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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46281

Chapter 46281 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

O'meara, M., 2002:
How mid-sized cities can avoid strangulation

Robertson, H.; Lumley, J.; Berg, S., 1995:
How midwives identify women as aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders

Hart, R., 1997:
How midwives, community nurses and GPs cope with stress

Whikehart, D.R.; Edelhauser, H.F.; Woods, W.D., 1997:
How might 12 (R) HETE cause the inhibition of Na,K-ATPase?

Wiman, S.P., 1975:
How might a hospital obtain evidence of professional liability insurance coverage from applicants or members of its medical staff when such coverage is a condition of membership?

Gatty, B., 1994:
How might cost effectiveness, quality of life, and outcomes data be used by government regulators?

Parry, J.M.; Foy, R.C.; Woodman, C.B., 1998:
How might general practitioner knowledge of patient Helicobacter pylori status change the management of dyspepsia in primary care?

Pickard, W.F., 2000:
How might spatial nonuniformity of dose in a homogeneous biological system affect its total response?

Stone, J., 2002 :
How might traditional remedies be incorporated into discussions of integrated medicine?

Pickstone, J.V., 2001:
How might we map the cultural fields of science? Politics and organisms in restoration France

Moore, T.F., 1985:
How military principles can help the hospital executive

Aktan, A.O.; Büyükgebiz, O.; Yeğen, C.; Yalin, R., 1994:
How minimally invasive is laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

Rougier, P., 2002:
How mirror feedback improves undisturbed upright stance control

Ward, G.W., 1977:
How misconceptions deter maintenance

Wright, D.B.; Loftus, E.F., 1998:
How misinformation alters memories

Muller, M.H.; Prosperi, J.M.; Santoni, S.; Ronfort, J., 2002:
How mitochondrial DNA diversity can help to understand the dynamics of wild-cultivated complexes. The case of Medicago sativa in Spain

James, A.M.; Murphy, M.P., 2002:
How mitochondrial damage affects cell function

Drees; Tata, 1991:
How model-dependent are sparticle mass bounds from CERN LEP?

Kato-Maeda, M.; Small, P.M., 2000:
How molecular epidemiology has changed what we know about tuberculosis

Thrall, J.H., 1997:
How molecular medicine will impact radiology

Yeung, W.Jean.; Linver, M.R.; Brooks-Gunn, J., 2002:
How money matters for young children's development: parental investment and family processes

Anonymous, 1996:
How more real-world subacute sites compare to HHS "ideal"

Borten-Krivine, I., 1999:
How mothers and daughters see their bodies

Martyn, T., 1997:
How mothers choose babymilk brands

Swanson, P.B.; Pearsall-Jones, J.G.; Hay, D.A., 2002:
How mothers cope with the death of a twin or higher multiple

Hall, D.G., 1994:
How mothers teach basic-level and situation-restricted count nouns

Taris, T.W.; Semin, G.R., 1998:
How mothers' parenting styles affect their children's sexual efficacy and experience

Bassett, L.C., 1992:
How motivation defines productivity

Glover, G., 2000:
How much English health authorities are allocated for mental health care

Labrecque, N.; Whitfield, L.S.; Obst, R.; Waltzinger, C.; Benoist, C.; Mathis, D., 2001 :
How much TCR does a T cell need?

Epstein, L.H.; Paluch, R.A.; Kalakanis, L.E.; Goldfield, G.S.; Cerny, F.J.; Roemmich, J.N., 2001:
How much activity do youth get? A quantitative review of heart-rate measured activity

Kindig, D.A.; Dunham, N.C., 1990:
How much administration is today's physician doing?

Stockwell, T.R.; Heale, P.; Chikritzhs, T.N.; Dietze, P.; Catalano, P., 2002:
How much alcohol is drunk in Australia in excess of the new Australian alcohol guidelines?

Poikolainen, K., 1995:
How much alcohol is good for health?

Ball, D.; Witten, J.; Williamson, R., 2002:
How much alcohol is safe to drink?

Smerdon, G., 1993:
How much alcohol is sensible?

Petit Dit Dariel, O.; Cristofalo, P., 2018:
A meta-ethnographic review of interprofessional teamwork in hospitals: what it is and why it doesn't happen more often

De Lathouwer C; Poullier, 2000:
How much ambulatory surgery in the World in 1996-1997 and trends?

Compañ, L.; Portella, E.; García, A.M., 1995:
How much and how are we using the Hospital Morbidity Survey?

Southgate, D.A., 1998:
How much and what classes of carbohydrate reach the colon

Dusdieker, L.B.; Murph, J.R.; Milavetz, G., 2000:
How much antibiotic suspension is enough?

Härer, T.; Höntzsch, D.; Stöhr, E.; Grass, H., 1993:
How much are external fixator nuts tightened in general practice

Slomski, A.J., 1998:
How much are groups paying doctors?

Slomski, A.J., 2000:
How much are groups paying their doctors?

Burda, D., 1994:
How much are physicians making? 1994 physician compensation

Latterman, J.; Merz, J.F., 2002:
How much are subjects paid to participate in research?

Anonymous, 1995:
How much are veterinary nurses worth?

McCurley, S.H., 1985:
How much are volunteers worth?

Iezzoni, L.I., 1997:
How much are we willing to pay for information about quality of care?

Iezzoni, L.I., 1997:
How much are we willing to pay for information about quality?

Horty, J.; Webb, P., 1991:
How much are you liable for others' negligence?

Phebus, W., 1991:
How much are you really paying for fuel?

Pearce, L., 2002:
How much are you really worth? Curriculum vitae

Kent, C.S., 1994:
How much are you worth? Results from Hay's compensation survey

Mannino, D.M., 2000:
How much asthma is occupationally related?

Cha, S.; George, A.E., 2002:
How much asymmetry should be considered normal variation or within normal range in asymmetrical frontal horns of the lateral ventricles noted during CT brains scans without evidence of midline shift or any other significant lesion?

Kirchner, M., 1987:
How much better are doctors in groups doing?

Owens, A., 1988:
How much better are surgeons doing?

Mesler, D.E.; Byrne-Logan, S.; McCarthy, E.P.; Ash, A.S.; Moskowitz, M.A., 1999:
How much better can we predict dialysis patient survival using clinical data?

Deussen, A.; Flesche, C.W.; Loncar, R., 1999:
How much blood flow is required by the myocardium?

Sehat; Evans; Newman, 2000:
How much blood is really lost in total knee arthroplasty?. Correct blood loss management should take hidden loss into account

Marcason, W., 2002:
How much calcium is really in that supplement?

Goodfellow, M., 1987:
How much can an NLRB election cost a nursing home?

Anonymous, 1994:
How much can we afford?

Eisenberger, M.A.; Nelson, W.G., 1996:
How much can we rely on the level of prostate-specific antigen as an end point for evaluation of clinical trials? A word of caution!

Ramsay, J., 2002:
How much cardiac output is enough?

Volpintesta, E.J., 2000:
How much care is good for us?

Massey, R.U., 2000:
How much care is good for us? Surely there are limits!

Siris, S.G., 1996:
How much care? Or is that the real question?

Carter, G.M.; Newhouse, J.P.; Relles, D.A., 1989:
How much change in the case mix index is DRG creep?

Paxton, H.T., 1987:
How much cheer do third parties bring you?

Björkholm, M., 1998:
How much chemotherapy in advanced Hodgkin's disease?

Anonymous, 1996:
How much cleaning is needed for OR floor?

Hyman, N., 2002:
How much colorectal surgery do general surgeons do?

Windischbauer, G., 1998:
How much competence in biomedical technique and medical physics do we need?

Urquhart, J., 1996:
How much compliance is enough?

Osterhoudt, K.C.; Henretig, F.M., 1998:
How much confidence that calcium channel blockers are safe?

Elster, A.D., 1997:
How much contrast is enough?. Dependence of enhancement on field strength and MR pulse sequence

Gray, J., 1998:
How much could a nurse manager earn outside of nursing?

Waters, A., 2002:
How much could you earn overseas?

Peterson, H., 1979:
How much court-mandated testing is too much?

