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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46280

Chapter 46280 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Longchampt, E.; Vessières, A.; Fabre, M., 2000:
How fine needle aspiration biopsy make it possible to avoid extensive surgery. A case of abdominopelvic actinomycosis

Burke, T.P.; Morton, J.D., 1990:
How firm size and industry affect employee benefits

Tarkka, M.T.; Paunonen, M.; Laippala, P., 2000:
How first-time mothers cope with child care while still in the maternity ward

Chang, F.; Nurse, P., 1996:
How fission yeast fission in the middle

Bridge, J.; Donges, G.; Taylor, S., 1977:
How fixation over resources can obscure the real questions

Beadle, C.E., 1984:
How flexible benefits affect rising health costs

Bove, L.A., 1994:
How fluids and electrolytes shift after surgery

Mazza, D., 1999:
How folate can help prevent birth defects

Beeton, S., 2002:
How foot and mouth disease affected a rural continence service

Halenar, J.F., 1982:
How for-profit hospitals are going after your patients

Oggero, E.; Pagnacco, G.; Morr, D.R.; Berme, N., 2001:
How force plate size influences the probability of valid gait data acquisition

Richards, L.G.; Olson, B.; Palmiter-Thomas, P., 1996:
How forearm position affects grip strength

Pucilo, N.P., 1984:
How formal appraisal systems work

Zhuang, Y.; Qin, K.; Yu, B.; Liu, X.; Cai, B.; Cai, H., 2018:
A metabolomics research based on UHPLC-ESI-Q-TOF-MS coupled with metabolic pathway analysis: Treatment effects of stir-frying Xanthii Fructus on allergic rhinitis in mice model

Glendenin, J.G.; Cowan, S.B.; Emory, M.L.; Hoff, D.L., 1976:
How four practitioners are using HHA

Martinez, L.J., 2001:
How fourteen anti-HIV drugs could provide more bang for the buck

Yashin, A.I.; Iachine, I.A., 1997:
How frailty models can be used for evaluating longevity limits: taking advantage of an interdisciplinary approach

Dey, A.B.; Choudhury, D., 1998:
How frequent and how much alcohol prevents heart attack?

Polednak, A.P., 2001:
How frequent is postmastectomy breast reconstructive surgery? A study linking two statewide databases

Madeya, S.; Börsch, G.; Greiner, L.; Hahn, H.J., 1993:
How frequent is the diagnosis of GI metastasis in an endoscopic patient sample in general internal medicine clinics> Results of a questionnaire survey of 34 medical clinics

Alarcón, G.S., 2002:
How frequently and how soon should we screen our patients for the presence of antimalarial retinopathy?

Callen, J.P., 2003:
How frequently are drugs associated with the development or exacerbation of subacute cutaneous lupus?

Sehouli, J., 2000:
How frequently do female patients with gynecological cancers use unconventional cancer therapies?

Hart, A.R.; Kennedy, H.J.; Stebbings, W.S.; Day, N.E., 2000:
How frequently do large bowel diverticula perforate? An incidence and cross-sectional study

Davidson, J.; McDougall, I.R., 2000:
How frequently is the thymus seen on whole-body iodine-131 diagnostic and post-treatment scans?

Anonymous, 2000:
How frequently should cats and dogs be vaccinated?

Simmons, C.L., 1997:
How frequently should endotracheal suctioning be undertaken?

Anonymous, 2000:
How frequently should my bone density be checked if I have osteoporosis?

Murphy, C.; Newton, W., 2000:
How frequently should patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus be screened for retinopathy?

Webb, S.B.; Taylor, W.J.; Cannon, J., 1977:
How full-time ED physicians affect admissions

Rose, I.A., 1999:
How fumarase recycles after the malate --> fumarate reaction. Insights into the reaction mechanism

Christopher, A.; Meunier, G.F., 1985:
How gaming can solve your attendance problem

Masuzawa, K.; Abe, K., 1995:
How gargling improves mouth problems

Fazili, J.; Ilagan, M.; Phipps, E.; Braitman, L.E.; Levine, G.M., 2001:
How gastroenterologists inform patients of results after lower endoscopy

Eaden, J.A.; Ward, B.A.; Mayberry, J.F., 2000:
How gastroenterologists screen for colonic cancer in ulcerative colitis: an analysis of performance

Fuhrer, R.; Stansfeld, S.A., 2002:
How gender affects patterns of social relations and their impact on health: a comparison of one or multiple sources of support from "close persons"

Ai, A.L.; Peterson, C.; Dunkle, R.E.; Saunders, D.G.; Bolling, S.F.; Buchtel, H.A., 1997:
How gender affects psychological adjustment one year after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Bagni, B.; Bagni, I.; Orsolon, P.; Corazzari, T., 2000:
How gender and age affect iodine-131-OIH and technetium-99m-MAG3 clearance

DeFronzo, J.; Pawlak, R., 1993:
How gender determines the causes of smoking: a preliminary report

Pattullo, E.L.; Levine, R.J., 1981:
How general an assurance?

Cape, J., 2001:
How general practice patients with emotional problems presenting with somatic or psychological symptoms explain their improvement

Vernon, S.; Foo, C.K.; Coulthard, M.G., 1997:
How general practitioners manage children with urinary tract infection: an audit in the former Northern Region

Rush, B.; Ellis, K.; Crowe, T.; Powell, L., 1994:
How general practitioners view alcohol use. Clearing up the confusion

Glasgow, R.E.; Eakin, E.G.; Toobert, D.J., 1996:
How generalizable are the results of diabetes self-management research? The impact of participation and attrition

Moore, D.A.; Goodall, R.L.; Ives, N.J.; Hooker, M.; Gazzard, B.G.; Easterbrook, P.J., 2001:
How generalizable are the results of large randomized controlled trials of antiretroviral therapy?

Ori; Flanagan, 1996:
How generic are null spacetime singularities?

de Castro, J.M.; Plunkett, S.S., 2001:
How genes control real world intake: palatability--intake relationships

Sassa, S.; Furuyama, K., 1998:
How genetic defects are identified

Longman, P.J., 1999:
How global aging will challenge the world's economic well-being

Kelly, M.P., 1995:
How global pricing works

Ham, C., 1993:
How go the NHS reforms?

Echteld, M.A.; van Elderen, T.M.; van der Kamp, L.J., 2002:
How goal disturbance, coping and chest pain relate to quality of life: A study among patients waiting for PTCA

Schlich, T., 1995:
How gods and saints became transplant surgeons: the scientific article as a model for the writing of history

Franks, A., 2001:
How goes the night, watchman? An overview of the first annual clinical governance reports (1999/2000) from acute trusts in an English NHS region

Clark, L., 1990:
How going bare is working in Florida

Holoweiko, M., 1981:
How good a deal could you get from a big group today?

Aparicio, S.; Brenner, S., 1997:
How good a model is the Fugu genome?

Sondak, A., 1982:
How good a time-killer are you?

Rabeneck, L.; Menke, T.; Wray, N.P., 1999:
How good are US studies of HIV costs of care?

Anonymous, 1981:
How good are VA hospitals? What readers say

Tse, S.K.; Wong, T.W.; Lau, C.C.; Yeung, W.S.; Tang, W.N., 2000:
How good are accident and emergency doctors in the evaluation of psychiatric patients?

Pincus, C.R., 1989:
How good are corporate-practice fringes today?

Philippe, H.; Laurent, J., 1999:
How good are deep phylogenetic trees?

Greig, A.; Ryan, J.; Glucksman, E., 1997:
How good are doctors at estimating children's weight?

Brueren, B.R.G.; ten Berg, J.M.; Suttorp, M.J.; Bal, E.T.; Ernst, J.M.P.G.; Mast, E.G.; Plokker, H.W.M., 2002:
How good are experienced cardiologists at predicting the hemodynamic severity of coronary stenoses when taking fractional flow reserve as the gold standard

Brueren, B.R.; Mast, E.G.; Suttorp, M.J.; Ernst, J.M.; Bal, E.T.; Plokker, H.W., 1999:
How good are experienced interventional cardiologists in predicting the risk and difficulty of a coronary angioplasty procedure? A prospective study to optimize surgical standby

Dawson, R.; Iyengar, N.; Ferguson, C.J., 1999:
How good are interim discharge summaries? A prospective audit

Lee, P., 2002:
How good are measures of physician quality of care?

Kaegi, L., 1994:
How good are medicine's new recipes? The kitchen debate continues

Worthington, J.C.; Brilis, G., 2002 :
How good are my data?: Information quality assessment methodology

Garza, M.A., 1997:
How good are paramedics at knowing what patients need?

Raudys, S., 2000:
How good are support vector machines?

Grant, B.J.; Foley, L.A., 2002:
How good are the internal controls in your group practice? Ten questions to contemplate

Eriksson, E., 1997:
How good are the results of ACL reconstruction?

Terry, K., 2001:
How good are the specialists you refer to?

Anonymous, 1995:
How good are volunteers at searching for published randomized controlled trials? The OSTR Collaborative Group. Ottawa Stroke Trials Registry

Bengtsson, A.; Johansson, K., 2001:
How good are we? An evaluation of the quality of medical education

Coile, R.C.; Peterson, K., 1999:
How good can health care get? Health care service quality

Endsley, S.; Kilo, C.M., 1999:
How good could it get? Improving clinical practice and patient outcomes

Crane, M., 1997:
How good doctors can avoid bad errors

Martinez, L.J., 2001:
How good does your virus look in a bikini? Or, does viral fitness matter?

Urquhart, D.S.; Nicholl, R.M., 2002:
How good is clinical examination at detecting a significant patent ductus arteriosus in the preterm neonate?

Bradbury, J., 2002:
How good is cost-benefit assessment of phase II cancer trials?

Nahmias, C.; Stolberg, H.O., 2002:
How good is my imaging device? Technical efficacy and technical effectiveness

Exner, G.; Meinecke, F.W., 1993:
How good is our social network?--Experiences with referral and admission of paraplegic patients in Germany

Tasman, A.J.; Wallner, F.; Kolling, G.H., 1996:
How good is spatial orientation with rigid endoscopic optics? Study of micromanipulation in the nasal cavity

De Sadeleer, C.; De Boe, V.; Keuppens, F.; Desprechins, B.; Verboven, M.; Piepsz, A., 1994:
How good is technetium-99m mercaptoacetyltriglycine indirect cystography?

Byrt, T., 1996:
How good is that agreement?

Huda, W.; Sajewicz, A.M.; Ogden, K.M.; Scalzetti, E.M.; Dance, D.R., 2002:
How good is the ACR accreditation phantom for assessing image quality in digital mammography?

Anonymous, 2001:
How good is the Dutch health-care system?

Calvin, H.; Rupnow, P.; Grosvenor, T., 1996:
How good is the estimated cover test at predicting the von Graefe phoria measurement?

Pham; Vu, 1992:
How good is the factorization approach in charm decays?

