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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46546

Chapter 46546 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Suda, K., 1995:
Life history of people in Hida--a study of Kakocho of Ogenji temple

Mendonça, M.de.S.; Romanowski, H.P., 2002:
Life history of the gall-maker Eugeniamyia dispar Maia, Mendonça-Jr. & Romanowski, 1996 (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae)

Swearer, S.E.; Robertson, D.R., 1999:
Life history, pathology, and description of Kudoa ovivora n. sp. (Myxozoa, Myxosporea): an ovarian parasite of Caribbean labroid fishes

Weiland, S.; Dollard, J., 1987:
Life history, psychoanalysis, and social science: the example of John Dollard

Possel, H.; Noack, H.; Keilhoff, G.; Wolf, G., 2002:
Life imaging of peroxynitrite in rat microglial and astroglial cells: Role of superoxide and antioxidants

Barnet, M.C., 1984:
Life in 19th century York

Moland, L., 2001:
Life in English general practice

Clavarino, L.A., 1996:
Life in Jakarta

Bailey, B., 1994:
Life in Nah Nah Land

Jones, S.Gracia., 2002:
Life in a pill bottle: the experience of taking HIV medications

Andrews, J.P.; Andrews, G.J., 2003:
Life in a secure unit: the rehabilitation of young people through the use of sport

Debabov, V.G., 2001:
Life in dynamics

Newman, D.J.; Newman, D.J., 2001:
Life in extreme environments: how will humans perform on Mars?

Anonymous, 1994:
Life in itself

Shapiro, J.P., 2000:
Life in limbo: the transplant wars. States, Congress fight over life-saving organs

Palmer, K., 2002:
Life in medicine's fast lane. Emergency physicians thrive on the unexpected

Eshleman, M.J.; Davidhizar, R., 1997:
Life in migrant camps for children-a hazard to health

Gagnon, J.P., 1994:
Life in pharmacy after health care reform

Bradford, A., 2002:
Life in recovery: rebuilding from trauma

Possehl, S.R., 1995:
Life in space may help life on Earth

Golway, T.; Singer, P., 2001:
Life in the 90's

Gillespie, K.B., 1997:
Life in the ER: on the front line of medicine

Harrison, P., 1993:
Life in the ER: wild nights, mounting stress and mid-40s burnout

Pogue, J., 1995:
Life in the Portland fast lane

Fausto-Sterling, A., 1989:
Life in the XY corral

Beveridge, A., 2001:
Life in the asylum: patients' letters from Morningside, 1873-1908

Wiliams, N., 2001:
Life in the city

Kennedy, M., 1997:
Life in the country: physicians discuss practicing in rural Wisconsin

Sonnenberg, D., 1999:
Life in the fast lane--helpful tips for OR charge nurses

Clark, M.J., 1997:
Life in the fast lane. An evaluation of an accelerated RN-MSN program

Lawton, G., 1998:
Life in the fast lane. Hardware systems in the next millennium must be able to simultaneously compute and analyze both operational and outcomes data

Anonymous, 1998:
Life in the fast lane. The anything-but-normal life of a GHA lobbyist

Hunter, D., 2002:
Life in the fast lane: high-throughput chemistry for lead generation and optimisation

Fielding, R., 2001:
Life in the fast lane: student life in the University of Hong Kong's new medical curriculum

Lipson, D.J.; Duke, K.S.; Lichiello, P.; Ginsburg, P., 1996:
Life in the health reform fast lane

Zussman, R., 1993:
Life in the hospital: a review

Cole, L., 1980:
Life in the hospitals in a new musical revue: Take Care

Malik, P., 2002:
Life in the hot seat

George, G., 1973:
Life in the lab

Turney, J.; Carrel, A.; Loeb, J., 1995:
Life in the laboratory: public responses to experimental biology

Nilson, J.T., 1998:
Life in the middle. What it takes to succeed in middle management

Fetter, D., 1993:
Life in the orchestra

Wagner, M., 1993:
Life in the slow lane at the FDA

Brack, A., 2001:
Life in the solar system

Adamovich, B.A.; Nefyodov, Y.G.; Ushakov, A.S.; Chizhov, S.V., 1968:
Life in the spacecraft and planetary station

