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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46458

Chapter 46458 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Burkhead, S.R.; Lally, K.P.; Bristow, F.; Sándor, G.J.; Xue, H., 1996:
Intratracheal pulmonary ventilation provides effective ventilation in a near-drowning model

Bolivar, J.; Hultquist, K.; Raszynski, A.; Torbati, D.; Sherry, N.; Sussmane, J.B.; Wolfsdorf, J., 2001:
Intratracheal pulmonary ventilation versus conventional mechanical ventilation: continuous carinal pressure monitoring at low and high flows and frequencies

Barnes, S.D., 1997:
Intratracheal pulmonary ventilation versus conventional ventilation in a model of meconium aspiration: searching for a safer and more efficient ventilation modality

Baumgart, S.; Spitzer, A.R., 2000:
Intratracheal pulmonary ventilation, the latest new ventilation technique for supporting diffuse lung injury: do we jump on the bandwagon?

Morishita, Y.; Yoshida, I.; Ishikawa, S.; Otaki, A.; Kawashima, O.; Takahashi, T., 1995:
Intratracheal stent intubation under the assist of extracorporeal lung

Lang, S.M.; Stratakis, D.F.; Henke, M.; Otto, B.; Huber, R.M., 2002:
Intratracheal tumor? A rare etiology

Severyn, F.A., 2001:
Intratracheal "kinking" and retroflexion of a nasotracheal tube

Tsutsui, T.; Tanaka, A.; Hori, T., 2002:
Intratubal insemination with fresh semen in cats

Kaya, H.; Babar, Y.; Ozmen, S.; Ozkaya, O.; Karci, M.; Aydin, A.Riza.; Ozbasar, D., 2002:
Intratubal methotrexate for prevention of persistent ectopic pregnancy after salpingotomy

Tsutsui, T.; Hori, T.; Kawakami, E., 2002:
Intratubal transplantation of early canine embryos

Iguchi, S.; Nishi, S.; Shinbo, J.; Iino, N.; Kazama, J.J.; Shimada, H.; Ueno, M.; Saitou, K.; Tanigawa, T.; Takahashi, K.; Gejyo, F., 2002:
Intratubular calcification in a post-renal transplanted patient with secondary hyperparathyroidism

Rakheja, D.; Hoang, M.P.; Sharma, S.; Albores-Saavedra, J., 2002:
Intratubular embryonal carcinoma

Lifschitz-Mercer, B.; Elliott, D.J.; Schreiber-Bramante, L.; Leider-Trejo, L.; Eisenthal, A.; Bar-Shira Maymon, B., 2001:
Intratubular germ cell neoplasia: associated infertility and review of the diagnostic modalities

Guzmán Martínez-Valls, P.L.; Ferrero Doria, R.; López Alba, J.; Tomás Ros, M.; Rodenas Moncada, F.J.; Rico Galiano, J.L.; Rodríguez de Ledesma Vega, J.M.; Fontana Compiano, L.O., 1996:
Intratumor and retroperitoneal massive hemorrhage caused by retroperitoneal liposarcoma

Isobe, H.; Sakai, H.; Imari, Y.; Ikeda, M.; Shiomichi, S.; Nawata, H., 1994:
Intratumor ethanol injection therapy for solitary minute hepatocellular carcinoma. A study of 37 patients

Vimercati, A.; Greco, P.; Melilli, G.; Pansini, M.V.; Di f1p4Gesù, G.; Lotesoriere, V.; Loverro, G.; Selvaggi, L., 1999:
Intratumor flowmetry in endometrial carcinoma. Correlation with the tumor stage

Hamamoto, O.; Honorato, D.C.; Brito, H.L.; Souza-Queiróz, L., 1994:
Intratumor hemorrhage in tuberous sclerosis. A case report

Bjørnaes, I.; Lyng, H.; Dahle, G.A.; Kaalhus, O.; Rofstad, E.K., 2000:
Intratumor heterogeneity in perfusion in human melanoma xenografts measured by contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

Giaretti, W.; Rapallo, A.; Sciutto, A.; Macciocu, B.; Geido, E.; Hermsen, M.A.; Postma, C.; Baak, J.P.; Williams, R.A.; Meijer, G.A., 2001:
Intratumor heterogeneity of k-ras and p53 mutations among human colorectal adenomas containing early cancer

