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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46417

Chapter 46417 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Rantz, M.J.; Mehr, D.R.; Petroski, G.F.; Madsen, R.W.; Popejoy, L.L.; Hicks, L.L.; Conn, V.S.; Grando, V.T.; Wipke-Tevis, D.D.; Bostick, J.; Porter, R.; Zwygart-Stauffacher, M.; Maas, M., 2000:
Initial field testing of an instrument to measure: observable indicators of nursing home care quality

Srebnik, D.S.; Kovalchick, D.; Elliott, L., 2002:
Initial findings from Parent Party Patrol: an intervention to reduce adolescent substance use through reduced involvement in unchaperoned parties

Vidal-Fernández, A.; García Feijoó, J.; González-Hernández, M.; González D.L.R.sa, M.; García Sánchez, J., 2002:
Initial findings with pulsar perimetry in patients with ocular hypertension

Murata, H.; Iwanaga, H.; Shigeto, N.; Hamada, T., 1993:
Initial flow of tissue conditioners--influence of composition and structure on gelation

Rutledge, J.; Couch, R., 2000:
Initial fluid management of diabetic ketoacidosis in children

von Segesser, L.K.; Schwaller, A.; Amann, F.W.; Laske, A.; Niederhäuser, U.; Schönbeck, M.; Vogt, P.; Turina, M., 1993:
Initial follow-up results of aortic valve replacement with the CarboMedics bileaflet prosthesis

Jellies, J.; Kopp, D.M.; Johansen, K.M.; Johansen, J., 1996:
Initial formation and secondary condensation of nerve pathways in the medicinal leech

Hlatky, M.A.; Charles, E.D.; Nobrega, F.; Gelman, K.; Johnstone, I.; Melvin, J.; Ryan, T.; Wiens, R.; Pitt, B.; Reeder, G., 1995:
Initial functional and economic status of patients with multivessel coronary artery disease randomized in the Bypass Angioplasty Revascularization Investigation (BARI)

Chalumeau, M.; Saulnier, J.P.; Ainaud, P.; Lebever, H.; Stephanazzi, J.; Lecoadou, A.; Carsin, H., 1999:
Initial general management and surgery of six extensively burned children treated with cultured epidermal autografts

Kim; Jacob; Zhou; Song; Hou; Tu; Morkoç, 1992:
Initial generation of hot LO phonons by photoexcited hot carriers in GaAs and AlxGa1-xAs alloys studied by picosecond Raman spectroscopy

Taubenberger, J.K.; Reid, A.H.; Krafft, A.E.; Bijwaard, K.E.; Fanning, T.G., 1997:
Initial genetic characterization of the 1918 "Spanish" influenza virus

Rice, J.P.; Goate, A.; Williams, J.T.; Bierut, L.; Dorr, D.; Wu, W.; Shears, S.; Gopalakrishnan, G.; Edenberg, H.J.; Foroud, T.; Nurnberger, J.; Gershon, E.S.; Detera-Wadleigh, S.D.; Goldin, L.R.; Guroff, J.J.; McMahon, F.J.; Simpson, S.; MacKinnon, D.; McInnis, M.; Stine, O.C.; DePaulo, J.R.; Blehar, M.C.; Reich, T., 1997:
Initial genome scan of the NIMH genetics initiative bipolar pedigrees: chromosomes 1, 6, 8, 10, and 12

Krasnitz, A.; Venugopalan, R., 2001:
Initial gluon multiplicity in heavy-ion collisions

Chan; Bohnen; Ho, 1992:
Initial growth mode of Au on Ag(110) studied with first-principles calculations

Shapiro; Miller; Chiang, 1988:
Initial growth modes of Ag on Ni(100) and Ni(111) determined by planimetry with adsorbed CO

Pleth Nielsen, L.B.senbacher; Stensgaard; Laegsgaard; Engdahl; Stoltze; Jacobsen; Norskov, 1993:
Initial growth of Au on Ni(110): Surface alloying of immiscible metals

Wan; Guo; Ford; Hermanson, 1991:
Initial growth of Bi films on a Si(111) substrate: Two phases of sqrt 3 x sqrt 3 low-energy-electron-diffraction pattern and their geometric structures

Schwegmann; Over; Gierer; Ertl, 1996:
Initial growth of Mg films on Ru(0001): An efficient approximation scheme for the LEED analysis of incommensurate structures

Vähäkangas; Idzerda; Williams; Park, 1986:
Initial growth of Ti on Si

Glöckler; Sokolowski; Soukopp; Umbach, 1996:
Initial growth of insulating overlayers of NaCl on Ge(100) observed by scanning tunneling microscopy with atomic resolution

Hammar; Göthelid; Karlsson; Flodström, 1993:
Initial growth of silver on Ge(111) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy

Levy, D.; Deporter, D.A.; Pilliar, R.M.; Watson, P.A.; Valiquette, N., 1996:
Initial healing in the dog of submerged versus non-submerged porous-coated endosseous dental implants

Anonymous, 1996:
Initial health report on medical care: a study from Cologne presents extensive statistical material

Loeliger, E.A., 1993:
Initial heparinization necessary in patients with thrombosis of the leg; comparison with acenocoumarol treatment

Khan, I.A.; Mehta, N.J.; Hyde, E.; Heberden, W., 2002:
Initial historical descriptions of the angina pectoris

Röder-Wanner, U.U.; Priebe, S., 1998:
Initial hospitalization of schizophrenic patients. Illness manifestations, stresses, problems and resources

Monaghan, E.P.; Navalta, L.A.; Shum, L.; Ashbrook, D.W.; Lee, D.A., 1998:
Initial human experience with ganaxolone, a neuroactive steroid with antiepileptic activity

Bass, J.L.; Kalra, G.S.; Arora, R.; Masura, J.; Gavora, P.; Thanopoulos, B.D.; Torres, W.; Sievert, H.; Carminati, M.; Fischer, G.; Ewert, P., 2003:
Initial human experience with the Amplatzer perimembranous ventricular septal occluder device

Kuikka, J.T.; Hiltunen, J.; Foged, C.; Bergström, K.A.; Halldin, C.; Akerman, K.; Tiihonen, J.; Farde, L., 1996:
Initial human studies with single-photon emission tomography using iodine-123 labelled 3-(5-cyclopropyl-1,2,4-oxadiazo-3-yl)- 7-iodo-5, 6-dihydro-5-methyl-6-oxo-4H-imidazo[1,5-a][1,4]-benzodiazepine (NNC 13-8241)

Nöppert, A.; Gast, K.; Zirwer, D.; Damaschun, G., 1998:
Initial hydrophobic collapse is not necessary for folding RNase A

Scolnik, D.; Balfe, J.W., 1993:
Initial hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia persist during chronic peritoneal dialysis in children

Garcin, J.M.; Bronstein, J.A.; Bauduceau, O.; Védrine, L.; Saissy, J.M., 2002:
Initial hypophosphatemia, the only factor associated with acute hepatocellular failure in exercise-induced malignant hyperthermia

Peytel, E.; Menegaux, F.; Cluzel, P.; Langeron, O.; Coriat, P.; Riou, B., 2002:
Initial imaging assessment of severe blunt trauma

Guillot, M.; Eckart, P.; Dacher, J.N., 1998:
Initial imaging in pediatric urinary tract infection

Wisner, D.H., 1998:
Initial imaging in the trauma patient

Anonymous, 1999:
Initial impact of the Fast Track prevention trial for conduct problems: I. The high-risk sample. Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group

Anonymous, 1999:
Initial impact of the Fast Track prevention trial for conduct problems: II. Classroom effects. Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group

Borland, R.; Hill, D., 1997:
Initial impact of the new Australian tobacco health warnings on knowledge and beliefs