Goode, E.E., 1994:
How much coverage for mental illness? Many want full benefits; others fret over costs

Lilly, L.S., 2002:
How much daily aspirin should I take to prevent a heart attack or stroke?

Levin-Epstein, M., 2001:
How much damage did Supreme Court ruling do to health care unionization?

Anonymous, 1999:
How much data do you need to predict variability? Maybe less than you think

Nielsen, B.; Larsen, A.F., 1993:
How much dialysis?

Kovacs, G.L., 1997:
How much did that Band-Aid cost, really?

Gordon, L.V.; Selden, T.M., 2002:
How much did the Medicaid expansions for children cost? An analysis of state Medicaid spending, 1984-1994

Krull, F.A., 2002:
How much did the lawyers give?

Owens, A., 1988:
How much did your earnings grow last year?

Suter, P.M., 1997:
How much do alcohol calories count?

Cates, W., 1997:
How much do condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases?

Jackson, E.; Warner, J., 2002:
How much do doctors know about consent and capacity?

Borjas, G.J.; Freeman, R.B.; Katz, L.F., 1997:
How much do immigration and trade affect labor market outcomes?

Mishriki, S.; Law, D.; Jones, M.; Johnson, M., 1991:
How much do junior staff influence patient throughput in a surgical unit?

Hare, D., 2002:
How much do private practitioners contribute to animal welfare?

Anonymous, 1998:
How much do residents cost the OR?

Elvik, R., 2000:
How much do road accidents cost the national economy?

Butkovic, T.; Hegde, R.S.; Hughes, S.; Lourie, A.; Schafer, S., 2002:
How much do rural Hispanics know about the adverse health risks of smoking?

Roizen, M.F.; Klock, P.A.; Klafta, J., 1996:
How much do they really want to know? Preoperative patient interviews and the anesthesiologist

Iversen, R.R.; Furstenberg, F.F.; Belzer, A.A., 1999:
How much do we count? Interpretation and error-making in the decennial census

Califf, R.M.; Newby, L.K., 1996:
How much do we gain by reducing time to reperfusion therapy?

Sun, S.Yong., 2002:
How much do we know about retinoid-regulated genes?

Alexander, J., 2001:
How much do we know about the giving and receiving of information?

Sakić, D.; Sakić, V.A.; Baricević, R.; Badovinac, O., 2002:
How much do we know about the prevention of diseases of the joints and spine?

Hill, J.D.; Lemperle, B.; Levinson, M.; Poirer, V.L.; Griffith, B.P., 1993:
How much do we need to know before approving a ventricular assist device?

Vieira, J.L.; Portal, V.L.; Moriguchi, E.H., 2001:
How much do we pay for a benefit? A descriptive cost analysis of the use of statins. The need for a national cost-effectiveness analysis

Yemen, T.A., 2000:
How much do we really know about postobstructive pulmonary oedema?

McGrath, K., 1993:
How much do we really know about workplace sexual harassment?

Sardelić, S.; Rumboldt, Z.; Simunić, M.; Naranca, M.; Pivac, N.; Korljan, B., 1993:
How much do we understand about pharmacotherapy of cardiac arrhythmias?

Thomas; Blanford, 1999:
How much do we value applied environmental research?

Vila Córcoles, A.; Llor Vilà, C.; Espinosa Mata, E.; Pardo Fonfría, C., 1993:
How much do you drink? sensitivity, specificity and predictive value

Leander, W.J., 1994:
How much do you have to save to make a profit on restructuring?

Scowen, P., 1997:
How much do you know about folic acid?

Killen, K.H., 1985:
How much do you know about the legal aspects of purchasing?

Anonymous, 2001:
How much do you really know about discharges, transfers?

Crane, M., 1989:
How much do you risk when you review a colleague's work?

Lederberg, M.B., 1997:
How much does a MCO enrollee need to know about provider financial incentives?

Kempe, A.; Steiner, J.F.; Renfrew, B.L.; Lowery, E.; Haas, K.; Berman, S., 2002:
How much does a regional immunization registry increase documented immunization rates at primary care sites in rural colorado?

Sloutsky, V.M.; Lo, Y.F.; Fisher, A.V., 2002:
How much does a shared name make things similar? Linguistic labels, similarity, and the development of inductive inference

Sloutsky, V.M.; Lo, Y.F., 1999:
How much does a shared name make things similar? Part 1. Linguistic labels and the development of similarity judgment

Wiebe, M.F., 1984:
How much does an MT program cost the hospital?

Royo Serrano, M.; Arto Serrano, A.; Busquet Martínez, J.; Marín Ibáñez, A., 1993:
How much does cerebral vasotherapy cost us?

Rubin, R.J.; Mendelson, D.N., 1994:
How much does defensive medicine cost?

Sopariwala, P.R., 1997:
How much does excess inpatient capacity really cost?

Sykes, J.R.; James, H.V.; Williams, P.C., 1999:
How much does film sensitivity increase at depth for larger field sizes?

Arend, L.E., 1993:
How much does illuminant color affect unattributed colors?

Lubowitz, J.; Bartolozzi, A.; Rubinstein, D.; Ciccotti, M.; Schweitzer, M.; Nazarian, L.; Lombardi, J.; Dellose, S.; Landsdorf, A.; Miller, L., 1996:
How much does inferior capsular shift reduce shoulder volume?

Man, F., 1999:
How much does it cost eradicating Helicobacter pylori in Argentine?

Fowler, L., 1984:
How much does it cost to go to the theatre in Cheltenham?

Anonymous, 1997:
How much does it cost to settle a discrimination claim?

Rhodes, R.S., 1999:
How much does it cost? How much can be saved?

Brummel-Smith, K., 2001:
How much does it really cost to care for persons with Alzheimer's disease?

Mirken, B., 2001:
How much does it really matter if you take your pills on time?

Anonymous, 1999 :
How much does managed care affect specialty referrals?

Dumas, J.E.; Nilsen, W.; Lynch, A.M., 2001:
How much does physical appearance say about the psychological adjustment of competent and dysfunctional children?

Kelekis, D.A.; Brountzos, E.N., 1996:
How much does radiology contribute to increasing health care costs? The situation in Greece

Stapleton, J.A.; Sutherland, G.; Russell, M.A., 1998:
How much does relapse after one year erode effectiveness of smoking cessation treatments? Long-term follow up of randomised trial of nicotine nasal spray

Janssens, U., 1999:
How much does rinsing with heparin influence the analysis of coagulations parameters when bloodletting from one arterial access

Marsh, P.; Carlisle, R.; Avery, A.J., 2000:
How much does self-reported health status, measured by the SF-36, vary between electoral wards with different Jarman and Townsend scores?

Rose, R., 2000:
How much does social capital add to individual health? A survey study of Russians

Rushton, L., 2003:
How much does the environment contribute to cancer?

Ruilope, L.M., 1994:
How much does the kidney participate in the origin of primary hypertension?

Vallejo, M.; Montenegro, P.; Reyes, P.A., 2002:
How much does the medical treatment of chronic Chagas cardiopathy cost? Direct costs in a cardiology hospital

Blendon, R.J.; Altman, D.E.; Benson, J.M.; Brodie, M.; James, M.; Hugick, L., 1993:
How much does the public know about health reform?

Anonymous, 2001:
How much does weight loss help lower blood pressure?

O'Connor, T., 1995:
How much does your patient drink?

Morrow, B.C.; Milligan, K.R., 1996:
How much droperidol in combination with PCA morphine?

Karmel, P., 1993:
How much education?

Parízková, J., 1996:
How much energy consumed and spent for optimal growth and development?

Chowdhury, A.Wadud., 1994:
How much ethics is needed to be a good doctor?

Brewin, T.B., 1993:
How much ethics is needed to make a good doctor?

Franklin, B.A., 2002:
How much exercise is enough for the coronary patient?

Goore, Z.; Mangione-Smith, R.; Elliott, M.N.; McDonald, L.; Kravitz, R.L., 2002:
How much explanation is enough? A study of parent requests for information and physician responses

Blake, P.G.; Floyd, J.; Spanner, E.; Peters, K., 1996:
How much extra does "adequate" peritoneal dialysis cost?