Schaeffel, F.; Weiss, S.; Seidel, J., 2000:
How good is the match between the plane of the text and the plane of focus during reading?

Ommer, A.; Bottel, P.; Stremmel, W., 1996:
How good is the prognosis in differentiated thyroid gland carcinoma

Schuster, M.A.; McGlynn, E.A.; Brook, R.H., 1999:
How good is the quality of health care in the United States?

Bogardus, C., 1994:
How good is your billing service? Part 1

Bogardus, C., 1994:
How good is your billing service? Part 2

Anonymous, 1978:
How good is your fire safety training?

Anonymous, 1996:
How good is your health plan?

Boyd, R.G., 1975:
How good is your hospital security?

Hultgren, J., 1982:
How good is your plan?

Jones, L.S.; Taylor, J., 1985:
How good linen management can save money--aid infection control--reduce waste and theft

Fager, P.J., 1996:
How good or bad are the analyses performed at health care centers?

Thurow, L.C., 2000:
How government can foster success in the new millennium

Raphael, D.; Brown, I.; Bryant, T.; Wheeler, J.; Herman, R.; Houston, J.; Hussain, M.; Lanphier, C.; Lightfoot, B.; McClelland, B.; McIntosh, B.; Stevens, I.; Weisbeck, F., 2001:
How government policy decisions affect seniors' quality of life: findings from a participatory policy study carried out in Toronto, Canada

Bone, R.C., 1993:
How gram-positive organisms cause sepsis

Feldman, E.B., 1998:
How grapefruit juice potentiates drug bioavailability

Thomas, C., 2002:
How grass-roots efforts turned tobacco tax money into transplants. Social workers as advocates

Finucane, T.E., 1999:
How gravely ill becomes dying: a key to end-of-life care

Murakami, A.; Ikegaya, K.; Takahashi, K., 2001:
How gravity acts on Paramecium: new insights from free-fall experiments

Kurtaran, A.; Preitfellner, J.; Schaffarich, P.; Scheuba, C.; Niederle, B.; Virgolini, I.; Havlik, E., 1998:
How great is radiation exposure in the area surrounding patients after administration ov 99mTc-sestamibi?

Yamashiro, Y.; Sato, M.; Shimizu, T.; Oguchi, S.; Miyano, T., 1993:
How great is the incidence of truly congenital common bile duct dilatation?

Bürger, W.; Koch, U., 1999:
How great is the need for ambulatory rehabilitation in the orthopedics field?--Results of a multi-perspective approach

Gervain, J.; Gógl, A.; Szabó, G.; Simon, G., 1997:
How great is the risk of personal contact in the transmission of hepatitis C virus infection?

Luger, T., 1996:
How great is the value of oral hyposensitization in skin test assessed allergy in comparison with parenteral treatment?

Domènech, X.; Ayllón, Jé.A.; Peral, Jé.; Rieradevall, J., 2003:
How green is a chemical reaction? Application of LCA to green chemistry

Wang, F.; Zhang, H.; Geng, N.; Ren, X.; Zhang, B.; Gong, Y.; Chen, J., 2017:
A metabolomics strategy to assess the combined toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs)

Larkin, M., 2000:
How green is your workout?

Kyle, L.; Smith, K.; Smart, J.A.; Baskerville, C.; Robb, S.; Marshall, C., 2002:
How green was my valley. Interview by David Crouch

Lie, M., 1998:
How green was the grass on the other side of the heart bridge?

Anonymous, 1978:
How group practice can help hold down health care costs

Gosfield, A.G., 1999:
How group practices can avoid managed care contracting pitfalls

Grandinetti, D., 1998:
How groups are profiting from case management

Garrod, S., 1998:
How groups co-ordinate their concepts and terminology: implications for medical informatics

Lowes, R.L., 1994:
How groups discipline problem doctors

Owens, A., 1987:
How groups divide their income today

Slomski, A.J., 1995:
How groups successfully manage pain patients

Chambers, D.W., 1997:
How groups work

Barry, M., 2000:
How growth factors help chronic wounds heal

Grossberg, S., 2000:
How hallucinations may arise from brain mechanisms of learning, attention, and volition

Bryant, G.; Williams, S.R.; Qian, L.; Snook, I.K.; Perez, E.; Pincet, F., 2003:
How hard is a colloidal "hard-sphere" interaction?

Grabenstein, J.D., 2000 :
How hard is it to learn to vaccinate?

Valdes-Perez; Zeigarnik, 2000:
How hard is mechanism elucidation in catalysis? Combinatorial analysis of C1 chemistry

Keteyian, S.J., 2001:
How hard should we exercise the failing human heart?

Terry, K., 1998:
How hard should you be working?

Rottenberg, C.J.; Searfoss, L.W., 1993:
How hard-of-hearing and deaf children learn their names

Nicholson, N., 1998:
How hardwired is human behavior?

Jenson, H.B., 2002:
How harmful are additives in childhood vaccines?

Anonymous, 1997:
How has caring made a difference for one of your patients?

Popp, R.L., 1993:
How has echo/Doppler influenced the practice of adult cardiology?

Rafferty, T.; Wilson-Davis, K.; McGavock, H., 1997:
How has fundholding in Northern Ireland affected prescribing patterns? A longitudinal study

VandeCreek, L., 2001:
How has health care reform affected professional chaplaincy programs and how are department directors responding?

Bunn, H.J.; Pugh, R.E.; Thomson, A., 2002:
How has imaging of the head, neck and spine changed over 5 years in a district general hospital?

Hayashi, K., 1995:
How has international population policy been formulated? The role and positioning of family planning

Anonymous, 2002:
How has managed care affected patient care?

Little, H.J., 1996:
How has molecular pharmacology contributed to our understanding of the mechanism(s) of general anesthesia?

Jones, P.A., 1988:
How has the Medicare benefit changed hospice?

Sigman, G., 1996:
How has the care of eating disorder patients been altered and upset by payment and insurance issues? Let me count the ways

Duché, D.J., 2000:
How has the management of mentally disabled people changed?

Yox, S.B., 1990:
How has your HMO responded to AIDS?

Anonymous, 1995:
How have higher-acuity residents affected your operations?

Kleimenhagen, A.; Naidu, G.M.; Pillari, G.D., 1993:
How have hospitals faced the pricing issues of the 1990's?

Grilli, R.; Trisolini, R.; Labianca, R.; Zola, P., 1999:
How have opinions of medical oncologists changed regarding compared guidelines? Findings from two surveys conducted in 1993-1997

Thompson, C.J.; Cummings, J.F.; Chalmers, J.; Gould, C.; Newton, R.W., 1996:
How have patients reacted to the implications of the DCCT?

Anderson, R., 1982:
How have people changed their health behavior?

Mugford, M.; Chapple, J., 1993:
How have recent changes in the NHS affected perinatal audit?

Wilson, C.K., 1999:
How have we engaged in our work? Integrating the internal and external

Orbo, A.; Sager, G., 1997:
How hazardous is the use of female steroid hormones?

Deady, B., 2003:
How he had been

Dossey, L., 2002:
How healing happens: exploring the nonlocal gap

Gerber, P.C., 1986:
How health care coalitions will affect your practice

Hirsch, N.G., 1978:
How health care costs gradually got out of control

Hellmann, M.T., 1991:
How health care employers can prepare for the Americans with Disabilities Act

van der Kloot Meijburg, H.H., 1995:
How health care institutions in the Netherlands approach physician assisted death

Chernoff, V., 1997:
How health care plant operations really operate

Gerbert, B.; Abercrombie, P.; Caspers, N.; Love, C.; Bronstone, A., 1999:
How health care providers help battered women: the survivor's perspective

Bailes, J.S., 1993:
How health care reform may affect oncologists

D'Ambrosia, R.; Kilpatrick, J.A., 2001:
How health care works in the United States

Weil, T., 1996:
How health networks and HMOs could result in public utility regulation

Guglielmo, W.J., 1996:
How health plans are fighting back

Anonymous, 2001:
How health plans are using the Web

Anonymous, 1997:
How health plans stack up

Cohen, M.R.; Wieman, R.; Wieland, D., 1985:
How health professionals react to their own commission of serious medication errors

Serxner, S.; Gold, D., 2001:
How health promotion outweighed STD costs

James, R.; Tyler, C.; Van Beurden, E., 1989:
How health promotion services can make a public health impact

Patterson, P.W.; Pfuelb, J.A., 1985:
How health-care's buyers and sellers are adapting to DRGs

Showalter, G.; Vale, R.; Mesicko, M., 1994:
How healthcare access management can facilitate an organization's approach to managed care

Anderson, S.T., 1998:
How healthcare organizations can achieve true integration

Thomas, S., 1999:
How healthcare professionals can become disability aware

Koopmeiners, L.; Post-White, J.; Gutknecht, S.; Ceronsky, C.; Nickelson, K.; Drew, D.; Mackey, K.W.; Kreitzer, M.J., 1997:
How healthcare professionals contribute to hope in patients with cancer

Murphy, E.C., 1992:
How healthcare-specific quality initiatives impact the bottom line

Connolly, M.A., 1999:
How healthy are critical care nurses?

Holzbaur, H., 1997:
How healthy are firewalls? Rating their resistance

Joe, K.; Kennedy, M.; Bensberg, M., 2002:
How healthy are our emergency departments?

Anonymous, 2001:
How healthy are soy burgers? New AOAC method determines isoflavone content in today's soy foods

Perkins, K.C., 1994:
How healthy are teens in Russia and Estonia?

Bischof, N., 1996:
How healthy are the lives of nursing students?

Gupta, S., 2002:
How healthy are these fries?

Moore, C.F., 1979:
How healthy are your control systems?

Greene, J., 1995:
How healthy is community. More hospitals want to know

Anonymous, 2000:
How healthy is iceberg lettuce?

Lomborg, Børn., 2002:
How healthy is the world?

Anonymous, 1978:
How healthy is your department?

Nash, H.O., 1986:
How healthy is your hospital standby system?

Hunter, D., 1990:
How healthy is your hospital? Executives often have no idea

Buzzotta, V.R.; Lefton, R.E., 1978:
How healthy is your performance appraisal system?

Lucas, B.D., 1991:
How healthy is your sick leave program?

Hunter, S., 1999:
How healthy?

Shinkai, K.; Suzuki, S.; Leinfelder, K.F.; Katoh, Y., 1994:
How heat treatment and thermal cycling affect wear of composite resin inlays

Saruc, M.; Ozden, N.; Yuceyar, H., 2003:
How hemolysis causes acute pancreatitis

Ozsoylu, S., 2000:
How hemophiliacs could be circumcised in developing countries

Iachine, I.A.; Holm, N.V.; Harris, J.R.; Begun, A.Z.; Iachina, M.K.; Laitinen, M.; Kaprio, J.; Yashin, A.I., 1999:
How heritable is individual susceptibility to death? The results of an analysis of survival data on Danish, Swedish and Finnish twins

Voigt, B.; Kovacs, P.; Vogt, L.; Klöting, I., 1997:
How heterozygous are wild rats (Rattus norvegicus)?