Hänsgen, G.; Hintner, I.; Krause, V.; Wohlrab, W.; Dunst, J., 1997:
Intratumor pO2, S-phase fraction and p53 status in cervix carcinomas

Kristjansen, P.E.; Brown, T.J.; Shipley, L.A.; Jain, R.K., 1996:
Intratumor pharmacokinetics, flow resistance, and metabolism during gemcitabine infusion in ex vivo perfused human small cell lung cancer

Carrió, M.; Visa, J.; Cascante, A.; Estivill, X.; Fillat, C., 2002:
Intratumoral activation of cyclophosphamide by retroviral transfer of the cytochrome P450 2B1 in a pancreatic tumor model. Combination with the HSVtk/GCV system

Sung, M.W.; Yeh, H.C.; Thung, S.N.; Schwartz, M.E.; Mandeli, J.P.; Chen, S.H.; Woo, S.L., 2001:
Intratumoral adenovirus-mediated suicide gene transfer for hepatic metastases from colorectal adenocarcinoma: results of a phase I clinical trial

Kassis, A.I.; Tumeh, S.S.; Wen, P.Y.; Baranowska-Kortylewicz, J.; Van den Abbeele, A.D.; Zimmerman, R.E.; Carvalho, P.A.; Garada, B.M.; DeSisto, W.C.; Bailey, N.O.; Castronovo, F.P.; Mariani, G.; Black, P.M.; Adelstein, S.J., 1996:
Intratumoral administration of 5-[123I]iodo-2'-deoxyuridine in a patient with a brain tumor

Ebina, T., 2001:
Intratumoral administration of biological preparations--recommendation for integrative medicine

Otsuji, E.; Yamaguchi, T.; Matsumura, H.; Nishida, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Tsuruta, H.; Okamoto, K.; Yata, Y.; Kitamura, K.; Takahashi, T., 1998:
Intratumoral administration of monoclonal antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of pancreatic cancer

Amiji, M.M.; Lai, P-Kim.; Shenoy, D.B.; Rao, M., 2002:
Intratumoral administration of paclitaxel in an in situ gelling poloxamer 407 formulation

Rand, R.W.; Kreitman, R.J.; Patronas, N.; Varricchio, F.; Pastan, I.; Puri, R.K., 2000:
Intratumoral administration of recombinant circularly permuted interleukin-4-Pseudomonas exotoxin in patients with high-grade glioma

Mariani, L.; Schroth, G.; Wielepp, J.P.; Haldemann, A.; Seiler, R.W., 2001:
Intratumoral arteriovenous shunting in malignant gliomas

Kwon, Y.; Ahn, J.Sung.; Jeon, S.Ryong.; Kim, J.Hoon.; Kim, C.Jin.; Lee, J.Kyo.; Kwun, B.Duk.; Lee, D.Hee.; Kim, S.Young., 2003:
Intratumoral bleeding in meningioma after gamma knife radiosurgery

Hata, K.; Hata, T., 1996:
Intratumoral blood flow analysis in ovarian cancer: what does it mean?

Yu, J.S.; Kim, M.J.; Kim, K.W., 1998:
Intratumoral blood flow in cavernous hemangioma of the liver: radiologic-pathologic correlation

Benoit, L.; Duvillard, C.; L'Helgouarc'h, J.L.; Chauffert, B., 1999:
Intratumoral chemotherapy in an experimental animal model: another therapeutic possibility in cancerology

Cemazar, M.; Milacic, R.; Miklavcic, D.; Dolzan, V.; Sersa, G., 1999:
Intratumoral cisplatin administration in electrochemotherapy: antitumor effectiveness, sequence dependence and platinum content

Narvaiza, I.; Mazzolini, G.; Barajas, M.; Duarte, M.; Zaratiegui, M.; Qian, C.; Melero, I.; Prieto, J., 2000:
Intratumoral coinjection of two adenoviruses, one encoding the chemokine IFN-gamma-inducible protein-10 and another encoding IL-12, results in marked antitumoral synergy

Pampin, C.; Devillers, A.; Treguier, C.; Fremond, B.; Moisan, A.; Goasguen, J.; L.G.ll, E., 2000:
Intratumoral consumption of indium-111-labeled platelets in a child with splenic hemangioma and thrombocytopenia

Mahato, R.I.; Lee, M.; Han, S.; Maheshwari, A.; Kim, S.W., 2001:
Intratumoral delivery of p2CMVmIL-12 using water-soluble lipopolymers