Belov, M.E.; Gorshkov, M.V.; Udseth, H.R.; Anderson, G.A.; Tolmachev, A.V.; Prior, D.C.; Harkewicz, R.; Smith, R.D., 2000:
Initial implementation of an electrodynamic ion funnel with Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

van der Meer, A.L.; James, N.L.; Edwards, G.A.; Esmore, D.S.; Rosenfeldt, F.L.; Begg, J.D.; Woodard, J.C., 2003:
Initial in vivo experience of the VentrAssist implantable rotary blood pump in sheep

Van Houten, E.E.W.; Doyley, M.M.; Kennedy, F.E.; Weaver, J.B.; Paulsen, K.D., 2002:
Initial in vivo experience with steady-state subzone-based MR elastography of the human breast

Wright, C.H.; Barrett, S.F.; Ferguson, R.D.; Rylander, H.G.; Welch, A.J., 2000:
Initial in vivo results of a hybrid retinal photocoagulation system

Kleine, P.; Klesius, A.A.; Scherer, M.; Abdel-Rahman, U.; Moritz, A., 2002:
Initial in vivo results of the new Medtronic Advantage(TM) bileaflet valve in aortic position and comparison to the SJM

Brook, I.M.; Craig, G.T.; Lamb, D.J., 1990:
Initial in-vivo evaluation of glass-ionomer cements for use as alveolar bone substitutes

Stewart, J.; Rajabi, H., 1996:
Initial increases in extracellular dopamine in the ventral tegmental area provide a mechanism for the development of desipramine-induced sensitization within the midbrain dopamine system

Homer, C.S.E.; Sheehan, A.; Cooke, M., 2002:
Initial infant feeding decisions and duration of breastfeeding in women from English, Arabic and Chinese-speaking backgrounds in Australia

Sáez, L.; Gracia, M.; Jiménez, J.M.; Nerín, C.; Vitoria, I.; Arazo, P., 1998:
Initial infection by human immunodeficiency virus accompanied by disseminated mycobacteriosis

Melendy, J.; Cone, D.K., 2001:
Initial infection, distribution, and seasonal occurrence of Hoferellus gilsoni (Myxozoa) within a population of Anguilla rostrata (Anguillidae) in southern Nova Scotia

Osterholm, C.; Qi, Z.; Ekberg, J.; Veress, B.; Pyke, C.; Hedner, U.; Ekberg, H., 2002:
Initial inhibition of tissue factor signalling reduces chronic vascular changes in isogenic rat aortic transplants

Mbiene, J.P.; Mistretta, C.M., 1997:
Initial innervation of embryonic rat tongue and developing taste papillae: nerves follow distinctive and spatially restricted pathways

Eysel, P.; Fürderer, S.; Rompe, J.D.; Zöllner, J., 2001:
Initial instability of different cages for fusion of the cervical spine

Hulshoff, J.E.; Jansen, J.A., 1998:
Initial interfacial healing events around calcium phosphate (Ca-P) coated oral implants

Macaulay, A.P.; Griffin, K.W.; Botvin, G.J., 2002:
Initial internal reliability and descriptive statistics for a brief assessment tool for the Life Skills Training drug-abuse prevention program

Brier, M.E.; Aronoff, G.R., 1994:
Initial intraperitoneal therapy for CAPD peritonitis: the Network 9 Peritonitis Study

Wallace, C.A.; French, J.W.; Kahn, S.J.; Sherry, D.D., 2000:
Initial intravenous gammaglobulin treatment failure in Kawasaki disease

Mang'era, K.O.; Liu, G.; Yi, W.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, N.; Gupta, S.; Rusckowski, M.; Hnatowich, D.J., 2001:
Initial investigations of 99mTc-labeled morpholinos for radiopharmaceutical applications

Cervantes, F.; López-Guillermo, A.; Piera, C.; Pereira, A.; Aguilar, J.L.; Ordi, J.; Rozman, C., 1993:
Initial iron deposits in idiopathic myelofibrosis. Analysis of 20 patients

Ferretti, G.; Defaye, P.; Thony, F.; Ranchoup, Y.; Coulomb, M., 1996:
Initial isolated Takayasu's arteritis of the right pulmonary artery: MR appearance

Lefler, E.; McCullough, M.J.; Clemons, K.V.; Stevens, D.A., 2001:
Initial isolation of Candida dubliniensis from the Middle East

Vorob'ev, M.M.; Levicheva, I.Iu.; Belikov, V.M., 1996:
Initial kinetics of milk protein hydrolysis by chymotrypsin

Au, T.K.; S H Chick, W.; Leung, P.C., 2001:
Initial kinetics of the inactivation of calmodulin by the fungal toxin ophiobolin A

Glanz, K.; Kirscht, J.P.; Rosenstock, I.M., 1980:
Initial knowledge and attitudes as predictors of intervention effects: the individual management plan

André-Kerneïs, E.; Atassi-Abarah, W.; Ammar, N.Ali.; Soussain, C.; Jeandel, R.; Allard, C.; Vincenot, A., 2002:
Initial leukemic phase of ALK+ anaplastic large T-cell lymphoma, small cell variant

Ferris, R.T., 1996:
Initial licensure in dentistry: how boards of dental examiners test candidates for licensure

Reischies, F.M.; Hartikainen, J.; Berghöfer, A., 2003:
Initial lithium and valproate combination therapy in acute mania

Campbell, L.M.; Gooding, T.N.; Aitchison, W.R.; Smith, N.; Powell, J.A., 1999:
Initial loading (400 micrograms twice daily) versus static (400 micrograms nocte) dose budesonide for asthma management. PLAN Research Group

Correa, R.L., 1976:
Initial location of the immigrant in the city: the case of Rio de Janeiro

Manivit, P.; Polo, R.; Tabary, D.; Nabet, M.; Polo, M.; Adamy, M.; Rubini, B.; Fromaget, J.M.; Chipponi, P.N.; Untereiner, M., 1995:
Initial locoregional chemotherapy in recurrent and locoregional advanced or inoperable stages of pelvic uterine and anorectal cancers

Vega-Arrillaga, F.; Young, M.L.; Wu, J.M.; Wolff, G.S., 2001:
Initial low temperature setting in radiofrequency catheter ablation of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Gerli, R.; Alessandrini, C., 1995:
Initial lymph vessels of the skin and elastic fibres form an integral morphofunctional structure

Oota; Noji; Ohba, 1991:
Initial magnetization and coupling nature of the high-Tc grains in Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O

Mizuno; Masuda; Hirabayashi; Tanaka, 1990:
Initial magnetization curve and weak-link properties in Ag2O-doped LaBa2Cu3O7-y

Winter, H., 1998:
Initial maintenance therapy (relapse prevention) and therapy of steroid resistance and dependence

George, J.N., 2002:
Initial management of adults with idiopathic (immune) thrombocytopenic purpura

Lee, D.; Sperling, N., 1996:
Initial management of auricular trauma

Masterton, J., 1993:
Initial management of burns to the hands

Allen, J.C., 2000:
Initial management of children with hypothalamic and thalamic tumors and the modifying role of neurofibromatosis-1

Rubenstein, J.S., 1994:
Initial management of coma and altered consciousness in the pediatric patient

Chotel, F.; Parot, R.; Durand, J.M.; Garnier, E.; Hodgkinson, I.; Bérard, J., 2002:
Initial management of congenital varus equinus clubfoot by Ponseti's method

Anonymous, 1998:
Initial management of patients who present to the emergency department with a work-related injury or illness. American College of Emergency Physicians

Kerbrat, P., 2001:
Initial management of patients with malignant epithelial ovarian tumors

Belmont, H.M., 2000:
Initial management of proliferative lupus nephritis: to cytotoxic or not to cytotoxic?

