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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46324

Chapter 46324 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Wirsing von König, C.H.; Ritter, E., 1998:
Illustrations of nosocomial pediatric infections

Lister, J.; Lister, J., 2001:
Illustrations of the antiseptic system of treatment in surgery. 1867

Adams, R.; Adams, R., 2000:
Illustrations of the effects of rheumatic gout or chronic rheumatic arthritis on all the articulations with descriptive and explanatory statements. 1857

Williams, B.J., 1996:
Illustrations that illuminate CQI

Young, R.K., 2001:
Illustrations, captions, and supplementary material

Liu, H., 1999:
Illustrative cases treated by the application of the extra point sishencong

Tang, Y.; Li, S.; Niu, H., 2001:
Illustrative consultation of myelodysplastic syndrome

Kaplan, F.S.; Shore, E.M., 2001:
Illustrative disorders of ectopic skeletal morphogenesis: a childhood parallax for studies in gravitational and space biology

Burgess, R., 1977:
Illustrative material in the Wellcome Institute for the social history of medicine

Ahern, M.L., 1983:
Illustrative rate-setting cases from states with all-payer programs

Modesto-Lowe, V., 2002:
Illy users in Connecticut: two case reports

Funkat, G.; Bolten, J.; Griessbach, G., 2002:
Ilm-Map for the internet

Anonymous, 1983:
Ilocos region: BSPO paramedics: training in Abra pays off

Shearman, C.P.; Smith, F.C., 1997:

Riemekasten, G.; Jepsen, H.; Burmester, G.R.; Hiepe, F., 1998:
Iloprost administration over 21 days as an effective therapy in systemic scleroderma--case report and review of the literature

Pope, J.; Fenlon, D.; Thompson, A.; Shea, B.; Furst, D.; Wells, G.; Silman, A., 2000:
Iloprost and cisaprost for Raynaud's phenomenon in progressive systemic sclerosis

Renaud, F.; Succo, E.; Alessi, M.C.; Legre, R.; Juhan-Vague, I., 1996:
Iloprost and salvage of a free flap

Biasi, D.; Carletto, A.; Caramaschi, P.; Zeminian, S.; Pacor, M.L.; Corrocher, R.; Bambara, L.M., 1999:
Iloprost as cyclic five-day infusions in the treatment of scleroderma. An open pilot study in 20 patients treated for one year

Ewert, R.; Opitz, C.; Wensel, R.; Winkler, J.; Höffken, G.; Frank, W.; Berger, F.; Kleber, F.X.; Hetzer, R., 2001:
Iloprost as inhalational and intravenous long-term treatment of patients with primary pulmonary hypertension. Register of the Berlin Study Group for Pulmonary Hypertension]

Mazzone, A.; Mazzucchelli, I.; Fossati, G.; Gritti, D.; Girola, S.; Canale, C.; Cusa, C.; Ricevuti, G., 1996:
Iloprost effects on phagocytes in patients suffering from ischaemic diseases: in vivo evidence for down-regulation of alpha M beta 2 integrin

Biancari, F.; Kantonen, I.; Peltomaa, R.; Lepäntalo, M., 2000:
Iloprost in the management of leg ulcer in polyarteritis nodosa. A case report

Cai, Y.; Hu, H.; Pan, Z.; Hu, G.; Zhang, T., 2018:
A method to optimize the shield compact and lightweight combining the structure with components together by genetic algorithm and MCNP code

Levy, Y.; Sherer, Y.; Shoenfeld, Y., 2001:
Iloprost treatment of finger gangrene in a patient with Raynaud's syndrome

Anonymous, 2000:
Iloprost: new indication. Not adequately assessed

Haas, L.F.; Metchinikoff, I., 2000:
Ilya Metchinikoff (1845-1908)

Tangley, L., 2000:
Ilya Raskin. Probing the roots of plant-based drugs

Curtis, L.A., 1997:
Ilyanassa obsoleta (Gastropoda) as a host for trematodes in Delaware estuaries

Harding, S.J.; Jones, J.H.; Sabirov, A.N.; Samukov, V.V., 1999:
Im-trityl protection of histidine

Pawlwec, G., 2001 :
ImAginE: Immunology and Ageing in Europe--a thematic network of the EU 5th Framework Program

Fletcher, L., 2002:
ImClone BLA is declined

Wehmöller, M.; Koenen, D.; Massberg, W., 1998:
ImaView--imaging station for pre-processing tomography image data

Hamilton, D., 1997:
Image & ideas

Anonymous, 1986:
Image + product ads = success

Stacy, M.C.; Augustine, K.E.; Robb, R.A., 1997:
Image BOSS: an image database system designed for research

Lowe, H.J., 1993:
Image Engine: an object-oriented multimedia database for storing, retrieving and sharing medical images and text

