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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46278

Chapter 46278 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Moore, K.H.; Bokey, L.; Chapuis, P.H.; Tait, N., 2002:
How are we treating patients with hepatic colorectal metastases in Sydney?

Calvin, A.O.; Clark, A.P., 2002:
How are you facilitating advance directives in your clinical nurse specialist practice?

Barkley, R., 1994:
How are you going to pay for it?

Kwarciany, G.; Cowan, E.; Gosselin, T.; Gubanc, D.; Webb, R., 1996:
How are you sure that a patient's advance directives are known and being followed?

Blatch, C., 1983:
How are you, nurse?

Haaga, J.G., 1989:
How are young maternal age and primiparity related to infant health?

Lichtenheld, K., 1984:
How are your interviewing skills?

Anonymous, 2001:
How area hospitals reviewed security policies following fatal kidnapping

Numerof, R.E., 1979:
How assertive are you? A look through the Johari Window

Murdoch, C., 1999:
How assertive should outreach be?

Anonymous, 1998:
How asthma friendly is your school? National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. National Asthma Education and Prevention Program. School Asthma Education Subcommittee

Rost, M.J.; van Albada, S.B.; Frenken, J.W., 2001:
How asymmetric islands become symmetric

Jones, E.F.; Westoff, C.F., 1978:
How attitudes toward abortion are changing

Lawler, K., 2002:
How audit can improve provision of in-patient pain services

Anonymous, 2003:
How autism looks

Tribble, D.A., 1996:
How automated systems can (and do) fail

Shinar, D.; Meir, M.; Ben-Shoham, I., 1999:
How automatic is manual gear shifting?

Watson, S., 1994:
How automation is breaking the cash flow logjam

Anderson, R.E., 1989:
How autopsy can be used in quality assessment

Held, P.J.; Alexander, V.D., 1985:
How available are evening dialysis services?

Landy, U.; Steinauer, J.E., 2001:
How available is abortion training?

Anonymous, 1996:
How awards are handled

Danehower, C.; Lust, J.A., 1995:
How aware are employees of their benefits? Findings from two companies

Hersh, D.; Weiss, J.; Zychlinsky, A., 1999:
How bacteria initiate inflammation: aspects of the emerging story

Bassler, B.L., 1999:
How bacteria talk to each other: regulation of gene expression by quorum sensing

Rosenberg, C.L., 1985:
How bad doctors dodge discipline

Stern, J.B., 1999:
How bad faith lawsuits can be tailored to fit HMOs

Mossman, D.; Hart, K.J., 1993:
How bad is civil commitment? A study of attitudes toward violence and involuntary hospitalization

Gray, C., 1999:
How bad is the brain drain?

Anonymous, 1989:
How bad is the nursing shortage in America?

Cleverley, W.O., 1989:
How bad is your bad debt problem?

Clark, M.; Hager, M.; Gosnell, M., 1978:
How bad the drug lag?

Crane, M., 1986:
How badly are cost controls hurting patients?

Spaeth, J.; Klimek, L.; Döring, W.H.; Rosendahl, A.; Mösges, R., 1993:
How badly does the "normal-hearing" young man of 1992 hear in the high frequency range?

Paxton, H.T., 1986:
How badly is cost-containment hurting patient care? Panel discussion

Greenly, M.; Gugerty, B., 2002:
How bar coding reduces medication errors

Petzäll, K.; Berglund, B.; Lundberg, C., 1996:
How beds are used at a University Hospital--a study of bed and bedside activities

Shimao, T., 2002:
How beds for tuberculosis be provided and utilized?

Novak, S.P.; Reardon, S.F.; Buka, S.L., 2003:
How beliefs about substance use differ by socio-demographic characteristics, individual experiences, and neighborhood environments among urban adolescents

Moskowitz, D.B., 1998:
How believable is value data?

Ellis, J., 2002:
How benchmarking can improve patient nutrition

Stout, J.L., 1997:
How benchmarking can improve your ambulance service. Capture the competitive edge

Lyall, J., 1991:
How benefits can be used to keep staff happy--and in post

Rabkin, M.T.; Bayley, C.; Beauchamp, D.E., 1993:
How best shall we serve? Case study

Ernster, L.; Nohl, H.; Orrenius, S., 1999:
How best to ameliorate the normal increase in mitochondrial superoxide formation with advancing age

Dalton, M.; Williams, J.S., 1997:
How best to approach point-of-care testing

Seelig, M.; Altura, B.M., 1997:
How best to determine magnesium requirement: need to consider cardiotherapeutic drugs that affect its retention

Seelig, M.S.; Altura, B.M., 1997:
How best to determine magnesium status: a new laboratory test worth trying

Ho, G., 1993:
How best to drain an infected joint. Will we ever know for certain?

Dreosti, I.; Meydani, M.; Joseph, J., 1999:
How best to ensure daily intake of antioxidants (from the diet and supplements) that is optimal for life span, disease, and general health

Glick, T.H., 2002:
How best to evaluate clinician-educators and teachers for promotion?

March, L.M.; Chamberlain, A.C.; Cameron, I.D.; Cumming, R.G.; Brnabic, A.J.; Finnegan, T.P.; Kurrle, S.E.; Schwarz, J.M.; Nade, S.M.; Taylor, T.K., 1999 :
How best to fix a broken hip. Fractured Neck of Femur Health Outcomes Project Team

Roman, M.J., 1997:
How best to identify prognostically important left ventricular hypertrophy: a cut to the chase

Anonymous, 2000:
How best to learn

Resnicow, K.; Davis, M.; Smith, M.; Lazarus-Yaroch, A.; Baranowski, T.; Baranowski, J.; Doyle, C.; Wang, D.T., 1998:
How best to measure implementation of school health curricula: a comparison of three measures

Smith, R., 2001:
How best to organise acute hospital services?

Taylor, R.T., 2002:
How best to organise acute hospital services? Kidderminster is ideal site for pilot trial

Harrison, B.; Ralphs, D., 2002:
How best to organise acute hospital services? Models of healthcare delivery need to be compared in trials

McCloskey, B., 2002:
How best to organise acute hospital services? Radical thinking already exists in Kidderminster

Patterson, V., 2002:
How best to organise acute hospital services? Realtime teleneurology can help small hospitals

Anonymous, 2000:
How best to serve children

Wilkinson, S., 2002:
How best to support bereaved children

Check, W., 2000:
How best to test for drug resistance

Dietz, F., 1997:
How best to treat acute or unstable slipped capital femoral epiphysis with great interest

Liebson, P.R.; Karson, T.H., 1992:
How best to use echocardiography for definitive assessment. Methods of estimating valvular integrity, LV function, pulmonary pressure

Miller, P.H., 2000:
How best to utilize a deficiency

Thomas, H.E.; Kay, T.W., 2001:
How beta cells die in type 1 diabetes

Bush, K.; Mobashery, S., 1999:
How beta-lactamases have driven pharmaceutical drug discovery. From mechanistic knowledge to clinical circumvention

Feldman, E.B., 1981:
How better management can improve housekeeping results

Orecklin, M., 2001:
How better to give

Isley, W.L., 1993:
How big a dose of levothyroxine?

Sweeney, D.R., 1999:
How big a staff do you need?

Schnall, S.M., 1990:
How big business can help the human services--and vice versa. Other agencies can do what's being done in Texas

Hartigan, P., 1995:
How big can small become? Building NGO networks through strategic planning

Langan, J.; Stephenson, A.; Cochrane, D., 1990:
How big can we grow?

Fredericksen, R.E.; Bex, P.J.; Verstraten, F.A., 1997:
How big is a Gabor patch, and why should we care?

Illmer, P., 2001:
How big is a bacterium? Approximation to a correct total cell density of Arthrobacter sp

Olleveant, N.A.; Humphris, G.; Roe, B., 1999:
How big is a drop? A volumetric assay of essential oils

Walker, L.M., 1995:
How big is doctors' prepaid income?

Dudai, Y., 1997:
How big is human memory, or on being just useful enough

Parlapani, F.F.; Michailidou, S.; Pasentsis, K.; Argiriou, A.; Krey, G.; Boziaris, I.S., 2018:
A meta-barcoding approach to assess and compare the storage temperature-dependent bacterial diversity of gilt-head sea bream (Sparus aurata) originating from fish farms from two geographically distinct areas of Greece

Jahn, M., 1996:
How big is your group's generation gap?

Ferguson, B.A., 2001:
How big should a hospital be?

Reynolds, S.C., 1996:
How big should that raise be?

Rosenthal, R.; Rubin, D.B.; Schubert, D.S., 1993:
How big was the effect?

Horejsí, J., 1996:
How biochemistry, immunology and molecular biology contribute to the diagnosis, prevention and therapy of viral hepatitis

Reich, W.T., 1993:
How bioethics got its name

Levine, C., 1992:
How bioethics made strangers bedfellows

Petersson, B.H., 1997:
How blind can one be?

Hutchison, J.T., 1984:
How blind reliance on the competitive bidding process can work against you

Bardley, A.M., 1981:
How board committees are responding to change: the corporate relations committee

Hinds, J.C., 1981:
How board committees are responding to change: the planning and development committee

Craig, A.B., 1981:
How board committees are responding to change: the planning committee

Cleverley, W.O., 1989:
How boards can use comparative data in strategic planning

Bryant, D.J.; Wright, W.G., 1999:
How body asymmetries determine accessibility in spatial frameworks

Wallis, J.S., 1977:
How boiler water management minimizes energy waste

Weber, T.J.; Green, J.B.; Chow, H.; Spitz, A.; Wagner, G.S., 2000:
How bone density testing influenced osteoporosis treatment in a community hospital

Rogic, 2000:
How borane reagents based on alpha-pinene control stereoselectivity in the reductions of carbonyl groups with different stereogenic elements. 3. The effect of the relative size and conformation of the carbonyl substituents on the stereoselectivity of the Ipc(2)BCl, Eap(2)BCl, B-t-Bu-IpcBCl, and B-t-Bu-EapBCl reagents. A semiempirical study

Borland, R.; Mullins, R., 1994:
How bothered are people by environmental tobacco smoke?

Pally, R., 1997:
How brain development is shaped by genetic and environmental factors

Gontijo, P.F.D.; Rayman, J.; Zhang, S.; Zaidel, E., 2002:
How brand names are special: brands, words, and hemispheres

Brown, D.S., 1980:
How breakable is the chain of command?

