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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46115

Chapter 46115 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yeh, L.C.; Li, H.Y.; Huang, T.S., 1998:
Foreign bodies in tracheobronchial tree in children: a review of cases over a twenty-year period

Harjai, M.M., 2000:
Foreign bodies migrating from gut to liver

Kuz'menko, A.E., 2001:
Foreign bodies of biliary ducts as a cause of the obturative jaundice origin after cholecystectomy and other interventions

Gray, G.F.; Glick, A.D.; Kurtin, P.J.; Jones, H.W., 1986:
Alveolar soft part sarcoma of the uterus

Rabii, R.; Bennani, S.; Rais, H.; Hafiani, M.; el Mrini, M.; Benjelloun, S., 1997:
Foreign bodies of the bladder and urethra. Apropos of 2 cases

Benchekroun, A.; Iken, A.; Nouini, Y.; Lachkar, A.; Belahnech, Z.; Marzouk, M.; Faik, M., 2001:
Foreign bodies of the bladder. Report of a new case

Kpémissi, E.; Diparidé Agbèrè, A.R.; Ndakéna, K.; Késsié, K., 1998:
Foreign bodies of the esophagus: etiologic and therapeutic aspects. Experience at the CHU of Lomé (Togo)

Losanoff, J.E.; Richman, B.W.; Jones, J.W., 2002:
Foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract: when to wait and which to extract?

Modrzejewski, M.; Muszyński, P.; Olszewski, E.; Dobroś, W., 1993:
Foreign bodies of the orbit

Gerbaka, B.; Azar, J.; Rassi, B., 1997:
Foreign bodies of the respiratory tract in children. A retrospective study of 100 cases

Gilain, L.; Guichard, C., 2000:
Foreign bodies of the respiratory tract: diagnosis and treatment

Tanaka, N., 2003:
Foreign bodies of trachea and esophagus in children

Howden, M.D., 1994:
Foreign bodies within finger tendon sheaths demonstrated by ultrasound: two cases

Byrne, W.J., 1994:
Foreign bodies, bezoars, and caustic ingestion

Muñiz, A.E.; Joffe, M.D., 2000:
Foreign bodies, ingested and inhaled

Anon, J.B.; Pulec, J.L., 1994:
Foreign body (tooth) in the external auditory canal

Westfal, R., 1997:
Foreign body airway obstruction: when the Heimlich maneuver fails

Rebassa Llull, M.J.; Muñoz Vélez, D.; Hidalgo Pardo, F.; Gutiérrez Sanz-Gadea, C.; Palmer Sancho, J.; Mus Malleu, A.; Torrens Darder, I.; Ozonas Moragues, M., 2001:
Foreign body as renal pseudotumor in a patient with renal polycystic kidney

Le Floch, A.S.; Raphaël, M., 2002:
Foreign body aspiration and the inhalation syndrome in the elderly patient

Drake, A.F.; Smith, T.L.; Fischer, N.D., 1994:
Foreign body aspiration in North Carolina children

Eliashar, R.; Sichel, J.Y.; Dano, I.; Saah, D., 1998:
Foreign body aspiration in a laryngectomized patient

Fernández Jiménez, I.; Gutiérrez Segura, C.; Alvarez Muñoz, V.; Peláez Mata, D., 2000:
Foreign body aspiration in childhood. Review of 210 cases

Bodart, E.; de Bilderling, G.; Tuerlinckx, D.; Gillet, J.B., 1999:
Foreign body aspiration in childhood: management algorithm

Tariq, P., 1999:
Foreign body aspiration in children--a persistent problem

Zerella, J.T.; Dimler, M.; McGill, L.C.; Pippus, K.J., 1998:
Foreign body aspiration in children: value of radiography and complications of bronchoscopy

Teramoto, S.; Matsuse, T.; Ouchi, Y., 1998:
Foreign body aspiration into the lower airways may not be unusual in older adults

Mok, Q.; Piesowicz, A.T., 1993:
Foreign body aspiration mimicking asthma

Luh, S.P.; Lee, Y.C., 1994:
Foreign body aspiration with mediastinal migration and superior vena cava penetration

Pisanti, A.; Di Martino, L.; Vitiello, R.; Pisanti, C.; Natale, A., 2000:
Foreign body aspiration. An atypical clinical case

Lakhkar, B.B.; Kini, P.; Shenoy, V.; Bhaskaranand, N., 2000:
Foreign body aspiration: Manipal experience

Little, J.P.; Tunkel, D.E.; Marsh, B.R., 2000:
Foreign body aspiration: an unusual complication of antibiotic therapy

Patel, U.; Forsen, J., 2001:
Foreign body aspiration: an unusual presentation of myasthenia gravis

Karakoç, F.; Karadağ, Bülent.; Akbenlioğlu, C.; Ersu, R.; Yildizeli, B.; Yüksel, M.; Dağli, E., 2002:
Foreign body aspiration: what is the outcome?

