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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46528

Chapter 46528 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Christiansen, E.H.; Frost, L.; Mølgaard, H.; Pedersen, A.K.; Toftegaard Nielsen, T.; Bloch Thomsen, P.E., 1994:
Late ventricular potentials after myocardial infarction

Martinelli, M.M.; Fera, M.S.; Carunchio, A.; Mazza, A.; Burattini, M.; Ceci, V., 1997:
Late ventricular potentials and acute myocardial infarction

Barbarash, O.L.; Berns, S.A.; Tarasov, N.I.; Guliaeva, E.N.; Anikin, B.S., 1997:
Late ventricular potentials and autonomic cardiac rhythm regulation in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Akasheva, D.U.; Malakhov, V.I.; Bakalov, S.A.; Krutanov, I.B., 1993:
Late ventricular potentials and intracardiac electrophysiological study

Israpilov, M.M.; Zakharova, E.V.; Iurenev, A.P., 1999:
Late ventricular potentials in left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with stage-II hypertension

Franc, P.; Vojtísek, P.; Buresová, H.; Sychra, M., 1999:
Late ventricular potentials in patients with arterial hypertension

Marconi, P.; Ciaccheri, M.; Castelli, G.; Nannini, M.; Arcangeli, C.; Dolara, A., 1993:
Late ventricular potentials in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Correlations with spontaneous ventricular tachycardia and clinical course

Maillier, B.; Metz, D.; Nazeyrollas, P.; Prevost, A.; Maes, D.; Elaerts, J., 1997:
Late ventricular potentials in patients with sleep apnea syndrome

Verzoni, A.; Ravaglia, R.; Sangiorgio, S.; Tarricone, D.; Pozzoni, L.; Fiorentini, C., 1993:
Late ventricular potentials in the post-infarct patient. A follow-up at 4 years

Kubyshkin, V.F.; Legkonogov, A.V.; Mangileva, T.A., 1996:
Late ventricular potentials, ventricular arrhythmias and sudden death in patients with acquired heart defects

Zimmermann, M., 1996:
Late ventricular potentials: significance, electrophysiology and clinical importance in coronary disease

Lunkenheimer, P.P.; Redmann, K.; Cryer, C.W.; Sánchez-Quintana, D.; Ho, S.Y.; Anderson, R.H.; Batista, R.V., 2000:
Late ventricular structure after partial left ventriculectomy

Moyer, V.; Moya, F.; Tibboel, R.; Losty, P.; Nagaya, M.; Lally, K.P., 2000:
Late versus early surgical correction for congenital diaphragmatic hernia in newborn infants

Pauleikhoff, D.; Knebel, C.; Peuser, M.; Schilling, H.; Wessing, A., 1996:
Late vision loss after focal hemorrhagic chorioretinopathy

Atabay, C.; Kansu, T.; Nurlu, G., 1993:
Late visual recovery after intravenous methylprednisolone treatment of Purtscher's retinopathy

Bjørgen, I.A., 1996:
Late whiplash syndrome

Bonuccelli, U.; Pavese, N.; Lucetti, C.; Renna, M.R.; Gambaccini, G.; Bernardini, S.; Canapicchi, R.; Carrozzi, L.; Murri, L., 2000:
Late whiplash syndrome: a clinical and magnetic resonance imaging study

Molleví, D.G.; Morell Ginestà, M.; Ribas, Y.; Mestre, M.; Vidal, A.; Serano, T.; Figueras, J.; Jaurrieta, J., 2002:
Late xenograft rejection: comparison between liver and heart xenografts under low-dose tacrolimus

Spieth, M.E.; Seder, J.S.; Stauffer, J.C.; James, R.E.; Ali, F.; Odom, J.A.; Kimura, R.L., 1994:
Late "rim sign"--a variant of an old sign

Hensley, S., 2000:
Late, but online. Big group purchasing organizations play catchup in bid to place services on Internet

Greenwood, J.P.; Nolan, J.; Mackintosh, A.F., 1998:
Late, intermittent obstruction of a mitral prosthesis by chordal remnants

Groutz, A.; Gillon, G.; Shimonov, M.; Zehavi, S.; Servadio, C., 1996:
Late, isolated, secondary ovarian transitional cell carcinoma: an unusual course of bladder malignancy