Schilders; Gan; Gu, 1999:
Image Enhancement in a Reflection Optical Microscope by Suppression of Diffusing Photons Using Polarizing Annular Objectives

Gu, 1998:
Image Formation in Femtosecond Confocal Interference Microscopy

Anonymous, 2002:
Image Interpretation Session and Junior Image Interpretation Session, ECR 2002, Vienna

Roehrig, H.; Krupinski, E., 1998:
Image Quality of CRT displays and the effect of brightness of diagnosis of mammograms

Shalev, 1997:
Image Storage Requirements for Treatment Planning and Verification

Richmond; Bissell; Beach, 1998:
Image Theory's Compatibility Test and Evaluations of the Status Quo

Lemell; Winter; Aumayr; Burgdörfer; Meyer, 1996:
Image acceleration of highly charged ions by metal surfaces

Winter; Auth; Schuch; Beebe, 1993:
Image acceleration of highly charged xenon ions in front of a metal surface

Burgdörfer; Meyer, 1993:
Image acceleration of multiply charged ions by metallic surfaces

Bodner, L.; Bar-Ziv, J.; Becker, A., 2001:
Image accuracy of plain film radiography and computerized tomography in assessing morphological abnormality of impacted teeth

Krisch, I.; Hijazi, N.; Hosticka, B.J., 2002:
Image acquisition and image processing for the intraocular vision aid

Bidgood, W.D.; Bray, B.; Brown, N.; Mori, A.R.; Spackman, K.A.; Golichowski, A.; Jones, R.H.; Korman, L.; Dove, B.; Hildebrand, L.; Berg, M., 1999:
Image acquisition context: procedure description attributes for clinically relevant indexing and selective retrieval of biomedical images

Della Mea V, 1999:
Image acquisition devices for telepathology

Horii, S.C., 1996:
Image acquisition. Sites, technologies, and approaches

Langer, S.G.; Carter, S.J.; Haynor, D.R.; Maravella, K.R.; Mattes, D.; Strandness, E.D.; Stewart, B.K., 2002:
Image acquisition: ultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging

Saenz, D.L.; Astorga, N.Rodrigo.; Kirby, N.; Fakhreddine, M.; Rasmussen, K.; Stathakis, S.; Papanikolaou, N., 2018:
A method to predict patient-specific table coordinates for quality assurance in external beam radiation therapy

Anonymous, 1981:
Image advertising: sensitive ad helps position a rehab hospital

Böttger, T.; Potratz, D.; Gabbert, H.; Schernus, B.; Stöckle, M.; Klupp, J.; Junginger, T., 1993:
Image analysis DNA cytometry in medullary thyroid gland cancer. Comparison with histomorphologic parameters and prognostic effect

Stöckle, M.; Steinbach, F.; Voges, G.; Hohenfellner, R., 1993:
Image analysis DNA cytometry of bladder cancer

Erler, B.S.; Hsu, L.; Truong, H.M.; Petrovic, L.M.; Kim, S.S.; Huh, M.H.; Ferrell, L.D.; Thung, S.N.; Geller, S.A.; Marchevsky, A.M., 1994:
Image analysis and diagnostic classification of hepatocellular carcinoma using neural networks and multivariate discriminant functions

Gil, J.; Wu, H.; Wang, B.Y., 2002:
Image analysis and morphometry in the diagnosis of breast cancer

Handels, H.; Ross, T.; Kreusch, J.; Wolff, H.H.; Pöppl, S.J., 1999:
Image analysis and pattern recognition for computer supported skin tumor diagnosis

Uchiyama, M., 1999:
Image analysis and physiopathology of the mechanism of sleep- wakefulness

Woltmann, G.; Wardlaw, A.J.; Rew, D.A., 1998:
Image analysis enhancement of the laser scanning cytometer

Destexhe, E.; Bicker, E.; Coignoul, F., 1995:
Image analysis evaluation of ploidy, S-phase fraction and nuclear area in canine mammary tumours

Roth, K.; Wolf, G.; Dietel, M.; Petersen, I., 1999:
Image analysis for comparative genomic hybridization based on a karyotyping program for windows

Ozanian, T.O.; Phillips, R., 2000:
Image analysis for computer-assisted internal fixation of hip fractures

Pogue, B.W.; Mycek, M.A.; Harper, D., 2000:
Image analysis for discrimination of cervical neoplasia

Gibbs, J.F.; Slocum, H.K.; Cao, S.; Rustum, Y.M., 2001:
Image analysis for quantitation of solid tumor drug sensitivity

Fusman, R.; Rotstein, R.; Elishkewich, K.; Zeltser, D.; Cohen, S.; Kofler, M.; Avitzour, D.; Arber, N.; Berliner, S.; Shapira, I., 2002:
Image analysis for the detection of increased erythrocyte, leukocyte and platelet adhesiveness/aggregation in the peripheral blood of patients with diabetes mellitus