Etsinger, C.; Martin, P.; Blustein, J.; Gold, J.A., 1997:
Initial management of sepsis

de Figueiredo, L.F.; Cruz, R.J.; Neto, A.C.; Yada-Langui, M.M.; e Silva, M.R., 2002:
Initial management of severe hemorrhage with an oxygen-carrying hypertonic saline solution

Nanayakkara, C.S.; Cox, R., 1994:
Initial management of suspected meningococcal infection

Syrop, S.B., 2002:
Initial management of temporomandibular disorders

Ferrera, P.C.; Chan, L., 1997:
Initial management of the patient with altered mental status

D'Amours, S.K.; Sugrue, M.; Deane, S.A., 2002:
Initial management of the poly-trauma patient: a practical approach in an Australian major trauma service

Mayer, J.E., 1994:
Initial management of the single ventricle patient

Dodek, P.; Herrick, R.; Phang, P.T., 2000:
Initial management of trauma by a trauma team: effect on timeliness of care in a teaching hospital

Hain, C.; Peter, K., 2000:
Initial manifestation of a manic syndrome in advanced age in subcortical arteriosclerotic encephalopathy (Binswanger disease)

Radloff, P.; Vieluf, D.; Mensing, H.; Ring, J., 1994:
Initial manifestation of bullous pemphigoid simulating dyshidrosis palmoplantaris

Hummel, M.; Heinlein, W.; Banholzer, P.; Standl, E.; Ziegler, A.G., 2001:
Initial manifestation of diabetes type 1 with anemia, hyperparathyroidism, and abdominal lymphadenitis

Kuiper, J.J., 1996:
Initial manifestation of primary hyperoxaluria type I in adults-- recognition, diagnosis, and management

Münch, D.; Altmann, E., 2002:
Initial manifestation of thromboangiitis obliterans as necrotizing colitis

Brouillard, M.; Louville, A.; Gillot, J.M.; Tillie, I.; Delaporte, E.; Houvenagel, E.; Hatron, P.Y.; Decoulx, M.; Hachulla, E.; Piette, F.; Tonnel, A.B.; Devulder, B., 1996:
Initial manifestations and late diagnosis in chronic atrophic polychondritis: apropos of a series of 15 patients

Miljković, H.; Zeljković, M.; Anojcić, M., 2002:
Initial masseter muscle fatigue in maximal voluntary teeth clenching

Abrams; Adolphsen; Aleksan; Alexander; Allen; Atwood; Averill; Ballam; Bambade; Barish; Barklow; Barnett; Bartelt; Bethke; Blockus; de Boer, W.B.nvicini; Boyarski; Brabson; Breakstone; Breidenbach; Brom; Brown; Brown; Bulos; Burchat; Burke; Cence; Chapman; Chmeissani; Clendenin; Cords; Coupal; Dauncey; Dean; DeStaebler; Dorfan; Dorfan; Drell; Drewer; Dydak; Ecklund; Elia; Erickson; Fay; Feldman; Fernandes; Field; Fieguth; Fischer; Ford; Fordham; Frey; Fujino; Gan; Gatto; Gero; Gidal; Glanzman; G, 1989:
Initial measurements of Z-boson resonance parameters in e+e- annihilation

Jaspersen, D., 2002:
Initial measures in reflux manifestations. Endoscopy or therapy attempt with proton pump inhibitors

Litsky, A.S.; Pophal, S.G., 1994:
Initial mechanical stability of acetabular prostheses

Fechtner, R.D., 2000:
Initial medical management of open-angle glaucoma

Belaiche, J.; Louis, E., 2001:
Initial medical management of severe acute ulcerative colitis

Miller, A.R.; Kershaw, C.R., 1993:
Initial medical reception, intervention and survey work in combined military and civilian humanitarian aid: operation 'Safe Haven', northern Iraq 1991

Brain, E.C.; Misset, J.L.; Rouëssé, J., 1999:
Initial medical treatment for breast cancer

Nakajima, H.; Lorenzana, E.; Ferracane, J.L.; Okabe, T., 1996:
Initial mercury evaporation from amalgams made with in-containing commercial alloys

Dudman, J., 2001:
Initial messages

Wagteveld, G.J.; Coddens, J.; Siegel, L.C., 1999:
Initial misinterpretation of a transesophageal echocardiographic image: potential for alteration of a planned minimally invasive procedure

Tafforin, C., 1996:
Initial moments of adaptation to microgravity of human orientation behavior, in parabolic flight conditions

Radat, F.; Berlin, I.; Spreux-Varoquaux, O.; Elatki, S.; Ferreri, M.; Puech, A.J., 1996:
Initial monoamine oxidase-A inhibition by moclobemide does not predict the therapeutic response in patients with major depression. A double blind, randomized study

Frascarelli, M.; Mastrogregori, L.; Conforti, L., 1998:
Initial motor unit recruitment in patients with spastic hemiplegia

Grube, E.; Colombo, A.; Hauptmann, E.; Londero, H.; Reifart, N.; Gerckens, U.; Stone, G.W., 2003:
Initial multicenter experience with a novel distal protection filter during carotid artery stent implantation

Silverman, N.S.; Watts, D.H.; Hitti, J.; Money, D.M.; Livingston, E.; Axelrod, J.; Ernest, J.M.; Robbins, D.; DiVito, M.M., 1999:
Initial multicenter experience with double nucleoside therapy for human immunodeficiency virus infection during pregnancy

Welter, T.G.; Bobbert, M.F., 2002:
Initial muscle activity in planar ballistic arm movements with varying external force directions

Schaller, H.E.; Berger, A., 1999:
Initial muscle operations in brachial plexus paralysis

Kashkouli, M.Bahmani.; Kassaee, A.; Tabatabaee, Z., 2002:
Initial nasolacrimal duct probing in children under age 5: cure rate and factors affecting success

Martin, R.C.; Greenwell, D.; Flynn, M.B., 2000:
Initial neck exploration for untreated hyperparathyroidism

Sutherland, F.R.; Bloembergen, W.; Mohamed, M.; Ostbye, T.; Klar, N.; Lazarovits, A.I., 1993:
Initial nonfunction in cadaveric renal transplantation

Oliak, D.; Yamini, D.; Udani, V.M.; Lewis, R.J.; Arnell, T.; Vargas, H.; Stamos, M.J., 2001:
Initial nonoperative management for periappendiceal abscess

Müller, H.F.; Schedel, H.; Schneller, A.; Eisenschenk, A.; Wicht, L.; Siekmann, R.; Felix, R., 1997:
Initial nuclear magnetic resonance tomography results of the treatment course of avascular femur head necrosis after femoral core decompression

Colombi Ciacchi, L.; Pompe, W.; D.V.ta, A., 2001:
Initial nucleation of platinum clusters after reduction of K(2)PtCl(4) in aqueous solution: a first principles study

Kelly, H., 1994:
Initial nursing assessment and management of burn-injured children

Feehrer, C.E., 1998:
Initial nutrition assessment

Quaia, E.; Blomley, M.J.K.; Patel, S.; Harvey, C.J.; Padhani, A.; Price, P.; Cosgrove, D.O., 2002:
Initial observations on the effect of irradiation on the liver-specific uptake of Levovist

Van Etten, M.L.; Neumark, Y.D.; Anthony, J.C., 1998:
Initial opportunity to use marijuana and the transition to first use: United States, 1979-1994

Glimelius, B.; Hoffman, K.; Haglund, U.; Nyrén, O.; Sjödén, P.O., 1994:
Initial or delayed chemotherapy with best supportive care in advanced gastric cancer

de Pauw, G.A.; Dermaut, L.R.; Verbeeck, R.M., 2000:
Initial orthopaedic displacement compared with longitudinal displacement of the maxilla after a forward force application. An experimental study in dogs

Wieling, W.; Harms, M.P.; Kortz, R.A.; Linzer, M., 2001:
Initial orthostatic hypotension as a cause of recurrent syncope: a case report

