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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46279

Chapter 46279 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

da Silva, E.Z.; da Silva, A.J.; Fazzio, A., 2001:
How do gold nanowires break?

McQueen, R.J., 1976:
How do health administrators spend their time?

Glazer, H.R.; Stein, D.S.; Schafer, D.S., 1992:
How do health care education and training professionals learn about the environment?

Kindig, D.A., 1994:
How do health care managers use new information to increase organizational performance?

Van der Walt, H.; Mathews, C., 1995:
How do health service managers respond to qualitative research?

Dubnicki, C.; Limburg, W.J., 1991:
How do healthcare teams measure up?

Zierler-Brown, S.; Walker, J.B., 2002:
How do herbal resources measure up?

Gerlach, H., 2002:
How do homosexual men experience nursing care?

Millenson, L.J.; Slizewski, E., 1985:
How do hospital executives spell technology assessment? "P-l-a-n-n-i-n-g."

Geehr, E., 1998:
How do hospitalists fit with integrated healthcare?

Anonymous, 2002:
How do immune cells react to pathogen invasion?

Brendl, C.M.; Markman, A.B.; Messner, C., 2001:
How do indirect measures of evaluation work? Evaluating the inference of prejudice in the Implicit Association Test

Vorauer, J.D.; Main, K.J.; O'Connell, G.B., 1998:
How do individuals expect to be viewed by members of lower status groups? Content and implications of meta-stereotypes

Buehler, R.; Ross, M., 1993:
How do individuals remember their past statements?

Naspitz, C.K., 1997:
How do infants and children get sensitized to environmental aeroallergens

Smith, E.C.; Kendrick, A.H., 1993:
How do inhaled bronchodilators work?

Pollack, L.E., 1993:
How do inpatients with bipolar disorder evaluate diagnostically homogeneous groups?

Collett, M.; Collett, T.S., 2000:
How do insects use path integration for their navigation?

Edqvist, L., 1995:
How do insurance companies handle medical certificates? Four physicians report their experience

Shanahan, F.; O'Sullivan, G.C., 2000:
How do intestinal T cells sense the dietary and microbial environment?

Cuervo, A.M.; Dice, J.F., 2000:
How do intracellular proteolytic systems change with age?

Gamal, E.M.; Metzger, P.; Szabó, G.; Bráth, E.; Seli, A.; Ender, F.; Polányi, C.; Furka, I.; Mikó, I., 2001:
How do intraoperative complications effect adhesion formation after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a comparative animal study

Anonymous, 1995:
How do kids fit into managed care?

Harty-Golder, B., 2002:
How do labs report bioterrorism agents?

De Cremer, D.; van Knippenberg, D., 2002:
How do leaders promote cooperation? The effects of charisma and procedural fairness

Anonymous, 1999:
How do levels of (endogenous) glucocorticoids, interleukin-10 and interleukin-12 relate to multiple sclerosis relapse before, during and after pregnancy?

Silvers, J.B., 1975:
How do limits to debt financing affect your hospital's financial status?

Graubert, T.A.; Ley, T.J., 1996:
How do lymphocytes kill tumor cells?

Anonymous, 1994:
How do managed care ties affect a doctor's decision to advertise?

Mallon, W.T.; Jones, R.F., 2002:
How do medical schools use measurement systems to track faculty activity and productivity in teaching?

Fisher, M., 1996:
How do members of an interprofessional clinical team adjust to hospice care?

Glenister, H., 1998:
How do mobile phones affect electromedical devices?

Gerwert, U.; Thurn, C.; Fegert, J., 1993:
How do mothers experience and cope with sexual abuse of their daughters?

Bauer, K.; Uhrig, C.; Versmold, H., 1999:
How do mothers experience skin contact with their very immature (gestational age 27-30 weeks), only days old premature infants?

Jonsson, C.O.; Clinton, D.N.; Fahrman, M.; Mazzaglia, G.; Novak, S.; Sörhus, K., 2001:
How do mothers signal shared feeling-states to their infants? An investigation of affect attunement and imitation during the first year of life

Assel, M.A.; Landry, S.H.; Swank, P.R.; Steelman, L.; Miller-Loncar, C.; Smith, K.E., 2002:
How do mothers' childrearing histories, stress and parenting affect children's behavioural outcomes?

Anonymous, 2002:
How do multiple pregnancies reduce spontaneous in vivo?

Morris, C.E.; Lesiuk, H.; Mills, L.R., 1997:
How do neurons monitor their mechanical status?

Anonymous, 1994:
How do non-physician providers function in HMOs?

Kugler-Lambert, M.; David, J.; Préneron, C.; Orvig, A.S., 1993:
How do non-reading children speak?

Lemmel, G., 1993:
How do non-reading children think?

Harri, M., 1997:
How do nurse educators respond to the challenges and changes in their working life in Finland?

Suominen, T., 1993:
How do nurses assess the information received by breast cancer patients?

Kloster, T., 1997:
How do nurses attend to their educational function and how do patients experience this? A field study in an orthopedic department

Cronin, C., 2002:
How do nurses deal with their emotions on a burn unit? A hermeneutic inquiry

Cronin, C., 2002:
How do nurses deal with their emotions on a burn unit? Hermeneutic inquiry

Spencer, L., 1994:
How do nurses deal with their own grief when a patient dies on an intensive care unit, and what help can be given to enable them to overcome their grief effectively?

Cutcliffe, J.R., 1995:
How do nurses inspire and instil hope in terminally ill HIV patients?

Bridgeman, J., 1999:
How do nurses learn about family-centred care?

Radford, M.J.; Foody, J.M., 2001:
How do observational studies expand the evidence base for therapy?

Niinimäki, J.; Jalovaara, P.; Niinimäki, T., 1996:
How do orthopedic surgeons learn?

Eklund, J., 1994:
How do our hospitals function?

Amin, Z., 2000:
How do our new graduates prefer to learn?

Edwards, L., 1993:
How do pain beliefs affect experience?

Johnson, M.J.; Sherry, K., 1998:
How do palliative physicians manage venous thromboembolism?

Scott, L.; Sumner, J., 1993:
How do parish nurses help people? A research perspective

Peräkylä, A.; Sorjonen, M.L., 1997:
How do patient and general practioner discuss alcohol?

Rafferty, C.; Markel, F.; Macmillan, I.; Rodgers, J., 2002:
How do patients and physicians rate urgency of care? A comparison of urgency ratings for general surgery

Büchi, S.S., 2002:
How do patients assess caring they have experienced from nurses. Patients evaluate caring

Wearne, S.M., 1998:
How do patients choose a GP and do patients use directories to inform their decision?

Dean-Baar, S., 2002:
How do patients describe rehabilitation nurses?

Klingenberg, A.; Bahrs, O.; Szecsenyi, J., 1999:
How do patients evaluate general practice? German results from the European Project on Patient Evaluation of General Practice Care (EUROPEP)

Andersen, M.L.; Laursen, K.; Schaumann, M.; Rubak, S.L.; Olesgaard, P.; Mainz, J.; Lauritzen, T., 2000:
How do patients evaluate the newly introduced system of substituting prescriptions?

Mainz, J.; Vedsted, P.; Olesen, F., 2000:
How do patients evaluate their general practitioners? Danish results from a European study

Fesenfeld, A.; Kerksiek, K.; Wolf, J., 2000:
How do patients experience the behavior of the nursing personnel after disclosure of the diagnosis of a chronic life threatening disease?

Bachmann-Mettler, I., 1996:
How do patients feel about care by experienced nurses? Turn yourself into an experienced nurse!

Woods, W., 2002:
How do patients judge a good dentist?

Stewart-Wynne, E.G.; Tey, L.Y.; Marshall, J.A.; De Jesus, G., 1997:
How do patients like to be addressed by hospital staff?

Walker, A.; Wilkes, L.; White, K., 2002:
How do patients perceive support from nurses?

Nordstrom, R.D.; Steinke, E., 1988 :
How do patients select a doctor?

Bierema, L.L.; Ebell, M.H., 1998:
How do patients think about diabetes?

Hruby, M.; Pantilat, S.Z.; Lo, B., 2002:
How do patients view the role of the primary care physician in inpatient care?

Rees, W.D., 1999:
How do patients who die at home differ from those who die elsewhere?

Zinzani, P.L.; Martelli, M.; Magagnoli, M.; Zaja, F.; Storti, S.; Pavone, E.; Lauta, V.M.; De Renzo, A.; Gobbi, M.; Bocchia, M.; Ronconi, F.; Scaramucci, L.; Gherlinzoni, F.; Palombi, F.; Bendandi, M.; Stefoni, V.; Anticoli Borza, P.; Cellini, C.; Mandelli, F.; Tura, S., 1999:
How do patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treated with third-generation regimens (MACOP-B and F-MACHOP) fare in the long-term?

Montgomery, A.A.; Fahey, T., 2001:
How do patients' treatment preferences compare with those of clinicians?

Osman, L.M., 1998:
How do patients' views about medication affect their self-management in asthma?

Schupfner, R.; Reimer, B.; Markuzzi, A.; von Sonnenburg, F., 2002:
How do pediatricians vaccinate in Munich? A health care epidemiological study

Kumar, P.D., 2000:
How do peer reviewers of journal articles perform? Evaluating the reviewers with a sham paper

Waterman, A., 1980:
How do people come to be doing the jobs they do?

Wiener, R.L.; Hurt, L.E., 2000:
How do people evaluate social sexual conduct at work? A psycholegal model

Kuhn, D., 2001:
How do people know?

Sumer, H.C.; Knight, P.A., 2001:
How do people with different attachment styles balance work and family? A personality perspective on work-family linkage

Sarfati, Y.; Hardy-Baylé, M.C., 1999:
How do people with schizophrenia explain the behaviour of others? A study of theory of mind and its relationship to thought and speech disorganization in schizophrenia

Kline, N.E., 2002:
How do personal values influence health care?

Rubak, S.L.; Andersen, M.L.; Mainz, J.; Olesgaard, P.; Laursen, K.; Schaumann, M.; Lauritzen, T., 2000:
How do pharmacists evaluate the newly introduced system of substituting prescriptions?

Richardson, K.M., 1990:
How do physician assistants practice in your HMO?

Heinik, J.; Solomesh, A., 2001:
How do physicians actually write guardianship certificates for elderly patients?

Abel, E.L.; Kruger, M.L.; Friedl, J., 1998:
How do physicians define "light," "moderate," and "heavy" drinking?

Brun, D.; Hassid, S.; d'Ivernois, J.F., 1999:
How do physicians evaluate their medical school training. Retrospective survey of 4 groups of medical students 8-11 years after graduation

Cheema, A.K.; Mehta, K.Y.; Fatanmi, O.O.; Wise, S.Y.; Hinzman, C.P.; Wolff, J.; Singh, V.K., 2018:
A Metabolomic and Lipidomic Serum Signature from Nonhuman Primates Administered with a Promising Radiation Countermeasure, Gamma-Tocotrienol

Landers, S.H.; Sehgal, A.R., 2000:
How do physicians lobby their members of Congress?