Hatoum, H.T.; Kong, S.X., 1994:
How much faith can we have in pharmacoeconomic analyses?

Schifferdecker, A., 1999:
How much fasting is necessary before and after anesthesia?

van Diermen, D.E.; Abraham-Inpijn, L., 1996:
How much feedback is provided by the 'feedback post'? Four years of medical information provision to dental practitioners

Rieder, M.J., 1994:
How much fire under the smoke? The effects of exposure to cocaine on the fetus

Schuman, A.J., 1995:
How much fluoride is too much? The new guidelines

Polesky, H.F., 1996:
How much fresh, low-titer, O-negative blood is available?

Thompson, L.R., 1980:
How much future competition from HMOs?

Smith, K.R.; Corvalán, C.F.; Kjellström, T., 1999:
How much global ill health is attributable to environmental factors?

Andrews, R.T.; Bova, D.A.; Venbrux, A.C., 2000:
How much guidewire is too much? Direct measurement of the distance from subclavian and internal jugular vein access sites to the superior vena cava-atrial junction during central venous catheter placement

Pierce, N.F., 2001:
How much has ORT reduced child mortality?

Sonoo, M., 1999:
How much has been solved regarding SEP generators?

Kirchner, M., 1989:
How much have your colleagues raised their fees?

Murphy, M.; Leavey, S.; Burke, P.; Williams, N.; Lamont, J.; O'Donnell, R.; Grace, P.; Bouchier-Hayes, D., 1993:
How much heparin? A simple in vitro test

Wassermann, K., 2001:
How much incidence is enough?

Vladeck, B.C., 1986:
How much indigent care should hospitals provide?

Langman, M., 1998:
How much inflammatory bowel disease is there?

Anonymous, 1994:
How much information are you getting from your health plans?

Rosenberg, C.L., 1978:
How much information can a state demand from doctors?

Anonymous, 1993:
How much information can certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide to residents or family members when they ask about a medical condition?

Williams, B., 2002:
How much information can physicians actually assimilate?

Chan, L.S.; Schonfeld, N., 1993:
How much information is lost during processing? A case study of pediatric emergency department records

Quarmby, V.; Quan, C., 1999:
How much insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) circulates?: impact of standardization on IGF-I assay accuracy

Polniaszek, S., 1992:
How much insurance is enough? What to look for in a long term care insurance policy

Ross, J.; Chapman, C.; Murray, C.; Stevenson, M.; Natin, D.; Rogstad, K., 2001:
How much interest is the Internet to patients?

Wagner, D.D.; Mangieri, K., 2001:
How much intrinsic safety is enough?

Chechik, A.P., 1980:
How much is a hospital worth?

Dorschner, J., 1991:
How much is a life worth?

Roston, E., 2002:
How much is a living wage?

Parker, J., 2002:
How much is a scientist worth? Pay and benefits for postdoctoral researchers

Kuzmits, F.E., 1979:
How much is absenteeism costing your organization?

Zupko, K.A., 1990:
How much is careless coding costing you?

Lovern, E., 2002:
How much is enough? AHA, lawmakers debate federal funding for bioterrorism preparation

Meyer, M.S.; Siegel, M., 1996:
How much is enough? Agency nurse orientation

Small, G.; Barsby, P., 2002:
How much is enough? Emergency oxygen therapy with COPD

Morrow-Howell, N.; Proctor, E.; Rozario, P., 2001:
How much is enough? Perspectives of care recipients and professionals on the sufficiency of in-home care

Mersol-Barg, M.S., 1996:
How much is left in the tank--can we tell?

Vestbo, J.; Knudsen, K.M.; Rasmussen, F.V., 1993:
How much is lung function affected by smoking and occupation? Dichotomy of continuous variables can change the results

Stocker, R., 2001:
How much is needed for the C-E bounce?

Paleen, R.; Skundberg, P.A.; Schwartz, H., 1989:
How much is quality assurance costing your department?

Flynn, D.R., 1990:
How much is that CEO in the window?

Mo, R.; Lund-Johansen, P.; Omvik, P., 1993:
How much is the decrease in blood pressure shown by repeated measurements during the same examination?

Haffner, J.; Moesgaard, F.; Leppäniemi, A.; Magnusson, J.; Kvernebo, K.; Wallin, G.; Engarås, B., 1999:
How much is the workload of surgeons in Scandinavia?

Stephen, H.; Waters, A., 1998:
How much is this manager worth?

Lovern, E., 2001:
How much is too flexible? Critics say HHS decision to give states leeway may not reduce uninsured

Harcourt, J.K., 1994:
How much is too much?

Bradley, K.A.; Donovan, D.M.; Larson, E.B., 1993:
How much is too much? Advising patients about safe levels of alcohol consumption

Kuipers, H., 1996:
How much is too much? Performance aspects of overtraining

Fenton, M.; Lapointe, A., 2001:
How much is too much? The art of choosing nutrient supplements

Stout, J., 1984:
How much is too much? The pressure is on, and paramedics are feeling the squeeze

Russell, M.L., 1995:
How much is your body worth? Hard bodies earn hard cash

Roth, M.D.; Herman, C.J.; Urban, C., 1995:
How much is your facility worth?

Brown, A.L.; Rourke, L.B., 1995:
How much is your practice worth? Knowing the value of your practice

Tarantino, D.P., 2002 :
How much is your practice worth?--Part I

Tarantino, D.P., 2002:
How much is your practice worth?--Part II

Stiles, B., 1989:
How much is your sales staff costing you?

Neises, G.; Windeler, J., 2001:
How much is "evidence-based"? An overview of the state of the art in research

Comstock, G.W., 1999:
How much isoniazid is needed for prevention of tuberculosis among immunocompetent adults?

Mirvis, S.E., 1998:
How much lateral atlantodental interval asymmetry and atlantoaxial lateral mass asymmetry is acceptable on an open-mouth odontoid radiograph, and when is additional investigation necessary?

Corbett, J.; Edington, J., 1996:
How much malnutrition is there in the community?

Thomas, M.C., 1988:
How much malpractice can be blamed on bad doctors?

Armstrong, B.K.; Kricker, A., 1993:
How much melanoma is caused by sun exposure?

Hengeveld, M.W., 1998:
How much mental illness is there in the Netherlands?

Brooksbank, C., 1999:
How much molecular medicine do medical students need to learn?

Olsen, J.A.; Hofoss, D., 2000:
How much money are we willing to spend on health services?

Maude, M.R., 2001:
How much money should you be raising? A three-step model for measuring potential and predicting success

Appert, M.; Håkansson, A., 1998:
How much more care do the elderly need when compared to the younger? The age weighting differences are difficult to understand

Holoweiko, M., 1984:
How much muscle does a hospital board have?

de Carvalho Lima, R.; de Escobar, M.Augusto.Soares.; Diniz, R.; de Alencar França, N.Arraes.; Cabral, Eênia.; da Luz, Jé., 2002:
How much myocardial revascularization can we do without extracorporeal circulation?

Charles, P.D.; Scherokman, B.; Jozefowicz, R.F., 1999:
How much neurology should a medical student learn? a position statement of the AAN Undergraduate Education Subcommittee

Miller, C.A., 1994:
How much of a breakthrough is Cognex for Alzheimer's disease?

Crane, M., 1989:
How much of a gamble is this malpractice coverage?

Quinn, R.; Kelly, A., 1999:
How much of a general practitioner's prescribing is outside his/her control?

Anonymous, 1995:
How much of a role should family members play?

Slama, Rémy.; Leridon, H., 2002:
How much of the decline in sperm counts can be explained by relaxed reproductive selection?

Treves, A.; Skaggs, W.E.; Barnes, C.A., 1996:
How much of the hippocampus can be explained by functional constraints?

Gravelle, H., 1998:
How much of the relation between population mortality and unequal distribution of income is a statistical artefact?

Borum, P.R., 1993:
How much of what should I order?

Schultz, J., 1979:
How much of your asepsis is based on myth?

Terry, K., 1993:
How much of your good will has evaporated?

Forster, J.H., 1982:
How much of your turf do the non-M.D. doctors have?

