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Large epiglottic lipoma. Intubation method for large tumors in the pharynx and larynx

Welinder, N.R.; Ibsen, M.; Andreassen, U.K.; Berthelsen, P.G.

Ugeskrift for Laeger 158(23): 3325-3327


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-5782
PMID: 8686064
Accession: 046522183

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Large benign tumours in the aperture of the larynx are uncommon, and they are especially rare on the epiglottis. They are, however, important as they may cause fatal airway obstruction particularly at induction of general anaesthesia. We present a patient with a large lipoma originating in the vallecula epiglottica and the lingual surface of the epiglottis. The difficulties involved in tracheal intubation and possible solutions are discussed. In this case intubation was performed under local anaesthesia with the patient fully awake. A commissure laryngoscope was used for visualisation of the laryngeal inlet and a flexible bougie was inserted into the trachea. After removal of the laryngoscope a 7 mm ID endotracheal tube was advanced over the bougie into the trachea. After securing the airway in this way general anaesthesia was induced and the table tennis ball sized lipoma was uneventfully removed.

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