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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46087

Chapter 46087 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Pisarski, 1991:
Fermion mass in three dimensions and the renormalization group

Kim; Song, 1985:
Fermion mass matrix and strong CP solution in SU(5)

Bandyopadhyay; Ray, 1988:
Fermion mass matrix, horizontal CP violation, and natural flavor conservation in electroweak theories with horizontal flavor chirality

Evans, 1995:
Fermion mass predictions in a generalized extended technicolor scenario

Babu; Pati; Stremnitzer, 1991:
Fermion masses and CP violation in a model with scale unification

Robinson; Ziabicki, 1996:
Fermion masses and mixings in a string-inspired model

Jarvis; White, 1991:
Fermion masses from supersymmetric dynamics in proper time

Jungman, 1992:
Fermion masses in SO(10)

Jungman, 1993:
Fermion masses in SO(10): The case of the tree-level relation mb

Davis, 1987:
Fermion masses on the vortex world sheet

Gandhi, 1992:
Fermion masses, SU(2)L x U(1)Y, and the solar-neutrino problem

Carena; Dimopoulos; Wagner; Raby, 1995:
Fermion masses, mixing angles, and supersymmetric SO(10) unification

Chi; Nagi, 1993:
Fermion mean-field solutions for the Heisenberg and the t-J models

Harada, 1990:
Fermion operator solution of the minimal chiral Schwinger model

Kluger; Eisenberg; Svetitsky; Cooper; Mottola, 1992:
Fermion pair production in a strong electric field

Farhi; Goldstone; Gutmann; Rajagopal; Singleton, 1995:
Fermion production in the background of Minkowski space classical solutions in spontaneously broken gauge theory

Funakubo; Kakuto; Otsuki; Takenaga; Toyoda, 1994:
Fermion scattering off a CP-violating electroweak bubble wall

Ghosh; Mitra, 1994:
Fermion scattering off dilatonic black holes

Diakonov; Polyakov; Sieber; Schaldach; Goeke, 1994:
Fermion sea along the sphaleron barrier

Altherr; Aurenche, 1989 :
Fermion self-energy corrections in perturbative theory at finite temperature

Batrouni; de Forcrand P, 1993:
Fermion sign problem: Decoupling transformation and simulation algorithm

White; Wilkins, 1988:
Fermion simulations in systems with negative weights

Lee; Pang, 1987:
Fermion soliton stars and black holes

Cocke; Lloyd-Hart, 1990:
Fermion wave-mechanical operators in curved space-time

Brooks; Kallosh; Ortín, 1995:
Fermion zero modes and the black-hole hypermultiplet with rigid supersymmetry

Craigie, 1986:
Fermion-grand-unified-monopole systems as exactly solvable two-dimensional quantum-field-theory problems

Yamagishi, 1985:
Fermion-monopole system reexamined. III

Panagopoulos; Yamagishi, 1985:
Fermion-monopole system reexamined. IV

Barci; Moriconi, 1994:
Fermion-number fractionalization in the tunneling between quantum Hall systems

Gottlieb; Liu; Renken; Sugar; Toussaint, 1988:
Fermion-number susceptibility in lattice gauge theory

Mujica; Correia; Goscinski, 1985:
Fermion-propagator calculations of excitations in polyenes with the use of a Heisenberg (XYZ) Hamiltonian. I. Formalism and parametrization

Mujica; Correia; Goscinski, 1985:
Fermion-propagator calculations of excitations in polyenes with the use of a Heisenberg (XYZ) Hamiltonian. II. Applications to large systems

Jaroszewicz, 1986:
Fermion-solenoid interactions: Vacuum charge and scattering theory

Feng; Su; Yu, 1994:
Fermion-spin transformation to implement the charge-spin separation

Lopez; Fradkin, 1995:
Fermionic Chern-Simons theory for the fractional quantum Hall effect in bilayers

Elitzur; Malkin, 1990:
Fermionic Klein bottle

Hallin; Liljenberg, 1995:
Fermionic and bosonic pair creation in an external electric field at finite temperature using the functional Schrödinger representation

Cabra; Rothe, 1995:
Fermionic coset realization of the critical Ising model

Fry, 1993:
Fermionic determinant of the massive Schwinger model

Baacke; Sürig, 1996:
Fermionic fluctuation corrections to bubble nucleation

Uhrig; Strack; Vollhardt, 1992:
Fermionic lattice models with internally competing symmetries: Nontrivial algebraic corrections in the Hartree-Fock ground-state energy

