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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46058

Chapter 46058 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Prokuski, L.J.; Saltzman, C.L., 1998:
External fixation for the treatment of Charcot arthropathy of the ankle: a case report

Lichtman, D.M.; Roure, A.R., 1993:
External fixation for the treatment of Kienböck's disease

Shaw, D.L.; Lawton, J.O., 1995:
External fixation for tibial fractures: clinical results and cost effectiveness

Allieu, Y.; Chammas, M.; Hixson, M.L., 1993:
External fixation for treatment of hand infections

Lerner, A.; Freiman, S.; Nierenberg, G.; Stein, H., 1999:
External fixation frame extension for pressure sore prevention

Helber, M.U.; Ulrich, C., 2000:
External fixation in forearm shaft fractures

Geiger, F.; Schneider, U.; Lukoschek, M.; Ewerbeck, V., 1999:
External fixation in proximal tibial osteotomy: a comparison of three methods

Pennig, D.; Gausepohl, T., 1999:
External fixation in the distal forearm: its use in fractures and malunions

Kamenícek, V., 1997:
External fixation in the foot and distal portion of the leg

Lambert, S.M., 2000:
External fixation in the upper limb

Cañadell, J.; San-Julian, M.; Cara, J.; Forriol, F., 1998:
External fixation in tumour pathology

Marsh, J.L., 2000:
External fixation is the treatment of choice for fractures of the tibial plafond

Höntzsch, D.; Weller, S., 1996:
External fixation of bones (fixateur externe) in fracture treatment

Hull, J.B.; Sanderson, P.L.; Rickman, M.; Bell, M.J.; Saleh, M., 1997:
External fixation of children's fractures: use of the Orthofix Dynamic Axial Fixator

Haddad, M.; Jacoby, B.; Snerum, L.; Hede, J.; Overgaard, S., 2000:
External fixation of distal radial fractures: 3 or 5 weeks of external fixation

Sola, J.; Schoenecker, P.L.; Gordon, J.E., 1999:
External fixation of femoral shaft fractures in children: enhanced stability with the use of an auxiliary pin

Deszczyński, Jław.; Szczesny, G.; Karpiński, J.; Deszczyńska, H.; Ziółkowski, M., 2002:
External fixation of fractures using Dysnastab-S stabilizers for massive ankle fractures of tibial bone epiphyseal articulations

Marsh, J.L.; Mahoney, C.R.; Steinbronn, D., 2000:
External fixation of open humerus fractures

Goldwirth, M.; Grinberg, R.; Kluger, Y., 2000:
External fixation of pelvic fractures--considerations and indications

Christodoulou, N.A.; Sdrenias, C.V., 2000:
External fixation of select intertrochanteric fractures with single hip screw

Bone, L.; Stegemann, P.; McNamara, K.; Seibel, R., 1993:
External fixation of severely comminuted and open tibial pilon fractures

Santi, M.D.; Botte, M.J., 1996:
External fixation of the calcaneus and talus: an anatomical study for safe pin insertion

Simpson, N.S.; Wilkinson, R.; Barbenel, J.C.; Kinninmonth, A.W., 1994:
External fixation of the distal radius. A biomechanical study

Hutchinson, D.T.; Bachus, K.N.; Higgenbotham, T., 2000:
External fixation of the distal radius: to predrill or not to predrill

Williams, T.M.; Marsh, J.L.; Nepola, J.V.; DeCoster, T.A.; Hurwitz, S.R.; Bonar, S.B., 1998:
External fixation of tibial plafond fractures: is routine plating of the fibula necessary?

Bar-On, E.; Sagiv, S.; Porat, S., 1997:
External fixation or flexible intramedullary nailing for femoral shaft fractures in children. A prospective, randomised study

Kerkhoffs, G.M.M.J.; Kuipers, M.M.; Marti, R.K.; Van der Werken, C., 2002:
External fixation with standard AO-plates: technique, indications, and results in 31 cases

Weiland, A.J., 2000:
External fixation, not ORIF, as the treatment of choice for fractures of the distal radius

Koller, A.; Fiedler, R.; Wetz, H.H., 2001:
External fixator for reconstruction of foot statics in neurogenic osteoarthropathies

McCulley, S.J.; Hasting, C., 1999:
External fixator for the hand: a quick, cheap and effective method

Korzinek, K.; Delimar, D.; Tripković, B., 1999:
External fixator for war purposes: the CMC fixator

Chevalley, F.; Husmann, O.; Genton, A.; Blanc, C.H., 1996:
External fixator in severe traumatic injuries of the pelvis: results apropos of 20 consecutive cases

Grob, D.; Dvorák, J.; Panjabi, M.M.; Antinnes, J.A., 1993:
External fixator of the cervical spine--a new diagnostic tool

Neumann, K.; Clarius, M.; Gutsfeld, P., 1996:
External fixator or bone pin osteosyntheses in unstable distal intra-articular radius fractures in elderly patients

Kruscić, A.; Zgajnar, B., 1991:
External fixators combined with other methods

Frykman, G.K.; Peckham, R.H.; Willard, K.; Saha, S., 1993:
External fixators for treatment of unstable wrist fractures. A biomechanical, design feature, and cost comparison