Bengtsson, E.W.; Nordin, B., 1993:
Image analysis in cytology: DNA-histogramming versus cervical smear prescreening

Cooper, R.L., 1997:
Image analysis in glaucoma

Eibel, R.; Brüning, R.; Schöpf, U.J.; Leimeister, P.; Stadie, A.; Reiser, M.F., 1999:
Image analysis in multislice spiral CT of the lung with MPR and MIP reconstructions

Charron, M.; Beyer, T.; Bohnen, N.N.; Kinahan, P.E.; Dachille, M.; Jerin, J.; Nutt, R.; Meltzer, C.C.; Villemagne, V.; Townsend, D.W., 2000:
Image analysis in patients with cancer studied with a combined PET and CT scanner

van der Poel, H.G.; Oosterhof, G.O.; Debruyne, F.M.; Schalken, J.A., 1993:
Image analysis in superficial transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

Magnusson, P.; Olsson, L.E., 2000:
Image analysis methods for assessing levels of image plane nonuniformity and stochastic noise in a magnetic resonance image of a homogeneous phantom

Wang, D.Y., 1993:
Image analysis of AgNORs in esophageal balloon cytosmears

Connolly, L.; Maxwell, P., 2002:
Image analysis of Transwell assays in the assessment of invasion by malignant cell lines

Zhang, X.; Yao, W.; He, Q., 2002:
Image analysis of airway remodeling and responsiveness in asthmatic guinea pig

Dusková, J.; Povýsil, C.; Schreiber, V., 1995:
Image analysis of argyrophil nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) in oestrogen-induced rat anterior pituitary hyperplasia: comparison of automatized (LUCIA M) and non-automatized evaluation

Fang, Y.Y., 1993:
Image analysis of arterial vessels of the internal auditory meatus during presenile and aged with hypertension and atherosclerosis

Wang, L.; Wu, Q.; Sun, K., 1997:
Image analysis of cell nuclear morphology and DNA content in osteosarcoma of the jaws

Zhao, Z.; Rabie, A.B.; Urban, H.; Shen, G., 2003:
Image analysis of condylar cartilaginous adaptation to mandibular protrusion in rats

Talbot, H.; Lee, T.; Jeulin, D.; Hanton, D.; Hobbs, L.W., 2000:
Image analysis of insulation mineral fibres

Nummikoski, P.V., 2002:
Image analysis of intraoral radiographs

Birch, M.; Sommerlad, B.C.; Bhatt, A., 1994:
Image analysis of lateral velopharyngeal closure in repaired cleft palates and normal palates

Cross, S.S.; Bury, J.P.; Stephenson, T.J.; Harrison, R.F., 1997:
Image analysis of low magnification images of fine needle aspirates of the breast produces useful discrimination between benign and malignant cases

Kamijo, T.; Yokose, T.; Hasebe, T.; Yonou, H.; Hayashi, R.; Ebihara, S.; Ochiai, A., 2001:
Image analysis of microvessel surface area predicts radiosensitivity in early-stage laryngeal carcinoma treated with radiotherapy

Ohtsuka, T.; Yamakage, A.; Tamura, T., 1995:
Image analysis of nail fold capillaries in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon

Saito, A.; Yoshii, Y.; Nose, T., 1994:
Image analysis of nuclear DNA content and morphometric characteristics of the tumor cells in human astrocytomas

Peng, S.Y.; Li, H.; Wang, Z.S., 2003:
Image analysis of the Schistosoma juponicum eggs

Blacher, S.; Maquet, V.; Schils, F.; Martin, D.; Schoenen, J.; Moonen, G.; Jérôme, R.; Pirard, J-P., 2002 :
Image analysis of the axonal ingrowth into poly(D,L-lactide) porous scaffolds in relation to the 3-D porous structure

Cortet, B.; Dubois, P.; Boutry, N.; Bourel, P.; Cotten, A.; Marchandise, X., 1999:
Image analysis of the distal radius trabecular network using computed tomography

Arsenault, A.L.; Kohler, D.M., 1994:
Image analysis of the extracellular matrix

Kubo, T.; Anniko, M.; Hsu, W.J., 1998:
Image analysis of the human inner ear

Hu, J.; Song, X.; Li, X.; Tian, N., 1999:
Image analysis of the microvascular permeability to various molecular weight of flucrescein in rat mesentery

Kubo, H.; Murata, S.; Urata, Y.; Itoi, H.; Oka, T.; Ashihara, T., 1993:
Image analysis on isolated colorectal tumor cells