Miramontes; Guillen; Zas, 1987:
Fermionic next-to-leading-order contributions to the longitudinal structure function in QCD

Singh, 1993:
Fermionic structure of the magnon interaction vertex in quantum magnets

Yi, 1994:
Fermionic theta vacua and long-necked remnants

Cho; Kim; Park, 1992:
Fermionic vortex solutions in Chern-Simons electrodynamics

Gozzi, 1986:
Fermionic zero modes and violation of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem

Agrawal; Chatterjee; Majumdar, 1986:
Fermionic zero modes in two-dimensional field theories

Hirayama; Horikawa, 1990:
Fermionized bosons and Szegö's theorem

Voruganti; Doniach, 1990:
Fermions and solitons in the O(3) nonlinear sigma model in 2+1 space-time dimensions

Horsley; Schoenmaker, 1985:
Fermions and stochastic quantization

Stevenson; Hajj; Reed, 1986 :
Fermions and the Gaussian effective potential

Gatoff; Kapusta, 1990:
Fermions at high temperature

Naculich, 1995:
Fermions destabilize electroweak strings

Gerbert, 1989:
Fermions in an Aharonov-Bohm field and cosmic strings

Kübert; Muramatsu, 1993:
Fermions in an antiferromagnet with generalized Berry phases

Kamenshchik; Mishakov, 1993:
Fermions in one-loop quantum cosmology

Kamenshchik; Mishakov, 1994:
Fermions in one-loop quantum cosmology. II. The problem of correspondence between covariant and noncovariant formalisms

D'Eath; Halliwell, 1987:
Fermions in quantum cosmology

Morales-Técotl; Rovelli, 1994:
Fermions in quantum gravity

Sheng-shan; Si-zhu; Xin-zhou, 1986:
Fermions in the background field of a six-dimensional Abelian monopole

Miyake; Shizuya, 1987:
Fermions in the chiral Schwinger model

Rao, 1985 :
Fermions interacting with spherically symmetric monopoles: Beyond the step-function approximation

Burgess; Jensen, 1993:
Fermions near two-dimensional surfaces

Gavai; Gupta, 2000:
Fermions obstruct dimensional reduction in hot QCD

Ubriaco, 1990:
Fermions on the field of p-adic numbers

Botelho, 1995:
Fermions on the lattice by means of Mandelstam-Wilson phase factors

Schmeltzer, 1995:
Fermions with long-range interaction

Kofler, H.; Hemmer, W.; Focke, M.; Jarisch, R., 2001:
Fern allergy

Labrude, P.; Girardet, F., 1992:
Fernand Girardet (1872-1950): the unusual career of a teaching and manufacturing pharmacist

Ndiaye, M.; Hane, A.A.; Ndir, M.; Ba, O.; Cissokho, S.; Kandji, M.; Ndiaye, S.; Diatta, A.; Niang, A.; Dia, Y.; Diouf, R., 2002:
Fernand Widal syndrome: apropos of 2 cases

Bismuth, C.; Dugarin, J., 1999:
Fernand-Widal hospital. Origins and avatars

Dechêne, J.P.; Hudon, F., 1993:
Fernando Hudon (1907-1982)

Gatty, B., 1993:
Fernando Torres-Gil: Clinton's choice for top aging post

Fernández Sanz, J.J., 1989:
Ferran's anticholera vaccine and his national polemic in 1885

Gardner, E., 1992:
Ferranti talks to potential buyers after Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

Siganos, D.; Ferrara, P.; Chatzinikolas, K.; Bessis, N.; Papastergiou, G., 2002:
Ferrara intrastromal corneal rings for the correction of keratoconus

Ferrari; Johnson; Wellstood; Clarke; Mitzi; Rosenthal; Eom; Geballe; Kapitulnik; Beasley, 1990:
Ferrari et al. reply

Jelesarov, I.; D.P.scalis, A.R.; Koppenol, W.H.; Hirasawa, M.; Knaff, D.B.; Bosshard, H.R., 1993:
Ferredoxin binding site on ferredoxin: NADP+ reductase. Differential chemical modification of free and ferredoxin-bound enzyme