Bradbury, J., 2001:
How hibernators might one day solve medical problems

Scroggins, D.C., 1985:
How hidden agendas can spoil a practice merger

Cooper, T., 1987 :
How high a priority will society accord to health care? A U.S. view

Owens, A., 1985:
How high and low earners get that way

Anonymous, 1994:
How high are new doctors setting their income sights?

Hickeson, M.; Zhuang, H.; Chacko, T.K.; Alavi, A., 2002:
How high can the standardized uptake value be?

Das; Chatterjee; Roy; Roy, 2000:
How high can the temperature of a liquid be raised without boiling?

Ohno, R., 2001:
How high can we increase complete remission rate in adult acute myeloid leukemia?

Nagana Gowda, G.A.; Barding, G.A.; Dai, J.; Gu, H.; Margineantu, D.H.; Hockenbery, D.M.; Raftery, D., 2018:
A Metabolomics Study of BPTES Altered Metabolism in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Ohtsuka, T., 1998:
How high should mammary artery be harvested for the minimally invasive approach?

Mahony, C., 1999:
How high the sky?

Anonymous, 1983:
How high-cost illness affects health care systems

Owens, A., 1991:
How high-earning doctors get that way

Crane, M., 2000:
How high-tech private eyes catch malingering plaintiffs

Schott, A.M.; Cormier, C.; Hans, D.; Favier, F.; Hausherr, E.; Dargent-Molina, P.; Delmas, P.D.; Ribot, C.; Sebert, J.L.; Breart, G.; Meunier, P.J., 1998:
How hip and whole-body bone mineral density predict hip fracture in elderly women: the EPIDOS Prospective Study

Ewers, M.; Schaeffer, D., 2000:
How home care agencies in Germany view the AIDS challenge: results of an exploratory study

Anonymous, 1981:
How home care programs pay off: hospitals are rushing to get aboard the bandwagon

Tetlow, K., 1991:
How home heals

Knutsen, C., 1985:
How home hyperalimentation thru the health team saves $ for patients compared to hospital therapy

Skinner, S., 1996:
How homeopathy works

Amsterdamski, 1987:
How homogeneous was the Universe at the time of a grand-unified-theory phase transition?

Srinivasan, M.V.; Zhang, S.W.; Chahl, J.S.; Barth, E.; Venkatesh, S., 2000:
How honeybees make grazing landings on flat surfaces

Maloney, L.D., 1985:
How hospices ease last days of the dying

Anonymous, 1996:
How hospital administrators rank on the stress-o-meter

Moore, R.L., 1983:
How hospital business office personnel can become patient oriented

Luft, H.S., 1988:
How hospital competition fueled the medical arms race

Anonymous, 1999:
How hospital dealt with press during DiMaggio's stay

Schlag, D.W., 1981:
How hospital finances affect the bottom line

Ewell, C.M., 1986:
How hospital governing boards differ from their corporate counterparts

Anonymous, 1998:
How hospital has integrated its fire safety and security systems

Anonymous, 1998:
How hospital investigative unit reduces thefts and property crime

Small, P., 1990:
How hospital medical record departments can benefit from retrospective DRG review

Anonymous, 1996:
How hospital officials are dealing with Legionnaire's disease outbreak

Anonymous, 1994:
How hospital overcame community's security fears about new garage

Norton, E.C.; Staiger, D.O., 1995:
How hospital ownership affects access to care for the uninsured

Rubin, I., 1986:
How hospital pharmacists buckle OTCs to prescriptions via patient records

Karlitz, K., 1987:
How hospital pharmacists feel about their mandatory C.E. Part II

McCormick, E.M., 1980:
How hospital pharmacists prepare agendas for P & T committee meetings

Anonymous, 1999:
How hospital reduced worker's comp claims by $2.2 million in one year

Anonymous, 1998:
How hospital security kept stay of famed Chinese dissident trouble-free

Anonymous, 1996:
How hospital security met the challenges of winter floods in PA, OR

Anonymous, 1997:
How hospital survived flood that forced it to close for three weeks

Anonymous, 1994:
How hospital system restructured RM, security, safety, workers' comp

Anonymous, 1995:
How hospital tightened security following two kidnapping incidents

Anonymous, 1993 :
How hospital uses 3-D parking to protect cars, staff, employees

Anonymous, 2001:
How hospital's security combines personal service, advanced electronics

Barry, J., 1982:
How hospitals allocate laundry utility costs

Olson, B.L.; Alexander, J., 1986:
How hospitals are fostering effective trusteeship

Slomski, A.J., 1994:
How hospitals are luring doctors onto their payrolls

Anonymous, 1993:
How hospitals are "doctor-shopping"

Scheel, P.J.; Thompson, M., 1998:
How hospitals can adapt to managing ESRD patient care

Lapin, D., 1991:
How hospitals can avoid antitrust exposures

Raymer, M., 1987:
How hospitals can effectively select and use system interfaces

Smith, H.L., 1983:
How hospitals can respond to changing values

Decker, P.; Moore, R.C.; Sullivan, E., 1982:
How hospitals can solve the nursing shortage

Anonymous, 1992 :
How hospitals can use activity based costing

Alba, T.; Souders, J.; McGhee, G., 1995:
How hospitals can use internal benchmark data to create effective managed care arrangements

Arnwine, D.L., 1987:
How hospitals can work together with purchasers. Interview by Jane Stein

Anonymous, 1993:
How hospitals communicate with non-English-speaking patients

Fisher, A., 1982:
How hospitals cut operating costs by cutting utility, fuel bills and have the utility pay for the savings!

Quinley, W.W., 1992:
How hospitals get in trouble without really trying

Andree, R.A., 1988:
How hospitals manage operating room delays

Zwanziger, J.; Melnick, G.A.; Mann, J.; Simonson, L., 1994:
How hospitals practice cost containment with selective contracting and the Medicare Prospective Payment System

Goldsmith, J.C., 2001:
How hospitals should be using the Internet

Anonymous, 1983:
How hospitals "market position" themselves to stimulate patient flow

Lecci, A., 2000:
How hot is chilli?

Wu, A.W.; Folkman, S.; McPhee, S.J.; Lo, B., 1993:
How house officers cope with their mistakes

Godfrey-Faussett, P.; Maher, D.; Mukadi, Y.Diul.; Nunn, P.; Perriëns, J.; Raviglione, M., 2003:
How human immunodeficiency virus voluntary testing can contribute to tuberculosis control

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How human immunodeficiency viruses and herpesviruses affect apoptosis

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How humiliating simply to fall apart!

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How humor helps nurses manage job stress

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How humour keeps you well

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How husband-wife relations affect fertility behavior: a study of urban, working class Filipino couples

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How hydrocortisone substitution influences the quality of life and the bone metabolism of patients with secondary hypocortisolism

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How hydrogeology can save the world

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How hyper are we? A look at hypermedia management in academic health sciences libraries

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How hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps heal chronic wounds

Aronson, D.; Rayfield, E.J., 2002:
How hyperglycemia promotes atherosclerosis: molecular mechanisms

Halken, S.; Høst, A., 1998:
How hypoallergenic are hypoallergenic cow's milk-based formulas?

Grinberg, M., 1995:
How iatrogenic and preventable is infective endocarditis?

Edwards, R.G.; Beard, H.K., 1999:
How identical would cloned children be? An understanding essential to the ethical debate

Fernández de Sanmamed Santos, M.J.; Martínez Cantarero, C.; Puig Manresa, J., 1996:
How ill are my patients?

Jensen, I.; Finucane, P.M., 2000:
How ill is mother, doctor, and should I come home?

Ziegler, J., 1998:
How illiteracy drives up health costs

Statland, B.E., 1989:
How illness demographics will affect the lab

Wildes, K.W., 1986:
How images of health care can shape the future

Kaufman, N., 1995:
How imaging can thrive in managed-care markets

Ghosh, K., 1994:
How immature is the abnormal stem cell in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobulinuria?

Backe, K.W., 1997:
How immediate is caring?

Straubhaar, T.; Weber, R., 1993:
How immigration influences the national economic system of host countries: an empirical investigation for Switzerland

Shusterman, C., 1993:
How immigration laws affect hospitals

Wildschut, H.I.; Golding, J., 1997:
How important a factor is social class in preterm birth?

Hughes, N.J.; Carlisle, R., 2001:
How important a priority is travel medicine for a typical British family practice?

Gastineau, D.A.; Moore, S.B., 2001:
How important are ABO-related variations in coagulation factor levels?

Firestein, G.S.; Zvaifler, N.J., 2002:
How important are T cells in chronic rheumatoid synovitis?: II. T cell-independent mechanisms from beginning to end

Schreuder, B.; Arentsen, H.; Matosse, M., 1997:
How important are airfreight rates and vaccine packaging in cost-saving efforts for the Expanded Programme on Immunization?

Stürchler, M.S.; Meier-Boppart, I., 1999:
How important are attitudes towards washroom hygiene and spitting in schools? A telephone survey of school attendants in the Baselstadt canton, April 1998

Ross, H.E., 1981:
How important are changes in body weight for mass perception?

Solberg, L.I.; Brekke, M.L.; Kottke, T.E., 1997:
How important are clinician and nurse attitudes to the delivery of clinical preventive services?

Paradice, R., 1993:
How important are early mother/infant relationships?

Thornton, J.; Esposto, F., 2002:
How important are economic factors in choice of medical specialty?

Giles, G., 2002:
How important are estimates of cancer prevalence?

Bergmann, T.J.; Bergmann, M.A., 1987:
How important are fringe benefits to employees?

Vibbert, S., 1989:
How important are hospital death rates?

Stalker, T., 1979:
How important are residents to patient care?

Vessella, R.L., 1994:
How important are the prostate-specific antigen assays?

López Nicolás, A., 2002:
How important are tobacco prices in the propensity to start and quit smoking? An analysis of smoking histories from the Spanish National Health Survey

Keymer, R., 1978 :
How important are you?

Kondo, S.; Ito, M., 1997:
How important is IgE-mediated reaction in childhood asthma?

North, R.J.; Medina, E., 1998:
How important is Nramp1 in tuberculosis?

Sacks, D., 1994:
How important is aspirin therapy following balloon angioplasty of peripheral arteries?

Main, J., 2001:
How important is atheromatous renal artery stenosis as a cause of end-stage renal disease?

MacKinnon, B., 1996:
How important is consent for controlled clinical trials?

Dhivert-Donnadieu, H.; Bousquet, J., 1995:
How important is desensitization?

Zimmerman, R.K.; Mieczkowski, T.A., 1998:
How important is early childhood hepatitis B vaccination? A survey of primary care physicians

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How important is equality of access to hospital? A case study of patients' and visitors' travel costs

Claesson, C.; Dahlqvist, R.; Mjörndal, T.; Ogren, J.E., 1993:
How important is following the physician's instructions? Demands on patients vary among different individual groups

Tennstedt, S.L.; Sullivan, L.M.; McKinlay, J.B.; D'Agostino, R.B., 1990:
How important is functional status as a predictor of service use by older people?