Long, D.S., 1993:
How breast cancer patients choose a treatment method

Stafford, D.; Szczys, R.; Becker, R.; Anderson, J.; Bushfield, S., 1999:
How breast cancer treatment decisions are made by women in North Dakota

Anonymous, 1985:
How breast-feeding postpones ovulation

Atkins, R.C., 2001:
How bright is their future? Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in Indigenous communities in Australia

Anonymous, 1993:
How building systems, age affect health care energy costs

Moskowitz, 2000:
How business coalitions simplify health care|| business

Gerson, V., 1996:
How business is dealing with the AIDS epidemic

Slomski, A.J., 1994:
How business is flattening health costs

Johnson, B.; Juhl, K., 1992:
How business is responding to health issues

DiCarlo, S.; Gabel, J.; de Lissovoy, G.; Kasper, J., 1990:
How business is responding to the retiree dilemma. An HIAA/Johns Hopkins survey explores current status and future trends

Axelsson, A.; Herlitz, J.; Fridlund, B., 2000:
How bystanders perceive their cardiopulmonary resuscitation intervention; a qualitative study

Alderton, J.M.; Steinhardt, R.A., 2001:
How calcium influx through calcium leak channels is responsible for the elevated levels of calcium-dependent proteolysis in dystrophic myotubes

Walker, A.R., 1995:
How can Africans be persuaded to stop smoking?

Atallah, A.N., 1998:
How can Brazil's post-graduation courses in clinical areas be improved?

Elberg, P., 2001:
How can Electronic Patient Records help innovate health care?

Weidenfeld, W.; Hillenbrand, O., 1994:
How can Europe deal with immigration? Possibilities and limitations of defining immigration

Cohen, J., 1993:
How can HIV replication be controlled?

Hall, J.G., 1996:
How can I ask the staff for ideas when I can't visualize what she has in mind?

Anonymous, 2000:
How can I clean my column having an alkyl amine IP reagent?

Pauley, W.E., 1984:
How can I correct and control incorrect invoices received from vendors?

Brown, B., 1999:
How can I create a more collaborative practice environment in the unit?

Bullivant, M., 2002:
How can I ensure that clients who go to prison have their mental health needs addressed

James, K.R., 1999:
How can I find the right employees?

Enoch, M-Anne., 2002:
How can I help my patient stop drinking?

Hawkins, J., 2003:
How can I improve my professional practice?

Vandenbroucke, J.P., 1998:
How can I keep up with my literature?

Mazzella, C.B., 1996:
How can I make population-based outcomes relevent to their practice?

Burton, R.M., 1994:
How can I motivate you to do it my way?

Wysocki, S., 1996:
How can I pave the way for smooth working relationships?

Miaoulis, G.; Boyle, C., 1983:
How can I use electronic advertising media more effectively?

Kornacki, M.J.; Silversin, J., 1998:
How can IDSs integrate conflicting cultures?

Buto, K.A., 1994:
How can Medicare keep pace with cutting-edge technology?

Tedroff, J., 1998:
How can PET scan be used in Parkinson disease?

Diener, H.C., 1999:
How can PET scans help us understand headache mechanisms?

Fried, J.M., 1984:
How can PPOs control prices without violating antitrust laws?

Chaichian; Smilga, 1992:
How can R parity be broken?

Schlecht, I.; Mäurer, J.; Terstegge, K.; Stobbe, H.; Felix, R., 1999:
How can Romberg disease be evaluated by means of MRI?

Cars, O., 1996:
How can Scandinavian countries with antibiotics resistance?

Taylor-Robinson, D.; Keat, A., 2001:
How can a causal role for small bacteria in chronic inflammatory arthritides be established or refuted?

Dixon, J.; Sibthorpe, B., 2002:
How can a government research and development initiative contribute to reducing health inequalities?

Anonymous, 1995:
How can a nurse care for me?

Ridsdale, L.; Kwan, I.; Morgan, M., 2003:
How can a nurse intervention help people with newly diagnosed epilepsy? A qualitative study of patients' views

Anonymous, 1994:
How can a patient-care plan be made more meaningful?

Champagne-gilbert, M., 1979:
How can a person develop in Quebec?

Teusch, L.; Finke, J.; Böhme, H.; Gastpar, M., 1995:
How can acceptance by psychiatric patients of group psychotherapy be improved? An empirical study of the effect of combined individual and group psychotherapy on attitude to group psychotherapy

Morrison, B.; Lilford, R., 2001:
How can action research apply to health services?

Roeggla, G.; Roeggla, M.; Podolsky, A.; Wagner, A.; Laggner, A.N., 1996:
How can acute mountain sickness be quantified at moderate altitude?

Nicolau, J.C., 2001:
How can adherence to guidelines be improved? The case of fibrinolytics

Jones, R.; Finlay, F.; Simpson, N.; Kreitman, T., 1998:
How can adolescents' health needs and concerns best be met?

Anonymous, 1998:
How can an HMO make your customers happy?

Adkinson, N.Franklin.; Starklauf, B.L.; Blake, D.A., 1983:
How can an IRB avoid the use of obsolete consent forms?

Lorette, G., 2002:
How can anesthetic accidents studied better?

Renz, H., 1999:
How can animal models lead to improved specific immunotherapy (SIT)?

Wood, I., 2001:
How can anti-diabetics suppress tumours?

Schäfer, G., 1999:
How can archaea cope with extreme acidity?

Seal, J., 2000:
How can autologous blood transfusions help our patients?

Kapur, N., 1997:
How can be best explain retrograde amnesia in human memory disorder?

Smith, T.J.; Hong, J.Y.; Wang, Z.Y.; Yang, C.S., 1995:
How can carcinogenesis be inhibited?

King, M., 1988:
How can case mix work for long-term care providers?

Massaad, C.; Entezami, F.; Massade, L.; Benahmed, M.; Olivennes, Fçois.; Barouki, R.; Hamamah, S., 2001:
How can chemical compounds alter human fertility?

McMaster, W.C., 2001:
How can chronic heel pain be treated?

Joossens, L.; Raw, M., 2000:
How can cigarette smuggling be reduced?

Morcom, C.; Hughes, R., 1996:
How can clinical supervision become a real vision for the future?

Teutsch, C., 2001:
How can clinicians approach nutrition?

Morris, M., 1995:
How can community care tragedies be avoided?

Steinhauer, M.J., 1997:
How can competency in home health be addressed?

Golay, A.; Nicolet, J.; Lacroix, A.; Assal, J.P., 1993:
How can compliance be ameliorated in diabetic patients?

Lopes, P., 1993:
How can compliance be improved in hormone replacement therapy during menopause?

Nemes, A.; Forster, Tás.; Varga, A.; Vass, A.; Borthaiser, A.; Pálinkás, A.; Csanády, Mós., 2002:
How can coronary flow reserve be altered by severe aortic stenosis?

Haindl, H., 1997:
How can customized modifications of medical products for research purposes be legally manufactured in compliance with the Medical Products Regulation?

Berman, M.H., 2001:
How can dentists and parents communicate effectively about children's dental health needs?

Hammes, H.P., 1997:
How can diabetic retinopathy be therapeutically modified? Advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs) and hyperglycemic memory

Maclennan, I.; Hill, J., 1993:
How can doctors diagnose colorectal cancer earlier?

Liedman, D., 2002:
How can drug costs be reduced

Osborne, C.A., 1993:
How can each of us be trustworthy?

De Castro, J.M., 1996:
How can eating behavior be regulated in the complex environments of free-living humans?

Christ, G.; Lipinski, S.C.; Schaefer, K., 1998:
How can ethical training in a hospital be organized?

Sweeney, K., 1996:
How can evidence-based medicine help patients in general practice?

Leeder, S., 2002:
How can evidence-based practice contribute to reducing health inequalities in New South Wales?

Anonymous, 1994:
How can facilities improve mental-health services?

Anonymous, 1994:
How can facilities increase staff involvement?

Anonymous, 1994:
How can facilities minimize staff turnover?

Gerbouin-Rérolle, P., 1996:
How can food supplementation to young children be improved?

Kopyev, V.Y.; Lozner, E., 2000:
How can fruits and sugar induce headache and hypoglycaemia?

Cohen, P., 1996:
How can generative theories of the effects of punishment be tested?

Thurmon, T.F., 2000:
How can genetics help in the management of obesity?

West, M., 2002:
How can good performance among doctors be maintained?

Delamere, F.M.; Williams, H.C., 2001:
How can hand searching the dermatological literature benefit people with skin problems?

Hampl, H.; Berweck, S.; Ludat, K.; Fischer, H.C.; Hertel, J., 2000:
How can hemodialysis-associated hypotension and dialysis-induced symptoms be explained and controlled--particularly in diabetic and arteriosclerotic patients?

Schneiderman, L.J.; Capron, A.M., 2000:
How can hospital futility policies contribute to establishing standards of practice?

Gordon, P.A., 1976:
How can hospital-physician liability in medical malpractice cases be apportioned by agreement with plaintiffs?

Relucio-clavano, N., 1982:
How can hospitals encourage breastfeeding? Example from the Philippines

Bagley, G.L., 1995:
How can hospitals operate safely?

Bochner, F.; Martin, E.D.; Burgess, N.G.; Somogyi, A.A.; Misan, G.M., 1994:
How can hospitals ration drugs? Drug rationing in a teaching hospital: a method to assign priorities. Drug Committee of the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Chadwick, R., 1994:
How can hospitals ration drugs? Fairness is at issue

Petrie, J.C., 1994:
How can hospitals ration drugs? First consider the overall process of care

Donaldson, C., 1994:
How can hospitals ration drugs? Formulate, don't formularise

Anonymous, 1994:
How can hospitals survive?

Shimizu, N.; Gojobori, T., 2001:
How can human and simian immunodeficiency viruses utilize chemokine receptors as their coreceptors?

Garfield, E., 1996:
How can impact factors be improved?

Steffgen, J., 1996:
How can improved effectiveness of the loop diuretic furosemide be explained when the same dosage is administered 2 x daily (morning and noon)?

Levitch, J.H., 1987:
How can individual incentive compensation work for you?

Simmons, K.L., 1981:
How can industry expand its role from payor to initiator of change in the health care delivery system?

Chernesky, M.A., 1997:
How can industry, academia, public health authorities and the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnostics Initiative (SDI) work together to help control sexually transmitted diseases in developing countries?

Chernesky, M.A., 1997:
How can industry, academia, public health authorities, and the sexually transmitted diseases diagnostics initiative work together to help control sexually transmitted diseases in developing countries?