Jungermann, K.; Thauer, R.K.; Rupprecht, E.; Ohrloff, C.; Decker, K., 1969:
Ferredoxin mediated hydrogen formation from NADPH in a cell-free system of Clostridium kluyveri

Martínez-Júlvez, M.; Medina, M.; Gómez-Moreno, C., 1999:
Ferredoxin-NADP(+) reductase uses the same site for the interaction with ferredoxin and flavodoxin

Schürmann, P., 2002:
Ferredoxin-dependent thioredoxin reductase: a unique iron-sulfur protein

Ma, K.; Adams, M.W., 2001:
Ferredoxin:NADP oxidoreductase from Pyrococcus furiosus

Codina, R.; Reichmuth, D.; Lockey, R.F.; Jaen, C., 2001:
Ferret allergy

Allmacher, G., 1994:
Ferret husbandry

Ritzman, T.K.; Knapp, D., 2002:
Ferret orthopedics

Kendrick, R.E., 2001:
Ferret respiratory diseases

Rosenthal, K., 1994:

Morrisey, J.K.; Ramer, J.C., 2001:
Ferrets. Clinical pathology and sample collection

Ivey, E.; Morrisey, J., 2001:
Ferrets. Examination and preventive medicine

Pickstone, J.V.; Ferriar, J.; Kay-Shuttleworth, J.P., 1980:
Ferriar's fever and Kay's cholera: disease and social structure in Cottonopolis

Pickstone, J.V.; Ferriar, J.; Kay-Shuttleworth, J.P., 1984:
Ferriar's fever to Kay's cholera: disease and social structure in cottonopolis

Kivelitz, D.; Gehl, H.B.; Heuck, A.; Krahe, T.; Taupitz, M.; Lodemann, K.P.; Hamm, B., 1999:
Ferric ammonium citrate as a positive bowel contrast agent for MR imaging of the upper abdomen. Safety and diagnostic efficacy

Ogawa, Y.; Noda, Y.; Morio, K.; Nishioka, A.; Inomata, T.; Yoshida, S.; Toki, T.; Ogoshi, S., 1996:
Ferric ammonium citrate-cellulose paste for opacification of the esophageal lumen on MRI

Shiau, S-Yen.; Su, L-Wen., 2003:
Ferric citrate is half as effective as ferrous sulfate in meeting the iron requirement of juvenile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus x O. aureus

Eastridge, B.J.; Evans, J.A.; Darlington, D.N.; Gann, D.S., 1994:
Ferric iron potentiates cell depolarization by a circulating shock protein

Benzie, I.F.; Strain, J.J., 1999:
Ferric reducing/antioxidant power assay: direct measure of total antioxidant activity of biological fluids and modified version for simultaneous measurement of total antioxidant power and ascorbic acid concentration

Poch, M.T.; Johnson, W., 1993:
Ferric reductases of Legionella pneumophila

Ibricevic, H.; al-Jame, Q., 2001:
Ferric sulfate as pulpotomy agent in primary teeth: twenty month clinical follow-up

Jeansonne, B.G.; Boggs, W.S.; Lemon, R.R., 1993:
Ferric sulfate hemostasis: effect on osseous wound healing. II. With curettage and irrigation

Lemon, R.R.; Steele, P.J.; Jeansonne, B.G., 1993:
Ferric sulfate hemostasis: effect on osseous wound healing. Left in situ for maximum exposure

Haselwandter, K.; Winkelmann, G., 2002:
Ferricrocin--an ectomycorrhizal siderophore of Cenococcum geophilum

Ertl, P.; Unterladstaetter, B.; Bayer, K.; Mikkelsen, S.R., 2000:
Ferricyanide reduction by Escherichia coli: kinetics, mechanism, and application to the optimization of recombinant fermentations

Santangelo, M.Grazia.; Levantino, M.; Vitrano, E.; Cupane, A., 2002:
Ferricytochrome c encapsulated in silica hydrogels: correlation between active site dynamics and solvent structure

Sigarev; Vij; Panarin; Goodby, 2000:
Ferrielectric liquid crystal subphase studied by polarized fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

Drillon; Coronado; Georges; Gianduzzo; Curely, 1989:
Ferrimagnetic Heisenberg chains

Mathonière, C.; Nuttall, C.J.; Carling, S.G.; Day, P., 1996:
Ferrimagnetic Mixed-Valency and Mixed-Metal Tris(oxalato)iron(III) Compounds: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetism

Shen; Qiu; Tian, 1994:
Ferrimagnetic long-range order of the Hubbard model

Alonso; Boucaud; van der Sijs AJ, 1995:
Ferrimagnetic phases in chiral Yukawa models

Rosengren; Lapinskas, 1993:
Ferrimagnetic phases in the Blume-Emery-Griffiths model: Implications for the antiferromagnetic Potts model

Bach-Gansmo, T., 1993:
Ferrimagnetic susceptibility contrast agents

Wijngaard; Haas; de Groot RA, 1992:
Ferrimagnetic-antiferromagnetic phase transition in Mn2-xCrxSb: Electronic structure and electrical and magnetic properties

Chen, H.J.; Mao, Z.W.; Gao, S.; Chen, X.M., 2002:
Ferrimagnetic-like ordering in a unique three-dimensional coordination polymer featuring mixed azide/carboxylate-bridged trinuclear manganese (II) clusters as subunits

Ehrenberg; Wltschek; Weitzel; Trouw; Buettner; Kroener; Fuess, 1995:
Ferrimagnetism in Ni4Nb2O9

Bobák; Jascur, 1995:
Ferrimagnetism in diluted mixed Ising spin systems

Gogoowicz; Juszczyk; Warczewski; Mydlarz, 1987:
Ferrimagnetism of Cu0.45Co0.55Cr2S4-ySey

Reissbrodt, R.; Vielitz, E.; Kormann, E.; Rabsch, W.; Kühn, H., 1996:
Ferrioxamine E-supplemented pre-enrichment and enrichment media improve various isolation methods for Salmonella

Balla, J.; Balla, G.; Jeney, V.; Kakuk, G.; Jacob, H.S.; Vercellotti, G.M., 2000:
Ferriporphyrins and endothelium: a 2-edged sword-promotion of oxidation and induction of cytoprotectants

Fedorovych, D.V.; Protchenko, O.V.; Shavlovs'kyĭ, H.M., 1995:
Ferrireductase from Pichia guilliermondii: properties and regulation of activity and synthesis

Van Beers, B.E.; Grandin, C.; D.G.eef, D.; Lundby, B.; Pringot, J., 1996:
Ferristene as intestinal MR contrast agent. Distribution and safety of a fast ingestion procedure with oral metoclopramide

Jerby, E.; Kesar, A.; Aharony, A.; Breitmeier, G., 2002:
Ferrite-guided cyclotron-resonance maser

Fernández-Gallego, J.; Ramos, B.; Alférez, M.J.; López de Novales, E., 2001:
Ferritin and infection in hemodialysis. Evaluation of a treatment protocol with intravenous iron

Hirri, H.M.; Green, P.J., 2000:
Ferritin and oral pathology

Aken'Ova, Y.A.; Adeyefa, I.; Okunade, M., 1997:
Ferritin and serum iron levels in adult patients with sickle cell anaemia at Ibadan, Nigeria

Cloete, H.; Kleinhans, W.; Mansvelt, E.P.G., 2002:
Ferritin assay performed on the Technicon Immuno 1 analyser using serum and plasma samples

Kumon, Y.; Suehiro, T.; Nishiya, K.; Hashimoto, K.; Nakatani, K.; Sipe, J.D., 1999:
Ferritin correlates with C-reactive protein and acute phase serum amyloid A in synovial fluid, but not in serum

Valero Prieto, I.; Calvo Catalá, J.; Hortelano Martínez, E.; Climent Díaz, B.; González-Cruz Cervellera, M.I., 1994:
Ferritin in Still's disease of the adult

Carter, C.J., 1994:
Ferritin levels and iron deficiency

Sezer, S.; Ozdemir, F.N.; Güz, G.; Ozdemir, B.H.; Sengül, S.; Arat, Z.; Turan, M.; Demirhan, B.; Haberal, M., 2001:
Ferritin levels can be a good predictor for HCV viremia in potential renal transplant candidates

Flatau, E.; Reichman, N.; Kaufman, N., 2000:
Ferritin levels in adult Still's disease

Fautrel, B., 2002:
Ferritin levels in adult Still's disease: any sugar?