Leibecke, R.R.; Schwartz, W., 1994:
Initial otologic manifestation of Wegener's granulomatosis

Serino, G.; Rosling, B.; Ramberg, P.; Socransky, S.S.; Lindhe, J., 2001:
Initial outcome and long-term effect of surgical and non-surgical treatment of advanced periodontal disease

Hojo, Y.; Noma, S.; Ohki, T.; Nakajima, H.; Teramoto, H.; Matsubara, T.; Satoh, Y., 1996:
Initial outcome of coronary intervention in elderly patients

Hidding, J.; Lazar, F.; Zöller, J.E., 1999:
Initial outcome of vertical distraction osteogenesis of the atrophic alveolar ridge

Husemann, B.; Reiners, V., 1996:
Initial outcome of vertical gastroplasty in treatment of morbid obesity

Ma; Slavin, 1994:
Initial oxidation of ultrathin antimony films on Au(111) and of polycrystalline antimony

Keahey, L.; Bulloch, B.; Becker, A.B.; Pollack, C.V.; Clark, S.; Camargo, C.A., 2002:
Initial oxygen saturation as a predictor of admission in children presenting to the emergency department with acute asthma

Sinha, S.N.; Subramaniam, P., 1996:
Initial parathyroid exploration: current trends in Australia

Mamdani, M.; Rochon, P.; Laupacis, A.; Anderson, G., 2002:
Initial patterns of use of COX-2 inhibitors by elderly patients in Ontario: findings and implications

Antonuk, L.E.; El-Mohri, Y.; Huang, W.; Jee, K.W.; Siewerdsen, J.H.; Maolinbay, M.; Scarpine, V.E.; Sandler, H.; Yorkston, J., 1998:
Initial performance evaluation of an indirect-detection, active matrix flat-panel imager (AMFPI) prototype for megavoltage imaging

Hassell, D.D.; Vesely, T.M.; Pilgram, T.K.; Audrain, J.L., 1999:
Initial performance of Tesio hemodialysis catheters

Anonymous, 1996 :
Initial perspective from the 1995 Ad Hoc Examination Committee

Pérez Tamayo, R., 1994:
Initial phenomena in experimental hepatic amebiasis

Uklejewski, R., 1994:
Initial piezoelectric polarization of cortical bone matrix as a determinant of the electrokinetic potential zeta of that bone osteonic lamella as mechanoelectret

Owens, B.M., 1996:
Initial placement and replacement of amalgam restorations: a retrospective review

Scerri, G.V.; Vassallo, D.J., 2000:
Initial plastic surgery experience with the first telemedicine links for the British Forces

Herrejón, A.; Inchaurraga, I.; Vivas, C.; Custardoy, J.; Marín, J., 2001:
Initial pleural pressure measurement in spontaneous pneumothorax

Ruha, A-Michelle.; Curry, S.C.; Beuhler, M.; Katz, K.; Brooks, D.E.; Graeme, K.A.; Wallace, K.; Gerkin, R.; Lovecchio, F.; Wax, P.; Selden, B., 2002:
Initial postmarketing experience with crotalidae polyvalent immune Fab for treatment of rattlesnake envenomation

Siegel, L.B.; Dalton, H.J.; Hertzog, J.H.; Hopkins, R.A.; Hannan, R.L.; Hauser, G.J., 1996:
Initial postoperative serum lactate levels predict survival in children after open heart surgery

Bryant, R.A.; Harvey, A.G., 1996:
Initial posttraumatic stress responses following motor vehicle accidents

Müller, P.; Göksu, M.A.; Fuchs, W.; Schlüter, F.; Simon, B., 2000:
Initial potency of lansoprazole and omeprazole tablets on pentagastrin-stimulated gastric acid secretion-a placebo-controlled study in healthy volunteers

Kim, E.M.; Katoh, T., 1994:
Initial potential of QRS complex detected by signal averaged electrocardiogram--clinical significance of IHD

Polsky, D.; Kletke, P.R.; Wozniak, G.D.; Escarce, Jé.J., 2002:
Initial practice locations of international medical graduates

Drisko, C.H., 2001:
Initial preparation: anti-infective therapy

Prichard, P.D., 1993:
Initial preparations for amalgam

Dong, J.; Suwanvecho, S.; Chen, L.; Keung, Y.K., 2002:
Initial presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus masquerading as bacterial meningitis

Nizam, R.; Ahmed, R.; DiMarco, A.T., 2000:
Initial presentation of ulcerative colitis with acute pancreatitis

Rosen, S.A.; Buell, J.F.; Yoshida, A.; Kazsuba, S.; Hurst, R.; Michelassi, F.; Millis, J.M.; Posner, M.C., 2000:
Initial presentation with stage IV colorectal cancer: how aggressive should we be?

Yamasaki; Uda; Terakura, 1996:
Initial process of Si homoepitaxial growth on Si(001)

Bernhard, J.; Hürny, C.; Bacchi, M.; Joss, R.A.; Cavalli, F.; Senn, H.J.; Leyvraz, S.; Stahel, R.; Ludwig, C.; Alberto, P., 1996:
Initial prognostic factors in small-cell lung cancer patients predicting quality of life during chemotherapy. Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)

Gomis, P.; Rousseaux, P.; Jolly, D.; Graftieaux, J.P., 1994:
Initial prognostic factors of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Radzikowska, E.; Oniszh, K.; Chojak, E., 1996:
Initial prospective evaluation of cancer incidence in relation to metabolism of antipyrine and family history in patients with lung cancer

Damiano, R.J.; Tabaie, H.A.; Mack, M.J.; Edgerton, J.R.; Mullangi, C.; Graper, W.P.; Prasad, S.M., 2001:
Initial prospective multicenter clinical trial of robotically-assisted coronary artery bypass grafting

Graham, J., 1986:
Initial public offerings slow as HMOs fail to extract substantial profits

Anonymous, 2000:
Initial public offerings, 1st quarter 2000

Anonymous, 2000:
Initial public offerings, 4th quarter 1999

Yildirim, Y.; Esemenli, T., 2002:
Initial pull-out strength of tendon sutures: an in vitro study in sheep Achilles tendon

Hillis, D.J.; Crowe, B.L.; McDonald, I.G.; Kelly, W.J.; Truran, R.D.; Hailey, D.M., 1996:
Initial qualitative evaluation of computed radiography in an intensive care unit

Mason; Huang, 1991:
Initial quantum-mechanical corrections to the classical transport cross sections of hard spheres

Arai, J.; Yamada, H.; Maruyama, M., 2002:
Initial radiographic findings of early gastric cancer detected in health check programs and human "dry dock" (multiphasic screening) collective health checks and treated by endoscopic mucosal resection

Hayasaka, S.; Kurome, H.; Noda, S.; Mihara, M., 1993:
Initial rapid decrease in visual acuity in siblings with Stargardt's disease

Miyoshi, T.; Hosoda, H.; Umekawa, T.; Asada, T.; Fujiwara, A.; Kurosaki, K-Ichi.; Shiraishi, I.; Nakai, M.; Nishimura, K.; Miyazato, M.; Kangawa, K.; Ikeda, T.; Yoshimatsu, J.; Minamino, N., 2018:
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Initial release of the lateral pelvic fascia

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Initial resistance to streptomycin, isoniazid, rifampicin and ethambutol in bacillus-laden tuberculosis patients at the National Center of Pneumo-physiology at Cotonou (Benin)

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Initial response to portoenterostomy determines long-term outcome in patients with biliary atresia

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Initial response to steroids of lung non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

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Initial responses to recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Generic Medicines

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Initial result of Gianturco-Roubin coronary stent

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Initial results and long-term outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with previous coronary artery bypass grafting

