1996:
European results in neutron therapy of malignant salivary gland tumors

Schwarz, R.; Krüll, A.; Lessel, A.; Engenhart-Cabillic, R.; Favre, A.; Prott, F.J.; Auberger, T.; Schmidt, R., 1998:
European results of neutron therapy in soft tissue sarcomas

Gluckman, E.; Rocha, V.; Chastang, C., 1998:
European results of unrelated cord blood transplants. Eurocord group

Karczmarewicz, S., 1993:
European resuscitation standards

Rodriguez, V.; Fernandez-mayoralas, G.; Rojo, F., 2002:
European retirees on the Costa del Sol: a cross-national comparison

Rydén, L.; Breithardt, G.; Poole-Wilson, P., 2000:
European role in global cardiology

Berding, V.; Matthies, M., 2002:
European scenarios for EUSES regional distribution model

Koenig, R., 2000:
European science. A blow to Austria's scientific revival

Balter, M., 2000:
European science. Bug Bastille to open under new management

Koenig, R., 2000:
European science. Call to arms for life scientists

Koenig, R., 2001:
European science. Flagship E.U. research program aims for pan-European panacea

Vogel, G., 2002:
European science. Framework and stem cells: The fight goes on

Marx, V., 2001:
European science. Max Planck takes an e-publishing plunge

Hagmann, M., 2000:
European science. Spain opens coffers to keep talent at home

Desenclos, J.C., 1993:
European seminar on the surveillance of transmissible diseases in Europe

van Woensel, P.A.; Liefkens, K.; Demaret, S., 1998:
European serotype PRRSV vaccine protects against European serotype challenge whereas an American serotype vaccine does not

Hanewinkel, R.; Wiborg, G.; Paavola, M.; Vartiainen, E., 1998:
European smoke-free class competition

Steimle, S., 1996:
European smoking prevention network getting set up

Brandon, D.; Khoo, R.; Maglajlic, R.; Abuel-Ealeh, M., 2000:
European snapshot homeless survey: results of questions asked of passers-by in 11 European cities

Stiris, T.A.; Carnielli, V., 2002:
European society for neonatology. Training program for neonatologists in Europe

Anonymous, 2000:
European society of musculoskeletal radiology (ESSR).Posters

Anonymous, 2001:
European society of surgical oncology 10th congress held in groningen, the netherlands, from 5-8 april 2000

Dittbrenner, H., 1997:
European solutions to home care challenges

Kilian, R.; Roick, C.; Bernert, S.; Mory, C.; Matschinger, H.; Becker, T.; Angermeyer, M.C., 2001:
European standardization and German language adaptation of scales for collection of outcomes and costs of treatment for patients with severe mental disorders

Mattheus, R., 1993:
European standardization efforts: an important framework for medical imaging

Kajbjer, K., 1996:
European standardization in healthcare informatics and the need for increased involvement of healthcare professionals

Christ, E., 1996:
European standardization in the framework of the machinery directive: aims and strategies

Schenzler, C.; Thier, H.P., 2001:
European standardization of methods for pesticide residue analysis in foods--current status

Grosjean, R., 1994:
European standardization: guidance on the assessment of occupational exposure to chemical agents. CEN TC 137

Suppo, M., 1996:
European standards and the In Vitro Diagnostic Directive: current status

Hasenkam, J.M.; Jensen, B.F.; Mortensen, A.R., 1997:
European standards for cardiovascular implants

Laperre, J.; Foubert, F., 2002:
European standards for protective apparel against UV radiation

Bardsley, G., 1998:
European standards for wheelchairs. Complying with the medical devices directive

Tubiana, M., 1996:
European strategies in the war on cancer

Sprenger, M.J.; Degener, J.E.; Kullberg, B.J.; van der Meer, J.W.; Mevius, D.J.; Stobberingh, E.E., 1999:
European strategy for control of resistance to antibiotics

Forbes, C.D., 1997:
European stroke prevention study 2: dipyridamole and acetylsalicylic acid in the secondary prevention of stroke

Anonymous, 1997:
European studies in radiotherapy for breast cancer

Cortés, X.; Soriano, J.B.; Sánchez-Ramos, J.L.; Azofra, J.; Almar, E.; Ramos, J., 1998:
European study of asthma. Prevalence of atopy in young adults of 5 areas in Spain. Spanish Group of European Asthma Study

Balkau, B.; Jougla, E.; Papoz, L., 1993:
European study of the certification and coding of causes of death of six clinical case histories of diabetic patients. EURODIAB Subarea C Study Group

Candela, S.; Bianchi, F., 1996:
European study of working mothers and congenital malformations

Anonymous, 1996:
European study on asthma. Prevalence of bronchial hyperreactivity and asthma in young adults from 5 Spanish areas. Spanish Group of the European Study on Asthma

Anonymous, 1991:
European support for euthanasia?

