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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46297

Chapter 46297 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Freeman, A.G., 1996:
Hydroxocobalamin versus cyanocobalamin

Pery-Man, N.; Houeto, P.; Coirault, C.; Suard, I.; Perennec, J.; Riou, B.; Lecarpentier, Y., 1996:
Hydroxocobalamin vs cobalt toxicity on rat cardiac and diaphragmatic muscles

Sauer, S.W.; Keim, M.E., 2001:
Hydroxocobalamin: improved public health readiness for cyanide disasters

Bauer, J.A., 1999:
Hydroxocobalamins as biologically compatible donors of nitric oxide implicated in the acceleration of wound healing

Mori, A.; Danda, Y.; Fujii, T.; Hirabayashi, K.; Osakada, K., 2001:
Hydroxorhodium complex-catalyzed carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions of silanediols with alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds. Mizoroki-Heck-type reaction vs conjugate addition

Peymann, T.; Lork, E.; Gabel, D., 1996:
Hydroxoundecahydro-closo-dodecaborate(2-) as a Nucleophile. Preparation and Structural Characterization of O-Alkyl and O-Acyl Derivatives of Hydroxoundecahydro-closo-dodecaborate(2-)

Ramos-e-Silva, M.; Hexsel, D.M.; Rutowitsch, M.S.; Zechmeister, M., 2001:
Hydroxy acids and retinoids in cosmetics

Zhang, D.; Zhang, R.; Park, J.; North, S.W., 2002:
Hydroxy peroxy nitrites and nitrates from OH initiated reactions of isoprene

Anonymous, 1996:
Hydroxy pyridone as antimycotic agent

Lecouvey, M.; Barbey, C.; Navaza, A.; Neuman, A.; Prangé, T., 2002:
Hydroxy(aryl)methylene]diphosphonic acids, a class of drugs in bone pathology treatments, crystallize as head-to-head dimers

Ley, J.P.; Bertram, H.J., 2001:
Hydroxy- or methoxy-substituted benzaldoximes and benzaldehyde-O-alkyloximes as tyrosinase inhibitors

Kan; Nara; Ozawa; Shirahama; Matsuda, 2000:
Hydroxy-Directed, SmI(2)-Induced Conversion of Carbohydrates into Carbocycles

Zeng, Z.R.; Qiu, W.L.; Xing, H.; Zhou, J.H.; Huang, Z.F., 2003:
Hydroxy-dibenzo crown ether stationary phase for capillary gas chromatography using sol-gel technology

Huc, I.; Maurizot, V.; Gornitzka, H.; Léger, J-Michel., 2002:
Hydroxy-substituted oligopyridine dicarboxamide helical foldamers

Lal, B.; Gangopadhyay, A.K.; Rajagopalan, R.; Ghate, A.V., 1999:
Hydroxyacyl derivatives of forskolin--their positive inotropic activity

Izumida, H.; Adachi, K.; Mihara, A.; Yasuzawa, T.; Sano, H., 1998:
Hydroxyakalone, a novel xanthine oxidase inhibitor produced by a marine bacterium, Agrobacterium aurantiacum

Zosimo-Landolfo, G.; Tronchet, J.M.; Bizzozero, N.; Habashi, F.; Kamatari, A., 1999:
Hydroxyamino sugar derivatives: sugar nitrones

Ing, E., 2001:
Hydroxyamphetamine drops for Horner's syndrome

Havlik, R.J., 2002:

Jordan, D.R.; Brownstein, S.; Gilberg, S.; Coupal, D.; Kim, S.; Mawn, L., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate coatings on aluminium oxide orbital implants

Overgaard, S.; Lind, M.; Glerup, H.; Grundvig, S.; Bünger, C.; Søballe, K., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite and fluorapatite coatings for fixation of weight loaded implants

Ong, J.L.; Chan, D.C., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite and their use as coatings in dental implants: a review

Thanner, J.; Kärrholm, J.; Herberts, P.; Malchau, H., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate-coated cups with and without screw fixation: a randomized study of 64 hips

Hayashi, Y.; Imai, M.; Yanagiguchi, K.; Viloria, I.L.; Ikeda, T., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite applied as direct pulp capping medicine substitutes for osteodentin