Bishai, D.; Gielen, A., 2001:
How much outpatient care is provided for injuries?

Foucar, E., 2002:
How much oversight is necessary to protect human subjects?

Vento Torres M, 2000:
How much oxygen is enough to resuscitate a newborn experiencing asphyxia?

Lempa, M.; Koch, G.; Neugebauer, E.; Köhler, L.; Troidl, H., 2000:
How much pain is tolerable? Target expectations of surgical patients for pain therapy

McCusker, F.X.; Teehan, B.P.; Thorpe, K.E.; Keshaviah, P.R.; Churchill, D.N., 1996:
How much peritoneal dialysis is required for the maintenance of a good nutritional state? Canada-USA (CANUSA) Peritoneal Dialysis Study Group

Slattery, M.L., 1996:
How much physical activity do we need to maintain health and prevent disease? Different diseases--different mechanisms

Lee, I.M.; Paffenbarger, R.S., 1996:
How much physical activity is optimal for health? Methodological considerations

Blair, S.N.; Connelly, J.C., 1996:
How much physical activity should we do? The case for moderate amounts and intensities of physical activity

Anonymous, 1990:
How much power do physicians wield in group practices?

Haller, U.; Hepp, H.; Reinold, E.; Winter, R., 2000:
How much preoperative information? - How can it be documented?

Terry, K., 1993:
How much preventive care can we afford?

Merz, C.M.; Stitzel, T.E., 1999:
How much profit can a not-for-profit hospital make? A defense of the property tax exemption

Mills, J.W., 2000:
How much progress against cancer?

Beecroft, P.C., 1999:
How much proof do we need?

Bayne, C.G., 1997:
How much protection is enough?

Anonymous, 1992:
How much protection is enough? Debate over consumer safeguards in LTC insurance intensifies. Panel discussion

Johnson, J.E., 1979:
How much radioactivity is there in smoke detectors?

Bauman, A.; Baskin, H.J.; Cooper, D., 2000:
How much radioiodine should you give?

Bianculli, J.L., 1996:
How much risk can you really negotiate?

Fox, C.; Betts, T., 1999:
How much risk does a woman with active epilepsy pose to her newborn child in the puerperium? A pilot study

Velanovich, V., 1993:
How much routine preoperative laboratory testing is enough?

Kolbye, A.C., 1993:
How much safety is too much danger?

Wong, J.G., 1999:
How much screening in the elderly?

Bloch, R.; Hofer, D.; Spichiger, J.C.; Disteli, S., 1997:
How much service, education, and research? An empirical study in a university teaching hospital

Burtchaell, J.; Johnson, P., 1980 :
How much should a child cost? A response to Paul Johnson

Coca, A.; Ruilope, L.M., 1999:
How much should arterial pressure figures be lowered with treatment? Reflections after the HOT (Hypertension Optimal Treatment) study

Katz, A.; Grossman, E.; Rosenthal, T., 1998:
How much should blood pressure be reduced? Is there a J-shaped relationship between lowered blood pressure and cardiovascular morbidity?

La Puma, J., 1996:
How much should doctors, patients and plans care about each other?

Cooper, L., 1997:
How much should it cost? An introduction to management use of costing information

Bowles, L., 1996:
How much should patients be told about their medication?

Anonymous, 1997:
How much should patients know about their doctors?

La Puma, J., 1999:
How much should patients know about what it costs to treat them?

Murphy, L.S., 1997:
How much should physicians worry about antitrust?

Miller, M.Craig., 2002:
How much should psychotherapists tell about themselves?

Abjörn, C., 2001:
How much should the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism cost?

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How much should we be spending on health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

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A Meta-ethnography of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survivors' Meanings on Life and Death

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How much should you expect from your designer?

Harrison, J., 1995:
How much should you pay family members

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A Metagenome-Based Investigation of Gene Relationships for Non-Substrate-Associated Microbial Phosphorus Cycling in the Water Column of Streams and Rivers

Anonymous, 1998:
How much skin care do patients need?

Ferrara, M.; De Gennaro, L., 2003:
How much sleep do we need?

Newman, D.K., 1997:
How much society pays for urinary incontinence

Willemsen, W.L., 2001:
How much sodium hypochlorite should be used in root canal treatment?

Degrange, M.; Roulet, J.F., 2001:
How much sophistication do we need?

Manners, S., 1984:
How much space do you really need?

Anonymous, 2002:
How much space does a person need?

Anonymous, 1980:
How much space for materials management?

O'Higgins, E.A.; Lee, R.T., 2000:
How much space is created from expansion or premolar extraction?

Moe, J.F., 1999:
How much steroid for poison ivy?

Kapusta; Mekjian, 1986:
How much strangeness production is there in ultrarelativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions?

Spring, H.; Pirlet, A.; Tritschler, T., 2001:
How much strength is needed for fitness?

Benson, H.; Allen, R.L., 1980:
How much stress is too much?

Carter, S., 2002:
How much subjectivity is needed to understand our lives objectively?

Thomas, S.J.; Williams, M.V.; Burnet, N.G.; Baker, C.R., 2001:
How much surplus capacity is required to maintain low waiting times?

Steinberg, 1995:
How much time does a tunneling particle spend in the barrier region?

Sousa Escandón, A.; Pérez Valcarcel, J., 2002:
How much tissue is necessary to diagnose mucinous adenoma of the prostate?

Womack, C.; Wade, C., 2003:
How much tissue is present in archival paraffin blocks and slides?

Anonymous, 1990:
How much to discount?

Cooke, M.W., 1999:
How much to do at the accident scene?

Deakin, C.D., 2001:
How much to do at the accident scene? Anaesthetists are best people to provide prehospital airway management

Warwick, J., 2001:
How much to do at the accident scene? Paramedic agrees with most of comments about prehospital care

Okkels Birk, H.; Onsberg Henriksen, L., 2001:
How much to do at the accident scene? Prehospital intervention prolong prehospital time

Rozovsky, L.E.; Rozovsky, F.A., 1980:
How much to tell the patient

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How much treatment does a person need? Addiction, spontaneous remission and "family" as biographical as leitmotiv

Kirchner, M., 1988:
How much trouble is your hospital in?

Uchtenhagen, A., 1996 :
How much truth can the patient endure?

Caylà, J.A.; Jansà, J.M., 2001:
How much tuberculosis do we want?

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How much ulcer is ulcer-like? Diagnostic determinants of peptic ulcer in open access gastroscopy

Duggan, T.P., 1987:
How much unfunded liability is woven into corporate benefit plans?

Larsen, E.; Asmussen, I., 2001:
How much value can be attributed to medical documentation? Radiographic examination of a shoulder

Davis, P.; Gribben, B.; Lay-Yee, R.; Scott, A., 2002:
How much variation in clinical activity is there between general practitioners? A multi-level analysis of decision-making in primary care

Anonymous, 2002:
How much water do you need?

Klesges, R.C.; Winders, S.E.; Meyers, A.W.; Eck, L.H.; Ward, K.D.; Hultquist, C.M.; Ray, J.W.; Shadish, W.R., 1997:
How much weight gain occurs following smoking cessation? A comparison of weight gain using both continuous and point prevalence abstinence

Deitel, M., 2002:
How much weight loss is sufficient to overcome major co-morbidities?

Steele, F.R., 1996:
How much weight should viral load carry?

Pretzer, M., 1995:
How much will Congress relax the self-referral law?

Melek, S.M., 1994:
How much will coverage for universal access to comprehensive behavioral healthcare really cost?

Angell, M., 1993:
How much will health care reform cost?

Ammer, D.S., 1978:
How much will purchase prices go up in 1978-'79?

Kirchner, M., 1980:
How much will second opinions cut patient loads?

Valancy, J., 2002:
How much will that EMR system really cost?

Taylor, M., 2001:
How much will the whistleblowers get?

Forbis, P., 1992:
How much wood should a woodchuck (or a medical transcriptionist) chuck?

Banks, W.P., 1996:
How much work can a quale do?

Furness, P.N., 1999:
How much work do you do in a day?

Murphy, B.E., 2000:
How much "UFC" is really cortisol?