Witte, J., 1998:
European surgery--status quo and outlook

Quinti, I.; Pierdominici, M.; Marziali, M.; Giovannetti, A.; Donnanno, S.; Chapel, H.; Bjorkander, J.; Aiuti, F., 2002:
European surveillance of immunoglobulin safety--results of initial survey of 1243 patients with primary immunodeficiencies in 16 countries

Buchheidt, D.; Hiddemann, W.; Schiel, X.; Kremery, V.; Karthaus, M.; Donnelly, J.P.; Wilhelm, M.; Maschmeyer, G.; Link, H.; Adam, D.; Helmerking, M., 1999:
European surveillance of infections and risk factors in cancer patients

Schwoebel, V.; Hamers, F.F., 1999:
European surveillance of infectious diseases: the case of AIDS and tuberculosis

Mayor, S., 2002:
European surveillance shows north-south divide in resistant bacteria

Spurkland, I.; Wilkinson, S., 2000:
European survey at the Center of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Mandelli, F.; Labopin, M.; Granena, A.; Iriondo, A.; Prentice, G.; Bacigalupo, A.; Sierra, J.; Meloni, G.; Frassoni, F.; Goldman, J., 1994:
European survey of bone marrow transplantation in acute promyelocytic leukemia (M3). Working Party on Acute Leukemia of the European Cooperative Group for Bone Marrow Transplantation (EMBT)

Schito, G.Carlo.; Auckenthaler, R.; Marchese, A.; Bauernfeind, A., 2002:
European survey of glycopeptide susceptibility in Staphylococcus spp

Reusser, P.; Cordonnier, C.; Einsele, H.; Engelhard, D.; Link, D.; Locasciulli, A.; Ljungman, P., 1996:
European survey of herpesvirus resistance to antiviral drugs in bone marrow transplant recipients. Infectious Diseases Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)

Liu, P.; Fan, Y.; Wei, Y.; Zeng, F.; Li, R.; Fei, N.; Qin, W., 2018:
Altered structural and functional connectivity of the insula in functional dyspepsia

von Samson, E., 1996 :
European symposium in Lübeck. Sold out, but many empty chairs

Nashef, S.A.; Roques, F.; Michel, P.; Gauducheau, E.; Lemeshow, S.; Salamon, R., 1999:
European system for cardiac operative risk evaluation (EuroSCORE)

Anonymous, 1996:
European system for reporting adverse reactions to and defects in radiopharmaceuticals: annual report 1995

Hesslewood, S.R., 2001:
European system for reporting adverse reactions to and defects in radiopharmaceuticals: annual report 1999

Hesslewood, S.E., 2002:
European system for reporting adverse reactions to and defects in radiopharmaceuticals: annual report 2000

Vanchieri, C., 1993:
European tamoxifen studies moving ahead

Ashraf, H., 2002:
European tobacco control reaches a critical phase

Herfarth, C., 1997:
European topic--multimodal therapy concept in gastrointestinal tumors--colorectal carcinoma

Maki, J.; Kojima, H.; Sakagami, H.; Kuwada, M., 2001:
European traditional healers persecuted as witches and Kenyan traditional doctors

Colomer, C.; Hospers, H.; Barry, M.; Bronks, B.; Davies, J.; Lindstrom, B.; de Vries, N., 2002:
European training in health promotion: quality assurance based on collaboration and empowerment

Gerritsen, J.; Carlsen, K.H., 2002 :
European training of paediatricians to paediatric pulmonologists

Schutyser, K., 2002:
European trends and challenges

Laurora, G.; Corsi, M.; Bucci, M.; Cesarone, M.R.; Belcaro, G.; Dugall, M., 2000:
European trial of PGE1 alpha cyclodextrin. Short-term vs. long-term therapy in intermittent claudication