Stjernquist-Desatnik, A.; Cwikiel, W., 2000:
Foreign body can be extracted by radiologic intervention technique. A case report with a successful extraction of a pivot tooth from peripheral bronchi

Whelan, D.M.; van Beusekom, H.M.; van der Giessen, W.J., 1997:
Foreign body contamination during stent implantation

Conti, F.; Gentilli, S.; Mauri, A., 1993:
Foreign body decubitus: unusual cause of acute appendicitis

Normirzaev, A.Kh.; Arifov, S.S.; Stepanov, E.V.; Primkulov, S.A., 1998:
Foreign body extraction from esophageal diverticulitis

Veith, J., 1999:
Foreign body found in LMA-Fastrach

Gordon, S., 2001:
Foreign body gingivitis associated with a new crown: EDX analysis and review of the literature

Razzaq, A.A.; Chishti, M.K., 2001:
Foreign body granuloma after craniotomy for tumor: a diagnostic dilemma

Moysés-Neto, M.; Cherubini, A.; Batista, M.E.; Raspanti, E.O.; Vieira-Neto, O.M.; Nakagawa, B.; Conceição, A.M.; Feres, M.R.; Vannucchi, M.T., 1997:
Foreign body granuloma at the exit site in patients on CAPD: use of 1% gentian violet as topical treatment

Wakabayashi, M.; Reid, J.D.; Bhattacharjee, M., 1999:
Foreign body granuloma caused by prior gunshot wound mimicking malignant breast mass

Mignon, F.; Mesurolle, B.; Chambellan, A.; Duboucher, C.; Dangeard-Chikhani, S.; Leclerc, P.; Lemesle, J., 1998:
Foreign body granuloma mimicking bronchial tumor. Aspects in x-ray computed tomography with views by virtual endoscopy

Junghans, R.; Schumann, U.; Finn, H.; Riedel, U., 2000:
Foreign body granuloma of the head of the pancreas caused by a fish bone--a rare differential diagnosis in head of the pancreas tumor

Hinnen, U.; Elsner, P.; Barraud, M.; Burg, G., 1998:
Foreign body granuloma of the penis caused by occupational glass fibre exposure

Karcnik, T.J.; Nazarian, L.N.; Rao, V.M.; Gibbons, G.E., 1997:
Foreign body granuloma simulating solid neoplasm on MR

Murray, C.A.; DeKoven, J.; Spaner, D.E., 2002:
Foreign body granuloma: a new manifestation of immune restoration syndrome

Reisberger, E-Maria.; Landthaler, M.; Wiest, L.; Schröder, J.; Stolz, W., 2003:
Foreign body granulomas caused by polymethylmethacrylate microspheres: successful treatment with allopurinol

Han, B.K.; Choe, Y.H.; Ko, Y.H.; Nam, S.J.; Yang, J.H., 2001:
Foreign body granulomas of the breast presenting as bilateral spiculated masses

Ochmański, W.; Krawczyk, K., 1997:
Foreign body imitating bronchial neoplasm

Harries, P.G.; Frost, R.A., 1996:
Foreign body impaction arising in adulthood: a result of neonatal repair of tracheo-oesophageal fistula and oesophageal atresia

Losanoff, J.E.; Kjossev, K.T., 1999:
Foreign body impaction in the duodenum

Mazzadi, S.; Salis, G.B.; García, A.; Iannicillo, H.; Fucile, V.; Chiocca, J.C., 1998:
Foreign body impaction in the esophagus: are there underlying motor disorders?

