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Gender, acculturation, and alcohol consumption among Mexican Americans

Alaniz, M.L.; Treno, A.J.; Saltz, R.F.

Substance use and Misuse 34(10): 1407-1426


ISSN/ISBN: 1082-6084
PMID: 10446767
DOI: 10.3109/10826089909029390
Accession: 046153867

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This study examines the relationship between level of acculturation and drinking status among Mexican American males and females in three northern California cities. The data analyzed were collected through the use of a telephone survey. The sample size is 932. Our results show that acculturation has a direct effect on drinking status for women in the sample but not for men. At low levels of acculturation, our results show the expected difference in drinking status by gender; with high abstention rates for women and low abstention rates for males. At high levels of acculturation there is a convergence in drinking status with females approximating the proportion of male drinkers in the sample. Additionally, acculturation was associated with "heavier" drinking for females while place of birth was associated with "heavier" drinking for males. Studies of drinking patterns and related problems need to consider these factors.

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