Burton, A., 2002:
European trial platform for AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis

Biasco, G.; Paganelli, G.M., 2000:
European trials on dietary supplementation for cancer prevention

Kapiteijn, E.; van D.V.lde, C.J., 2001:
European trials with total mesorectal excision

Watson, R., 1999:
European union considers new plan to help refugees

McCarthy, M., 2002:
European union continues negotiations on tobacco control

Watson, R., 2001:
European union toughens antismoking stance

Gundert-Remy, U., 1986:
European view toward incorporating adverse events into package inserts

Levick, N.R.; Winkel, K.D.; Smith, G., 1998:
European wasps: an emerging hazard in Australia

Simpson, D., 1996:
European watchdog left to die

Ermisch, J., 1990:
European women's employment and fertility again

Watson, R., 2001:
European women's group calls for human papillomavirus testing

Chan, Y.C., 2002:
European working time directive for doctors in training. Profession needs to modernise surgical training

Scott-Coombes, D., 2002:
European working time directive for doctors in training. Reduction in juniors' hours abolishes concept of continuity of care

Schuster, H.; Humphries, S., 1994:
European workshop on LDL receptor defects. European Working Group on Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Anonymous, 1980:
European workshop on alternatives to mental hospitals

Towell, D., 1980:
European workshop on alternatives to mental hospitals: personal interpretation of the workshop

Poulsen, J., 1996:
European young physicians initiate a social dialog about working hours

Muta, T.; Okamura, T.; Oshima, K.; Kikuchi, M.; Niho, Y., 2001:
European-American-type hairy cell leukemia without splenomegaly, treated successfully with deoxycoformycin

D.F.bio, J.; Rossini, L.I.; Eterradossi, N.; Toquin, M.D.; Gardin, Y., 1999:
European-like pathogenic infectious bursal disease viruses in Brazil

Comi, G.; Filippi, M.; Wolinsky, J.S., 2001:
European/Canadian multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of the effects of glatiramer acetate on magnetic resonance imaging--measured disease activity and burden in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis. European/Canadian Glatiramer Acetate Study Group

Gilden, D., 1996:
Europeans eye new drug cocktails

Anonymous, 2002:
Europeans investigate resale of AIDS drugs

Alcorn, K.; Nary, G.; Pernet, A.G.; Surchio, J.L.; Weiner, J.D., 1996:
Europeans outraged over expanded access

McPherson, M.W.; Popplestone, J.A., 1984:
Europeans psychology as represented in the Archives of the History of American Psychology

Schneider, P., 1998:
Europeans ready for privacy law

Vanchieri, C., 1993:
Europeans say screen only women age 50 and older

Anonymous, 1988:
Europeans seek the right treatment

Malheiros, C.; Rodrigues, F.C., 2001:
Europeans, Americans and the laparoscopic adjustable band

Von Cube, A., 1986:
Europeans: an endangered species?

Berres, F.; Ruppert, M., 2000:
Europerio 3 from 8 to 11 June 2000 in Geneva

Neverov, A.A.; Gibson, G.; Brown, R.S., 2003:
Europium ion catalyzed methanolysis of esters at neutral pH and ambient temperature. catalytic Involvement of Eu3+(CH3O-)(CH3OH)x

Kohlmann, H.; Fischer, H.E.; Yvon, K., 2001:
Europium palladium hydrides

Lindén; Lippmaa; Miettinen; Tittonen; Katila; Kareiva; Karppinen; Niinistö; Valo; Leskelä, 1994:
Europium substitution effects in superconducting YBa2Cu4O8 synthesized under one atmosphere oxygen pressure

Adelman, S.L., 1996:
Europium-152 as a potential substitute for cobalt-60 in radiation therapy

Kandarakis, I.; Cavouras, D.; Panayiotakis, G.S.; Triantis, D.; Nomicos, C.D., 1998:
Europium-activated phosphors for use in X-ray detectors of medical imaging systems

Lindén; Hietaniemi; Ikonen; Lippmaa; Tittonen; Katila; Karlemo; Karppinen; Niinistö; Ullakko, 1992:
Europium-based high-temperature superconductors studied by x-ray diffraction and 151Eu Mössbauer spectroscopy