Lawson, J.S.; Mayberry, P., 1994:
How can infant and perinatal mortality rates be compared internationally?

Alexander, W.; Bence, K.; Hirsch, T.S.; Malone, M.P., 1996:
How can information systems aid in the collection & analysis of patient satisfaction?

Peris, A.; Lazzeri, C.; Bonizzoli, M.; Guetti, C.; Tadini Buoninsegni, L.; Fulceri, G.; Ticali, P.Francesco.; Chiostri, M.; Li Marzi, V.; Serni, S.; Migliaccio, M.Luisa., 2018:
A metabolic approach during normothermic regional perfusion in uncontrolled donors after circulatory death-A pilot study

Engström, B.K.; Renström, P.A., 1999:
How can injuries be prevented in the World Cup soccer athlete?

Funck-Brentano, C.; Brouard, R., 2000:
How can institutional structures make clinical research in France more operational?

Mehrhoff, F., 1994:
How can insurance systems guarantee continuity in rehabilitation? A European perspective exemplified by patients with severe craniocerebral injuries

Bogart, R.B., 1981:
How can insurers influence the cost of health care and reduce its rate of increase?

Pattinson, R.C., 1997:
How can it be...?

Fenner, K.M.; Basford, M.A., 1999:
How can leaders ensure organizational integrity?

Rowlingson, J.C., 2001:
How can local anesthetic in the wound not help?

Ritzi, C., 1986:
How can materials managers work with the operating room (OR) to reduce costs?

Layden, J.E.; Layden, T.J., 2001:
How can mathematics help us understand HCV?

Chalmers, I.; Altman, D.G., 1999:
How can medical journals help prevent poor medical research? Some opportunities presented by electronic publishing

Anonymous, 1983:
How can medical-moral committees function effectively in Catholic health facilities?

Moore, S.; Cowl, M.; Stoyle-Corby, M.; Kane, S.; Doyle, K.M.; Azari, Z.; Hawkins, S.; Elieson, S.; Fogg A, 2002:
How can midwives best facilitate the bonding process between motherbaby in pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

Good, R.S.; Jenkins, C.D., 1995:
How can new behavioral knowledge and proven aids to treatment enter the teaching and practice of obstetrics?

Davies, S.; White, E.; Riley, E.; Twinn, S., 1996:
How can nurse teachers be more effective in practice settings?

Arndt, M., 2000:
How can nurses and midwives confront the challenges of global evolution and improve the quality of life?

Dimond, B., 1998:
How can nurses avoid negligence claims?

Repper, J.; Ford, R.; Cooke, A., 1994:
How can nurses build trusting relationships with people who have severe and long-term mental health problems? Experiences of case managers and their clients

Kany, K., 1999:
How can nurses combat mandatory overtime?

Clark, J., 1997:
How can nurses participate in the development of the International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP)

Grossman, S., 1997:
How can nurses use limit setting to facilitate spinal cord patients' independence?

Boutelle, K.N.; Kirschenbaum, D.S.; Baker, R.C.; Mitchell, M.E., 1999:
How can obese weight controllers minimize weight gain during the high risk holiday season? By self-monitoring very consistently

Proesmans, W., 2001:
How can one apply rescue indomethacin therapy to a 1-month-old baby with antenatal Bartter syndrome in the case of severe vomiting?

Hoffrage, U.; Kurzenhäuser, S.; Gigerenzer, G., 2000:
How can one improve the understanding and communication of the importance of medical test results?

Martin, J., 1994:
How can one promote the right to health?

Isenberg, G., 2000:
How can overexpression of Na(+),Ca(2+)-exchanger compensate the negative inotropic effects of downregulated SERCA?

Pélissier, E.P., 1998:
How can pain of surgery be limited?

Bartlett, E.E., 1985:
How can patient education contribute to improved health care under prospective pricing?

Buxton, M.; Hanney, S., 1995:
How can payback from health services research be assessed?

Barry, M.A., 2000:
How can performance standards enhance accountability for public health?

Mahan, C.S., 2000:
How can performance standards strengthen accountability for public health?

Boggess, J.E., 2002:
How can pharmacies improve access to emergency contraception?

Laitakari, J.; Miilunpalo, S., 2000:
How can physical activity be changed--basic concepts and general principles in the promotion of health-related physical activity

Armon, C., 2002:
How can physicians and their patients with ALS decide to use the newly-available treatments to slow disease progression?

Volkers, N., 1996:
How can physicians define and improve procedural competency?

Anonymous, 1994:
How can physicians increase practice profitability?

Laine, C.; Weinberg, D.S., 1999:
How can physicians keep up-to-date?

Kiss, J.Z.; Weise, S.E.; Kiss, H.G.; Kiss, J.Z., 2001:
How can plants tell which way is up?

Godfrey, C.; Parrott, S., 2002:
How can policy makers use available evidence on the cost benefits of drug treatement?

Grover-McKay, M., 1993:
How can positron emission tomography help evaluate patients before and after heart transplantation?

Schneider, H.D., 1993:
How can preparation for old age become a tool for prevention?

Harris, M.; Furler, J., 2002:
How can primary care increase equity in health?

Dahl, G.; Thakker, K.D., 1998:
How can primary health care influence patients' alcohol drinking habits. "Simple intervention" results in a new therapeutic perspective

Wicklmayr, M.; Rett, K.; Standl, E., 1994:
How can primary prevention of coronary heart disease be improved in general practice?

Dimeo, S.B., 2002:
How can professional activity at the student level be increased?

Ravdin, P.M., 1999:
How can prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer be used in a practical way today?

Schulte-Markwort, M.; Bilke, O.; Janssen, P.L., 1998:
How can psychodynamic diagnosis in childhood and adolescence be operationalized?

Bailey, J.M., 2001:
How can psychological adaptations be heritable?

Woodward, T.W., 1979:
How can purchasing groups save money when prices are going up, not down?

Anonymous, 1993:
How can reinfection by Gardnerella vaginalis be prevented?

Botes, A., 1993:
How can research in practice help?

Krug, E., 2002:
How can road safety be improved? More people die on the roads than from malaria, says WHO chief

Wiley, D.C.; Ballard, D.J., 1993:
How can schools help children from homeless families?

Chen, C.; Spring, S., 2001:
How can sea mammals drink saltwater?

Flynn, P.; Franiek, J.; Janssen, P.; Hannah, W.J.; Klein, M.C., 1997:
How can second-stage management prevent perineal trauma? Critical review

Schmenner, R.W., 1987:
How can service businesses survive and prosper?

Neame, R.; Olson, M., 1999:
How can sharing clinical information be made to work?

Jurkovich, M.W., 2001:
How can something so good be such a pain?

Wolf, F.; Pawelzik, K.; Scherf, O.; Geisel, T.; Löwel, S., 2001:
How can squint change the spacing of ocular dominance columns?

Shaldon, S.; Lazarus, J.M.; Lundin, A.P.; Tzamaioukas, A.H.; Oreopoulos, O.G.; Kjellstrand, C.M., 2000:
How can survival of the well-dialyzed patient be increased?

Nguyen, B.Q., 1999 :
How can the Family and Medical Leave Act protect you?

Poimann, H., 2002:
How can the ISO 9000 concept be applied to neurosurgery?

Kennedy, M.M., 2001:
How can the Web help us recruit?

Nielson, C., 1998:
How can the academic culture move toward occupation-centered education?

Ratto, C.; Gentile, E.; Merico, M.; Spinazzola, C.; Mangini, G.; Sofo, L.; Doglietto, G., 2000:
How can the assessment of fistula-inano be improved?

Palmier, D., 1998:
How can the bedside nurse take a leadership role to affect change for the future?

Ohuchi, M.; Ohuchi, R., 1998:
How can the carbohydrate moiety of influenza virus HA contribute to the initiation of viral infection?

Manjunath, G.; Levey, A.S.; Sarnak, M.J., 2002:
How can the cardiac death rate be reduced in dialysis patients?

Maini, M.K.; Bertoletti, A., 2000:
How can the cellular immune response control hepatitis B virus replication?

Murray, C.; Thomas, M., 1998:
How can the clinical credibility of nurse lecturers be improved?

Murray, C.; Thomas, M., 1998:
How can the clinical credibility of nurse lecturers be improved?: 2

Becker, K.; Fink, U.; Ott, K.; Busch, R.; Siewert, J.R.; Höfler, H., 2002:
How can the effectiveness of multimodality therapy concepts be evaluated? From the viewpoint of the pathologist

Moes, K.J., 1998:
How can the family physician make a mistake?

Takahashi, M.; Korogi, Y., 1998:
How can the health care costs be suppressed in widespread use of expensive MR units? A Japanese experience

Stenfors, L.E.; Sadé, J.; Hellström, S.; Anniko, M., 2001:
How can the hooded seal dive to a depth of 1000 m without rupturing its tympanic membrane? A morphological and functional study

Housley, C.E., 1982:
How can the hospital purchasing agent get the most from the supplier?

Howells, R.E.; O'Mahony, F.; Tucker, H.; Millinship, J.; Jones, P.W.; Redman, C.W., 2000:
How can the incidence of negative specimens resulting from large loop excision of the cervical transformation zone (LLETZ) be reduced? An analysis of negative LLETZ specimens and development of a predictive model

Affeldt, J.E., 1983:
How can the medical staff interact with pharmacists to improve drug utilization practices in hospitals?

van Oirschot, J.T., 1996:
How can the practicing veterinarian select the best vaccine?

Meyer, T.; Klein, P.; Schweiger, H.; Lang, W., 1998:
How can the prognosis of acute mesenteric artery ischemia be improved? Results of a retrospective analysis

Schroeder, P., 2002 :
How can the public identify an excellent healthcare organization?

Anonymous, 2002:
How can the quality of antibiotic therapy be improved in health care centers? Quality = preserving collective value without sacrificing the individual importance of the patient

Perry, M.A., 2002:
How can the uptake of cervical cytology screening be improved?

Memel, S., 1979:
How can the use of foundations and corporate restructuring maximize and protect hospital revenues?

Anonymous, 1998:
How can treatment of systemic sclerosis be improved?. By setting up a national database of all cases and entering patients into trials. UK Scleroderma Study Group

Kost, B.A., 2002:
How can trustees ensure compliance with HIPAA privacy regs?

Zellweger, J.P., 1999:
How can tuberculosis among immigrants be managed in Europe?