Chassagne, Fçois.; Haddad, M.; Amiel, Aélien.; Phakeovilay, C.; Manithip, C.; Bourdy, Gève.; Deharo, E.; Marti, G., 2018:
A metabolomic approach to identify anti-hepatocarcinogenic compounds from plants used traditionally in the treatment of liver diseases

Gallagher, T.H.; Lo, B.; Chesney, M.; Christensen, K., 1997:
How do physicians respond to patient's requests for costly, unindicated services?

Kalet, A.; Roberts, J.C.; Fletcher, R., 1994:
How do physicians talk with their patients about risks?

Shapiro, J., 2002:
How do physicians teach empathy in the primary care setting?

Anonymous, 1995:
How do plans choose physicians?

Fukaki, H.; Fujisawa, H.; Tasaka, M., 1996:
How do plant shoots bend up? The initial step to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of shoot gravitropism using Arabidopsis thaliana

Morita, M.Terao.; Tasaka, M., 2002:
How do plants recognize gravity orientation?

Van Hoof, V.O.; Deng, J.T.; De Broe, M.E., 1998 :
How do plasma membranes reach the circulation?

Homan, B.A.; West, P.A., 1993:
How do potentially-toxic chemicals get into drinking water?

Kendrick, D.; Marsh, P.; Williams, E.I., 1995:
How do practice nurses see their role in childhood injury prevention?

Davis, K.K., 1986:
How do practice styles of women and men physicians differ?

Breuer, T.; Sudhop, T.; Goodman, K.J.; Graham, D.Y.; Malfertheiner, P., 1998:
How do practicing clinicians manage Helicobacter pylori-related gastrointestinal diseases in Germany? A survey of gastroenterologists and family practitioners

Rubak, S.L.; Andersen, M.L.; Mainz, J.; Olesgaard, P.; Lauritzen, T., 2000:
How do practitioners evaluate the newly introduced system of substituting prescriptions?

Mnyani, C.N.; Buchmann, E.J., 2003:
How do pregnant women expect to be addressed by doctors?

Marsh, H.W.; Ellis, L.A.; Craven, R.G., 2002:
How do preschool children feel about themselves? Unraveling measurement and multidimensional self-concept structure

Hurenkamp, G.J.B.; Grundmeyer, H.G.L.M.; Bindels, P.J.E.; Tytgat, G.N.J.; Van Der Hulst, R.W.M., 2002:
How do primary care physicians use long-term acid suppressant drugs? A population-based analysis of Dutch general practices

Jaenicke, R., 1996:
How do proteins acquire their three-dimensional structure and stability?

Smith, 2000:
How do proteins fold?

Derlet, R.W.; Ledesma, A., 1999:
How do prudent laypeople define an emergency medical condition?

Verhey, M.P., 1993:
How do psychiatric nurses learn?: Modes of learning and learning self-directedness

Huda, W.; Ravenel, J.G.; Scalzetti, E.M., 2003:
How do radiographic techniques affect image quality and patient doses in CT?

Heikkinen, K.; Kormano, M., 2002:
How do radiologists describe the computer tomography findings

Anonymous, 1996:
How do real-world subacute facilities compare to the HHS "ideal"?

Zulehner, C., 1996:
How do registered nurses deal with professional literature?

Graham, I., 1994:
How do registered nurses think and experience nursing. A phenomenological investigation

Haggar, B., 2000:
How do regulatory agencies ensure the release of a safe medical device?

Forsmo, S.; Schei, B.; Langhammer, A.; Forsén, L., 2001:
How do reproductive and lifestyle factors influence bone density in distal and ultradistal radius of early postmenopausal women? The Nord-Trøndelag Health Survey, Norway

Parker, G., 1995:
How do research psychiatrists rate? Views of neuroscientists

Trostle, J.; Bronfman, M.; Langer, A., 1999:
How do researchers influence decision-makers? Case studies of Mexican policies

Quinlan, W.C., 1996:
How do risk managers really learn about potential claims?

Abegg, C.; Croucher, R.; Marcenes, W.S.; Sheiham, A., 2000:
How do routines of daily activities and flexibility of daily activities affect tooth-cleaning behavior?

Onwujekwe, O.E.; Akpala, C.O.; Ghasi, S.; Shu, E.N.; Okonkwo, P.O., 2000:
How do rural households perceive and prioritise malaria and mosquito nets? A study in five communities of Nigeria

Cune, M.S.; Wouts, J.C., 2002:
How do screws work in oral implants (when they are detached)?

Gnoth, C.; Frank-Herrmann, P.; Bremme, M.; Freundl, G.; Godehardt, E., 1996:
How do self-observed cycle symptoms correlate with ovulation?

Harrison, F.G.; Kuhlemeier, K.A., 2001:
How do skilled nursing rehabilitation managers track efficiency and costs?

Jackson, S.E., 1998:
How do small single-domain proteins fold?

Servent, D.; Mourier, G.; Antil, S.; Ménez, A., 1999:
How do snake curaremimetic toxins discriminate between nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes

Maine, D., 2002:
How do socioeconomic factors affect disparities in maternal mortality?

Vermylen, J., 1999:
How do some haemophiliacs develop inhibitors?

Evangelisto, M., 1997:
How do some spell relief? S-u-r-g-e-r-y. Permanent relief for heartburn sufferers

Maciejewski, M.L.; Dowd, B.E.; Feldman, R., 1997:
How do states buy health insurance for their own employees?

Cross, M.A.; Heyworth, C.M.; Dexter, T.M., 1997:
How do stem cells decide what to do?

Ramirez, V.D., 1996:
How do steroids act?

Anonymous, 1997:
How do stroke units improve patient outcomes? A collaborative systematic review of the randomized trials. Stroke Unit Trialists Collaboration

Schildhaus, S., 2002:
How do substance "abuse" providers get information to improve treatment?

Limmroth, V., 2002:
How do sumatriptan and co. work? The action mechanisms of triptans

Timmermans, D.; Kievit, J.; van Bockel, H., 1996:
How do surgeons' probability estimates of operative mortality compare with a decision analytic model?

Brattebø, J.; Brattebø, G.; Wisborg, T.; Lønn, R.; Pillgram-Larsen, J.; Brønstad, A., 2001:
How do surgical teams train emergency surgical interventions?

Kovess, V.; Laflèche, M., 1988:
How do teams practise community psychiatry?

Jacobson, L.; Richardson, G.; Parry-Langdon, N.; Donovan, C., 2001:
How do teenagers and primary healthcare providers view each other? An overview of key themes

Tachakra, S.; Dutton, D.; Newson, R.; Hayes, J.; Sivakumar, A.; Jaye, P.; Bak, J., 2000:
How do teleconsultations for remote trauma management change over a period of time?

Zeppetella, G., 2000:
How do terminally ill patients at home take their medication?

Ryan, M.E.; Ashley, R.A., 1999:
How do tetracyclines work?

Anderson, J.A.; Hays, J., 2000:
How do the 20 top-rated U.S. Medical schools approach women's health?

Lösch, U., 1996:
How do the antibodies get into the chicken egg?

Ananth, J.; Burgoyne, K.S.; Gadasalli, R.; Aquino, S., 2002:
How do the atypical antipsychotics work?

Kierner, A.C.; Zelenka, I.; Burian, M., 2001:
How do the cervical plexus and the spinal accessory nerve contribute to the innervation of the trapezius muscle? As seen from within using Sihler's stain

Piper, H.F., 2000 :
How do the corresponding eyes avoid disturbing contour overlaps? Historical answers (1859 - 1981)

Williams, S.G., 1993:
How do the elderly and their families feel about research participation? Nurses conducting research among the elderly should know what concerns the patient and the family

Anonymous, 1998:
How do the generations rate their health care? Press, Gany Associates

Vidal Tort, J., 1994:
How do the influenza viruses travel?

Mitsumatsu, H.; Yokosawa, K., 2002:
How do the internal details of the object contribute to recognition?

Werth, J.L., 2003:
How do the mental health issues differ in the withholding/withdrawing of treatment versus assisted death?

Cohen, R.M.; Ramlo-Halsted, B.A., 2002:
How do the new insulin secretagogues compare?

Gleckman, R.; De La Rosa, G., 1998:
How do the newer oral antimicrobials stack up against traditional agents?

Higgins, D.B., 1978:
How do the recently enacted federal guidelines for health planning affect state and local health planning standards?

Fenton, C.L.; Clemons, P.M.; Francis, G.L., 1999:
How do the results of the diabetes control and complications trial relate to the practice of pediatrics: who should have intensive management?

Pévet, P.; Jacob, N.; Lakhdar-Ghazal, N.; Vuillez, P., 1998:
How do the suprachiasmatic nuclei of the hypothalamus integrate photoperiodic information?

Shechtman, O.; Taylor, C., 2002:
How do therapists administer the rapid exchange grip test? A survey

Kumar, S.; Nussinov, R., 2001:
How do thermophilic proteins deal with heat?

Brabin, L.; Ikimalo, J.; Dollimore, N.; Kemp, J.; Ikokwu-Wonodi, C.; Babatunde, S.; Obunge, O.; Briggs, N., 1997:
How do they grow? A study of south-eastern Nigerian adolescent girls

Albrecht, 2000:
How do they know? Influencing the relative stereochemistry of the complex units of dinuclear triple-stranded helicate-type complexes

O'Keeffe, J.; Long, S.K.; Liu, K.; Kerr, M., 2002:
How do they manage? Disabled elderly persons in the community who are not receiving Medicaid long-term care services

Barbosa, M.T., 2001:
How do to appraise falls in aged

de Figueiredo, L.F., 2001:
How do to recognize post traumatic abdominal compartment syndrome

Lindbaek, M.; Hjortdahl, P., 1999:
How do two meta-analyses of similar data reach opposite conclusions?

Voss, S.E.; Rosowski, J.J.; Merchant, S.N.; Peake, W.T., 2001:
How do tympanic-membrane perforations affect human middle-ear sound transmission?

Christianson, J.B.; Wellever, A.; Radcliff, T.; Knutson, D.J., 2000:
How do urban organized health care delivery systems link with rural providers?

Kalman, P.G.; Irvine, J.; Ritvo, P., 2000:
How do vascular surgeons perceive atherosclerotic risk factor management?

Salmi, A.A., 2002:
How do viruses avoid the host defense system?

Passingham, R.E.; Toni, I.; Schluter, N.; Rushworth, M.F., 1999:
How do visual instructions influence the motor system?

Wood, J.M., 2000:
How do visual status and age impact on driving performance as measured on a closed circuit driving track?

de Goede, M.; Spruijt, E.; Iedema, J.; Meeus, W., 1999:
How do vocational and relationship stressors and identity formation affect adolescent mental health?

