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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46131

Chapter 46131 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1984:
From total paralysis to valedictorian: a rehabilitation story

Beresford, M., 1990:
From toy to tool

Bullinger, A.H.; Roessler, A.; Mueller-Spahn, F., 1999:
From toy to tool: the development of immersive virtual reality environments for psychotherapy of specific phobias

Schäfer, T.; Schäfer, C.; Schläfke, M.E., 1999:
From tracheostomy to non-invasive mask ventilation: a study in children with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome

Eversole, T.W., 1985:
From trade to profession--the rise of mortuary science in Cincinnati

Kagan, R.L., 1978:
From trade to profession: surgical education in eighteenth-century Spain

Ernst, E., 2000:
From traditional herbalism to modern phytomedicine

Kearns, C.T., 2001:
From tragedy comes triumph

Baker, A.; Roche, A., 2002:
From training to work-force development: a large and important conceptual leap

Cai, R.; Fischer, D.; Yan-Neale, Y.; Xu, H.; Cohen, D., 2000:
From transcription regulation to cell cycle checkpoint

Cullell-Young, M.; Barrachina, M.; López-López, C.; Goñalons, E.; Lloberas, J.; Soler, C.; Celada, A., 2001:
From transcription to cell surface expression, the induction of MHC class II I-A alpha by interferon-gamma in macrophages is regulated at different levels

Kimura, T., 1995:
From transfer to social service: a new emphasis on social policies for the aged in Japan

Billiard, M., 1996:
From transitory insomnia to chronic insomnia

Bartelink, H., 2001:
From translational research to improved local control and survival: the Gilbert Fletcher Award Lecture, Lugano, March 2000

Herrmann, N.; Lanctôt, K.L., 1997:
From transmitters to treatment: the pharmacotherapy of behavioural disturbances in dementia

Argani, S., 1999:
From transplant clinic

Fasano, R., 1993:
From transplant recipient to health care access advocate

Arion, V.Ia.; Morozov, I.I.; Petrov, R.V.; Lopukhin, I.M., 1999:
From transplantation of the thymus to molecular reconstruction of the immune system

Patton, S., 1999:
From trash to treasure

Bass, N.M., 2001:
From treatment planning to treatment results: The luck of the draw?

Anonymous, 1996:
From trial outcomes to clinical practice

Hurley, R., 1998:
From trickle down to paying up: making money talk

Aronson, S.M., 1993:
From triptychs to T-shirts

Rooney, I.; Hornby, S., 2001:
From troglodytes to information managers: information management and technology needs to achieve the primary care NHS modernization agenda--the views of three GPs

Delmont, J., 2000:
From tropical medicine ... to international health

Junod, A., 1995:
From tropical psychiatry to transcultural psychiatry

Peterson, M.A., 2002:
From trust to political power: interest groups, public choice, and health care

Zompatori, M.; Bergonzini, R.; Schiavina, M.; Fabiani, A.; Campieri, C., 2000:
From tubers to the fine lace of the lung

Kubota, K., 2002:
From tumor biology to clinical Pet: a review of positron emission tomography (PET) in oncology

Wajant, H.; Pfizenmaier, K., 2001 :
From tumor necrosis factor to TRAIL-AMAIZe: second generation antitumorally effective cytokines

Anonymous, 1998:
From turnover to teamwork

Bourgeois-pichat, J., 1990:
From twentieth to twenty-first century: Europe and its population after the year 2000

Berkowitz, R.L., 1996:
From twin to singleton

Ferguson, W.S., 1999:
From twisted ankles

Dzielski, B., 1999:
From two weeks to twenty-two: one patient's experience of minor surgery

Evans; Gürsey; Ogievetsky, 1993:
From two-dimensional conformal to four-dimensional self-dual theories: Quaternionic analyticity

Pogátsa, G., 1999:
From type 2 diabetes to metabolic X syndrome

Rubenstein, L.V.; Mittman, B.S.; Yano, E.M.; Mulrow, C.D., 2000:
From understanding health care provider behavior to improving health care: the QUERI framework for quality improvement. Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

Buchalla, C.Maria.; Paiva, V., 2002:
From understanding social vulnerability to a multidisciplinary outlook