Schulitz, K.P.; Wiesner, L., 1995:
External fixators in temporary spinal stabilization. Radiographic anatomy of the lumbar pedicles

García-Ojalvo; Sancho, 1996:
External fluctuations in a pattern-forming instability

Armero; Sancho; Casademunt; Lacasta; Ramírez-Piscina; Sagués, 1996:
External fluctuations in front propagation

Edelstein, B.L., 2002:
External forces impacting U.S. health care: implications for future of dental practice

Bavil'skiĭ, V.F.; Plaskin, O.F.; Piskunov, V.A.; Suvorov, A.V., 2001:
External genital elephantiasis in men

Akotionga, M.; Traore, O.; Lakoande, J.; Kone, B., 2001:
External genital excision sequelae at the Yalgado Ouedraogo national central hospital: epidemiology and surgical treatment

Galisteo Moya, R.; Nogueras Ocaña, M.; Tinaut Ranera, F.Javier.; de la Fuente Serrano, Aán.; Gutiérrez Tejero, F.; Ramírez Garrido, F.; Zuluaga Gómez, A., 2002:
External genital injuries during childhood

Huang, Y-Li.; Bryce, A.H.; Culbertson, T.; Connor, S.L.; Looker, S.A.; Altman, K.M.; Collins, J.G.; Stellner, W.; McWilliams, R.R.; Moreno-Aspitia, A.; Ailawadhi, S.; Mesa, R.A., 2017:
Alternative Outpatient Chemotherapy Scheduling Method to Improve Patient Service Quality and Nurse Satisfaction

Ogino, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Haraguchi, R.; Satoh, Y.; Dolle, P.; Yamada, G., 2002:
External genitalia formation: role of fibroblast growth factor, retinoic acid signaling, and distal urethral epithelium

Lauterbach, E.C., 1999:
External globus pallidus in depression

Abdel-Motal, U.M.; Dahmén, J.; Liu, T.; Ljunggren, H.G.; Jondal, M., 1996:
External glycopeptide binding to MHC class-I in relation to expression of TAP transporters, beta 2-microglobulin and to pH

Epstein, Y.; Moran, D.; Shapira, Y., 2000:
External heat stroke--is it preventable in military settings?

Schulte, J.K., 1994:
External hex manufacturing tolerances of six implant systems: a pilot study

al-Saady, N.M.; Fernando, S.S.; Petros, A.J.; Cummin, A.R.; Sidhu, V.S.; Bennett, E.D., 1995:
External high frequency oscillation in normal subjects and in patients with acute respiratory failure

Hayek, Z.; Sohar, E., 1993:
External high frequency oscillation--concept and practice

Cameron, I.; Kurrle, S., 1997:
External hip protectors

Lauritzen, J.B.; Petersen, M.M.; Lund, B., 1993:
External hip protectors against hip fractures. A randomized study in a nursing home

Ekman, A.; Mallmin, H.; Michaëlsson, K.; Ljunghall, S., 1997:
External hip protectors to prevent osteoporotic hip fractures

Camerota, A.J.; Rash, F.C., 1994:
External hydrocephalus in a set of triplets

Koul, R.; Cherian, E.; Alexander, C.; Joshi, R.; Aithala, G.; Sankhla, D., 1998:
External hydrocephalus: a report of 16 cases from Oman

Speedy, D.B.; Abraham, P.; Graham, K.J.; Charlesworth, P., 2000:
External iliac artery endofibrosis in a triathlete

Abraham, P.; Chevalier, J.M.; Loire, R.; Saumet, J.L., 1999:
External iliac artery endofibrosis in a young cyclist

Abraham, P.; Saumet, J.L.; Chevalier, J.M., 1997:
External iliac artery endofibrosis in athletes

Paraf, F.; Petit, B.; Roux, J.; Bertin, F.; Laskar, M.; Labrousse, F., 2000:
External iliac artery endofibrosis of the cyclist

Abraham, P.; Chevalier, J.M.; Saumet, J.L., 1998:
External iliac artery endofibrosis: a 40-year course

Zilbert, A.W.; Farrell, S.A., 2001:
External iliac artery laceration during tension-free vaginal tape procedure

Khaira, H.S.; Awad, R.W.; Aluwihare, N.; Shearman, C.P., 1996:
External iliac artery stenosis in a young body builder

Wattiez, A.; Raymond, F.; Canis, M.; Chapron, C.; Pouly, J.L.; Mage, G.; Bruhat, M.A., 1993:
External iliac lymphadenectomy by celioscopy: surgical technique

Grenier, N.; Rousseau, H.; Douws, C.; Brichaux, J.C.; Potaux, L.; Masson, B., 1993:
External iliac vein stenosis after segmental pancreatic transplantation: treatment by percutaneous endoprosthesis

Fava, M.; Loyola, S.; Flores, P.; Del Campo, F., 1997:
External iliac vein thrombosis after renal transplantation: treatment by thrombolysis and stent placement: a case report

Kutin, A.A.; Amelin, V.M.; Braverman, I.B.; Magomadov, R.Kh.; Mosienko, N.I., 1998:
External incomplete fistula of colon opening into subdiaphragmatic pyogenic cavity