Pill, R.; Peters, T.J.; Robling, M.R., 1993:
How important is health behaviour to the health of mothers of lower socio-economic status?

Roberts, D.M., 2002:
How important is history anyway?

Sharma, P.; Dahiya, R.S.; Dass, B.; Dewan, Y.; Arora, A.L., 2001:
How important is history of unconsciousness in head injury patients?

Peters, M.L., 1983:
How important is interpersonal communication?

Francis, G.S., 2002:
How important is it to drink eight glasses of water every day? I try to do that, but often am able to get only about six glasses in

Ash, R., 1999:
How important is it to understand people?

Giligson, A., 1996:
How important is maturity in medical school entry?

Segrave-Daly, J.; Stevens, N., 2002:
How important is mitral valve prolapse?

Matear, D.W., 2002:
How important is oral health care in geriatric institutions?

Niethard, F.U., 1999:
How important is orthopedics for students?

Quack, M., 2002 :
How important is parity violation for molecular and biomolecular chirality?

Dickersin, K., 1997:
How important is publication bias? A synthesis of available data

Franklin, S.S.; Wong, N.D.; Larson, M.G.; Kannel, W.B.; Levy, D., 2002:
How important is pulse pressure as a predictor of cardiovascular risk?

Juniper, E.F., 1997:
How important is quality of life in pediatric asthma?

Lumley, J., 1997:
How important is social class a factor in preterm birth?

Veronesi, U., 1994:
How important is the assessment of resection margins in conservative surgery for breast cancer?

Pryce, I.G.; Griffiths, R.D.; Gentry, R.M.; Hughes, I.C.; Montague, L.R.; Watkins, S.E.; Champney-Smith, J.; McLackland, B.M., 1993:
How important is the assessment of social skills in current long-stay in-patients? An evaluation of clinical response to needs for assessment, treatment, and care in a long-stay psychiatric in-patient population

Creighton, T.E., 1997:
How important is the molten globule for correct protein folding?

Ramsey, S.D.; Hillman, A.L.; Renshaw, L.R.; Kimberly, J.R.; Pauly, M.V.; Schwartz, J.S., 1993:
How important is the scientific literature in guiding clinical decisions? The case of magnetic resonance imaging

Saito; Afnan, 1994:
How important is the three-nucleon force?

Becker, G., 2000:
How important is transient error in estimating reliability? Going beyond simulation studies

Cunningham, J.; Makin, H., 1997:
How important is vitamin D deficiency in uraemia?

Miller, E.B.; Sinclair, U.B., 1987:
How important was Upton Sinclair's The Jungle to federal meat inspection reform?

Olson, E.G., 1991:
How in the world is WHO doing?

Anonymous, 1992:
How in-house security forces take on new duties to stay competitive

Manksi, R.J., 1994:
How income, employment, insurance affect older Americans' dental care

Marzo, A., 1993:
How incoming guidelines on chiral drugs could impact on the international scenery of drug development.IUPAC

Kaufman, J.S., 1999:
How inconsistencies in racial classification demystify the race construct in public health statistics

Bounpane, P., 1986:
How increased automation will improve the 1990 census of population and housing of the United States

Marshall, R., 1997:
How independent are multiple 'independent' diagnostic classifications?

Anonymous, 1990:
How indicator data can be used to monitor QA levels

Clark, L., 1988:
How individual practices get the clout of a big group

Reeves, P.M., 2002:
How individuals coping with HIV/AIDS use the Internet

Alcock, D.; Solano, J.; Kayson, W.A., 1998:
How individuals' responses and attractiveness influence aggression

Higdon, H., 1981:
How industry is curbing health care costs

Jusczyk, 1999:
How infants begin to extract words from speech

McCarty, M.E.; Clifton, R.K.; Ashmead, D.H.; Lee, P.; Goubet, N., 2001:
How infants use vision for grasping objects

Madeline, P., 1995:
How infectious diseases were taken over at the end of the XIXth century: The Saint-Denis Hospital example

Rose, K., 1997:
How informal carers cope with terminal cancer

Borrill, J.; Smith, M., 1999:
How information can reduce the negative impact of prostatectomy

Maloney, W.R., 1996:
How information systems are opening the way for integrated healthcare

Van Gorp, J., 1997:
How information technology will change home care

Saggers, J.; McCelland, N., 1999:
How informed are community psychiatric nurses (CPNs) of their role in the implementation of supervised discharge?

Neville-Smith, C.H.; Brandon, S.; Harrison, R.F.; Brennan, M., 1984:
How informed are patients who have given informed consent?

Krynski, M.D.; Tymchuk, A.J.; Ouslander, J.G., 1994:
How informed can consent be? New light on comprehension among elderly people making decisions about enteral tube feeding

Kearns, S.; Kingston, R.; Forman, S.; Murray, P., 2001:
How informed is consent? Use of an information booklet in patients undergoing total hip replacement

Farid, M.; Grainger, J., 1996:
How initial fixation position influences visual word recognition: a comparison of French and Arabic

Avants, S.K.; Warburton, L.A.; Margolin, A., 2001:
How injection drug users coped with testing HIV-seropositive: implications for subsequent health-related behaviors

Wells, R., 2001:
How institutional theory speaks to changes in organizational populations

Strasser, B.J.; Geiser, M., 2001:
How instruments better the world: the electron microscope between science and medicine in Geneva (1945-1970)

DiPrete, H.A.; Seay, J.D., 1978:
How insurer tackles skyrocketing inflation in hospital expenses

Owens, T.R., 1993:
How insurers can regain buyers' confidence

Ham, F.L., 1989:
How insurers decide to cover technology

Whittington, H., 1985:
How insurers get back at high-charging doctors

Terry, K., 1994:
How insurers try to curtail doctor visits

Kunii, C., 1984:
How integration of family planning and maternal and child health should be initiated and developed

Asano; Endo; Harada; Ishii; Kobayashi; Nagata; Muto; Yoshida; Nitta, 1993:
How intense is parametric x radiation?

Ray, J.W.; Shadish, W.R., 1996:
How interchangeable are different estimators of effect size?

Kim, M.; Blendon, R.J.; Benson, J.M., 2001:
How interested are Americans in new medical technologies? A multicountry comparison

Enthoven, A.C., 1980:
How interested groups have responded to a proposal for economic competition in health services

Graham, I.D.; Logan, D.M.; Hughes-Benzie, R.; Evans, W.K.; Perras, H.; McAuley, L.M.; Laupacis, A.; Stern, H., 1999:
How interested is the public in genetic testing for colon cancer susceptibility? Report of a cross-sectional population survey

Siwicki, B., 1996:
How interface technologies bridge communication gaps

Fivel, 1994:
How interference effects in mixtures determine the rules of quantum mechanics

Davidson, D.M.; Wester, J., 1997:
How intermediate sanctions change the dynamics of healthcare transactions

Louthian, R.C., 1999:
How intermediate tax sanctions may be applied to IDSs

Hoeltke, L.B., 1991:
How internships eased our phlebotomist shortage

Lamptey, P., 1991:
How intervention projects affect sexual behavior

Kuhl, H., 1994:
How intestinal diseases, nutrition, smoking and alcohol modify the action of oral contraceptives

Miller, T.R.; Spicer, R.S.; Levy, D.T., 1999:
How intoxicated are drivers in the United States? Estimating the extent, risks and costs per kilometer of driving by blood alcohol level

Schiff, A.F., 1993:
How intrusive can a PPO be? Ask this doctor

Thind, G.S., 2001:
How invasive should one be?

Chikungwa, M.T., 2001:
How invasive should one go?

Sherman, B., 1990:
How investors evaluate the creditworthiness of hospitals

Zar, F.A., 1991:
How involved is hospital administration in your P & T Committee?

Jacobs, P.; Wood, L., 2000:
How iron should be administered

Tsai, T.F.; Maibach, H.I., 2000:
How irritant is water? An overview

Nesse, R.M., 2001:
How is Darwinian medicine useful?

Goverman, I.; Hamburg, G.D.; Sexton, D.; Tharpe, K.; Waters, S., 1996:
How is HEDIS affecting the information systems industry?

Cave, D.R., 1997:
How is Helicobacter pylori transmitted?

Kawahara, M.; Namihira, E.; Sato, H., 2001:
How is a seita fitted to the body?

Cowin, S.C., 2001:
How is a tissue built?

Kroll, R., 2002:
How is adult stuttering usually treated?

Savolainen, J.; Mäkelä, M.; Raitio, H., 2002:
How is an allergic immunological response formed?

Østby-Deglum, I.; Dahl, A.A., 2002:
How is an information program for depressed patients perceived?

Schneider, C.A., 2002:
How is antianginal therapy with pentaerythritol tetranitrate executed?

Ide, B.; Drew, B.J., 2000:
How is atrial tachycardia differentiated from atrial flutter?

Dräger, B., 1996:
How is atropine made in belladonna? New findings on the regulation of plant secondary metabolites

Haaga, J.G., 1988:
How is birthspacing related to infant health?

Suda, T., 2002:
How is bone formed and resorbed?-- molecular mechanisms of bone formation and resorption

Sépou, A.; Yanza, M.C.; Nguémbi, E.; Tekpa, G.; Ngbalè, R., 2001:
How is breast-feeding valued in the urban and semi-urban Central African milieu?

Bedrov, Y.A.; Dick, O.E.; Nozdrachev, A.D., 2001:
How is bursting mode maintained under the action of exo- and endogenous factors?

Anonymous, 1995:
How is computerization affecting nursing staff training?

Coppola, K.M.; Strohmetz, D.B., 2002:
How is death and dying addressed in introductory psychology textbooks?

Ichikawa, M.; Egusa, H., 1993:
How is depth perception affected by long-term wearing of left-right reversing spectacles?

Olsen, B.S.; Mortensen, H.B.; Andersen, O., 1998:
How is diabetes mellitus diagnosed in children and adolescents?

Mygh, A., 2000:
How is health examination of adult asylum applicants arranged in Denmark?

Gilliland, E.A., 2003:
How is health-care education to be organized in the new NHS?

Kernland, K.H.; Laux-End, R.; Truttmann, A.C.; Reymond, D.; Bianchetti, M.G., 1997:
How is hemolytic-uremic syndrome in childhood acquired in Switzerland?

Hu, J., 1993:
How is impotence treated with acupuncture?

Laake, K.; Jakaityte, J., 1997:
How is it with the "elderly wave"

Murray, J.F., 2000:
How is it with tuberculosis in the world?

Araki, W.; Wurtman, R.J., 1998:
How is membrane phospholipid biosynthesis controlled in neural tissues?

Schiaffino, S.; Murgia, M.; Serrano, A.L.; Calabria, E.; Pallafacchina, G., 2000:
How is muscle phenotype controlled by nerve activity?