Nagy, E.; Németh, E.; Molnár, P., 2000:
From unidentified to 'misidentified' newborn: male bias in recognition of sex

Follett, S.Biehl., 2003:
From uninformed patient to CWOCN: My life with ulcerative colitis and the ileoanal reservoir

Hall, E.O., 2002:
From unit to unit: Danish nurses' experiences of transfer of a small child to and from an intensive care unit

Laughon, D.; Ax, S.; Boyington, C., 1993:
From unit-based quality assurance to multidisciplinary continuous quality improvement in the coronary care unit

Bowerman, M., 1994:
From universal to language-specific in early grammatical development

Lázaro, P.; Fitch, K., 1996:
From universalism to selectivity: is 'appropriateness' the answer?

Louryan, S.; Vanhaeverbeek, M., 2000:
From university pedagogy to medical pedagogy: some reflections

Clare, J.; Longson, D.; Glover, P.; Schubert, S.; Hofmeyer, A., 1996:
From university student to registered nurse: the perennial enigma

Cassidy, W.M.; Moran-Bell, D.; Williams, K., 1997:
From university to community: the Baton Rouge experience

Rothermich, A.E.; Kinnear, C.L.; Beck, S.L., 1996:
From unpleasant surprises to productive relationships. Becoming team builders

Guder, W.G.; Kutter, D.; Bonini, P., 2000:
From uroscopy to molecular analysis--improving diagnostic information from urine analysis

White, C., 1988:
From utilization review to utilization management

Massar; Parentani, 1996:
From vacuum fluctuations to radiation. I. Accelerated detectors

Massar; Parentani, 1996:
From vacuum fluctuations to radiation. II. Black holes

Thormodsen, M.; Hjortdahl, P.; Farbrot, T.; Jacobsen, O.V.; Nenningsland, J.B.; Nielsen, B.B.; Nielsen, B.B., 1999:
From valium to the happy pill?

Normann, R.; Ramírez, R., 1993:
From value chain to value constellation: designing interactive strategy

Kawai; Weare, 1990:
From van der Waals to metallic bonding: The growth of Be clusters

Anonymous, 1996:
From vascular protection to secondary prevention in cardiovascular diseases. Proceedings of satellite symposium to the 16th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension. Glasgow, United Kingdom, 23 June 1996

Mishima, Y.; Mishima, Y., 1997:
From vascular surgery to gastrointestinal surgery

Langeron, P., 1993:
From venous ligation to vena cava filter. Objectives and hazards of vena cava interruption

Dreyfuss, D.; Saumon, G., 1998:
From ventilator-induced lung injury to multiple organ dysfunction?

Kerfoot, K.M., 1993:
From vertical to horizontal nursing management

Kopp, C.; Njeugna, E.; Kalfane, K.; Eichhorn, J.L.; Bouveresse, A., 2000:
From vestibular nystagmus to the transfer function of the vestibulo-ocular reflex

Poll, P.H.A., 2002:
From veterinarian student to university student

Lipman, L.J.A.; Bijker, P.G.H.; Snijders, J.M.A.; Sterneberg-van der Maaten, T.; van Knapen, F., 2002:
From veterinarian to quality control manager. What is going to change in the Netherlands for the practicing large animal veterinarian under influence of the White Paper about food safety?

Vollebregt, R.J.; Noordhuizen, J.P.; van der Wal, H., 2001:
From veterinary companionship to veterinary consultation about dairy farms (by way of changing strategies in cattle practice)

Ault, S.R.; Ferrell, B.R., 1998:
From victim to Victor: taking control of breast cancer

Turkel, A.Ruth., 2002:
From victim to heroine: children's stories revisited

Fowler, A., 2002:
From victim to survivor

Gillis, Y., 1993:
From victim to victor

Kiss, L.; King Laszlo, 1997:
From victim to witness: the solution of a medieval medical mystery

Baker, P.; Coleman, R.; Murray, I.; Thomas, P., 1997:
From victims to allies

Buss, D.M.; Shackelford, T.K., 1997:
From vigilance to violence: mate retention tactics in married couples

Munro, L., 1999:
From vilification to accommodation: making a common cause movement