Prabhakar, A.R.; Basappa, N.; Raju, O.S., 2000:
Foreign body in a mandibular permanent molar--a case report

Diaz Plasencia, J.; Tantaleán Ramella, E.; Balmaceda Fraselle, T.; Honorio Horna, C.E.; Barandiarán Dejo, M.A.; Vilela Guillén, E.; Quiroz, E.Y., 2002:
Foreign body in abdomen: report of a case

Juchacz, A.; Mikołajczyk, Z.; Bilczak, Z., 1999:
Foreign body in bronchial tree inhaled in early childhood

Rodríguez Mas, M.; Flor Escriche, X.; Gallego Alvarez, L., 2002:
Foreign body in danger of extinction

Wankhede, A.G., 2001:
Foreign body in injury--an important evidence

Krause, H.R.; Rustemeyer, J.; Grunert, R.R., 2002:
Foreign body in paranasal sinuses

Arumugam, R.; Villa, X.; Lifschitz, C., 1999:
Foreign body in the esophagus as a result of reusing a disposable nipple

Gaitonde, P.R.; Davies, A.S., 2000:
Foreign body in the floor of the orbit

Tanenbaun, B.; Shechet, J., 1996:
Foreign body in the foreskin of a former gulag prisoner

Sheikh, S.; Natarajan, B.; Johnston, A., 1996:
Foreign body in the hypopharynx--an unusual presentation

Górnicka, G.; Papierkowski, A., 2002:
Foreign body in the kidney as a cause of erythruria in a 4-year old girl

Singh, V., 2002:
Foreign body in the larynx

Singh, U.Kant.; Kumar, R.; Suman, S.; Issar, D.K.; Choudhary, D.K., 2002:
Foreign body in the larynx of a one-day-old baby presenting on day 15 of life

Ferretti, C.; Kruger, L.; Tsakiris, P., 1999:
Foreign body in the medial pterygoid space

Santín, G., 1996:
Foreign body in the orbit, intra or extraocular?

Stjernquist-Desatnik, A.; Cwikiel, W., 2002:
Foreign body in the peripheral bronchus: extraction using an interventional radiologic method

Srivastava, N.; Vineeta, N., 2001:
Foreign body in the periradicular area

Guedj, P., 1996:
Foreign body in the pharynx during intubation

Switała, M.; Jaźwiec, P.; Kedzierski, B.; Całka, K.; Bojarski, B.; Nowicki, J.; Bogdał, M.; Baranowska, M.; Moroń, W., 2002:
Foreign body in the right frontal lobe of the brain as a result of right eyeball and right eye-socket trauma--case report

Siagaĭlo, P.T.; Gladkiĭ, P.M.; Vovk, O.N.; Barsuk, A.M., 1993:
Foreign body in the soft tissues of the neck

Gautam, V.; Phillips, J.; Bowmer, H.; Reichl, M., 1994:
Foreign body in the throat

Harioka, T.; Hosoi, S.; Nomura, K., 1998:
Foreign body in the trachea originated from the inner wall of the Univent tube

Lele, S.Y.; Kurulkar, A.A.; Sheode, J.H.; Ogale, S.B., 1997:
Foreign body in the trachea: fragmentation and migration

Cataneo, A.J.; Reibscheid, S.M.; Ruiz Júnior, R.L.; Ferrari, G.F., 1998:
Foreign body in the tracheobronchial tree

Qureshi, R.A.; Soorae, A.S., 2001:
Foreign body in tracheal bronchus simulating bronchogenic cancer

Kiyosawa, T.; Demitsu, T.; Yamamoto, N.; Kikuchi, M.; Nito, M.; Haga, Y.; Chiku, A.; Nakayama, Y., 2000:
Foreign body infection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a sternal wound

Magdalena Castiñeira, C.; Magdalena López, C., 1994:
Foreign body ingestion among prisoners

Blackford, S., 1993:
Foreign body ingestion and removal in adults

Barki, Y.; Zahavi, C., 1994:
Foreign body ingestion in a baby: sonographic localization

Macgregor, D.; Ferguson, J., 1998:
Foreign body ingestion in children: an audit of transit time

Weltman, M.D.; de Moore, G.M.; Touyz, S., 1994:
Foreign body ingestion in eating disorders

Wahbeh, G.; Wyllie, R.; Kay, M., 2002:
Foreign body ingestion in infants and children: location, location, location

Echenique Elizondo, M., 2002:
Foreign body ingestion: a unique case

Paul, R.I.; Christoffel, K.K.; Binns, H.J.; Jaffe, D.M., 1993:
Foreign body ingestions in children: risk of complication varies with site of initial health care contact. Pediatric Practice Research Group

Pellegrino, A.; Mendola, C.; Ingolotti, C.; De Bellis, P., 1994:
Foreign body inhalation in children. Report of a case

Farid, A.; Aldridge, R.; Kashyap, A., 1996:
Foreign body lodged in the palate

Palva, T.; Northrop, C.; Ramsay, H., 2001:
Foreign body neonatal otitis media in infants