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Initial results in the development of a guidance system for a powered wheelchair

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Initial results of a new procedure for treatment of malignant obstruction of the left colon

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Initial results of automated lamellar keratoplasty for correction of myopia: one year follow-up

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Initial results of laser angioplasty under angioscopic guidance for salvage of an ischemic lower limb: preliminary report

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Initial results of left ventricular remodelling operations

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Initial results of mitral valvuloplasty using the Physio-Carpentier-Edwards ring

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Initial results of monitoring hepatitis E virus antibodies in selected population groups in the West Bohemia Region. Preliminary report

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Initial results of multicenter, randomized, controlled therapy studies of ANCA-associated vasculitis

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Initial results of obstetric screening for abnormalities at the Donau Hospital

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Initial results of patients implanted in the MED-EL Combi 40+ investigational trial at Virginia Mason Medical Center

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Initial results of photorefractive keratectomy and laser in situ keratomileusis performed by a single surgeon

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Initial results of privatization of primary health services in the area of Pozega

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Initial results of proton therapy in choroidal melanoma at the d'Orsey Center for Proton Therapy; the first 464 cases

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Initial results of randomized studies of metastatic colorectal carcinoma urge careful and controlled use of CPT-11

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Initial results of reteplase in the treatment of acute lower extremity arterial occlusions

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Initial results of the Erfurt Prevention of Prematurity Campaign

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Initial results of the HOT-study in Switzerland (hypertension optimal treatment)

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Initial results of the Osteo Ti implant system in general dental practice

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Initial results of the Quanam drug eluting stent (QuaDS-QP-2) Registry (BARDDS) in human subjects

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Initial results of the clinical use of a novel Russian lithotriptor LitURAT-UR

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Initial results of the effects of diuresis on gadolinium enhancement in MR imaging of the abdomen

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Initial results of the treatment of unstable femoral and tibial fractures using centro-medullary flexible nail osteosynthesis

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Initial results of the use of a new film-screen system in the UV region

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Initial results of transluminal extraction catheter(TEC) atherectomy

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Initial results of treatment of a two-stage surgical technique of chronic flexor tendon injuries with Kleinert modified early mobilization

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Initial results of ultrasound screening for aneurysm of the abdominal aorta in Western Australia: relevance for endoluminal treatment of aneurysm disease

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Initial results using extracorporeal low energy shockwave therapy ESWT in muscle reflex-induced lock jaw

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Initial results with MRI-controlled laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy of head and neck tumors

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Initial results with a comprehensive ambulatory rehabilitation program for heart patients

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Initial results with a stapled gastrojejunostomy for the laparoscopic isolated roux-en-Y gastric bypass

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Initial results with an electrothermal bipolar vessel sealer

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Initial results with left ventricular pacemaker lead implantation using a preformed "peel-away" guiding sheath and "side-wire" left ventricular pacing lead

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Initial results with the Multi-Link coronary stent

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Initial results with the Munich knee simulator

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Initial results with the unreamed AO tibial nail

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Initial results with video-controlled pulmonary lobectomy in 6 patients in The Netherlands

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Initial results with withdrawal treatments of male and female participants in the diversified Janus opiate prescription project in Basel

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Initial resuscitation after burn injury: therapies, strategies, and controversies

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Initial resuscitation of closed thoracic trauma

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Initial resuscitation of the severely burned adult

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Initial resuscitation volume in uncontrolled hemorrhage: effects on organ function

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Initial review of Electronic Residency Application Service charts by orthopaedic residency faculty members. Does applicant gender matter?

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Initial rightward orienting bias in clinical tasks: normal subjects and right hemispheric stroke patients with and without neglect

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Initial rotational stability of distal tibial fractures nailed without proximal locking: the importance of fracture type and degree of cortical contact

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Initial scleromyxedema. Successful treatment with melphalan

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Initial seizure threshold in the clinical practice of bilateral electroconvulsive therapy in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Initial seizure threshold of bilateral electroconvulsive therapy in Chinese

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Initial sequence and analysis of the human genome

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Initial severity of metabolic acidosis predicts the development of acute lung injury in severely traumatized patients

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Initial shock from burns. Physiopathology: therapeutic principles

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Initial single-center experience with an advanced third-generation investigational defibrillator

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Initial singularity problem in two-dimensional quantum cosmology

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Initial sociometric impressions of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and comparison boys: predictions from social behaviors and from nonbehavioral variables

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Initial stability comparison of modular hip implants in synthetic femurs

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Initial stability of a collarless wedge-shaped prosthesis in the femoral canal

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Initial stability of a modular uncemented, porous-coated femoral stem: a mechanical study

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Initial stability of two PLIF-techniques. A biomechanical comparison using a finite element model

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Initial stabilization and medical management of acute spinal cord injury

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Initial stage of carbon incorporation into si(001) and one-dimensional ordering of embedded carbon

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Initial stage of oxygen chemisorption on Na/Pt and Na/Cr: An autoionization-electron-spectroscopy study

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Initial stage of thermal oxidation of the Si(111)-(7 x 7) surface

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Initial stage of vascular bed development in telencephalon of human embryo

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Initial stages of Cu epitaxy on Ni(100): Postnucleation and a well-defined transition in critical island size

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Initial stages of Fe chemical vapor deposition onto Si(100)

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Initial stages of Ge/GaAs(100) interface formation

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Initial stages of InAs epitaxy on vicinal GaAs(001)-(2 x 4)

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Initial stages of cesium incorporation on keV-Cs+-irradiated surfaces: Positive-ion emission and work-function changes

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Initial stages of differentiation of pyramidal neurons in deep layers of the mouse neocortex in the prenatal period

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Initial stages of epitaxial CoSi2 formation on Si(100) surfaces

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Initial stages of hydride formation: Hydrogen on Ce(001)

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Initial stages of interaction of Azospirillum brasilense bacteria with wheat germ roots: adsorption, deformation of root hairs

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Initial stages of iridium-semiconductor compound formation: A field-ion-microscope study of interface atomic structures

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Initial stages of oxidation of Ge(111)-c(2 x 8) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy

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Initial stages of oxide formation on rhodium field emitters

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Initial stages of oxygen adsorption on Si(111): The stable state

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Initial stages of pattern formation in Rayleigh-Bénard convection

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Initial stages of reaction and barrier heights in nickel silicide interface growth

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Initial stages of silicon molecular-beam epitaxy: Effects of surface reconstruction

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Initial stages of steel biocorrosion

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Initial stages of the Schottky-barrier formation for an abrupt Al-GaAs(100) interface

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Initial stages of the growth of Fe on Si(111)7 x 7

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Initial stages of the growth of SrF2 on InP

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Initial stages of trapping in a-Si:H observed by femtosecond spectroscopy

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Initial state effects in deep inelastic neutron scattering

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Initial state in quantum cosmology

Shon, A.P.; Wu, X.B.; Sullivan, D.W.; Levy, W.B., 2002:
Initial state randomness improves sequence learning in a model hippocampal network

Rübben, H., 2002:
Initial steps are completed

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Initial steps in Streptococcus pneumoniae interaction with and pathogenicity to the host

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Initial steps in image preparation

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Initial steps of the peroxidase-catalyzed polymerization of coniferyl alcohol and/or sinapyl aldehyde: capillary zone electrophoresis study of pH effect

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Initial steps of therapy in St. Petersburg in th first half of 19th century

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Initial steps toward consensus in the management of primary pulmonary hypertension

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Initial steroid hormone dose in the treatment of idiopathic sudden deafness

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Initial strength of highpressed extrusion poly-L-lactide screw

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Initial stress differences between sliding and sectional mechanics with an endosseous implant as anchorage: a 3-dimensional finite element analysis

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Initial stress differences between tipping and torque movements. A three-dimensional finite element analysis

