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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46274

Chapter 46274 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Guthrie, M.B., 1981:
Hospital-medical staff collaboration key to survival

Burns, L.R., 1985:
Hospital-medical staff tensions: an historical overview and analysis

Schaum, K.D., 2002:
Hospital-owned Outpatient Department Prospective Payment System Final Rule

Sturm, W.C.; Naples, G.J., 1986:
Hospital-owned collection agencies: concerns and considerations

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospital-owned health plans grow

Burda, D., 1991:
Hospital-owned home medical equipment firms in California targeted in fraud, antitrust probes

Campbell, S., 1998:
Hospital-owned physician practices fail because hospitals fail to plan for them

Anonymous, 1999:
Hospital-owned practices succeed with solid teams

Nemeth, L.B.; Kinkus, C.A., 1988:
Hospital-physician alliances and the MT

McManis, G.L.; Stewart, J.A., 1992:
Hospital-physician alliances: building an integrated medical delivery system

Mark, T.L.; Evans, W.N.; Schur, C.L.; Guterman, S., 1998:
Hospital-physician arrangements and hospital financial performance

Leech, J.D., 1992:
Hospital-physician arrangements: the new IRS position

Speaker, R., 1987:
Hospital-physician bonding

Anonymous, 1988:
Hospital-physician bonding: the computer connection

McElroy, T., 1988:
Hospital-physician bonding: the ultimate strategy

Enders, R.J., 1986:
Hospital-physician collaboration and competition: the antitrust connection

Becker, S.; Nino, K., 1999:
Hospital-physician compensation methods under the Stark Act

Morrissey, J., 1994:
Hospital-physician computer link needed

Cummins, J.R.; Mathis, S.J., 1994:
Hospital-physician contracting

Fanucchi, J.J., 1984:
Hospital-physician cooperation in health promotion: the opportunity is there

Powell, B.; McCullough, M.L., 1985:
Hospital-physician cooperation: a case study

Kyle, F.; Metry, R., 1992:
Hospital-physician imaging ventures

Tompkins, R.K.; Francoeur, A., 2000:
Hospital-physician integration: are we prepared for the future?

Lemieux-Charles, L.; Leatt, P., 1992:
Hospital-physician integration: case studies of community hospitals

Anonymous, 1985:
Hospital-physician joint ventures

Blair, J.D.; Slaton, C.R.; Savage, G.T., 1990:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: a strategic approach for both dimensions of success

Lockman, S.M.; Nuyen, J.G., 1986:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: a two-year update

Lockman, S.M., 1984:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: an opportunity and a challenge

Anonymous, 1992:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: beware of hospitals bearing gifts

Bromberg, R.S., 1992:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: new, menacing IRS stance

Mancino, D.M., 1983 :
Hospital-physician joint ventures: some crucial considerations

Kurtz, R.D., 1992:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: updated for the '90s

Anonymous, 2001:
Hospital-physician relations in the millennium: no more "holding hands and jumping off a cliff"

Peterson, D., 1991:
Hospital-physician relations. Beyond courtship to the ties that bind

Hicks, D., 1986:
Hospital-physician relations: 1992. Three scenarios

Orr, S.R.; Siegal, J.T., 1986:
Hospital-physician relations: overcoming barriers to cooperation

Cejka, S.A., 1994:
Hospital-physician relations: the recruitment perspective

McMahon, J.A., 1975:
Hospital-physician relations: where do we go from here?

Coile, R.C., 1991:
Hospital-physician relationships in the 1990s

Swisher, K.N.; Begun, J.W.; Ulmer, D.L., 1999:
Hospital-physician relationships in the integrated delivery system: an ethical analysis

White, J.H., 1993:
Hospital-physician relationships: a hurdle on the road to reform

Meighan, S.S., 1988:
Hospital-physician relationships: some factors beneath the surface

Berry, K., 1999:
Hospital-physician relationships: what's working, what's not working

Wheeler, J.R.; Wickizer, T.M.; Shortell, S.M., 1986:
Hospital-physician vertical integration

Wagner, M., 1991:
Hospital-product suppliers mobilize

Anonymous, 1981:
Hospital-purchased physician supplies: a violation of antitrust statutes?

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospital-related legislation 95th Congress: final action

Brennan, P.J., 1998:
Hospital-resource utilization and tuberculosis

Smith, D.G., 1992:
Hospital-reviewer relations and effective utilization review

Anonymous, 1992:
Hospital-run respite center relieves caregivers

Anonymous, 2002:
Hospital-school asthma prevention collaboration improves outcomes for both

Lemkin, J.W.; Rich, J.P., 1983:
Hospital-sponsored PPOs: a practical guide to structural and organizational options

Williams, S.J.; Wickizer, T.M.; Shortell, S.M., 1982:
Hospital-sponsored ambulatory care: a national survey

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospital-sponsored child care: expanded employee benefit

Gilmartin, J.; Larson, G.; Glass, G., 1989:
Hospital-sponsored childcare: three perspectives

Nelson, S.R., 1985:
Hospital-sponsored group practice

Kenkel, P.J., 1992:
Hospital-sponsored health plans battle the big guys

van Amerongen, D., 1996:
Hospital-sponsored networks. The rush to consolidate and the future of medical practice

Blake, A., 1981:
Hospital-sponsored parties bring health education into neighborhood homes

Williams, S.J.; Shortell, S.M.; Dowling, W.L.; Urban, N., 1978:
Hospital-sponsored primary care group practices: a developing modality of care

Block, J.A.; Brideau, L.C.; Burns, A.K.; Lear, J.G., 1980:
Hospital-sponsored primary care: the community hospital program

Richman, D., 1985:
Hospital-staff ventures popular, but critics question their worth

Lowes, R., 2001:
Hospital-stay guidelines: just plain weird

Guliaev, V.A.; Kartashov, V.T., 2001:
Hospital-substitutive technologies--grounds for reforming therapeutic and diagnostic base of the military health system

Anonymous, 1985:
Hospital-supported day care centers prove cost-effective

Gogno, A., 1989:
Hospital-to-doctor programs. Referral service packs long-distance punch

Mäkikyrö, T.; Sauvola, A.; Moring, J.; Veijola, J.; Nieminen, P.; Järvelin, M.R.; Isohanni, M., 1999:
Hospital-treated psychiatric disorders in adults with a single-parent and two-parent family background: a 28-year follow-up of the 1966 Northern Finland Birth Cohort

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospital-wide BP screen aims to spot borderline hypertensives

Page, D., 2000:
Hospital-wide PACS need tighter data security

Jezierski, M., 1998:
Hospital-wide domestic violence education

Pendon, L.N., 1981:
Hospital-wide education in a small community hospital

Hoffman, V., 1998:
Hospital-wide education on venous access devices

Wilson, C., 1975 :
Hospital-wide education--getting started

Seemann, S.; Soukup, S.M.; Adams, P., 2000:
Hospital-wide intravenous initiative

Hammond, J.C., 1991:
Hospital-wide network increases information access

Cannavo, M., 1988:
Hospital-wide optical storage

Hazen, M.; Miller, K.; Finley, F.R., 1998:
Hospital-wide standardization effort nets big savings

Anonymous, 1984:
Hospital/HHA cooperative delivery models

Anonymous, 1984:
Hospital/HHA relations--overview

Abrahamsen, M.B., 1985:
Hospital/HMO contracts need careful evaluation

Rice, M.F., 1985:
Hospital/health facilities and the Hill-Burton obligations: a secret from the black community

O'Donnell, K.P., 1986:
Hospital/home care. Why are many hospitals having trouble with home care?