MacNee, W.; Donaldson, K., 2000:
How can ultrafine particles be responsible for increased mortality?

Spaulding, W.B., 1990:
How can university presses publish Canadian medical history?

Rutherford, R.B., 1997:
How can vascular surgery survive capitated care?

Cohen, J., 1993:
How can viral variation be overcome?

Harding, L.K.; Allisy-Roberts, P.J., 1996:
How can we achieve a positive impact on legislation pertaining to the administration of radioactive substances to man?

Upton, D.J., 1999:
How can we achieve evidence-based practice if we have a theory-practice gap in nursing today?

Dolan, T.C.; Allen, P., 1993:
How can we achieve racial equality? Study finds disparity in careers of health care executives

Mucklow, J.C., 2000:
How can we afford costly medicines?

Street, A., 2002:
How can we argue for evidence in nursing?

Borelius, J., 1994:
How can we assess a case of appendicitis?

Anonymous, 1999:
How can we assess outcomes without assessing treatment?

Okada, S., 2000:
How can we avert hepatic vascular complications in SMANCS therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma?

Tulandi, T., 1997:
How can we avoid adhesions after laparoscopic surgery?

Martens, W., 2001:
How can we avoid some psychotic patients becoming violent offenders?

Allain, J.P.; Williamson, L.M., 1997 :
How can we best achieve optimal transfusion practice?

Silvestri, M.; Spallarossa, D.; Battistini, E.; Fregonese, B.; Rossi, G.A., 2002:
How can we best read exhaled nitric oxide flow curves in asthmatic children?

van Eijk, J.T., 1998:
How can we bridge the gap between health care providers and patients?

Clark, P.M., 2002:
How can we coach patients to become critical consumers of information they find on the Internet?

Tramèr, M.R., 1999:
How can we cope with the Internet?

Tasseau, F.; Rome, J.; Cuny, E.; Emery, E., 2002:
How can we define the modalities and clinical levels of coma to wakefulness?

Rigg, J.R.; Jamrozik, K.; Clarke, M., 1997:
How can we demonstrate that new developments in anesthesia are of real clinical importance?

Harvey, I., 1994:
How can we determine if living close to industry harms your health?

Welch, R.B.; Welch, R.B., 2001:
How can we determine if the sense of presence affects task performance?

Wilson, S.; Lester, H., 2002:
How can we develop a cost-effective quality cervical screening programme?

Kanto, W.P., 1998:
How can we direct managed care to benefit pediatrics?

Simpson, J.A.; Aarons, L.; White, N.J., 2001:
How can we do pharmacokinetic studies in the tropics?

Taylor, L., 2002:
How can we encourage this group of patients to eat and what methods can we use to stimulate their appetites?

Si Nahr, J.; Smith, L.; Gottlieb, S.R., 1986:
How can we equitably share health care's obligation to the poor?

Manoach, M.; Watanabe, Y., 1995:
How can we facilitate spontaneous termination of ventricular fibrillation and prevent sudden cardiac death? A working hypothesis

Oertwich, A., 2002:
How can we find unity in nursing?

Tawfik, R., 1999:
How can we help Iraqi people

Helitzer-allen, D.; Makhambera, M., 1993:
How can we help adolescent girls avoid HIV infection?

Astudillo, W.; Mendinueta, C., 1995:
How can we help children during the terminal phase?

Carmody, E.N., 2002:
How can we help foster children?

Woloshin, S.; Schwartz, L.M., 1999:
How can we help people make sense of medical data?

Modell, H.I., 1998 :
How can we help students learn respiratory physiology?

Anonymous, 1997:
How can we help the drug dependent

Walker, A.R., 1997:
How can we help today's youth?

Roelke, M.; Zukerman, L.S., 2001:
How can we identify the best implantable site for an ECG event recorder?

Zellerhoff, C.; Himmrich, E.; Nebeling, D.; Przibille, O.; Nowak, B.; Liebrich, A., 2000:
How can we identify the best implantation site for an ECG event recorder?

McGraw, S.A.; Dobihal, E.; Baggish, R.; Bradley, E.H., 2002:
How can we improve care at the end of life in Connecticut? Recommendations from focus groups

Ferrell, B.R., 1998:
How can we improve care at the end of life?

Bürkle, T.; Schrader, U., 2000:
How can we improve informatics education for German nurses? Statements derived from the first German nursing informatics summer school

Quesada Sabaté, M.; Font Roura, P.; López Arpí, C.; Maset Viader, C.; Popescu, D., 2002:
How can we improve mortality records in primary care?

Spiller, R.C., 1998:
How can we improve on the efficacy of Helicobacter pylori treatment?

Cameron, S.; Forsythe, J., 2002:
How can we improve organ donation rates? Research into the identification of factors which may influence the variation

Högman, C.F., 1996:
How can we improve platelet preparation and storage?

Beracochea, E., 1996:
How can we improve postgraduate training in community health?

Ritz, E.; Koch, M.; Fliser, D.; Schwenger, V., 1999:
How can we improve prognosis in diabetic patients with end-stage renal disease?

Mohapatra, P.C.; Pattanaik, B.E., 1988:
How can we improve socio-economic condition of women?

Bonnet, F.; Vésinet, C., 1994:
How can we improve the efficacy of morphine analgesia without increasing adverse effects?

Verea Hernando, H., 2000:
How can we improve the management of respiratory medicine services?

McCaffery, M.; Pasero, C., 1999:
How can we improve the way we perform our pain assessments to meet the needs of patients from diverse cultures?

Howard, R.J., 1999:
How can we increase the number of organ and tissue donors?

Hubbard, R.B., 2001:
How can we increase utilization of preventive services?

Klaus, H., 1997:
How can we influence adolescent sexual behavior?

Beard, J.D., 2001:
How can we introduce new technology safely and effectively?

Pedersen, R., 2000:
How can we justify scientific research?

Risdon, A.; Eccleston, C.; Crombez, G.; McCracken, L., 2002:
How can we learn to live with pain? A Q-methodological analysis of the diverse understandings of acceptance of chronic pain

Msika, S., 2000:
How can we limit the number of unnecessary appendectomies?

Dominiak, P., 1999:
How can we lower blood pressure safely and effectively?

Li, T.Qiang.; Mathews, V.P., 2002:
How can we make BOLD contrast bolder?

Oreopoulos, D.G., 1996:
How can we make PD a viable, long-term therapy?

Fremlin, J.H., 1974:
How can we make fewer children attractive?

Dean-Baar, S., 2001:
How can we make nursing more visible in the media?

Krasil'nikov, O.V.; Da Cruz, J.B.; Nogueira, R.A., 1998:
How can we measure a diameter of each entrance of a ion channel recording only channel conductance?

Mosca, S.; Morace, F.; Secondulfo, M., 2002 :
How can we measure insertion depth during the enteroscopic push procedure?

Kobayashi, J.; Kitamura, S., 1996:
How can we monitor and treat patients with acute exacerbations of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia

Idiz, M.; Konuralp, C.; Unal, M., 2001:
How can we obtain maximal benefits from partial left ventriculectomy?

McDiarmid, S., 2001:
How can we optimize the outcome of liver grafts from pediatric donors?

Chelly, J.E., 2001:
How can we possibly prevent complications related to peripheral nerve blocks?

Wessman, J.P., 2002:
How can we pray for nursing?

Ueda, R., 1999:
How can we predict and prevent the occurrence of therapy-related leukemias?

Levin, B.R., 2002:
How can we predict the ecologic impact of an antimicrobial: the opinions of a population and evolutionary biologist

Stembera, Z., 1995:
How can we prevent a further increase in the rate of cesarean sections in the Czech Republic?

Wagner, K., 1994:
How can we prevent acute kidney failure?

Konno, K.; Oku, Y.; Kamiya, M.; Doi, R.; Tamashiro, H., 2002:
How can we prevent alveolar echinococcosis? Ecosystem and risk management viewpoints

Van de Ven, W.P.; Van Vliet, R.C., 1991:
How can we prevent cream skimming in a competitive health insurance market? The great challenge for the 90's

Stevens, D., 2003:
How can we prevent food poisoning?

Le Guyadec, J.; Le Guyadec, T., 2000:
How can we prevent tinea capitis in schools?

Shimada, Y., 1998:
How can we progress with chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer?

Kresken, M.; Hafner, D., 2001:
How can we protect against broad-band pathogens? The situation with quinolone resistance

Hakim, A.; Deshmane, V.H.; Kamath, S.A.; Mehta, P.J., 1995:
How can we protect our endothelium?

Abrams, R.; Carter, G.S., 1997:
How can we provide subacute care?

Mosca, S., 2000:
How can we reduce complication rates and enhance success rates in Billroth II patients during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography?

Hall, W.D., 1996:
How can we reduce heroin "overdose" deaths?

Bolin, T.D.; Korman, M.G., 1997:
How can we reduce the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer?

Petrosino, A.J., 2000:
How can we respond effectively to juvenile crime?

Carter, B.S., 2002:
How can we say to neonatal intensive care unit parents amid crisis, "you are not alone"?

Nagashima, I.; Bergmann, L.; Schweizer, R., 1994:
How can we share the portal blood inflow in auxiliary partial heterotopic liver transplantation without portal hypertension?

Duman, S.; Sen, S.; Günal, A.I.; Asci, G.; Akcicek, F.; Basci, A., 2002:
How can we standardize peritoneal thickness measurements in experimental studies in rats?

Garrett, B., 1997:
How can we structure our clerkship to address these concerns?

Waldron, S., 1997:
How can we study the efficacy of psychoanalysis?

Schroeder, S.A., 1996:
How can we tell whether there are too many or too few physicians? The case for benchmarking

Boulet, L.P., 2001:
How can we translate advances in respiratory diseases into improved care?

Stennan, S.; Oldinger, E., 1993:
How can we understand each other better in Scandinavia!

Yoshimochi, G., 2001:
How can we work effectively in the Third World?

Hudson, M.V., 2000:
How can we "standardize" technician training?

Anonymous, 2001:
How can weight control be promoted without encouraging eating disorders?

Sharp, C.L., 1995:
How can women's health nurses recognize patients at risk for eating disorders?

Flanagan, M., 1996:
How can you accurately assess pressure damage on patients with darkly pigmented skins?

Schatz, P.S., 1989:
How can you afford not to manage?

Bartek, W., 1985:
How can you assess respiratory therapy?

Anonymous, 1995:
How can you be prepared for outpatient APGs?