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Initial stress induced in periodontal tissue with diverse degrees of bone loss by an orthodontic force: tridimensional analysis by means of the finite element method

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Initial stress produced in the periodontal membrane by orthodontic loads in the presence of varying loss of alveolar bone: a three-dimensional finite element analysis

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Initial structure-activity relationship studies of a novel series of pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrimid-7-ones as GnRH receptor antagonists

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Initial studies of bound states in light-front QCD

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Initial studies of the application of the linear signal transfer theory in evaluating diaphanoscopic examinations exemplified by rheumatism diagnosis

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Initial studies of the molecular basis of peptide mimicry of group B streptococcal type III capsular polysaccharide

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Initial studies on the administration route of prolactin

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Initial studies with a line of radioresistant rat tumor cells

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Initial studies with gamma radiotherpay to inhibit coronary restenosis

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Initial study of 210Pb in indoor air

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Initial study of back pain among radiographers

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Initial study of periodontal status in non-insulin-dependent diabetics in Mauritius

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Initial study of sex-age structure of the 1990 census

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Initial subcutaneous embedding of the peritoneal dialysis catheter--a critical appraisal of this new implantation technique

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Initial subretinal localization of acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML5) recurrence

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Initial success and substantial government savings may mandate prime vendor contracts for Table of Organization and Equipment units and development support

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Initial success with topical immunomodulators. A creme for skin cancer? (interview by Renate Jackle)

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Initial thoughts: international fund-raising consulting

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Initial trauma care

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Initial treatment for open-angle glaucoma- medical, laser or surgical? Medication is the treatment of choice for chronic open-angle glaucoma

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Initial treatment for open-angle glaucoma- medical, laser, or surgical? Laser trabeculoplasty is the treatment of choice for chronic open-angle glaucoma

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Initial treatment for open-angle glaucoma- medical, laser, or surgical? Surgery is the treatment of choice for open-angle glaucoma

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Initial treatment of Parkinson's disease: wait just a minute

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Initial treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia--interferon or bone marrow transplantation

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Initial triservice formulary ready for use. Pharmacoeconomic center will issue quarterly updates

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Initially analyzing the characteristics and evaluated indexes in rural areas and making relative policies

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Initially unrecognized distribution of a commercially cooked meat product contaminated over several months with Salmonella serotype Infantis

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Initiate HAART during primary infection for better immune reconstitution

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Initiate the transition to ... 'your opinion counts'

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Initiated by the south. South - South Cooperation

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Initiated rat hepatocytes in primary culture: a novel tool to study alterations in growth control during the first stage of carcinogenesis

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Initiating Neoral therapy

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Initiating a chaplaincy program for a hospital police department

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Initiating a common process for continuously improving key systems that affect customer satisfaction. Case 8

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Initiating a dialogue with the adolescent patient

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Initiating a drug blood level monitoring program through CQI

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Initiating a long-term care nursing service for aging inmates

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Initiating a patient service partner program

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Initiating a pediatric office-based quality improvement program

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Initiating a pediatric peripherally inserted central catheter and midline catheter program

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Initiating a population revolution in Thailand: politics, bureaucracy, and social change

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Initiating a regional laboratory network

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Initiating a sports vision practice

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Initiating a urinary stream

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Initiating action through understanding

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Initiating ambulatory care review

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Initiating an ergonomic analysis. A process for jobs with highly variable tasks

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Initiating an ophthalmic laser program for VA outpatients

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Initiating and Maintaining Patients on Warfarin Anticoagulation: The Importance of Monitoring

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Initiating and maintaining a customer service program

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Initiating and sustaining breastfeeding in Hong Kong: contextual influences on new mothers' experiences

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Initiating antibiotic reviews

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Initiating antiretroviral therapy during HIV infection: confusion and clarity

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Initiating breastfeeding in postwar Queensland

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Initiating care for untreated schizophrenia patients and results of one year follow-up

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Initiating change through alliance and network-building: Part one

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Initiating change through alliance and network-building: Part two

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Initiating changes in the tort system: the New Mexico experience

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Initiating committal proceedings "just in case" with voluntary patients: a critique of nursing practice

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Initiating decision-making research in Hong Kong and Australia

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Initiating discussions about advance directives: the family physician's role

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Initiating ethics consultations

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Initiating extradural analgesia during labour: comparison of three different bupivacaine concentrations used as the loading dose

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Initiating health programmes in schools and communities

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Initiating insulin therapy in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2: in a transmural setting is at least as effective as in an outpatient setting; a retrospective study with a 4-year follow-up

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Initiating malaria control programs in the third world: directives for short- and long-term solutions

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Initiating mechanisms of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

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Initiating outpatient withdrawal for the chemically dependent patient

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Initiating parenteral nutrition therapy in the home

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Initiating population education in Baltimore

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Initiating regional quality management

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Initiating requests during community-based vocational training by students with mental retardation and sensory impairments

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Initiating research with doubly vulnerable populations

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Initiating sequences in exercise induced idiopathic ventricular tachycardia of left bundle branch-like morphology

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Initiating temporary transvenous dual-chamber pacing

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Initiating the network as a joint venture

Teslow, P.A., 1992:
Initiating the network under provider ownership

Presson, E.W., 1992:
Initiating the network with a third party

Warheit, D.B.; Hartsky, M.A., 1997:
Initiating the risk assessment process for inhaled particulate materials: development of short term inhalation bioassays

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Initiating thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction: whose job is it anyway?

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Initiating treatment for idiopathic parkinsonism

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Initiating warfarin therapy

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Initiating young doctors into the physician's work

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Initiating, conducting and maintaining guidelines development programs

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Initiation and choice of antihypertensive drug treatment

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Initiation and continuation of newer antiretroviral treatments among medicaid recipients with AIDS

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Initiation and discontinuation of antiepileptic drugs

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Initiation and discontinuation of antiepileptic treatment

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Initiation and duration of breast-feeding in Indonesia

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Initiation and duration of breastfeeding in obstetrical hospitals of Aix-Chambery (France)

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Initiation and early patterning of the endoderm

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Initiation and elongation of lateral roots in Lactuca sativa

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Initiation and evaluation of a pilot scheme for minor surgery in general practice

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Initiation and evaluation of a research-based fall prevention program

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Initiation and frequency of pumping and milk production in mothers of non-nursing preterm infants

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Initiation and inhibition of free radical processes in H2O2-metmyoglobin (methemoglobin)-2,2'-azino-bis-(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) systems

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Initiation and inhibition of saccadic eye movements in younger and older adults: an analysis of the gap effect

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Initiation and maintenance of a hospital-based parent group for parents of premature infants: key factors for success

Strowig, S.M., 1993:
Initiation and management of insulin pump therapy

Overlie, P.A., 1994:
Initiation and operation of a primary PTCA program

Jones, M.P.; Schubert, M.L., 1998:
Initiation and perpetuation of gastroesophageal reflux disease

Hoffmann, J.C.; Herklotz, C.; Zeidler, H.; Bayer, B.; Rosenthal, H.; Westermann, J., 1998:
Initiation and perpetuation of rat adjuvant arthritis is inhibited by the anti-CD2 monoclonal antibody (mAb) OX34

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Initiation and post-initiation chemopreventive effects of beta-carotene in toad liver carcinogenesis

Coffey, C.; Lynskey, M.; Wolfe, R.; Patton, G.C., 2001:
Initiation and progression of cannabis use in a population-based Australian adolescent longitudinal study

Parving, H.H., 1996:
Initiation and progression of diabetic nephropathy

Head, E.; Thornton, P.L.; Tong, L.; Cotman, C.W., 2001:
Initiation and propagation of molecular cascades in human brain aging: insight from the canine model to promote successful aging

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Initiation and spread of sodium action potentials in cerebellar Purkinje cells