Moskalenko, V.Z.; Litovka, V.K.; Zhurilo, I.P.; Mal'tsev, V.N.; Latyshev, K.V., 2002:
Foreign body of bladder in children

Zabirov, R.A.; Matchin, A.A.; Reznichenko, V.A.; Khasanov, S.Kh., 2001:
Foreign body of left maxillary sinus penetrating into paravertebral region

Navalakhe, M.M.; Shah, N.J.; Kirtane, M.V., 1994:
Foreign body of prolonged duration in the bronchus--an unusual case

Portnov, A.N.; Egorov, A.F., 1995:
Foreign body of the abdominal cavity

Piotrowicz, P.; Kwiatkowski, K., 1993:
Foreign body of the bronchus in adults

Goodfellow, P.B.; Nockolds, C.L.; Johnson, A.G., 1999:
Foreign body perforation of lymphoma

Mortier, J.; Engelhardt, M., 2000:
Foreign body reaction in carbon fiber prosthesis implantation in the knee joint--case report and review of the literature

Bayar, S.; Saxena, R.; Salem, R.R., 2000:
Foreign body reaction to a metal clip causing a benign bile duct stricture 16 years after open cholecystectomy: report of a case

Pais, V.M.; Jiang, Z.; Fung, L.C.T., 2002:
Foreign body reaction to bovine pericardium: a previously unreported complication of pediatric chordee repair

Kothbauer, K.F.; Jallo, G.I.; Siffert, J.; Jimenez, E.; Allen, J.C.; Epstein, F.J., 2001:
Foreign body reaction to hemostatic materials mimicking recurrent brain tumor. Report of three cases

Schiller, V.L.; Bos, C.; Brenner, R.J.; Turner, R.R., 1994:
Foreign body reaction to suture material mimicking malignant microcalcifications in the breast

Miketa, J.P.; Prigoff, M.M., 1994:
Foreign body reactions to absorbable implant fixation of osteotomies

Edmonson, M.B., 2001:
Foreign body reactions to dermabond

Bergsma, E.J.; Rozema, F.R.; Bos, R.R.; de Bruijn, W.C., 1993:
Foreign body reactions to resorbable poly(L-lactide) bone plates and screws used for the fixation of unstable zygomatic fractures

Schofield, S., 1998:
Foreign body removal from children's noses

Brandes, A.; Gehrke, G., 1998:
Foreign body removal in orbits and frontal cranial base

Nijhawan, S.; Jain, N.; Mathur, A.; Sharma, M.P.; Rai, R.R., 2001:
Foreign body removal using a "homemade" loop basket

Tzoufi, M.J.; Mentzelopoulos, S.D., 2000:
Foreign body removal: tracheal backflow air or rigid bronchoscopy?

Hamdan, A.L.; Mroueh, S.M.; Bitar, F.F.; Farhat, F.T., 2001:
Foreign body retrieval in children with respiratory symptoms and no history of aspiration

Lavelle, S.M.; Iomhair, M.M., 2001:
Foreign body sarcoma: effects of foreign DNA, beta-carotene and paprika applied to the implant surface

Boszotta, H.; Helperstorfer, W.; Pflanzl, W., 1993:
Foreign body synovitis--a limiting factor in use of the Trevira ligament in cruciate ligament surgery?

Moesta, K.T.; Totkas, S.; Schlag, P.M., 1999:
Foreign body-induced thoracic actinomycosis as differential mediastinal space-occupying lesion diagnosis

Antoniuk, S.M.; Andrienko, I.B.; Golovnia, P.F.; Sviridov, N.B.; Akhrameev, V.B.; Makhmudov, R.M., 2001:
Foreign body-related acute ileus

Viana, C.F.; Brunaldi, J.E.; Módena, J.L., 2001:
Foreign body: an unreported association with mucosectomy scar

Gans, P., 1997:
Foreign citizens in German cities: regional pattern and economic structure

Fields, C.M., 1977:
Foreign countries weigh uniform rules on DNA studies

Swart, P.D., 1993:
Foreign doctors

Müller-Dietz, H.E.; Lenin, V.I., 1984:
Foreign doctors at Lenin's sickbed

Birchard, K., 2001:
Foreign doctors express dissatisfaction over registration system in Ireland

Blair, L., 1994:
Foreign doctors. Wasted resources?