Osser, D.N., 1998 :
How is naltrexone used in the treatment of alcoholism?

Barraquer-Bordas, L.I., 1996:
How is new selective neuropsychiatry being structured?

Aubrun, F., 1998:
How is postoperative pain evaluated?

Schulhof, M.G.; Marshall, S., 1973:
How is postvasectomy sterility confirmed?

Hoppe, U.C., 2002:
How is prevention of thrombosis in paroxysmal absolute tachyarrhythmia managed?

Wiersbitzky, S.; Reddemann, H., 1993:
How is preventive poliomyelitis vaccination of the child carried out when the mother suffers from Hodgkin's disease?

Laureta, I.B., 1993:
How is professional ethics based on confidentiality and solidarity?

O'Connor, D.W.; Clarke, D.M.; Presnell, I., 1999:
How is psychiatry taught to Australian and New Zealand medical students?

Frazier, S.H., 1987:
How is quality measured in the treatment of mental illness?

Olivieri, D., 1994:
How is respiratory medicine growing in Europe?

Boissier, M.C.; Alcalay, M., 1998:
How is rheumatology taught in France during the first two cycles of medical school?

Bruck, H.; Schäfers, R.F.; Daul, A.E.; Philipp, T.; Wenzel, R.R., 1998:
How is sympathetic nervous system activity evaluated?

Weinberg, D.S., 1996:
How is telepathology being used to improve patient care?

Guo, Y.; Wang, Y.; Shi, X.; Qin, W.; Zhang, X.; Xu, J.; Liu, X.; Yang, D.; Yang, Y., 2018:
A metabolomics study on the immunosuppressive effect of Tripterygium hypoglaucum (Levl.) Hutch in mice: The discovery of pathway differences in serum metabolites

Cambi, V.; Berthoux, F.; Carrera, F., 1998:
How is the annual congress of your society managed? (Reflection on the ethics and finances of medical congresses)

Kesselring, J., 1999:
How is the brain tuned?

Kräuchi, K., 2002:
How is the circadian rhythm of core body temperature regulated?

Werner, E.L.; Laerum, E.; Ihlebaek, C., 2002:
How is the general practitioner managing the back pain?

Bouaziz, H., 1998:
How is the management of postoperative pain in organized in surgical wards?

Anonymous, 1995:
How is the medical director's role evolving in LTC?

Barclay, L., 1984:
How is the midwife's training and practice defined in policies and regulations in Australia today?

Williams, J.R., 1994:
How is the new statement on resuscitative interventions different from the original?

Anonymous, 2000:
How is the practice of gerontological nursing changing in your field or setting? How do you see your role evolving in the next 5 years?

Lindsey, B.G., 2001:
How is the respiratory central pattern generator configured and reconfigured? A workshop summary

Maury, E.; Lecesne, R., 2001:
How is the severity of acute pancreatitis established?

Rosendahl, K.; Aasland, O.G.; Aslaksen, A.; Nordby, A.; Brabrand, K.; Akre, V., 2000:
How is the specialist training in radiology?

Pedersen, K.Damgaard.; Hansen, F.Rønholt.; Mortensen, T.Munck., 2002:
How is the treatment of cerebral apoplexy to be organized?

Deserno, H., 1998:
How is transference assessed? Evaluation of the 290th session from the clinical perspective

Wall, M., 1993:
How is your hospital affected?

Wardle, D.R., 1987:
How is your materiel management audit program?

Seip, D.E., 1988:
How is your retirement project doing?

Frosina, C.J.; Mathews, E., 2001:
How is your water? An interdisciplinary approach to management of biofilm in dental unit waterlines

Muto, T.; Mizoue, T.; Araki, Y.; Miyazaki, S.; Marui, E., 2002:
How is "coverage" defined for occupational health services?

Penttinen, R.; Niinikoski, J., 2002:
How it all started, Juha Niinikoski, wounds and oxygen

Begley, S., 2001:
How it all starts inside your brain

Dodge, P.R.; Dodge, P.R., 1999:
How it began and developed: a brief autobiographical sketch

Glenner, R.A., 2000:
How it evolved--the lancet

Anonymous, 2002:
How it feels to be a child of donor insemination

Robitscher, J., 1979:
How it looked then

Evans, E.C., 1985:
How it's helped--and hurt--medical practice

Hallam, K., 1999:
How it's seniors vying with kids for dollars

Parks, D.; Cronin, S.H., 1982:
How it's working in one Texas hospital

Anonymous, 1989:
How itinerant surgery can affect quality of patient care

Maida, T.R., 2001:
How judicial myopia is jeopardizing the protection of people with HIV/AIDS under the ADA

Etzioni, A., 1974:
How kidney donations can be increased

Hahn, U.; Romacker, M.; Schulz, S., 1999:
How knowledge drives understanding--matching medical ontologies with the needs of medical language processing

Fitzgibbon, R.J., 1990:
How lab supervisors fared on the salary front

Altzinger, W., 1995:
How labour market experiences of migrants differ: Australia and Austria compared

Barros, A., 1995:
How labs contribute to rising health care costs

Jarlskog; Shabalin, 1995:
How large are the rates of the CP-violating eta, eta '--> pi pi decays?

O'Murchadha, 1986:
How large can a star be?

Martemyanov, 1994:
How large can the crust of a strange star be?

Bodenheimer, T.; Sullivan, K., 1998:
How large employers are shaping the health care marketplace. First of two parts

Bodenheimer, T.; Sullivan, K., 1998:
How large employers are shaping the health care marketplace. Second of two parts

Gallagher, J.R.; Dunlap, B.J., 1987:
How large employers control health care costs

Schiffner, R.; Schiffner-Rohe, J.; Landthaler, M.; Stolz, W., 2002:
How large is the loss of effectiveness of a treatment procedure between "theory" and "practice"? Evaluating health economics basic data within the scope of a trial model of ambulatory synchronous balenophototherapy of atopic eczema

Meyer, T.; Howland, H.C., 2001:
How large is the optic disc? Systematic errors in fundus cameras and topographers

Block; Halzen; Margolis, 1992:
How large is the total cross section at supercollider energies?

Agbese, D., 1991:
How large is wrong?

Nguyen, M.H.; Pittas, F., 1999:
How large should a skin trephine be for an end stoma?

Gilmore, J., 1987:
How large the gap?

Havron, D., 1981:
How lasers save sight

Ellis, S.G., 2001:
How late is too late (for infarct angioplasty)?

Corballis, M.C., 2000:
How laterality will survive the millennium bug

Huber, P.W., 1992:
How lawyers have invaded the delivery room

Rice, B., 1994:
How lawyers win those big "pain and suffering" awards

Lee, S., 1997:
How lay is lay? Chinese students' perceptions of anorexia nervosa in Hong Kong

Cassidy, J., 1994:
How leaders can create adaptive, energetic organizations

Teichmann, K.D., 1999:
How leaky is Descemet's membrane?

Thomas, J.D., 1997:
How leaky is that mitral valve? Simplified Doppler methods to measure regurgitant orifice area

Baumgarter-Tramer, U., 2002:
How learning can also be fun

Huston, J.L.; Huston, T.L., 1995:
How learning style and personality type can affect performance

Klerman, L.V., 1999:
How legislation and health systems can promote adolescent health

Reno, K., 2002:
How legislation has historically helped nursing when in crisis point

Hall, J.M., 1994:
How lesbians recognize and respond to alcohol problems: a theoretical model of problematization

Anonymous, 1994:
How liability fears inflate health costs

Kessler, D.P.; McClellan, M.B., 2002:
How liability law affects medical productivity

Lichtenberg, J.D.; Freud, S., 1994:
How libido theory shaped technique (1911-1915)

Lawson, I.J.; McGeoch, K.L., 2000:
How likely is it that Stockholm stage 1 of the hand arm vibration syndrome will progress to stages 2 and 3?

von Schönfeld, J., 2000:
How likely is sexual transmission of hepatitis C viruses?

Yang, K.; Duley, M.L.; Zhu, J., 2018:
Metabolomics Study Reveals Enhanced Inhibition and Metabolic Dysregulation in Escherichia coli Induced by Lactobacillus acidophilus-Fermented Black Tea Extract

Cowley, G., 2001:
How little we really know

Emanuel, L., 2000:
How living wills can help doctors and patients talk about dying

Lewis, A., 1994:
How living wills could save billions

Wiens, J.J.; Slingluff, J.L., 2002 :
How lizards turn into snakes: a phylogenetic analysis of body-form evolution in anguid lizards

Palmer, M., 1978:
How lobbying laws affect hospitals, HFMA

Grandinetti, D.A., 2000:
How location can make or break your practice

Brenière, Y., 1999:
How locomotor parameters adapt to gravity and body structure changes during gait development in children

Ren, X.; Fan, W.; Shao, Z.; Chen, K.; Yu, X.; Liang, Q., 2018:
A metabolomic study on early detection of steroid-induced avascular necrosis of the femoral head

Siegel, R.E., 2000:
How long a stay in the hospital is needed for patients with community-acquired pneumonia?

Green, R.; Grierson, R.; Sitar, D.S.; Tenenbein, M., 2002:
How long after drug ingestion is activated charcoal still effective?

Ahmad, D.; Morgan, W.K., 2000:
How long are TB patients infectious?

Clark, L., 1990:
How long are your patients languishing in the ER?

Schutzer, A.I., 1988:
How long before a medical degree starts to pay off?

Blackburn, G.L., 2002:
How long before a scheduled surgery do I have to stop eating and drinking?

Schwartz, H., 1984:
How long before mandatory assignment?

van Wyk, J.A.; Malan, F.S.; Randles, J.L., 1997:
How long before resistance makes it impossible to control some field strains of Haemonchus contortus in South Africa with any of the modern anthelmintics?

Slomski, A.J., 1991:
How long can Indiana remain a malpractice paradise?

Dick, D., 1983:
How long can NHS ignore quality control?

Milicevic, G.; Goldner, V.; Vrhovac, B.; Prpic, H.; Planinc, D.; Majsec, M., 2000:
How long can an escalation of dose override tolerance to the hypotensive efficacy of nitroglycerin infusion in coronary care patients

Okada, K.; Takahashi, S.; Higuchi, T.; Kinoshita, Y.; Kikuchi, F.; Yamauchi, T.; Yanai, M.; Kuno, T.; Nagura, Y., 1993:
How long can continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis be continued?

Ben-Bassat, H.; Chaouat, M.; Segal, N.; Zumai, E.; Wexler, M.R.; Eldad, A., 2001:
How long can cryopreserved skin be stored to maintain adequate graft performance?

Locatelli, F.; Del Vecchio, L., 1999:
How long can dialysis be postponed by low protein diet and ACE inhibitors?

Reese, S., 2002:
How long can employers hang on?

Bell, D.S.; Ovalle, F., 2001:
How long can insulin therapy be avoided in the patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus by use of a combination of metformin and a sulfonylurea?