Dahlén, P.; Liukkonen, L.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Hurskainen, P.; Iitiä, A.; Siitari, H.; Ylikoski, J.; Mukkala, V.M.; Lövgren, T., 1994:
Europium-labeled oligonucleotide hybridization probes: preparation and properties

Guzaeva, T.V.; Komarov, A.M.; Iurov, S.V.; Pchelintsev, S.Iu.; Chudinov, A.V.; Afanas'ev, S.S.; Zav'ialov, V.P., 1994:
Europium-labelled Staphylococcus aureus protein A as a reagent for determining specific antibodies

Buglass, F., 1994:
Euroquan comes of age

Björvell, H.; Thorell-Ekstrand, I., 1994:
Euroquan. Clarity begins at Stockholm

Lanara, V., 1994:
Euroquan. Protocol matters

McKenna, H.; Deeny, P., 1995:
Euroquan. Quality across frontiers

Sansoni, J.; Fitzsimons, D., 1994:
Euroquan. Quality questions

Andersen, Y., 1994:
Euroquan. Relieving the pressure

Högnadóttir, G., 1994:
Euroquan. Striving for excellence

Ovalle, M., 1994:
Euroquan. Taking the bull by the horns

Alluard, E., 1994:
Euroquan. Vive la qualité des soins (long live nursing quality)

Holden, C., 1992:
Euroscientists grumble over gene laws

Chadwick, R.; ten Have, H.; Hoedemaekers, R.; Husted, J.; Levitt, M.; McGleenan, T.; Shickle, D.; Wiesing, U., 2001:
Euroscreen 2: towards community policy on insurance, commercialization and public awareness

Stoiber, J.; Ruckhofer, J.; Lametschwandtner, A.; Muss, W.; Hitzl, W.; Weikinger, K.; Grabner, G., 2001:
Eurosol versus fetal bovine serum-containing corneal storage medium

Ahtam, B.; Link, N.; Hoff, E.; Ellen Grant, P.; Im, K., 2018:
Altered structural brain connectivity involving the dorsal and ventral language pathways in 16p11.2 deletion syndrome

Anonymous, 1994:
Eurosurgery 93. Symposium proceedings. London, 14-17 September 1993

Zuo, Z.; Ran, S.; Wang, Y.; Li, C.; Han, Q.; Tang, Q.; Qu, W.; Li, H., 2018:
Altered Structural Covariance Among the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex and Amygdala in Treatment-Naïve Patients With Major Depressive Disorder

Voevodskaya, O.; Pereira, J.B.; Volpe, G.; Lindberg, O.; Stomrud, E.; van Westen, D.; Westman, E.; Hansson, O., 2018:
Altered structural network organization in cognitively normal individuals with amyloid pathology

Etscheid, M.; Subramaniam, S.; Lochnit, Günther.; Zabczyk, M.; Undas, A.; Lang, I.M.; Hanschmann, K-Martin.; Kanse, S.M., 2018:
Altered structure and function of fibrinogen after cleavage by Factor VII Activating Protease (FSAP)

Sasaki, N.; Takashima, E.; Nyunoya, H., 2018:
Altered Subcellular Localization of a Tobacco Membrane Raft-Associated Remorin Protein by Tobamovirus Infection and Transient Expression of Viral Replication and Movement Proteins

Tseng, C-Chieh.; Yu, P-Ying.; Liou, J-Wen.; Chang, K-Chih., 2018:
Altered Susceptibility to Air Sampling Stress by Filtration is Related to Colistin Resistance Development in Acinetobacter baumannii

Anonymous, 1997:
Eurosurveillance approaches its first birthday and Eurosurveillance Weekly is born

Anonymous, 1995:
Eurosurveillance--a European communicable disease bulletin

Pang, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Tan, Z.; Guo, J.; Guan, F.; Li, X., 2018:
Altered susceptibility to apoptosis and N‑glycan profiles of hematopoietic KG1a cells following co‑culture with bone marrow‑derived stromal cells under hypoxic conditions

Ady, V.; Toscano-Márquez, B.; Nath, M.; Chang, P.K.; Hui, J.; Cook, A.; Charron, Fçois.; Larivière, R.; Brais, B.; McKinney, R.Anne.; Watt, A.J., 2018:
Altered synaptic and firing properties of cerebellar Purkinje cells in a mouse model of ARSACS