Schüssler, P.; Pötters, E.; Winnen, R.; Michel, A.; Bottke, W.; Kunz, W., 1996:
Ferritin mRNAs in Schistosoma mansoni do not have iron-responsive elements for post-transcriptional regulation

Rogers, J.T., 1996:
Ferritin translation by interleukin-1and interleukin-6: the role of sequences upstream of the start codons of the heavy and light subunit genes

Hernández, C.; Simó, R., 2001:
Ferritin, diabetes and hepatitis C virus

Metelitsa, D.I.; Arapova, G.S., 1996:
Ferritin--a biocatalyst of aromatic amine oxidation

Castro, I.; Calatayud, Mía.Luisa.; Sletten, J.; Lloret, F.; Cano, J.; Julve, M.; Seitz, G.; Mann, K., 2001:
Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Coupling through 1,n-Dithiosquarate Bridges (n = 2, 3) in Copper(II) Dimers. Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties of [Cu(2)(bpca)(2)(1,2-dtsq)(H(2)O)].2H(2)O and [Cu(2)(bpca)(2)(1,3-dtsq)].2H(2)O

Hilbig, H.; Hudeczek, P.; Köhler, F.H.; Xie, X.; Bergerat, P.; Kahn, O., 2001:
Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Exchange in Decamethylbimetallocenes

Kouvel; Abdul-Razzaq; Ziq, 1987:
Ferro-spin-glass domain model for disordered Ni-Mn

Shum, S.P.; Pastor, S.D.; Rihs, G., 2002:
Ferrocene bis(phosphonite)s: synthesis and characterization of a novel class of sterically congested ligands

Pavlović, G.; Barisić, L.; Rapić, V.; Kovac, V., 2003:
Ferrocene compounds. XXXIV. 1'-(tert-butoxycarbonylamino)ferrocene-1-carboxylic acid

Wlassoff, W.A.; King, G.C., 2002:
Ferrocene conjugates of dUTP for enzymatic redox labelling of DNA

Stone, D.L.; Smith, D.K.; McGrail, P.Terry., 2002:
Ferrocene encapsulated within symmetric dendrimers: a deeper understanding of dendritic effects on redox potential

Zakaria, C.M.; Ferguson, G.; Lough, A.J.; Glidewell, C., 2002:
Ferrocene-1,1'-dicarboxylic acid as a building block in supramolecular chemistry: supramolecular structures in one, two and three dimensions

Guzei; Maisela; Darkwa, 2000:

Fabrizi, D.B.ani, F.; Jäkle, F.; Spiegler, M.; Wagner, M.; Zanello, P., 1997:
Ferrocene-Based Tris(1-pyrazolyl)borates: A New Approach to Heterooligometallic Complexes and Organometallic Polymers Containing Transition Metal Atoms in the Backbone

Padeste, C.; Grubelnik, A.; Tiefenauer, L., 2001:
Ferrocene-avidin conjugates for bioelectrochemical applications

Ashton, P.R.; Balzani, V.; Clemente-León, M.; Colonna, B.; Credi, A.; Jayaraman, N.; Raymo, F.M.; Stoddart, J.Fraser.; Venturi, M., 2002:
Ferrocene-containing carbohydrate dendrimers

Plenio, H.; Aberle, C.; A.S.ihadeh, Y.; Lloris, J.M.; Martínez-Máñez, R.; Pardo, T.; Soto, J., 2001:
Ferrocene-cyclam: a redox-active macrocycle for the complexation of transition metal ions and a study on the influence of the relative permittivity on the coulombic interaction between metal cations

Takase, M.; Inouye, M., 2002:
Ferrocene-modified bis(spiropyridopyran)s as synthetic signaling receptors for guanine-guanine dinucleoside derivatives

Laszlo; Hoffmann, 2000:
Ferrocene: Ironclad History or Rashomon Tale?