Mahan, K.T.; Carey, M.J., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite as a bone substitute

Bezrukov, V.M.; Grigor'ian, A.S., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite as a substrate for osteoplasty: the theoretical and practical aspects of the problem

Toni, A.; Terzi, S.; Sudanese, A.; Stea, S.; Zappoli, F.A.; Busanelli, L.; Giunti, A., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite as metallic prosthesis coating: preliminary clinical experience

Nelissen, R.G.; Valstar, E.R.; Rozing, P.M., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite augmentation of the porous coating improves fixation of tibial components

Onsten, I.; Nordqvist, A.; Carlsson, A.S.; Besjakov, J.; Shott, S., 1998:
Hydroxyapatite augmentation of the porous coating improves fixation of tibial components. A randomised RSA study in 116 patients

Totoribe, K.; Tajima, N.; Chosa, E.; Matsumoto, M.; Kataoka, H.; Koono, M., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite block for use in posterolateral lumbar fusion: a report of four cases

Arriaga, Mês.A.; Chen, D.A., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite cement cranioplasty in translabyrinthine acoustic neuroma surgery

Reddi, S.P.; Stevens, M.R.; Kline, S.N.; Villanueva, P., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite cement in craniofacial trauma surgery: indications and early experience

Gosain, A.K., 1998:
Hydroxyapatite cement paste cranioplasty for the treatment of temporal hollowing after cranial vault remodeling in a growing child

Lorenz, R.R.; Papay, F.A.; Jatla, M.; Barthel, S.W.; Seeley, B.M.; Ulusal, B.G., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite cement reconstruction in the growing craniofacial skeleton: an experimental model

McKee, M.D., 2003:
Hydroxyapatite cement was not as effective as intrafocal Kirschner-wire fixation for acute fractures of the distal part of the radius

Jackson, I.T.; Yavuzer, R., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite cement: an alternative for craniofacial skeletal contour refinements

Akahane, M.; Ohgushi, H.; Kuriyama, S.; Akahane, T.; Takakura, Y., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite ceramics as a carrier of gene-transduced bone marrow cells

Abrams, L.; Bajpai, P.K., 1994:
Hydroxyapatite ceramics for continuous delivery of heparin

Liebendörfer, A.; Tröster, S., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite ceramics in clinical application. Histological findings in 23 patients

Caja, V.L.; Moroni, A., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite coated external fixation pins: an experimental study

Oosterbos, C.J.; Rahmy, A.I.; Tonino, A.J., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite coated hip prosthesis followed up for 5 years

D'Antonio, J.A.; Capello, W.N.; Manley, M.T.; Feinberg, J., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite coated implants. Total hip arthroplasty in the young patient and patients with avascular necrosis

Capello, W.N.; D'Antonio, J.A.; Feinberg, J.R.; Manley, M.T., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite coated stems in younger and older patients with hip arthritis

Zambonin, G.; Camerino, C.; Greco, G.; Patella, V.; Moretti, B.; Grano, M., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite coated with heaptocyte growth factor (HGF) stimulates human osteoblasts in vitro

Søballe, K.; Hansen, E.S.; Brockstedt-Rasmussen, H.; Bünger, C., 1993:
Hydroxyapatite coating converts fibrous tissue to bone around loaded implants

Sandén, B.; Olerud, C.; Larsson, S., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite coating enhances fixation of loaded pedicle screws: a mechanical in vivo study in sheep

Palm, L.; Jacobsson, S-Arne.; Ivarsson, I., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite coating improves 8- to 10-year performance of the link RS cementless femoral stem

Sandén, B.; Olerud, C.; Petrén-Mallmin, M.; Larsson, S., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite coating improves fixation of pedicle screws. A clinical study

Moilanen, T.; Stocks, G.W.; Freeman, M.A.; Scott, G.; Goodier, W.D.; Evans, S.J., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite coating of an acetabular prosthesis. Effect on stability

Magyar, G.; Toksvig-Larsen, S.; Moroni, A., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite coating of threaded pins enhances fixation

Oshio, H., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite coating on metal plates using an aerosol jet printing system

