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Evaluation of a multidrug chemotherapy protocol (ACOPA II) in dogs with lymphoma

Myers, N.C.; Moore, A.S.; Rand, W.M.; Gliatto, J.; Cotter, S.M.

Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 11(6): 333-339


ISSN/ISBN: 0891-6640
PMID: 9470157
DOI: 10.1111/j.1939-1676.1997.tb00476.x
Accession: 046006293

A chemotherapeutic protocol using cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone, doxorubicin, and L-asparaginase (ACOPA II) was evaluated in dogs with lymphoma. The response rate for 68 dogs treated with ACOPA II (complete remission [CR] 65%, partial remission [PR] 10%) was lower than that for 41 dogs treated with a related protocol previously evaluated (ACOPA I; CR 76%, PR 12%). Initial treatment with doxorubicin and prednisone did not decrease the prevalence or severity of toxicity during induction. The mortality during induction was 22%. The median duration of CR for dogs treated with ACOPA II was 9 months, with 40% still in remission at 1 year and 21% at 2 years. The rate of CR was lower for dogs with signs of illness at presentation (substage b) and for dogs weighing less than 15 kg. Age was negatively correlated with survival time and duration of remission. Dogs with immunoblastic lymphoma had a more favorable prognosis than did those with lymphoblastic lymphoma. Survival times were also longer for dogs in substage a at presentation. Seven dogs in which treatment was discontinued while in remission had comparable remission duration to that achieved by dogs receiving long-term maintenance chemotherapy.

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