Law, A.K.W.; Lam, K.Y.; Lam, F.K.; Wong, T.K.W.; Poon, J.L.S.; Chan, F.H.Y., 2002:
Image analysis system for assessment of immunohistochemically stained proliferative marker (MIB-1) in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Suchy, B.H.; Wolf, S.R.; Gebhard, A.; Paulus, D., 2001:
Image analysis system for detection facial paralysis

Bloemen, H.; Aerts, J.M.; Berckmans, D.; Goedseels, V., 1997:
Image analysis to measure activity index of animals

Tan, J.; Wang, W.; Jia, L., 1995:
Image and clinical correlative studies on cervical spinal canal stenosis

Walker, L., 1989:
Image and database provide health management clues

West, W.M., 2002:
Image and diagnosis. Carcinoid tumor of the lung

Karolczak-Kulesza, M.; Załecki, K.; Sosnowski, P.; Starega, M., 1995:
Image and diagnostic value of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance in selected cases of orbital diseases

Coates, G., 1995:
Image and identity: performance appraisal in a trust hospital

Stenning, K.; Yule, P., 1997:
Image and language in human reasoning: a syllogistic illustration

Dong, M.; Ding, Y.; Zhang, M.; Luo, Y.; Wang, Y.; Liu, H.; Dong, W., 2003:
Image and quantity analysis of blood-gas in rabbit's artery and Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase in their lungs during PE-SWD treated by HFJV

Dong, W.; Tian, D.; Zhang, M., 2003:
Image and quantity analysis of prostaglandin in rats' blood plasma and Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase in their cerebellum during the prevention of motion sickness by cinnarizine

Schoen, C.A.; Davidson, P., 1996:
Image and reality: managed-care experiences by type of plan

Allen, M.L., 1996:
Image and report distribution on the Internet

Burg, A., 2002:
Image and video compression: the principles behind the technology

Muravenko, O.V.; Samatadze, T.E.; Zelenin, A.V., 1999:
Image and visual analyses of G-banding patterns of camomile chromosomes

Caruso, R.D.; Postel, G.C., 2002:
Image annotation with Adobe Photoshop

Jaffe, C.C., 1994:
Image archives and image data bases: how do they differ?

Höhn, H.; Esser, W.; Hamm, H.; Albert, J., 2002:
Image archives, audio- and video-sequences for teleteaching

Gibaud, B.; Morcet, N.; Gandon, Y., 1993:
Image archiving and communication systems: review of ten years' experiences and perspectives

Svensson, J.; Petersson, J.S.; Ståhlberg, F.; Larsson, E.M.; Leander, P.; Olsson, L.E., 1999:
Image artifacts due to a time-varying contrast medium concentration in 3D contrast-enhanced MRA

Flandrin, G., 1997:
Image bank, diagnostic codification and telediagnosis in hematology

Hammer, P., 1977:
Image building in the eye of a hurricane

Gresh, D.M.; Lynn, J.M., 1986:
Image building program has public service as main goal

Anonymous, 1999:
Image can be reversed between scout and axial views on Elscint CT Twin and Helicat computed tomography scanners

Rudack, E., 1989:
Image capable information systems

Salvage, J.; Nightingale, F., 2002:
Image changes

Lopera, F.; Tobón, N.; Arcos-Burgos, M.; Vargas, S.; Gutiérrez, J.E.; Rosselli, M.; Ardila, A., 1999:
Image characterization of Alzheimer's disease associated with the E280A-PS1 mutation. Case-control study: MRI findings

Auth; Hecht; Igel; Winter, 1995:
Image charge acceleration of multicharged ions in front of the surface of an insulator

Sahni; Bohnen, 1985:
Image charge at a metal surface

Sambe; Ramaker; Parenteau; Sanche, 1987:
Image charge effects in electron stimulated desorption: O- from O2 condensed on Ar films grown on Pt

Jung, Y.D.; Tawara, H., 2001:
Image charge effects on electron capture by dust grains in dusty plasmas

Tran Thoai DB.Z.mmermann; Grundmann; Bimberg, 1990:
Image charges in semiconductor quantum wells: Effect on exciton binding energy

Lytaev, S.A.; Shostak, V.I., 1994:
Image classification based on data from mapping of visual evoked potentials

Bougaud, A.; Fay, A.F.; Margas, J.M., 1996:
Image communication networks

Staab, E.V.; Perry, J.R.; Brenton, B.C.; Thompson, B.G.; Parrish, D.M.; Creasy, J.L.; Yankaskas, B.C., 1985:
Image communications. What is needed and why

Beall, D.P.; Shelton, P.D.; Kinsey, T.V.; Horton, M.C.; Fortman, B.J.; Achenbach, S.; Smirnoff, V.; Courneya, D.L.; Carpenter, B.; Gironda, J.T., 2000:
Image compression and chest radiograph interpretation: image perception comparison between uncompressed chest radiographs and chest radiographs stored using 10:1 JPEG compression