Kuroda, K.; Ichino, R.; Okido, M.; Takai, O., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite coating on titanium by thermal substrate method in aqueous solution

Nilsson, K.G.; Kärrholm, J.; Carlsson, L.; Dalén, T., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite coating versus cemented fixation of the tibial component in total knee arthroplasty: prospective randomized comparison of hydroxyapatite-coated and cemented tibial components with 5-year follow-up using radiostereometry

Rogers-Foy, J.M.; Powers, D.L.; Brosnan, D.A.; Barefoot, S.F.; Friedman, R.J.; LaBerge, M., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite composites designed for antibiotic drug delivery and bone reconstruction: a caprine model

Vories, A.; Mansfield, E., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite cranioplasty in fibrous dysplasia of the skull

Eppley, B.L., 2003:
Hydroxyapatite cranioplasty: I. Experimental results from a new quick-setting material

Serizawa, T.; Kawanishi, N.; Akashi, M., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite deposition by alternating soaking technique on poly(vinyl alcohol)-coated polyethylene films

Best, J.A.; Shapiro, R.D.; Kalmar, J.; Westesson, P.L., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite deposition disease of the temporomandibular joint in a patient with renal failure

Harkness, B.S., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite eye implant

D'Antonio, J.A.; Capello, W.N.; Manley, M.T.; Geesink, R., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite femoral stems for total hip arthroplasty: 10- to 13-year followup

Moroni, A.; Rocca, M.; Faldini, C.; Stea, S.; Giardino, R.; Giannini, S., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite fully coated conic hip prosthetic stem: a long term animal study

Konishi, S.; Nakamura, H.; Seki, M.; Nagayama, R.; Yamano, Y., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite granule graft combined with recombinant human bone morphogenic protein-2 for solid lumbar fusion

Liljensten, E.L.; Attaelmanan, A.G.; Larsson, C.; Ljusberg-Wahren, H.; Danielsen, N.; Hirsch, J.M.; Thomsen, P., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite granule/carrier composites promote new bone formation in cortical defects

Klapper, S.R.; Jordan, D.R.; Punja, K.; Brownstein, S.; Gilberg, S.M.; Mawn, L.A.; Grahovac, S.Z., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite implant wrapping materials: analysis of fibrovascular ingrowth in an animal model

Yang, J.G.; Khwarg, S.I.; Wee, W.R.; Kim, D.M.; Lee, J.H., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite implantation with scleral quadrisection after evisceration

Codère, F., 1995:
Hydroxyapatite implants: a rational approach

Breton, P.; Freidel, M., 1993:
Hydroxyapatite in orthognathic surgery. Animal experimentation and clinical applications

Oonishi, H.; Iwaki, Y.; Kin, N.; Kushitani, S.; Murata, N.; Wakitani, S.; Imoto, K., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite in revision of total hip replacements with massive acetabular defects: 4- to 10-year clinical results

Capello, W.N.; D'Antonio, J.A.; Manley, M.T.; Feinberg, J.R., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite in total hip arthroplasty. Clinical results and critical issues

Fendri, M.; Beltaief, O.; Krichen, S.; Charfi, O.; Matri, L.; Triki, M.F., 1995:
Hydroxyapatite intraorbital implants

Shields, J.A.; Shields, C.L.; De Potter, P., 1993:
Hydroxyapatite orbital implant after enucleation--experience with 200 cases

Klapper, S.R.; Jordan, D.R.; Ells, A.; Grahovac, S., 2003:
Hydroxyapatite orbital implant vascularization assessed by magnetic resonance imaging

Fong, K.S.; Choo, C.T., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite orbital implants--our local experience

Stelnicki, E.J.; Ousterhout, D.K., 1998:
Hydroxyapatite paste (BoneSource) used as an onlay implant for supraorbital and malar augmentation

Vrabec, J.T.; Stierman, K.; Grady, J.J., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite prosthesis extrusion

Aspenberg, P.; Kopylov, P., 1994:
Hydroxyapatite spacer for open reduction of Colles' fracture. Case report