Yealy, D.M., 1993:
How much "significance" is significant? The transition from animal models to human trials in resuscitation research

Chrisoulidou, A.; Kousta, E.; Beshyah, S.A.; Robinson, S.; Johnston, D.G., 1999:
How much, and by what mechanisms, does growth hormone replacement improve the quality of life in GH-deficient adults?

Landrum, S.E., 1996:
How much?

Lutz, S., 1996:
How much? Price is becoming a contentious issue in sales of not-for-profit hospitals, as communities seek fair value and challenge secrecy

Anonymous, 2001:
How multi-facility health system saves on security maintenance

Cilio, C.M.; Lejon, K.; Penha-Goncalves, C.; Colucci, F.; Bergman, M.L.; Holmberg, D., 1998:
How murine genetics can help to identify susceptibility genes in human disease

Lorenzi Filho, G., 2001:
How must a patient with morbid obesity and sleep apnea be treated?

Patterson, C.H., 2002:
How must we secure anesthesia drugs?

Bustamante, M.E., 1989:
How my love for history was born

Vander Veer, J.B., 1997:
How my practice profile almost got me fired

Kasprzak, A.A., 1997:
How myosin works

Mott, B.J., 1983:
How national health insurance will change health planning

Anonymous, 1984:
How nations govern growth

Hokland, P.; Hokland, M., 1999:
How natural are natural products?

Campbell, J., 1993:
How necessary is cardiac rehabilitation? Assessment of post-MI patients receiving limited rehabilitation

Thomas, L., 1999:
How necessary it was to give nurse education this vote of confidence

Denniston, B., 1997:
How necessity produced a phone-based system

Morgan, H.G.; Evans, M.O., 1994:
How negative are we to the idea of suicide prevention?

Tinsley, C.H., 2001:
How negotiators get to yes: predicting the constellation of strategies used across cultures to negotiate conflict

Charan, R., 1991:
How networks reshape organizations--for results

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How neural interactions form neural responses in the salamander retina

Culham, J., 2001:
How neurons become BOLD?

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How neurons may compute: the case of insect sexual pheromone discrimination

Pearl, G.S., 1996:
How neuropathologists fit into community practice

Snyder, J.D.; Bale, C., 1982:
How new Medicare rules may hit physicians

Anonymous, 2001:
How new NFPA code can affect security department responsibilities

Findlay, S., 1993:
How new alliances are changing health care

Anonymous, 1994:
How new control center has improved security at Valley Medical Center

Anonymous, 1995:
How new employee ID/access control system ups safety and efficiency

Anonymous, 1998:
How new garage at SF General has reduced parking area crimes by 50%

Krieglstein, G.K., 1999:
How new is new, and is it better?

Morrone, B., 2000:
How new mothers acquire knowledge in a hospital setting

Marsland, L.; Murrells, T., 1996:
How new nurses manage work and family responsibilities

Anonymous, 1997:
How new or expanded hospitals can pose challenges to security, safety

Berci, G., 1997:
How new technology affects practice and patient safety

Cardenosa, G.; Quinn, C.A.; Chilcote, W.A.; Foglietti, M.G.; Barry, M.A., 2000:
How new technology is changing mammography and breast cancer management

Sadowski, Z.; Kośmicki, M., 2001:
How nitrate tolerance be prevented in the treatment of ischemic heart disease?

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How nobody invented anesthesia

Gerber, P.C., 1985:
How non-MD hospital admissions will impact your practice

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How non-profit mailers won political victory

Gronbjerg, K.A., 1991:
How nonprofit human service organizations manage their funding sources: key findings and policy implications

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How nonprofit organizations can develop comprehensive in-home support services by utilizing various funding streams

James, E., 1984:
How nonprofits grow: a model

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How not to be seen: the contribution of similarity and selective ignoring to sustained inattentional blindness

Paley, J., 1996:
How not to clarify concepts in nursing

Johnson, D., 1982:
How not to collect money

Lindsay, C.M., 1987:
How not to control medical costs

Yellowlees, P., 1997:
How not to develop telemedicine systems

Yegdich, T., 1998:
How not to do clinical supervision in nursing

Whitehead, A., 1977:
How not to drop bricks

Gupta, S., 2002:
How not to get sick this winter

Cull, P., 1994:
How not to give a lecture

Cárský, S., 1996:
How not to give a lecture or write an article

Smith, R., 2000:
How not to give a presentation

Walker, L.M., 1995:
How not to launch health reform

Olson, D.R., 1987:
How not to lose your private patients to corporate choices

McConnell, M.W., 1991:
How not to promote serious deliberation about abortion

Mayall, K.; Humphreys, G.W.; Kotsanis, S., 2002:
How not to revisit Highway 61: negative repetition effects in a post-cue naming task

Powers, J., 1985:
How not to select a computer system

Dunn, L.J., 1976:
How not to solve the 'malpractice crisis'

Marmor, T.R., 2001:
How not to think about Medicare reform

Strasburger, V.C., 1999:
How not to train pediatric residents

Birdsell, R., 1987:
How not to turn your foundation into an ivory tower

Lockey, R.F., 2002:
How now, brown cow, vaccine or extract?

Given, B., 1994:
How nurse researchers can influence policy

Love, C., 1996:
How nurse teachers keep up-to-date: their methods and practices

Scoggin, J., 1996:
How nurse-midwives define themselves in relation to nursing, medicine, and midwifery

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How nurses & pharmacists serve effectively on our I.V. therapy team

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How nurses and nursing students can become politically active

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How nurses approach ethical problems in Turkey

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How nurses become leaders. Perceptions and beliefs about leadership development

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How nurses can build trusting relationships with clients

Anonymous, 1996:
How nurses can deal with depression--a personal story

Barrett, M.J., 1989:
How nurses can help hospitals achieve financial goals

Agar-Newman, K., 1996:
How nurses can help supporting victims of torture

Spurgeon, P., 1998:
How nurses can influence policy

Pelfrey, S., 1996:
How nurses can make informatics work for them

Clark, D.J., 1996:
How nurses can participate in the development of an ICNP

Legge, A., 2001:
How nurses can promote smoking cessation

Russell, A., 1997:
How nurses can support people with epilepsy

de Ridder, C., 1993:
How nurses can work with the EC Commission

Reutter, L.I.; Northcott, H.C., 1995:
How nurses cope with exposure to HIV infections

Andrade, O.G.; Marcon, S.S.; da Silva, D.M., 1997:
How nurses evaluate home nursing and family caregivers

Mègre, A.P., 1997:
How nurses experience caring for organ donors--why do they feel so bad?

Bennett, B., 1996:
How nurses in a stroke rehabilitation unit attempt to meet the psychological needs of patients who become depressed following a stroke

Carreau, K., 1982:
How nurses in one Texas hospital MICU deal with...the pressures of giving

Foley, B.Jo.; Minick, M.Ptlene.; Kee, C.C., 2002 :
How nurses learn advocacy

Peate, I., 1996:
How nurses make decisions regarding patient medication

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How nurses manage time and work in long-term care

Walsh, M., 1997:
How nurses perceive barriers to research implementation

Hackel, R.; Butt, L.; Banister, G., 1996:
How nurses perceive medication errors

Berger, S.G., 1987:
How nurses relate to nursing assistants

Day, L., 2001:
How nurses shift from care of a brain-injured patient to maintenance of a brain-dead organ donor

Anonymous, 1977:
How nurses should handle matters related to controlled substances

Baillie, L., 1996:
How nurses view emotional involvement with patients

Dawson, P.; Kontos, P., 1998:
How nurses' and other caregivers' talk to residents with dementia can influence agitation

Teplitsky, B., 1981:
How nursing chiefs view Rx services

Bland, J., 1994:
How nursing has affected my life

Blum, S.R.; Haynes, N.Malcolm., 1983:
How nursing homes turn away indigents

Daly, J.M., 1997:
How nursing interventions classification fits in the patient information system Patient Core Data Set

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How nursing matters

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How nursing research makes a difference

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How nursing staff perceive the duration and quality of sleep and levels of alertness

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How nursing students evaluate the ethics curriculum--an empirical study

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How nutrition found a home in our medical schools

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How nutrition influences aging

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How obesity develops: insights from the new biology

Linde, K.; Willich, S.N., 2003:
How objective are systematic reviews? Differences between reviews on complementary medicine

Paddle, J.J., 2003:
How objective are the supporters of the Haemoglobin Colour Scale?