Franklin, C.I.; Poulsen, M., 2000:
How do waiting times affect radiation dose fractionation schedules?

Earnhart, S.W., 2002:
How do we address MD distributions?

Hultborn, H.; Conway, B.A.; Gossard, J.P.; Brownstone, R.; Fedirchuk, B.; Schomburg, E.D.; Enríquez-Denton, M.; Perreault, M.C., 1999:
How do we approach the locomotor network in the mammalian spinal cord?

Bernstein, C.N., 1999:
How do we assess the value of surveillance techniques in ulcerative colitis?

Papps, E., 1994 :
How do we assess "good nursing care"?

Anonymous, 1999:
How do we assure and create employment in nursing?

Patkar, V.R., 2001:
How do we best foster a strong, global movement to change birth toward the midwifery model?

Pepine, C.J.; Deedwania, P.C., 1998:
How do we best treat patients with ischemic heart disease?

Fingeret, M., 1993:
How do we bring new technology into optometry?

Giesen, D., 1993:
How do we care for patients from other cultures?

Wigboldus, D.H.; Semin, G.R.; Spears, R., 2000:
How do we communicate stereotypes? Linguistic bases and inferential consequences

van Berkestijn, L.G.; Kastein, M.R.; Lodder, A.; de Melker, R.A.; Bartelink, M.L., 2000:
How do we compare with our colleagues? Quality of general practitioner performance in consultations for non-acute abdominal complaints

Dooren, L.J., 1993:
How do we continue?

Santolaya-Forgas, J., 2002:
How do we counsel patients carrying a fetus with pleural effusions?

Gojaseni, P., 1980:
How do we decide?

Guerreiro, T.Melina.; Gonçalves, R.Fernandes.; Melo, C.Fernando.O.Rodrigues.; de Oliveira, D.Noin.; Lima, E.de.Oliveira.; Visintin, J.Antônio.; de Achilles, M.Antônio.; Catharino, R.Ramos., 2018:
A Metabolomic Overview of Follicular Fluid in Cows

Maggio, J.J., 1999:
How do we define longevity?

Hansen, L.G., 1996:
How do we define the high-risk groups for development of allergic disease?

Anderson, R.H., 2001:
How do we determine atrial arrangement?

Ortolani, C.; Pastorello, E.A.; Scibilia, J., 1998:
How do we develop hypoallergenic foods, and is there a need for them?

Ripoll, M.A.; Alda, C.; Urraca, C., 1998:
How do we diagnose cervical cancer

Schriger, D.L., 2003:
How do we draw inference from "negative" studies?

Pedersen, R., 1994:
How do we establish patients' rights?

Howard, B.V., 1999:
How do we evaluate and utilize data on ethnic differences?

Walker, E.; Dewar, B.J., 2001:
How do we facilitate carers' involvement in decision making?

Huizinga, R., 1997 :
How do we find out...?

Flam, F., 1997:
How do we find the moles most at risk for persistent disease?

Ibsen, H., 2002:
How do we find the patients with renal artery stenosis and hypertension who benefit from percutaneous transluminal angioplasty?

Nielsen, K.T.; Lund, L.; Mommsen, S.; Olesen, S., 1995:
How do we follow patients with Ta grade 1-111 bladder tumors in Denmark?

Clark, L.R., 2001:
How do we get back our humanity?

Beresford, S.A., 1994:
How do we get enough folic acid to prevent some neural tube defects?

Dunitz-Scheer, M.; Wilken, M.; Walch, G.; Schein, A.; Scheer, P., 2001:
How do we get rid of the tube?

Infeld, D.L., 1993:
How do we get there from here?

Westerholm, B., 2001:
How do we help couples with hereditary diseases who want to start a family?

Philipp, R., 2001:
How do we help refugees?

Enos, G., 2002:
How do we help the helpers?

Miller, A.B., 1994:
How do we interpret the 'bad news' about cancer?

Das Gupta, P., 1998:
How do we interpret the recent dramatic increase in the time to earn a Ph.D.?

Margolese, R.G., 1998:
How do we interpret the results of the Breast Cancer Prevention trial?

Dobrée, L., 1993:
How do we keep in time? Understanding human circadian rhythms

O'Connor, G.T.; Eagle, K.A., 1998:
How do we know how well we are doing?

Koriat, A., 1993:
How do we know that we know? The accessibility model of the feeling of knowing

Anderson, R.M.; Robins, L.S., 1998:
How do we know? Reflections on qualitative research in diabetes

Clausi, A.S., 1995:
How do we maintain U.S. global food edge?

Crewe, M., 2002:
How do we make sense of President Mbeki?

Gray, D., 2002:
How do we make the NHS value our services?

Aberg, T., 2002:
How do we manage our economic assignments?

Aapro, M.S., 2002:
How do we manage patients with refractory or breakthrough emesis?

Sié, P., 1998:
How do we manage the hemorrhagic risk on hypovitaminosis K and treatments with antivitamin K

Chestnut, D.H., 2000:
How do we measure (the cost of) pain relief?

Jones, R.B.; Carnon, A.G.; Wylie, H.; Hedley, A.J., 1993:
How do we measure consumer opinions of outpatient clinics?

Lohr, K.N., 1997:
How do we measure quality?

Pollock, A.V., 1996:
How do we measure surgical competence?

Williams, D.I., 1995:
How do we monitor change?

Galmiche, J.P., 2000:
How do we offer clinical relief to patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease?

Niederman, M.S., 2002:
How do we optimize outcomes for patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia?

Laville, M.; Duru, G., 2002:
How do we optimize the management of chronic renal failure?

Pruitt, R.H.; Wetsel, M.Ann.; Smith, K.J.; Spitler, H., 2002:
How do we pass NP autonomy legislation?

Thelle, D.S., 1996:
How do we perceive the risk?

Grafström, M., 1996:
How do we prevent families from "closing the door" when caring for patients with Alzheimer's disease?

Kannus, P.; Parkkari, J.; Sievänen, H., 1994:
How do we prevent hip fractures?

Cooke, R., 2001:
How do we prioritize patients on the waiting list for coronary angiography?

Bachet, J.; Goudot, B.; Dreyfus, G.; al Ayle, N.; Aota, M.; Banfi, C.; Brodaty, D.; Delentdecker, P.; Dubois, C.; Guilmet, D., 1997:
How do we protect the brain? Antegrade selective cerebral perfusion with cold blood during aortic arch surgery

Jones, R.F., 2000:
How do we put our money where our mouth is?

Perrier, D.; Belin, C.; Roux, S.; Larmande, P., 1994:
How do we read? Study of eye movement in reading

Kaluzny, A.D., 1996:
How do we really know that we are improving quality?

Johnson, N., 1998:
How do we recognise and treat oral cancer and potentially malignant lesions?

De Lamberterie, G.; Maître, A.; Goux, S.; Brambilla, C.; Perdrix, A., 2002:
How do we reduce the under-reporting of occupational primary lung cancer

Clark, R.H., 1999:
How do we safely use inhaled nitric oxide?

Jeffcoat, M., 2002:
How do we see the future? Is it cast in stone, or can we shape it?

Lundell, L.; Hyltander, A., 1996:
How do we succeed in the fight against stomach cancer?

Finset, A., 2000:
How do we talk about smoking to smokers?

Belgrave, L.Liska.; Zablotsky, D.; Guadagno, M.Ann., 2002:
How do we talk to each other? Writing qualitative research for quantitative readers

Kluchová, D.; Rybárová, S.; Pomfy, M.; Koval, J., 1997:
How do we teach anatomy?

Fielding, J.E.; Marks, J.S.; Myers, B.W.; Nolan, P.A.; Rawson, R.D.; Toomey, K.E., 2003:
How do we translate science into public health policy and law?

Eriksson, E., 1999:
How do we treat first time traumatic shoulder dislocations in young athletes?

Colucci, G., 1999:
How do we treat refractory soft tissue sarcomas?

Kilander, L.; Boberg, M.; Lithell, H., 1998:
How do we treat, or not treat, high blood pressure in the oldest old? A practice study in Swedish geriatricians

Shah, P.M., 2001 :
How do we use quinolones? Indications from the viewpoint of clinical microbiology

Magnussen, F.; Robak, O.H.; Hartvig, P.; Steenfeldt-Foss, O., 1998:
How do we utilize our knowledge of psychiatry?

Patterson, C.H., 2002:
How do we verify employees' competence?

Rodriguez, E., 2001:
How do women cope with family violence? Moving ahead in our understanding of international issues

Reeve, J., 2001:
How do women develop fragile bones?

Nyman, K., 1993:
How do women react to wearing diapers? Silence aggravates problems

Guldvog, B., 1998:
How do working conditions of hospital personnel affect patients?

Burggraf, V.; Barry, R.J., 1996:
How do you address the spiritual identity of your patients when they have either verbalized or have physical manifestations of their faith in their possession?

Conforti, B.H., 1999:
How do you attempt to bring some normalization into your residents' lives (e.g., promotion of the familiar, allowing some control in decision-making)?

Anders, K.T., 2001:
How do you bait the hook? Creative strategies for employee retention

Wilson, C.K., 1994:
How do you best deliver bad news? Results of AANE's best practices networking survey!

Wang, Y-Kun.; Yang, X-Nan.; Liang, W-Qing.; Xiao, Y.; Zhao, Q.; Xiao, X-Rong.; Gonzalez, F.J.; Li, F., 2018:
A metabolomic perspective of pazopanib-induced acute hepatotoxicity in mice

Leibovici, L.; Shraga, I.; Andreassen, S., 1999:
How do you choose antibiotic treatment?

Shropshire, S., 2000:
How do you cite a Web site?

Furuya, N.B., 1994:
How do you clean teeth in your office?

Christensen, J., 1995:
How do you communicate with your staff?

Levick, D., 1996:
How do you communicate? Managing the change process

Anonymous, 1993:
How do you compare? Survey of facilities management in the NHS

Anonymous, 2001:
How do you cross an armadillo with a porcupine and other problems that arise from naming proteins. By Caveman

Anonymous, 1997:
How do you deal with an RN family member who attempts to manage the care of his or her relative?

Anonymous, 1995:
How do you deal with staffing night shifts?

Camp, J.H., 1981:
How do you decide what education programs to attend?

Burge, S.K., 1998:
How do you define abuse?

Kindig, D.A., 1997:
How do you define the health of populations?

Levin, R.P., 2001:
How do you define "quality of life"?

Cleverley, W.O., 1987:
How do you determine how much profit is enough for your hospital?

Schryver, D.L., 2001:
How do you develop a cost management system?

Apter, A.; Lushniak, B.; Warshaw, E.; Whitmore, S.E., 1999:
How do you diagnose latex allergy?

Anonymous, 1998:
How do you document competency?

Barnes-McDowell, B.M., 1998:
How do you ensure safe and effective care of pediatric patients in adult ICUs?