Gotfredsen, E.; Wenzel, A., 2002:
Image compression in storing and communicating digital radiographs

Anonymous, 1998:
Image consciousness

Sinha, U.; Ton, A.; Yaghmai, A.; Taira, R.K.; Kangarloo, H., 2001:
Image content extraction: application to MR images of the brain

Wieshmann, U.C.; Free, S.L.; Stevens, J.M.; Shorvon, S.D., 1998:
Image contrast and hippocampal volumetric measurements

Chang, D.C.; Wu, W.R., 1998:
Image contrast enhancement based on a histogram transformation of local standard deviation

Mollenhauer, H.H.; Droleskey, R.E., 1997:
Image contrast in sections of epoxy resin-embedded biological material: maintenance of a proper anhydride-epoxy ratio during tissue impregnation

Bhattacharya, D.K.; Bhakat, P., 1997:
Image contrast of biological macromolecules in electron microscopy under accelerated voltage

Hashimoto, 2000:
Image contrast of ultra HVEM and future ultra HREM

Gordeev, A.V.; Sura, V.V., 1999:
Image contrasting nephropathy in patients with NIDDM: risk factors

Laor, N.; Wolmer, L., 2000:
Image control and posttraumatic symptoms in children following SCUD missile attacks

Wolmer, L.; Laor, N.; Toren, P., 1999:
Image control from childhood to adolescence

Spolyar, J.L.; Vasileff, W.; MacIntosh, R.B., 1993:
Image corrected cephalometric analysis (ICCA): design and evaluation

Chen, G.T.; Pelizzari, C.A., 1994:
Image correlation: applications in nuclear medicine and beyond

Yamamoto, S.; Akiyama, A.; Ito, T.; Miki, M.; Furusato, M.; Aizawa, S., 1996:
Image cytometric DNA analysis in bladder tumors

Schiller, A.B.; Clark, W.S.; Cotsonis, G.; Lawson, D.; DeRose, P.B.; Cohen, C., 2002:
Image cytometric bcl-2:bax and bcl-2:bcl-x ratios in invasive breast carcinoma: correlation with prognosis

Held, E.L.; Gal, A.A.; DeRose, P.B.; Cohen, C., 1999:
Image cytometric nuclear DNA quantitation of paragangliomas in tissue sections. Prognostic significance

Kishimoto, T., 1994:
Image cytometry

Berthe, J.V.; Goldschmidt, D.; Salmon, I.; Decaestecker, C.; Remmelink, M.; Petein, M.; Pasteels, J.L.; Roels, H.; Frierson, H.; Kiss, R., 1996:
Image cytometry analysis of Feulgen-stained nuclei in 72 lipomatous lesions including atypical lipomas and well-differentiated liposarcomas

Fleming, M.G.; Khona, D.; Kohler, S., 1998:
Image cytometry in early graft-versus-host disease

Brinck, U.; Korabiowska, M.; Nagel, H.; Ruschenburg, I.; Fischer, G.; Droese, M., 2000:
Image cytophotometric DNA analysis of cystadenolymphomas

Sunkpal, M.; Roghanchi, P.; Kocsis, K.C., 2018:
A Method to Protect Mine Workers in Hot and Humid Environments

Lo, S.C.; Krasner, B.; Mun, S.; Majors, B., 1991:
Image data compression for PACS

Jansen, M.; Uytterhoeven, G.; Bultheel, A., 1999:
Image de-noising by integer wavelet transforms and generalized cross validation

Arzhantsev, A.P.; Rabukhina, N.A., 1999:
Image deformation resulting from panoramic zonography of different facial cranial regions

Haritopoulos, M.; Yin, H.; Allinson, N.M., 2002:
Image denoising using self-organizing map-based nonlinear independent component analysis

Ping, Z.; Wu, R.; Sheng, Y., 2002:
Image description with Chebyshev-Fourier moments

Szeinbach, S.L., 1993:
Image development for health care firms

Asakura, K.; Kataura, A., 1997:
Image diagnosis and function tests--obstructive sleep apnea syndromes

Kitamura, T., 1996:
Image diagnosis and functional tests--vertigo due to cerebellar and brain stem disorders

Nishimural, T., 1995:
Image diagnosis of heart diseases using new radioisotope compounds

Yao, T., 1996:
Image diagnosis of malabsorption syndrome or protein-losing enteropathy

Yasuda, Y.; Akiguchi, I., 1993:
Image diagnosis of subcortical hemorrhage-- causative factors, state of consciousness and prognosis

Sakuma, I.; Hirasawa, K.; Tateda, K.; Mikami, T.; Kitabatake, A., 1994:
Image diagnosis of vasculitis--ultrasound