Okita, K., 2001:
From viral hepatitis to hepatocellular carcinoma

Lemaire; Levitz; Daccord; Van Damme H, 1991:
From viscous fingering to viscoelastic fracturing in colloidal fluids

Godbolt, S.; Williamson, J.; Wilson, A., 1997:
From vision to reality--managing change in the provision of library and information services to nurses, midwives, health visitors and PAMs: (professions allied to medicine) a case study of the North Thames experience with the Inner London Consortium

Elkins, J., 1993:
From vision to reality: a look at community care networks

Olsen, L.; Wagner, L., 2000:
From vision to reality: how to actualize the vision of discharging patients from a hospital, with an increased focus on prevention

Atkinson, S., 1997:
From vision to reality: implementing health reforms in Lusaka, Zambia

Thompson-Haas, A., 1993:
From vision to revision: the secrets of getting into print

Faubert, J.; Diaconu, V., 2001:
From visual consciousness to spectral absorption in the human retina

Schémann, J.François.; Leplège, A.; Keita, T.; Resnikoff, S., 2002:
From visual function deficiency to handicap: measuring visual handicap in Mali

Martindale, 2000:
From vitamin E to Z-plasty. Plastic surgeons have more than one trick to remove a scar

Kerr, P.E.; DiGiovanna, J.J., 2001:
From vitamin to Vesanoid: systemic retinoids for the new millennium

Rousseau, N., 1997:
From vocation to discipline

Andersson, E.P., 1999:
From vocational training to academic education: the situation of the schools of nursing in Sweden

Rueggeberg, F.A., 2002:
From vulcanite to vinyl, a history of resins in restorative dentistry

Iversen, T., 2002:
From waiting lists to patient shortage?

Cohn, E.S., 2002:
From waiting to relating: parents' experiences in the waiting room of an occupational therapy clinic

Cohler, B.J.; Zimmerman, P., 1997:
From war nursery to therapeutic milieu

Lee, P., 1996 :
From ward sister to ward manager

Cutler, L.R., 2002:
From ward-based critical care to educational curriculum 1: a literature review

Cutler, L.R., 2002:
From ward-based critical care to educational curriculum 2: a focussed ethnographic case study

Baskett, P.J.; Pantridge, J.F., 1998:
From wards 5 and 6 to Sainsburys (the history of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.)

Johna, S., 2002:
From warriors to guardians: the Assyrians and their role in the history of medicine

D.M.nech M.S.ella, 2000:
From waves to avalanches: two different mechanisms of sandpile dynamics

Reedy, E.A., 2002:
From weakling to fighter: changing the image of premature infants

Winslow, W., 1997:
From wealth of oil to wealth of health care

Brooks, S., 1999:
From welfare to health care

Coventry, P.A.; Pickstone, J.V., 1999:
From what and why did genetics emerge as a medical specialism in the 1970s in the UK? A case-history of research, policy and services in the Manchester region of the NHS. National Health Service

Cruz-Coke Madrid, R., 2002:
From what moment is there a soul in the human embryo?

Anonymous, 1997:
From what will we die in 2020?

Solomon, M.Z., 1997:
From what's neutral to what's meaningful: reflections on a study of medical interpreters

ElKayam, O.; Yaron, M.; Caspi, D., 2001:
From wheels to feet: a dramatic response of severe chronic psoriatic arthritis to etanercept

Sáry, G., 1994:
From when to when is life protected?

Schmidt, D., 2002:
From where are insurance physicians to be recruited?

Gaynon, P.S., 2002:
From where do clinical trials come?

Davidhizar, R.; Vance, A., 1997:
From whiner to winner

LaBan, M.M.; Koenig, J.K.; Tamler, M.S., 2002:
From who's who to who's he? A quality of life survey for retired physiatrists and spouses

Greene, J., 1999:
From whodunit to what happened

Cox, K.R., 1983:
From whom the bell tolls: WHO and health care in the developing world

Schwaber, E.A., 1998:
From whose point of view? The neglected question in analytic listening

Isenbügel, E., 2002:
From wild horse to riding horse

Sherry, D., 1996:
From wild to mild: tips for taming tough weekends

Wicker, F.W.; Wiehe, J.A.; Hagen, A.S.; Brown, G., 1994:
From wishing to intending: differences in salience of positive versus negative consequences