Lo, W.J.; Grant, D.M., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite thin films deposited onto uncoated and (Ti,Al, V)N-coated Ti alloys

Mutschler, C.; Le Hir, P.X.; Laredo, J.D.; Arrivé, L., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite-associated arthritis of a thoracic costovertebral joint

Pommer, A.; Muhr, G.; Dávid, A., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite-coated Schanz pins in external fixators used for distraction osteogenesis : a randomized, controlled trial

Tonino, A.; Oosterbos, C.; Rahmy, A.; Thèrin, M.; Doyle, C., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite-coated acetabular components. Histological and histomorphometric analysis of six cups retrieved at autopsy between three and seven years after successful implantation

Lewis, G., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite-coated bioalloy surfaces: current status and future challenges

Block, M.S.; Gardiner, D.; Kent, J.N.; Misiek, D.J.; Finger, I.M.; Guerra, L., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite-coated cylindrical implants in the posterior mandible: 10-year observations

Kay, R.M.; Kabo, J.M.; Seeger, L.L.; Eckardt, J.J., 1994:
Hydroxyapatite-coated distal femoral replacements. Preliminary results

Hardy, D.C.R.; Frassinet, P., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite-coated femoral arthroplasties: a long-term study through 29 Corail prostheses explanted during a ten-year survey

Tonino, A.J.; Thèrin, M.; Doyle, C., 1999:
Hydroxyapatite-coated femoral stems. Histology and histomorphometry around five components retrieved at post mortem

Albrektsson, T., 1998:
Hydroxyapatite-coated implants: a case against their use

Morris, H.F.; Ochi, S., 1998:
Hydroxyapatite-coated implants: a case for their use

Yamamoto, A.; Nakayama, M.; Tashiro, M.; Ogawa, T.; Kurane, I., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite-coated nylon beads as a new reagent to develop a particle agglutination assay system for detecting Japanese encephalitis virus-specific human antibodies

Dunn, M.G.; Maxian, S.H., 1990:
Hydroxyapatite-coated orthopedic implants

Hernández Cortés, P.; Nájera Sagastume, O.O.; Mesa Ramos, F.; Pajares López, M.; Hernández Hernández, M.A., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite-coated stems with metaphyseal and diaphyseal press-fit. Eleven-year follow-up results

Maliniak, M.M.; Szivek, J.A.; DeYoung, D.W.; Emmanual, J., 1993:
Hydroxyapatite-coated strain gauges for long-term in vivo bone strain measurements

Kligman, M.; Kirsh, G., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite-coated total hip arthroplasty in osteoporotic patients

Capello, W.N.; D'Antonio, J.A.; Feinberg, J.R.; Manley, M.T., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite-coated total hip femoral components in patients less than fifty years old. Clinical and radiographic results after five to eight years of follow-up

Kirsh, G.; Roffman, M.; Kligman, M., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite-coated total hip replacements in patients 65 years of age and over

Amstutz, H.C., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite-coated versus grit-blasted femoral stems

Hamadouche, M.; Witvoet, J.; Porcher, R.; Meunier, A.; Sedel, L.; Nizard, R., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite-coated versus grit-blasted femoral stems. a prospective, randomised study using EBRA-FCA

Toksvig-Larsen, S.; Jorn, L.P.; Ryd, L.; Lindstrand, A., 2000:
Hydroxyapatite-enhanced tibial prosthetic fixation

Reed, D.; Billotte, W.G.; Rush, B.J.; Odorzynski, A.; Kreinbrink, K.; Bajpai, P.K., 1997:
Hydroxyapatite-oil composites for delivering AZT in simulated body fluid

Dasarathy, H.; Riley, C.; Coble, H.D.; Lacefield, W.R.; Maybee, G., 1996:
Hydroxyapatite/metal composite coatings formed by electrocodeposition

D'Antonio, J.A.; Thomas, S.J.; Bischak, T.L., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite: a noncemented fiction

Snyderman, C.H.; Scioscia, K.; Carrau, R.L.; Weissman, J.L., 2001:
Hydroxyapatite: an alternative method of frontal sinus obliteration

Freeman, M.A., 1998:
Hydroxyapatite: catalyst or conjurer?