Fejerskov, O., 1998:
External influences on dental schools and their curricula. The influence of dental research on qualifications of clinical faculty staff

Spilker, B., 1993:
External influences on protocol design

Bertrand, B.; Benouada, A.; Devars, F.; Traissac, L., 1995:
External injuries of the larynx in the adult: apropos of a case

Dieckmann, O.; Enders, P., 2002:
External inter-facility evaluation of rheumatologic acute care clinics

Rothgerber, H., 1998:
External intergroup threat as an antecedent to perceptions of in-group and out-group homogeneity

Gonsalkorale, M., 2002:
External intermittent pneumatic compression

Gorfinkel', I.V.; Rekhen, D.G.; Chirkov, I.V., 2000:
External intestinal fistulae following gynecological operations and their treatment

Anonymous, 1996:
External invasive pacemakers

Track, C.; Seewald, D.H.; Zoidl, J.P.; Hammer, J., 1994:
External irradiation and interstitial HDR brachytherapy in the treatment of breast cancer

Segura-Vasi, A.M.; Suelto, M.D.; Boudreaux, A.M., 1999:
External jugular vein cannulation for central venous access

Sarteschi, L.M.; Bonanomi, G.; Mosca, F.; Ferrari, M., 1999:
External jugular vein hemangioma occurring as a lateral neck mass

Pivovarov, G.N., 2001:
External jugular vein: alternative vascularized access

Gerrard, D.F., 1998:
External knee support in rugby union. Effectiveness of bracing and taping

Knopp, R.K., 2002:
External laryngeal manipulation: a simple intervention for difficult intubations

Aina, E.N.; Hisham, A.N., 2002:
External laryngeal nerve in thyroid surgery: is the nerve stimulator necessary?

Aina, E.N.; Hisham, A.N., 2001:
External laryngeal nerve in thyroid surgery: recognition and surgical implications

Zelman, W.H.; Burke, L.I., 1994:
External laryngocele: an unusual cause of respiratory distress in a newborn

Dzhafarov, V.M., 2002:
External liquorrhea as a result of a spinal gunshot wound

Anonymous, 1981:
External marketing research on a budget: if you can't afford to mail a lot, call a few

Hagerty, R.C., 1999:
External mastopexy with imbrication following explantation

Putnam, A.J.; Cunningham, J.J.; Pillemer, B.B.L.; Mooney, D.J., 2002:
External mechanical strain regulates membrane targeting of Rho GTPases by controlling microtubule assembly

Crisafulli, A.; Melis, F.; Tocco, F.; Laconi, P.; Lai, C.; Concu, A., 2002:
External mechanical work versus oxidative energy consumption ratio during a basketball field test

Lennholm, B., 1993:
External medical audit

Morita, T., 2001:
External memory aids in prospective memory tasks

Tez, M.; Keskek, M.; Ozkan O; Karamursel, S., 2001:
External metallic circle in microsurgical anastomosis of common bile duct

Dinkel, R.H.; Lebok, U., 1994:
External migration and population trends in Germany

Juka, S., 1995:
External migration from west Herzegovina

Dekkers Ajm; Kuijper, H., 1984:
External migration in 1982

Dekkers Ajm; Kuijper, H., 1985:
External migration in 1983

Dekkers Ajm; Kiujper, H., 1986:
External migration in 1984

Dekkers, A.J., 1987:
External migration in 1985

Shah, A.R.; Rehman, N.U.; Shaikh, N.; Isber, N., 2000:
External migration of an infected subcutaneous ICD patch through mammary tissue

Van Hoorn, W.D., 1994:
External migration slows aging

Eberlin, J.L.; Peres, J.M., 1994:
External mini-fixators for the hand

Niemela; Donnelly, 1987:
External modulation of Rayleigh-Bénard convection

Brusasco, V., 2002:
External modulation of airway narrowing

Wareham, N.J., 1994:
External monitoring of quality of health care in the United States

Carcavallo, R.U.; Zeledón, R.; Jurberg, J.; Galindez, I., 1996:
External morphology of Triatoma rickmani Zeledón & Ponce, 1972 seen under scanning electron microscopy

Pessoa, F.A.; Guerra de Queiroz, R.; Ward, R.D., 2002:
External morphology of sensory structures of fourth instar larvae of neotropical species of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) under scanning electron microscopy

Heaven, L.; McBrayer, D., 2000:
External motivators of self-touching behavior

Lai, A.; Cheney, M.L., 2002:
External nasal anatomy and its application to rhinoplasty

Moses, A.J., 2002:
External nasal dilators: a clinical aid for dentists, patients

Heier, H.E.; Kornstad, L., 1993:
External national quality control of blood group typing 1983-92. Significance for quality assurance in transfusion medicine

Joshi, A.; Rood, J.P., 2002:
External neurolysis of the lingual nerve

Brand; Kai; Wakabayashi, 1985:
External noise can suppress the onset of spatial turbulence

Osenda; Briozzo; Cáceres, 1996:
External noise in periodically forced Rayleigh-Bénard convection