Herrmann, V.M., 1997:
Initiation and withdrawal of enteral nutrition: ethical issues

Gómez-Cuadrado, A.; Martín, M.; Noël, M.; Ruiz-Carrillo, A., 1995:
Initiation binding repressor, a factor that binds to the transcription initiation site of the histone h5 gene, is a glycosylated member of a family of cell growth regulators [corrected

Rhodes, R., 1999:
Initiation by fire ... a little planning and research would have made all the difference

Geballe, A.P.; Morris, D.R., 1994:
Initiation codons within 5'-leaders of mRNAs as regulators of translation

Shapkina, T.G.; Dolan, M.A.; Babin, P.; Wollenzien, P., 2000:
Initiation factor 3-induced structural changes in the 30 S ribosomal subunit and in complexes containing tRNA(f)(Met) and mRNA

Clemens, M.J., 2001:
Initiation factor eIF2 alpha phosphorylation in stress responses and apoptosis

Al-Kandari, F.H.; Yacoub, K.; Omu, F., 2001:
Initiation factors for substance abuse

Martin-McDonald, K.; Biernoff, D., 2002:
Initiation into a dialysis-dependent life: an examination of rites of passage

Wiest, G.H.; Harsch, I.A.; Fuchs, F.S.; Kitzbichler, S.; Bogner, K.; Brueckl, W.M.; Hahn, E.G.; Ficker, J.H., 2002:
Initiation of CPAP therapy for OSA: does prophylactic humidification during CPAP pressure titration improve initial patient acceptance and comfort?

Zakrzewska-Czerwińska, J., 1995:
Initiation of DNA replication in Streptomyces; organizational comparison of the oriC region in prokaryotic organisms

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Initiation of DNA replication in delta cya mutants of Escherichia coli K12

DePamphilis, M.L., 1999:
Initiation of DNA replication in eukaryotic chromosomes

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Initiation of DNA replication in phages and plasmids-a workshop summary

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Initiation of O-glycan synthesis in IgA1 hinge region is determined by a single enzyme, UDP-N-acetyl-alpha-D-galactosamine:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 2

Tang; Frederick; Zhou; Halterman; Jia; Martin, 1996:
Initiation of Plant Disease Resistance by Physical Interaction of AvrPto and Pto Kinase

van Gent, D.C.; McBlane, J.F.; Ramsden, D.A.; Sadofsky, M.J.; Hesse, J.E.; Gellert, M., 1996:
Initiation of V(D)J recombinations in a cell-free system by RAG1 and RAG2 proteins

Fernández-Puentes, C.; Novoa, B.; Figueras, A., 1993:
Initiation of a cell line from turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.)

Albertson, T.; Musallam, N.; Tharratt, S.; Romac, D.; Foulke, G.; Mowers, R.; Panecek, E., 1993:
Initiation of a clinical pharmacology consult service as a formulary management tool

Galemore, C.A., 2002:
Initiation of a school employee wellness program: applying the Comprehensive Health Education Model

Barnoon, S., 1987:
Initiation of academic health administration education in Israel

Kelemen, G.H.; Buttner, M.J., 1999:
Initiation of aerial mycelium formation in Streptomyces

Wang, P.S.; Gilman, S.E.; Guardino, M.; Christiana, J.M.; Morselli, P.L.; Mickelson, K.; Kessler, R.C., 2000:
Initiation of and adherence to treatment for mental disorders: examination of patient advocate group members in 11 countries

Hayward, G.S., 2003:
Initiation of angiogenic Kaposi's sarcoma lesions

Nosova, N.V.; Kozhura, V.L.; Novoderzhkina, I.S., 1998:
Initiation of apoptosis in hepatocytes during long-term arterial hypotension and postresuscitation period

Mansour, M.; Ruskin, J.; Keane, D., 2003:
Initiation of atrial fibrillation by ectopic beats originating from the ostium of the inferior vena cava

Höglund, P.; Mintern, J.; Waltzinger, C.; Heath, W.; Benoist, C.; Mathis, D., 1999:
Initiation of autoimmune diabetes by developmentally regulated presentation of islet cell antigens in the pancreatic lymph nodes

Jun, H.S.; Yoon, J.W., 1994:
Initiation of autoimmune type 1 diabetes and molecular cloning of a gene encoding for islet cell-specific 37kd autoantigen

Hoch, J.A., 1999:
Initiation of bacterial development

Thaxton, J.N.; Kyle, J.; Thomas, J.; Fouty, T.; Tyler, W., 1999:
Initiation of capnography in a rural EMS system

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Initiation of dialysis

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Initiation of education reforms

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Initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication

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Initiation of fracture repair by bone morphogenetic proteins

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Initiation of healers in Ethiopia: a case study

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Initiation of in vitro reverse transcription from tRNA(Lys3) on HIV-1 or HIV-2 RNAs by both type 1 and 2 reverse transcriptases

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Initiation of lambda DNA replication. The Escherichia coli small heat shock proteins, DnaJ and GrpE, increase DnaK's affinity for the lambda P protein

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Initiation of laparoscopic nephrectomy

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Initiation of locomotion in mammals

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Initiation of medical malpractice suits: a conceptualization and test

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Initiation of minus-strand DNA synthesis by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase

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Initiation of physical restraint in nursing home residents following restraint reduction efforts

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Initiation of poliovirus negative-strand RNA synthesis requires precursor forms of p2 proteins

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Initiation of prenatal care among women having a live birth in Oklahoma. The Maternal and Child Health Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health

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Initiation of prenatal care by low-income Hispanic women in Houston

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Initiation of quality improvement activities in mental health services

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Initiation of relactation

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Initiation of services in the Boston HAPPENS Program: human immunodeficiency virus-positive, homeless, and at-risk youth can access services

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Initiation of signal transduction through the T cell receptor requires the multivalent engagement of peptide/MHC ligands [corrected

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Initiation of sperm motility in the newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster, is induced by a heat-stable component of egg-jelly

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Initiation of spreading depression can be blocked by transcortical polarization of rat cerebral cortex

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Initiation of the Streptomyces chromosome replication

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Initiation of the phosphoinositide cycle by parathyroid hormone in synaptosomes

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Initiation of therapy in the sleep apnea syndrome using continuous positive pressure respiration

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Initiation of therapy: when and what to start with?

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Initiation of treatment with olanzapine in a patient hospitalized at UMD

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Initiation of tricyclic treatment at full dose

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Initiation of use of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, and other substances in US birth cohorts since 1919

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Initiation of warfarin therapy: recommendations and clinical pearls

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Initiation points for cellular deoxyribonucleic acid replication in human lymphoid cells converted by Epstein-Barr virus

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Initiation rate and duration of breast-feeding in the Melbourne aboriginal community

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Initiation rights

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Initiation to science in the undergraduate nursing program at the University of São Paolo (1993-1996): critical analysis

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Initiation, integration, and innovation

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Initiation, synchronization, and spread of epileptic discharges. Introduction

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Initiation-protein complex for eukaryotic DNA replication

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Initiation/termination of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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Initiative + innovation + technology. Combination leads to streamlined phone service in ENT practice

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Initiative 119 and Kevorkian: beaten but not dead

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Initiative 119: What is at stake?

Curry, T.J., 1986:
Initiative 92: fighting mandatory assignment in Washington State

Anonymous, 2001:
Initiative cuts ED visits, hospital admissions

Krause-Wloch, P., 2000:
Initiative for burns victims is introduced by the state: "we went through fire and survived..."