Jensen, C.; Jørgensen, H., 2001:
Late, life-threatening bleeding after hemorrhoidectomy

Abimelec, P.; Rybojad, M.; Cambiaghi, S.; Moraillon, I.; Cavelier-Balloy, B.; Marx, C.; Morel, P., 1995:
Late, painful, subungual hyperkeratosis in incontinentia pigmenti

Krier-Morrow, D., 2002:
Late, partial, or denied payment or lost claims

Landolt, H.P.; Roth, C.; Dijk, D.J.; Borbély, A.A., 1996:
Late-afternoon ethanol intake affects nocturnal sleep and the sleep EEG in middle-aged men

Placci, A.; Melandri, G.; Cecilioni, L.; Valgimigli, M.; Bolondi, L.; Branzi, A., 2002 :
Late-appearing cholestatic icterus after a month of treatment with ticlopidine

Nativi-Nicolau, J.; Maurer, M.S., 2018:
Amyloidosis cardiomyopathy: update in the diagnosis and treatment of the most common types

SoRelle, R., 2000:
Late-breaking trials at American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2000

Manur, R.; Lamzabi, I., 2017:
Amyloidosis diagnosed in cytology specimen of pleural effusion: A case report

Ewert, P.; Nagdyman, N.; Daehnert, I.; Dittrich, S.; Abdul-Khaliq, H.; Berger, F.; Lange, P.E., 2000:
Late-diastolic forward flow in the aorta induced by left atrial contraction

Kocadereli, I.; Ciger, S.; Cakirer, B., 1994:
Late-forming supernumeraries in the premolar regions

Fisher, C.M., 2001:
Late-life (migrainous) scintillating zigzags without headache: one person's 27-year experience

Oslin, D.W., 2000:
Late-life addictions: aspects to consider for the future

Benazzi, F., 2000:
Late-life atypical major depressive episode: a 358-case study in outpatients

Meyers, B.S., 1995:
Late-life delusional depression: acute and long-term treatment

Schindler, R.J.; Cucio, C.P., 2000:
Late-life dementia. Review of the APA guidelines for patient management

Wagenaar, D.Banazak.; Mickus, M.A.; Gaumer, K.A.; Colenda, C.C., 2002:
Late-life depression and mental health services in primary care

Schwartz, J.A., 2001:
Late-life depression and metabolic factors

Wils, V.; Godderis, J.; Igodt, P., 2001:
Late-life depression and subcortical ischemic white matter lesions

van Reekum, R.; Simard, M.; Clarke, D.; Binns, M.A.; Conn, D., 1999:
Late-life depression as a possible predictor of dementia: cross-sectional and short-term follow-up results

Kasahara, H., 1997:
Late-life depression--clinical features, treatment and prognosis

Sable, J.A.; Dunn, L.B.; Zisook, S., 2002:
Late-life depression. How to identify its symptoms and provide effective treatment

Butler, R.N.; Cohen, G.; Lewis, M.I.; Simmons-Clemmons, W.; Sunderland, T., 1997:
Late-life depression: how to make a difficult diagnosis

Koenig, H.G., 1999:
Late-life depression: how to treat patients with comorbid chronic illness. Interview by Alice V. Luddington

Butler, R.N.; Cohen, G.; Lewis, M.I.; Simmons-Clemmons, W.; Sunderland, T., 1997:
Late-life depression: treatment strategies for primary care practice

Lester, M.; Blanchard, M., 1995:
Late-life depressive disorder

Cowart, M.E.; Sutherland, M., 1998:
Late-life drinking among women

Scicutella, A., 2000:
Late-life obsessive-compulsive disorder and Huntington's disease

Webster, J.; Grossberg, G.T., 1998:
Late-life onset of psychotic symptoms

Brennan, P.L.; Moos, R.H., 1996:
Late-life problem drinking: personal and environmental risk factors for 4-year functioning outcomes and treatment seeking

Martin, R.L., 1997:
Late-life psychiatric diagnosis in DSM-IV

Brown, F.W., 1998:
Late-life psychosis: making the diagnosis and controlling symptoms

González-Duarte, A.; Cárdenas-Soto, K.; Bañuelos, C.Enrico.; Fueyo, O.; Dominguez, C.; Torres, Bín.; Cantú-Brito, C., 2018:
Amyloidosis due to TTR mutations in Mexico with 4 distincts genotypes in the index cases