Kolip, P., 2001:
From women's health to gender-sensitive health research

Ramirez, F.O.; McEneaney, E.H., 1997:
From women's suffrage to reproduction rights? Cross-national considerations

Anonymous, 2002:
From wonder to wisdom. Nurses and legislators working together

Ring, M., 1995:
From wood to gold: the story of homemade dentures

Sidel, V.; Cohen, H.W.; Gould, R.M., 2002:
From woolsorters to mail sorters: anthrax past, present, and future

Wells, D., 1987:
From workbench to high tech: the evolution of the adjustment table

Milles, D., 1983:
From workers' diseases to occupational diseases: the causality of experts' evidence on liability in the development of social medicine

Visser, 1993:
From wormhole to time machine: Remarks on Hawking's chronology protection conjecture

Adubato, S., 2002:
From worst to first in patient care

Anonymous, 2000:
From worst to first: a physician success story

Krämer-Schultheiss, K.S.; Schultheiss, D., 2002:
From wound healing to modern tissue engineering of the skin. A historical review on early techniques of cell and tissue culture

Requena, I.; Lema, C.; Arias, M., 1998:
From writer's cramp to butcher's spasms: a case of interprofessional dystonia

Polimeno, L.; Lisowsky, T.; Francavilla, A., 1999:
From yeast to man--from mitochondria to liver regeneration: a new essential gene family

Pour, P.M., 1996:
From yesterday to today

Popielski, J.F., 1996:
From you to me

Williams, M.K., 1996:
From zero to teamwork: a manufacturing journey

Kimball, M.M.; Breuer, J.; Pappenheim, B., 2001:
From "Anna O." to Bertha Pappenheim: transforming private pain into public action

Dagianti, A., 1996 :
From "Braunwald" to cardiologic practice

Evers, K.A., 1996:
From "Doc" on horseback to managed care--in commemoration of the 140th Anniversary of the Mississippi State Medical Association

Adams, M.B., 1979:
From "Gene Fund" to "Gene Pool": on the evolution of evolutionarylanguage

Lamau, M.L.; Cadore, B.; Boitte, P., 1997:
From "The ethical treatment of patients in a persistent vegetative state" to a philosophical reflection on contemporary medicine

Engelhardt, R., 1997:
From "banana-" to straight shaft. Success story of a prosthesis model. Sulzer Orthopedics Hip Meeting in Interlaken (June 1997)

Pang, K.Y., 1987:
From "bu" to "won": the influence of the United States in Korea and the professionalization of Korean nursing, 1945-1948

Gaffin, D., 1996:
From "bugging-out" to "chilling-out": manipulating emotion and evoking reason in a forensic psychiatric hospital

Lyons, M., 1985:
From "death camps" to cordon sanitaire: the development of sleeping sickness policy in the Uele district of the Belgian Congo, 1903-1914

Maliski, S.L.; Heilemann, M.V.; McCorkle, R., 2002:
From "death sentence" to "good cancer": couples' transformation of a prostate cancer diagnosis

Gadelha, P., 1994:
From "forest malaria" to "bromeliad malaria": a case-study of scientific controversy and malaria control

Prüll, C.R., 1997:
From "great Germans" and "proud peaks"--textbooks of German medical history and pathology (1858 to 1945)

Speaker, S.L., 1997:
From "happiness pills" to "national nightmare": changing cultural assessment of minor tranquilizers in America, 1955-1980

Kinney, D.A., 1999:
From "headbangers" to "hippies": delineating adolescents' active attempts to form an alternative peer culture

Bronfman, M.; Castro, R.; Zúñiga, E.; Miranda, C.; Oviedo, J., 1998:
From "how many" to "why": the utilization of health services from the perspective of the users

Sharp, N., 1998:
From "incident to" to telehealth: new federal rules and regulations affect NPs

Aghababian, V.; Nazir, T.A.; Lançon, C.; Tardy, M., 2001:
From "logographic" to normal reading: the case of a deaf beginning reader

Ollé Goig, J.E., 1994:
From "make love and not war" to the practice of "safe sex": personal history of AIDS and various reflexions