Jeffery, A.; Perkins, J., 2002:
How do you ensure that children stay with a longitudinal study?

Hochreiter, J., 1999:
How do you ensure your clients drink the amount of fluid calculated by the dietitian?

Fraley, K.A., 2002:
How do you evaluate that your patients have learned what you have taught them?

Tritten, J., 2002:
How do you feel about giving up your freedom?

Marx, B., 1999:
How do you feel about mistakes? Thoughts of a pediatric nurse on the topic of mistakes and learning

Brown, S.F., 2002:
How do you feel about nuclear power now?

Felty, K., 1983:
How do you find qualified personnel for your hospital?

O'Malley, J.E.; Sanders, J.R.; Saxton, N.L.; FLeming, G.A.; Ellis, R.S., 1996:
How do you get experience?. Interview by Barbara J. Linney

Cantarell, D.; Marta, G.; Michel, H., 1998:
How do you get hepatitis C?

Nutter, R.W., 1994:
How do you get them & keep them? Recruitment and retention of key hospital leadership

Nutter, R.W., 1993:
How do you get them & keep them? Recruitment and retention of key hospital leadership. Part II

Franson, T.R., 1997:
How do you get to regulatory/marketing balance?

Sellentin, J., 1978:
How do you go about determining employee morale?

Trunzo, T.E., 1984:
How do you handle an employee who steals?

Anonymous, 1980:
How do you handle patient billing disputes or patients questioning why your charges are so high?

Spross, J., 1999:
How do you handle patient requests regarding complementary therapies?

Ralph, R.A., 2001:
How do you handle special therapeutic requests?

Anonymous, 2001:
How do you handle those borderline cases?

Collier, K.; Orme, K.; Sellers, J.B., 1997:
How do you help family members of patients with cancer prepare for end-of-life care at home?

Ehren, L., 1999:
How do you help patients feel comfortable?

Kirkwood, K.; Peck, D., 1997:
How do you identify people with severe mental illness in rural communities?

Shutters, P., 1978:
How do you improve a good unit?

Blazys, D., 2001:
How do you isolate contagious patients in the emergency department?

Williams, M., 2002 :
How do you keep your patient safe? Biological issues that impact on procedures

Carey, R.G., 2002:
How do you know that your care is improving? Part II: Using control charts to learn from your data

Anonymous, 1998:
How do you know you have a competent staff?

Anonymous, 1998:
How do you know you're productive in PACU (postanesthesia care unit)?

Conn, H., 2001:
How do you like your quail prepared?

Anonymous, 2002:
How do you make a diagnosis and what is the treatment of deep eye infections?

Rycroft, R.J., 2000:
How do you manage dermatitis after exposure to the causative agent has ceased?

Anonymous, 1999:
How do you manufacture a good cushion or mattress designed to reduce the incidence of pressure sores?

Nelson, A.R., 1994:
How do you measure a good internist?

Bezek, L., 1996:
How do you measure a nurse?

Clark, A.L.; Cleland, J.G., 2001:
How do you measure exercise capacity in chronic heart failure?

Schneider, P., 1998:
How do you measure success? Healthcare looks to benchmarking to improve business processes

Nathwani, D., 2000:
How do you measure the impact of an antibiotic policy?

Boss, D.; Alexander, E., 1981:
How do you measure up? Dietitians vs. nurses

Gray, S.P., 1999:
How do you measure up? Start using benchmarking tactics as a yardstick for success

Anonymous, 1990:
How do you motivate staff members?

Kennedy, M.M., 2001:
How do you motivate your staff?

Bogart, K.G.; Crouch, M.A., 1994:
How do you prepare for a JCAHO site visit?

Salomon, M., 1998:
How do you price a used device?

Strauss, J.S., 1999:
How do you provide treatment if different people need different things at different times?

Burnard, P., 1993:
How do you put the client's needs first? Aspects of AIDS counselling in nursing

Groth, C.D., 1987:
How do you raise money for a new venture?

Peterson, K.E., 1987:
How do you rate in customer relations?

Walker, L.M., 1992:
How do you rate with your office manager?

Lund, A.E., 2002:
How do you rate your general health?

Spann, K., 2000:
How do you rate your team's teamwork?

Sandrick, K.M., 2000:
How do you rate? Credit analysts now look at the big picture--where boards are front and center

Anonymous, 1977:
How do you replace your staff? Management continuity through succession planning

Aderem, A.; Hume, D.A., 2001:
How do you see CG?

Roberts, K.; Porter, K., 2002:
How do you size a nasopharyngeal airway

Anonymous, 1997:
How do you sleep at night, Mr Broughton?

Proe, J.D.; Silber, M.B., 1980:
How do you solve problems?

Batey, R., 2002:
How do you spell 'dumbed down'?

Elami, A.; Caplan, L.; Rudis, E., 1999:
How do you spell 21 mm

Bagg, R.A., 1972:
How do you spell Pawloff?: a note

Gazmuri, R.J.; Ayoub, I., 1999:
How do you spell basic life support?

Wyatt, J.S., 2002:
How do you spell nursing? With a capital "C"!

Fennerty, M.B., 1996:
How do you spell relief in reflux esophagitis? PPI!

Stoneham, L., 1998:
How do you stack up?

Attal, G., 1997:
How do you staff this new animal?

Cramer, C., 1997:
How do you stand it?

Anonymous, 2002:
How do you structure the day for individuals with dementia?

Huddleston, C.B., 2002:
How do you study blue?

Anonymous, 1978:
How do you talk to a dying child?

Thompson, K.; Jordan, J.; Jackson, P.; Steele Boyd, C., 1999:
How do you teach baby boomers philanthropy?

Huss, J.; Sanoshy, J., 1998:
How do you think case management has benefited patients?

Kistner, W.G., 1985:
How do you treat lump-sum distributions?

Sachar, D.B., 1998:
How do you treat refractory pouchitis and when do you decide to remove the pouch?

Goodley, D.; Rapley, M., 2001:
How do you understand "learning difficulties"? Towards a social theory of impairment

Lowes, R., 2000:
How do you unload an obsolete computer?

Barlow, J.F., 1994:
How do you want to spend your money?

Mitchell, W.; Thompson, R., 1980:
How do you work with doctors and get doctors to work with you? Part II

Thompson, R.E., 1980:
How do you work with doctors, and get doctors to work with you? (Part 1)

Anonymous, 1980:
How do you "assure" quality without promising the impossible?

Dobkin, J., 1978:
How do young doctors feel about salaries?

Grime, J.C.; Pollock, K., 2002:
How do younger patients view long-term treatment with proton pump inhibitors?

Anderson-Miles, E., 1996:
How do your laundry and linen operations stack up, then and now?

Anonymous, 1993:
How do your laundry and linen operations stack up?

Anonymous, 1999:
How do your organization's IT capabilities, goals compare to health industry trends?

Jacks, G.B., 1990:
How do your physician's earnings compare to MGMA survey results?

Anonymous, 2001:
How do your salary and benefits stack up against others'?

Anonymous, 2001:
How do your salary, benefits stack up against your peers'?

Anonymous, 1994:
How do your staff salaries compare to these averages?

Vashee, S.; Xu, H.; Johnston, S.A.; Kodadek, T., 1993:
How do "Zn2 cys6" proteins distinguish between similar upstream activation sites? Comparison of the DNA-binding specificity of the GAL4 protein in vitro and in vivo

Mangan, D., 1993:
How doctors are bailing out of self-referral facilities

Farber, L., 1987 :
How doctors are building and protecting their net worth

Anonymous, 1978:
How doctors are managing their kidney failure patients

Cejka, S., 1998:
How doctors botch their employment interviews

Wesbury, S.A., 1983:
How doctors can help hospitals adjust to the technology pullback

Ellwood, P.M., 1996:
How doctors can regain control of health care. Interview by Stephen Murata

Slomski, A.J., 1995:
How doctors cope in the land of 10,000 mergers

Buckley, J., 1989:
How doctors decide who shall live, who shall die

Clark, L., 1992:
How doctors fare in the most populous states

Kaufman, R.A., 1978:
How doctors fought closure

Holoweiko, M., 1983:
How doctors kicked out a hospital board

Slotnick, H.B., 2001:
How doctors learn: education and learning across the medical-school-to-practice trajectory

Slotnick, H.B., 1999 :
How doctors learn: physicians' self-directed learning episodes

Slotnick, H.B., 1996:
How doctors learn: the role of clinical problems across the medical school-to-practice continuum

Donovan, J., 1979:
How doctors live with the spectre of ghost patients

Crane, M., 1984:
How doctors outmaneuvered a nurses' strike

Crane, M., 1991:
How doctors really feel about AIDS testing

Crame, M., 1993:
How doctors really feel about the Clinton health plan

Rice, B., 2002:
How doctors sabotage their own defense

Chesanow, N., 1997:
How doctors spend their working hours

Dimopoulos, G.; Müller, H.M.; Kafatos, F.C., 2000:
How does Anopheles gambiae kill malaria parasites?

Meder, B.; Möller, P., 1997:
How does Bosse Ringholm calculate? The county council saves billions with the new tariffs

Post, S., 1998:
How does Bülau drainage work?

White, K.R.; Begun, J.W. , 1999:
How does Catholic hospital sponsorship affect services provided?

Kass, S.U.; Pruss, D.; Wolffe, A.P., 1998:
How does DNA methylation repress transcription?

Nishinaka, T.; Shibata, T., 1999:
How does DNA recognize homologous sites and exchange strands? Molecular structure of DNA in homology search and strand exchange

Maly, Z.; van Trotsenburg, M.; Kafka, M.; Riss, P., 1993:
How does Doppler sonography influence the decision for pregnancy termination in fetal hypotrophy?

Brick, P., 2002:
How does Europe do it?

Ladner-Merz, S., 1996:
How does Franziska Stengel's memory training work?

McColl, K.E.L.; El-Omar, E., 2003:
How does H. pylori infection cause gastric cancer?

Hill, J.W.; Spoeri, R.K., 1997:
How does HEDIS affect quality improvement strategies in an HMO?

Cloyd, M.W.; Chen, J.J.; Adeqboyega, P.; Wang, L., 2002:
How does HIV cause depletion of CD4 lymphocytes? A mechanism involving virus signaling through its cellular receptors

Elovaara, I., 1995:
How does HIV-1 and other retroviruses affect the nervous system?

Anonymous, 2002:
How does HIV/AIDS affect African businesses?

Hongo, M., 1999:
How does Helicobacter pylori infection affect the pathophysiology of reflux esophagitis?

Chan, F.K.; Sung, J.J., 2000:
How does Helicobacter pylori infection interact with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs?

Nakazawa, T., 2001:
How does Helicobacter pylori live in the stomach?

Burns, T.R., 1995:
How does IHS relate administratively to the high alcoholism mortality rate?

Kohda, M., 1993:
How does Japan do it? Universal health insurance coverage in Japan

Girad, B., 1976:
How does Medicare calculate reimbursement to hospitals for "guarantee arrangements" with emergency room physicians?