Rasquinha, V.J.; Ranawat, C.S.; Mauriello, A.J., 2002:
Hydroxyapatite: catalyst or conjuror?

Bauer, T.W., 1995:
Hydroxyapatite: coating controversies

Leont'ev, V.K.; Volozhin, A.I.; Kurdiumov, S.G., 1995:
Hydroxyapol and Colapol in dental practice

Kurdiumov, S.G., 1997:
Hydroxyapol and Kolapol: their use in dental and surgical practice

Potter, B., 1993:

Aylward, J.M., 1993:
Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine: assessing the risk of retinal toxicity

Clark, P.; Casas, E.; Tugwell, P.; Medina, C.; Gheno, C.; Tenorio, G.; Orozco, J.A., 1993:
Hydroxychloroquine compared with placebo in rheumatoid arthritis. A randomized controlled trial

Munster, T.; Gibbs, J.P.; Shen, D.; Baethge, B.A.; Botstein, G.R.; Caldwell, J.; Dietz, F.; Ettlinger, R.; Golden, H.E.; Lindsley, H.; McLaughlin, G.E.; Moreland, L.W.; Roberts, W.Neal.; Rooney, T.W.; Rothschild, B.; Sack, M.; Sebba, A.I.; Weisman, M.; Welch, K.E.; Yocum, D.; Furst, D.E., 2002:
Hydroxychloroquine concentration-response relationships in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Gilman, A.L.; Chan, K.W.; Mogul, A.; Morris, C.; Goldman, F.D.; Boyer, M.; Cirenza, E.; Mazumder, A.; Gehan, E.; Cahill, R.; Frankel, S.; Schultz, K., 2000:
Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of chronic graft-versus-host disease

Anonymous, 1999:
Hydroxychloroquine in light eruption: new indication. Can be tried

Harris, E.D., 1993:
Hydroxychloroquine is safe and probably useful in rheumatoid arthritis

Levy, G.D., 1998:
Hydroxychloroquine ocular toxicity

Coutinho, M.B.; Duarte, I., 2001:
Hydroxychloroquine ototoxicity in a child with idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis

Isbister, G.K.; Dawson, A.; Whyte, I.M., 2002:
Hydroxychloroquine overdose: a prospective case series

Jordan, P.; Brookes, J.G.; Nikolic, G.; Le Couteur, D.G., 2000:
Hydroxychloroquine overdose: toxicokinetics and management

Blyth, C.; Lane, C., 1998:
Hydroxychloroquine retinopathy: is screening necessary?

Edwards, M.H.; Pierangeli, S.; Liu, X.; Barker, J.H.; Anderson, G.; Harris, E.N., 1998:
Hydroxychloroquine reverses thrombogenic properties of antiphospholipid antibodies in mice

Hilton, J.M.; Cooper, D.M.; Henry, R.L., 1997:
Hydroxychloroquine therapy of diffuse pulmonary sarcoidosis in two Australian male children

Falcone, P.M.; Paolini, L.; Lou, P.L., 1993:
Hydroxychloroquine toxicity despite normal dose therapy

Anonymous, 2001:
Hydroxychloroquine+ddI+Hydroxyurea antiretroviral trial, AIDS Research Alliance, Los Angeles

Spalton, D.J.; Verdon Roe, G.M.; Hughes, G.R., 1993:
Hydroxychloroquine, dosage parameters and retinopathy

Lagneaux, L.; Delforge, A.; Dejeneffe, M.; Massy, M.; Bernier, M.; Bron, D., 2002:
Hydroxychloroquine-induced apoptosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia involves activation of caspase-3 and modulation of Bcl-2/bax/ratio

Bonnetblanc, J.M.; Combeau, A.; Dang, P.M., 1995:
Hydroxychloroquine-puvatherapy photoinduced acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis

Rapisarda; Carollo; Fallico; Tomaselli; Maccarone, 2001:
Hydroxycinnamic Acids as Markers of Italian Blood Orange Juices

Montero Pérez, F.J., 1998:
Hydroxycobalamin in the treatment of poisoning by both carbon monoxide and cyanide

Dehne, M.G.; Mühling, J.; Sablotzki, A.; Dehne, K.; Sucke, N.; Hempelmann, G., 2001:
Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) does not directly affect renal function in patients with no prior renal impairment