Wong, D., 1996:
Foreign domestic workers in Singapore

Lewis, C., 2002:
Foreign drug firm pleads guilty to felony charges

Anonymous, 2002:
Foreign establishment registration and listing. Final rule

Kennedy, L.A., 1987:
Foreign exchange: forging a culture post merger

Westphal, D., 1999:
Foreign experience in nursing: "Leonardo da Vinci" is promoting professional education in Europe

Glaser, W.A., 1988:
Foreign experiences relevant to Medicare

Grant, A., 1990:
Foreign exposure requires risk management

Kirchheimer, B., 2001:
Foreign fallout from 9-11. U.S. healthcare firms' small but growing dealings abroad face uncertainty

Giga-Hama, Y.; Kumagai, H., 1998:
Foreign gene expression in fission yeast S. pombe

Zhu, X.J.; Yao, A.Q.; Liu, B., 1994:
Foreign genes expression in Wistar rats in vivo

Yao, A.Q.; Sun, S.D.; Zhu, X.J., 1994:
Foreign genes expression in rat vascular smooth muscle

Anonymous, 1981:
Foreign health market: expanding frontier for American hospital management firms

Tarantelli; Cederbaum, 1993:
Foreign imaging in Auger spectroscopy: The Si 2p spectrum of silicon tetrafluoride

Calvanese, F., 1983:
Foreign immigrants in Italy

Di Comite, L.; Ancona, G.; Dell'atti, A., 1985:
Foreign immigration in Apulia

Bentivogli, F.; Pittau, F., 1990:
Foreign immigration in Italy. Forecasts from decree law 410 of 1989

Natale, M., 1990:
Foreign immigration in Italy: levels, characteristics, and prospects

Serra Yoldi, I., 1997:
Foreign immigration in Spain

Gozalvez Perez, V., 1996:
Foreign immigration in Spain (1985-1994)

Tapinos, G., 1988:
Foreign immigration in contemporary France

Mauroy, H., 1979:
Foreign immigration in the European Economic Community

Collicelli, C.; Di Cori, S., 1986:
Foreign immigration to Italy in the context of international migratory problems

Carinelli, S.G.; Giudici, M.N.; Brioschi, D.; Cefis, F., 1990:
Alveolar soft part sarcoma of the vagina

Bloch-Mouillet, E., 1996:
Foreign international bibliographic databases: Index Medicus. Presentation and user instructions

Bloch-Mouillet, E., 2000:
Foreign international reference databases: MEDLINE and PubMed. Presentation and instructions for use

Jones, R.W.; Easton, S.T., 1990:
Foreign investment and migration: analytics and extensions of the basic model

Sekiguchi, S., 1992:
Foreign investment in Asia in the 1990s: trends, problems and implications for manpower movements

Pang, E.F.; Lim, L.Y., 1982:
Foreign labor and economic development in Singapore

Blaschke, J., 1991:
Foreign labor in a reunited Germany

Becher, S.; Sumadi, C.; Güthoff, D.; Haas, J., 1997:
Foreign laborers in Germany--an evaluation of occupational health screening of foreign laborers for determining health disorders

Mićić, S., 1997:
Foreign language as a compulsory subject at the Medical School

Sjövall, A., 1999:
Foreign language dominance is nothing new. The problem is that a common diagnosis as arthrosis creates misunderstanding

Ganschow, L.; Sparks, R.L.; Javorsky, J., 1998:
Foreign language learning difficulties: an historical perspective

Sparks, R.L.; Ganschow, L.; Artzer, M.; Patton, J., 1997:
Foreign language proficiency of at-risk and not-at-risk learners over 2 years of foreign language instruction: a follow-up study

Luttikhuizen, F., 2000:
Foreign languages in tertiary education. An assessment

Becker, C., 2002:
Foreign legions. Trauma of Sept. 11 has had limited effect on international medical education programs, at home and abroad

Iglehart, J.K., 2001:
Foreign lessons: is there value added?