Meighan, S.S., 1989:
Hospital/medical staff relationships: should we forgive each other?

Anthony, M.F., 1994 :
Hospital/physician collaboration: how will it change governance?

Peregrine, M.W.; Waller, A.A.; O'Dwyer, J.S., 1994:
Hospital/physician contracting and the illegality defense

Lipson, A., 1990:
Hospital/physician interface capabilities in the medical community

Morrison, A., 1992:
Hospital/physician joint ventures--alternatives for the future

Blankenau, R., 1990:
Hospital/physician linkups

Muller, J.H., 1985:
Hospital/physician networking. Partners-in-change

Anonymous, 1983:
Hospital/physician partnership: a blueprint for success of the osteopathic hospital

McCarthy, G.J., 1992:
Hospital/physician relations. How to manage and improve ties with group practices

Goldsmith, J., 1993:
Hospital/physician relationships: a constraint to health reform

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospital/physician relationships: meeting tomorrow's challenges

Doyle, S.X.; Boudreau, J.G., 1989:
Hospital/supplier partnership

Hansen, B., 1993:
Hospital: County Council gave all power to medical directors

Mulholland, H., 2002:
Hospital: a place of safety?

Mallet, J., 1996:
Hospital: values of a teaching enterprise

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse ... December 1995

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse ... December 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse ... February 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse ... February 1997

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse ... January 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse ... January 1997

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse ... July 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse ... June 1996

Anonymous, 1996 :
HospitalPulse ... March 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse ... November 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse ... October 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse ... September 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse--October 1995

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse. April 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
HospitalPulse. August 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse. May 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
HospitalPulse. November 1995

Thomas, M.; Bedford-Russell, A.; Sharland, M., 2000:
Hospitalisation for RSV infection in ex-preterm infants-implications for use of RSV immune globulin

Sridharan, B.; Arshad, P.; Marcos, M., 2002:
Hospitalisation in first-episode psychosis

Phelan, P.D.; Bishop, J.; Baxter, K.; Duckett, S.J., 1992:
Hospitalisation of children under 15 years in Victoria

Brameld, K.J.; Holman, C.D.; Bass, A.J.; Codde, J.P.; Rouse, I.L., 1999:
Hospitalisation of the elderly during the last year of life: an application of record linkage in Western Australia 1985-1994

Beijer, H.J.M.; de Blaey, C.J., 2002:
Hospitalisations caused by adverse drug reactions (ADR): a meta-analysis of observational studies

Melamed, D.Y., 2001:
Hospitalised mentally ill patients vote in Israel

Sharma, S.; Chopra, S., 1998:
Hospitalised patients' need for information. A study

Gooden, B.R.; Smith, M.J.; Tattersall, S.J.; Stockler, M.R., 2001:
Hospitalised patients' views on doctors and white coats

MacKenzie, T.D., 2000:
Hospitalised smokers: characteristics, treatment, and transition to ambulatory care

Sheldon, L., 1997:
Hospitalising children: a review of the effects

Epperson, W.J., 1998:
Hospitalism debate

Maviglia, S.M.; Bates, D., 1999:
Hospitalism in the USA

Rudnick, A., 1996:

Anonymous, 1999:

Kertesz, L., 2000:
Hospitalist care flourishes, amid physician concerns

Brown, R.G., 1998:
Hospitalist concept: another dangerous trend

Anonymous, 1997:
Hospitalist model can lower LOS, land contracts

Anonymous, 1999:
Hospitalist model holds potential for big bed day reductions, huge savings in Medicare risk

MacDonald, W.J.; Monik, L., 2001:
Hospitalist model: advantages and concerns

Coles, 1999:
Hospitalist neurology. Blue books of practical neurology

Daniels, J.C., 1999:
Hospitalist programs are acceptable if they are voluntary

Cook, E.C., 2001:
Hospitalist programs: are they good for your practice?

Lurie, J.D.; Wachter, R.M., 1999:
Hospitalist staffing requirements

Fitzgerald, F.T., 1999:

Volpintesta, E.J., 1998:
Hospitalists a positive addition to medicine

Bryant, D.C., 1999:
Hospitalists and 'officists' preparing for the future of general internal medicine

Smith, L.G., 1999:
Hospitalists and officists

Kemper, A.R.; Freed, G.L., 2002:
Hospitalists and residency medical education: measured improvement

Lindenauer, P.K.; Pantilat, S.Z.; Katz, P.P.; Wachter, R.M., 1999:
Hospitalists and the practice of inpatient medicine: results of a survey of the National Association of Inpatient Physicians

Lindenauer, P.K., 1999:
Hospitalists and the practice of inpatient medicine: results of the UCSF-NAIP survey

Cebrian, L.E., 1999:
Hospitalists are a lousy idea

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitalists are a sensible strategy for managing inpatient costs

Weber, D., 1999:
Hospitalists are conduits for evidence-based care

Anonymous, 1997:
Hospitalists can cut LOS, help get MCO contracts

Anonymous, 1999:
Hospitalists deliver high performance for capitated provider groups

Smith, M., 1997:
Hospitalists fill important new staffing niche

Mainous, A.G.; Baker, R.; Parker, S.G., 2000:
Hospitalists for the NHS?

Jaklevic, M.C., 1999:
Hospitalists gain ground. The next issue is whether using them should be mandated

Murin, S., 2000:
Hospitalists in the intensive care unit: an intensivist perspective

Piturro, M., 2002:
Hospitalists make it look easy

Johnson, D.E., 2001:
Hospitalists may help relieve nurse shortage

Thompson, C.A., 1999:
Hospitalists offer prospect for increased efficiencies

Anonymous, 2002:
Hospitalists prove their worth for capitated providers, plans

Coile, R.C., 2001:
Hospitalists redefine future of inpatient medicine

Coile, R.C., 2001:
Hospitalists redefine the future of inpatient medicine

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitalists reduce LOS, slash costs in academic medical center

Fine, A., 1998:
Hospitalists reducing cost of hospital care

Johnson, D.E., 2001:
Hospitalists' leadership key to IOM's 21st century aims

Plauth, W.H.; Pantilat, S.Z.; Wachter, R.M.; Fenton, C.L., 2001:
Hospitalists' perceptions of their residency training needs: results of a national survey

Wolfe, S., 2000:
Hospitalists. Good or bad news for nurses?

Hook, K.; Kasperski, J., 2001:
Hospitalists: a bandage on a gaping wound

Anonymous, 2000:
Hospitalists: a must-have for capitated organizations

Henneman, E.A., 1998:
Hospitalists: a nurse's point of view

Chaty, B., 1998:
Hospitalists: an efficient, new breed of inpatient caregivers

Bellin, E., 1999:
Hospitalists: cost and quality of care

Anonymous, 1999:
Hospitalists: do they represent a best practice for patients? Part I

Anonymous, 2000:
Hospitalists: not for larger facilities only

Flanders, S.A..; Wachter, R.M.., 2003:
Hospitalists: the new model of inpatient medical care in the United States

Lieberman, F., 2000:
Hospitalists: they've made me a believer

Geehr, E.C.; Nelson, J.R., 2002:
Hospitalists: who they are and what they do

Smaroff; Krawcheck; McGregor; Rubin, 2000:
Hospitalists: will hospitalists care for our surgical patients?

Cadoré, B., 2002:
Hospitality as a philosophy of caring

Davis, D., 1988:
Hospitality audits

Olarsh, E., 1988:
Hospitality designers: have you taken your healthcare pulse lately?