Shirota, Y.; Ichikawa, W.; Uetake, H.; Yamada, H.; Nihei, Z.; Sugihara, K., 2002:
Intratumoral dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase messenger RNA level reflects tumor progression in human colorectal cancer

Casasco, A.; Houdart, E.; Herbreteau, D.; Tran, B.H.y, P.; George, B., 1994:
Intratumoral embolization of hypervascularized craniofacial tumors

Okada, Y.; Taniguchi, M.; Takahashi, H., 1999:
Intratumoral ethanol injection

Sawa, T.; Ikoma, T.; Yoshida, T.; Kawada, M.; Azuma, K.; Murakawa, S.; Tomita, R., 1999:
Intratumoral ethanol injection therapy using endoscopic video information system

Ahn, S.Ku.; Ahn, H.Jin.; Kim, T-Hyun.; Hwang, S.Min.; Choi, E.Ho.; Lee, S.Hun., 2002:
Intratumoral fat in neurofibroma

Okamoto, K.; Ito, I.; Furusawa, T.; Sakai, K., 1996:
Intratumoral flow void in pituitary adenomas

el-Naggar, A.K.; Hurr, K.; Luna, M.A.; Goepfert, H.; Hong, W.K.; Batsakis, J.G., 1998:
Intratumoral genetic heterogeneity in primary head and neck squamous carcinoma using microsatellite markers

Wakamoto, H.; Miyazaki, H.; Hayashi, T.; Shimamoto, Y.; Ishiyama, N., 1998:
Intratumoral hemorrhage associated with cystic meningioma under observation: a case report

Maeda, K.; Gotoh, H.; Chikui, E.; Furusawa, T., 2002:
Intratumoral hemorrhage from a posterior fossa tumor after cardiac valve surgery--case report

Giovagnoli, M.R.; Giarnieri, E.; Midiri, G.; Tesoriere, A.; Ferraro, S.; Vecchione, A., 2000:
Intratumoral heterogeneity in colorectal carcinoma: trucut sampling for DNA ploidy analysis

Miura, H.; Taira, O.; Hiraguri, S.; Hagiwara, M.; Kato, H., 1998:
Intratumoral heterogeneity of DNA content in lung adenocarcinoma

Ruiz-Cerdá, J.L.; Hernández, M.; Sempere, A.; O'Connor, J.E.; Kimler, B.F.; Jiménez-Cruz, F., 1999:
Intratumoral heterogeneity of DNA content in renal cell carcinoma and its prognostic significance

Chung, P.S.; Rhee, C.K.; Kim, K.H.; Paek, W.; Chung, J.; Paiva, M.B.; Eshraghi, A.A.; Castro, D.J.; Saxton, R.E., 2000:
Intratumoral hypericin and KTP laser therapy for transplanted squamous cell carcinoma

Boucher, Y.; Brekken, C.; Netti, P.A.; Baxter, L.T.; Jain, R.K., 1998:
Intratumoral infusion of fluid: estimation of hydraulic conductivity and implications for the delivery of therapeutic agents

Pollina, J.; Plunkett, R.J.; Ciesielski, M.J.; Lis, A.; Barone, T.A.; Greenberg, S.J.; Fenstermaker, R.A., 1998:
Intratumoral infusion of topotecan prolongs survival in the nude rat intracranial U87 human glioma model

Ju, D.W.; Cao, X.; Acres, B., 1997:
Intratumoral injection of GM-CSF gene encoded recombinant vaccinia virus elicits potent antitumor response in a mixture melanoma model

Tanaka, N.; Gouchi, A.; Ohara, T.; Mannami, T.; Konaga, E.; Fuchimoto, S.; Okamura, S.; Sato, K.; Orita, K., 1994:
Intratumoral injection of a streptococcal preparation, OK-432, before surgery for gastric cancer. A randomized trial. Cooperative Study Group of Preoperative Intratumoral Immunotherapy for Cancer

Triozzi, P.L.; Khurram, R.; Aldrich, W.A.; Walker, M.J.; Kim, J.A.; Jaynes, S., 2001:
Intratumoral injection of dendritic cells derived in vitro in patients with metastatic cancer

Karle, P.; Müller, P.; Renz, R.; Jesnowski, R.; Saller, R.; von Rombs, K.; Nizze, H.; Liebe, S.; Günzburg, W.H.; Salmons, B.; Löhr, M., 1999:
Intratumoral injection of encapsulated cells producing an oxazaphosphorine activating cytochrome P450 for targeted chemotherapy