Pearson, J.L.; Conwell, Y.; Lyness, J.M., 1997:
Late-life suicide and depression in the primary care setting

Bharucha, A.J.; Satlin, A., 1997:
Late-life suicide: a review

Hassan, R.; Pollard, C.A., 1994:
Late-life-onset panic disorder: clinical and demographic characteristics of a patient sample

Ittel, S.D.; Johnson, L.K.; Brookhart, M., 2001:
Late-metal catalysts for ethylene homo- and copolymerization

Anonymous, 2002:
Late-night hours draw busy patients

Neher, J.O., 1999:
Late-night reflections on the difficult resident

Anonymous, 2001:
Late-night, on-site radiologist reduces X-ray errors in the ER

Piquemal, R.; Fauchier, L.; Regimbeau, C.; Babuty, D.; Neville, P.; Renard, J.P., 1998:
Late-occurrence hemolytic anemia after mitral valve bioprosthesis. 2 cases

Newcomer, M.T.; Sinard, R.J., 2001:
Late-occurring infections of medialization laryngoplasty implants

Chow, G.C.; Clarke, J.T.; Banwell, B.L., 2001:
Late-onset GM2 gangliosidosis presenting as burning dysesthesias

D.G.speri, R.; Gama Sosa, M.A.; Battistini, S.; Yeretsian, J.; Raghavan, S.; Zelnik, N.; Leshinsky, E.; Kolodny, E.H., 1996:
Late-onset GM2 gangliosidosis: Ashkenazi Jewish family with an exon 5 mutation (Tyr180-->His) in the Hex A alpha-chain gene

Shulman, K.I.; Lennox, A.; Karlinsky, H., 1996:
Late-onset Huntington's disease: a geriatric psychiatry perspective

Ajax, E.T.; Kardon, R., 1998:
Late-onset Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy

Iwasaki, Y.; Ikeda, K.; Kinoshita, M., 1993:
Late-onset MS

Pego, R.; González-Gay, M.A.; García-Porrúa, C.; Brañas, F.; Navarro, C., 1999:
Late-onset McArdle's disease mimicking treatment-resistant polymyositis. Report of a case and review of the literature

Sakai, H.; Hayashi, S.; Nitta, E.; Takamori, M., 1996:
Late-onset adrenomyeloneuropathy perplexed with spondylosis. A case report

Batel, P.; Larivière, P., 2000:
Late-onset alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Christiansen, C., 2002:
Late-onset allergy-like reactions to X-ray contrast media

Muñoz, C.E.; Ryan, W.G., 1997:
Late-onset anorexia nervosa in schizophrenia: a case report

Dieroff, H.G., 1993:
Late-onset auditory inactivity (deprivation) in persons with bilateral essentially symmetric and conductive hearing impairment

Chinnery, P.F.; Reading, P.J.; McCarthy, E.L.; Curtis, A.; Burn, D.J., 2002:
Late-onset axial jerky dystonia due to the DYT1 deletion

Quirós-Tejeira, Rén.E.; Ament, M.E.; McDiarmid, S.V.; Gonzalez, M.; Chong, R.; Vargas, J.H.; Martín, Mín.G., 2002:
Late-onset bacteremia in uncomplicated pediatric liver-transplant recipients after a febrile episode

Ikematsu, Y.; Ito, Y.; Yuzawa, H.; Nishiwaki, Y.; Kida, H.; Waki, S.; Nakamura, T.; Uchimura, M., 2001:
Late-onset biliary leakage after laparoscopic cholecystectomy using laparoscopic coagulating shears. Report of a case

Katz, E.S.; McGrath, S.; Marcus, C.L., 1999:
Late-onset central hypoventilation with hypothalamic dysfunction: a distinct clinical syndrome

Shitrit, D.; Izbicki, G.; Starobin, D.; Aravot, D.; Kramer, M.R., 2003:
Late-onset chylothorax after heart-lung transplantation

Luján, M.; Bosque, M.; Mirapeix, R.M.; Marco, M.Teresa.; Asensio, O.; Domingo, C., 2002:
Late-onset congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung. Embryology, clinical symptomatology, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic approach and clinical follow-up

Mann, D.V.; Prout, J.; Havranek, E.; Gould, S.; Darzi, A., 1998:
Late-onset deep prosthetic infection following mesh repair of inguinal hernia

Lesser, I.M.; Hill-Gutierrez, E.; Miller, B.L.; Boone, K.B., 1993:
Late-onset depression with white matter lesions

Hickie, I.; Scott, E.; Naismith, S.; Ward, P.B.; Turner, K.; Parker, G.; Mitchell, P.; Wilhelm, K., 2001:
Late-onset depression: genetic, vascular and clinical contributions

Hickie, I.; Scott, E., 1998:
Late-onset depressive disorders: a preventable variant of cerebrovascular disease?