Lawrence, J., 1997:
Hospitality giant builds its own workers' comp network in Florida. Marriott International Florida Workers' Comp

Anonymous, 1986:
Hospitality incentive program "keeps the energy of excellence in motion"

Bizouati, S., 1993:
Hospitality services generate revenue

Manteigas, A., 2002:
Hospitality: source of wellbeing

Icks, A.; Rosenbauer, J.; Haastert, B.; Giani, G., 2001:
Hospitalization among diabetic children and adolescents and non-diabetic control subjects: a prospective population-based study

Icks, A.; Rosenbauer, J.; Holl, R.W.; Grabert, M.; Rathmann, W.; Giani, G., 2001:
Hospitalization among diabetic children and adolescents and the general population in Germany. German Working Group for Pediatric Diabetology

Albert, S.M.; Costa, R.; Merchant, C.; Small, S.; Jenders, R.A.; Stern, Y., 1999:
Hospitalization and Alzheimer's disease: results from a community-based study

Cline, C.M.J..; Broms, K.; Willenheimer, R.B..; Israelsson, B.A..; Erhardt, L.R.., 1996:
Hospitalization and Health Care Costs Due to Congestive Heart Failure in the Elderly

Møller, C.; Kehlet, H.; Ottesen, B.S., 1999:
Hospitalization and convalescence after hysterectomy. Open or laparoscopic surgery?

Melchiorre, P.J., 1996:
Hospitalization and discharge outcome of trauma patients sustaining sciatic nerve or sciatic branch injuries

McLaughlin, J.G.; Smith, R.J.; Mattice, C.R.; Scholten, D.J., 1993:
Hospitalization and injury influence on the prosecution of drunk drivers

Thompson, R.S.; Hall, N.K.; Szpiech, M., 1999:
Hospitalization and mortality rates for nursing home-acquired pneumonia

Denholm, C.J., 1985:
Hospitalization and the adolescent patient: a review and some critical questions

Crown, W.H.; Neslusan, C.; Russo, P.A.; Holzer, S.; Ozminkowski, R.; Croghan, T., 2001:
Hospitalization and total medical costs for privately insured persons with schizophrenia

Anonymous, 1979:
Hospitalization and treatment procedures for the mentally ill

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitalization and treatment procedures for the mentally ill: confidentiality

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitalization and treatment procedures for the mentally ill: examination of patient records

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitalization and treatment procedures for the mentally ill: right to refuse treatment

Guliaev, V.A.; Kartashov, V.T., 2002:
Hospitalization as one of summarizing indices of medical support of servicemen

López Benito, I.; Baydal, R., 1993:
Hospitalization at home in the rural environment

Anonymous, 1997:
Hospitalization at home--home care. Evaluating the importance of the home in tomorrow's health care

de La Mure, C., 1998:
Hospitalization at home: an alternative to traditional hospitalization

Anonymous, 1996:
Hospitalization at home: an original training experience

de La Mure, C., 1998:
Hospitalization at home: the nurses' point of view

de La Mure, C., 1998:
Hospitalization at home: the patient's point of view

Salit, S.A.; Kuhn, E.M.; Hartz, A.J.; Vu, J.M.; Mosso, A.L., 1998:
Hospitalization costs associated with homelessness in New York City

Zhao, S.Z.; Wong, J.M.; Arguelles, L.M., 1999:
Hospitalization costs associated with leiomyoma

Jégou, J.; Hansmann, Y.; Chalot, F.; Roger, M.; Faivre, B.; Granel, F.; Scrivener, Y.; Cairey-Remonnay, S.; Bernard, P., 2002:
Hospitalization criteria for erysipelas: prospective study in 145 cases

Sannier, N.; Timsit, S.; Boursiquot, C.; Garel, D.; Bocquet, N.; Chéron, G., 2001:
Hospitalization criteria in emergency asthmatic+ crises

Cabañes Argudo, M.; Villar Grimalt, A.; Puche Azorín, P., 1996:
Hospitalization demand for medical specialties in a health area with 200,000 inhabitants

Stembera, Z.; Holub, J., 1996:
Hospitalization during pregnancy--the professional versus the economic viewpoint

Sweeney, L.; Zingher, G., 1979:
Hospitalization enhances creativity

Oster, G., 1999:
Hospitalization for 5-FU toxicity in metastatic colorectal cancer: incidence and cost

Sweitzer, N.; Warner Stevenson, L., 2001:
Hospitalization for Heart Failure in the Elderly

LaGuardia, K.D., 1997:
Hospitalization for abnormal uterine bleeding: what does this tell us about changing practices?

Lapeña López de Armentia, S.; Castañón López, L.; Martínez Badás, J.P.; Alvaro Iglesias, E., 2001:
Hospitalization for acute bronchiolitis, gestational age, and palivizumab

Moulin, F.; Marc, E.; Lorrot, M.; Coquery, S.; Sauvé-Martin, H.; Ravilly, S.; Lebon, P.; Raymond, J.; Brunet, F.; Gendrel, D., 2002:
Hospitalization for acute community-acquired rotavirus gastroenteritis: a 4-year survey

Brown, A.D.; Goldacre, M.J.; Hicks, N.; Rourke, J.T.; McMurtry, R.Y.; Brown, J.D.; Anderson, G.M., 2001:
Hospitalization for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions: a method for comparative access and quality studies using routinely collected statistics

Albernaz, E.P.; Menezes, A.M.; César, J.A.; Victora, C.G.; Barros, F.C., 2001:
Hospitalization for bronchiolitis: a risk factor for recurrent wheezing

Lewis, M., 1980:
Hospitalization for childbirth in Sydney, 1870-1939; the modern maternity hospital and the improvement in the health of women

Ford-Jones, E.L.; Wang, E.; Petric, M.; Corey, P.; Moineddin, R.; Fearon, M., 2000:
Hospitalization for community-acquired, rotavirus-associated diarrhea: a prospective, longitudinal, population-based study during the seasonal outbreak. The Greater Toronto Area/Peel Region PRESI Study Group. Pediatric Rotavirus Epidemiology Study for Immunization

Grigioni, F.; Carinci, V.; Favero, L.; Bacchi Reggiani, L.; Magnani, G.; Potena, L.; Barbieri, A.; Magelli, C.; Branzi, A.; Magnani, B., 2002:
Hospitalization for congestive heart failure: is it still a cardiology business?

Sharan, H.; Yahav, J.; Peleg, D.; Ben-Rafael, Z.; Merlob, P., 2002:
Hospitalization for early bonding of the genetic mother after a surrogate pregnancy: report of two cases

Gallagher, E.J., 1997:
Hospitalization for fainting: high stakes, low yield

McMahon, L.F.; Wolfe, R.; Huang, S.; Tedeschi, P.; Manning, W.; Edlund, M., 1998:
Hospitalization for gastrointestinal and liver diseases: the effect of socioeconomic and medical supply factors

Stern, E.; Benbassat, C.A.; Nahshoni, A.; Blum, I., 2001:
Hospitalization for general medical conditions among diabetic patients in Israel

Schenck, A.P.; Craig, S., 1999:
Hospitalization for hip fractures among North Carolina's Medicare population

Chabra, A.; Chávez, G.F.; Harris, E.S.; Shah, R., 1999:
Hospitalization for mental illness in adolescents: risk groups and impact on the health care system

Lebedeva, I.V.; Kudrin, A.V.; Romanov, V., 2002:
Hospitalization for morbidity with respiratory diseases in residents of an industrial city