Rappuoli, R.; Montecucco, C., 1994:
Eurotox-6 conference: old bacterial toxins reveal new cell machineries

Schlieper, G.; Ivens, K.; Voiculescu, A.; Luther, B.; Sandmann, W.; Grabensee, B., 2001:
Eurotransplant Senior Program 'old for old': results from 10 patients

Persijn, G.G.; Smits, J.M.; Frei, U., 2000:
Eurotransplant kidney allocation

de Boer, J.; D.M.ester, J.; Smits, J.M.; Groenewoud, A.F.; Bok, A.; van der Velde, O.; Doxiadis, I.I.; Persijn, G.G., 2000:
Eurotransplant randomized multicenter kidney graft preservation study comparing HTK with UW and Euro-Collins

Tuffs, A., 1996:
Eurotransplant to allocate kidneys by computer

Suzuki, K.; Toda, S.; Furumai, T.; Fukagawa, Y.; Oki, T., 1994 :
Eurystatins A and B, new prolyl endopeptidase inhibitors. III. Fermentation and controlled biosynthesis of eurystatin analogs by Streptomyces eurythermus

Taks, J.M., 2000:
Eusol management of burns

Humzah, M.D.; Marshall, J.; Breach, N.M., 1996:
Eusol: the plastic surgeon's choice?

Punzo, F.; Guarini, P.; D.M.chele, M.; Accadia, M.; Irace, L.; Caruso, A.; Granato Corigliano, G., 2001:
Eustachian Valve Endocarditis in an Elderly Woman

Lessa, H.A.; Carvalho, E.M.; Marsden, P.D., 1994:
Eustachian tube blockage with consequent middle ear infection in mucosal leishmaniasis

Yamawaki, Y.; Nishimura, Y.; Suzuki, Y., 2000:
Eustachian tube cartilage and medial movement of lateral pharyngeal wall on phonation

Takahashi, H.; Honjo, I.; Fujita, A., 1994:
Eustachian tube compliance in cleft palate--a preliminary study

Sakakihara, J.; Honjo, I.; Fujita, A.; Kurata, K.; Takahashi, H., 1993:
Eustachian tube compliance in sniff-induced otitis media with effusion. A preliminary study

LeLiever, W.C., 1993:
Eustachian tube dysfunction

Dubin, M.G.; Pollock, H.W.; Ebert, C.S.; Berg, E.; Buenting, J.E.; Prazma, J.P., 2002:
Eustachian tube dysfunction after tobacco smoke exposure

Linstrom, C.J.; Silverman, C.A.; Rosen, A.; Meiteles, L.Z. , 2000:
Eustachian tube endoscopy in patients with chronic ear disease

Chiossone-Kerdel, J.A.; Quaranta, N.; Baguley, D.M.; Moffat, D.A., 2002:
Eustachian tube function after translabyrinthine vestibular schwannoma surgery

Bylander-Groth, A.; Stenström, C., 1998:
Eustachian tube function and otitis media in children

van Heerbeek, N.; Ingels, K.J.; Snik, A.F.; Zielhuis, G.A., 2002:
Eustachian tube function in children after insertion of ventilation tubes

Buchman, C.A.; Doyle, W.J.; Swarts, J.D., 1993:
Eustachian tube function in the ferret

Tsuji, T.; Yamaguchi, N.; Hamada, Y.; Mitani, Y.; Aoki, K.; Moriyama, H., 1999:
Eustachian tube function of adhesive tympanum--pre and post operative evaluation

Kumazawa, T.; Iwano, T.; Ushiro, K.; Kinoshita, T.; Hamada, E.; Kaneko, A., 1993:
Eustachian tube function tests and their diagnostic potential in normal and diseased ears

Bunne, M.; Magnuson, B.; Falk, B.; Hellström, S., 2000:
Eustachian tube function varies over time in children with secretory otitis media

Soni, N.K., 1994:
Eustachian tube functions in lepromatous leprosy: a tympanometric study

Ruah, C.B.; Cohen, D.; Sadé, J., 1999:
Eustachian tube teratoma and its terminological correctness

Nkomo, V.T.; Miller, F.A., 2001 :
Eustachian valve cyst

Schmidt, M.A.; Nigbor, D.; Eitzman, D.T., 2001:
Eustachian valve endocarditis caused by Streptococcus viridans