Machui, O.; Blücher, U.; Dudenhausen, J.W., 1996:
How objective is clinical determination of cervix consistency?

Schemm, R.L.; Gitlin, L.N., 1998:
How occupational therapists teach older patients to use bathing and dressing devices in rehabilitation

Getchell, T.V.; Shipley, M.T., 1996:
How odours excite the brain: from fiction to fact

Mingjia, L.; Short, R., 2002:
How oestrogen or progesterone might change a woman's susceptibility to HIV-1 infection

Viteri, C.; Gastón, I., 1997:
How often and what type of control tests should be done during long- term anti-epileptic treatment?

Darko, R.; Archampong, E.Q.; Qureshi, Y.; Muphy, G.M.; Dowling, R.H., 2000:
How often are Ghananian gallbladder stones cholesterol-rich

Jaber, W.A.; Klein, A.L., 2001:
How often are atrial septal defects associated with thromboembolism? When should they be looked for?

Mainous, A.G.; Nelson, K.R., 1996:
How often are preoperative electrodiagnostic studies obtained for carpal tunnel syndrome in a Medicaid population?

Fainsinger, R.L.; Gramlich, L.M., 1997:
How often can we justify parenteral nutrition in terminally ill cancer patients?

Bell, M., 1996:
How often do Australians move? Alternative measures of population mobility

Shann, F., 1996:
How often do children cough?

Richters, J.; Donovan, B.; Gerofi, J., 1993:
How often do condoms break or slip off in use?

Bolan, C., 2001:
How often do high school guidance counselors suggest practical nursing as a career option?

Selenta, C.; Hogan, B.E.; Linden, W., 2000:
How often do office blood pressure measurements fail to identify true hypertension? An exploration of white-coat normotension

Takeda, S.; Rimington, H.; Chambers, J., 1998:
How often do we operate too late in aortic stenosis?

Dahlberg, L., 1997:
How often do we use the cortisone injection? Risk of overconsumption in musculoskeletal pain conditions

Muelleman, R.L.; Liewer, J.D., 1998:
How often do women in the emergency department without intimate violence injuries return with such injuries?

Roggo, A.; Hoffmann, R.; Duff, C.; Brunner, U.; Largiadèr, F., 1993:
How often does an aneurysm of the popliteal artery rupture?

Laine, T.; Aarnio, P., 2001:
How often does glove perforation occur in surgery? Comparison between single gloves and a double-gloving system

Epstein, E., 1999:
How often does oral treatment of toenail onychomycosis produce a disease-free nail? An analysis of published data

Schumacher, D., 1994:
How often does the wash water have to be changed?

Riley, T.R., 1999:
How often does ultrasound marking change the liver biopsy site?

Li, L.A.; Martyniuk, V.V.; Neĭshtadt, E.L., 1999:
How often is breast fibroadenomatosis asymptomatic?

Wardlaw, J.M.; Statham, P.F., 2000:
How often is haemosiderin not visible on routine MRI following traumatic intracerebral haemorrhage?

Moorman, P.W.; Siersema, P.D.; de Ridder, M.A.; van Ginneken, A.M., 1995:
How often is large smaller than small?

Marklund, B.; Tunsäter, A.; Bengtsson, C., 1999:
How often is the diagnosis bronchial asthma correct?

Caspary, L.; Creutzig, A.; Alexander, K., 1995:
How often is thrombolytic therapy of deep pelvic-leg venous thrombosis indicated?

Vracko, J.; Wiechel, K.L., 1998:
How often might a trans-cystic-duct stone extraction be feasible?

Chalmers, B., 2002:
How often must we ask for sensitive care before we get it?

Anonymous, 1993:
How often should TB tests be given, and who should authorize them?

Paquette, C., 1977:
How often should an auxiliary have an audit?

Rodrigo, G.; Rodrigo, C., 1998:
How often should beta-agonists be administered?

Deakin, C.D.; Petley, G.W.; Drury, N.E.; Clewlow, F., 2001:
How often should defibrillation pads be changed?: the effect of evaporative drying

Anonymous, 2002:
How often should nurses monitor mental patients?

Keckeisen, M., 1999:
How often should nurses place ECG and/or PA waveform tracing strips in the chart?

Javitt, J.C., 2000:
How often should patients with diabetes be screened for retinopathy?

Kay, E.J., 1999:
How often should we go to the dentist?

White, K.Makay.; Matthews, M.K.; Hughes, R.C.; Sommer, A.J.; Griffitts, J.S.; Newell, P.D.; Chaston, J.M., 2018:
A Metagenome-Wide Association Study and Arrayed Mutant Library Confirm Acetobacter Lipopolysaccharide Genes Are Necessary for Association with Drosophila melanogaster

Ahlberg, J., 1999:
How often should we go to the dentist? Every other year is probably sufficient for non-smoking adults

Streather, C.P.; Phillips, A.O.; Goodman, F.R.; Scoble, J.E., 1993:
How often should we measure the urinary anion gap for cases of suspected renal tubular acidosis?

Bernardes, J., 1996:
How often should we perform nonstress tests in normal third-trimester pregnancies? Preferably, not as often as every 2 days!

Findlay, C.; Donaldson, M., 1998:
How often should we screen for hypothyroidism in girl's with Turner's syndrome?

Townsend, R.R., 2001:
How often should "surveillance EKGs" be obtained in the follow-up of asymptomatic hypertensives?

Christian, J.A.; Wang, J.; Kiyatkina, N.; Rettig, M.; Low, P.S., 1998:
How old are dense red blood Cells? The dog's tale

Ball, K., 1997:
How old are you?

Pawar, A.R.; Shetty, S.; Ghosh, K.; Mohanty, D., 2002:
How old is factor V Leiden mutation?

Denton, F.T.; Spencer, B.G., 2002:
How old is old? Revising the definition based on life table criteria

Alderman, J.; Hardegan, J.; McKay, M., 1999:
How old is old? The ethics of rationing

Moeller, S.; Berger, L.; Salvador, J.G.; Helitzer, D., 2002:
How old is that child? Validating the accuracy of age assignments in observational surveys of vehicle restraint use

Kalb, C., 1997:
How old is too old?

Brushwood, D.B., 1996:
How old legal precedents produce new rules of law: a case study of Jones v. Walgreen

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How older people in the United States and Germany fared in the growth years of the 1980s: a cross-sectional versus a longitudinal view

Grajczyk, A.; Zöllner, O., 1998:
How older people watch television. Telemetric data on the TV use in Germany in 1996

O'Sullivan, K.E., 1999:
How one British National Health Service Trust follows the path to continuous quality improvement

Novak, J.G., 1990:
How one CEO needs "R&R" in everyday life

Hartzell, C., 1990:
How one California hospital stopped its health care benefits cost hemorrhage

Andrea, J., 1998:
How one ED manager stays organized with a one-page form

Raymond, D.C., 1991:
How one Michigan hospital turned a losing situation under DRGs into a winning one

Rowe, J., 1996:
How one New York hospital is moving to head managed care off at the pass. Interview by Jim Montague

DeComo, P.M., 1983:
How one RT department reduced absenteeism

Abdelhak, S.S., 1996:
How one academic health center is successfully facing the future

Anonymous, 1995:
How one alumna made a difference. Cairo '94: the population conference

Anonymous, 2000:
How one award team makes its decisions

Carris, F.W., 1978:
How one board helps its medical staff grapple with the ethics of patient care

Kelley, T., 1994:
How one clinic handles a dominant HMO

Lynne, D., 1993:
How one coalition influences health care policy

Slette, E., 1995:
How one collaboration opened doors to diversity

Anonymous, 1995:
How one community provides crisis intervention/mental health services

Anonymous, 1995:
How one company decides when to pay for experimental therapies

Péan, P., 1989:
How one doctor's getting rich off perestroika

Chesanow, N., 1998:
How one group builds market leadership

Giampolo, J., 1979:
How one group grapples with purchasing--and saves $2 million in the process