Baligand, S., 1995:
Hospitalization for myocardial infarction

Garripoli, A.; Mondardini, A.; Turco, D.; Martinoglio, P.; Secreto, P.; Ferrari, A., 2001:
Hospitalization for peptic ulcer bleeding: evaluation of a risk scoring system in clinical practice

Callahan, C.M.; Wolinsky, F.D., 1996:
Hospitalization for pneumonia among older adults

Säynäjäkangas, P.; Keistinen, T.; Honkanen, P.O.; Kivelä, S.L., 1997:
Hospitalization for pneumonia in the Finnish working-age population

Wolinsky, F.D.; Krygiel, J.; Wyrwich, K.W., 2002:
Hospitalization for prostate cancer among the older men in the longitudinal study on aging, 1984-1991

Oron, Y.; Shahar, A.; Dolev, E., 2000:
Hospitalization for renal colic in the emergency room of a large central hospital in Israel: epidemiological features and clinical manifestations

Iribarren, C.; Sidney, S.; Jacobs, D.R.; Weisner, C., 2000:
Hospitalization for suicide attempt and completed suicide: epidemiological features in a managed care population

Tomić, B.; Mayer, M.; Cikes, N.; Kuzman, M., 2001:
Hospitalization for systemic connective tissue diseases in Croatia in 1997: examples of the use of hospital morbidity registery data bases

Bessho, D.M., 1995:
Hospitalization for tuberculosis: ensure due process for persons involuntarily hospitalized

McDonald, D.M., 1985:
Hospitalization from a patient's point of view

Capucci, A., 2000:
Hospitalization in ICD recipients

Gasquet, I.; Choquet, M., 1994:
Hospitalization in a pediatric ward of adolescent suicide attempters admitted to general hospitals

Werner, E.L., 1993:
Hospitalization in cases of fetal death

Saint Jean, O.; Thibert, J.B.; Holstein, J.; Bourdiol, M.C.; Verny, M.; Berigaud, S.; Verny, C.; Bouchon, J.P., 1993:
Hospitalization in internal medicine of nonagenarians. Study of 150 cases

Fried, L.; Abidi, S.; Bernardini, J.; Johnston, J.R.; Piraino, B., 1999:
Hospitalization in peritoneal dialysis patients

Duclos, J.; Perurena, M.; Martínez, M.; Penña, A., 1995:
Hospitalization in the elderly patient: a risk or benefit?

Niveau, G., 1999:
Hospitalization in the prison milieu. Postpenal consultations

Verrelli, M.; Fontaine, B.; Kraushar, M.; Fine, A., 2002:
Hospitalization is not necessary for peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion

Antolín García, M.T.; Izquierdo Patrón, M.; Ferreras de la Fuente, A.M., 2000:
Hospitalization management in pneumo application of an appropriateness protocol

Croft, A.M.; Hoad, N.A.; Dale, R.F., 1999:
Hospitalization of British troops during Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia)

Penner, N.R., 1977:
Hospitalization of adolescents: insurance coverage

Tretter, F., 1999:
Hospitalization of alcoholics is of primary importance. Interview

Segura, A.; Rajmil, L., 1997:
Hospitalization of children and gender

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitalization of children born to human immunodeficiency virus-infected women in Europe. The European Collaborative Study

Ogilvie, L., 1990:
Hospitalization of children for surgery: the parents' view

Vallgårda, S., 1996:
Hospitalization of deliveries: the change of place of birth in Denmark and Sweden from the late nineteenth century to 1970

al-Adsani, A.; Famuyiwa, O., 2001:
Hospitalization of diabetics 12-30 years of age in Kuwait: patients' characteristics, and frequency and reasons for admission

Reif, Y.M., 1987:
Hospitalization of infants

Aizen, E.; Swartzman, R.; Clarfield, A.M., 2001:
Hospitalization of nursing home residents in an acute-care geriatric department: direct versus emergency room admission

Castle, N.G.; Mor, V., 1996:
Hospitalization of nursing home residents: a review of the literature, 1980-1995

Berner, Y.N., 2002:
Hospitalization of nursing home residents: the lesson to be studied

Lynn, J., 1997:
Hospitalization of nursing home residents: the right rate?

Matusevich, D.; García, A.; Gutt, S.; de la Parra, I.; Finkelsztein, C., 2002:
Hospitalization of patients with anorexia nervosa: a therapeutic proposal

Leamon, M.H.; Gibson, D.R.; Canning, R.D.; Benjamin, L., 2002:
Hospitalization of patients with cocaine and amphetamine use disorders from a psychiatric emergency service

Wasch, S.W., 1982:
Hospitalization of profoundly and severely mentally retarded children

Trabacchi, G.; Alvin, P., 2000:
Hospitalization of suicidal adolescents

Barrette, G., 2000:
Hospitalization of the aged and the effect of following home care

Faustino, A.Margarida.; Moreira, A.Margarida.; Martinho, C.; Silva, M.Graça.M., 2002:
Hospitalization of the aged: an approach focused on preventive aspects

Gottlieb, D.; Kipnis, M.; Sister, E.; Lipkin, N.; Medvedev, M.; Brill, S., 1998:
Hospitalization of the elderly for stroke rehabilitation

Brooks, A.D., 1978:
Hospitalization of the mentally ill: the legislative role

Renbarger, K.P., 1991:
Hospitalization of the person with Alzheimer's disease

Goldblatt, M.J., 1994:
Hospitalization of the suicidal patient

Trabacchi, G.; Alvin, P., 2000:
Hospitalization of young persons committing suicide in France

Ulmer, H.; Pfeifer, C.; Pfeiffer, K.P.; Bruppacher, R., 1997:
Hospitalization of young women after selected cardiovascular and thromboembolic incidents in Austria 1993 and 1994

Birkett, D.P., 2002:
Hospitalization outcomes

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Hospitals and physicians form stronger links

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Hospitals and vendors working together ... at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix

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Hospitals and vendors working together ... at the Good Samaritan Hospital of Maryland, Baltimore

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Hospitals ante up for nurses

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Hospitals appeal JCAHO verdicts

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Hospitals apply business techniques in attempt to cut cost of delivering care

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Hospitals are $aving more than lives--the Texas voluntary effort

Warren, R.W., 1980:
Hospitals are $aving more than lives--the Texas voluntary effort: focus on the nursing shortage

Anonymous, 1981:
Hospitals are a great niche for Shared Medical Systems to grow in. But it's hardly a secret anymore to sharp-eyed competitors

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Hospitals are beginning to focus on services for older patients

Egger, E., 2000:
Hospitals are beginning to make creative use of excess capacity

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Hospitals are betting magnets attract

Brady, S., 1998:
Hospitals are brewing success with specialty coffee sales

Patterson, P., 1991:
Hospitals are catering to working mothers

Perry, L., 1990:
Hospitals are easily complying with immigration law changes

Anderson, H.J., 1986:
Hospitals are establishing walk-in clinics to regain urgent care market

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Hospitals are facing financial crisis

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Hospitals are hot for collaborative strategies

Anonymous, 1994:
Hospitals are hungrier for primary care

Anonymous, 1999:
Hospitals are keeping costs low, says survey

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Hospitals are liable for their nursing care

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Hospitals are loath to cite satisfactory level of profit

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Hospitals are more ready for bioterrorism

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Hospitals are next as HCFA continues imaging fee cuts

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Hospitals are often unaware of legal rights in insurance recovery

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Hospitals are responding to changing health care needs. Interview by Jane Stein

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Hospitals are saving more than lives--the Texas voluntary effort

Warren, R.W., 1980:
Hospitals are saving more than lives--the Texas voluntary effort. Risk management