Jiang, D.; Li, X.; Lv, X.; Jia, Q., 2018:
A magnetic hydrazine-functionalized dendrimer embedded with TiO2 as a novel affinity probe for the selective enrichment of low-abundance phosphopeptides from biological samples

Jaffray, J-Yves.; Giollant, M.; Perissel, B.; Vago, P., 2002:
From "monocolor" karyotype to "multicolor" karyotype: applications of M-Fish in hematology and oncology

McKenzie, S., 2002:
From "no way" to "know-how": getting through tough times with information management

Lüthi, U., 2002:
From "non-word" to precious stone

Gómez de la Torre, T.Zardán.; Herthnek, D.; Strømme, M., 2018:
A Magnetic Nanobead-Based Read-Out Procedure for Rapid Detection of DNA Molecules

Stimmel, B., 1996:
From "nothing" to "something" to "everything": bisexuality and metaphors of the mind

Timoshkin, A.Y.; Schaefer, H.F., 2002:
From "parasitic" association reactions toward the stoichiometry controlled gas phase synthesis of nanoparticles: a theoretically driven challenge for experimentalists

Bulger, R.J., 1996:
From "piety to platitudes to pork" to what? The changing politics of health workforce policy: a view from university-based academic health centers

Waal, H.; Dahl, I.V., 2002:
From "quota prescription" to drug-assisted rehabilitation--experiences with the temporary guidelines

Bisseret Moreau, N., 1990:
From "race decadence" to "population aging"

Samelson, F., 1978:
From "race psychology" to "studies in prejudice": some observations on the thematic reversal in social psychology

Minami, H., 1993:
From "reactive" to "proactive". Being proactive means you should take actions

Yamamoto, N.; Nakanishi, H., 1993:
From "reactive" to "proactive". Nursing actions based on predictions

Kamiya, K., 1993:
From "reactive" to "proactive". Nursing care of unconscious patients

Matsuzaki, S., 1993:
From "reactive" to "proactive". Progress and issues of psychiatric nursing care

Shindoh, S., 1993:
From "reactive" to "proactive". Staff development is the role of nurse managers

Babrow, A.S.; Kline, K.N., 2000:
From "reducing" to "coping with" uncertainty: reconceptualizing the central challenge in breast self-exams

Hort, A.; Bücker-Nott, H.J.; Rösch, C.; Brand, H., 1998:
From "reporting" to "surveillance": documentation of abnormalities within the scope of perinatal data collection--a sensitive instrument for monitoring new technologies?

Ishay, R., 1993:
From "right to die" to "assisted death"

Bruckler, I.; Huppmann, I., 1999:
From "secret curriculum" to the aims of teaching

Van Dyke, L.A., 1994:
From "sizing up" to "settling in"

Yamashita, K., 2003 :
From "teaching" to "learning" : "pains" with fundamental principle and/or appointment rule

Joris, J.P., 1992:
From "the man with the calf's head" to "Elephant man", or the avatars of fame: a contribution to the history of neurofibromatosis

Ngugen, Sébastien.; Baubet, T., 2002:
From "too bad" to time taken

Anonymous, 2001:
From "trailing edge" to "leading edge": an employer's diabetes approach

Gonzalez, W.G., 1993:
From "turfism" to teamwork across lines

Meyer, P.; Tiburtius, F., 2001:
From "uncertifiable" medical practice to Berlin Clinic of Women Doctors: the medical career of Franziska Tiburtius (M.D. Zurich, 1876)

Gonzalez, W.G., 1994:
From "we-they" thinking to organizational perspective

Vasil'ev, I.V.; Zvenigorodskaia, L.A.; Kolomiets, E.V.; Firsanova, V.Iu., 2002:
Fromilid (clarithromycin) in eradication patients in patients with duodenal ulcer associated with Helicobacter pylori (comparison of two treatment variations)

Vasil'ev, I.V.; Zvenigorodskaia, L.A., 2002:
Fromilide (clarithromycin) in eradication of Helicobacter pylori in patients with duodenal ulcer

Bacciagaluppi, M., 2002:
Fromm's concern with feminine values

Mai; Sokolov; Blumen, 1996:
Front Propagation and Local Ordering in One-Dimensional Irreversible Autocatalytic Reactions

Lacasta; Hernández-Machado; Sancho, 1993:
Front and domain growth in the presence of gravity

Tian, H.; Li, Z.; Tian, J.; Zhou, G., 2003:
Front and pulse solutions for the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation with higher-order terms

Anonymous, 1998:
Front attacks aim to parry managed care backlash

Tabak, M.; Roelandt, A.; Vereecken, J., 2002:
Front bridge damaged by accident?