Pakdaman, K.; Mestivier, D., 2001:
External noise synchronizes forced oscillators

Ziprin, P.; Williams, P.; Foster, M.E., 1999:
External oblique aponeurosis nerve entrapment as a cause of groin pain in the athlete

Cordova, A.; Stagno D'Alcontres, F.; Corradino, B.; Napoli, P.; Latteri, F.; Moschella, F., 2002:
External oblique muscle-cutaneous flap use of the in the reconstruction of large chest wall defects after mastectomy

Bogossian, N.; Chaglassian, T.; Rosenberg, P.H.; Moore, M.P., 1996:
External oblique myocutaneous flap coverage of large chest-wall defects following resection of breast tumors

Brisou, P.; Menard, G., 2000:
External ophthalmomyiasis by Oestrus ovis from a beach in Var

Yoshimoto, C.M.; Goff, M.L., 1997:
External ophthalmomyiasis, a disease established in Hawaii

Marsch, S.C.; Schaefer, H.G., 1994:
External ophthalmoplegia after total intravenous anaesthesia

von Stuckrad-Barre, S.; Wekerle, G.; Pfefferkorn, T.; Strupp, M., 2002:
External ophthalmoplegia caused by amitriptyline poisoning

Jones, K.J.; North, K.N., 1997:
External ophthalmoplegia in neuromuscular disorders: case report and review of the literature

Mitsikostas, D.; Manta, P.; Kalfakis, N.; Chioni, A.; Ilias, A.; Liakopoulos, D.; Papageorgiou, C., 1995:
External ophthalmoplegia with ragged-red fibres and acetylcholine receptor antibodies

Duncan, M., 1999:
External or internal jugular cannulation?

Cellini, N., 1993:
External or interstitial radiotherapy: what indications for the management of prostatic carcinoma?

Giacomarra, V.; Russolo, M.; Arnez, Z.M.; Tirelli, G., 2001:
External osteotomy in rhinoplasty

Manuel Martín, A.; Montes, I.; Domínguez De Luis, F., 2001:
External otitis due to fly larvas

Weinbroum, A.A.; Dembo, G.; Hochhauser, E.; Rudick, V.; Vidne, B.A., 2001:
External pacing does not potentiate allopurinol protection of the heart from liver ischemia-reperfusion -- a study in an isolated perfused liver-heart rat model

Mérini, C.; de Peretti, C., 2002:
External partnerships and prevention relative to psychoactive substances: what should be the position of the school and its partners?

Gotzen, L.; Ishaque, B.; Morgenthal, F.; Petermann, J., 1997:
External patello-tibial transfixation. I: Indications and technique

Petermann, J.; Ishaque, B.; Ziring, E.; Gotzen, L., 2001:
External patellotibial transfixation: indications, operative technique and outcome

Axelsson, P.; Johnsson, R.; Strömqvist, B.; Andréasson, H., 1999:
External pedicular fixation of the lumbar spine: outcome evaluation by functional tests

Heaton, C., 2000:
External peer review in Europe: an overview from the ExPeRT Project. External Peer Review Techniques

Watts, D.D.; Kokiko, J., 1999:
External pelvic stabilization: nursing implications

Lee, 1993:
External photodetection of cavity radiation

Béani, J.C., 1996:
External photoprotective agents and cutaneous cancers

Capper, C., 1998:
External pneumatic compression therapy for DVT prophylaxis

Chai, F.; Miller, S.; Whyte, A., 2003:
External pneumatocoele of the mastoid system

Balser, J.R.; Nuss, H.B.; Chiamvimonvat, N.; Pérez-García, M.T.; Marban, E.; Tomaselli, G.F., 1996:
External pore residue mediates slow inactivation in mu 1 rat skeletal muscle sodium channels

Calderón-Garcidueñas, A.L.; Pérez-Loria, O.; Alberto-Sagástegui, J.; Farías-García, R., 2000:
External progressive ophthalmoplegia secondary to mitochondrial myopathy. Report of a case and review of the literature

Hahn, C.J.; Holman, W.L.; Copeland, J.G.; Champsaur, G., 1993:
External pulsatile circulatory support

Chen, K.W.; Marbach, J.J., 2002:
External qigong therapy for chronic orofacial pain

Slater, D.N., 1999:
External quality assessment (EQA) in gynaecological cytology: radical rethinking required?

Kumasaka, K., 1998:
External quality assessment for clinical microbiology and good laboratory management

Bullock, D.G.; Taylor, A., 1994:
External quality assessment for trace element assays

Angel Núñez F; Ginorio; Finlay, 1997:
External quality assessment in coproparasitology in Havana City Province, Cuba

Slater, D.N.; Hewer, E.M.; Melling, S.E.; Rice, S., 2002:
External quality assessment in gynaecological cytology: The Trent Region experience. The Trent Regional Gynaecological Pathology Quality Assurance Group for the National Health Service Cervical Screening Programme

Rebentisch, G.; Muche, J.; Reinauer, H., 1993 :
External quality assessment of analysis of urinary calculi--a new scheme based mainly on natural concrement materials

van Loon, A.M.; Cleator, G.C.; Ras, A., 1999:
External quality assessment of enterovirus detection and typing. European Union Concerted Action on Virus Meningitis and Encephalitis