Lebon, A., 1988:
Foreign manpower at the end of 1985

Luijendijk, R.W.; de Lange, D.C.; Wauters, C.C.; Hop, W.C.; Duron, J.J.; Pailler, J.L.; Camprodon, B.R.; Holmdahl, L.; van Geldorp, H.J.; Jeekel, J., 1996:
Foreign material in postoperative adhesions

Rossbach, H.C.; Mastry, M.; Barnes, J.; Chamizo, W.; Davis, L.; Grana, N.H.; Barbosa, J.L., 2002:
Foreign matter salpingitis 3 years after typhlitis

Anonymous, 1983:
Foreign medical graduate examination in the medical sciences

Evans, J.P., 1980:
Foreign medical graduate legislation and its impact on international relations

Mick, S.S., 1993:
Foreign medical graduates and U.S. physician supply: old issues and new questions

Gillen, T., 1980:
Foreign medical graduates in New York City

Boggs, R.J., 1987:
Foreign medical graduates in U. S. surgery: Part II

Boggs, R.J., 1987:
Foreign medical graduates in U.S. surgery: Part I

Silva, Y.J., 1996:
Foreign medical graduates in the United States--the end of dependence is near

Fenninger, L.D., 1986:
Foreign medical graduates in the United States: policies and attitudes

Cerf, D.N., 1984:
Foreign medical graduates: credentials and licensure--I

Clark, G.R., 1985:
Foreign medical graduates: credentials and licensure--III. The Missouri Plan

Alexander, C.A., 1975:
Foreign medical graduates: issues and myths

Robb, N., 1994:
Foreign medical-education market represents potential cash infusion for Canadian schools

Mori, H., 1995:
Foreign migrant workers in Japan: trends and policies

Ambrosini, M., 1992:
Foreign migrants in the labor force. The case of Lombardy

Rodriguez, V.; Aguilera, M.J.; Gonzalez-yanci, M.P., 1993:
Foreign minorities from developing countries in Madrid

Crow, D., 1991:
Foreign nurse recruitment

Pacquiao, D.F., 2002:
Foreign nurse recruitment and workforce diversity

Williamson, J.B., 1980:
Foreign nurse recruitment: group in 'Lone Star State' launches large-scale effort

Hegland, A., 1991:
Foreign nurse saga continues

Johansen, V., 1993:
Foreign nurses

Bancroft, B., 1980:
Foreign nurses help fill gaps

Verdeflor, J., 2002:
Foreign nurses should be allowed career choices too

Akid, M., 2002:
Foreign nurses. Pooh-poohing the language test

Anonymous, 1981:
Foreign ownership: is it really that bad after all?

Flubacher, P., 1997:
Foreign patients in family practice: unsolvable problems for physician and patient?

Holzmann, T.H.; Volk, S.; Georgi, K.; Pflug, B., 1994:
Foreign patients in inpatient treatment in a psychiatric university clinic with community service

Köpp, W.; Rohner, R.; Trebbin, M., 1993:
Foreign patients in psychosomatic ambulatory care

Ogar, P., 1998:
Foreign physicians in Norway. Enrichment of the medical profession or an underestimated quality problem?

Aasland, O.G.; Javo, C.; Larsen, A., 1998:
Foreign physicians in Norwegian hospitals

Malvy, P., 1994:
Foreign physicians practicing in France (problems posed by the application of the law of July 13, 1972)

Haggar, V., 1997:
Foreign policy

Davidson, W.D.; Montville, J.V., 1981:
Foreign policy according to Freud

Lebon, A., 1985:
Foreign populations in Europe

Doran, P.M., 2001:
Foreign protein production in plant tissue cultures

Crahay, F.; Coppee, M.C.; Noirfalise, A., 1994:
Foreign proteins in meat products

Weissman, D., 1993:
Foreign reform. How selected other nations have changed their health systems for better or worse

Offerhaus, L., 1993:
Foreign reports on side effects of drugs

Schürmann, G.; Anthoni, C.; Fischer, R.J.; Hintze, P.; Senninger, N., 1999:
Foreign research position in the career development of academic surgeons

François, E., 1996:
Foreign residency: specialist candidate in the United States

Schultz, G.L., 1994:
Foreign service--help for the Third World

Alibhai, S.M., 1997:
Foreign specialists need not apply

Kunin, R., 1993:
Foreign students, visitors and immigration to British Columbia

Amsler, L.; Steffen, R., 1999:
Foreign travel and health risks

Nothdurft, H.Dieter., 2002:
Foreign travel and medical problems

Schäfer, K., 1998:
Foreign travelers can afford malaria prophylaxis

Pernet, V., 1993:
Foreign women in the obstetric ward. Understanding foreign cultures

Seccombe, I.J.; Lawless, R.I., 1986:
Foreign worker dependence in the Gulf, and the international oil companies: 1910-50

Lebon, A., 1986:
Foreign workers in Europe (how many are there; who are they; where do they work?)