Warren, R.W., 1980:
Hospitals are saving more than lives--the Texas voluntary effort: alternate delivery systems

Warren, R.W., 1980:
Hospitals are saving more than lives--the Texas voluntary effort: productivity must be increased

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Hospitals are scanning high-tech inventory tools

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Hospitals are scapegoats for those frustrated with inflation

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Hospitals are selling their ability to cut big employers' health costs

Alper, P.R., 1987:
Hospitals are shortchanging our patients

Taravella, S., 1987:
Hospitals are tightening security systems in efforts to combat crime

Castledine, G., 2002:
Hospitals are to be given standards of cleanliness

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Hospitals are turning to private firms for assessments of equipment, prices

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Hospitals are under pressure to justify cost shifting

Smith, T., 1996:
Hospitals are using fitness centers to improve health status and lower costs

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Hospitals aren't favored; dialysis units could close

Pinto, C., 1995:
Hospitals aren't rushing to adopt new drug test

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Hospitals as battle fields

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Hospitals as businesses

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Hospitals as businesses: a government perspective

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Hospitals as centers for consumer health information

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Hospitals as community builders

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Hospitals as donors

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Hospitals as future houses of well repute

Pandit, D.D., 1991:
Hospitals as health centres

Lanahan, M.B., 1988:
Hospitals as owners of retirement communities

Mindrup, R.W.; Demarco, W.J., 1989:
Hospitals as third-party administrators

Pearle, M., 1992:
Hospitals ask about the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Lutz, S., 1993:
Hospitals ask managers to expand psych care to alternative settings

Anonymous, 2002:
Hospitals asked to review disaster packs

Tokarski, C., 1989:
Hospitals asking for "safe harbor" guidance

Gardner, E., 1989:
Hospitals assembling PACs piece by piece

Anonymous, 1994:
Hospitals assess community health needs

Pallarito, K., 1994:
Hospitals assess managed care's effect on outlook

Werner, C., 1993:
Hospitals attack mounting radiology expenses

Pallarito, K., 1993:
Hospitals await details of GME funding overhaul

DeJohn, P., 2001:
Hospitals awaiting arrival of e-commerce standards

Japsen, B., 1995:
Hospitals awaiting merger OK draw others' interest

Kuntz, E.F., 1983:
Hospitals balk as interest creeps up

Kenkel, P., 1987:
Hospitals balk at mortality report results

Carter, K., 1986:
Hospitals bargain for good prices

Greene, J., 1990:
Hospitals battling states to keep tax status

Wallace, C., 1982:
Hospitals bear brunt of Medicare budget cuts

Anonymous, 1979:
Hospitals beating inflation on sheet/pillow case purchases

Keegan, A.J., 1994:
Hospitals become cost centers in managed care scenario

Hauser, L.J., 1985:
Hospitals beef up ad budgets; but lack sophisticated marketing

Werner, C., 1993:
Hospitals begin cutting non-ionic contrast agent use

Anderson, H.J., 1986:
Hospitals begin to consider employee drug testing

Burda, D., 1993:
Hospitals begin to lose ground in physician pay

Anonymous, 1984:
Hospitals begin to respond to economic pressure

Galdabini, G.S., 2000:
Hospitals begin to weave web strategies. Internet can be used as advanced customer service tool

Anonymous, 1996:
Hospitals benefit from district cooling scheme in Sweden

Hagin, D., 1989:
Hospitals benefit from employee suggestion programs

Guilfoyle, M.D., 1990:
Hospitals beware: NLRB rules encourage unionization

Fisher, M.J., 1982:
Hospitals blast HIAA proposals to reform payment, financing

Schutzer, A.I., 1987:
Hospitals bonds: cut the risk without cutting the return

Carter, K., 1987:
Hospitals boost equipment spending with an emphasis on diagnostic imaging

Anonymous, 2001:
Hospitals boost performance with beta blocker data

Anonymous, 1993:
Hospitals brace for healthcare reform

Tokarski, C., 1989:
Hospitals brace for waste-tracking costs

Johnson, S.H.; Goldner, J.A., 1987:
Hospitals broaden role of in-house counsel

Anderson, H.J., 1986:
Hospitals buckle down on risk, mull different kinds of insurance

Super, K.E., 1986:
Hospitals build medical malls in hopes 'one-stop' concept will draw patients

Kuntz, E., 1981:
Hospitals build nursing homes

Perry, P.A., 1989:
Hospitals build regional plants to control costs

Johnson, D.E., 1986:
Hospitals build, buy nursing homes to increase share of local market

Dale, J.C., 1988:
Hospitals builds on energy savings

Raber, P.E., 1983:
Hospitals buy nursing homes: move from neighbor to owner

Wildey, M.D., 1993:
Hospitals buying physicians' practices

Pallarito, K., 1993:
Hospitals calculate lost revenue under reform

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitals call bad debt plan a bad call

Pallarito, K., 1992:
Hospitals call for charity-care legislation

Yosko, K.C., 1995:
Hospitals can advocate for measures to reduce pathology of gun violence

Haratani, J.M., 1993:
Hospitals can and should improve efforts to form multicultural staff

Anonymous, 1990:
Hospitals can apply practice parameters

Rynne, S.J., 1987:
Hospitals can attract women through education

Ingram, D., 1992:
Hospitals can avoid costly, frustrating searches for physicians by focusing on three key factors

Horty, J., 1987:
Hospitals can be liable when supervisors are linked to sexual harassment incidents

Hooper, P.; Hellow, J.R., 1987:
Hospitals can benefit from PPS appeals, but HCFA has complicated the process

Carl, B.R., 1984:
Hospitals can benefit from converting trash to energy

Greene, J., 1991:
Hospitals can boost profits by going according to plan

Johnson, D.E., 2001:
Hospitals can control patient days to stem nurse demand

Berling, R.J.; Geppi, J.T., 1989:
Hospitals can cut materials costs by managing supply pipeline

Weissburg, C.; Lindeke, J., 1987:
Hospitals can face host of legal issues in purchase, sale of physician practices

Fraser, I., 1987:
Hospitals can help expand Medicaid coverage of the poor

Anderson, S.T., 1988:
Hospitals can improve cash flow by managing preauthorizations

Kuntz, E., 1980:
Hospitals can improve productivity in their CT scanning departments

Felsenthal, D.S., 1980:
Hospitals can improve reimbursement by keeping accurate property records

Love, A., 1994:
Hospitals can join the internet ... and network with the world

Tomich, N., 1979:
Hospitals can lead in savings

Harrison, J.R., 1990:
Hospitals can limit Medicare bad debt liability

Gaskill, M., 1989:
Hospitals can limit losses created by PRO denials

Silverman, J.F.; Sommers, L., 1986:
Hospitals can maintain high quality via two critical steps

Johnson, D.E., 2001:
Hospitals can manage change without pain

Blount, L.L., 1983:
Hospitals can prosper under PPS

Nathanson, M., 1983:
Hospitals can pull in extra 5% profit by marketing their slack lab capacity

Anonymous, 2001:
Hospitals can reduce costs, improve quality by adopting proven risk management guides

Carter, K., 1987:
Hospitals can rent imaging devices to avoid capital outlays

Murray, B.; Osment, M., 1990:
Hospitals can save by evaluating inventory systems using EOQ and Poisson distribution

Anderson, L., 1990:
Hospitals can tally the benefits of contract management services

Decker, R., 1988:
Hospitals can use model procurement code to ensure that vendors deliver on contracts