Holgado, S.; Olivé, A.; Pérez Andrés, R.; Casamitjana, F.; Perelló, E.; Latorre, P., 1999:
Front chest pain and paresis of recurrent nerve: sapho syndrome

Elam, C.L.; Johnson, M.M., 1994:
Front door or back door: comparison of preadmission and medical school performances of early-decision and regular-admission students

Santos, M.A.; Sancho, J.M., 2001:
Front dynamics in the presence of spatiotemporal structured noises

Hillion, 1989:
Front form of electromagnetism

Constantin, P.; Nie, Q.; Schörghofer, N., 2002:
Front formation in an active scalar equation

Battogtokh, D., 2003:
Front instabilities in a forced oscillatory medium with global coupling

Carlisle, D., 1998:
Front line battle for human rights

Cabanillas, F., 1993:
Front line management of intermediate grade lymphomas at M.D. Anderson Hospital

Anonymous, 1993:
Front line of life science. Discussion

Marinik, L.M., 1996:
Front line readiness in environmental service

Clifford, M., 1997:
Front page splash. Interview by Richard Morris

Bar; Hagberg; Meron; Thiele, 2000:
Front propagation and pattern formation in anisotropic bistable media

Lücke; Mihelcic; Wingerath, 1985:
Front propagation and pattern formation of Taylor vortices growing into unstable circular Couette flow

Paquette, 1995:
Front propagation and selection in a two-space diblock copolymer melt

Paquette, 1991:
Front propagation in a diblock copolymer melt

Debierre; Bradley, 1994:
Front propagation in a random medium with a power-law distribution of transit times

Abel, M.; Celani, A.; Vergni, D.; Vulpiani, A., 2001:
Front propagation in laminar flows

Mai; Sokolov; Blumen, 2000:
Front propagation in one-dimensional autocatalytic reactions: the breakdown of the classical picture at small particle concentrations

Mazenko; Valls; Ruggiero, 1989:
Front propagation into an unstable state in the presence of noise

Fedotov, S., 2001:
Front propagation into an unstable state of reaction-transport systems

van Saarloos W; van Hecke, M.H.lyst, 1995:
Front propagation into unstable and metastable states in smectic-C* liquid crystals: Linear and nonlinear marginal-stability analysis

van Saarloos W, 1989:
Front propagation into unstable states. II. Linear versus nonlinear marginal stability and rate of convergence

van Saarloos W, 1988:
Front propagation into unstable states: Marginal stability as a dynamical mechanism for velocity selection

Kim, J.W.; Vaishnav, J.Y.; Ott, E.; Venkataramani, S.C.; Losert, W., 2001:
Front propagation of spatiotemporal chaos

Ronney; Haslam; Rhys, 1995:
Front propagation rates in randomly stirred media

Syverson, B., 2002:
Front row seat on life

Ridgway; Levine; Tu, 1996:
Front stability in mean-field models of diffusion-limited growth

Hertel, R.C.; Postema, N.; van der Linden, F.P.; Creugers, N.H., 1995:
Front tooth replacement and the possible application of implants in young patients

D.W.js, F.L.; Van Dongen, R.C.; D.L.nge, G.L.; D.P.tter, C., 1994:
Front tooth replacement with Tübingen (Frialit) implants

D.W.js, F.L.; D.P.tter, C.; Cune, M.S., 1996:
Front tooth replacement with Tübingen (Frialit) implants: a radiographical evaluation

Aranson; Meerson; Sasorov, 1995:
Front-curvature effects in the dynamics of confined radiatively bistable plasmas: Perfect patterns and Ostwald ripening