Tessema, M.Z.; Koets, A.P.; Rutten, V.P.; Gruys, E., 2002:
How does Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis resist intracellular degradation?

Anonymous, 2000:
How does NLNAC handle schemes and scams and inaccurate information?

Anonymous, 1999:
How does NLNAC monitor the standards and criteria it uses?

Felton, G.; Abbe, S.; Gilbert, C.; Rush, M.M., 1999:
How does NLNAC respond to increasing reliance on part-time faculty?

Felton, G.; Abbe, S.; Gilbert, C.; Ingle, J.R., 2000:
How does NLNAC support the Pew Health Commission competencies?

Anonymous, 2000:
How does NLNAC support the concept of differentiated practice?

Anonymous, 1999:
How does NLNAC use the recently released criteria for evaluation of nurse practitioner programs?

Tsai, A., 1994:
How does NO activate hemeproteins?

Goldstein, A.O.; Sobel, R.A.; Martin, J.D.; Crocker, S.D.; Malek, S.H., 1998:
How does North Carolina law enforcement limit youth access to tobacco products? A study of officers' attitudes and behaviors

Seelig, A., 1998:
How does P-glycoprotein recognize its substrates?

Brown, L., 1985:
How does PE interface with quality assurance?

Casper, L.M.; Cohen, P.N., 2000:
How does POSSLQ measure up? Historical estimates of cohabitation

Schrag, A.; Jahanshahi, M.; Quinn, N., 2000:
How does Parkinson's disease affect quality of life? A comparison with quality of life in the general population

Castello, R., 1991:
How does QIP (quality improvement process) work with the JCAHO monitoring and evaluation process?

Gifford, D.R.; Maxim, R., 2000:
How does Rhode Island rank nationally on quality indicators?

Edgren, E., 1996:
How does a Swedish physician "survive" when working in the Middle East?

Guo, C.; Levine, H.; Kessler, D.A., 2000:
How does a beta -hairpin fold/unfold? competition between topology and heterogeneity in a solvable model

Wyller, T.B.; Kirkevold, M., 1999:
How does a cerebral stroke affect quality of life? Towards an adequate theoretical account

Lam, C.L.; Lauder, I.J.; Lam, D.T., 1999:
How does a change in the administration method affect the reliability of the COOP/WONCA Charts? World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians

South-Paul, J.E.; Grumbach, K., 2001:
How does a changing country change family practice?

Reynolds, T., 2000:
How does a drug get to phase III trials?

Cherundolo, M.A.; Bishop, W.; Moss, W.; Finison, L.J., 1993:
How does a facility benefit from a total quality management (TQM) program?

Schweid, P., 1980:
How does a laundry consultant view an institutional laundry?

Ulsenheimer, K., 2002:
How does a lawyer evaluate the introduction of a new treatment method (the so-called learning curve)

Anonymous, 1993:
How does a long-term care facility initiate an in-house abuse investigation?

Anonymous, 1994:
How does a nursing facility prepare to care for AIDS patients?

Sharts-Hopko, N.C., 2001:
How does a peer review scholarship?

Zhang, Y.; Hu, G.; Cerdeira, H.A., 2001:
How does a periodic rotating wave emerge from high-dimensional chaos in a ring of coupled chaotic oscillators?

Elbaum; Lipson, 1994:
How does a thin wetted film dry up?

Bascelli, L.M.; Losh, D.P., 2001:
How does a "wait and see" approach to prescribing antibiotics for acute otitis media (AOM) compare with immediate antibiotic treatment?

Aschoff, A.J.; Merkle, E.M.; Wong, V.; Zhang, Q.; Mendez, M.M.; Duerk, J.L.; Lewin, J.S., 2001:
How does alteration of hepatic blood flow affect liver perfusion and radiofrequency-induced thermal lesion size in rabbit liver?

Fischer, L.R.; Parker, M.; Polich, C.L.; Pastor, W.; Pitt, L., 1991:
How does an HMO decide whether to create its own home health care agency or contract out for services?

Eckert, M.; Jones, T., 2002:
How does an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) affect the lives of patients and their families?

McBride, J., 1988:
How does an open house benefit your organization?

Hopf, J-M.; Boelmans, K.; Schoenfeld, A.M.; Heinze, H-J.; Luck, S.J., 2002:
How does attention attenuate target-distractor interference in vision?. Evidence from magnetoencephalographic recordings

Müller, M.H., 1999:
How does aviation find the ideal pilot? Suitability testing: applicability to surgery? Methods for determining basic occupational suitability

Rawson, K.A.; Kintsch, W., 2002:
How does background information improve memory for text content?

Minvaleev, R.S.; Kuznetsov, A.A.; Nozdrachev, A.D., 1998:
How does body posture affect the blood flow in parenchymatous organs? I. The liver

Minvaleev, R.S.; Kuznetsov, A.A.; Nozdrachev, A.D., 1999:
How does body posture affect the blood flow in the parenchymatous organs? II. The kidneys

Filippi, M.; Sormani, M.P.; Rovaris, M.; Comi, G., 1998:
How does brain MRI lesion volume change on serial scans in patients with multiple sclerosis?

Wingo, P.A.; Calle, E.E.; McTiernan, A., 2000:
How does breast cancer mortality compare with that of other cancers and selected cardiovascular diseases at different ages in U.S. women?

Gutowski, P.; Falkowski, A.; Rać, M.; Kupicz, H., 1998:
How does carotid artery stenosis increase?

Taguchi, H., 2002:
How does chaperonin utilize ATP for its assisted protein folding?

Yeoh, K.G.; Ho, K.Y.; Guan, R.; Kang, J.Y., 1995:
How does chili cause upper gastrointestinal symptoms? A correlation study with esophageal mucosal sensitivity and esophageal motility

Teasdale, J.D.; Scott, J.; Moore, R.G.; Hayhurst, H.; Pope, M.; Paykel, E.S., 2001:
How does cognitive therapy prevent relapse in residual depression? Evidence from a controlled trial

Convey, P., 2002:
How does cold constrain life cycles of terrestrial plants and animals?

Bjørnstad, K.; Aakhus, S.; Torp, H.G., 1997:
How does computer-assisted digital wall motion analysis influence observer agreement and diagnostic accuracy during stress echocardiography?

Libet, B., 2000:
How does conscious experience arise? The neural time factor

Wang, R.; Wang, S., 2001:
How does consensus scoring work for virtual library screening? An idealized computer experiment

Dijkstra, M.; Vonk, R.J.; Kuipers, F., 1996:
How does copper get into bile? New insights into the mechanism(s) of hepatobiliary copper transport

Lindquist, M.; Pettersson, M.; Edwards, I.R.; Sanderson, J.H.; Taylor, N.F.; Fletcher, A.P.; Schou, J.S.; Savage, R., 1997:
How does cystitis affect a comparative risk profile of tiaprofenic acid with other non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs? An international study based on spontaneous reports and drug usage data. ADR Signals Analysis Project (ASAP) Team

Mealey, B.L., 2001:
How does diabetes alter treatment in the dental office?

Roberts, G.L.; Williams, G.M.; Lawrence, J.M.; Raphael, B., 1999:
How does domestic violence affect women's mental health?

Phillips, P.; Johnson, S., 2001:
How does drug and alcohol misuse develop among people with psychotic illness? A literature review

McArdle, A.; Edwards, R.H.; Jackson, M.J., 1995:
How does dystrophin deficiency lead to muscle degeneration?--evidence from the mdx mouse

Anonymous, 2000:
How does emphasis on core criteria make clear that different levels of nursing education lead to differences in practice, as opposed to homogenizing evaluation of programs?

Schousboe, L.P.; Ovesen, T.; Eckhardt, L.; Rasmussen, L.M.; Pedersen, C.B., 2001:
How does endotoxin trigger inflammation in otitis media with effusion?

Kravchenko, V.V.; Medvinskiĭ, A.B.; Deev, A.A.; Ivanitskiĭ, G.R., 2000:
How does environment modify the spatial structure of Dictyostelium discoideum population

Maher, J.J., 1998:
How does estrogen enhance endotoxin toxicity? Let me count the ways

Dunsmore, J.C.; Halberstadt, A.G., 1998:
How does family emotional expressiveness affect children's schemas?

Kaaja, R., 2002:
How does fetus cheat mother's T-cells?

Obrosova, I.G., 2002:
How does glucose generate oxidative stress in peripheral nerve?

Wiens, A., 2000:
How does grapefruit juice affect psychotropic medications?

Berger, A., 2000:
How does herd immunity work?

Dupaquier, J., 1981:
How does historical demography help us to understand the contemporary demographic situation?

Warman, K.L.; Silver, E.J.; McCourt, M.P.; Stein, R.E., 1999:
How does home management of asthma exacerbations by parents of inner-city children differ from NHLBI guideline recommendations? National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Frank, J.; Evans, M.F., 1997:
How does hormone replacement therapy affect the longevity of women with different risk profiles?

Gravenstein, J.S., 1999:
How does human error affect safety in anesthesia?

Urbanski, P.K., 1997:
How does hydration affect preterm labor?

Perrin-Resche, I.; Bizais, Y.; Buhe, T.; Fiche, M., 1993:
How does iliac crest bone marrow biopsy compare with imaging in the detection of bone metastases in small cell lung cancer?

Gold-Deutch, R.; Mashiach, R.; Boldur, I.; Ferszt, M.; Negri, M.; Halperin, Z.; Lin, G.; Sackier, J.; Halevy, A., 1996:
How does infected bile affect the postoperative course of patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

Anninos; Matzner; Rothman; Ryan, 1991:
How does inflation isotropize the Universe?

Maini, R.N.; Feldmann, M., 2002:
How does infliximab work in rheumatoid arthritis?

Grandér, D., 2001:
How does interferon-alpha exert its antitumour activity in multiple myeloma?

Moe, G.W.; Howard, R.J.; Grima, E.A.; Armstrong, P.W., 1995:
How does intermittent pacing modify the response to rapid ventricular pacing in experimental heart failure?

Köhrle, J.; Schmutzler, C., 1998:
How does iodine reach the thyroid gland? Recent studies of the sodium-iodide symporter

Arnell-Cullen, V., 2000:
How does it feel to be somebody's lifeline?

Marchant, S.; Alexander, J.; Garcia, J., 2002:
How does it feel to you? Uterine palpation and lochial loss as guides to postnatal 'recovery'. 2--The BLiPP study (blood loss in the postnatal period)

Marchant, S.; Alexander, J.; Garcia, J., 2001:
How does it feel to you? Uterine palpation and lochial loss as guides to postnatal 'recovery'. I--The background

Marchant, S.; Alexander, J.; Garcia, J., 2002:
How does it feel to you? Uterine palpation and lochial loss as guides to postnatal 'recovery'. III--Women's assessment of their own uterus

Oaksford, M., 2002:
How does it fit?