Mitzel, J.R., 1989:
Hospitals can use price data, surveys to help pick groups

Burda, D., 1987:
Hospitals can't delegate emergency care liability

Davis, C.D., 1990:
Hospitals can't rely on protection from tort claims

Dougherty, E.; Hagin, D., 1989:
Hospitals cannot afford to be without access to MRI

Koschalke, P.A.; Trembczynska, M.E.; Lameka, R.B., 1987:
Hospitals care for nursing home evacuees

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitals carried on in East Coast snowstorm

Gardner, E.; Nemes, J., 1990:
Hospitals cashing in on clean-up claims processing

Anonymous, 1991:
Hospitals catching heat from no smoking policies

Hoff, J.S.; Ngau, T.A., 1987:
Hospitals caught between pressure to merge and risk of antitrust litigation

Groves, J.L., 1977:
Hospitals cautioned to identify areas of problems before incident occurs

Barlow, R.D.; Furlong, A., 1991:
Hospitals cautious with sharps containers

Anonymous, 1993:
Hospitals change their way of doing business

Wagner, M., 1990:
Hospitals changing their buying habits. Overhauled technology-acquisition processes help equip facilities to make prudent purchases

Waldholz, M., 1978:
Hospitals charge lack of antitrust exemption slows cost-control effort

Barlow, R.D., 1991:
Hospitals choose reusable over disposable sensors

Barlow, R.D., 1992:
Hospitals choose used equipment to cut costs

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitals cite co-op rules, not sale, in MedEcon defection

Anonymous, 2002:
Hospitals cited in prestigious Fortune workplace study share formula for success

Burns, J., 1994:
Hospitals clear one merger hurdle

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospitals collaborate to offer acute care in underserved area

Kuntz, E., 1980:
Hospitals commit to IV contracts

Smith, L.M., 1979 :
Hospitals commit to the Voluntary Effort

Rosenbaum, S.; Furlong, A., 1991:
Hospitals compare mattresses, consider beds vs. overlays

Anonymous, 1994:
Hospitals compare quality with IMSystem

Richman, D., 1987:
Hospitals competing in sports medicine

Iglehart, J.K., 1984:
Hospitals compromise; MDs challenge Medicare pay rates

Pallarito, K., 1996:
Hospitals concentrate on asset management

Richman, D., 1986:
Hospitals concerned about new competitive Medicaid program

Brightbill, T., 1989:
Hospitals consider changes on automated MM systems

Bernstein, T., 1988:
Hospitals consider new option for infectious waste disposal

Lutz, S., 1993:
Hospitals continue move into home care

Herrmann, J.; Smith, J.L., 1992:
Hospitals continue struggle with hurricane aftermath

Anonymous, 1985:
Hospitals continue to benefit from purchase price deflation

Pacuch, D., 2000:
Hospitals continue to find robots helpful in foodservice delivery

Zhang, M., 1994:
Hospitals contracting with managed care

Gardner, J., 1999:
Hospitals cool to payment rate freeze

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitals cope with Legionnaires' disease

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitals cope with coal shortage

Ott, L., 1984:
Hospitals cope with microcomputers

Tokarski, C., 1989:
Hospitals coping with the shadow of peer review

Anonymous, 1979:
Hospitals could be buried under hazardous waste rules

Wagner, M., 1992:
Hospitals could benefit from clash of the endoscopy titans

Wagner, L., 1989:
Hospitals could benefit from joint ventures for long-term care

Taylor, R.C., 1991:
Hospitals could end up loser in Medicaid-donation game

Burns, J., 1995:
Hospitals could save foundering industry of recovery care

Tieman, J., 2002:
Hospitals create new models as they gird for bioterrorism. Council on Public Health Preparedness says past year has brought improvements, but gaps remain

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitals create strategies to implement new referral rules

Milch, R.A., 1978:
Hospitals crippled by ridiculous rules...and threatened by spiraling demand

Pallarito, K., 1999:
Hospitals criticize HMO bailout plan

Anonymous, 2000:
Hospitals cry foul over ambiguity in HCFA's new restraint standards

Gardner, J., 1999:
Hospitals cry foul. Rules would force double changes in surgery billing

Anonymous, 2000:
Hospitals cut CHF readmissions with benchmarking

Fitzgerald, J., 1992:
Hospitals cut costs by consolidating disinfectants

Anonymous, 1979:
Hospitals cut fuel needs or go solar in model program

Johnson, D.E., 1980:
Hospitals cut inventories by 20%

Burda, D., 1993:
Hospitals cut labor force in anticipation of reform

Punch, L., 1982:
Hospitals cut staff, pay as recession takes toll

Werner, C., 1993:
Hospitals cutting expenses with remanufactured radiology equipment

DeJohn, P., 2001:
Hospitals deal with blood shortages, filtration cost

Cummins, J.R., 1992:
Hospitals defend lawsuits on quality of care

Hudson, T., 1991:
Hospitals deficient in filing tax form for community benefit

Nemes, J., 1992:
Hospitals delay deals; bond volume falls 15%

Anonymous, 1977:
Hospitals deliver on taste promise

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitals deliver reduced cesarean rates

Anonymous, 1989:
Hospitals describe guest relations costs

Lutz, S., 1986:
Hospitals develop satellite clinics to tap emerging women's market

Anderson, R.; Banyard, R., 1994:
Hospitals differ on expectations of reform. Interview by Debra Mamorsky

Anonymous, 2000:
Hospitals discover cost efficiency of private rooms

Taravella, S., 1990:
Hospitals dispose of destructive waste habits. Recycling protects the environment, but facilities are finding it can pay off in numerous ways

Gardner, J., 2001:
Hospitals do about-face. The industry's lobby, arm in arm with health insurers, decides to back BBA relief bill

McKee, L.; Pettigrew, A., 1989:
Hospitals do not hurry

Corry, M.; Bonner, G.; McEntee, S.; Dugan, J.; MacAuley, D., 2000:
Hospitals do not inform GPs about medication that should be monitored

Anonymous, 1977:
Hospitals document statistics to tell their side of story on price jumps

Anonymous, 1995:
Hospitals dodge fallout from D.C. fiscal crisis

Scott, S., 1992:
Hospitals don't brush off the many benefits of art

Hinkley, P., 1982:
Hospitals don't burn--or do they?

Wagner, L., 1988 :
Hospitals don't fully cultivate PPS--study

Hendrickson, R.M., 1979:
Hospitals don't have to be big to be good

Rose, J., 1995:
Hospitals downshift on doctor recruiting

Louden, T.L., 1984:
Hospitals eager for a larger share of growing home healthcare market

Oulton, R., 1982:
Hospitals earn premium discounts for preventive RM efforts

Wagner, L., 1992:
Hospitals earned $7 billion in '90

Barlow, R.D., 1992:
Hospitals eliminating heparin from I.V. catheter flushes save money, reduce patient side effects

Owen, J.W., 1988:
Hospitals embark on Medicare reform campaign

Gent, D.I., 1984:
Hospitals embrace customer relations

Johnson, D.E., 1980:
Hospitals emphasize guest relations

DiPaolo, V.; Pahlevi, M.R., 1979:
Hospitals enforce tighter security during the Shah's stay in the U.S

Burgess, P.; O'Rear, S., 1992 :
Hospitals enjoy varied equipment financing alternatives

Stockho, A., 1999:
Hospitals enroll children in Medicaid. Facilities in Indiana and New York work closely with state social services

Wolinsky, H., 1980:
Hospitals enter the 'wellness' business

Burda, D., 1993:
Hospitals enter ventures to woo docs, not to meet communities' needs--GAO

Hofmann, P.B., 1991:
Hospitals eroding public trust

Jaklevic, M.C., 1994:
Hospitals establish Cincinnati area's largest network

Anonymous, 1993:
Hospitals establish policies to limit futile care

Olsen, H.F., 1989:
Hospitals ethics committees and the role of the board

Punch, L., 1982:
Hospitals evaluate risks before acquisitions

Reiser, S.J., 1987:
Hospitals evolve to meet technological change

Litsikas, M., 1991:
Hospitals examine stockless options despite resistance

Anonymous, 1992 :
Hospitals exhibit caution in spending

Geisel, J., 1982:
Hospitals exit Social Security: does withdrawal employees?