Rist, R.C., 1978:
Foreign workers in Germany: the Turkish connection

Bartram, D.V., 2002:
Foreign workers in Israel: history and theory

Shah, N.M., 1986:
Foreign workers in Kuwait: implications for the Kuwaiti labor force

Owen, M.; Schnare, A.B., 1985:
Foreign workers in OECD countries: the social and economic consequences

Nagayama, T., 1996:
Foreign workers recruiting policies in Japan

Hjelm, K.; Isacsson, A.; Apelqvist, J.; Sundquist, J.; Nyberg, P., 1996:
Foreign- and Swedish-born diabetic patients--a population-based study of prevalence, glycaemic control and social position

Wändell, P.E., 1999:
Foreign- and Swedish-born diabetic patients--medical situation and quality of life

Ferguson, P.C.; Bell, R.S.; Davis, A.M., 1994:
Foreign-body abscesses presenting as soft-tissue tumours: two case reports

Deshpande, K.S.; Haramati, L.B.; Aldrich, T.K.; Edelman, M.; Villanueva, E., 2000:
Foreign-body aspiration, asthma and chronic bronchitis

Hermes, B.; Haas, N.; Grabbe, J.; Czarnetzki, B.M., 1994:
Foreign-body granuloma and IgE-pseudolymphoma after multiple bee stings

Ferrozzi, F.; Bova, D.; Gabrielli, M., 1999:
Foreign-body granuloma of the kidney: CT, MR and pathologic correlation

Cheng, W.; Tam, P.K., 1999:
Foreign-body ingestion in children: experience with 1,265 cases

Weiler, A.; Helling, H.J.; Kirch, U.; Zirbes, T.K.; Rehm, K.E., 1996:
Foreign-body reaction and the course of osteolysis after polyglycolide implants for fracture fixation: experimental study in sheep

Frederick, J.; Hulst, T.J.; Sundareson, A.S., 1996:
Foreign-body reaction to absorbable fixation devices

Kind, G.M.; Buncke, G.M.; Buncke, H.J., 1996:
Foreign-body sensation following 3M coupler use in the hand

Lin, C-Chan.; Ho, K-Yao.; Wang, L-Feng.; Kuo, W-Rei., 2003:
Foreign-body-induced otitis media: a case report

Michalowski, M., 1991:
Foreign-born Canadian emigrants and their characteristics (1981-1986)

Wilberschied, L., 1999:
Foreign-born tuberculosis cases exceed US-born tuberculosis cases: New York City, 1997

Shinkman, R., 1999:
Foreign-born workers still in limbo. INS' delay in developing guidelines for 1996 law has generated procedural snafus, lawsuit

Tribalat, M., 1996:
Foreign-born youth in France

Anonymous, 1978:
Foreign-language tapes

Zwanger, L., 2000:
Foreign-trained Jewish nurses in Palestine and Israel 1900-1965

Forney, S.; Robyr, N.; Arbet, J., 1993:
Foreigners and natives in Switzerland: demographic divergence and convergence

Guillon, M., 1996:
Foreigners and naturalized French citizens: a slow social diversification (1982-1990)

Wanner, P., 2002:
Foreigners changing nationality in Switzerland

Charatan, F., 2001:
Foreigners flock to Cuba for medical care

Engel, M., 1985:
Foreigners got high percentage of kidney transplants

Anonymous, 1978:
Foreigners in Europe in 1977

Kemper, F.J., 1997:
Foreigners in Germany: ethnic diversity and regional patterns

Macioti, M.I., 1990:
Foreigners in Italy

Lucrezio Montecelli, G.L., 1976:
Foreigners in Italy: numbers and problems. The statistical situation

Lora-tamayo D'ocon, G., 1996:
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Forensic nurse, crime experts, urge U.S. Senators to overhaul DNA analysis system

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Forestadent Travel Award

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Forestalling disincentives to return to work

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Alveolar ventilation

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Forests vanish as population expands

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Forests--the earth's lungs

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Forests: a planetary treasure

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Forever a nurse

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Forever in his debt

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Forever may you prosper

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Forever vigilant

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Always check anaesthetic equipment

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Always hard to absorb: youngsters suicide from childhood adversity

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Always on My Mind

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Always Remember the Basics!

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'Always say something positive about the child' T. Berry Brazelton 1918-2018

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Always think of the right ventricle, even in "low-risk" pulmonary embolism

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A Lyons Surgeon on English Surgery

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Forged medical prescriptions in a community pharmacy network in Midi-Pyrénées area: assessment of a falsification ratio

Rosenberg, D., 1992:
Forget CEA (cost effectiveness analysis). Use DEA (data envelopment analysis)!