James, P.R.; Dawson, D.; Hardman, S.M., 1999:
Eustachian valve endocarditis diagnosed by transoesophageal echocardiography

Navarro, V.; Martínez-Alfaro, E.; Sanz, P.; Solera, J., 1996:
Eustachian valve endocarditis produced by Staphylococcus hominis in a patient with HIV infection

Sawhney, N.; Palakodeti, V.; Raisinghani, A.; Rickman, L.S.; DeMaria, A.N.; Blanchard, D.G., 2001:
Eustachian valve endocarditis: a case series and analysis of the literature

Malaterre, H.R.; Kallee, K.; Périer, Y., 2001:
Eustachian valve mimicking a right atrial cystic tumor

Shklar, G.; Chernin, D.; Eustachio, B., 2002:
Eustachio and "Libellus de dentibus" the first book devoted to the structure and function of the teeth

Roberts, K.B.; Eustachi, B., 1979:
Eustachius and his anatomical plates

Voltaggio, F., 1997:
Eustress and therapeutic success

Simmons, B.L.; Nelson, D.L., 2001:
Eustress at work: the relationship between hope and health in hospital nurses

Narr, L.L.; O'Donnell, J.G.; Libster, B.; Alessi, P.; Abraham, D., 1996:
Eustrongylidiasis--a parasitic infection acquired by eating live minnows

Martínez Urionabarrenetxea, K., 2001:
Eutanasia and palliative care: dangerous friends

Plapp, M.; Karma, A., 2003:
Eutectic colony formation: a phase-field study

Plapp, M.; Karma, A., 2002:
Eutectic colony formation: a stability analysis

Kassner; Misbah; Baumann, 1995:
Eutectic dynamics: A host of new states

Xie, W.J.; Cao, C.D.; Lü, Y.J.; Wei, B., 2003:
Eutectic growth under acoustic levitation conditions

Gupta, A.K.; Sibbald, R.G., 1996:
Eutectic lidocaine/prilocaine 5% cream and patch may provide satisfactory analgesia for excisional biopsy or curettage with electrosurgery of cutaneous lesions. A randomized, controlled, parallel group study

D.C.rlo, R.; Lombardo, P.; Modugno, V.; Pastore, A., 2002:
Eutectic mixture of local anesthetics (EMLA): evaluation of the analgesic effectiveness during ND: YAG laser turbinoplasty

Steward, D.J., 1993:
Eutectic mixture of local anesthetics (EMLA): what is it? What does it do?

Cordoni, A.; Cordoni, L.E., 2001:
Eutectic mixture of local anesthetics reduces pain during intravenous catheter insertion in the pediatric patient

Miguel, R., 1994:
Eutetic mixture of local anesthetics: not just for kids

Zucker, A.; Sterner, T., 1991:

Friedenberg, R.M., 2001:

von Engelhardt, D., 1997:
Euthanasia - a historical perspective

Jensen, H.M., 1979:
Euthanasia -- historical and current

Latimer, E., 1992:
Euthanasia -- pressure to put it on the menu

Prenesti, S., 1996:
Euthanasia Act to be terminated?

Anonymous, 1997:
Euthanasia Laws Act 1997

Klopfer, F.J.; Price, W.F., 1978:
Euthanasia acceptance as related to afterlife belief and other attitudes

Kottow, M.H., 1988:
Euthanasia after the holocaust--is it possible?: a report from the Federal Republic of Germany

Asch, D.A.; DeKay, M.L., 1997:
Euthanasia among US critical care nurses. Practices, attitudes, and social and professional correlates

Anonymous, 1996:
Euthanasia and AIDS: Dutch physicians toe legal high wire

Erickson, M.J.; Bowers, I.E., 1976:
Euthanasia and Christian ethics

Meilaender, G., 1982:
Euthanasia and Christian vision

Freeland, R., 1997:
Euthanasia and Islamic law

Vander Veer, J.B., 2001:
Euthanasia and Law in the Netherlands, by John Griffiths, et al

Hardon, J.A., 1975:
Euthanasia and abortion: a Catholic view

Barnette, R.E.; Wendling, W.W., 1993:
Euthanasia and anesthesiologists

Rich, E.R., 1997:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide

van der Arend, A.J., 1998:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide in The Netherlands: clarifying the practice and the nurse's role

Alvarez, Aón., 2002:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide. End-of-life options

Terry, P.B., 1993:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide. Ethics and politics

Anonymous, 1999:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide. Euthanasia and nursing care: the role of the critical care nurse in euthanasia and assisted suicide

Gates, T.J., 1997:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide: a family practice perspective

McCartney, J.J., 1991:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide: elements of Church teaching

Tuohey, J.F., 1993:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide: is mercy sufficient?