Jaklevic, M.C., 1996:
Hospitals expand via mall centers

Super, K.E., 1987:
Hospitals expanding food service programs to generate added revenue

Perry, L., 1988:
Hospitals expect marketing results from public-relations people--study

Burda, D., 1989:
Hospitals expect more union activity

Barkholz, D., 1985:
Hospitals expect to gain benefits from Baxter-American merger

Dougherty, E., 1988:
Hospitals expect to increase nursing home beds

Johnson, D.E., 1986:
Hospitals expected to acquire larger share of long-term care

Punch, L., 1983:
Hospitals experiment with discounts, capitation rates under HMO contracts

Richman, D., 1987:
Hospitals explore innovative techniques to prevent litigation and hold down costs

Anonymous, 1991 :
Hospitals explore ways of educating patients about advanced directives

Anonymous, 1984:
Hospitals eye potential for DME dealer alliances

Moore, J., 1995:
Hospitals eye revenues from assisted living

Kuntz, E.F., 1984:
Hospitals eye underwriting health plans

Greene, J., 1991:
Hospitals eyeing physicians' practice patterns. Economic credentialing is being tested to reduce expenses and improve quality

Shaw, J., 1983:
Hospitals face N.Y. building moratorium

Hylton, H., 1993:
Hospitals face a new scrutiny. Tough questions

Lefton, D., 1983:
Hospitals face a rocky road

Wilson, C.N., 1994:
Hospitals face aftershock from health reform

Atkins, L., 1982:
Hospitals face challenge keeping pace with new advances in imaging

Kuhn, H., 1991:
Hospitals face conflicting environmental laws

Cerne, F., 1989 :
Hospitals face declining credit ratings

Epstein, J.D.; Bearden, M.M., 1986:
Hospitals face legal issues involving AIDS patients, employees

Nauert, R.C.; Sanborn, A.B.; MacKelvie, C.F.; Harvitt, J.L., 1988:
Hospitals face loss of federal tax-exempt status

Johnson, D.E., 2000:
Hospitals face major changes in 2000

Nathanson, M., 1985:
Hospitals face more choices when picking computer network strategy

Kahn, C., 2002:
Hospitals face new financial challenges

Hiebert-White, J., 1997:
Hospitals face new price pressures

Simler, S.L., 1982:
Hospitals face ominous '82 Congress

Patterson, P., 1987:
Hospitals face outpatient surgery cost crunch

Denning, R.A., 1987:
Hospitals face substance abuse problems

Baldwin, M.F., 1986:
Hospitals face tougher PRO reviews

Melton, V.B., 1984:
Hospitals face turbulent times

Richman, D., 1986:
Hospitals face year of labor strife over R.N.s, tiered wage scales

Perelli-Ercolini, M., 1995:
Hospitals facing financing

Gardner, J., 2001:
Hospitals facing new assault from Washington

Hudson, T., 1990:
Hospitals fear HCFA lab regulations

Baldwin, M.F., 1987:
Hospitals fear Medicare payment changes may cut outpatient surgery reimbursement

Weissenstein, E., 1999:
Hospitals fear additional Medicare trims

Scott, L., 1994:
Hospitals fear anti-abortion group's request

Baldwin, M.F., 1985:
Hospitals fear budget-balancing bill

Moore, J.D., 1996:
Hospitals fear effects of disclosure laws

Jaklevic, M.C., 1995:
Hospitals fear impact of Ohio's Medicaid reform

Wilson, C.N., 1992:
Hospitals fear increase in unionization activities

Scott, L., 1995:
Hospitals fear loss of drug discounts

Pallarito, K.; Perry, L.; Taravella, S., 1991:
Hospitals feel pain of states' budget cutting

LaViolette, S., 1980:
Hospitals feel recessionary twinges from prolonged, high umemployment

Anonymous, 1998:
Hospitals feel taxed by Clinton budget

Haugh, R., 2002:
Hospitals feeling 'niched to death'

Anonymous, 1995:
Hospitals feeling pinch of rising paper product prices

Wagner, L., 1990:
Hospitals feeling trauma of violence. Emergency departments suffer as drug-related injuries soar

Anonymous, 1985:
Hospitals field health plans

Weissenstein, E., 1996:
Hospitals fight HCFA over payment classification

Tinsley, E., 1979:
Hospitals fight disease with new services

Scott, L., 1995:
Hospitals fight for federal discount law

Bellandi, D., 2001:
Hospitals fight image. Nurses, public still see hospitals as well-off

Anonymous, 1979:
Hospitals find buck-a-day savings isn't a bad idea

Kuntz, E.F., 1984:
Hospitals find efficient designs can boost workers' productivity

Albertson, D., 1985:
Hospitals find happiness in life without stocking

Anonymous, 1980:
Hospitals find hidden benefits in evaluating health promotion programs

Pallarito, K., 1996:
Hospitals find hidden profits in receivables

Stoltz, M.K., 1978:
Hospitals find libraries a 'must item' in budgets

Anonymous, 1983:
Hospitals find not everyone wants HB vaccine

Anonymous, 1983:
Hospitals find past recruitment of nurses too successful

Greanias, L., 1991:
Hospitals find probation by JCAHO not as bad as they had imagined

Tokarski, C., 1990:
Hospitals find quality management is a process, not a program

Deitch, M., 1978:
Hospitals find sharing pays

Anonymous, 1979:
Hospitals find suggestion programs thrive when employees receive share of savings

Fulks, G.N., 2000:
Hospitals finding it difficult serving as "safety nets"

Weissenstein, E., 1996:
Hospitals fined for 'dumping' patients

Horn, M., 1991:
Hospitals fit for healing

Rubright, R., 1987:
Hospitals focus on physician relations

Anonymous, 1990:
Hospitals focus on right-to-die issue after high court affirms Missouri law

Nakajima, H., 1991:
Hospitals for health in the twenty-first century

Newcomer, C., 1979:
Hospitals for profit: the challenge of the chains

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospitals for radical new cost rules

Seki, E., 2001:
Hospitals for the chronic disease--from the viewpoint of services administration

Ando, Y., 2001:
Hospitals for the chronic diseases--from the stand point of a Miyagi Medical Association

Kato, M., 2001:
Hospitals for the chronic diseases--from the stand point of a local rehabilitation hospital

Bendix, J., 1982:
Hospitals forge ahead with building

Stephenson, S., 1988:
Hospitals forge the future. There's more than one prescription to remain healthy

Anonymous, 1992:
Hospitals forgetting to query customers in quality process

Pallarito, K., 1993:
Hospitals form coalition to fight Medicaid, Medicare reductions

Anonymous, 1994:
Hospitals form regional system to improve disaster response

Kuntz, E.F., 1983:
Hospitals forming PPOs to fend off HMO rivals

Kim, H., 1990:
Hospitals forming geriatric specialties

Punch, L., 1983:
Hospitals frequently end up carrying handicapped infants' treatment costs