Mallison, M.B.; Mallison, M.B., 2000:
How can you bear to be a nurse? An AJN classic April 1987

Ginsburg, P.B., 1995:
How can you change the system without knowing what to change?. Interview by C. Burns Roehrig

Mckay, H.; Hartley, B., 1993:
How can you combat unsafe abortion? Practical approaches in action

Seyberth, H.W., 1994:
How can you differentiate neonatal Bartter's syndrome from hyperprostaglandin (-uria) E2 syndrome?

Drew, B.J.; Ide, B., 1993:
How can you distinguish supraventricular tachycardia with a bundle branch block from ventricular tachycardia?

le May, A., 2002:
How can you fund a return to nursing?

Deutschman, M., 1979:
How can you get your building to work?

Rueve, K., 1996:
How can you help overweight patients?

Webb, C., 2000:
How can you help the bereaved patient?

Bennett, M.J., 2002:
How can you help your clients decide about HIV clinical trials?

Whelan, E., 2001:
How can you help your computer support team?

Nixon, L.L.; Roscoe, L., 1999:
How can you improve end-of-life decision making?

Remen, S., 1991:
How can you keep your psychiatric patients safe?

Anonymous, 2001:
How can you keep your young ER patients calm?

Hubbard, R.B., 2000:
How can you legislate quality of care?

de St Georges, J.M.; Lewis, D., 2001:
How can you protect yourself from employee dishonesty?

Maguire, B., 2002:
How can you reduce turnover? Three concepts pave the way

Xiong, J.; Kawagishi, H.; Yan, Y.; Liu, J.; Wells, Q.S.; Edmunds, L.R.; Fergusson, M.M.; Yu, Z-Xi.; Rovira, I.I.; Brittain, E.L.; Wolfgang, M.J.; Jurczak, M.J.; Fessel, J.P.; Finkel, T., 2018:
A Metabolic Basis for Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition

Anonymous, 1999:
How can you show your CM efforts' effectiveness?

Conner, D.R., 1996:
How can you survive continuous change

Rosen, D.S., 2001:
How can you tell the difference between stomach flu and food poisoning?

Windeler, J.; Conradt, C., 2000:
How can "significance" and "relevance" be combined?

Windeler, J.; Conradt, C., 1999:
How can "significance" be combined with "relevance"?

Anonymous, 2000:
How cancer centers manage quality of care

Anonymous, 2001:
How cancer centers of excellence lose money on 2nd opinion patients

Ponton, K.T., 1996:
How capital markets view your strategies

Anonymous, 2003:
How capitated groups use hospitalists to reduce inpatient costs, boost profits

Cuellar, A.E.; Libby, A.M.; Snowden, L.R., 2002:
How capitated mental health care affects utilization by youth in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems

McEachern, S., 1994:
How capitation changes your staffing needs

Eckholm, E., 1995:
How capitation is transforming hospitals--and their staffs

Shouldice, R.; Bornstein, L., 1987:
How capitation payments are included in your income sharing formula

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How carbon monoxide adsorbs in different sites

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How carcinogens cause cancer

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How cardiac cells die--necrosis, oncosis and apoptosis

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How cardiac contraction affects the coronary vasculature

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How cardiac rehabilitation is being influenced by changes in health-care delivery

McEachern, S., 1994:
How cardiologists view managed care

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How cards got me off the hook

Waters, J., 1996:
How care in the community has affected older people

Larach, M.G.; MacLennan, D.H., 1999:
How carefully can we phenotype patients suspected of malignant hyperthermia susceptibility?

Tekavec, C., 1997:
How carriers determine fees

Spath, P., 1999:
How case managers can help reduce medical errors

Anonymous, 2002:
How case managers can improve end-of-life care

Marx, J., 1994:
How cells cycle toward cancer

Andrade, L.; Vieira, J.M.; Safirstein, R., 2000:
How cells die counts

Zimmermann, K.C.; Green, D.R., 2001:
How cells die: apoptosis pathways

Nicklas, R.B., 1997:
How cells get the right chromosomes

Anonymous, 1994:
How cells regulate calcium

Tansey, W.P., 2000:
How cells use proteolysis to control their growth

Robey, B., 1987:
How censuses aid policymakers

Singer, M.H., 2000:
How central is the analysis of aggression to clinical psychoanalysis?

Rogers, J.G., 1993:
How cerebral palsy affected my births

Lazarus, A.A., 1994:
How certain boundaries and ethics diminish therapeutic effectiveness

Eliason, R., 2002:
How certification exams are developed

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How cesium-137 was discovered by an undergraduate student

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How change in age-specific mortality affects life expectancy

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How change is achieved--hospitals as a model

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How changes in health care practices, systems, and research challenge the practice of informed consent

Wilson, M., 1993:
How changes in healthcare delivery will impact materiel management

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How charges of lab fraud grew into a cause célèbre

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How child health care nurses view a mother-infant relationship. A qualitative study

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How child-resistant are stroller belt buckles?

Larson, R.W.; Verma, S., 1999:
How children and adolescents spend time across the world: work, play, and developmental opportunities

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How children build their morphosyntax: the case of French

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How children change their minds: strategy change can be gradual or abrupt

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How children could be seen and still heard

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How children die in hospital

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How children experience brief-exposure treatment of specific phobias

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How children learn to organize their speech gestures: further evidence from fricative-vowel syllables

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How children reason about ability from report card grades: a developmental study

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How children use input to acquire a lexicon

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How children with head injury represent real and deceptive emotion in short narratives

Karliner, 1986:
How chiral solitons relate K-barN and pi N scattering

Ingham, P.W., 2000:
How cholesterol modulates the signal

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How chronic self-views influence (and potentially mislead) estimates of performance

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How chronically ill patients learn--an inquiry. 2. Learning in order to remain independent

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How cigarette additives are used to mask environmental tobacco smoke

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How cigarette design can affect youth initiation into smoking: Camel cigarettes 1983-93

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How circular is Minangkabau migration?

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How clean is a mini-pig?--Impressions and suggestions of a pathologist working in the field of toxicology

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How clean is the home environment?: a tool to assess home hygiene

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How clean should the ocean be for swimmers?

Wilson, R.S.; Evans, D.A., 1996:
How clearly do we see our memories?

McCormick, E.M., 1982:
How clinical pharmacy is practiced at 2 Mayo-affiliated hospitals

Inoue, F., 1976:
How clinical pharmacy practice benefits hospital and patient

Côté, L.; Leclère, H., 2000:
How clinical teachers perceive the doctor-patient relationship and themselves as role models

Palmberg, P., 2002:
How clinical trial results are changing our thinking about target pressures

Joseph, F., 1993:
How clinically relevant are disaccharide: monosaccharide ratios for assessing small intestine permeability?

Epps, R.P.; Manley, M.W.; Grande, D.; Lynch, B.S., 1996:
How clinicians can affect patient smoking behavior through community involvement and clinical practice

Eyre-Walker, A.; Smith, N.H.; Smith, J.M., 1999:
How clonal are human mitochondria?

Amatayakul, M., 1994:
How close are we to computer-based patient records?

Kelley, M.; McArdle, J.; Weiser, R.; Simpson, R., 2001:
How close is North Carolina to meeting Medicare's clinical priorities?

Hoel, D., 2001:
How close is a staph vaccine? Early results show promise for lowering nosocomial infection rates

Kaiser, H.; Neuburger, M., 2002:
How close is close enough--how close is safe enough

Neal, J.M., 2001:
How close is close enough? Defining the "paresthesia chad"

Hoffmann, D.E.; Zimmerman, S.Itkin.; Tompkins, C., 1997:
How close is enough? Family relationships and attitudes toward advance directives and life-sustaining treatments

Wadman, M., 2001:
How close is the AIDS vaccine?

Wright, D.L.; Smith-Munyon, V.L.; Sidaway, B., 1997:
How close is too close for precise knowledge of results?

Burda, D., 1995:
How close is too close in hospital partnership?

Li, S., 2001:
How close is too close? A comparison of proxemic reactions of Singaporean Chinese to male intruders of four ethnicities

Green, E., 1993:
How codes are in the nation's managed hospitals

Ozel, F., 1993:
How cognitive factors influence way-finding

Navarra; Nemes, 1991:
How coherently do nuclei react to intense fields?

Kozel, F.A.; Nahas, Z.; deBrux, C.; Molloy, M.; Lorberbaum, J.P.; Bohning, D.; Risch, S.C.; George, M.S., 2000:
How coil-cortex distance relates to age, motor threshold, and antidepressant response to repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

Currie, A.E., 1994:
How cold can you get? A case of severe neonatal hypothermia

Krienitz, D.; Sutton, J., 1999:
How collaboration = quality in maintaining POCT (point-of-care testing) and phlebotomy programs

Sabatino, F., 1992:
How collaboration is influencing boards' strategic plans

Cohan, J.F., 1989:
How colleagues benefit from my work in a nursing home

Halligan, E., 2002:
How college nurses managed the meningitis C campaign

Leitschuh, G.A., 1999:
How college students' physical health relates to coping

Ripoll Lozano, M.A., 2002:
How colorectal cancer is diagnosed. Information from RIMCAN, 1991-2001

Deltenre, M.; de Koster, E., 2000:
How come I've got it? (A review of Helicobacter pylori transmission)

Radcliffe, M., 2001:
How come we're losing if we scored the equaliser?

Anonymous, 1978:
How committed-volume group purchasing brings low prices

Blute, M.L., 1996:
How common are renal angiomyolipomas in patients with pulmonary lymphangiomyomatosis?

Cranston, R.D.; Thin, R.N., 1999:
How common are sexually transmitted infections in the elderly?

Lloyd-Williams, M., 2002:
How common are thoughts of self-harm in a UK palliative care population?

Edmunds-Ogbuokiri, T., 2003:
How common illicit substances interact with antiretroviral agents

Mandal, A.; Mayberry, J., 2000:
How common is celiac disease in South America?

Hegarty, K.; Roberts, G., 1998:
How common is domestic violence against women? The definition of partner abuse in prevalence studies

Leren, T.P., 2002:
How common is familial hypercholesterolemia?

Obasohan, A.O.; Ajuyah, C.O., 1996:
How common is heart failure due to systemic hypertension alone in hospitalised Nigerians?

Clarke, K.W.; Gray, D.; Hampton, J.R., 1995:
How common is heart failure? Evidence from PACT (prescribing analysis and cost) data in Nottingham

Beard, T.C., 1994:
How common is high blood pressure?