Lafayette, R.A., 2000:
How does knocking out angiotensin II activity reduce renal injury in mice?

Masterson, E.; Seaton, T.L., 2000:
How does liquid docusate sodium (Colace) compare with triethanolamine polypeptide as a ceruminolytic for acute earwax removal?

Cutler, D.M.; McClellan, M.; Newhouse, J.P., 2001:
How does managed care do it?

Brown, B.J., 2000:
How does management affect clinical outcomes of care?

Weissman, J.S.; Campbell, E.G.; Blumenthal, D., 2001:
How does market competition affect resident physicians' views toward managed care?

de la Vega, A.; Verdiales, M., 2002:
How does maternal age affect pregnancy planning in Puerto Rico?

Youngblut, J.M.; Ahn, S., 1997:
How does maternal employment affect preterm infants?

Onega, T., 2001:
How does menopause alter the primary care of women?

Molz, G., 2000:
How does model- and situation-specific lack of knowledge affect causal inferences?

Roizen, M.F., 1998:
How does mu-opioid receptor blockade work in addicted patients?

Senat, M.V.; Ancel, P.Y.; Bouvier-Colle, M.H.; Bréart, G., 1998:
How does multiple pregnancy affect maternal mortality and morbidity?

Myskja, A.; Lindbaek, M., 2000:
How does music affect the human body?

Kidd, B.L.; Richardson, P.M., 2002:
How does neuropathophysiology affect the signs and symptoms of spinal disease?

Johnson, D.H.; Johnson, M., 2001:
How does nonpenetrating glaucoma surgery work? Aqueous outflow resistance and glaucoma surgery

Price, D.K.; Hansen, T.F., 1999:
How does offspring quality change with age in male Drosophila melanogaster?

Téot, L., 2002:
How does one ask about wounds and scars?

Haq, I.; Isenberg, D.A., 2002:
How does one assess and monitor patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in daily clinical practice?

Véga, A., 2000:
How does one become a nurse?

Zaviacic, M., 1998:
How does one become cited?

Siebert, U.; Hölzel, D., 1999:
How does one calculate life expectancy in relation to risk factors?

Bosniak, M.A., 1994:
How does one deal with a renal cyst that appears to be Bosniak class II on a CT scan but that has sonographic features suggestive of malignancy (e.g., nodularity of wall or a nodular, irregular septum)?

Rudick, R.A., 2000:
How does one define progression of disease in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis?

Barnouin, J.; Chacornac, J.P.; Aissaoui, C.; el Idilbi, N.; Mazur, A., 1994:
How does one detect biological imbalance and health disorders in the dairy cow within the framework of ecopathological research?

Lindblad, W.J., 1999:
How does one determine efficacy?

Bookstein, J.J., 1995:
How does one determine when thrombolysis is sufficient?

Goujon, M.; Metman, E.H.; Sternon, J., 1999:
How does one diagnosis gastroesophageal reflux?

Louis, E.; Marquis, P.; Nalet, B., 1999:
How does one evaluate the severity of gastroesophageal reflux and what are the therapeutic objectives?

Cordonnier, D.J., 2002:
How does one explain the very good performance of Spanish nephrology

Featherstone, C., 1996:
How does one gene cause Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome?

Veldhuis, J.D., 1997:
How does one get at glandular secretion, when only hormone concentrations are measured?

Boersma, H., 2002:
How does one handle tooth crowding after extraction of deciduous teeth?

Wilson, A., 2001:
How does one manage a patient with an anxiety disorder who has been self-medicating with psychotropic drugs?

Ha Van, G.; Heurtier, A.; Greau, F.; Menou, P.; Grimaldi, A., 1999:
How does one manage the off-loading of a chronic diabetic foot ulcer?

Ryman, A., 1993:
How does one manage?

Ehring, F., 1996:
How does one obtain, use, care for and sell old medical books? Experiences of a dermatologist

Bakish, D., 2001:
How does one switch from one antidepressant to another when there has been a treatment failure?

Grauwin, M.Y.; Cartel, J.L.; Lepers, J.P., 2000:
How does one treat the osteitis and osteoarthritis of the extremities in older leprosy patients using granulated table sugar?

Moore, S.C.; Playdon, M.C.; Sampson, J.N.; Hoover, R.N.; Trabert, B.; Matthews, C.E.; Ziegler, R.G., 2018:
A Metabolomics Analysis of Body Mass Index and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk

Lego, S.; Pawlicki, C., 1993:
How does parallel process manifest itself in psychiatric nursing practice?

Werkö, L., 1998:
How does patient-oriented research work?

Caughlin, J.P.; Huston, T.L.; Houts, R.M., 2000:
How does personality matter in marriage? An examination of trait anxiety, interpersonal negativity, and marital satisfaction

Kreuter, M.W.; Chheda, S.G.; Bull, F.C., 2000:
How does physician advice influence patient behavior? Evidence for a priming effect

Johnson, J.L.; Breen, P.H., 2000:
How does positive end-expiratory pressure decrease pulmonary CO2 elimination in anesthetized patients?

Mylonakis, E.; Allan, R.N.; Keighley, M.R., 2001:
How does pouch construction for a final diagnosis of Crohn's disease compare with ileoproctostomy for established Crohn's proctocolitis?

Schei, E.; Gulbrandsen, A.; Skjerven, T., 1998:
How does professional competence develop?

Thach, B.T., 1997:
How does prone sleeping increase prevalence of sudden infant death syndrome?

Limberg, T.M., 1998:
How does pulmonary rehabilitation survive in a managed care market?

Pan, L.; Yu, J.; Mi, Z.; Mo, L.; Jin, H.; Yao, C.; Ren, D.; Menghe, B., 2018:
A Metabolomics Approach Uncovers Differences between Traditional and Commercial Dairy Products in Buryatia (Russian Federation)

McClung, M.R., 2002:
How does raloxifene reduce fracture risk?

Posada, 2000:
How does recombination affect phylogeny estimation?

Barrault, M.F., 1993:
How does reflexology enrich nursing care? 2. A reflexologic follow-up in intensive care service

Koenig, H.G., 1999:
How does religious faith contribute to recovery from depression?

Sturm, R., 2000:
How does risk sharing between employers and a managed behavioral health organization affect mental health care?

Riessman, F., 1976:
How does self-help work?

Quinlan, M.R.; Zemke, R.; Snider, J.; Nemeroff, D.; Reinemund, S.S.; Ayling, R.; Singh, K.; Perkins, J.A.; Antonini, J.E.; Loeb, W.F., 1991:
How does service drive the service company?

Genest, D.R., 2002:
How does shape influence growth?

Lean, M.E., 2002:
How does sibutramine work?

Godfrey, K., 1999:
How does sick leave happen in your work area?

Omvik, P., 1996:
How does smoking affect blood pressure?

Chan, R.C., 2001:
How does spinal cord injury affect marital relationship? A story from both sides of the couple

Maddock, C.; Pariante, C.M., 2002:
How does stress affect you? An overview of stress, immunity, depression and disease

Sinha, R., 2002:
How does stress increase risk of drug abuse and relapse?

Clausen, G.; Lucke, C., 1998:
How does subjective well-being of elderly patients during inpatient geriatric rehabilitation change?

Hills, B.A., 1995:
How does surfactant really function?

Hills, B.A., 1998:
How does surfactant really work?

Kalina, C.M.; Haag, A.B.; Wassel, M.L.; Tourigian, R., 2002:
How does the HIPAA privacy standard affect case management?

Patterson, C.H., 1999:
How does the JCAHO define new restraint standards?

Long, R.M., 1997:
How does the NIGMS support program project grants? Where is current information available about this mechanism?

Langer, G.A.; Peskoff, A.; Post, J.A., 1993:
How does the Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger work in the intact cardiac cell?

Kraus, G.P., 1980:
How does the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 effect the hospital radiology administrator?

Takahashi, 1986:
How does the SU(2) x U(1) symmetry break in the early Universe?

Mackay, J., 2001:
How does the United States compare with the rest of the world in human sexual behavior?

Searles, B.; Nasrallah, F.; Darling, E.; Yarcusko, S., 2002:
How does the age of a blood sample affect it's activated clotting time? Comparison of eight different devices

Helariutta, Y.; Kangasjärvi, J.; Teeri, T., 2002:
How does the analysis of flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana genes benefit medicine?

Williams, N., 2003:
How does the beetle cross the road?

Totten, M.; Orlikoff, J.E., 1987:
How does the board ensure quality of care?

Mattson, M.P.; Duan, W.; Maswood, N., 2002:
How does the brain control lifespan?

Rossion, B.; Schiltz, C.; Robaye, L.; Pirenne, D.; Crommelinck, M., 2001:
How does the brain discriminate familiar and unfamiliar faces?: a PET study of face categorical perception

Phelps, C.P.; Denker, M.W., 1994:
How does the brain know the body is sick? New approaches to an old problem in medicine

Portas, C.M.; Strange, B.A.; Friston, K.J.; Dolan, R.J.; Frith, C.D., 2000:
How does the brain sustain a visual percept?

Sobel, B.E., 1997:
How does the coagulation system really work and why should we care?

Peltonen-Palotie, L., 2002:
How does the completion of human genome project affect our possibilities to clarify pathogenesis of diseases?

Tylee, A.; Freeling, P.; Kerry, S.; Burns, T., 1995:
How does the content of consultations affect the recognition by general practitioners of major depression in women?

Skinner, F.K.; Kopell, N.; Mulloney, B., 1997:
How does the crayfish swimmeret system work? Insights from nearest-neighbor coupled oscillator models

Ke, J.; Han, B.; George, M.W.; Yan, H.; Poliakoff, M., 2001:
How does the critical point change during a chemical reaction in supercritical fluids? A study of the hydroformylation of propene in supercritical CO(2)

Gross, J.M.; Yee, D., 2002:
How does the estrogen receptor work?

Rabah, M.M.; Kahn, J.K., 1996:
How does the fairer sex fare after PTCA?

Bender-Diebels, D., 1994:
How does the family stay healthy?

Bassols, Aònia.; Bosch, Fèlix.; Baños, J.Eladi., 2002:
How does the general population treat their pain? A survey in Catalonia, Spain

Mariak, Z., 1999:
How does the immune system communicate with the brain?

Anonymous, 2000:
How does the immune system differentiate between self and foreign. The role of CD47 molecule

Medzhitov, R.; Janeway, C.A., 2000:
How does the immune system distinguish self from nonself?

Wray, J.; Sensky, T., 1998:
How does the intervention of cardiac surgery affect the self-perception of children with congenital heart disease?

Tadano, J., 1999:
How does the laboratory medicine correspond to the medical big bang?

Greger, R., 1997:
How does the macula densa sense tubule function?

Morgan, P.J.; Messager, S.; Webster, C.; Barrett, P.; Ross, A., 2000:
How does the melatonin receptor decode a photoperiodic signal in the pars tuberalis?