Stone, P., 1985:
Hospitals from the Crusades to the Crimea

Haugh, R., 1995:
Hospitals frustrated by Owens' spotty distribution performance

Berger, S.; Musfeldt, C., 1993:
Hospitals gain as employers' partners

Perry, L., 1989:
Hospitals gain exposure with video news releases

Scott, L., 1996:
Hospitals gain ground in Medicare device flap

Tokarski, C., 1989:
Hospitals gain some ground in 1990 budget agreement

Punch, L., 1984:
Hospitals gear programs to elderly

Anonymous, 2001:
Hospitals get $6 million for HIV brain bank

Schneider, J., 2002:
Hospitals get alternative. Acupuncture, massage, and even herbs pop up in mainstream medical settings

Barkholz, D., 1985:
Hospitals get few deals from oxygen vendors

Greene, J.; Kenkel, P.J.; Wagner, L., 1993:
Hospitals get first lady's pledge that they'll get antitrust relief

Anonymous, 2001:
Hospitals get kudos for patient satisfaction

Gay-Callahan, M.M., 1991:
Hospitals get pressed

Anonymous, 1995:
Hospitals get revised accreditation decision rules

Vastag, B., 2001:
Hospitals get safety improvement task list

Wallace, C., 1983:
Hospitals getting ready for DRGs

Davis, W.M., 1987:
Hospitals getting tougher on smoking issue

Garrett, J.H.; Knell, E.D.; Schlag, D.W., 1981:
Hospitals gird for impact of cuts in nursing differential, cost limits

Lutz, S.; Scott, L., 1992:
Hospitals gird to fight 'disease of the future'

Kuntz, E.F., 1982:
Hospitals give more work to large design firms

Gardner, E., 1993:
Hospitals giving E-mail a stamp of approval

Selke, G.C., 1990:
Hospitals go cold turkey on smoking

Perry, L., 1989:
Hospitals go to market for nurses

Johnson, D.E., 1987:
Hospitals gradually will start marketing primary care physicians to the public

Rosenberg, S.A., 1991:
Hospitals grapple with HCFA's rules for clinical labs

Anonymous, 1988:
Hospitals grapple with HIV testing issue

Brown, L., 1984:
Hospitals group to provide care, income immaterial

Altman, B., 1991:
Hospitals hand over gift shop operation

Zimmerman, D., 1981:
Hospitals have a gun at their heads

Cox, W.J., 1987:
Hospitals have been weakened financially by government cuts in Medicare program

Scott, L., 1996:
Hospitals have begun cleaning up their act on mercury pollution

Anonymous, 1976:
Hospitals have inventory ranging from $50 per bed to $1,000 per bed. Why the large variance?

Regan, W.A., 1983:
Hospitals have limited liability for unforeseeable violent acts

Doody, M.F., 1977:
Hospitals have more than their share of issues

Perry, P.A., 1992:
Hospitals have new options in off-site sterilization services

Mittermaier, A., 1989:
Hospitals have options to contract mental health programs

Slavik, N.S., 1991:
Hospitals have several methods available to treat and dispose of medical wastes

Pallarito, K., 1996:
Hospitals healthy, CHIPS (Center for Healthcare Industry Performance Studies) study shows

McMahon, J.A., 1984:
Hospitals help doctors to become more involved in decisions, AHA chief says

Smith, G.W., 1977:
Hospitals help launch Grand Rapids neighborhood association

Pallarito, K., 1995:
Hospitals helping docs with retirement

Graham, J., 1986:
Hospitals hit by high cost, scarcity of directors and officers coverage

Wagner, M., 1991:
Hospitals hit with higher drug costs

Scott, L., 1994:
Hospitals hold line on nuclear medicine

Burns, J., 1992:
Hospitals hold the line on charges in effort to hold on to customers

Anonymous, 1992:
Hospitals hurry to get on the family friendly bandwagon and offer child care services to employees

Diekman, J.M.; Alt, S.J., 1992:
Hospitals ill-informed of GPO contract details, unaware of actual savings, executives say

Gardner, E., 1989:
Hospitals ill-prepared for JCAHO quality push

Lutz, S., 1993:
Hospitals improve accounts receivable performance--report

Cerne, F., 1993:
Hospitals improve balance sheets in preparation for reform

Anonymous, 1993:
Hospitals improve care using indicator data

Anonymous, 1999:
Hospitals improve service benchmarking with Disney

Ayhan, A., 2002:
Hospitals in Canakkale-Kriege

Heine, S.F., 1997:
Hospitals in Chechnya. Physicians without salaries pay from their own pocket

Harrison, A.J., 1997:
Hospitals in England: impact of the 1990 National Health Service reforms

Topalović, R., 1999:
Hospitals in Europe and Yugoslavia through the centuries

Super, K.E., 1986:
Hospitals in Florida and Arizona bolster for battle with Mayo's clinics

de Vries, J., 1978:
Hospitals in Holland

Lutz, S., 1991:
Hospitals in Houston to cut beds, staff

Novaes, H.M., 1997:
Hospitals in Latin America and the Caribbean

Burda, D., 1996:
Hospitals in Maine, Fla. seek states' aid with antitrust issues

Barkholz, D., 1985:
Hospitals in Metropolitan Life's PPO report dramatic business increases

Hesse, P.J., 1993:
Hospitals in Nantes during the revolution

Nemes, J., 1992:
Hospitals in New York state may have easier time raising cash with tax-exempt bonds

Rodríguez, M.E., 1987:
Hospitals in Orizaba (16th-19th centuries)

Anonymous, 1978:
Hospitals in Texas, Tennessee move ahead rapidly on VE goals

Tukada, T., 1993:
Hospitals in Thomas More's Utopia

Duke, K.S., 1996:
Hospitals in a changing health care system

Gouhot, P.; Saint Lazare, 2002:
Hospitals in central France

Kennedy, L., 1981:
Hospitals in chains: the transformation of American health institutions

Joiner, D., 1992:
Hospitals in crisis

Hofferber, M., 1988:
Hospitals in critical condition

Smith, M.K., 2000:
Hospitals in developing countries: a weak link in a weak chain

Sachs, P.R., 1993:
Hospitals in distress. Problems and solutions

Anonymous, 2002:
Hospitals in highly managed markets learn to control costs

Anonymous, 1995:
Hospitals in integrated delivery systems

Rothman, W.A., 1985:
Hospitals in literature: a second look

Burda, D., 1996:
Hospitals in probe must turn in docs to cut losses

Ricketts, T.C.; Heaphy, P.E., 2000:
Hospitals in rural America

Hicok, C., 1993:
Hospitals in service to their communities ... Communication Station; Center for Good Help; Cherry Street Health Services

Johnsson, J., 1988:
Hospitals in small markets get help in launching independent HMOs

Anonymous, 1996:
Hospitals in strong managed care markets report lower costs and mortality rates

Freedman, A., 1976:
Hospitals in the 1980's

Anonymous, 1984:
Hospitals in the 1990s: one for all, for profit

Hirji, Z.; Holt, A., 1999:
Hospitals in the UK health system: lessons for Canada

Tucker, S.L., 1978:
Hospitals in the USA

Harvey, P., 1983:
Hospitals in the middle

White, J.H., 1995:
Hospitals in the new world of managed care

Lewton, K., 1991:
Hospitals in the trenches. Turn back to PR basics

Blain, G., 1977:
Hospitals in the year 2000

Foster, J.T., 1989:
Hospitals in the year 2000: a scenario

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