Christmas, C.; Crespo, C.J.; Franckowiak, S.C.; Bathon, J.M.; Bartlett, S.J.; Andersen, R.E., 2002:
How common is hip pain among older adults? Results from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Sax, L., 2002:
How common is intersex? a response to Anne Fausto-Sterling

Leboeuf-Yde, C.; Klougart, N.; Lauritzen, T., 1996:
How common is low back pain in the Nordic population? Data from a recent study on a middle-aged general Danish population and four surveys previously conducted in the Nordic countries

Barclay, S.; Todd, C.; Grande, G.; Lipscombe, J., 1998:
How common is medical training in palliative care? A postal survey of general practitioners

Miller, H.L.; Miller, C.E., 1998:
How common is oral cancer in Kansas?

Mounsey, A.L., 2001 :
How common is peripheral arterial disease, and should primary care physicians be screening for it?

Krivo, J.M., 1997:
How common is pigmentary mosaicism?

Scothorn, D.J.; Butler, M.G., 1997:
How common is precocious puberty in patients with Williams syndrome?

Alho, O.P., 1997:
How common is recurrent acute otitis media?

Reich, J.M., 1999:
How common is sarcoidosis?

Lindberg, L.; Olsson, A.K.; Jögi, P.; Jonmarker, C., 2002:
How common is severe pulmonary hypertension after pediatric cardiac surgery?

Louis, E.D.; Ottman, R.; Hauser, W.A., 1998:
How common is the most common adult movement disorder? estimates of the prevalence of essential tremor throughout the world

Miller, A.B., 1977:
How companies can trim employee health benefits claims

Stolberg, S.G.; Gerth, J., 2002:
How companies stall generics and keep themselves healthy

Herzlinger, R.E.; Schwartz, J., 1985:
How companies tackle health care costs: Part I

Herzlinger, R.E., 1985:
How companies tackle health care costs: Part II

Butler, J.A., 2002:
How comparable are tests of apraxia?

Torsello, G., 2000:
How competence are Germany's carotid surgeons. Evaluation after 15,000 interventions

Wright, M.; Higgins, P.G., 1999:
How competent are you (or your staff) with shoulder dystocia?

Greenwood, L.F.; Lewis, D.W.; Burgess, R.C., 1998:
How competent do our graduates feel?

Middleman, R.R., 1984:
How competent is social work's approach to the assessment of competence?

Hjörleifsson, S., 2001:
How competent is the physician?

Videhult, P., 2002:
How competently are HSAN errands proceeded?

Reekie, W.D., 1997:
How competition lowers the costs of medicines

Souba, W.W., 1999:
How competitive forces mold strategy in academic surgery

Andriole, D.A.; Schechtman, K.B.; Ryan, K.; Whelan, A.; Diemer, K., 2002:
How competitive is my surgical specialty?

Ajdacic-Gross, V.; Zellweger, U.; Wang, J.; Fleerackers, Y.; Somaini, B., 2000:
How complete is AIDS surveillance in Europe? An eagle eye comparison with mortality data

Anonymous, 2001:
How compliant are patients on HAART?

Polikowski, M.; Santos-Eggimann, B., 2002:
How comprehensive are the basic packages of health services? An international comparison of six health insurance systems

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How compression therapy works

Moran, J.; Park, M., 1982:
How computerized medical records can help you

Linde, J.C., 1982:
How computerized unit doses help to upgrade our pharmacy services

Anonymous, 1988:
How computers are improving patient care. An overview of ways that computerization directly aids the provision of care

Lacher, D.A.; Goldblatt, P.J.; Conran, P.B., 1986:
How computers are used in pathology education

Neher, W.R.; Hauser, L., 1982:
How computers can help adults overcome the fear of learning

Knoll, K.R., 1985:
How computers help to communicate clinical discrepancies in long-term care

Tilson, E.R.; DeMarco, M.L.; Strickland, G.; Gibson, S.D., 2001:
How computers will change education

Reddy, E.; Kreher, N.; Hickner, J.M., 1998:
How concerned are elderly patients without coronary heart disease about hypercholesterolemia and heart disease? An UPRNet study. Upper Peninsula Research Network

Hagmar, L., 2001:
How confident can we be that acrylonitrile is not a human carcinogen?

Bejanga, B.I.; Marcus, E.; Djukom, C.D.; Bejanga, M., 1998:
How confounding are breast pain confounders?

Terry, K., 2000:
How connectivity is changing practice

Simons, J., 1986:
How conservative are British attitudes to reproduction?

Seror, D.; Feigin, E.; Szold, A.; Allweis, T.M.; Carmon, M.; Nissan, S.; Freund, H.R., 1993:
How conservatively can postoperative small bowel obstruction be treated?

Lutz, W., 1984:
How consistent are personal data? Analysis of statements on the planning status of pregnancies

Booth, A., 1990:
How consistent is MEDLINE indexing? A few reservations

Minegishi, S.; Mayr, H., 2003:
How constant are Ritchie's "constant selectivity relationships"? A general reactivity scale for n-, pi-, and sigma-nucleophiles

Scherrer; Spergel, 1993:
How constant is the Fermi coupling constant?

McManus, I.C.; Winder, B.; Paice, E., 2002:
How consultants, hospitals, trusts and deaneries affect pre-registration house officer posts: a multilevel model

Zaslavsky, A.M.; Landon, B.E.; Beaulieu, N.D.; Cleary, P.D., 2000:
How consumer assessments of managed care vary within and among markets

Anonymous, 2001:
How consumers can and should improve clinical trials

Lipowski, E.E., 1993:
How consumers choose a pharmacy

Chakraborty, G.; Ettenson, R.; Gaeth, G., 1995:
How consumers choose health insurance

Moore, S.T.; Bopp, K.D., 2000:
How consumers evaluate health care quality: Part I

Moore, S.T.; Bopp, K.D., 2000:
How consumers evaluate health care quality: Part II

Steiber, S.R., 1988:
How consumers rate health-care quality

Moser, H.R.; Johns, H.E.; Kittrell, L.M., 1994:
How consumers view chiropractic advertising

Andaleeb, S.S., 1993:
How consumers view hospital advertising

Johns, H.E.; Moser, H.R., 1988:
How consumers view physician advertising

Campbell, J., 1997:
How consumers/survivors are evaluating the quality of psychiatric care

Sepkowitz, K.A., 2002:
How contagious is vaccinia?

Sobel, K.V.; Blake, R., 2002:
How context influences predominance during binocular rivalry

Lönnqvist, P.A., 2000:
How continuous are continuous drug infusions?

Petersen, R.; Gazmararian, J.A.; Anderson Clark, K.; Green, D.C., 2001:
How contraceptive use patterns differ by pregnancy intention: implications for counseling

Marchment, M.; Hoffmeyer, U., 1991:
How contracting will force us to ask questions we never asked before

Cyr, L.M.; Ross, R.G., 1998:
How controlled stress affects healing tissues

Poterack, K.A., 1997:
How controversial are anesthetic controversies?

Hammond, K.R., 1996:
How convergence of research paradigms can improve research on diagnostic judgment

Carver, C.S.; Pozo, C.; Harris, S.D.; Noriega, V.; Scheier, M.F.; Robinson, D.S.; Ketcham, A.S.; Moffat, F.L.; Clark, K.C., 1993:
How coping mediates the effect of optimism on distress: a study of women with early stage breast cancer

Jenkins, M.L.; Lloyd, G., 1985:
How corporate philosophy and strategy shape the use of HR information systems

Gerber, P.C., 1984:
How corporations are trying to control health care spending

Ziegler, J., 1996:
How corporations cope when death intrudes

Denis, K.; Van Ham, G.; Bellemans, J.; Labey, L.; Sloten, J.Vander.; Van Audekercke, R.; Van der Perre, G.; De Schutter, J., 2002:
How correctly does an intramedullary rod represent the longitudinal tibial axes?

Fountain, J.R.; Holder, W.W., 1982:
How cost accounting can help local governments

Straumfjord, J.V., 1979:
How cost effective is videomicroscopy?

Riggott, C., 1981:
How cost efficient is your laundry?

Anonymous, 1990:
How cost-cutting measures can backfire on patients

van Ineveld, B.M.; van Oortmarssen, G.J.; de Koning, H.J.; Boer, R.; van der Maas, P.J., 1993:
How cost-effective is breast cancer screening in different EC countries?

Newton, J.N., 1997:
How cost-effective is oral isotretinoin?

Egede, L.E., 2001 :
How cost-effective is the treatment of dyslipidemia in patients with diabetes but without cardiovascular disease? A response to Grover et al

Anonymous, 1996:
How cost-effective would a vaccine be against schistosomiasis?

Harrow, B.S.; Tennstedt, S.L.; McKinlay, J.B., 1995:
How costly is it to care for disabled elders in a community setting?

Beech, B.A., 1996:
How could I breast feed with a man in the room?

Kennedy, M.M., 1997:
How could I have gotten it wrong?

Schöldström, U.; Linné, C., 1999:
How could Linné be so wrong when it comes to malaria? Yesterday's knowledge is not always correct--but neither is today's

Holoweiko, M., 1982:
How could a doctor steal so much?

Smoyak, S.A., 2002:
How could a mother do that?

Farrell, K., 1998:
How could alternative therapies affect your practice?

Reid, R.J., 2001:
How could it go so quickly?

Goh, J.T.W.; Tjandra, J.J.; Carey, M.P., 2002:
How could management of rectoceles be optimized?

Hantouche, E., 2002:
How could one conduct self-assessment of mania?

Brown, S., 1984:
How could so many people miss a phony doctor?

Remmelinck, M.; Lopes, M.B.; Nagy, N.; Rorive, S.; Rombaut, K.; Decaestecker, C.; Kiss, R.; Salmon, I., 2001:
How could static telepathology improve diagnosis in neuropathology?

Vaagenes, P., 1993:
How could the leadership responsibility of physicians in hospitals be strengthened?

Koelewijn, A.D.; Dorschky, E.; van den Bogert, A.J., 2018:
A metabolic energy expenditure model with a continuous first derivative and its application to predictive simulations of gait

Saxton, M., 1994:
How could theory affect practice?

Cebrià Andreu, J.; Bosch Fontcuberta, J.M.; Prados Castillejos, J.A., 2000:
How could we improve the results of our health counseling?

Dittrich, W., 2001:
How could you miss itellipsis?