Fernández-Espejo, E., 2000:
How does the nucleus accumbens function?

Knauer, R.H., 1993:
How does the ovum become a fly? Gradients of a few proteins control the development of the Drosophila larva

Biddle, C.; Aker, J., 1996:
How does the peer review process influence AANA journal article readability?

Baird, B.; Sheets, E.D.; Holowka, D., 2000:
How does the plasma membrane participate in cellular signaling by receptors for immunoglobulin E?

Breitholtz, B.; Johansson, Y., 1998:
How does the preceptorship during continuing education function? A specialist survey in family practice can give the answer

Lazarov, L., 1993:
How does the presence of normal vaginal delivery before and after a first cesarean section influence the outcome of a subsequent vaginal delivery

Hyland, J.; Dyke, T.; Hannah, M.; Morden, R., 2000:
How does the prevalence of specific morbidites compare with measures of socio-economic status at small area level?

Saul, C.; Payne, N., 1999:
How does the prevalence of specific morbidities compare with measures of socio-economic status at small area level?

Rossel, P.; Holm, Søren., 2001:
How does the public perceive the motives of medical researchers for doing research?

Dwairy, M.N.; Kendall, N., 2002:
How does the purchasing staff of an accident insurance organization seek information about treatment effectiveness?

Cunningham, F.C.; Williamson, J.W., 1980:
How does the quality of health care in HMOs compare to that in other settings? An analytic literature review: 1958 to 1979

Hoffmann, K.; Kaiser, W.; Isermann, M.; Priebe, S., 1998:
How does the quality of life of long-term hospitalized psychiatric patients change after their discharge into the community?

Henry, L.A., 2001:
How does the severity of a learning disability affect working memory performance?

Decour, C., 2002:
How does the speech therapist play?

Hierholzer, G.; Löw, H., 1997:
How does the surgeon deal with forensic risks?

Toda, K.; Tatsumi, E.; Taenaka, Y.; Masuzawa, T.; Miyazaki, K.; Wakisaka, Y.; Nakatani, T.; Baba, Y.; Eya, K.; Takano, H., 1995:
How does the sympathetic nervous system behave during non pulsatile circulation?

Brandt, J.D.; O'Donnell, M.E., 1999:
How does the trabecular meshwork regulate outflow? Clues from the vascular endothelium

Kuusela, S.; Honkala, E.; Rimpelä, A., 1997:
How does the use of different sugar products predict caries in 18-year-old Finns?

Cobb, C.M.; Martel, C.R.; McKnight, S.A.; Pasley-Mowry, C.; Ferguson, B.L.; Williams, K., 2002:
How does time-dependent dental unit waterline flushing affect planktonic bacteria levels?

Kasten, P.; Krefft, M.; Hesselbach, Jürgen.; Weinberg, A.M., 2002:
How does torsional deformity of the radial shaft influence the rotation of the forearm? A biomechanical study

Koller, H.P., 1997:
How does vision affect learning?

Koller, H.P., 1999:
How does vision affect learning? Part II

West, S.K.; Rubin, G.S.; Broman, A.T.; Muñoz, B.; Bandeen-Roche, K.; Turano, K., 2002:
How does visual impairment affect performance on tasks of everyday life? The SEE Project. Salisbury Eye Evaluation

Kalnins, Z.P., 1999:
How does volunteerism develop?

Thomson, A., 2002:
How does women's human rights fit with being a sex worker?

Tse, S.S..; Walsh, A.E..S.., 2002:
How does work work for people with bipolar affective disorder?

Goto, T.; Nakata, Y.; Morita, S., 2001:
How does xenon produce anesthesia? A perspective from electrophysiological studies

Thompson, K., 1985:
How does your CEO measure up?

Greene, J., 1999:
How does your CEO spell "relief"? Leadership survey shows how execs are dealing with change

Daly, C.; Beery, B.; Blenkiron, P., 1991:
How does your HMO evaluate health education materials?. Interview by Susan Yox

Goldenberg, E.; Hanavan, J.; Lieberman, B., 1989:
How does your HMO handle the seasonal demand for school and camp physicals?. Interview by Susan B. Yox

Lieberman, T., 1999:
How does your HMO stack up? 19,000 readers help us judge 54 health plans

Anonymous, 1978:
How does your boss see you?

Anonymous, 1997:
How does your emergency department measure up to these benchmarks?

Larson, L., 1999:
How does your foundation grow? With investment smarts, and community heart, and long-range planning goals all in a row

Nixon, R.G., 2002:
How does your garden grow? Herbal remedíes EMS may encounter

Hawks, S.R.; Hafen, B.Q.; Karren, K.J., 1989:
How does your health rate?

McKenzie, S.; Ankrom, R.W., 1996:
How does your hygiene department measure up?

Poniatowski, B.; Allen, K., 1997:
How does your institution orient new graduates?

Anonymous, 1998:
How does your organization compare to nation's Top 100 benchmark hospitals?

Anonymous, 1999:
How does your organization stack up to these HEDIS performance benchmarks?

Schulman, M.L.; McGill, J.K., 2002:
How does your orthodontic practice stack up?

Anonymous, 1990:
How does your plan provide case management?

Cottle, E., 2002:
How does your practice orient new physician board members?

Flanagan, L., 1999:
How does your practice sound on the phone?

Preston, S.H., 2000:
How does your productivity measure up?

Kandori, H.; Maeda, A., 1997:
How does, bacteriorhodopsin convert light into energy?

Crane, M., 1996:
How doing nothing got this doctor charged with a crime

Sourkes, 2000:
How dopamine was recognised as a neurotransmitter: a personal view

Parkin, S.; Mackay, G.M.; Cooper, A., 1995:
How drivers sit in cars

Trudeau, T.; Oleen, M., 1978:
How drug histories obtained by pharmacists help the hospitalized patient

Fodor, T., 1999:
How drug resistance emerges as a result of poor compliance

Mitchison, D.A., 1998:
How drug resistance emerges as a result of poor compliance during short course chemotherapy for tuberculosis

Glover, T.L., 2000:
How drug-resistant microorganisms affect nursing

Freund, J.; Halbritter, J.; Hörber, J.K., 1999:
How dry are dried samples? Water adsorption measured by STM

Aare, G., 1996:
How dumb can an authority be?

Azzone, P.; Freni, S.; Maggiolini, A.; Provantini, K.; Viganó, D., 1998:
How early adolescents describe their dreams: a quantitative analysis

Krägeloh-Mann, I.; Döbler-Neumann, M., 1998:
How early and how specifically can hypoxic-ischemic brain lesions be detected with diagnostic imaging?

Burani, C.; Marcolini, S.; Stella, G., 2002 :
How early does morpholexical reading develop in readers of a shallow orthography?

Galtier, J.; Hueber, F.M., 2001:
How early ferns became trees

Madan, A.K.; Aliabadi-Wahle, S.; Tesi, D.; Flint, L.M.; Steinberg, S.M., 2002:
How early is early laparoscopic treatment of acute cholecystitis?

Bagott, M.; Jordan, C.; Wright, C.; Jarvis, S., 1998:
How easy is it for young people to obtain cigarettes, and do test sales by trading standards have any effect? A survey of two schools in Gateshead

Manley, J.A.; O'Neill, W.C., 2001:
How echogenic is echogenic? Quantitative acoustics of the renal cortex

Smith, M.W.; Kreutzer, R.A.; Goldman, L.; Casey-Paal, A.; Kizer, K.W., 1996:
How economic demand influences access to medical care for rural Hispanic children

Gertler, P.J.; Molyneaux, J.W., 1994:
How economic development and family planning programs combined to reduce Indonesian fertility

Williams, A., 2001:
How economics could extend the scope of ethical discourse

Foster, E.Michael., 2002:
How economists think about family resources and child development

O'Kell, S., 1996:
How education can work to improve care standards

Baagoe, J., 1978:
How education program revitalized a unit

D'Amato, R.C.; Rothlisberg, B.A., 1996:
How education should respond to students with traumatic brain injury

Shaeffer, S., 1994:
How education systems respond

Thiels, C.; Schmidt, U.; Treasure, J.; Garthe, R.; Troop, N., 1998:
How effective and acceptable is a self-treatment manual with concomitant brief therapy in bulimia nervosa

Anonymous, 1998:
How effective are Hyalgan injections for arthritis?

Tse, C.S.; Madura, A.J.; Bates, P., 1993:
How effective are antibiotic streamlining programs in reducing length of stay and cutting hospital costs?

Pearson, R.L., 2000:
How effective are antidepressant medications in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and nonulcer dyspepsia?

Ridenour, M.V., 1997:
How effective are brakes on infant walkers?

Jones, T.J.; Deal, D.D.; Vernon, J.C.; Blackburn, N.; Stump, D.A., 2002:
How effective are cardiopulmonary bypass circuits at removing gaseous microemboli?

Caporino, P.P., 1990:
How effective are chemical and biological sterilization indicators?

Ozsoy, M.; Ernst, E., 1999:
How effective are complementary therapies for HIV and AIDs?--A systematic review

Pentikäinen, P.J., 2001:
How effective are drugs?--controlled drug trials are needed

Searle, S., 2000:
How effective are family planning clinics?

Sheehan, N.J., 2001:
How effective are guidelines for the management of low back pain?

Bryan, J.M.; Deveraux, J.M.; York, M.L.; Schoh, R.J., 1991:
How effective are health fairs? Quantitative evaluation of a community health fair

Sörensen, S.; Pinquart, M.; Duberstein, P., 2002:
How effective are interventions with caregivers? An updated meta-analysis

Anonymous, 1988:
How effective are low-dose triphasics when pills are missed?

Anonymous, 1982:
How effective are medicines in containing health-care costs?

Gargan, M.F.; Gundle, R.; Simpson, A.H., 1994:
How effective are osteotomies for unstable intertrochanteric fractures?

Whitfield, M.D.; Kaltenthaler, E.C.; Akehurst, R.L.; Walters, S.J.; Paisley, S., 2002:
How effective are prevention strategies in reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers?

Anonymous, 1981:
How effective are small-hospital PA's?

Mudde, A.N.; Kok, G., 2002:
How effective are smoking cessation campaigns?

Allard, P.; Lamontagne, C.; Bernard, P.; Tremblay, C., 1999:
How effective are supplementary doses of opioids for dyspnea in terminally ill cancer patients? A randomized continuous sequential clinical trial

Devenport, J.L.; Stinson, V.; Cutler, B.L.; Kravitz, D.A., 2003:
How effective are the cross-examination and expert testimony safeguards? Jurors' perceptions of the suggestiveness and fairness of biased lineup procedures

Michael, K.D.; Crowley, S.L., 2002:
How effective are treatments for child and adolescent depression? A meta-analytic review

Thomas, M.; Del Mar, C.; Glasziou, P., 2000:
How effective are treatments other than antibiotics for acute sore throat?