Mangan, D., 1994:
How one group of specialists is coping with capitation

Schlackman, N., 1996:
How one health plan gets doctors to improve

Fisher, B.; Grant, D., 1978:
How one hospital applied "0" based budgeting (and won)

Anonymous, 1994:
How one hospital applies TQM to security problems

Louie, C.; Baxter, P., 1985:
How one hospital approaches marketing by being a good neighbor

Solomon, S., 1979:
How one hospital broke its inflation fever

Anonymous, 1979:
How one hospital centralized buying (and kept the peace)

Rozelle, M.; Yokl, R.T., 1984:
How one hospital combined offsite warehousing and exchange carts successfully

Reed, S., 1983:
How one hospital computerized its fund-raising effort

Janish, B.J.; Dorn, J., 1985:
How one hospital diversified. Plunging into publishing

Stukalin, R.L.; Pomrinse, S.D., 1976:
How one hospital gained PSRO delegated review status

Cassidy, R., 1986:
How one hospital has fared. Having stood up to new pressures, Swedish Medical Center managers feel they're well set for today--and for the future

Hatfield, J.D., 1987:
How one hospital lab met the DRG challenge

Patlovich, J.; Kelly, D.J.; DeBerg, S., 1983:
How one hospital laboratory system marketed its clinical laboratory services

Beermann, B., 1984:
How one hospital laundry will survive in '85

Anonymous, 1978:
How one hospital plans to cut expenses by $3.7m

Kaskiw, A., 1987:
How one hospital returned to prosperity in 60 days

Smejda, H., 1977:
How one hospital sells its expertise to industry

Umana, D.L., 1980:
How one hospital started new development program

Anonymous, 2000:
How one hospital tackles the drug theft/diversion problem head-on

Davis, 1978:
How one hospital turned bad news into good news

Fenster, L.F.; Lonborg, R., 1994:
How one medical center uses informatics to improve value

Anonymous, 2001:
How one organization is making it big with global capitation

Uehling, M., 2001:
How one pathologist is changing physician test-ordering habits

Henderson, N.; Zarfos, K., 1997:
How one physician can make a difference

Finger, W.R., 1990:
How one postpartum program works

Breo, D.L., 1978:
How one profession grooms the executives of tomorrow

Olson, D.K.; White, K., 1996:
How one rural hospital uses technology to manage care

Schwartz, P.L.; Egan, A.G.; Heath, C.J., 1993:
How one school obtained the benefits of problem-based learning without revolution

Falsetti, D.; Kovel, A., 1994:
How one school-based clinic is meeting the challenge of adolescent health care

Ratto, G.A., 1983:
How one state lab group made a difference

Rosenblatt, M.; Rabkin, M.T.; Tosteson, D.C., 1997:
How one teaching hospital system and one medical school are jointly affirming their academic mission

Rosenberg, D., 2001:
How one town got hooked

Brainard, S.C., 1995:
How open heart surgery came to Hawaii

Skovsgaard, H., 1996:
How operating programs improve unit instrument function

Keizer, L., 1984:
How operating room personnel receive orientation training in SPD

Schroeder, H., 1989:
How operational reviews work in West Germany

Zemans, J.R., 1995:
How opinion surveys improve employee morale and resident satisfaction

Kuhl, H., 1994:
How oral contraceptives and drugs interact

Rayner, J.C.; Best, D.J., 1998:
How order affects the sign test

Sutton, S., 1998:
How ordinary people in Great Britain perceive the health risks of smoking

Felton, B.B., 1993:
How organization of nursing care and resident health status affect nursing home costs

Blomqvist, M., 1999:
How organizational change influences gender segregation in the workplace

Becker, H.; Dumas, S.; Houser, A.; Seay, P., 2000:
How organizational factors contribute to innovations in service delivery

Marsh, D., 1994:
How organized dentistry is telling the story

Robbins, A.; Freeman, P., 1999:
How organized medical care can advance public health

Denny, D., 1983:
How organs are distributed

Lee, R.T., 2001:
How orthodontic functional appliances work

Anonymous, 1994:
How other countries administer residential care for the elderly

Wells, R.; Alexander, J.A.; Piotrowski, M.M.; Banaszak-Holl, J.; Adams-Watson, J.G.; Davis, J.; Valentine, N.M., 1999:
How other members of the top management team see the nurse executive

Baer, P.N., 1998:
How others view us: gleanings from the literature

Cherici, C.A., 1987:
How our Rx community implemented a "bring in your bottle" plan

Kay, B.G.; Adelman, D.N., 1977:
How our clinical role spurs services in an ambulatory care setting

Bachner, P., 2001:
How our efforts add up

Grushka, M.J.; Spark, R.P., 1988:
How our histology lab became a "clean" industry

La Massa, P.A.; Cohen, K.R.; Ruditsky, S., 1982:
How our hospital pharmacy maintains control of controlled substances

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How our innovative plan helped us handle the pharmacist shortage

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How our mobile cart enables us to implement decentralized Rx services

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How our model IPA went bankrupt

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How our pharmacists act as poison control specialists

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How our pharmacists now play an important role in home TPN

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How our pharmacists participate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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How our pharmacists sift through and sort out drug therapy

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How our red Rolodex file helps to curb drug interactions

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How our request form helps us to admit drugs to the formulary

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How our retail pharmacy offers Rx services to a 75-bed nursing home and a 56-bed hospital

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How outcome data can be used to evaluate care. Guidelines for physician mortality review

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How outcomes analysis impacts medical imaging

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How outcomes and evidence can strengthen the role of the pediatric dentist

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How overseas doctors can get a foot in the door

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How p53 suppresses cell growth

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How painful is insertion of a spinal needle?

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How partial hospitalization can help psychiatric patients and reduce costs

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How participation figures in their lives

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How passive is passive smoking?

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How patient accounts managers can influence managed care contracting

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How patient compliance to suggested oral hygiene and maintenance affect periodontal therapy

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How patient exams for insurers can boomerang

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A metagenomic analysis of the camel rumen's microbiome identifies the major microbes responsible for lignocellulose degradation and fermentation

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How patient profiles boost interaction between pharmacists and the public

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How patient profiles plus a unit-dose system reduce pilferage and medication errors

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How patient volume affects non-salary expenses

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How patient-friendly is your office?

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How patients adapt diabetes self-care recommendations in everyday life

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How patients and doctors benefit from being 'wired'

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How patients and staff view the use of seclusion

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How patients can contribute to nurses' education

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How patients complain...you can count the ways

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How patients define "service"

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How patients die

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How patients evaluate the quality of ambulatory medical encounters: a marketing perspective

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How patients judge physician quality

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How patients perceive the role of hospital chaplains: a preliminary exploration

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How patients really choose their doctors

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How patients see symptoms

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How patients stress, con, and intimidate physicians to file dubious disability reports

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How patients use the web for second opinions

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How patients were treated in America's first mental hospital

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How patients with heart failure are managed in Italy

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How patients with heart failure are managed in the Czech Republic

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How patients with heart failure are managed in the United Kingdom

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How patients' emotions can unlock a diagnosis

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How payment systems drive change in health care delivery

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How peasants view couples with only one child

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A Metagenomic and in Silico Functional Prediction of Gut Microbiota Profiles May Concur in Discovering New Cystic Fibrosis Patient-Targeted Probiotics

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How people get better

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How people learn

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How people make support judgments: individual differences in the traits used to infer supportiveness in others

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How people power fuels a high-flying carrier

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How people respond to illness in Mexico: self-care or medical care?