Morris, C.D.; Kanter, K.R.; Miller, J.I., 2001:
Late-onset dysphagia lusoria

Siranchiev, M.A., 2003:
Late-onset dysthymic states

Schønheyder, H.C.; Andreasen, H.; Andersen, C.U., 1994:
Late-onset endophthalmitis after cataract surgery caused by Propionibacterium acnes

Zabernigg, A.; Maier, H.; Thaler, J.; Gattringer, C., 1994:
Late-onset fatal neurological toxicity of fludarabine

Schifrin, B.S.; Artenos, J.; Lyseight, N., 2003:
Late-onset fetal cardiac decelerations associated with fetal breathing movements

Hirano, K.; Hotta, Y.; Nakamura, M.; Fujiki, K.; Kanai, A.; Yamamoto, N., 2001:
Late-onset form of lattice corneal dystrophy caused by leu527Arg mutation of the TGFBI gene

Elliott, P.M.; D'Cruz, L.; McKenna, W.J., 1999:
Late-onset hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by a mutation in the cardiac troponin T gene

Twidale, N.; Kipperman, R.M.; Whitehead, A.W.; Blaker, A.M.; Galichia, J.P., 1994:
Late-onset idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in identical twins

Peracchi, M.; Bardella, M.T.; Conte, D., 1998:
Late-onset idiopathic hypoparathyroidism as a cause of diarrhoea

Hao, L.J.; Han, T.M.; Yang, C.Y.; Lu, C.C.; Lam, H.C.; Lee, J.K., 1996:
Late-onset idiopathic hypoparathyroidism with thymoma: a case report

Stirling, A.J.; Howel, D.; Millner, P.A.; Sadiq, S.; Sharples, D.; Dickson, R.A., 1996:
Late-onset idiopathic scoliosis in children six to fourteen years old. A cross-sectional prevalence study

Probst, L.E.; Foley, L., 2001:
Late-onset interface keratitis after uneventful laser in situ keratomileusis

Goldstein, I.; Jakobi, P.; Shoshany, G.; Filmer, S.; Itskoviz, I.; Maor, B., 1994:
Late-onset isolated cystic hygroma: the obstetrical significance, management, and outcome

Coria, F.; Bahíllo Marcos, E.; Moral Blanco, M.; García Gutiérrez, P.; Ortiz Sáenz de Santa María, R., 2000:
Late-onset isolated gelastic epilepsy secondary to entrapment of the right temporal horn

Tichelli, A.; Duell, T.; Weiss, M.; Socié, G.; Ljungman, P.; Cohen, A.; van Lint, M.; Gratwohl, A.; Kolb, H.J., 1996:
Late-onset keratoconjunctivitis sicca syndrome after bone marrow transplantation: incidence and risk factors. European Group or Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) Working Party on Late Effects

Vachharajani, A.J.; Shah, J.K.; Paes, B.A., 2002:
Late-onset left diaphragmatic hernia after group B streptococcal sepsis: An unusual presentation

Weng, P.K.; Wang, H.W.; Lin, J.K.; Su, W.Y., 1997:
Late-onset life-threatening angioedema and upper airway obstruction caused by angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor: report of a case

Vantyghem, M.C.; Vigouroux, C.; Magré, J.; Desbois-Mouthon, C.; Pattou, F.; Fontaine, P.; Lefebvre, J.; Capeau, J., 1999:
Late-onset lipoatrophic diabetes. Phenotypic and genotypic familial studies and effect of treatment with metformin and lispro insulin analog

Friend, K.D.; Young, R.C., 1997:
Late-onset major depression with delusions after metoclopramide treatment