Mcpake, B., 1994:
Initiative for change

Russell, R.H.; Bartnett, J.C., 1999:
Initiative no. 9: for and against term limits

Smith, W.L.; Collins, J.; Lanier, L.; Rao, V.M., 2001:
Initiative of the Council of Academic Societies. Redefining scholarship in academic radiology

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Initiative proves laughter is the best medicine

Rollins, G., 2002:
Initiative raises use of interventions that prevent second heart attacks

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Initiative report of the hydroxyapatite orbital implant drilling procedure

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Initiative seeks answers to cancer disparities

Anonymous, 2002:
Initiative seeks funding, support for effective microbicides

Brandt, M.D.; Pollock, D.A., 2001:
Initiative supports standardized data for emergency departments

Marwick, C., 2002:
Initiative to focus on boosting enrollment in clinical trials

Anonymous, 2003:
Initiative to increase physician awareness of racial/ethnic disparities in cardiac care

Anonymous, 2002:
Initiative to promote access to quality HIV medicines releases first batch of results today

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Initiatives aim to integrate performance measures into the Joint Commission's Accreditation process

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Initiatives and experiences in developing, implementing, and administering data security and confidentiality policies

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Initiatives and resistances in English-speaking African countries

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Initiatives and resistances in the Arab states

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Initiatives can contain costs and increase quality of nursing care

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Initiatives for improving mental health services to ethnic minorities in Australia

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Initiatives for promotion of breast feeding

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Initiatives in Africa

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Initiatives in dental education

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Amniotic fluid stem cell exosomes: Therapeutic perspective

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Initiatives in primary health care: evaluation of a South Australian program

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Initiatives in quality care at the end of life

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Initiatives promote quality

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Initiatives to build a competitive healthcare system: integrating service redesign and clinical pathways

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Initiatives to facilitate hospital cooperation

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Initiatives to meet the challenge of providing water services to the most underprivileged communities: tools and oportunities--the case of Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EEPPM)

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Initiatives. Central African Republic: reaching the youth

Anonymous, 1995:
Initiatives. Mauritius: a right to know. MFPA launches sex education in primary schools

Anonymous, 1995:
Initiatives. Saturday programme for Ethiopian youth

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Initiatives. Uganda: female genital mutilation among the Sabiny

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Initiatives: Ghana

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Initiatives: Kenya. Puppets say it better

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Initiatives: Mauritius

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Initiatives: Nigeria. Traditional healers and PPFN in wedlock

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Initiatives: Sierra Leone

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Initiatives: Swaziland

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Initiator element binding protein TFII-I: a tale of two sites

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Initiators and propagators of the metabolic response to injury

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Inject and protest

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Injectability and tissue compatibility of poly-(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) in the skin of rats: a pilot study

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Injectable and emergency use corticoids

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Injectable and oral cibenzoline in the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia related to intranodal reentry or accessory atrioventricular conduction pathway

Anonymous, 2000:
Injectable antifungal approved

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Injectable bioerodible polymer with 5-fluorouracil used in filtration surgery in rabbits

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Injectable calcium phosphate cement as a filler for bone defects around oral implants: an experimental study in goats

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Injectable calcium phosphate in the treatment of distal radial fractures

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Injectable collagen and autoimmune disease

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Injectable contraception. New and existing options

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Injectable contraception: the USA perspective

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Injectable contraceptives endorsed by PGH specialist

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Injectable contraceptives: how safe are they?

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Injectable contraceptives: safe and effective

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Injectable contraceptives: underused and undervalued?

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Injectable gold for rheumatoid arthritis

Anonymous, 2001:
Injectable heartworm preventive for dogs

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Injectable heroin substitution treatment for opioid dependency

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Injectable hormones and regulatory controversy: an end to the long-running story?

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Injectable long-acting contraceptives

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Injectable lyophilized particulate human fascia lata (Fascian) for lip, perioral, and glabellar enhancement

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Injectable medroxyprogesterone

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Injectable methadone prescribing in the United Kingdom--current practice and future policy guidelines

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Injectable methadone: cautious interest

Anonymous, 2002:
Injectable multivitamin product containing vitamin K enters market

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Injectable opiate maintenance in the UK: Is it good clinical practice?

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Injectable opiate maintenance in the United Kingdom--within a Medicines Act perspective

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Injectable opiate maintenance in the United Kingdom: a view from the United States

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Injectable opiate treatment--feasible but for whom, how, and to what ends?

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Injectable percutaneous polydimethicone in the treatment of pedal keratomas: a single blind randomized trial

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Injectable phenytoin: problems of stability in solution

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Injectable quinolones

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Injectable silicone: cause of facial nodules, cellulitis, ulceration, and migration

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Injectable soft tissue substitutes

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Injectable steroids as a method of contraception

Anonymous, 1999:
Injectable streptomycin banned in food animals

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Injectable thermoplasticized gutta-percha systems

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Injectable tissue-engineered cartilage using a fibrin glue polymer

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Injectable vitamin K and increased risk of childhood cancer

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Injectables in the treatment of female stress incontinence

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Injectables use increasing rapidly

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Injectables, incentives and disincentives: short-sighted population policies

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Injectate port selection affects accuracy and reproducibility of cardiac output measurements with multiport thermodilution pulmonary artery catheters

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Injected fat for correction of soft tissue defects

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Injected feces--burned scan--arm constriction. What some patients do to themselves (interview by Petra Eiden)

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Injected silicone: radiologic appearance

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Injected-field optical bistability model of squeezed coherent light generation

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Injected-hot-electron transport in GaAs

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Injecting a little automation into needle packaging

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Injecting drug use and HIV infection in Asia. The Asian Harm Reduction Network

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Injecting drug use in Romania: a field-report based on an initial assessment

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Injecting drug use: a continuing and major vehicle for transmission of infection

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Injecting drug use: developing a drop-in wound care clinic

Finnie, A.; Nicolson, P., 2002:
Injecting drug use: implications for skin and wound management

Anonymous, 2000:
Injecting drug user on England's south coast dies with Clostridium novyi infection

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Injecting drug users in Bangladesh: prevalence of syphilis, hepatitis, HIV and HIV subtypes

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Injecting drug users in Edinburgh have a high rate of recidivism

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Injecting drugs and AIDS

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Injecting equipment provision in Australia: the state of play

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Injecting quality into the health care building process

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Injecting soft tissue lesions of the hand and wrist

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Injecting the Alcon MA30BA lens through a Staar 1-MTC-45 cartridge

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Injecting yourself in a healthy manner

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Injecting-related harm and treatment-seeking behaviour among injecting drug users

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Injection accuracy and clinical relief of de Quervain's tendinitis

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Injection against itching

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Injection and aspiration techniques for the primary care physician

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Injection and sexual risk behaviors of male heterosexual injecting drug users

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Injection and sustainment of plasma in a preexisting toroidal field using a coaxial helicity source

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Injection and syringe sharing among HIV-infected injection drug users: implications for prevention of HIV transmission. Supplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance Group

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Injection anesthesia in companion animals

Fitzwilliams, B., 2002:
Injection cap with missing septum

Anonymous, 1999:
Injection close to the carpal tunnel should be first line treatment

Gasteier, A.C., 2002:
Injection complications

Stein, L., 2002:
Injection concerns

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Injection drug use: harbinger of HIV / AIDS

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Injection drug users and pharmacists: a call for compassion, cooperation, and care

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Injection drug users report good access to pharmacy sale of syringes

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Injection drug users' needle-cleaning practices

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Injection drug users, crack smokers, and the use of human services

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Injection execution took 15 minutes

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Injection facilities needed to combat infection crisis, AIDS network says

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Injection granulomas. Intramuscle or intrafat?

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Injection immunotherapy

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Injection immunotherapy. British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Working Party

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Injection induced nerve injury : an iatrogenic tragedy

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Injection injuries to the median and ulnar nerves of the wrist

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Injection injury to the median nerve

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Injection intervention in the treatment of low back pain

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Injection into the lumbar vertebrae in chronic low back pain. Results in 206 patients

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Injection into the synovial space of the flexor tendons of the hand

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