Land, S.; Tabrizi, S.; Gust, A.; Johnson, E.; Garland, S.; Dax, E.M., 2002:
External quality assessment program for Chlamydia trachomatis diagnostic testing by nucleic acid amplification assays

Schirm, J.; van Loon, A.M.; Valentine-Thon, E.; Klapper, P.E.; Reid, J.; Cleator, G.M., 2002:
External quality assessment program for qualitative and quantitative detection of hepatitis C virus RNA in diagnostic virology

Buratta, A., 1995:
External quality assessment programs in Lombardy, Italy

Timan, I.S.; Aulia, D.; Santoso, W., 2002:
External quality assessment scheme and laboratory accreditation in Indonesia

Heller, S., 1995:
External quality assessment scheme for haematology in Germany

De Plaen, P.; Claeys-Thoreau, F.; De Boeck, R., 1996:
External quality assessment scheme in Belgium. Heavy metal analyses

Borsotti, M., 1995:
External quality assessment scheme in Tuscany, Italy

Reinauer, H., 1995:
External quality assessment schemes for clinical chemistry in Germany

Bullock, D.G., 1995:
External quality assessment schemes for clinical chemistry in the United Kingdom

Peng, M.; Gu, X.; Wang, W.; Li, X.; Wang, W.; Yang, Z.H., 2000:
External quality assessment survey for hematological laboratories in China

Wentzensen, A.; Leutfink, D., 1997:
External quality assurance exemplified by distal radius fractures. A pilot projects of legal accident insurance

Lowdell, M.W.; Bainbridge, D.R., 1996:
External quality assurance for CD34 cell enumeration--results of a preliminary national trial. Royal Microscopical Society Clinical Flow Cytometry Group QA Schemes

Selbmann, H.K., 2002:
External quality assurance in Germany. The current status

Nawawi, H.; Lim, H.H.; Zakiah, I., 2000:
External quality assurance in Malaysia

Wendt, G.; Bourg, N.P., 2000:
External quality assurance in heart surgery at INCCI at the St Elizabeth Clinic using the modified Cleveland Scores

Kleinfeld, A.; Barth, T.; Reiland, M., 2002:
External quality assurance of medical rehabilitation in statutory health insurance

Schaller, K.H.; Angerer, J.; Weltle, D.; Drexler, H., 2002:
External quality assurance program for biological monitoring in occupational and environmental medicine

Lee, S-Hee.; Ang, E., 2002:
External quality assurance schemes: a local perspective

Middle, J., 1999:
External quality assurance--a personal view

Winkler, G.; Filipiak, B.; Hense, H.W.; Schwertner, B., 2000:
External quality control in the Federal Health Survey: concept and site visits

Winkler, G.; Filipiak, B.; Hense, H.W.; Schwertner, B., 1999:
External quality control in the German Health Survey 1997/98: concept and initial experiences

Hänseler, E.; Fried, R.; Savoca, R., 1997:
External quality control in the medical laboratory: evaluation of 12 ring trials 1994-1996

Sticht-Groh, V.; Boillot, F., 1993:
External quality control of direct sputum smears from Sierra Leone, West Africa

Horák, J.; Budina, M., 1997:
External quality control of hematologic tests in the Czech Republic 1994-1996

Iarmol'chuk, S.G., 1999:
External quality control of the laboratory determination of glucose in the urine and material for its realization

Weitz, J.C.; Astorga, B., 1995:
External quality control of the parasitological diagnosis of Cryptosporidium parvum

Mbiti, M.J.; Ojwang, P.J.; Orinda, D.A., 1993:
External quality control performance in clinical chemistry: experience in Kenya

Bewarder, N.; Müller, P., 2001:
External quality control program for inter-laboratory quality control

Rosas-Baruch, A.; Salas-Montiel, R.; Loria, A.; Majluf-Cruz, A., 1999:
External quality control program of four blood cell counters

Tatsumi, N.; Kawano, K.; Takubo, T.; Nakamura, H.; Tsuda, I., 2000:
External quality control results for hormones, tumor markers and CRP testing

Watanabe, K.; Miwa, S.; Nakahara, K.; Kitamura, K.; Tatsumi, N., 2000:
External quality control study of lymphocyte subset tests in Japan

Mannessier, L.; Chiaroni, J.; Le Pennec, P.Y., 2002:
External quality evaluation

Berger, G., 2000:
External quality management in inpatient geriatric care--the SIESTA instrument

Shaw, C.D., 2000:
External quality mechanisms for health care: summary of the ExPeRT project on visitatie, accreditation, EFQM and ISO assessment in European Union countries. External Peer Review Techniques. European Foundation for Quality Management. International Organization for Standardization

Boutcher, S.; Haas, T., 1985:
External radiation doses to nuclear medicine technologists from procedures using 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals

Wrónski, M.; Maor, M.H.; Davis, B.J.; Sawaya, R.; Levin, V.A., 1997:
External radiation of brain metastases from renal carcinoma: a retrospective study of 119 patients from the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Rogers, A.T.; Crawley, M.T.; Dixon-Brown, A.; Dudley, N.J.; Nicholas, D.; Pearson, D.; Przeslak, A.; Weatherburn, H., 1996:
External radiation protection audit in National Health Service hospitals. Radiation protecgtion advisors (RPA) of the Nottingham City Hospital NHS Trust and the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust

Takada, C.; Ito, K.; Nishi, J.; Yamamoto, T.; Hatanaka, Y.; Baba, Y.; Takahashi, M., 1995:
External radiation therapy of prostatic carcinoma and its relationship to hormonal therapy

Dunne-Daly, C.F., 1994:
External radiation therapy self-learning module

Vines, D.C.; Ivo, B.D.; Ballinger, J.R.; Ichise, M., 1999:
External radioactive reference markers in SPECT imaging of the dopamine system

Nakayama, H.; Tsuji, K.; Matsui, R.; Shiotani, S.; Atake, S.; Isaka, N.; Wada, M.; Tokuuye, K.; Ishikawa, A.; Akine, Y., 2002:
External radiotherapy for decompression of cholangiocellular carcinoma with obstructive jaundice: report of a case

Caliceti, U.; Frezza, G.; Galuppi, A.; Guidetti, A.; Pasquini, E.; Sorrenti, G.; Cavicchi, O.; Rinaldi Ceroni, A., 1996:
External radiotherapy in early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the supraglottic larynx. Report of 28 cases

Rohner, S.; Bieri, S.; Graber, P., 1994:
External radiotherapy with curative intent for adenocarcinoma clinically localized to the prostate (T1 to T3N0M0): intermediate results with a minimum follow-up of 4 years

Oliner, M.M., 1996:
External reality: the elusive dimension of psychoanalysis

Juche, A.; Euler, U.; Brüggenjürgen, B.; Willich, S.N.; Kunz, R., 2002:
External research service with critical appraisal of the medical literature at a university medical centre

Baer, P.N., 2001:
External resorption associated with tooth eruption

McNamara, C.M.; Foley, T.; O'Sullivan, V.R.; Crowley, N.; McConnell, R.J., 1998:
External resorption presenting as an intracoronal radiolucent lesion in a pre-eruptive tooth

Langlois, W., 2000:
External resources can promote cost management and financial benchmarks for radiology

Klochikhin, A.L.; Markov, G.I.; Asherova, I.K., 1997:
External respiration after the resection of the 3rd stage laryngeal cancer using polymers

Suvorov, A.V.; Mikhnenko, A.E.; Isaenko, V.V., 1991:
External respiration and gas exchange in man exposed to simulated diving at 350 M

Baranov, V.M.; Tikhonov, M.A.; Asiamolova, N.M.; Volkov, M.Iu.; Kotov, A.N.; Savchenko, G.E.; Khaĭdakov, K.S., 1991:
External respiration and gas exchange in space flights

Levshina, I.P.; Shuĭkin, N.N., 1996:
External respiration as an index of the individual physiological characteristics of higher nervous activity in rats

Belostotskiĭ, A.V.; Sokolova, V.S.; Novikova, L.N.; Ivanova, T.I.; Borukaev, A.M., 2002:
External respiration function in patients with exudative pleurisy before and after video-thoracoscopic operations

Kostianev, S.; Kumchev, E., 1994:
External respiration in patients with chronic renal failure in a predialysis state

Vakhidov, A.V., 1993:
External respiration in patients with craniocerebral injury

El'kin, A.V.; Savin, I.B., 1999:
External respiratory function and pulmonary capillary blood flow in patients with postoperative recurrent pulmonary tuberculosis

Vakhidov, A.; Muradov, M.K., 1994:
External respiratory functions and pulmonary hemodynamics in patients with neurotrauma

Reilly, L.; Carlisle, J.; Mikan, K.; Goldsmith, M., 1996:
External review for promotion and tenure in schools of nursing

Meyer, H., 1999:
External review. Consumer advocates, health plans, and policy makers weigh the merits of external review

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External review: both sides benefit

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External root resorption

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External root resorption following tooth trauma: its diagnosis, sequelae and therapy

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External root resorption of the maxillary permanent incisors caused by ectopically erupting canines

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External rotation views in the diagnosis of posterior colliculus fracture of the medial malleolus

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External rotation-lateral view of the ankle in the assessment of the posterior malleolus

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External route trabeculotomy combined with trabeculectomy in the treatment of congenital glaucoma

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External saphenous vein excision with mini-phlebectomy

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External secretion of the liver in enteral and intragastric tube feeding

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External septoplasty in children

Anonymous, 1997:
External services are increasing

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External shunt for off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: distal coronary perfusion catheter

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External signals can induce stable increase in frequency of cell death in populations

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External sources for topologically massive gauge fields

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External sources of vancomycin-resistant enterococci for intensive care units

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External spinal skeletal fixation in the management of back pain

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External stabilization of the metacarpal bones II to V. Anatomic-clinical study

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External stenting & atherosclerosis

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External stimuli

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External stimuli in the form of vibratory massage after heart or lung transplantation

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External support valvuloplasty in the treatment of chronic deep vein incompetence of the legs

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External supports and the prevention of neointima formation in vein grafts

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External thermoregulation of wounds associated with lower-extremity osteomyelitis. A pilot study

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External threats and nursing home administrator turnover

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External tibial torsion and the effectiveness of the solid ankle-foot orthoses

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External tibial torsion: an underrecognized cause of recurrent patellar dislocation

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External trabeculectomy with aspiration: surgical technique

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External trabeculotomy for the treatment of steroid-induced glaucoma

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External transpedicular fixation in the treatment of injuries of the spinal column and spinal cord

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External transpedicular fixation test of the lumbar spine correlates with the outcome of subsequent lumbar fusion

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External treatment of atopic eczema with gamma-linolenic acid?