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How people treat the public: bottom line in hospital marketing

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How people were coping with the tragedy three weeks after the earthquake

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How people with HIV/AIDS manage and assess their use of complementary therapies: a qualitative analysis

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How perfect? A case of prenatal diagnosis

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How performance appraisal can tie communication to productivity

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How perimeter security keeps hospital crime rate low in high-crime area

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How periodontal disease may contribute to cardiovascular disease

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How peroxisomes arise

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How persistent is cyclopropyl upon nucleophilic substitution, and is frontside displacement possible? A model study

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How personal protective equipment affects perceptions of dentists

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How pharmaceutical controls worked in one Ontario hospital

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How pharmaceuticals cut direct & indirect costs of therapy

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How pharmacies in rehabilitation hospitals are moving ahead

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How pharmacists can assist physicians with controlling blood pressure

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How pharmacists can boost patient compliance re prescription drugs

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How pharmacists can play a key role on the ostomy rehabilitation team

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How pharmacists can reduce hospital costs

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How pharmacists can speed new drug approval through ADR reporting

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How pharmacists play a key role in forming diabetes clubs

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How pharmacists provide useful Rx services to hospice patients

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How pharmacists respond to on-line, real-time DUR alerts

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How pharmacists serve the special needs of visually-impaired patrons

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How pharmacists' salaries & fringe benefits compare by type of practice

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How pharmacy students learn to serve on the hospice team

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How physician assistants are being utilized today

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How physician gender shapes the communication and evaluation of medical care

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How physician networks are selling themselves

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How physician organizations are responding to managed care

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How physician stress can hurt your practice

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How physician/administrator teams work in small groups. Six steps to make it happen

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How physicians and consumers view the health-care system

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How physicians and hospitals benefit in joint ventures

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How physicians and patients look at the problem of obesity

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How physicians can best help the public and themselves

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How physicians can create their future

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How physicians can help create useful clinical practice guidelines

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How physicians can help troubled colleagues

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How physicians can influence health planning

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How physicians can prevent medication errors: practical strategies

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How physicians can steer clear of fraud charges

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How physicians can work with managed mental health care

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How physicians choose the drugs they prescribe

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How physicians communicate about advance directives

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How physicians cope with violent patients

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How physicians diagnose urinary tract infections: the potential influence of laboratory regulations on test availability and use

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How physicians evaluate the activity of Czech health insurance companies

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How physicians experience patient consultations at an orthopaedic out-patient clinic: a qualitative study

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How physicians fight for their point of view

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How physicians learn. Better methods of delivering CME using online practice-based learning

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How physicians make referrals

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How physicians may minimize their chances of becoming involved in an informed consent claim

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How physicians reason--reflections on medical education

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How physicians talk about futility: making words mean too many things

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How physicians will benefit under Clinton's plan. A talk with Judith Feder, PhD. Interview by Amber Stenger

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How plaintiffs' lawyers pick their targets

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How plants see themselves--self-incompatibility in flowering plants

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How plants split hairs

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How plastic is spatial hearing?

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How pleasant was your childhood? Beliefs about memory shape inferences from experienced difficulty of recall

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How podiatrists in Maryland won hospital privileges and more

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How policy affects care, costs, access

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How policy informs the evidence

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How policy informs the evidence. Comprehensive evidence is needed in decision making

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How policy informs the evidence. Lessons have also been learnt in disciplines outside medicine

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How policy variables influence the timing of applications for Social Security Disability Insurance

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How poliomyelitis is to be eradicated completely

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How political should a general medical journal be?

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How poor writing and bad word choices can turn readers off!: a 'mea culpa'

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How poorly fare our children?

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How popular TV shows shape public perceptions of medical scientists

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How popular is psychiatry?

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How popular is the Personality Assessment Inventory in practice and training?

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How positive advice can help to combat obesity

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How postnatal support groups can benefit new parents

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How practical is the method?

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How practical planning created this functional pharmacy

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How practice costs wash away income

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How practicing physicians are adjusting to managed care

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How practicing surgeons trained for laparoscopic cholecystectomy

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How practitioners (and others) can make scientifically viable contributions to clinical-outcome research using the single-case time-series design

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How practitioners can systematically use empirical evidence in treatment selection

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How prayer heals: a theoretical model

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How precise is neuronal synchronization?

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How predictable are the results of excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy? A review

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How predictable is spelling? Developing and testing metrics of phoneme-grapheme contingency

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How predictable were the outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in Europe in 2001 and is vaccination the answer?

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How predictive is a cervical smear suggesting glandular neoplasia?

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How predictive is a cervical smear suggesting invasive squamous cell carcinoma?

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How predictive is a history of penicillin allergy?

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How pregnant women can prevent toxoplasmosis infection

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How preliminary data affect people's stated willingness to enter a hypothetical randomized controlled trial

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How prenatal care can improve maternal health

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How prenatal ultrasound can change the treatment of ectopic ureterocele in neonates?

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How preoperative assessment programs can be justified financially to hospital administrators

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How prepared are you?

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How prepared are you? Reviewing your disaster plan may save your life

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How prescription drugs lower medical care costs

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How pressure is building for negotiated fees

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How prevalent are hospital-based palliative care programs? Status report and future directions

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How prevalent is Plasmodium malariae in Rondônia, western Brazilian Amazon?

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How prevalent is chlamydial infection?

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How prevalent is violence towards nurses working in general hospitals in the UK?

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How preventable are spinal cord injuries?

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How primary care physicians in North Carolina counsel patients to stop smoking

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How primary care training enhances the pharmacist's health role

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How primary health care providers can integrate cancer prevention into practice

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How primary-care doctors compare economically

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How priming affects two speeded implicit tests of remembering: naming colors versus reading words

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How primitive is the Moro reflex?

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How private finance is moving primary care into corporate ownership

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How private is privacy?...a psychiatrist's query

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How proapoptotic proteins can escape from mitochondria?

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How probable is the null hypothesis?

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How problematic are various aspects of quality of life in patients with cancer at the end of life?

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How problems evolve and dissolve: integrating narrative and strategic concepts

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How process enterprises really work

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How product line management will affect your managerial role

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How professional associations can influence reproductive health care

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How professional associations serve you

Anonymous, 1998:
How professional bodies can help to regulate the profession

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How professional values are developed and applied in medical practice in China

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How professionals view their patients

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How professions can affect the direction of education for their members

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How profitable are your services?

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How profitable is a medical career?

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How profitable is risk selection? A comparison of four risk adjustment models

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How progestins influence the cardiovascular effect of hormone replacement therapy

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How promptly are inpatients treated for critical laboratory results?

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How proper planning helped us greatly in moving our pharmacy twice

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How proper protocol, materials selection, and communication yield aesthetic, functional outcomes and patient satisfaction in complex restorative cases

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How proposed financial statement rules would affect hospitals

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How prospective doctors spent their days: medical student life at the University of Vermont, 1854-1900

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How prospective school health educators can build a portfolio to communicate professional expertise

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A metagenomic study of the gut microbiome in Behcet's disease

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How provider fraud flattens corporate profits

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How provider productivity in a primary care walk-in clinic can be influenced

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How providers can preserve mutually beneficial joint ventures

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How providing more care costs less. Johns Hopkins' managed care plan offers prompt access to high-quality treatment and, after the first 18 months, reduced costs by 31%

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How psychiatric symptoms varied in World War I and II

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How psychiatrists and judges assess the dangerousness of persons with mental illness: an 'expertise bias"

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How psychiatrists and political scientists have grown up since 1938

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How psychological states affect the immune system: implications for interventions in the context of HIV

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How psychological testing can reinstate its value in an era of cost containment

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How psychometrically sound is the transplant evaluation rating scale for bone marrow transplant recipients?

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How psychotherapy integration can complement the scientist-practitioner model

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How public health units fit in

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How public opinion really works

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How public sector pay is being determined

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How purchasers can improve plan performance

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How purchasers evaluate health plans

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How purchasers value behavioral health benefits. Interview by Tom Trabin

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How pure is this junk?

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How quality assurance facilitates decentralization in a primary health care system: the case of Niger

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How quality circles work: an "inside look" at two different hospitals, with actual meeting notes

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How quality managers can stop information overload

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How quickly can GABAA receptors open?

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How quickly can healthy adults move their hands to intercept an approaching object? Age and gender effects

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How quickly do the effects of sector division appear? The initial results of the companion research of the Zurich sector division project

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How quickly does CMAJ evaluate submissions?

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How quickly does an abdominal aortic aneurysm grow?

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How quickly is a child's cancer diagnosed?

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How relevant to nursing is your degree?

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How reliable is your patient's pain assessment?

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