White, K., 1996:
How long can nurses remain voiceless?

Lonský, V.; Voxová, B.; Dominik, J.; Mandák, J.; Kubícek, J.; Bímová, J.; Marková, D.; Matoulková, P., 1998:
How long can the previously assembled cardiopulmonary bypass circuit stay sterile?

Cowan, B., 1997:
How long can we wait?

Hoekelman, R.A., 1993:
How long can you go? Making tough decisions

Guo, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Zhu, T.; Li, J.; Feng, Y.; Zhao, H.; Liu, S., 2018:
A metabolomic view of how low nitrogen strength favors anammox biomass yield and nitrogen removal capability

Green, D., 2002:
How long do emergency physicians' careers last?

Baker, D.M.; Rider, M.A.; Locker, A.; Fawcett, A.N., 1993:
How long do patients convalesce after inguinal herniorrhaphy? Current principles and practice

Tinckler, L., 1993:
How long do patients convalescence after inguinal herniorrhaphy? Current principles and practice

Olson, D.W.; de, G., 2002:
How long do patients wait for elective general surgery?

McIntosh, D.; Spaven, J.; Hagen, N.A., 1999:
How long do prepared epidural solutions remain sterile?

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How long do routine dental restorations last? A systematic review

Kempf, T.S.; Sfikas, E.M., 1998:
How long do you keep your documents?

Steen-Hansen, J.E.; Folkestad, E.H., 2001:
How long does it take for an ambulance to arrive?

Parker, G.; Roy, K.; Menkes, D.B.; Snowdon, J.; Boyce, P.; Grounds, D.; Hughson, B.; Stringer, C., 2001:
How long does it take for antidepressant therapies to act?

Spencer, M.K.; MacLennan, A.H., 2001:
How long does it take to deliver a baby by emergency Caesarean section?

Smith, T.J.; Desch, C.E.; Hackney, M.H.; Shaw, J.E., 1997:
How long does it take to get a "do not resuscitate" order?

Friedman, L.S., 1995:
How long does it take to learn endoscopy?

Bowling, T.E.; Silk, B.A.; Silk, D.B., 1996:
How long does it take to operate? The implications for in patient malnutrition

Anonymous, 2002:
How long does it take to train a scientist? By Caveman

Perez-Trallero, E.; Montes, M.; Larrañaga, M.; Arenas, J.I., 1999:
How long for the routine Helicobacter pylori antimicrobial susceptibility testing? The usefulness of the string test to obtain Helicobacter for culture

Kirschner, L., 1981:
How long has it been since you reviewed your silver recovery contract?

Parens, E., 2002:
How long has this been going on? Disability issues, disability studies, and bioethics

Lee, M., 1994:
How long have you had this infection?

Joshi, H.; Owen, S., 1987:
How long is a piece of elastic? The measurement of female activity rates in British censuses, 1951-1981

Anonymous, 1978:
How long is a piece of string? Or to pose an equally unanswerable question--how many doctors do we need?

Tripuraneni, P.; Parikh, S.; Giap, H.; Jani, S.; Massullo, V.; Dries, W.; Russo, R.; Teirstein, P., 2000:
How long is enough? Defining the treatment length in endovascular brachytherapy

Witkowski, J., 1994:
How long is the human genome?

Anonymous, 1995:
How long is the long run?

Webb, J.; Humphries, K.; Sutandar, A., 2001:
How long is too long?

Wood, A.L.; O'Brien, S.J., 1996:
How long is too long? Determining the early management of meningococcal disease in Birmingham

Manfredi, R.; Ragazzini, I.; Zucchini, A.; Di Fiore, M.T.; Manfredi, G., 1995:
How long may perinatally acquired human immunodeficiency virus infection last asymptomatically?

Gray, P., 1997:
How long must nurses wait?

Schmidt, K., 2000:
How long must we still sacrifice ourselves? Up to 20% of our performance is not reimbursed

Anonymous, 1996:
How long must we wait?

Beasley, J.W., 2002:
How long should a clerkship be?

Varela, G.; Jiménez, M.; Novoa, N., 2001:
How long should a patient stay in the hospital after lung resection?

Hart, R.; Magos, A., 1999:
How long should a woman take HRT?

Nixon, C., 2000:
How long should an internal jugular catheter be?

Bonarjee, V.VS.; Dickstein, K., 2002:
How long should angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors be given to patients following myocardial infarction: implications of the HOPE trial

Mahé, I., 1999:
How long should anticoagulants be administered in the therapy of the first episode of venous thromboembolism?

Małowidzka-Serwińska, M., 1996:
How long should eeg be monitored in order to diagnose epilepsy: 24 or 48 hours?

Tallis, R., 1993:
How long should elderly patients take antidepressants?

Bertelsen, K.; Grenman, S.; Rustin, G.J., 1999:
How long should first-line chemotherapy continue?

Lam, D.S.; Leung, A.T.; Wu, J.T.; Tham, C.C.; Fan, D.S., 1998:
How long should one wait to perform LASIK after PKP?

Bankes, M.J.; Coull, R.; Ferris, B.D., 2000:
How long should patients be followed-up after total hip replacement? Current practice in the UK

Strunin, L., 1993:
How long should patients fast before surgery? Time for new guidelines

Cosman, F.; Cummings, S.; Lindsay, R., 2000:
How long should patients with osteoporosis be treated with bisphosphanates?

Vlaminck, P., 1998:
How long should prophylactic antipsychotic therapy last after the initial schizophrenic psychosis?

De Lucas Ramos, P., 2001:
How long should respiratory physiotherapy last?

Moienafshari, R.; Bar-Oz, B.; Ford-Jones, L.; Koren, G., 1998:
How long should someone wait after CMV infection to start pregnancy?

Barwell, J.; Campbell, L.; Watkins, R.M.; Teasdale, C., 1998:
How long should suction drains stay in after breast surgery with axillary dissection?

Aviv, A.; Harley, C.B., 2001:
How long should telomeres be?

Anonymous, 1993:
How long should the elderly take antidepressants? A double-blind placebo-controlled study of continuation/prophylaxis therapy with dothiepin. Old Age Depression Interest Group

Anonymous, 1998:
How long should you boil water to make it safe to drink?

O'Neill, P., 1993:
How long to treat bacterial meningitis

Joseph, P.R., 1999:
How long to treat sinusitis?

Anonymous, 2000:
How long to use antibiotics therapy in acute otitis media?

Rosenheck, R.; Evans, D.; Herz, L.; Cramer, J.; Xu, W.; Thomas, J.; Henderson, W.; Charney, D., 2000:
How long to wait for a response to clozapine: a comparison of time course of response to clozapine and conventional antipsychotic medication in refractory schizophrenia

Moray, S.; Shannon, P.; Fritz, J.H.; Raphaelson, S., 1999:
How long was the longest labor you attended? What was the birth like?

Hashimoto, H., 2002:
How long will it take before susceptibility genes of SLE are identified?

Anbar, M., 1985:
How long will medical education neglect medical technology--or vice versa?

Raffle, A.E., 1999:
How long will screening myths survive?

Jimenez Ornelas, R., 1989:
How long will we endure the sorrow of thirty deaths per thousand ?

Hájek, Z.; Drbohlav, P., 1999:
How long will we still implant pessaries in pregnant women?

Chilton, L.A., 2000:
How long will you be staying, doctor?

Petersdorf, R.G., 1997:
How long, oh how long?

Gallagher, R.M., 2000:
How long-term care is changing

Spicer, W.A., 1981:
How long-term care views 1982 slide: survey finds administrators concerned about recession's effects on labor force and patient care

Caza, N.; Belleville, S.; Gilbert, B., 2002:
How loss of meaning with preservation of phonological word form affects immediate serial recall performance: a linguistic account

Jerger, J., 2001:
How loud is too loud?

Ettner, S.L.; Christiansen, C.L.; Callahan, T.L.; Hall, J.E., 1997:
How low birthweight and gestational age contribute to increased inpatient costs for multiple births

Crane, M., 1997 :
How low can fees go?

Krivo, L.J.; Kaufman, R.L., 1999:
How low can it go? Declining black-white segregation in a multiethnic context

Owens, A., 1987:
How low can productivity go?

Vastag, B., 2000:
How low can the doses go? Transplanters look to less toxic future

Rich, T.; Allen, R.; Trowsdale, J., 2000:
How low can toll go?

Ofri, R.; Horowitz, I.H.; Kass, P.H., 2000:
How low can we get? Tonometry in the Thomson gazelle (Gazella thomsoni)

Moore, J., 1999:
How low can we go? Affordability is a great idea, but it's more talk than action

Bryan-Brown, C.W.; Dracup, K., 1997:
How low can you get?

Vazquez, E., 1996:
How low can you go

Kochanek, P.M.; Snyder, J.V.; Bircher, N.G., 1999:
How low can you go? Blood pressure control after intracranial hemorrhage

Wang, J.Z.; Guerrero, M.; Li, X.Allen., 2002:
How low is the alpha/beta ratio for prostate cancer?

Meyers, J.E.; Morrison, A.L.; Miller, J.C., 2002:
How low is too low, revisited: sentence repetition and AVLT-recognition in the detection of malingering

Anonymous, 1998:
How low should blood pressure go?

Cummings, K.M.; Hyland, A., 2001:
How low should you go?

Oberstein, E.M.; Gómez, J.Pablo.; Glassberg, M.K., 2002:
How lymphangioleiomyomatosis can be recognized and treated?

Miller, J., 1982:
How major MD groups negotiate. Medical muscle

Anonymous, 1996:
How male nurses see their female colleagues

Crane, M., 1987:
How malpractice insurers dictate treatment

Holoweiko, M., 1987:
How malpractice lawyers find their hired guns

Adamo, V.; Warner, K., 1993:
How malpractice reform affects your liability insurance rates

Rosenheimer, L., 1997:
How managed care affects day-to-day operations

Anonymous, 1996:
How managed care affects hospitalization

Price, D.M.; Murphy, P.A., 1998:
How managed care affects nursing

Randel, L.; Pearson, S.D.; Sabin, J.E.; Hyams, T.; Emanuel, E.J., 2001:
How managed care can be ethical

Weil, T.P., 1997:
How managed care could coopt the public sector

Lundy, M.C., 2000:
How managed care effects current labor law: the case of nurses and physicians

Anonymous, 1995:
How managed care forces change the patient-physician relationship

Polsky, D.; Escarce, J.J., 2003:
How managed care growth affects where physicians locate their practices

Anonymous, 1995:
How managed care is changing the recruitment of physicians

Murray, D., 1995:
How managed care is roiling internal medicine

Weiland, D.E.; Caruso, D.M.; Wesche, D.E.; Bay, R.C., 1997:
How managed care may choose hospitals for contracts for laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Hale, J.A.; Weiner, R.B., 1993:
How managed care measures up

Fisher, W.H.; Lindrooth, R.C.; Norton, E.C.; Dickey, B., 1999:
How managed care organizations develop selective contracting networks for psychiatric inpatient care: a Massachusetts case study

Mays, G.P.; Halverson, P.K.; Kaluzny, A.D.; Norton, E.C., 2001:
How managed care plans contribute to public health practice

Taylor, R.S., 1994:
How managed care redefines quality in consumer terms

Curtiss, F.R., 1989:
How managed care works

Holoweiko, M., 1991:
How managed-care contracts can drag down your income

Anonymous, 1994:
How management firm secures medical center parking facility

Eisenhardt, K.M.; Kahwajy, J.L.; Bourgeois, L.J., 1997:
How management teams can have a good fight

Reichert, M., 1994:
How managers can evaluate new sterilization technologies

Magee, J.F., 1989:
How managers can prepare their companies for the new Europe. 1992: moves Americans must make

McDaniel, R.R., 1989:
How managers decide what their problems are

Thomas, L., 1999:
How managers feel about nurses

Cepress, P., 1987:
How managers succeed in receivables: studies from the field

Foreman, J., 1993:
How many Americans are uninsured?