Comabella, M.; Waye, J.S.; Raguer, N.; Eng, B.; Domínguez, C.; Navarro, C.; Borrás, C.; Krivit, W.; Montalbán, X., 2001:
Late-onset metachromatic leukodystrophy clinically presenting as isolated peripheral neuropathy: compound heterozygosity for the IVS2+1G-->A mutation and a newly identified missense mutation (Thr408Ile) in a Spanish family

Mangge, H.; Plecko, B.; Grubbauer, H.M.; Popper, H.; Smolle-Jüttner, F.; Zach, M., 1993:
Late-onset miliary pneumonitis after near drowning

Tréfouret, S.; Azulay, J.P.; Pouget, J.; Boucraut, J.; Serratrice, G., 1996:
Late-onset multiple sclerosis and serum monoclonal gammopathy: an incidental association?

Fernández-Concepción, O.; Gómez-Garcia, A.O.; Martínez-Sobrepera, H.J., 2001:
Late-onset multiple sclerosis with benign course. Report of a case

Möller, J.C.; Hamer, H.M.; Oertel, W.H.; Rosenow, F., 2002:
Late-onset myoclonic epilepsy in Down's syndrome (LOMEDS)

Thomas, B.R.; Bennett, J.D., 1997:
Late-onset neonatal hypocalcemia as an unusual presentation in an offspring of a mother with familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia

Racette, B.A.; Perry, A.; D'Avossa, G.; Perlmutter, J.S., 2001:
Late-onset neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation type 1: expanding the clinical spectrum

Johnson, W.G., 2000:
Late-onset neurodegenerative diseases--the role of protein insolubility

Miller, M.B.; Tonsgard, J.H.; Soltani, K., 2000:
Late-onset neurofibromatosis in a liver transplant recipient

Omar, S.A.; Salhadar, A.; Wooliever, D.E.; Alsgaard, P.K., 2000:
Late-onset neutropenia in very low birth weight infants

Weiss, A.P.; Jenike, M.A., 2000:
Late-onset obsessive-compulsive disorder: a case series

Tonkonogy, J.M.; Geller, J.L., 1999:
Late-onset paranoid psychosis as a distinct clinicopathologic entity: magnetic resonance imaging data in elderly patients with paranoid psychosis of late onset and schizophrenia of early onset

Durupt, S.; Bombaron, P.; Gerinière, L.; Isaac-Pinet, S.; Souquet, P.J.; Bernard, J.P., 1998:
Late-onset pleurisy: a rare complication of thoracic radiotherapy

Gaspari, R.; Arcangeli, A.; Mensi, S.; Wismayer, D.Schembri.; Tartaglione, T.; Antuzzi, D.; Conti, G.; Proietti, R., 2003:
Late-onset presentation of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency in a young woman with hyperammonemic coma

Higgins, R.J.; LeCouteur, R.A.; Kornegay, J.N.; Coates, J.R., 1998:
Late-onset progressive spinocerebellar degeneration in Brittany Spaniel dogs

Rockwell, E.; Krull, A.J.; Dimsdale, J.; Jeste, D.V., 1994:
Late-onset psychosis with somatic delusions

Hill, D.A., 2000:
Late-onset puerperal ovarian vein thrombophlebitis treated laparoscopically

Berman, W.; Fripp, R.R.; Yabek, S.M., 1997:
Late-onset pulmonary venous pathway obstruction after Fontan operation: presentation masquerading as intra-atrial baffle leakage

Georges, B.; Cosyns, J.P.; Dahan, K.; Snyers, B.; Carlier, B.; Loute, G.; Pirson, Y., 2000:
Late-onset renal failure in Senior-Loken syndrome

Lightman, S.; Towler, H.; Cooling, R., 1993:
Late-onset rhegmatogenous-traction retinal detachment due to Candida chorioretinitis

Antozzi, C.; Garavaglia, B.; Mora, M.; Rimoldi, M.; Morandi, L.; Ursino, E.; DiDonato, S., 1994:
Late-onset riboflavin-responsive myopathy with combined multiple acyl coenzyme A dehydrogenase and respiratory chain deficiency

Eymard, B.; Brouet, J.C.; Collin, H.; Chevallay, M.; Bussel, A.; Fardeau, M., 1993:
Late-onset rod myopathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy

Häfner, H., 1997:
Late-onset schizophrenia and the delusional disorders in old age