Csikai, E.L., 2001:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide: issues for social work practice

Roscam-Abbing, H.D., 1997:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide: judicial and political developments in the Netherlands

Horton, R., 2001:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide: what does the Dutch vote mean?

Louisell, D.W., 1973:
Euthanasia and biathanasia: on dying and killing

Norum, J.; Leknes, M., 1999:
Euthanasia and cancer

Engelhardt, H.Tristram., 1973:
Euthanasia and children: the injury of continued existence

Sellevold, O.F., 1993:
Euthanasia and choice of drugs

Machado, N.I., 2002:
Euthanasia and critical decision-making in intensive care units: a comparative organisational research project

Gariepy, G., 1974:
Euthanasia and death

Colebunders, R.; Schrooten, W., 1999:
Euthanasia and end-of-life care

Stingl, M., 1998:
Euthanasia and health reform in Canada

Van den Akker, B.; Janssens, R.M.; Ten Have, H.A., 1998:
Euthanasia and international human rights law: prolegomena for an international debate

Samek, R., 1984:
Euthanasia and law reform

Häyry, H.; Häyry, M., 1994:
Euthanasia and logic

Hiller, M.D.; Sugarman, D.B., 1990:
Euthanasia and long-term care: values of the long-term care professional

O'Connor, M.; Muirden, N., 1996:
Euthanasia and medical decisions concerning the end of life

Anonymous, 1993:
Euthanasia and medical practice in the UK

Manga, P., 2001:
Euthanasia and medically assisted suicide--the case for legalizing physician assisted suicide

Colbert, J.G.; Aquinas, T., 1978 :
Euthanasia and natural law

Scanlon, C., 1996:
Euthanasia and nursing practice--right question, wrong answer

Onwuteaka-Philipsen, B.D.; Muller, M.T.; van der Wal, G., 1998:
Euthanasia and old age

Deliens, L.; Mortier, F.; Bilsen, J.; Cosyns, M.; Vander Stichele, R.; Vanoverloop, J.; Ingels, K.; Bernheim, J., 2001:
Euthanasia and other medical decisions concerning the end of life in Belgium: epidemiologic studies

Wokke, J.H., 1997:
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Evaluate and communicate health care benefits

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Evaluate before you tie the knot

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Evaluate health plans

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Evaluate new methods!

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Evaluate the complications of prone positioning in patients with severe ARDS after trauma

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Evaluate the contribution of social services

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Evaluate thyself!

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Evaluate your employees

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Evaluate your own PR program--everybody else is doing it

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Evaluate your reimbursement distribution guidelines for legal conformity!

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Evaluating IT investments

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Evaluating LIS turnaround times with Lotus 1-2-3

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Evaluating NHS direct. Early findings raise questions about expanding the service

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Evaluating PTSD in incarcerated male juveniles with the MMPI-A: an exploratory analysis

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Evaluating R&D projects and portfolios

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Evaluating RT services by internal audit

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Evaluating Reagan's block grants. Informed opinions on essential issues and needed information resources

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Evaluating Snoezelen for relaxation within chronic pain management

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Evaluating T.S.H

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Evaluating TIPS trials: the devil is in the details?