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External ultrasonic lipoplasty

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External ultrasonic lipoplasty: an effective method of fat removal and skin shrinkage

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External ultrasonic treatment of capsular contractures in breast implants

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External ultrasonic tumescent liposuction. A preliminary study

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External ultrasound

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External ultrasound used in conjunction with superficial subdermal liposuction: a safe and effective technique

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External ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty from our own experience

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External unit for a semi-implantable middle ear hearing device

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External urethrotomy of scarred urethral stenosis with the Brainard method. 1876

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External use of bi yuan ning in 200 cases of nasosinusitis and rhinitis

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External vacuum device

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External validation of a modified model of Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) II for orthotopic liver transplant patients

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External validation of a prognostic model for predicting survival of cirrhotic patients with refractory ascites

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External validation of prognostic models for ongoing pregnancy after in-vitro fertilization

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External validation of the Ottawa knee rules in an urban trauma center in the United States

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External validation of the SAPS II, APACHE II and APACHE III prognostic models in South England: a multicentre study

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External validation of the equivalence of two computational formulas for a WAIS-R seven-subtest short form

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External validity of conduct and oppositional defiant disorders determined by the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule for children

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External validity of religiosity scales for a sample of southern students

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External validity of the profile variability index for the K-ABC, Stanford-Binet, and WISC-R: another cul de-sac

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External validity, reliability and basic score determination of the Toronto Alexithymia Scales (TAS and TAS-20) in a group of alcoholic patients

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External valvuloplasty for deep venous valve insufficiency of legs

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External valvuloplasty technique in deep venous valve insufficiency of the lower limbs

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External valvuloplasty under preoperative angioscopic control

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External veins of the spinal cord it the Wistar rats

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External venous shunt as a solution to venous thrombosis in microvascular surgery

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External ventilation monitoring system in nonintubated subjects: the noninvasive apnea monitor

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External ventricular assist devices as circulatory support in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

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External ventricular drainage--a possibility in therapy of progressive posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus in extremely premature newborn infants

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External ventricular support in primary cardiogenic shock

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External ventriculostomy devices EVDs

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External ventriculostomy: a practical application for the acute care nurse

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External version and pelvic presentation

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External version in pelvic presentation

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External versus internal attributions in suicide and their implications for crisis intervention and suicide prevention

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External versus internal source of calcium during the gelation of alginate beads for DNA encapsulation

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External vs. internal funding: does it matter who pays the bills?

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External work of canine latissimus dorsi muscle after vascular delay

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External-beam radiation therapy in the treatment of diffuse tracheobronchial amyloidosis

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External-beam radiotherapy in the management of carcinoma of the prostate

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External-charge-induced surface reconstruction on Ag(110)

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External-field-induced electric dipole moment of biexcitons in a semiconductor

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External-internal cross-connection for percutaneous biliary drainage--a rarely utilized technique

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External-internal oblique reverse blood supply musculocutaneous flap for chest wall reconstruction

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Externalised ventriculoperitoneal shunt--a long-term complication

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Externalities and economic realities: a macrochallenge for health economics

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Externalities in hospitals and physician adoption of a new surgical technology: an exploratory analysis

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Externalities in migration

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Externalities, preferences, and urban residential location: some empirical evidence

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Externality, migration, and urban crises

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Externalizing and internalizing problems of adolescent suicide attempters

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Externalizing symptomatology among adoptive youth: prevalence and preadoption risk factors

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Externalizing the critical thinking in knowledge development and clinical judgment

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Externally Supported, Noncoated, Knitted Dacron Graft and Gelatin-Coated Knitted Dacron Graft with Rings for Peripheral Arterial Reconstruction

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Externally cued and internally generated selection: differences in distractor analysis and inhibition

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Externally driven countercurrent multiplication in a mathematical model of the urinary concentrating mechanism of the renal inner medulla

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Externally induced prescriptions, degree of agreement and ... possibility of change in primary care?