Howard, R.; Rabins, P.V.; Seeman, M.V.; Jeste, D.V., 2000:
Late-onset schizophrenia and very-late-onset schizophrenia-like psychosis: an international consensus. The International Late-Onset Schizophrenia Group

Levy, R.; Almeida, O.P., 1994:
Late-onset schizophrenia versus late paraphrenia

Sandyk, R.; Awerbuch, G.I., 1993:
Late-onset schizophrenia: relationship to awareness of abnormal involuntary movements and tobacco addiction

Stoll, B.J.; Hansen, N.; Fanaroff, A.A.; Wright, L.L.; Carlo, W.A.; Ehrenkranz, R.A.; Lemons, J.A.; Donovan, E.F.; Stark, A.R.; Tyson, J.E.; Oh, W.; Bauer, C.R.; Korones, S.B.; Shankaran, S.; Laptook, A.R.; Stevenson, D.K.; Papile, L-Ann.; Poole, W.Kenneth., 2002:
Late-onset sepsis in very low birth weight neonates: the experience of the NICHD Neonatal Research Network

Gonzalez, A.; Philpot, M.P., 2001:
Late-onset startle syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder

Aldave, A.J.; Hollander, D.A.; Abbott, R.L., 2002:
Late-onset traumatic flap dislocation and diffuse lamellar inflammation after laser in situ keratomileusis

Bell, D.S.; Ovalle, F., 2000:
Late-onset troglitazone-induced hepatic dysfunction

Mandal, A.K., 2000:
Late-onset unilateral primary developmental glaucoma associated with iridotrabecular dysgenesis, congenital ectropion uveae and thickened corneal nerves: a new neural crest syndrome?

Scarff, C.E.; Baker, C.; Hill, P.; Foley, P., 2002:
Late-onset warfarin necrosis

Essex, D.W.; Wynn, S.S.; Jin, D.K., 1998:
Late-onset warfarin-induced skin necrosis: case report and review of the literature

Solomon, A.; Ticho, U.; Frucht-Pery, J., 1999:
Late-onset, bleb-associated endophthalmitis following glaucoma filtering surgery with or without antifibrotic agents

Robertson, C.M.T.; Tyebkhan, J.M.; Hagler, M.E.; Cheung, P-Yin.; Peliowski, A.; Etches, P.C., 2002:
Late-onset, progressive sensorineural hearing loss after severe neonatal respiratory failure

Hardy, S.M.; Heavner, S.B.; White, D.R.; McQueen, C.T.; Prazma, J.; Pillsbury, H.C., 2001:
Late-phase allergy and eustachian tube dysfunction

von Herbay, A.; Vogt, C.; Häussinger, D., 2002:
Late-phase pulse-inversion sonography using the contrast agent levovist: differentiation between benign and malignant focal lesions of the liver

Kambe, N.; Kitao, A.; Nishigori, C.; Miyachi, Y., 2002:
Late-phase urticaria Update

Fuller; Schramm, 1992:
Late-phase-transition-induced fluctuations in the cosmic neutrino distribution and the formation of structure in the Universe

Tucker, J.R., 1999:
Late-presenting acute acetaminophen toxicity and the role of N-acetylcysteine

Duyff, R.F.; Weinstein, H.C., 1996:
Late-presenting metachromatic leukodystrophy

Schubert, I., 1998:
Late-replicating satellites: something for all centromeres?

Bowles, C.K., 1997:
Late-stage AIDS and prison populations

Polednak, A.P.; Flannery, J.T., 1994:
Late-stage breast cancer in Connecticut's three largest cities

Chakrabarti; Toral; Gunton, 1993:
Late-stage coarsening for off-critical quenches: Scaling functions and the growth law

Limary, R.; Green, P.F., 2002:
Late-stage coarsening of an unstable structured liquid film

Kovach, C.R.; Magliocco, J.S., 1998:
Late-stage dementia and participation in therapeutic activities

Zhao, F.; Liu, D.; Shi, B.; Tian, Y.; Wang, Z.; Bao, T.; Li, F.; Guo, Y.; Zhang, H.; Chen, J.; Ge, B., 2002:
Late-stage emphysema treated with lung volume reduction: report of 22 cases

Sagui; Desai, 1995:
Late-stage kinetics of systems with competing interactions quenched into the hexagonal phase

Chan; Goldburg, 1987:
Late-stage phase separation and hydrodynamic flow in a binary liquid mixture

