Factor structure of the Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Exam (COGNISTAT) in healthy, and psychiatrically and neurologically impaired, elderly adults

Engelhart, C.; Eisenstein, N.; Johnson, V.; Wolf, J.; Williamson, J.; Steitz, D.; Girard, V.; Paramatmuni, K.; Ouzounian, N.; Losonczy, M.

Clinical Neuropsychologist 13(1): 109-111


ISSN/ISBN: 1385-4046
PMID: 10937653
DOI: 10.1076/clin.
Accession: 046066379

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This study reports the results of factor analyses of COGNISTAT (NCSE) in a sample of elderly persons comprised of "healthy" participants with no psychiatric or neurological impairments (n = 153), individuals with psychiatric impairments (n = 70), and those with neurological impairments (n = 80). Our findings support a unitary factor structure for COGNISTAT, though a separate factor of unclear clinical or theoretical significance was suggested.