Liu, J.; Yang, C.; Shao, W.; Han, J., 2001:
Intratumoral injection of macroaggragated albumin and colloidal 32P for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Junfeng, Y.; Ruping, Z.; Xinlan, D.; Xiaofeng, M.; Jianying, X.; Weiqing, H.; Duanzhi, Y.; Wei, Z.; Hong, X.; Yongxian, W.; Knapp, F.F., 2000:
Intratumoral injection with [(188)Re]rhenium sulfide suspension for treatment of transplanted human liver carcinoma in nude mice

Brown, R.S.; Kaminski, M.S.; Fisher, S.J.; Chang, A.E.; Wahl, R.L., 1997:
Intratumoral microdistribution of [131I]MB-1 in patients with B-cell lymphoma following radioimmunotherapy

Wakabayashi, T.; Yoshida, J.; Mizuno, M.; Kajita, Y., 2001:
Intratumoral microinfusion of nimustine (ACNU) for recurrent glioma

Shao, G.; Wang, J.; Zhou, K.; Yan, Z., 2002:
Intratumoral microvessel density and expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in hepatocellular carcinoma after chemoembolization

Yamashita, K.; Matsunobe, S.; Tsuda, T.; Okuda, K.; Matsumoto, K.; Oyanagi, H.; Konishi, J., 1997:
Intratumoral necrosis of lung carcinoma: a potential diagnostic pitfall in incremental dynamic computed tomography analysis of solitary pulmonary nodules?

Lartigau, E.; Randrianarivelo, H.; Avril, M.F.; Margulis, A.; Spatz, A.; Eschwège, F.; Guichard, M., 1998:
Intratumoral oxygen tension in metastatic melanoma

Höckel, M.; Knoop, C.; Schlenger, K.; Vorndran, B.; Knapstein, P.G.; Vaupel, P., 1994:
Intratumoral pO2 histography as predictive assay in advanced cancer of the uterine cervix

James, P.E.; O'Hara, J.A.; Grinberg, O.Y.; Panz, T.; Swartz, H.M., 1997:
Intratumoral pO2 measured using a new oxygen sensitive paramagnetic material, gloxy

Höckel, M.; Knoop, C.; Schlenger, K.; Vorndran, B.; Baussmann, E.; Mitze, M.; Knapstein, P.G.; Vaupel, P., 1993:
Intratumoral pO2 predicts survival in advanced cancer of the uterine cervix

Knocke, T.H.; Weitmann, H.D.; Feldmann, H.J.; Selzer, E.; Pötter, R., 2000:
Intratumoral pO2-measurements as predictive assay in the treatment of carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Kristjansen, P.E.; Quistorff, B.; Spang-Thomsen, M.; Hansen, H.H., 1993:
Intratumoral pharmacokinetic analysis by 19F-magnetic resonance spectroscopy and cytostatic in vivo activity of gemcitabine (dFdC) in two small cell lung cancer xenografts

Nakajima, S.; Koshino, Y.; Nomura, T.; Yamashita, F.; Agrawal, S.; Takakura, Y.; Hashida, M., 2000:
Intratumoral pharmacokinetics of oligonucleotides in a tissue-isolated tumor perfusion system

Emilie, D.; Leger-Ravet, M.B.; Devergne, O.; Raphael, M.; Peuchmaur, M.; Coumbaras, J.; Crevon, M.C.; Galanaud, P., 1993:
Intratumoral production of IL-6 in B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia and B lymphomas

Balian, A.; Bonte, E.; Naveau, S.; Foussat, A.; Bouchet-Delbos, L.; Berrebi, D.; Vons, C.; Capron, F.; Chaput, J.C.; Emilie, D., 2001:
Intratumoral production of interleukin-5 leading to paraneoplastic peripheral eosinophilia in hepatocellular carcinoma

Hata, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Sasaki, F.; Ogita, M.; Uchino, J.; Yoshimoto, M.; Akasaka, Y.; Nakanishi, Y.; Sawada, Y., 2000:
Intratumoral pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylase (PyNPase) activity predicts a selective effect of adjuvant 5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine (5'DFUR) on breast cancer

Chen, W.J.; Eng, H.L.; Fang, F.M., 2000:
Intratumoral regional differences of DNA ploidy of gastrointestinal stromal tumors: a flow cytometric study