Cristoforoni, P., 2002:
Image digitalization and processing: the role of informatics in colposcopy

Bédard, L.; Delisle, C., 1992:
Image digitizing in conventional radiology

Middleton, D.A.; Hockings, P.D.; Glen, S.; Reid, D.G.; Rose, S.E.; Crozier, S.; Roffman, W.; Rothaul, A.L.; Hunter, A.J.; Doddrell, D.M., 1995:
Image directed proton spectroscopy of gerbil brain at 7 tesla

Ahumada, A.J.; Beard, B.L.; Watson, A.B., 1997:
Image discrimination models predict detection in fixed but not random noise

Hashimoto, N., 2003:
Image display devices (1)

Hashimoto, N., 2002:
Image display devices(2)--CRT monitor

Erickson, B.J.; Ryan, W.J.; Gehring, D.G.; Beebe, C., 1997:
Image display for clinicians on medical record workstations

Chao, M.M.; Chao, L.S.; Chen, Y.J.; Hsieh, C.M.; Liou, S.C.; Lee, Y.L.; Yen, S.H., 2002:
Image display for collision avoidance of radiation therapy: treatment planning

Hanna, G.; Cuschieri, A., 2002:
Image display technology and image processing

Conway, S.K.; Briggs, R.C., 1993:
Image distortion due to massive ascites during Tc-99m RBC scanning for intestinal bleeding

Watanabe, Y.; Perera, G.M.; Mooij, R.B., 2002:
Image distortion in MRI-based polymer gel dosimetry of gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery systems

Richmond, B.; Piraino, D., 2001:
Image distribution in a multi-facility radiology practice

Wood, R.E.; Miller, P.A.; Blenkinsop, B.R., 1994:
Image editing and computer assisted bitemark analysis: a case report

Caruso, R.D.; Postel, G.C., 2002:
Image editing with Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Allen; Reiser, 1996:
Image effects of cylindrical pipes on continuous beams

Lowe, H.J.; Buchanan, B.G.; Cooper, G.F.; Kaplan, B.; Vries, J.K., 1995:
Image engine: an integrated multimedia clinical information system

Peli, E.; Lee, E.; Trempe, C.L.; Buzney, S., 1994:
Image enhancement for the visually impaired: the effects of enhancement on face recognition

Taylor, K.S., 1994:
Image enhancer. An X-ray of radiology's future highlights cost-effectiveness and collaboration

Yuan, W.H.; Teng, M.M.; Hsu, H.C.; Chen, S.S.; Lirng, J.F.; Chang, F.C.; Luo, C.B.; Guo, W.Y.; Chiang, J.H.; Chang, C.Y., 2001:
Image evaluation of suprazygomatic masticator space lesions

Coolen; Ruijgrok, 1988:
Image evolution in Hopfield networks

Xu, X.W.; Doi, K., 1996:
Image feature analysis for computer-aided diagnosis: detection of right and left hemidiaphragm edges and delineation of lung field in chest radiographs

Koivula, A.; Alakuijala, J.; Tervonen, O., 1997:
Image feature based automatic correction of low-frequency spatial intensity variations in MR images

Shevelev, I.A., 2000:
Image features selected by neurons of the cat primary visual cortex

Nakamura, M.; Kitayama, K-ichi.; Igasaki, Y.; Shamoto, N.; Kaneda, K., 2002:
Image fiber optic space-CDMA parallel transmission experiment using 8 x 8 VCSEL/PD arrays

Wiggins, R.H.; Davidson, H.C.; Harnsberger, H.R.; Lauman, J.R.; Goede, P.A., 2001:
Image file formats: past, present, and future

Rohrschneider, K.; Riede, B.; Blankenagel, A., 1998:
Image flicker frequency of television reading aids. Effect on reading comfort for visually handicapped patients

Nishi, R.; Yoshida, K.; Takaoka, A., 1995:
Image forming optics with a common aperture for fast switching between TEM magnified image and selected area diffraction

Thomason, S.S., 1993:
Image freezing or progressive thawing?