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Externally oriented thinking of obese men and women

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Externship eases entry into nursing

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Exteroception and exproprioception by dynamic touch are different functions of the inertia tensor

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Exteroceptive and interoceptive stimuli in dystonia

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Exteroceptive reflexes in dystonia: a study of the recovery cycle of the R2 component of the blink reflex and of the exteroceptive suppression of the contracting sternocleidomastoid muscle in blepharospasm and torticollis

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Exteroceptive suppression of activity of the temporal muscle. Principles and applications

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Exteroceptive suppression of temporalis muscle activity: methodological and physiological aspects

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Exteroceptive suppression of temporalis muscle activity: perspectives in headache and pain research

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Extinction and diversity in alternative medicine

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Extinction and self-organized criticality in a model of large-scale evolution

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Extinction is forever

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Extinction of the general physician

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Extinctions. Past and present

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Extinguishing dangerous behaviour in hospital

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Extinguishing healthcare burnout

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Extirpation of bronchi: experimental study

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Extirpation of ruptured preauricular fistula

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Extirpation of the pisiform bone: indications and results

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Extirpation of the thoracic part of the esophagus using left lateral thoracoabdominal and cervical approach

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Extosis of rib simulating a solitary pulmonary nodule

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Extra Dimensions and the strong CP problem

Anonymous, 2001:
Extra Federal aid for minorities presents challenges for CBOs

Anonymous, 1998:
Extra GPs needed for primary care gap

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Extra U(1) with charges of known fermions proportional to weak hypercharges

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Extra Z's from E6 and other exotic physics in heavy-quarkonium decays

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Extra and central pontine myelinolysis in a child with adrenal insufficiency

Anonymous, 1998:
Extra caution urged for common pesticide

Anonymous, 2001:
Extra co-enzyme Q10 for statin-users?

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Extra contribution of transition-metal solutes to the solid-solution hardening of nickel

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Extra copies of chromosomes 7, 8, 12, 19, and 21 are recurrent in adamantinoma

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Extra cost of subcutaneous apomorphine would pay for personal nurses

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Extra costs for disabled people

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Extra cranial carotid arteries: a unique field for self-expanding stents

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Extra credit for research subjects

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Extra digit at the dorsum of the foot: hypoplastic central ray metatarsal duplication

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Extra dose due to extravehicular activity during the NASA4 mission measured by an on-board TLD system

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Extra entropy production due to nonequilibrium phase transitions in relativistic heavy ion reactions

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Extra fermions in E6 superstring theories

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Extra fine hydrofluoroalkane-134A beclomethasone aerosols: selecting an optimal inhaled steroid for an individual patient

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Extra funds announced to fight cancer in Europe

Lutz, S., 1990:
Extra funds sought for Texas border

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Extra gauge bosons in E6

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Extra gauge symmetries in a weak-field approximation of an R+T2+R2 theory of gravity

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Extra heart beats: usually benign...but not always

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Extra hours don't always mean extra pay

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Extra incidence caused by mammographic screening

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Extra ingredients: hormones in food

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Extra intracavity squeezing of a degenerate optical parametric oscillator coupling with N two-level atoms

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Extra label drug use

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Extra low frequency electric and magnetic fields in the bedplace of children diagnosed with leukaemia: a case-control study

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Extra meningeal cryptococcosis in a patient with AIDS

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Extra myocardial work with of reduction of O2 consumption: end of an illusion. Reply to Habler O. et al. (2000). Acute normovolemic hemodilution (ANH). Effect of ANH on the diastolic function of the left ventricle. Anaesthesist 49: 939-948

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Extra neutral gauge boson and the processes e+e--->ZiHa in a superstring-inspired model

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Extra neutral gauge bosons in electron-positron collisions at resonance

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Extra ocular photic entrainment in Drosophila melanogaster

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Extra oxygen during colon surgery may cut infection risk

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Extra pelvic ossification centers in thanatophoric dysplasia and platyspondylic lethal skeletal dysplasia-San Diego type

Anonymous, 2002:
Extra pounds despite sports and diets. Genetics can also be involved

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Extra profit from enterals often overlooked

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Extra protection is prudent, not discriminatory

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Extra reporting rules hurt uniform billing--hospitals

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Extra savings cited in AmeriNet buying plan

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Extra structurally abnormal chromosomes (ESACs)--presentation of 10 new cases

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Extra systoles in the frog heart

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Extra terminal residues have a profound effect on the folding and solubility of a Plasmodium falciparum sexual stage-specific protein over-expressed in Escherichia coli

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Extra thymus gland differentiation of IEL and role of liver

Yasuè, 1990:
Extra weak bosons in a confining gauge theory with complementarity

Anonymous, 1996:
Extra work but little respect

Anonymous, 1999:
Extra! Extra! Free data available on the web

Sampath, S., 2000:
Extra! extra! Read all about it: the all new MAG Web site

Liu, M.E., 1994:
Extra, extra! How to avoid costly change orders. Interview by Yvonne Parsons

Duff, S., 2002:
Extra, extra: HHS takes ads in newspapers to spread word. Agency plans to release nursing home quality initiative information via media, Web site

Gellissen, J.; Axmann, C.; Prescher, A.; Bohndorf, K.; Lodemann, K.P., 1999:
Extra- and intracellular accumulation of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxides (USPIO) in experimentally induced abscesses of the peripheral soft tissues and their effects on magnetic resonance imaging

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Extra- and intracellular oxygen supply during cortical spreading depression in the rat

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Extra- and intrafocal trans-tissue vulnus synthesis and adaptation-reposition units of the device for treatment of wounds

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