Sharma, S.; Yang, S.Chul.; Batra, R.K.; Dubinett, S.M., 2002:
Intratumoral therapy with cytokine gene-modified dendritic cells in murine lung cancer models

Matsumoto, N.; Oida, H.; Aze, Y.; Akimoto, A.; Fujita, T., 1999:
Intratumoral tumor necrosis factor induction and tumor growth suppression by ONO-4007, a low-toxicity lipid A analog

Wright, P.; Zheng, C.; Moyana, T.; Xiang, J., 1999:
Intratumoral vaccination of adenoviruses expressing fusion protein RM4/tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha induces significant tumor regression

Arnerlöv, C.; Emdin, S.O.; Cajander, S.; Bengtsson, N.O.; Tavelin, B.; Roos, G., 2002:
Intratumoral variations in DNA ploidy and s-phase fraction in human breast cancer

Park, K.S.; Choi, B.I.; Won, H.J.; Seo, J.B.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, T.K.; Han, J.K.; Yeon, K.M., 1998:
Intratumoral vascularity of experimentally induced VX2 carcinoma: comparison of color Doppler sonography, power Doppler sonography, and microangiography

Scholz, M.; Gottschalk, J.; Striepecke, E.; Firsching, R.; Harders, A.; Füzesi, L., 1996:
Intratumorous heterogeneity of chromosome 10 and 17 in meningiomas using non-radioactive in situ hybridization

Alén, J.F.; Boto, G.R.; Lagares, A.; de la Lama, A.; Gómez, P.A.; Lobato, R.D., 2003:
Intratumoural bleomycin as a treatment for recurrent cystic craniopharyngioma. Case report and review of the literature

Hicks, 2001:
Intratympanic and Round-Window Drug Therapy: Effect on Cochlear Tinnitus

Hirvonen, T.P.; Peltomaa, M.; Ylikoski, J., 2000:
Intratympanic and systemic dexamethasone for Ménière's disease

Rappaport, J.M.; Browning, S.; Davis, N.L., 1999:
Intratympanic cholesteatoma

Becvarovski, Z.; Kartush, J.M.; Bojrab, D.I., 2002:
Intratympanic ciprofloxacin and the human labyrinthine sampling model

Sennaroglu, L.; Sennaroglu, G.; Gursel, B.; Dini, F.M., 2001:
Intratympanic dexamethasone, intratympanic gentamicin, and endolymphatic sac surgery for intractable vertigo in Meniere's disease

Kaplan, D.M.; Nedzelski, J.M.; Chen, J.M.; Shipp, D.B., 2000:
Intratympanic gentamicin for the treatment of unilateral Meniere's disease

Rauch, S.D.; Oas, J.G., 1997:
Intratympanic gentamicin for treatment of intractable Meniere's disease: a preliminary report

Kaasinen, S.; Pyykkö, I.; Ishizaki, H.; Aalto, H., 1998 :
Intratympanic gentamicin in Meniere's disease

Marzo, S.J.; Leonetti, J.P., 2002:
Intratympanic gentamicin therapy for persistent vertigo after endolymphatic sac surgery

Bauer, P.W.; MacDonald, C.B.; Cox, L.C., 2001:
Intratympanic gentamicin therapy for vertigo in nonserviceable ears

Casani, A.P.; Dallan, I.; Sellari-Franceschini, S.; Nuti, D., 2002:
Intratympanic gentamycin in association with human fibrin glue in the treatment of Meniere's disease: preliminary results

Yang, G.S.; Song, H.T.; Keithley, E.M.; Harris, J.P., 2000:
Intratympanic immunosuppressives for prevention of immune-mediated sensorineural hearing loss

Barrs, D.M.; Keyser, J.S.; Stallworth, C.; McElveen, J.T., 2002:
Intratympanic steroid injections for intractable Ménière's disease

Silverstein, H.; Choo, D.; Rosenberg, S.I.; Kuhn, J.; Seidman, M.; Stein, I., 1996:
Intratympanic steroid treatment of inner ear disease and tinnitus (preliminary report)

Quaranta, A.; Aloisi, A.; D.B.nedittis, G.; Scaringi, A., 2000:
Intratympanic therapy for Ménière's disease. High-concentration gentamicin with round-window protection

Quaranta, A.; Scaringi, A.; Aloidi, A.; Quaranta, N.; Salonna, I., 2001:
Intratympanic therapy for Ménière's disease: effect of administration of low concentration of gentamicin