Anonymous, 1984:
Image from the inside-out. Employee program focuses on "close to the customer"

Sure, U.; Benes, L.; Riegel, T.; Schulte, D.Michael.; Bertalanffy, H., 2002:
Image fusion for skull base neuronavigation. Technical note

Troccaz, J.; Vassal, P.; Giraud, J.Y.; le Verre, C.; Artignan, X.; Bolla, M., 2001:
Image fusion methods for the repositioning of the patient in radiotherapy

Emri, M.; Esik, O.; Repa, I.; Márián, T.; Trón, L., 1998:
Image fusion of different tomographic methods (PET/CT/MRI) effectively contribute to therapy planning

Zaknun, J.J.; Fink, F.M.; Felber, S.; Zaknun, D., 2001:
Image fusion of magnetic resonance and F-18 FDG positron emission tomography using a dual-head camera in coincidence mode to determine the viability of an embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma residual mass after proton radiation and chemotherapy

Maresceaux, J.; Soler, L.; Ceulemans, R.; Garcia, A.; Henri, M.; Dutson, E., 2002:
Image fusion, virtual reality, robotics and navigation. Effects on surgical practice

Summers, R.M., 1998:
Image gallery: a tool for rapid endobronchial lesion detection and display using virtual bronchoscopy

Appollonio, I.; Grafman, J.; Clark, K.; Kosslyn, S.M.; Frattola, L., 1996:
Image generation from long-term memory in Parkinson's disease

Okazawa, H.; Diksic, M., 1998:
Image generation of serotonin synthesis rates using alpha-methyltryptophan and PET

Carswell, H., 1992:
Image guidance assists needle biopsy of thorax

Sandrick, K., 2001:
Image guidance brings end to surgical breast biopsy

Bieze, J., 1994:
Image guidance lowers costs, risks of surgery

Sato, Y.; Nakamoto, M.; Tamaki, Y.; Sasama, T.; Sakita, I.; Nakajima, Y.; Monden, M.; Tamura, S., 1999:
Image guidance of breast cancer surgery using 3-D ultrasound images and augmented reality visualization

van der Weide, R.; Zuiderveld, K.J.; Bakker, C.J.; Hoogenboom, T.; van Vaals, J.J.; Viergever, M.A., 1999:
Image guidance of endovascular interventions on a clinical MR scanner

Viergever, M.A., 1999:
Image guidance of therapy

Schweinfurth, J.M., 2002:
Image guidance--assisted repair of bilateral choanal atresia

Fosse, E.; Elle, O.J.; Samset, E.; Johansen, M.; Røtnes, J.S.; Tønnessen, T.I.; Edwin, B., 2000:
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Image interpretation session. Chloroma or granulocytic sarcoma of the colon

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Image interpretation session. Cortical metastasis from carcinoma of the lung

Anonymous, 1995:
Image interpretation session. Cystic bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma

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Image interpretation session. Ganglioglioma

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Image interpretation session: 1992 Tuberculoma of the left frontoparietal lobe, with relapse after cessation of treatment

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Anonymous, 1993:
Image interpretation session: 1992. Gastric duplication cyst (lined with gastric mucosa) with a tract (lined with pancreatic tissue) leading to the pancreas (Fig 38)

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Anonymous, 1993:
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Anonymous, 1993:
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Anonymous, 1993:
Image interpretation session: 1992. Tracheopathia osteoplastica

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Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 10. Angiomatous polyp of the nasopharynx (possible atypical angiofibroma)

Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 2. Perforated duodenal duplication cyst causing pancreatitis

Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 3. Posttraumatic pseudoaneurysm of the azygos vein in a patient with azygos continuation of the IVC

Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 4. Small bowel webs due to NSAIDs ("diaphragm disease")

Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 5. Cystic parafalcine meningioma with an associated intraparenchymal cyst

Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 6. Left atrial myxoma causing pulmonary edema

Anonymous, 1996:
Image interpretation session: 1995. Case 7. Hepatic hematoma and left portal vein thrombosis due to an inappropriately placed umbilical vein catheter

Anonymous, 1996:
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Anonymous, 1996:
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Anonymous, 1997:
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Anonymous, 1997:
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Anonymous, 1997:
Image interpretation session: 1996. Tracheal amyloidoma

Anonymous, 1997:
Image interpretation session: 1996. Traumatic dissection of the internal carotid artery (mural arterial dissection)

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Arteriovenous fistula (AVF)

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Echinococcus multilocularis infection of the liver

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Epidermoid

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Giant cell tumor associated with Paget disease

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Infantile myofibromatosis

Anonymous, 1998 :
Image interpretation session: 1997. Invasive thymoma with mediastinal, pleural, and transdiaphragmatic extension producing myasthenia gravis

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Mediastinal paraganglioma

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Metastatic choriocarcinoma of the testis

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Anonymous, 1998:
Image interpretation session: 1997. Ulcerative jejunitis occurring in celiac disease (sprue)

Anonymous, 2000:
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Anonymous, 2000:
Image interpretation session: 1998. Cecal and pulmonary sarcoidosis

Anonymous, 2000:
Image interpretation session: 1998. Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) with pulmonary and bone involvement

Anonymous, 2000:
Image interpretation session: 1998. Malignant melanoma metastatic to the liver and spine

Anonymous, 2000:
Image interpretation session: 1998. Papillary endolymphatic sac tumor

Anonymous, 2000:
Image interpretation session: 1998. Plexiform neurofibroma of the genitourinary tract in the setting of neurofibromatosis type 1