Williams, F.; Coyle, A.; Lyons, E., 2000:
How counselling psychologists view their personal therapy

Read, S., 1996:
How counselling services can help deal with loss and change

Schehl, M., 1997:
How couples choose vasectomy

Richardson, G., 1988:
How courses are made to meet the grade

Slaven, T.M., 1978:
How courts measure standards of care

Gallinari, K.L., 1994:
How courts view experimental treatments

Uehling, M., 1996:
How cows got blamed for CJD strain

Sinclair, R., 1999:
How credible is the science behind cosmetic skin creams?

Mann, L., 1992:
How credit cards can help improve hospital collections

Catrou, P.G., 1997:
How critical are critical values?

Baer, H.A., 1993:
How critical can clinical anthropology be?

Priestley, M., 1999:
How critical care nurses identify and meet the needs of visitors to intensive care units

Kroese, A.J.; Stranden, E., 1998:
How critical is chronic critical leg ischaemia?

Ruzek, S.B., 1983:
How critically do we examine obstetrical technologies?

Liu, L.; Arditi, A., 2001:
How crowding affects letter confusion

Fairbrother, C., 1982:
How cryoanalgesia can control pain

Biasucci, L.M.; Rizzello, V., 2001:
How cryptic is a cryptogenic stroke?

Jovanovic, S.V.; Boone, C.W.; Steenken, S.; Trinoga, M.; Kaskey, R.B., 2001:
How curcumin works preferentially with water soluble antioxidants

Holmberg, Göran., 2002:
How cure the sick health services?

Gough, J.E.; Brown, L.H., 1996:
How current is the current emergency medicine literature?

Bodie-Collins, M.; Paulson, E.; St John, R., 1998:
How current is your travel health information?

Reznik, B., 1993:
How customer satisfaction can influence clinical outcome in a back specialty clinic

Ahlbom, A.; Feychting, M., 2000:
How dangerous are mobile phones?

Barck, H.; Pogge, A., 1998:
How dangerous are multiresistant bacteria in the hospital

Matéfi, L.; Hohmann, B., 1998 :
How dangerous are toy cap pistols for hearing?

Anonymous, 2003:
How dangerous are "glow sticks"?

Stiefelhagen, P., 2000:
How dangerous is Candida in the intestine? The great fungal business

Anonymous, 2000:
How dangerous is Viagra?

Aberer, W., 1998:
How dangerous is amalgam?

Warner, J.O., 2002:
How dangerous is food allergy in childhood?

Dingermann, T., 1997:
How dangerous is genetic technology?

Doerfler, W.; Schubbert, R., 1998:
How dangerous is genetically engineered food

Järhult, B., 1998:
How dangerous is health care?

Cohen, B.L., 1995:
How dangerous is low level radiation?

Heberle-Bors, E., 1998:
How dangerous is nutrition?

Becker, K., 1994:
How dangerous is radon in buildings?--some reflections from Europe

Stiefelhagen, P., 2000:
How dangerous is the pill really?

McConnell, C.R., 1993:
How dangerous is truth in employment references?

Lloyd, M., 2001:
How dare they treat me like that

Harries, C.; Bullen, A.; Feggetter, M.; Pennock, G.; Smith, M., 1984:
How data can make a manager of you

Lilienfeld, D.E., 1998:
How data influence third party payers

Graziano, P.A., 1996:
How data is organized, stored, retrieved, and used within a physician practice

Moore, J.; Melotte, C., 1978:
How day services can care for the elderly and handicapped

Paola, F.A., 1998:
How dead is the federal constitutional right to assisted suicide?

Silverman, H.J., 1996:
How decisive are physician values in end-of-life decision-making?

Seiler, W.O.; Stähelin, H.B., 1994:
How decubitus ulcers can be prevented

Teuscher, G.W., 1998:
How deep our interest

Pate, M.Frances.D.; Zapata, T., 2002:
How deeply should I go when I suction an endotracheal (ETT) or tracheostomy tube (TT)?

Fuller, J.; Edwards, J.; Procter, N.; Moss, J., 2001:
How definition of mental health problems can influence help seeking in rural and remote communities

Webster, D.W.; Freed, L.H.; Frattaroli, S.; Wilson, M.H., 2002:
How delinquent youths acquire guns: initial versus most recent gun acquisitions

Weissert-Horn, M.; Vogelmann, G., 2001:
How demanding is the job of the nurse?

Morrison, P.A., 1980:
How demographers can help legislators

McCann, J., 2001:
How dental assistants can avoid common problems found in panoramic images

Jayson, C.J., 1997:
How dental patients determine their care

Feuerstein, P., 2001:
How dental practitioners can benefit from the Internet

Waldman, H.B., 1994:
How dental schools responded to the changing number of applicants

Mouden, L.D., 1996:
How dentistry succeeds in preventing family violence

Bonang, D.M., 2000 :
How dentists can avoid getting into hot water

Slowiak, P., 1984:
How department heads can use cost studies to reduce hospital costs

Wiegerinck, W.; Heskes, T., 1996:
How dependencies between successive examples affect on-line learning

Ulrich, R.S., 1992:
How design impacts wellness

Madsen, S.M.; Holm, S.; Riis, P., 1999:
How detailed information and how long consideration time do the potential trial subjects want?

Reiber, J.H., 1999:
How deterministic can the angiogram be?

Robey, B., 1988:
How development programs can affect fertility: the case of Bangladesh

Benjamin, S.; Penland, T., 1995:
How developmental supervision and performance management improve effectiveness

Graff, M.R.; Rubin, R.R.; Walker, E.A., 2001:
How diabetes specialists treat their own diabetes: findings from a study of the AADE and ADA membership

Mayer, P.W., 1982:
How diagnostic ultrasound was introduced in Egypt--with the help of US physicians

Geddes, L.A.; Geddes, L.E.; Ohm, G.S.; Oersted, H.C., 1998:
How did Georg Simon Ohm do it?

Folkman, L.J., 1996:
How did I ever survive without automation?

Kearsey, I., 2001:
How did I get here from there?

Asano, M., 1986:
How did Japanese herbalists think about "Canton ginseng"?] (Jpn)

Okada, Y., 1996:
How did Japanese psychiatrists receive conceptions of dementia praecox and schizophrenia?

Nabriski, D.; Ellis, M.; Asa, 2000:
How did King Asa die

Komro, K.A.; Perry, C.L.; Williams, C.L.; Stigler, M.H.; Farbakhsh, K.; Veblen-Mortenson, S., 2001:
How did Project Northland reduce alcohol use among young adolescents? Analysis of mediating variables

Bowers, W.J.; Givelber, D.J.; Blitch, C.L., 1986:
How did Tarasoff affect clinical practice?

Haas, A.M.; Paracelsus, 1994:
How did Theophrast von Hohenheim become a theologian? His Salzburg sojourn 1524/25

Savitt, T.L., 1997:
How did a regional medical school building qualify as a National Historic Landmark?

Koch, A.L., 1999:
How did bacteria come to be?

Zündorf, I., 2001:
How did it all begin? Discovery and origin of HIV

Kimber, L., 1999:
How did it feel? An informal survey of massage techniques in labour

Barzilai, G.; Braverman, I.; Karmeli, R.; Greenberg, E., 2001:
How did it get there? A coiled metal foreign body in an unusual cervical position

Tan, L.B., 2000:
How did life start on earth?

Zuckerman, S.; Bazzoli, G.; Davidoff, A.; LoSasso, A., 2001:
How did safety-net hospitals cope in the 1990s?

Stahl, H., 1996:
How did the AIDS virus develop? Scientific knowledge and philosophical suppositions

Boswell, S., 1997:
How did the Reader's Digest article affect patient's trust?

Galeazzi, J., 1996:
How did the clowns get into the hospital?

Francke, O.C., 1986:
How did the dentists become dentists?

Scott, J.W., 1993:
How did the male become the normative standard for clinical drug trials?

Hacke, W.; Ringleb, P.; Stingele, R., 1999:
How did the results of ECASS II influence clinical practice of treatment of acute stroke

Gray, C., 2002:
How did the situation at the Queensway-Carleton get so nasty?

Curtin, L.L., 1996:
How did they do that?

Bluhm, H.O.; Bluhm, H.O., 1999:
How did they survive? Mechanisms of defense in Nazi concentration camps. 1948

Stein, W.E., 2001:
How did we ever get here?

Service, F.John., 2002:
How did we get here?

Wallace, M., 2002:
How did we let it happen?

Lesky, L.; Davis, A.; Cooke, M., 2001:
How did we make the Interdisciplinary Generalist Curriculum Project work? National efforts to facilitate success

Matson, C.; Davis, A.; Steinkohl, D.C.; Blavo, C., 2001:
How did we make the Interdisciplinary Generalist Curriculum Project work? School-level efforts to facilitate success

Parsons, J.T., 2002:
How did we survive before NSMAs?

Moculski, M.; Pfister, B.; Shaw, R., 2000:
How did you get that ambulance in here?

Anonymous, 1996:
How did you prepare your staff for the accreditation survey?

Gavrilov, V.M., 2000:
How differences in basal metabolism affect energy expenditure on self-maintenance and energy efficiency in passeriformes and non-passeriformes

Binder, M.D.; Heckman, C.J.; Powers, R.K., 1993:
How different afferent inputs control motoneuron discharge and the output of the motoneuron pool

Blais, R.; Maïga, A.; Aboubacar, A., 1997:
How different are users and non-users of alternative medicine?

Kontush, A.; Hübner, C.; Finckh, B.; Kohlschütter, A.; Beisiegel, U., 1996:
How different constituents of low density lipoprotein determine its oxidizability by copper: a correlational approach

Kildal, K.K.; Ruyter, I.E., 1997:
How different curing methods affect mechanical properties of composites for inlays when tested in dry and wet conditions

Shimoda, C., 1996:
How different is the meiotic cell cycle control from the mitotic one?

Miccinesi, G.; Tamburini, M., 2001:
How difficult it is to measure the quality of life

Fronte, M., 2001:
How difficult it is to prevent mad cow disease

Fenchel, T., 2002:
How dinoflagellates swim

Mulroy, T.R., 1980:
How directors can meet their responsibility of patient care quality

Elders, P.F., 1985:
How directors of home health can prepare for future challenges

Baker, B.A., 1986:
How directors of nursing can minimize the risk of lawsuits

Hiller, W.; Rief, W.; Fichter, M.M., 1998:
How disabled are patients with somatoform disorders?