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Evaluating Tackling Rugby Injury: the pilot phase for monitoring injury

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Evaluating UK research in speech and language therapy

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Evaluating UMLS strings for natural language processing

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Evaluating WIC

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Evaluating a W.B.C. count with differential

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Evaluating a case-based discovery system: a case-study in content-oriented evaluation

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Evaluating a committee structure

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Evaluating a community nursing service: listening to the voices of clients with an intellectual disability and/or their proxies

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Evaluating a comprehensive outpatient clinical information system: a case study and model for system evaluation

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Evaluating a computerized tool for coding patient information

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Evaluating a credit risk

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Evaluating a decision-oriented approach to smoking education

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Evaluating a hospital pharmacy computer system

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Evaluating a hospital quality assurance plan

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Evaluating a job opportunity

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Evaluating a management recommendation to downsize: guidelines for leaders

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Evaluating a model of fatigue in children with cancer

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Evaluating a nebuliser service to improve patient care

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Evaluating a new blood gas sensor

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Evaluating a new protocol from the investigator's perspective

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Evaluating a new technique for the treatment of chronic wounds

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Evaluating a nursing QA program

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Evaluating a palliative care education project in nursing homes

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Evaluating a phone system: one approach

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Evaluating a picture archiving and communications system workstation

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Evaluating a picture archiving communication system workstation

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Evaluating a pilot community stroke service using insights from medical anthropology

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Evaluating a plastic surgery academic faculty position

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Evaluating a practice opportunity. Asking the right questions

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Evaluating a prevention program for teenagers on sexual coercion: a differential effectiveness approach

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Evaluating a primary care vertically integrated curriculum in undergraduate medical education

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Evaluating a primary prevention program in a multicultural population: the importance of representations of back pain

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Evaluating a private foundation's health program

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Evaluating a private practice for employment

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Evaluating a problem based learning course: an action research study

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Evaluating a programme to enhance vocabulary development in pre-schoolers

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Evaluating a rehabilitation co-ordinator service for personal injury claimants

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Evaluating a residential drug-treatment center for women

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Evaluating a robust contour tracker on echocardiographic sequences

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Evaluating a skills centre: learning psychomotor skills--a review of the theory

Knight, C.M., 1998:
Evaluating a skills centre: the acquisition of psychomotor skills in nursing--a review of the literature

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Evaluating a split processing model of visual word recognition: effects of word length

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Evaluating a state agency's case management services

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Evaluating a statewide partnership for reducing risks for chronic diseases

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Evaluating a successful coroner protocol

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Evaluating a support group for perinatal loss

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Evaluating a support program for children victim of domestic violence

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Evaluating a system chief executive. Eight questions trustees should ask themselves about CEOs and CEO candidates

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Evaluating a teaching skills workshop for medical students

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Evaluating a telemedicine delivery system

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Evaluating a test protocol for predicting maximum lactate steady state

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Evaluating a training program for parental educators

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Evaluating a visual field screening test for glaucoma: how the choice of the gold standard affects the validity of the test

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Evaluating a voice recognition system: finding the right product for your department

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Evaluating a voluntary second surgical opinion program

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Evaluating a walk-in clinic for detecting skin cancers

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Evaluating a written emotional disclosure homework intervention for lower-limb amputees

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Evaluating aboriginal empowerment programs: the case of Family WellBeing

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Evaluating abstracts: preparing a research conference

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Evaluating acceptability and completeness of overseas immunization records of internationally adopted children

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Evaluating acceptance and understanding of risk in the emergency department: are all risk statements created equally?

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Evaluating action research

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Evaluating activities of daily living: directions for the future

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Evaluating acute effects of potential reduced-exposure products for smokers: clinical laboratory methodology

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Evaluating acute musculoskeletal complaints

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Evaluating adolescent suicide attempters: what emergency nurses need to know

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Evaluating adolescents with fatigue: ever get tired of it?

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Evaluating adrenal activity in African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) by fecal corticosteroid analysis

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Evaluating adrenal incidentalomas

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Evaluating adult hematuria

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Evaluating advanced practice nursing care through use of a heuristic framework

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Evaluating age from arbitrary forms of injection functions of tracer

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Evaluating air conditioning systems for an existing hospital

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Evaluating albumin usage in an urban acute care hospital

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Evaluating alleged drinking after driving--the hip-flask defence. Part 1. Double blood samples and urine-to-blood alcohol relationship

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Evaluating alternating pressure overlays

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Evaluating alternative treatments for HIV infection

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Evaluating alternatives to insuring group health plans

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Evaluating ambulatory care quality--a dilemma

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Evaluating ambulatory urodynamics: a prospective study in asymptomatic women

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Evaluating an abnormal ECG. Reversed leads or cardiac trouble?

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Evaluating an activity intervention with hemodialysis patients in Israel

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