Anonymous, 2000:
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Image of the month. Lymphoma involving the pancreaticoduodenal and para-aortic lymph nodes

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Image of the month. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma

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Image of the month. Mantle cell lymphoma

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Image of the month. Menetrier disease with premalignant transformation

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Image of the month. Mitral valve prolapse

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Image of the month. Nodular fatty infiltration of the liver in Wilson's disease

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Image of the month. Orthostatic hypotension filmed by Finapres: autonomic neuropathy versus iatrogenic cause

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Image of the month. Pancreas divisum

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Image of the month. Pannus-overgrowth in a Björk-Shiley valve in the mitral position

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Image of the month. Paralysis of the large hypoglossal nerve

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Image of the month. Pearly penile papules or viral condylomas

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Image of the month. Pectus excavatum

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Image of the month. Percutaneous closure of an interauricular communications

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Image of the month. Perform surgical graduated dilatation of stenotic carotid artery

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Image of the month. Peutz-Jeghers syndrome

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Image of the month. Pheochromocytoma demonstrated by positron emission tomography using carbon-11 labeled meta-hydroxyephedrine

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Image of the month. Phyllodes tumor of the breast

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Image of the month. Pneumatosis intestinalis

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Image of the month. Polyarteritis nodosa

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Image of the month. Porcelain gallbladder

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Image of the month. Portal vein thrombosis

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Image of the month. Preauricular tumor

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Image of the month. Premalignant lingual leukoplakia

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Image of the month. Pseudomembranous colitis

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Image of the month. Pulmonary malacoplakia due to Rhodococcus equi in a patient with AIDS

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Image of the month. Pulmonary mass and smoking

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Image of the month. Pyogenic liver abscess

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Image of the month. Pyogenic liver abscess complicated by bronchial fistula

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Image of the month. Rapunzel syndrome

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Image of the month. Recombinant FSH crystal observed in polarized light

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Image of the month. Recurrent painless, massive gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding obscure in origin. Dieulafoy's lesion

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Image of the month. Renal vein thrombosis in the neonatal period

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Image of the month. Right atrial thrombus

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Image of the month. Rupture of the tricuspid tendon

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Image of the month. Ruptured Echinococcal cyst causing acute cholangitis

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Image of the month. Salmonella aortitis

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Image of the month. Sister Mary Joseph's nodule: carcinoma of the pancreas with umbilical metastasis

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Image of the month. Small-bowel stromal tumor

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Image of the month. Solitary rectal ulcer

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Image of the month. Souvenir of a trip to new Pangea

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Image of the month. Splenic artery aneurysms (SAA)

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Image of the month. Spontaneous intracardiac contrast: a risk factor of arterial embolic complications

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Image of the month. Spur cell anemia

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Image of the month. Strongyloides stercoralis larvae

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Image of the month. Sunflower cataract

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Image of the month. Sweet's syndrome

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Image of the month. Symphysis pubis diastasis syndrome

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Image of the month. Tachycardia by auricular bigeminy

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Image of the month. Toxic adenoma or solitary autonomous nodule (variant of Plummer disease)

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Image of the month. Tubular foreign body

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Image of the month. Tumors and ulcerations in red and white

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Image of the month. Uterine embolization of a persistent trophoblastic tumor

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Image of the month. Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease

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Image of the month. What collapse!

Rudolph, J.A.; Bezerra, J.; Alonso, M., 1999:
Image of the month. What is the etiology of these ulcers?

Nikkels, A.F., 1999:
Image of the month. What is your diagnosis? A painful balanitis

Uhoda, I.; Piérard-Franchimont, C., 1999:
Image of the month. What is your diagnosis? A slow-growing black facial lesion

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Image of the month. Zenker diverticulum

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Image of the month: Joubert syndrome

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Image of the month: direct laryngoscopy, endotracheal intubation, and rigid esophagoscopy with foreign body removal in the operating room

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Image of the month: familial multiple cavernous angiomas

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Image of the month: giant fibrovascular polyp

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Image of the month: hepatitis C

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Image of the month: malignant lymphomatous polyposis

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Image of the month: pontine cavernoma

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Image of the month: retroperitoneal lipoma

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Image of the nurse as seen by the child

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Image of the nursing professionals in hospital emergency units

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Image of the profession. Röntgen's rays

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Image of the sand flea

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Image of the week. Classic case of polyarteritis nodosa

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Image on progressive dysarthria

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Image planes and surface states

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Image potential of a two-dimensional electron gas

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Image processing based on the combination of high-resolution electron microscopy and electron diffraction

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Image repositioning. Teddy bears dispel "nursing home" label

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Image resolution

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Image study

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Image study: mirror, mirror on the wall ...

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