Skjei, E., 1994:
Front-end automation: the last hurdle

Saucer, J.; Bagnal, J., 1996:
Front-end strategies for improving collections: a case study

Keister, 1988:
Front-form Hamiltonian dynamics of deuteron electrodisintegration

Ahluwalia; Sawicki, 1993:
Front-form spinors in the Weinberg-Soper formalism and generalized Melosh transformations for any spin

Holt, P., 1994:
Front-line GPs wanted

Spitzer-Lehmann, R., 1992:
Front-line ambassador

Nauright, L.P.; Simpson, R.L., 1995:
Front-line hospital staff from six hospitals rate benefits of hospital information systems

Dean, S., 2002:
Front-line leadership. Chapter 1: Blonde ambition

Dean, S., 2002:
Front-line leadership. Chapter 2: Damage control

Dean, S., 2002:
Front-line leadership. Chapter 3: Police story

Dean, S., 2002:
Front-line leadership. Chapter 4: Loose cannon

Williams, D., 2002:
Front-line leadership. Sharing the wealth: creating future EMS leaders through effective management mentoring

Cortes, J.; Rodriguez, J.; Aramendia, J.Manuel.; Salgado, E.; Gurpide, A.; Garcia-Foncillas, J.; Aristu, J.Javier.; Claver, A.; Bosch, A.; Lopez-Picazo, J.Maria.; Martin-Algarra, S.; Brugarolas, A.; Calvo, E., 2002:
Front-line paclitaxel/cisplatin-based chemotherapy in brain metastases from non-small-cell lung cancer

Jonah, B.; Yuen, L.; Au-Yeung, E.; Paterson, D.; Dawson, N.; Thiessen, R.; Arora, H., 1999:
Front-line police officers' practices, perceptions and attitudes about the enforcement of impaired driving laws in Canada

Umiker, W., 2000:
Front-line training: a health care imperative

Mavroudis, D.; Alexopoulos, A.; Ziras, N.; Malamos, N.; Kouroussis, C.; Kakolyris, S.; Agelaki, S.; Kalbakis, K.; Tsavaris, N.; Potamianou, A.; Rigatos, G.; Georgoulias, V., 2000:
Front-line treatment of advanced breast cancer with docetaxel and epirubicin: a multicenter phase II study

Manegold, C.; Gatzemeier, U.; von Pawel, J.; Pirker, R.; Malayeri, R.; Blatter, J.; Krejcy, K., 2000:
Front-line treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer with MTA (LY231514, pemetrexed disodium, ALIMTA) and cisplatin: a multicenter phase II trial

Kouroussis, C.; Xydakis, E.; Potamianou, A.; Giannakakis, T.; Kakolyris, S.; Agelaki, S.; Sara, E.; Malamos, N.; Alexopoulos, A.; Mavroudis, D.; Samonis, G.; Papadouris, S.; Georgoulias, V.; Panagos, G., 1999:
Front-line treatment of metastatic breast cancer with docetaxel and epirubicin: a multicenter dose-escalation study. The Greek Breast Cancer Cooperative Group (GBCCG)

Dantoine, T.; Benevent, D.; Boudet, R.; Lagarde, C.; Charmes, J-Pierre.; Leroux-Robert, C., 2002:
Front-loading a peritoneal dialysis catheter prevents its migration in elderly patients

Steinkamp, G.W.; Hattenbach, L.O.; Scharrer, I.; Ohrloff, C., 1994:
Front-loading rt PA thrombolytic therapy in central or venous branch occlusions of the retina

Stephens, B., 1989:
Front-page coverage

Bolinger, R., 1990:
Front-row seat: dramatic (and mundane) moments mark doctor, patient victories & losses at Part B ALJ hearings

BeSaw, L., 1997:

Crouch, D., 2002:

Wurthmann, C.; Bogerts, B.; Gregor, J.; Baumann, B.; Effenberger, O.; Döhring, W., 1998:
Frontal CSF enlargement in panic disorder: a qualitative CT-scan study

Malloy; Aloia, 1999:
Frontal Lobe Dysfunction in Traumatic Brain Injury

Kim, M.S.; Kim, J.J.; Kwon, J.S., 2002:
Frontal P300 decrement and executive dysfunction in adolescents with conduct problems

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