Bider, D.; Dulitzky, M.; Goldenberg, M.; Lipitz, S.; Mashiach, S., 1996:
Intraumbilical vein injection of prostaglandin F2 alpha in retained placenta

Ayeni, B., 1979:
Intraurban residential migration: an entropy maximizing approach

Gow, K.W.; Hoffer, F.; Lasater, O.; Shochat, S.J., 2001:
Intraureteral Wilms tumor

Daskalopoulos, G.; Hatzidakis, A.; Triantafyllou, T.; Delakas, D.; Anezinis, P.; Metaxari, M.; Cranidis, A., 2001:
Intraureteral metallic endoprosthesis in the treatment of ureteral strictures

García Ligero, Ján.; Navas Pastor, J.; García García, F.; Sempere Gutiérrez, Aés.; Rico Galiano, Jé.Luis.; Tomás Ros, M.; Fontana Compiano, L.Oscar., 2002:
Intraureterocele transitional tumor synchronous with contralateral ureteral tumor: obstructive uropathy in panurothelial disease

Bugel, H.; Pfister, C.; Sibert, L.; Cappele, O.; Khalaf, A.; Grise, P., 2000:
Intraurethral Macroplastic injections in the treatment of urinary incontinence after prostatic surgery

Anonymous, 1997:
Intraurethral alprostadil for impotence

Wolfson, B.; Pickett, S.; Scott, N.E.; DeKernion, J.B.; Rajfer, J., 1993:
Intraurethral prostaglandin E-2 cream: a possible alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction

Heit, M., 2002:
Intraurethral sonography and the test-retest reliability of urethral sphincter measurements in women

Heit, M., 2000:
Intraurethral ultrasonography: correlation of urethral anatomy with functional urodynamic parameters in stress incontinent women

Frauscher, F.; Helweg, G.; Strasser, H.; Enna, B.; Klauser, A.; Knapp, R.; Colleselli, K.; Bartsch, G.; Zur Nedden, D., 1998:
Intraurethral ultrasound: diagnostic evaluation of the striated urethral sphincter in incontinent females

Raudaskoski, T.; Tapanainen, J.; Tomás, E.; Luotola, H.; Pekonen, F.; Ronni-Sivula, H.; Timonen, H.; Riphagen, F.; Laatikainen, T., 2002:
Intrauterine 10 microg and 20 microg levonorgestrel systems in postmenopausal women receiving oral oestrogen replacement therapy: clinical, endometrial and metabolic response

Yang, J.Z.; Van Vugt, D.A.; Roy, B.N.; Kennedy, J.C.; Foster, W.G.; Reid, R.L., 1996:
Intrauterine 5-aminolevulinic acid induces selective endometrial fluorescence in the rhesus and cynomolgus monkey

Creinin, 1996:
Intrauterine Devices: Separating Fact From Fallacy

Budden, 1996:
Intrauterine Exposure to Drugs and Alcohol: How Do the Children Fare?

Baker; Adamson, 1996:
Intrauterine Pressure and Uterine Distention

Anonymous, 2003:
Intrauterine West Nile virus infection--New York, 2002

Ranucci-Weiss, D.; Uerpairojkit, B.; Bowles, N.; Towbin, J.A.; Chan, L., 1998:
Intrauterine adenoviral infection associated with fetal non-immune hydrops

Vasserman, J.; Baracat, E.C.; Barbosa, A.J.; Haidar, M.A.; Credidio, R.M.; Fascina, L.P.; D.L.ma, G.R., 1987:
Intrauterine adhesion: analysis of 28 cases

March, C.M., 1995:
Intrauterine adhesions

Tam, W.Hung.; Lau, W.Chung.; Cheung, L.Ping.; Yuen, P.Mo.; Chung, T.Kwok-Hung., 2002:
Intrauterine adhesions after conservative and surgical management of spontaneous abortion

Ozumba, B.; Ezegwui, H., 2002:
Intrauterine adhesions in an African population

Römer, T., 1994:
Intrauterine adhesions--etiology, diagnosis, therapy and possibilities for prevention

Al-Inany, H., 2001:
Intrauterine adhesions. An update

Bellingham, F.R., 1996:
Intrauterine adhesions: hysteroscopic lysis and adjunctive methods