Cau; Lacelle, 1993:
Late-stage phase separation and sedimentation in a binary liquid mixture

Akaiwa; Voorhees, 1994:
Late-stage phase separation: Dynamics, spatial correlations, and structure functions

Ardell, 1990:
Late-stage two-dimensional coarsening of circular clusters

Rescorla, L.; Dahlsgaard, K.; Roberts, J., 2000:
Late-talking toddlers: MLU and IPSyn outcomes at 3;0 and 4;0

Goldberg, S.L.; Manchester, J.; Laks, H., 2002:
Late-term myocardial infarction after surgical ligation of a giant coronary artery fistula

Gundlach; Price; Pullin, 1994:
Late-time behavior of stellar collapse and explosions. I. Linearized perturbations

Gundlach; Price; Pullin, 1994:
Late-time behavior of stellar collapse and explosions. II. Nonlinear evolution

Chuang; Turok; Yurke, 1991:
Late-time coarsening dynamics in a nematic liquid crystal

Frieman; Hill; Watkins, 1992:
Late-time cosmological phase transitions: Particle-physics models and cosmic evolution

Alcock; Dearborn; Fuller; Mathews; Meyer, 1990:
Late-time dissipation of primordial baryon-number fluctuations and nucleosynthesis

Sin, 1994:
Late-time phase transition and the galactic halo as a Bose liquid

Ji; Sin, 1994:
Late-time phase transition and the galactic halo as a Bose liquid. II. The effect of visible matter

Ching; Leung; Suen; Young, 1995:
Late-time tail of wave propagation on curved spacetime

Elder; Morin; Grant; Desai, 1991:
Late-time theory for the effects of a conserved field on the kinetics of an order-disorder transition

Gluck, M.A.; Oliver, L.M.; Myers, C.E., 1996:
Late-training amnesic deficits in probabilistic category learning: a neurocomputational analysis

Gall, H.; Pillekamp, H.; Peter, R.U., 1999:
Late-type allergy to the X-ray contrast medium Solutrast (iopamidol)

Nakagawa, S.; Tada, T.; Furukawa, H.; Abe, M.; Hatakeyama, K., 2000:
Late-type recurrence at the port site of unexpected gallbladder carcinoma after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy: report of a case

Perlosky, R.M., 1978:
Latecomers are problem

de Francisco, A.L.M.; Fernández Fresnedo, G., 2002:
Latecoming to dialysis as a consequence of unidentified renal insufficiency

Bos, J.A.A., 2001:
Lateglacial and Early Holocene vegetation history of the northern Wetterau and the Amöneburger Basin (Hessen), central-west Germany

Robb-Nicholson, C., 1998:
Lately, I have had a pain in my wrist that gets worse when I try to grasp my coffee cup. My doctor has diagnosed De Quervain's disease and has prescribed a splint. Can you tell me more about this and what else, if anything, can be done to treat it?

Van de Moortele, P.F.; Cerf, B.; Lobel, E.; Paradis, A.L.; Faurion, A.; L.B.han, D., 1997:
Latencies in fMRI time-series: effect of slice acquisition order and perception

Wise, P.M.; Cain, W.S., 2000:
Latency and accuracy of discriminations of odor quality between binary mixtures and their components

Barcellos-Hoff, M.H., 1996:
Latency and activation in the control of TGF-beta

Baldessarini, R.J.; Tondo, L.; Hennen, J.; Floris, G., 2001:
Latency and episodes before treatment: response to lithium maintenance in bipolar I and II disorders

Siliciano, R.F., 2000:
Latency and reservoirs for HIV-1

Kong, X.; Qiu, T., 1999:
Latency change estimation for evoked potentials via frequency selective adaptive phase spectrum analyzer

Changizi, M.A.; Widders, D.M., 2002:
Latency correction explains the classical geometrical illusions

Tian, J.; Juhola, M.; Grönfors, T., 1997:
Latency estimation of auditory brainstem response by neural networks

ter Huurne, A.A.; Meijer, M.; Dijkerman, N.A., 1993:
Latency of Brucella abortus causes problems in oriented control: a review

Horton, R., 1993:
Latency of HIV challenged

Wu, X.; Wang, W.W., 1993:
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Lateral Ovarian Transposition before Radiation Treatment of Hodgkin Disease

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Lateral SMASectomy

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