Marx, G.; Cobas Meyer, M.; Schuerholz, T.; Vangerow, B.; Gratz, K.F.; Hecker, H.; Sümpelmann, R.; Rueckoldt, H.; Leuwer, M., 2002:
Hydroxyethyl starch and modified fluid gelatin maintain plasma volume in a porcine model of septic shock with capillary leakage

Förster, H., 1998:
Hydroxyethyl starch as a plasma substitute

Rudolf, J., 2002:
Hydroxyethyl starch for hypervolemic hemodilution in patients with acute ischemic stroke: a randomized, placebo-controlled phase II safety study

Wilkes, N.J.; Woolf, R.L.; Powanda, M.C.; Gan, T.J.; Machin, S.J.; Webb, A.; Mutch, M.; Bennett-Guerrero, E.; Mythen, M., 2002:
Hydroxyethyl starch in balanced electrolyte solution (Hextend)--pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles in healthy volunteers

Tiras, S.; Yilmaz, R.; Ersin, S.; Kara, E.; Ozbal, O.; Ozdedeli, E.; Kapkaç, M., 1998:
Hydroxyethyl starch solution: is it a new alternative way of treatment in bacterial translocation?

Weidhase, R.; Faude, K.; Weidhase, R., 1998:
Hydroxyethyl starch--an interim report

Peron, S.; Mouthon, L.; Guettier, C.; Brechignac, S.; Cohen, P.; Guillevin, L., 2001:
Hydroxyethyl starch-induced renal insufficiency after plasma exchange in a patient with polymyositis and liver cirrhosis

Anonymous, 1999:
Hydroxyethyl starch. HES in volume substitution

Boldt, J., 1999:
Hydroxyethyl starch: pharmaceutical and clinical profile

Bernard, C.; Alain, M.; Simone, C.; Xavier, M.; Jean-François, M., 1996:
Hydroxyethylstarch and osmotic nephrosis-like lesions in kidney transplants

Coronel, B.; Mercatello, A.; Martin, X.; Lefrancois, N., 1997:
Hydroxyethylstarch and renal function in kidney transplant recipients

Gosling, P.; Rittoo, D.; Manji, M.; Mahmood, A.; Vohra, R., 2001:
Hydroxyethylstarch as a risk factor for acute renal failure in severe sepsis

Adkins, D.; Johnston, M.; Walsh, J.; Spitzer, G.; Goodnough, T., 1998:
Hydroxyethylstarch sedimentation by gravity ex vivo for red cell reduction of granulocyte apheresis components

Dickenamm, M.J.; Filipovic, M.; Schneider, M.C.; Brunner, F.P., 1998:
Hydroxyethylstarch-associated transient acute renal failure after epidural anaesthesia for labour analgesia and Caesarean section

Ishio, S.; Yamada, H.; Craft, C.M.; Moriyama, Y., 2000:
Hydroxyindole-O-methyltransferase is another target for L-glutamate-evoked inhibition of melatonin synthesis in rat pinealocytes

Castro, G.D.; Delgado de Layño, A.M.; Castro, J.A., 1998:
Hydroxyl and 1-hydroxyethyl free radical detection using spin traps followed by derivatization and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Mehlhorn, R.J.; Gomez, J., 1993:
Hydroxyl and alkoxyl radical production by oxidation products of metmyoglobin

McDowell, R.S.; Kossiakoff, A.A., 1996:
Hydroxyl and water molecule orientations in trypsin: comparison to molecular dynamic structures

Bahadur, 1995:
Hydroxyl defects in germanium-doped quartz: Defect dynamics and radiation effects

Chiueh, C.C.; Murphy, D.L.; Miyake, H.; Lang, K.; Tulsi, P.K.; Huang, S.J., 1993:
Hydroxyl free radical (.OH) formation reflected by salicylate hydroxylation and neuromelanin. In vivo markers for oxidant injury of nigral neurons

Bay, B.H.; Sit, K.H.; Paramanantham, R.; Chan, Y.G., 1997:
Hydroxyl free radicals generated by vanadyl[IV] induce cell blebbing in mitotic human Chang liver cells