Xu, C.; Cai, H.; He, P.; Fang, Y., 2001:
Ferrocenecarboxaldehyde labeled DNA probe for the study on DNA damage and protection

Zakaria, C.M.; Ferguson, G.; Lough, A.J.; Glidewell, C., 2001:
Ferrocenecarboxylic acid-1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane (2/1): sheets built from O--H...N and C--H...O hydrogen bonds

Ferle-Vidović, A.; Poljak-Blazi, M.; Rapić, V.; Skare, D., 2001:
Ferrocenes (F168, F169) and fero-sorbitol-citrate (FSC): potential anticancer drugs

Yamaguchi; Palmer; Kutal; Wakamatsu; Yang, 1998:
Ferrocenes as Anionic Photoinitiators

Kraatz, H-Bernhard.; Lusztyk, J.; Enright, G.D., 1997:
Ferrocenoyl Amino Acids: A Synthetic and Structural Study

Bediako-Amoa, I.; Silerova, R.; Kraatz, H-Bernhard., 2002:
Ferrocenoyl glycylcystamine: organization into a supramolecular helicate structure

Ireland; Grossheimann; Wieser-Jeunesse; Knochel, 1999:
Ferrocenyl Ligands with Two Phosphanyl Substituents in the alpha,varepsilon positions for the Transition Metal Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Functionalized Double Bonds

Hu; Mattern, 2000:
Ferrocenyl derivatives with one, two, or three sulfur-containing arms for self-assembled monolayer formation

Dailey, H.A.; Dailey, T.A.; Wu, C.K.; Medlock, A.E.; Wang, K.F.; Rose, J.P.; Wang, B.C., 2001:
Ferrochelatase at the millennium: structures, mechanisms and [2Fe-2S] clusters

Magness, S.T.; Brenner, D.A., 1995 :
Ferrochelatase cDNA delivered by adenoviral vector corrects biochemical defect in protoporphyric cells

Birkmayer, G.D.; Bücher, T., 1969:
Ferrochelatase in wild-type and in cytoplasmic mutants of neurospora crassa

Fábry, J.; Krupková, R.; Císarová, I., 2001:
Ferroelastic n-heptylammonium dihydrogenarsenate

Tang; Jin; Mahanti; Kalia, 1989:
Ferroelastic phase transition and phonons in a diatomic-molecular monolayer

Mróz; Kiefte; Clouter; Tuszynski, 1991:
Ferroelastic phase transition in K3Na(CrO4)2: Brillouin scattering studies and theoretical modeling

Mróz; Kiefte; Clouter; Tuszynski, 1992:
Ferroelastic phase transition in K3Na(SeO4)2: Brillouin-scattering studies and theoretical modeling

Tang; Mahanti; Kalia, 1986:
Ferroelastic phase transition in two-dimensional molecular solids

Díaz-Hernández; Mañes; Tello; López-Echarri; Breczewski; Ruiz-Larrea, 1996:
Ferroelastic phase transitions in the K3Na(SeO4)2 glaserit-type crystal

Fábry, J.; Petrícek, V.; Kroupa, J.; Císarová, I., 2000:
Ferroelastic structures of n-pentyl-, n- hexyl- and n-nonylammonium dihydrogenphosphate crystals

Ecolivet; Sanquer; Ishii; Nakayama, 1991:
Ferroelasticity in phenothiazine: A Brillouin-scattering study

Monceau, P.; Nad, F.Y.; Brazovskii, S., 2001:
Ferroelectric Mott-Hubbard phase of organic (TMTTF)2X conductors

Blom; Wolf; Cillessen; Krijn, 1994:
Ferroelectric Schottky diode

Xu; Chen; Xu; Mackenzie, 1991:
Ferroelectric Sr0.60Ba0.40Nb2O6 thin films by the sol-gel process: Electrical and optical properties

Suzuki; Shiozaki, 1996:
Ferroelectric displacement of atoms in Rochelle salt

Kewitsch; Segev; Yariv; Salamo; Towe; Sharp; Neurgaonkar, 1994:
Ferroelectric domain gratings in strontium barium niobate induced directly by photorefractive space charge fields

Zurbuchen, M.A.; Asayama, G.; Schlom, D.G.; Streiffer, S.K., 2002:
Ferroelectric domain structure of SrBi2Nb2O9 epitaxial thin films

Lichte, H.; Reibold, M.; Brand, K.; Lehmann, M., 2002:
Ferroelectric electron holography

Wei; Patey, 1992:
Ferroelectric liquid-crystal and solid phases formed by strongly interacting dipolar soft spheres

Uwe; Lyons; Carter; Fleury, 1986:
Ferroelectric microregions and Raman scattering in KTaO3

Palffy-Muhoray; Lee; Petschek, 1988:
Ferroelectric nematic liquid crystals: Realizability and molecular constraints