Sunshine, J.H., 1984:
How many Americans lack outside sources of payment for major health care costs?

Johnson, H.P., 2002:
How many Californians? A review of population projections for the state

Anonymous, 1997:
How many FTEs? Managers look at new ways to strengthen teams in OR

Patterson, P., 1997:
How many FTEs? No one method for tracking labor productivity for the OR

Anonymous, 1997:
How many FTEs? Reports aid managers in tracking labor costs

Tribalat, M., 1991:
How many French residents have a foreign origin?

Kaplan, E.H.; Slater, P.E.; Soskolne, V., 1995:
How many HIV infections are there in Israel? Reconstructing HIV incidence from AIDS case reporting

Holguín, A.; Soriano, V., 1998:
How many HIV's are there?

Petrucci, A.; Dorrucci, M.; Alliegro, M.B.; Pezzotti, P.; Rezza, G.; Sinicco, A.; Lazzarin, A.; Angarano, G., 1997:
How many HIV-infected individuals may be defined as long-term nonprogressors? A report from the Italian Seroconversion Study. Italian Seroconversion Study Group (ISS)

Anonymous, 1983:
How many Rxs do physicians write per office visit?

Judson, R.; Salisbury, B.; Schneider, J.; Windemuth, A.; Stephens, J.Claiborne., 2002:
How many SNPs does a genome-wide haplotype map require?

Hayes, G.R.; Levin, M.J., 1984:
How many Samoans? An evaluation of the 1980 census count of Samoans in the United States

Gedeon, A.K.; Donnelly, A.J.; Mulley, J.C.; Kerr, B.; Turner, G., 1996:
How many X-linked genes for non-specific mental retardation (MRX) are there?

Leitz, W.; Hellström, G.; Holm, L.E., 1998:
How many X-ray examinations do patients tolerate? The National Institute of Radiation Protection's conclusions on the level of knowledge

De Meeus, J.B.; Magnin, G., 1997:
How many abdominal hysterectomies can be avoided by laparoscopic surgery?

Nomizu, M., 2000:
How many active sites are located on laminin molecule?

Bertelloni, S.; Giani, I.; Martini, R.; Messina, G.; Micheletti, E.; Milani, G.; Lombardi, D.; Palazzoni, E.; Saggese, G., 2001:
How many adolescents are admitted in pediatrics?

Gilpin, E.A.; Choi, W.S.; Berry, C.; Pierce, J.P., 1999:
How many adolescents start smoking each day in the United States?

Alberti, P.W., 1996:
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Ehrlich, G.E., 2002:
How many angels could dance on the head of a pin?

Sims, E.H.; Thadepalli, H.; Ganesan, K.; Mandal, A.K., 1997:
How many antibiotics are necessary to treat abdominal trauma victims?

Watve, M.G.; Tickoo, R.; Jog, M.M.; Bhole, B.D., 2001:
How many antibiotics are produced by the genus Streptomyces?

Anonymous, 1981:
How many are there?

Anonymous, 1985:
How many are there? A national inventory of EMS people, places and things

Rotem, Y., 1994:
How many author names on one medical article?

Rollin, A.M., 1994:
How many authors?

Cheng, T.O., 1998:
How many balloons do we need to dilate one mitral valve?

MacStravic, R.E., 1979:
How many beds are enough?

Flannery, M., 1977:
How many beds is enough?

Tamada, K.; Kurihara, K.; Tomiyama, T.; Ohashi, A.; Wada, S.; Satoh, Y.; Miyata, T.; Ido, K.; Sugano, K., 1999:
How many biopsies should be performed during percutaneous transhepatic cholangioscopy to diagnose biliary tract cancer?

Heckers, S.; Weygand, W.; Kraepelin, E., 2002:
How many bipolar mixed states are there?

Zhao, X., 1991:
How many births have been averted in China in the past 20 years?

Métraux, A., 1995:
How many bodies are there in the body? Some remarks on neurophysiology during the Enlightenment

Anonymous, 1989:
How many bond ratings do you need?

McEvoy, V., 1994:
How many calories in half an M&M?

Williams, D.B., 1997:
How many cases can a case manager manage?

Anonymous, 2000:
How many cases of rhinitis are allergically-induced? Cave: Increase in sensitization

García Rodríguez, J.F.; de Juan Prego, J.; Vázquez Castro, J., 1994:
How many cases of tuberculosis are not reported?

VandeCreek, L.; Siegel, K.; Gorey, E.; Brown, S.; Toperzer, R., 2001:
How many chaplains per 100 inpatients? Benchmarks of health care chaplaincy departments

Heilman, R.S., 1998:
How many cheeks must we turn?

Jones, I.E.; Williams, S.M.; Dow, N.; Goulding, A., 2002:
How many children remain fracture-free during growth? a longitudinal study of children and adolescents participating in the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study

Davis, S.F., 1995:
How many children with HIV?

Lolarga, E., 1983:
How many children would you like to have?

Ferguson, A.; Wiese, G., 1988:
How many chiropractic schools? An analysis of institutions that offered the D.C. degree

Kent, H., 1999:
How many concussions are too many?

Fink, T.M.; Ball, R.C., 2001:
How many conformations can a protein remember?

Pretzer, M., 1993:
How many cooks will spice health reform?

Dulhunty, A.; Haarmann, C.; Green, D.; Hart, J., 2001:
How many cysteine residues regulate ryanodine receptor channel activity?

Letonturier, P., 1999:
How many daily insulin injections for the pregnant diabetic woman?

Woodward, A.; Laugesen, M., 2001:
How many deaths are caused by second hand cigarette smoke?

Sox, H.C.; Woloshin, S., 2001 :
How many deaths are due to medical error? Getting the number right

Hughes, C.M., 2000:
How many deaths are due to medical errors?

Lindegren, M.; Andersen, K.H.; Casini, M.; Neuenfeldt, S., 2017:
A metacommunity perspective on source–sink dynamics and management: the Baltic Sea as a case study

Collett, M., 1995:
How many dentists are too many?

Hall, W.D.; Ross, J.E.; Lynskey, M.T.; Law, M.G.; Degenhardt, L.J., 2001:
How many dependent heroin users are there in Australia?

Passa, P., 1999:
How many diabetic patients are there in France?

Karwan, R., 1995:
How many different RNA enzymes

Merritt, J., 1997:
How many docs? Establishing proper staffing levels under managed care requires some new math

Carlova, J., 1984:
How many doctors are cheating their way into practice

Hebrang, A., 1993:
How many doctors are needed in Croatia?

Eccles, L.M.; Townsend, S.J., 1993:
How many doctors does Britain need?

Guglielmo, W.J., 2001:
How many doctors own guns?

Gore, S.M.; Hutchinson, S.J.; Cassidy, J.; Bird, A.G.; Biswas, S., 1999:
How many drug rehabilitation places are needed in prisons to reduce the risk of bloodborne virus infection?

Kelly, B., 2002:
How many eggs in one basket?

Davey, A.; Femia, E.E.; Shea, D.G.; Zarit, S.H.; Sundstr?om, G.; Berg, S.; Smyer, M.A., 2000:
How many elders receive assistance? A cross-national comparison

Murdoch, A.P., 1998:
How many embryos should be transferred?

Azem, F.; Yaron, Y.; Amit, A.; Yovel, I.; Barak, Y.; Peyser, M.R.; David, M.P.; Lessing, J.B., 1996:
How many embryos to transfer in patients undergoing IVF?

Rodríguez de Lores Arnaiz, G., 2000:
How many endobains are there?

Sisson, S.; Jazzar, A.; Mischke, L.; Cooper, D.K.; Zuhdi, N., 1996:
How many endomyocardial biopsies are necessary in the first year after heart transplantation?

Kumashiro, M., 2002:
How many ergonomics interventions do we have in the field of occupational stress?

Schwab, I.R., 2001:
How many eyes do you need?

Zamora, F.; Lebon, A., 1985:
How many foreigners left France between 1975 and 1982?

Feuerstein, P., 2002:
How many gadgets can fit in a dental treatment room?

Coffey, G.A.; Marley, J.E., 1994:
How many general practices do patients really attend?

Roos, N.; Black, C.; Wade, J.; Decker, K., 1996:
How many general surgeons do you need in rural areas? Three approaches to physician resource planning in southern Manitoba

Rennie, J., 1993:
How many genes and Y. Gene mappers find plenty, even in "junk' chromosomes

Koonin, E.V., 2001:
How many genes can make a cell: the minimal-gene-set concept

Mccracken, K.W., 1987:
How many going where? Postcensal estimates of interstate migration in Australia, 1981-1986

Larson, L., 2001:
How many hats are too many?

Goldberg, H., 1992:
How many headaches can a computer cause? Count 'em

Hobbiss, A., 2000:
How many health managers have asked themselves "What does the Lawrence inquiry mean for us?"

Fredrick, L., 1985 :
How many health plans can one town handle?

Krogius, C.J., 2001:
How many heart beats during lifetime?

Biermann, M.; Schober, O., 2002:
How many high-risk patients with differentiated thyroid cancer need a "Tumor Center" per year?

Shaw, M.D., 1997:
How many higher neurosurgical trainees shall we train in the British Isles?

Watkins-Chow, D.E.; Camper, S.A., 1998:
How many homeobox genes does it take to make a pituitary gland?

Dickey, W.; McConnell, J.B., 1996:
How many hospital visits does it take before celiac sprue is diagnosed?

Sellick, K.; McKinley, S.; Botti, M.; Kingsland, S.; Behan, J., 1993:
How many hospitals have a nursing research policy? A Victorian survey

Neubauer, G., 1998:
How many incontinent patients are there today and how many will there be tomorrow?

Gott, M.C.; Ahmedzai, S.H.; Wood, C., 2002:
How many inpatients at an acute hospital have palliative care needs? Comparing the perspectives of medical and nursing staff

Collet, C.; Candy, J., 1998:
How many insulin-like growth factor binding proteins?