Schickor, P.; Heumann, H., 1994:
Hydroxyl radical footprinting

Zaychikov, E.; Schickor, P.; Denissova, L.; Heumann, H., 2001:
Hydroxyl radical footprinting

Tiku, M.L.; Yan, Y.P.; Chen, K.Y., 1998:
Hydroxyl radical formation in chondrocytes and cartilage as detected by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy using spin trapping reagents

Matsuki, N.; Takanohashi, A.; Boffi, F.M.; Inanami, O.; Kuwabara, M.; Ono, K., 1999:
Hydroxyl radical generation and lipid peroxidation in C2C12 myotube treated with iodoacetate and cyanide

Hino, Y.; Kumashiro, R.; Sata, M.; Nishi, J.; Ogura, R.; Tanikawa, K., 1993:
Hydroxyl radical generation and membrane fluidity of erythrocytes treated with lipopolysaccharide

Tanaka; Itakura; Enoki, 2000:
Hydroxyl radical generation by an extracellular low-molecular-weight substance and phenol oxidase activity during wood degradation by the white-rot basidiomycete Trametes versicolor

Kagawa, T.; Takemura, G.; Qiu, X.; Maruyama, R.; Wang, N.; Minatoguchi, S.; Fujiwara, H., 2003:
Hydroxyl radical generation by the combination of iron and ascorbic acid is greatly attenuated but still significant in human gastric juice

Schickor, P.; Zaychikov, E.; Heumann, H., 2001:
Hydroxyl radical interference

Nagai, R.; Ikeda, K.; Higashi, T.; Sano, H.; Jinnouchi, Y.; Araki, T.; Horiuchi, S., 1997:
Hydroxyl radical mediates N epsilon-(carboxymethyl)lysine formation from Amadori product

Feng, J.; Aki, S.N.V.K.; Chateauneuf, J.E.; Brennecke, J.F., 2002:
Hydroxyl radical reactivity with nitrobenzene in subcritical and supercritical water

Vulcano, M.; Rosa, M.F.; Breyer, I.; Isturiz, M.A., 1999:
Hydroxyl radical scavengers inhibit TNF-alpha production in mononuclear cells but not in polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Kataoka, M.; Tonooka, K.; Ando, T.; Imai, K.; Aimoto, T., 1998:
Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Prasad, K.; Bharadwaj, L.A., 1996:
Hydroxyl radical--a mediator of acetylcholine-induced vascular relaxation

Schopfer, P., 2002:
Hydroxyl radical-induced cell-wall loosening in vitro and in vivo: implications for the control of elongation growth

Morimoto, S.; Hatta, H.; Fujita, S.; Matsuyama, T.; Ueno, T.; Nishimoto, S., 1999:
Hydroxyl radical-induced cross-linking of thymine and lysine: identification of the primary structure and mechanism

Schapira, R.M.; Ghio, A.J.; Effros, R.M.; Morrisey, J.; Dawson, C.A.; Hacker, A.D., 1994:
Hydroxyl radicals are formed in the rat lung after asbestos instillation in vivo

Yang, K.D.; Shaio, M.F., 1994:
Hydroxyl radicals as an early signal involved in phorbol ester-induced monocytic differentiation of HL60 cells

Bach, T.; Kather, K., 1996:
Hydroxyl-Directed Reductive Cleavage of 3-Oxetanols as an Entry to Diastereomerically Pure 1,2-Diols

Kramer, J.B.; Capiris, T.; Sircar, J.C.; Connor, D.T.; Bornemeier, D.A.; Dyer, R.D.; Kuipers, P.J.; Kennedy, J.A.; Wright, C.D.; Okonkwo, G.C., 1995:
Hydroxylamine analogs of 2,6-di-t-butylphenols: dual inhibitors of cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase or selective 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors

Ryba, M.S.; Gordon-Krajcer, W.; Walski, M.; Chalimoniuk, M.; Chrapusta, S.J., 2000:
Hydroxylamine attenuates the effects of simulated subarachnoid hemorrhage in the rat brain and improves neurological outcome

Spooren, A.A.; Evelo, C.T., 1998:
Hydroxylamine treatment increases glutathione-protein and protein-protein binding in human erythrocytes

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