Millson, D.S., 2000:
How effective are triptans in the treatment of episodic and chronic cluster headache

Burgert, W.; Newton, W.P., 2002:
How effective are weekly antenatal steroids for decreasing the risks associated with preterm delivery?

McNeese-Smith, D.K., 1993:
How effective are your leadership skills?

Watson, E.A., 1994:
How effective in your training of volunteers?

Frencken, J.E.; Holmgren, C.J., 1999:
How effective is ART in the management of dental caries?

Van Der Hem-Stokroos, H..H..; Scherpbier, A..J.J.A..; Van Der Vleuten, C..P.M..; De Vries, H..; Haarman, H..J.Th.M.., 2002:
How effective is a clerkship as a learning environment?

Spark, J.I.; Chetter, I.C.; Kester, R.C.; Scott, D.J.A., 2002:
How effective is acute normovolaemic haemodilution in femoro-distal bypass surgery?

Carroli, G.; Rooney, C.; Villar, J., 2001:
How effective is antenatal care in preventing maternal mortality and serious morbidity? An overview of the evidence

Wichelhaus, A.; Sander, F.G.; Inglezos, E., 1995:
How effective is asymmetrical headgear in practical use?

Kopper, B., 1999:
How effective is beta-sistosterin?

Donnelly, M.J.; Dolan, L.A.; Weinstein, S.L., 2003:
How effective is bracing for treatment of scoliosis?

Anonymous, 2000:
How effective is child psychotherapy?

Helmreich, R.L.; Chidester, T.R.; Foushee, H.C.; Gregorich, S.; Wilhelm, J.A.; Helmreich, R.L., 1990:
How effective is cockpit resource management training? Exploring issues in evaluating the impact of programs to enhance crew coordination

Koval, P.G.; McDiarmid, T., 2000:
How effective is doxazosin compared with chlorthalidone in the treatment of hypertension?

Dachman, A.H., 1994:
How effective is enteroclysis in detecting the source of occult bleeding when an upper and lower endoscopy are negative?

Petrella, R.J., 1998:
How effective is exercise training for the treatment of hypertension?

Bemelman, W.A.; Ivenski, M.; van Hogezand, R.A.; Hermans, J.; Veenendaal, R.A.; Griffioen, G., 2001:
How effective is extensive nonsurgical treatment of patients with clinically active Crohn's disease of the terminal ileum in preventing surgery?

Grimaldi, A.; Sachon, C.; Fonfrede, M.; Bensaid, A., 1996:
How effective is glucose control in insulin-dependent diabetics followed-up in specialized hospital consultation?

Jankowska, E.; Perfilieva, E.V.; Riddell, J.S., 1996:
How effective is integration of information from muscle afferents in spinal pathways?

Anderson, D.F., 1989:
How effective is managed mental health care?

Murff, R.T.; Armstrong, D.G.; Lanctot, D.; Lavery, L.A.; Athanasiou, K.A., 1998:
How effective is manual palpation in detecting subtle temperature differences?

Wagner, R.J.; Weigand, R., 1992:
How effective is outdoor-based training in improving management behaviors: a health care application

Brada, M.; Kitchen, N., 2000:
How effective is radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations?

Nyström, L., 2000:
How effective is screening for breast cancer?

Tejero-Trujeque, R., 2002:
How effective is the Abbreviated Burn Severity Index in predicting patient mortality?

Ramig, L.O., 1997:
How effective is the Lee Silverman voice treatment?

Hughes, S.J., 1998:
How effective is the Newport/Aspen collar? A prospective radiographic evaluation in healthy adult volunteers

Hurley, D.A.; Dusoir, T.E.; McDonough, S.M.; Moore, A.P.; Baxter, G.D., 2001:
How effective is the acute low back pain screening questionnaire for predicting 1-year follow-up in patients with low back pain?

Eytan, T.A.; Goldberg, H.I., 2001:
How effective is the computer-based clinical practice guideline?

Stinson, V.; Devenport, J.L.; Cutler, B.L.; Kravitz, D.A., 1997:
How effective is the motion-to-suppress safeguard? Judges' perceptions of the suggestiveness and fairness of biased lineup procedures

Stinson, V.; Devenport, J.L.; Cutler, B.L.; Kravitz, D.A., 1996:
How effective is the presence-of-counsel safeguard? Attorney perceptions of suggestiveness, fairness, and correctability of biased lineup procedures

Egri, G.; Mészáros, Z.; Vass, G.; Juhász, M., 1999:
How effective is the routine mediastinal blockdissection in the surgery of non-small cell lung cancer?

Audet, N.; Gagnon, R.; Ladouceur, R.; Marcil, M., 1993:
How effective is the teaching of critical analysis of scientific publications? Review of studies and their methodological quality

Kemp, F.; Foster, C.; McKinlay, S., 1994:
How effective is training for blood pressure measurement?

Stine, R., 1999:
How effective is your surface disinfectant

April, K.; Köster, R.; Schreiner, W., 1993:
How effectively do condoms prevent HIV transmission?

Carroll, N.V., 2002:
How effectively do managed care organizations influence prescribing and dispensing decisions?

Ramudu, L.; Bellet, B.; Higgs, J.; Latimer, C.; Smith, R., 1994:
How effectively do we use double staff time?

Germaine, A.; Rinneard, B., 1976:
How effectively do you use your incident/accident report?

Schachter, H.M.; Pham, B.; King, J.; Langford, S.; Moher, D., 2002:
How efficacious and safe is short-acting methylphenidate for the treatment of attention-deficit disorder in children and adolescents? A meta-analysis

Pauwels, P.J.; Tardif, S.; Palmier, C.; Wurch, T.; Colpaert, F.C., 1997:
How efficacious are 5-HT1B/D receptor ligands: an answer from GTP gamma S binding studies with stably transfected C6-glial cell lines

Kośmicki, M.; Kowalik, I.; Sadowski, Z., 2000:
How efficacy of antianginal drugs should be evaluated

Roling, N., 1984:
How efficient are sterile processing departments ... do you know?

Holman; Kibble; Rey, 1992:
How efficient is the Langacker-Pi mechanism of monopole annihilation?

Downey, G., 1983:
How efficient is the NHS?

Cox; Ackland, 2000:
How efficiently Do three pointlike particles sample phase space?

Tobin, S.S., 1986:
How elders perceive nursing home life

Patel, S.G.; Roth, B.J., 2000:
How electrode size affects the electric potential distribution in cardiac tissue

Fan, Y.; Hall, M.B., 2002:
How electron flow controls the thermochemistry of the addition of olefins to nickel dithiolenes: predictions by density functional theory

Viehe, R.B., 2002:
How else have we arrived?

Anonymous, 2002:
How emergency management preparation fits in the survey process

Holliman, C.James.; Cevik, A.Alper.; Rodoplu, U.; Arnold, J.; Walsh, D.W., 2002:
How emergency physicians can use their everyday skills to manage a "Near Disaster" medical conference

Anonymous, 1979:
How employee approval works

Davis, E.; Ward, E., 1994:
How employee surveys can improve health plans

Aguilar, T.E.; Crossley, J., 1982:
How employees benefit from your corporate fitness program

Aquino, K.; Tripp, T.M.; Bies, R.J., 2001:
How employees respond to personal offense: the effects of blame attribution, victim status, and offender status on revenge and reconciliation in the workplace

Dubbs, J., 1990:
How employees survived a major lab merger

Dankner, H.; McKenna, T.A., 1993:
How employers can prepare for reform

Nemeth, J.M.; Borgenicht, L., 1996:
How employers can reduce the cost of their disability programs

Anonymous, 1997:
How employers judge health plans

Anonymous, 1990:
How employers rate tactics for cutting health costs

Schreiner, G.E., 2000:
How end-stage renal disease (ESRD)-medicare developed

Ziegler, J., 1997:
How endogenous estrogens work

Alba, R.; Lutz, A.; Vesselinov, E., 2001:
How enduring were the inequalities among European immigrant groups in the United States?

Romm, J.J.; Ervin, C.A., 1996:
How energy policies affect public health

Parry, R.; Cobley, R., 1996:
How enrolled nurses feel about conversion

Westfall, U.E., 2001:
How enteral feeding options influence corticosterone patterns in rats

Platts-Mills, T.A., 1994:
How environment affects patients with allergic disease: indoor allergens and asthma

Antell, D.E.; Taczanowski, E.M., 1999:
How environment and lifestyle choices influence the aging process

Raspe, H., 2002:
How epidemiology contributes to the management of spinal disorders

Hantson, P.; Léonard, F.; Maloteaux, J.M.; Mahieu, P., 1999:
How epileptogenic are the recent antibiotics?

Brechbühler, M., 2002:
How errors become learning opportunities

Anonymous, 1998:
How estrogen works

Christensen, G.J., 1994:
How ethical are esthetic dental procedures?

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How far are we from the most accurate classification system for chronic pancreatitis ?

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How far can you go in fighting an H.M.O.?

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How far can you go?

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How far does corporate accountability go?

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How far does the IRS's 20 percent rule reach?

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How far have we come in dealing with the emotional challenge of abuse and neglect?

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How far have we come in endodontic treatment?

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How far is enough in the intensive care unit?

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How far is it from your laboratory to the network? Bio-Net Working Group

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How far is it to the nearest hospital? Calculating distances using the Statistics Canada Postal Code Conversion File

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How far is too far

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How far must you go to shield a minor's privacy?

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How far shall we go in the predonation selection of blood donors to safeguard patients for blood-transfusion-related infections?

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How far should a catheter be inserted into the epidural space?

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How far should arterial pressure in hypertension be lowered?

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How far should blood pressure be lowered in essential hypertension to optimize the results?

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How far should law and morality be differentiated, and the question of abortion

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How far should one lower LDL cholesterol

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How far should treatment of severe alopecia areata be managed?

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How far should we go when informing patients?

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How far should we investigate diffuse alopecia in women?

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How far up will it go? 'First phase' of Columbia probe nets 3 indictments

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How far will population-based medicine take us?

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How far will your hospital go to keep you happy?

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How fast and how low blood pressure to be lowered in hypertensives?

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How fast are doctors' managed care revenues rising?

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How fast are patients abandoning doctors for midwives?

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How fast can a quantum state change with time?

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How fast can cracks propagate?

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How fast can the wall move? A study of the electroweak phase transition dynamics

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How fast can your company afford to grow?

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How fast does information leak out from a black hole?

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How fast is equilibration in hot hadronic matter?

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How fast will private insurers adopt RBRVS?

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How faster and cheaper to determine chromium by adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry in the presence of DTPA and nitrate

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How fat is that cat?

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How fat is too fat?

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How faxes improve contact between care settings

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How feasible is it to conform to the European guidelines on administration of activated charcoal within one hour of an overdose?

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How federal discrimination laws affect health/welfare and pension benefit plans

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How financially secure are young doctors?