Redding, D.A.; Anglin, L.T., 2002:
How many is too many? Collaboration of multiple nursing organizations for professional development

Rosenthal, D.M., 2002:
How many kinds of consciousness?

Holm, Søren., 1992:
How many lay members can you have in your IRB? -- An overview of the Danish system

Lahana, 1999:
How many leads from HTS?

Ramesha, 2000:
How many leads from HTS? - Comment

Bond, L.; Bernhardt, K.; Madria, P.; Sorrentino, K.; Scelsi, H.; Mitchell, C.S., 2018:
A Metadata Analysis of Oxidative Stress Etiology in Preclinical Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Benefits of Antioxidant Therapy

Lindholm, L.; Rosén, M.; Emmelin, M., 1999:
How many lives is equity worth? A proposal for equity adjusted years of life saved

Porter, G.A.; Ross, M.I.; Berman, R.S.; Sumner, W.E.; Lee, J.E.; Mansfield, P.F.; Gershenwald, J.E., 2000:
How many lymph nodes are enough during sentinel lymphadenectomy for primary melanoma?

Scheil, H.G.; Huckenbeck, W., 2001:
How many markers or how many alleles per system are appropriate in zygosity testing?

Brueren, M.M.; Petri, H.; van Weel, C.; van Ree, J.W., 1997:
How many measurements are necessary in diagnosing mild to moderate hypertension?

Parmley, W.W., 2001:
How many medicines do patients with heart failure need?

Del Mar, C.B., 1996:
How many melanomas have I missed? Is this the question?

Peltier, L.F., 2001:
How many members must an orthopaedic department have to teach effectively?

Somlyo, A.P., 1998:
How many messengers to send calcium? Focus on "IP3 receptor blockade fails to prevent intracellular Ca2+ release by ET-1 and alpha- thrombin"

Uverskiĭ, V.N., 1998:
How many molten globules states exist?

Strasburger, V.C.; Grossman, D., 2001:
How many more Columbines? What can pediatricians do about school and media violence?

Easton, D.F., 2001:
How many more breast cancer predisposition genes are there?

León Vázquez, F.; Morón Merchante, I.; Real Pérez, M.A.; Rodríguez Cardoso, A., 2000:
How many more diabetics do I have?

McGuire, W.P., 1997:
How many more nails to seal the coffin of dose intensity?

Brown, L., 1974:
How many more people?

Coile, R.C., 1994:
How many networks will there be when the dust settles?... Three to five, at most

Moral, A., 1996 :
How many neurologists should there be in a community hospital?

Parajuá, J.L., 1995:
How many neurologists should work in a district hospital?

Gjerris, F.; Madsen, F.F., 1997:
How many neurosurgeons do we want to educate in Europe annually? The Danish proposal

King, J.T., 2000:
How many neurosurgeons does it take to write a research article? Authorship proliferation in neurosurgical research

Takakura, K., 1997:
How many neurosurgeons should we train? The Japanese experience

Dale, D.C.; Liles, C., 1998:
How many neutrophils are enough?

Barrabès; Frolov, 1996:
How many new worlds are inside a black hole?

Welch, M.L.; Anderson, L.L.; Grabski, W.J., 1996:
How many nonmelanoma skin cancers require Mohs micrographic surgery?

Birnbaum, D., 1991:
How many observations are required for evaluation and quality assurance?

Wei, E.H.; Loeber, R.; Stouthamer-Loeber, M., 2002:
How many of the offspring born to teenage fathers are produced by repeated serious delinquents?

Booker, J.J., 2000:
How many of your patients have returned from the dead?

Penne, R.B.; Lemke, B.N., 2001:
How many ophthalmic plastic surgeons should be trained?

Kanwar, V.S., 1993:
How many paediatric intensive-care beds?

Altemani, A.; Gonzatti, A.; Metze, K., 2002:
How many paraffin blocks are necessary to detect villitis?

Koide, 1990:
How many parameters does a quark mass matrix model need?

Neumann, H.P.H.; Hoegerle, S.; Manz, T.; Brenner, K.; Iliopoulos, O., 2002:
How many pathways to pheochromocytoma?

Newton, J.; Goldacre, M., 1994:
How many patients are admitted in districts other than their own, and why?

Roe, C.M.; Anderson, M.J.; Spivack, B., 2002:
How many patients complete an adequate trial of donepezil?

Howden, C.W., 1996:
How many patients must we treat for Helicobacter pylori infection to prevent a recurrent duodenal ulcer hemorrhage?

Serna Arnáiz, C.; Montull Navarro, L.; Vázquez Torguet, A.; Gascó Eguíluz, E.; Peremiquel Lluch, M.; Ortega Bravo, M., 2000:
How many patients need treatment for hypercholesterolemia?

Rosenberg, C.L., 1979:
How many patients still get the drug you prescribe?

Wake, W.T., 1989:
How many patients will die because we fear AIDS?

Niederau, C.; Heintges, T.; Niederau, M.; Stremmel, W.; Strohmeyer, G., 1993:
How many patients with chronic viral hepatitis qualify for interferon therapy? Prospective analysis of university ambulatory care

Avdiukhina, T.I.; Lysenko, A.Ia., 1994:
How many patients with visceral toxocariasis in Russia?

Mu, G., 2002:
How many people can China support?

Honea, R., 2001:
How many people does it take to operate a picture archiving and communication system?

Haub, C., 1995:
How many people have ever lived on earth?

Libman, I.; Songer, T.; LaPorte, R., 1993:
How many people in the U.S. have IDDM?

McCarthy, P.; Kissling, G.; Dirkers, J., 1993:
How many people need substance abuse treatment in North Carolina and how much does it cost?

De Beer, J., 1995:
How many people with a foreign background live in the Netherlands?

Gershon, S.K.; Cultice, J.M.; Knapp, K.K., 2000:
How many pharmacists are in our future? The Bureau of Health Professions Projects Supply to 2020

Ginzberg, E., 1983:
How many physicians are enough?

Roos, N.P.; Bradley, J.E.; Fransoo, R.; Shanahan, M., 1998:
How many physicians does Canada need to care for our aging population?

Reuben, D.B.; Zwanziger, J.; Bradley, T.B.; Fink, A.; Hirsch, S.H.; Williams, A.P.; Solomon, D.H.; Beck, J.C., 1993:
How many physicians will be needed to provide medical care for older persons? Physician manpower needs for the twenty-first century

Campbell, C., 1994:
How many physicians? An enigmatic dilemma

Von Bargen, J.; Moorman, A.; Holmberg, S., 1998:
How many pills do patients with HIV infection take?

Engelberg, J., 1996:
How many pounds of oxygen do we "eat" each day?

Schader, I.; Corwin, P., 2000:
How many pregnant women in Christchurch are using folic acid supplements in early pregnancy?

Bjerrum, L.; Bergman, U., 2001:
How many prescription drugs does a general practitioner handle? A prescription database study

Malyon, A.D.; Husein, M.; Weiler-Mithoff, E.M., 2001:
How many procedures to make a breast?

Käyser, A.F., 1994:
How many prostheses do we need? Changing goals in dental restorations in risk groups

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How many protocols are deferred? One IRB's experience

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How many psychiatric beds: towards a needs based portfolio of residential care

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How many questions make a good exam?

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How many radiation oncologists will be needed under health care reform?

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How many repeated measurements are useful?

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How many replicates of arrays are required to detect gene expression changes in microarray experiments? A mixture model approach

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How many residents shall we train--the situation in Germany

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How many residents shall we train? The Iberian experience

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How many residents shall we train? The Netherlands experience

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How many residents should we train? The USA experience

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How many rotor blades does your helicopter have?

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How many screens does a CT workstation need?

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How many severely injured multiple-trauma patients can benefit from the biomechanical advantage of early mobilization following femoral intramedullary nailing?

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How many sheets per bed?????

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How many skin cancers require Mohs micrographic surgery?

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How many small rural hospitals meet the requirements of critical access hospital designation?

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How many source Alus?

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How many staff members do you need?

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How many subjects are needed in a research sample in palliative care?

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How many subjects constitute a study?

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How many surgeons does a province need, and how do we determine appropriate numbers?

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A metadynamic approach to understand the recognition mechanism of the histone H3 tail with the ATRX ADD domain

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How many teenagers think they have allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and what they do about it

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How many third parties will buy into RBRVS?

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How many times can you reuse a "single-use" sphincterotome? A prospective evaluation

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How many tonsillectomies are based on evidence from randomized controlled trials?

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How many transmitter binding steps are involved in opening fast receptor-gated channels?

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How many tuberculosis cases in France?

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How many types of autoimmune hepatitis are there?

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How many types of biliary hamartomas and adenomas are there?

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How many types of patients meet classification criteria for rheumatoid arthritis?

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How many ways to understand the human brain?

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How many words are enough?

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How many wrongs make a right (or a left)? Vertebrate asymmetry unraveled

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How many years do students study before graduating in medicine?

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How many "Arrows of Time" Do We really need to comprehend statistical laws?

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How many "moles" of glucocorticoids?

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How many "surgeries" have you done?

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How many, how old, how soon?

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How marginal is a "marginalised group"?

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How marker piggybacking affects your exempt status

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How marketing has paid off for these practices

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How marketing oriented are hospitals in a declining market?

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How mature is your organization's prevention effort? Four stages of managed care health promotion

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How maximum diameter affects the decision to repair aortic aneurysm

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How may quality of life for rheumatoid arthritis patients be enhanced by current and future treatments?

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How may we evaluate and treat a wide-complex tachycardia in a patient presenting with chest pain in the emergency department?

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How meaningful are scores on a take-home recertification examination?

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How meaningful are statements about the desired number of additional children? An analysis of 1968 Pakistani data

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How meaningful is the aspiration of injection solution after inserting the injection needle for the intramuscular administration of vaccines?

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How measurement systems act as employee motivators

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How measurement techniques influence estimates of disability in older populations

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How measures of perception from survey data lead to inconsistent regression results: evidence from adolescent and peer substance use

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How mechanisms of senile involution could appear

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How med center protects information from intrusion, vandalism, theft

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How med students put abortion back in the classroom

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How med-surg nurses view use of nursing process in OR

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How medical audit and CME affect physician performance--Part 1

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How medical audit and CME affect physician performance--part 2

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How medical executives society developed guidelines on alcoholism

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How medical managers avoid mindsets that are minefields

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How medical negligence is established

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How medical practice affects cost containment

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How medical research becomes news

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How medical reviewers can avoid bad faith claims and ERISA violations

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How medicine must change

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How megaclinics are building competitive clout

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How men and women view their jobs--and what this means to the supervisor

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How men learn about health

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How men's power over women fuels the HIV epidemic

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How mentally ill are the Dutch?

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How mergers go wrong

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How micro-machined sensors are being used to help pilots

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How microfilming eases handling of medical records

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