Wollter-Svensson, L.O.; Stadberg, E.; Andersson, K.; Mattsson, L.A.; Odlind, V.; Persson, I., 1997:
Intrauterine administration of levonorgestrel 5 and 10 microg/24 hours in perimenopausal hormone replacement therapy. A randomized clinical study during one year

Diallo, D.; Diouf, F.; Seck, M.D.; Ndiaye, P.A.; Rupari, L.; Mendes, V.; Diadhiou, F., 1994:
Intrauterine and extrauterine pregnancy association: apropos of 2 cases in gynecological and obstetrical clinical medicine

Järvelin, M.R.; Lauren, L.; Chee, D.; Vartiainen, E., 1998:
Intrauterine and life course factors in the aetiology of adult cardiovascular disease

Zimmer, L.P.; Silva, A.P.; Andrade, A.; Dillenburg, R.F.; Mendonça, E.; Zielinsky, P., 1996:
Intrauterine and perinatal management of complete atrioventricular block in the fetus

Bucher, H.U.; Fawer, C.L.; von Kaenel, J.; Kind, C.; Moessinger, A., 1998 :
Intrauterine and postnatal transfer of high risk newborn infants. Swiss Society of Neonatology

Riphagen, F.E., 2002:
Intrauterine application of progestins in hormone replacement therapy: a review

Gurtovoĭ, B.L.; Ankirskaia, A.S.; Vanko, L.V.; Bubnova, N.I., 1994:
Intrauterine bacterial and viral infections of the fetus and newborn

Thilaganthan, B.; Nicolaides, K.H.; Morgan, G., 1993:
Intrauterine bone-marrow transplantation at 12 weeks' gestation

Mazouni, C.; Porcu-Buisson, Géraldine.; Girard, N.; Sakr, R.; Figarella-Ballanger, D.; Guidicelli, Béatrice.; Bonnier, P.; Gamerre, M., 2003:
Intrauterine brain teratoma: a case report of imaging (US, MRI) with neuropathologic correlations

Bakos, O., 1998:
Intrauterine cephalocentesis: a case report

Nir, A.; Driscoll, D.J.; Edwards, W.D., 1994:
Intrauterine closure of membranous ventricular septal defects: mechanism of closure in two autopsy specimens

Datta-Bhutada, S.; Johnson, H.L.; Rosen, T.S., 1998:
Intrauterine cocaine and crack exposure: neonatal outcome

Fares, I.; McCulloch, K.M.; Raju, T.N., 1997:
Intrauterine cocaine exposure and the risk for sudden infant death syndrome: a meta-analysis

Vernon, L.; Brown, V., 1999:
Intrauterine contraception

Wang, J.; Zhang, Z-Guo.; Zhang, W-Guang., 2017:
A modified surgical approach of hepatopancreatoduodenectomy for advanced gallbladder cancer: Report of two cases and literature review

D.Felice, F., 1977:
Intrauterine contraception as a valid alternative

Wildemeersch, D.; Schacht, E.; Thiery, M.; Van Kets, H., 2001:
Intrauterine contraception in the year 2001: can intrauterine device use be revived with new improved contraceptive technology?

Calzolari, E.; Galoppi, P.; Masala, L.; Parisi, C.; Iannucci, D.; Salmaggi, P.; Custo, G.M.; Zichella, L., 1985:
Intrauterine contraception in women over 35-years old: comparison between copper and progesterone IUDs

Benson, H.; Place, V., 1977:
Intrauterine contraception information for the patient

Koch, P.; Reinhardt, P.; Soyka, E., 1981:
Intrauterine contraception using the Copper Mini-Gravigard 7 IUD: summary of 328 case histories

Murty, J., 1997:
Intrauterine contraception. Effective practice and quality of care. A - Z of audit

Wickham, H., 2002:
Intrauterine contraception: a look at devices and systems

Thiery, M.; Gräfenberg, E., 2000:
Intrauterine contraception: from silver ring to intrauterine contraceptive implant

Thiery, M., 1987:
Intrauterine contraception: technical advances, future prospects

Olatinwo, A.W.; Anate, M.; Balogun, O.R.; Alao, M.O., 2001:
Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD): socio-demographic characteristics of acceptors, acceptability and effectiveness in a teaching hospital in Nigeria

Kishore, N.; Gupta, K.; Tandon, V., 1968:
Intrauterine contraceptive device-its success and failure

Segal, S.J., 1997:
Intrauterine contraceptive devices act before fertilization

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