Carr, K., 1996:
Forget Chicago. Set "ER" here

Edsall, R.L., 2001:
Forget HIPAA; think of your patients

Korcok, M., 2002:
Forget US politicians' promises--Canada still cheap-drug mecca

Fox, J.L., 2001:
Forget Washington: state laws threaten to restrict genetic research, too

Powers, M.; Elster, J.; Frankfurt, H.; Parfit, D.; Rawls, J., 1996:
Forget about equality

Muller-Smith, P., 1998:
Forget authority--go for power

MacLeod, P.; Fraser, C., 1998:
Forget cloning sheep and pay attention to China

Turner, T.; Priebe, S., 2002:
Forget community care--reinstitutionalisation is here

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Forget everything you thought you knew about the Blues

Townend, D.W., 1999:
Forget fair play

Everett, D., 1999:
Forget me not: the spiritual care of people with Alzheimer's Disease

Allander, E., 1996:
Forget old findings on health inequality! Concentrate on research!

Zupan, M., 1986:
Forget placebos--let's go for the strong stuff

Hoffmeyer, E., 2002:
Forget retirement

Lim, B., 1988:
Forget ritual sampling

Anonymous, 1997:
Forget staffing formulas; it's the case management model that matters

Pretzer, M., 1998:
Forget the Feds--the states are cracking down on managed care

Mims, J.L., 1989:
Forget the Harvard RVS. I use my own

Jacoby, J., 1996:
Forget the costs: use what is best

Hochler, A.K., 2001:
Forget the fleecing of America! Tom Brokaw, where are you?

Hudson, T., 1999:
Forget the pound of cure ... when it comes to prevention, supply doesn't generate demand

Stephens, C.D., 2001:
Forget the sailboard--let's go whiteboarding!

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Forget the upfront cash: tweak systems and add sourcing avenues

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Forget "ambulatory" in ambulatory care planning

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Forget "drinking to forget": enhanced consolidation of emotionally charged memory by alcohol

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Forging a code of ethics for managed care

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Forging a final, spiritual bond: the Zen Hospice Project

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Forging a future for Catholic healthcare

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Forging a future for nursing. A system's nurse executives collaborate to create a strategic plan

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Forging a link

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Forging a link between managers and their staff

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Forging a new subspecialty: general internal medicine

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Forging a partnership in information systems. The case of Vancouver Hospital

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Forging a path to the nucleus

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Forging a vital link in group operations

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Forging a working relationship

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Forging ahead

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Forging ahead with no national reform, states look to tackle Medicaid issues

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Forging ahead. Interview by Karen Schmidt

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Forging alliances to meet future research and training needs

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Forging an alliance

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Forging an alliance between hospitals and business

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Forging collaborative partnerships to enhance family health: an assessment of strengths and challenges in conducting community-based research

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Forging computer links when you have no tools

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Forgotten Dresden surgeons (II)

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Forgotten Tar Heel?

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Forgotten heroes

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Forgotten patients: the mentally ill

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Forgotten role of adrenaline in the management of anaphylactic reactions

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Forgotten years of the University of Kolozsvár

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Foriegn language drug labelling

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Forked insertion of flexor digitorum profundus to the little finger: an aberration

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Forkhead transcription factors are targets of signalling by the proto-oncogene PKB (C-AKT)

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Forking paths of treatment

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Forlax in the treatment of the constipation syndrome in children with combined digestive organ pathology

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Form 486

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Form 990 is going public. New IRS regulations will make information about nonprofit healthcare providers widely available

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Form 990. Disclosure as PR

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Form II of monoclinic methyl beta-carboline-3-carboxylate

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Form and color reproduction for composite resin reconstruction of anterior teeth

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Form and content: looking at visual features of television

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Form and function of negation in early developmental Cantonese

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Form and function--from Babylonian liver divination to liver surgery of today

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Form and function. Streamline documentation during the admission process

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Form for chronic patients: improving registries, evaluations, and health education

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Form for reporting serious adverse events and product problems with human drug and biological products and devices; availability--FDA. Notice

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Form from function in visual system development

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Form letter. To: All out-patients--Re: Payment of charges

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Form must follow function

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Form versus function in public health

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Form-filling is a curse. The paper work takes too much time from the patients

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Form-specific visual priming in the left and right hemispheres

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Formal Requirements of Markov State Models for Paired Associate Learning

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Formal and informal adjudication of ethics complaints against psychologists