Anonymous, 1999:
How disabling is depression? Evidence from a primary care sample. The Counselling Versus Antidepressants In Primary Care Study Group

Hall, M.A.; Dugan, E.; Balkrishnan, R.; Bradley, D., 2002:
How disclosing HMO physician incentives affects trust

Konje, J.C.; Abrams, K.R.; Taylor, D.J., 2003:
How discriminatory is the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) in the assessment of clinical competence of medical students?

Ekunwe, E.O.; Taylor, P.; Macauley, R.; Ayodele, O., 1994:
How disease prevention fails without good communication

Otte, A.; Otte, K., 2002:
How diseases become sicker

Asakawa; Huang; Wang, 1995:
How disoriented chiral condensates form: Quenching versus annealing

Parker, G.; Roussos, J.; Eyers, K.; Wilhelm, K.; Mitchell, P.; Hadzi-Pavlovic, D., 1997:
How distinct is 'distinct quality' of mood?

Li, S.Fai.; Greenwald, P.Wagoner., 2003:
How distracting is distracting pain?

MacIntyre, L., 1998:
How district nurses' notes can improve care

Hehrlein, C., 1995:
How do AV fistulae lose function? The roles of haemodynamics, vascular remodelling, and intimal hyperplasia

Weil, T.P., 1995:
How do Canadian hospitals do it? A comparison of utilization and costs in the United States and Canada

McConachie, H.R.; Salt, A.; Chadury, Y.; McLachlan, A.; Logan, S., 1999:
How do Child Development Teams work? Findings from a UK national survey

Schouten, B.C., 2001:
How do Dutch dentists deal with patients' rights in practice?

Malmberg, L.E., 1996:
How do Finnish students prepare for their future in three school types? The relation between content of plans, information gathering and self-evaluations

de Asit, N.; Le Loët, X.; Czernichow, P.; Bertho, J.M.; Delcambre, B.; Tonnel, F.; Loyau, G.; Dapogny, C.; Trèves, R.; Valat, J.P.; Tauveron, P.; Sebert, J.L.; Boumier, P., 1996:
How do French rheumatologists treat early rheumatoid arthritis?

Milligan, G.; Grassie, M.A., 1997:
How do G-proteins stay at the plasma membrane?

Everitt, H.; Little, P., 2002:
How do GPs diagnose and manage acute infective conjunctivitis? A GP survey

Carmichael, J.H., 2000:
How do GPs respond to reports of abnormal chest X-rays?

Skånér, Y.; Strender, L.E.; Bring, J., 1998:
How do GPs use clinical information in their judgements of heart failure? A clinical judgement analysis study

Quinn, R.; Joyce, K., 2001:
How do General Practitioners learn of their patient's deaths?

Weil, T.P., 1993:
How do Germany and Canada provide more care for less money? The answer lies in compromises

Bennett, M.J., 2001:
How do HIV infected women manage the stigma of HIV infection?

Flood, A.B.; Fremont, A.M.; Jin, K.; Bott, D.M.; Ding, J.; Parker, R.C., 1998:
How do HMOs achieve savings? The effectiveness of one organization's strategies

Magyar, A.; Papp, János., 2002:
How do Hungarian family physicians think about Helicobacter pylori? Results of national survey

Scholz, J.A., 1996:
How do I address practice concerns within my workplace?

Allen, M., 2002:
How do I become a school nurse?

Mills, S., 1996:
How do I cope with redesigning or downsizing?

Velianoff, G.D., 1996:
How do I design a meaningful model?

Rood, D., 2002:
How do I determine the carrier gas flow rate since it cannot be directly measured with a flow meter?

Miaoulis, G.; O'Brien, V., 1983:
How do I develop a new logo and slogan for my hospital?

Raatikainen, M.J.Pekka.; Yli-Mäyry, S.; Huikuri, H.V., 2002:
How do I diagnose and treat ventricular extrasystoles?

Miller, M., 1998:
How do I diagnose and treat wound infection?

Ismail, A.I.; Bader, J.D., 2000:
How do I document all the benefits of dental care?

Kuric, J., 2000:
How do I find what I want on the Internet?

Rosen, G., 2000:
How do I fire thee? Let me count the ways...

Wagner, K., 1997:
How do I get hold of the literature? I

Hayward, M.; Neal, K.; Andrews, A., 2002:
How do I handle claims of cruelty?

Cunningham, E.; Marcason, W., 2001:
How do I help patients with pica?

van den Bos, K.; Lind, E.A.; Vermunt, R.; Wilke, H.A., 1997:
How do I judge my outcome when I do not know the outcome of others? The psychology of the fair process effect

Ashley, R.C., 2002:
How do I know if I have been sued as a nurse and what do I do?

Urowitz, M.B., 2001:
How do I know thee...? Let me count the ways. The varieties of medical evidence

Martins, J.B., 2001:
How do I prolong QT? Let me count the ways

Brenner, 1996:
How do I rate?

Masling, J., 2003:
How do I score thee? Let me count the ways. Or some different methods of categorizing Rorschach responses

Alarcón Morales, S.; Cuesta Toro, J.M.; Blas Fernández, E.; Mesa Santamaría, F.; Lavado Pérez, C., 2002:
How do I see myself, how do they see me? Experience with improving communication in a nursing team

Knape, J., 2002:
How do I speak up about bad practice?

Laccourreye, H., 1993:
How do I study laryngeal mobility?

Bajoub, A.; Medina-Rodríguez, S.; Ajal, E.Amine.; Cuadros-Rodríguez, L.; Monasterio, R.Paula.; Vercammen, J.; Fernández-Gutiérrez, A.; Carrasco-Pancorbo, Aía., 2018:
A metabolic fingerprinting approach based on selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) and chemometrics: A reliable tool for Mediterranean origin-labeled olive oils authentication

Hanauer, S.B., 1998:
How do I treat erythema nodosum, aphthous ulcerations, and pyoderma gangrenosum?

Anonymous, 1993:
How do I.U.C.D.'s prevent pregnancies? [Answer to question

Kouamé, A.; Amouzou, J.; Pimbo, P.P., 2002:
How do Ivorien rural populations perceive family planning?

Hertzberg, J., 2002:
How do MCOs use data? It depends on who you ask

Miller, M.E.; Zuckerman, S.; Gates, M., 1994:
How do Medicare physician fees compare with private payers?

Burman, M.E.; Stepans, M.Beth.; Jansa, N.; Steiner, S., 2002:
How do NPs make clinical decisions?

Wallace, J.L., 2000:
How do NSAIDs cause ulcer disease?

Farquhar, C.M.; Kimble, R.M., 1996:
How do New Zealand gynaecologists treat menorrhagia?

Walter, E.B.; Lampe, M.A.; Livingston, E.; Royce, R.A., 1998:
How do North Carolina prenatal care providers counsel and test pregnant women for HIV? Survey measures knowledge of HIV testing benefits

Gjersvik, P.J.; Nylenna, M.; Aasland, O.G., 2002:
How do Norwegian dermatologists keep themselves professionally updated?

Taylor, F.; Preswich, B.; Paladine, H.; Strohm, M.; Merzenich, A.; Lai, Y., 2000:
How do OB delivery volume and training adequacy correlate?

Rutledge, D.N., 2002:
How do ONS chapters maintain and enhance their vitality?

Fenn, D.S.; Ganzini, L., 1999:
How do Oregon psychologists view their role in physician-assisted suicide?

Khedun, S.M.; Moodley, J.; Naicker, T.; Maharaj, B., 2000:
How do South African obstetricians manage hypertensive disorders of pregnancy--a survey

Phankingthongkum, S.; Daengsuwan, T.; Visitsunthorn, N.; Thamlikitkul, V.; Udompunthuruk, S.; Vichyanond, P., 2002:
How do Thai children and adolescents describe asthma symptoms?

Bao, Y.; Sturm, R., 2002:
How do Trends for Behavioral Health Inpatient Care Differ from Medical Inpatient Care in U.S. Community Hospitals?

Yoshida, T.; Milgrom, P.; Coldwell, S., 2002:
How do U.S. and Canadian dental schools teach interpersonal communication skills?

Banyard, R., 1988:
How do UGMs perform?

Edmunds-Ogbuokiri, J., 2002:
How do abacavir and efavirenz differ in pharmacokinetics and toxicity?

Oinonen, M.J.; Crowley, W.F.; Moskowitz, J.; Vlasses, P.H., 2001:
How do academic health centers value and encourage clinical research?

Ullrich, G.; Mattussek, S.; Dressler, F.; Thon, A., 2002:
How do adolescents with juvenile chronic arthritis consider their disease related knowledge, their unmet service needs, and the attractiveness of various services?

Lawrence, S.V., 1977:
How do advanced cancer patients fare at home?

Suserud, B.O., 2002:
How do ambulance personnel experience work at a disaster site?

Peregrin, J., 1993:
How do animals see?

Bandorowicz-Pikuła, J.; Pikuła, S., 1999:
How do annexins, soluble calcium-binding proteins, form membrane ion channels?

Harrison, D.E.; Cailliet, Ré.; Harrison, D.D.; Janik, T.J., 2002:
How do anterior/posterior translations of the thoracic cage affect the sagittal lumbar spine, pelvic tilt, and thoracic kyphosis?

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How do child accidents happen?

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How do children climb out of cribs?

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How do clever students become clever physicians?

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How do colleges approach AIDS/HIV?

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How do communities achieve reductions in alcohol- and drug-related harm?

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How do consumers select physicians?

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How do courts determine prudent action?

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How do cultured CD8(+) murine T cell clones survive repeated ligation of the TCR?

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A Metabolism-Based Synergy for Total Coumarin Extract of Radix Angelicae Dahuricae and Ligustrazine on Migraine Treatment in Rats

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How do diagnosis related groups affect materiel managers?

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How do directors of public health perceive leadership?

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How do disease resistance genes function?

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How do doctors behave when some (but not all) of their patients are in managed care?

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How do early parenting centres support women with an infant who has a sleep problem?

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How do emergency departments cope with admitted patients who cannot go to the floor?

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How do emergency providers measure up?

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How do endogenous proteins become peptides and reach the endoplasmic reticulum

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How do energy, utilities affect health costs?

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How do enzymes work? Effect of electron circuits on transition state acid dissociation constants

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How do epithelial cells respond to stress?

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How do expert witnesses get away with lying?

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How do fathers feel after accompanying their partners in labour and delivery?

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How do food purveyors analyze you?

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