Baus; Colot, 1989:
Ferroelectric nematic liquid-crystal phases of dipolar hard ellipsoids

Ayton; Patey, 1996:
Ferroelectric order in model discotic nematic liquid crystals

Szafrański, M.; Katrusiak, A.; McIntyre, G.J., 2002:
Ferroelectric order of parallel bistable hydrogen bonds

Groh; Dietrich, 1994:
Ferroelectric phase in Stockmayer fluids

Cheng; Nelson, 1988:
Ferroelectric phase transition in RbH2PO

Cho; Kwun; Yoon, 1993:
Ferroelectric phase transition of S0.91O0.09C(NH2)2 in electric fields

Winter; Dormann; Bertault; Toupet, 1992:
Ferroelectric phase transition of the disubstituted diacetylene 1,6-bis(2,4-dinitrophenoxy)-2,4-hexadiyne: Analysis by NMR and x-ray studies

Gorecka; Pociecha; Araoka; Link; Nakata; Thisayukta; Takanishi; Ishikawa; Watanabe; Takezoe, 2000:
Ferroelectric phases in a chiral bent-core smectic liquid crystal: dielectric and optical second-harmonic generation measurements

Weis; Levesque, 1993:
Ferroelectric phases of dipolar hard spheres

Czarnecki; Nawrocik; Pajak; Wasicki, 1994:
Ferroelectric properties of pyridinium tetrafluoroborate

Bickel; Schmidt; Heinz; Müller, 1989:
Ferroelectric relaxation of the SrTiO3(100) surface

Stannarius, R.; Li, J.; Weissflog, W., 2003:
Ferroelectric smectic phase formed by achiral straight core mesogens

Postnikov; Neumann; Borstel; Methfessel, 1993:
Ferroelectric structure of KNbO3 and KTaO3 from first-principles calculations

Islam; Bunker, 1987:
Ferroelectric transition in Pb1-xGexTe: Extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure investigation of the Ge and Pb sites

Horiuchi, S.; Okimoto, Y.; Kumai, R.; Tokura, Y., 2001:
Ferroelectric valence transition and phase diagram of a series of charge-transfer complexes of 4,4'-dimethyltetrathiafulvalene and tetrahalo-p-benzoquinones

Kroumova, E.; Aroyo, M.I.; Pérez-Mato, J.M.; Hundt, R., 2001:
Ferroelectric--paraelectric phase transitions with no group--supergroup relation between the space groups of both phases?

Bahr; Fliegner, 1993:
Ferroelectric-antiferroelectric phase transition in a two-molecular-layer free-standing liquid-crystal film

Rauch, S.; Bault, P.; Sawade, H.; Heppke, G.; Nair, G.G.; Jákli, A., 2002:
Ferroelectric-chiral-antiferroelectric-racemic liquid crystal phase transition of bent-shape molecules

Ravikumar; Wolf; Dravid, 1995:
Ferroelectric-monolayer reconstruction of the SrTiO3 (100) surface

Gourdain; Moya; Chervin; Canny; Pruzan, 1995:
Ferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition in KNbO3 at high pressure

Koval, S.; Kohanoff, J.; Migoni, R.L.; Tosatti, E., 2002 :
Ferroelectricity and isotope effects in hydrogen-bonded KDP crystals

Abrahams, S.C., 2001:
Ferroelectricity and structure in the YMnO(3) family

Edwardson; Boyer; Newman; Fox; Hardy; Flocken; Guenther; Mei, 1989:
Ferroelectricity in perovskitelike NaCaF3 predicted ab initio

Weil; Nkum; Muranevich; Benguigui, 1989:
Ferroelectricity in zinc cadmium telluride

Shliomis, M.I., 2001:
Ferrohydrodynamics: testing a third magnetization equation

Ohno, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Yoshida, Y., 1993:
Ferrokinetics and bone marrow scanning in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome, hypoplastic myelodysplastic syndrome and aplastic anemia

Pearson, H.A.; Lukens, J.N., 1999:
Ferrokinetics in the syndrome of familial hypoferremic microcytic anemia with iron malabsorption

Johnson; Silsbee, 1988:
Ferromagnet-nonferromagnet interface resistance

Ruiz, R.; Julve, M.; Faus, J.; Lloret, F.; Muñoz, M.Carmen.; Journaux, Y.; Bois, C., 1997:
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