Anonymous, 2001:
Life in the stone age. By Caveman

Anonymous, 1994:
Life in the universe

Milne, D.; O'Sullivan, K., 1994:
Life in the universe: foundation for exciting multidisciplinary science activities for middle and elementary school classes

Lingelbach, K., 2001:
Life in vacuoles--a strategy for parasite survival

Kavanagh, J., 1996:
Life insurance ... it could be a stitch in time

Blau, J.M.; Paprocki, R.J., 2002:
Life insurance and its effect on estate taxation

Kistner, W.G., 2000:
Life insurance check-ups are necessary

Lane, A.M.; Frantzreb, A.C., 1990:
Life insurance for endowment--great concept or a booby trap?

Cumming, G.R., 1999:
Life insurance implications of mortality for up to 40 years after repair of congenital heart defects in childhood

Anonymous, 2002:
Life insurance in short supply for people with HIV/AIDS

Bosch, E., 1993:
Life insurance medicine: insurance for risk of dying

Kernaghan, S.G., 1997:
Life insurance policies and the terminally ill

Anonymous, 2000:
Life insurance that's a custom fit

Kane, L., 2002:
Life insurance. What kind? How much? Unless you choose your policy carefully, you could end up paying too much, or being left without coverage

Hancock, J.D., 1990:
Life insurance: a fresh approach

Luecke, R.W.; Bickers, C.R.; Luecke, R.W., 1989:
Life insurance: a fund-raising tool that builds future capital

Roberts, N.K., 1999:
Life insurance: mortality trends and profitable business

Roberts, N.K., 1999:
Life insurance: opportunities for reducing claims loss?

Anonymous, 1993:
Life insurance: preparing for your family's future

Woodruff, L.L., 1984:
Life insurer plans for a smoke-free office

Macfarlane, G.J.; McBeth, J.; Garrow, A.; Silman, A.J., 2000:
Life is as much a pain as it ever was

Pankov, I.A., 2002:
Life is existence, interaction (functioning) and reproduction of unique highly organized nucleotide and amino acid sequences

Mariano, C.M., 2002:
Life is how you look at it!

Nylenna, M., 1998:
Life is more

Long, S.Orpett., 2003:
Life is more than a survey: understanding attitudes toward euthanasia in Japan

Dupuy, C., 1997:
Life is not a long tranquil river

Steinemann, D.C.; Müller, P.C.; Apitz, M.; Nickel, F.; Kenngott, H.G.; Müller-Stich, B.P.; Linke, G.R., 2018:
An ad hoc three dimensionally printed tool facilitates intraesophageal suturing in experimental surgery

Munkeby, G., 1997:
Life is not over with a stroke. Interview by Terje Carlsen

Dismukes, K., 1980:
Life is patently not human-made

Dworkin, R., 1993:
Life is sacred -- that's the easy part

Vatle, A., 1993:
Life is short, art is long... Ancient medicine and philosophy

Lindström, L., 2000:
Life is short, the art long

Davies, M.J., 2001:
Life is sweet for superbeads

Jackson, C., 1998:
Life is sweeter

Linkola, A., 1995:
Life is teaching, but do we learn?

Tritten, J., 1994:
Life is, as birth often is, an unexpected outcome

Downing, G.M.; Joyce, J., 2000:
Life lessons from untimely death in James Joyce's Ulysses

Smith, J., 2001:
Life lessons in how to use your crayons

Essex, D., 1999:
Life line. Consumer informatics has gone beyond patient education on the Web

Lomborg, K., 1998:
Life manifestations and nursing. A discussion of K.E. Løgstrup's ethics with starting point of Kari Martensen's and Patricia Benner's dialogs

Anonymous, 2002:
Life may be better without a white coat

Anonymous, 2002:
Life must go on in northern Uganda, but what price are the women paying?

Beloussov, L.V.; Opitz, J.M.; Gilbert, S.F.; Gurwitsch, A.G., 1998:
Life of Alexander G. Gurwitsch and his relevant contribution to the theory of morphogenetic fields

Venter, C., 2002:
Life of Craig: he was so curious about himself, he sequenced his own DNA

Mao, D.; Wan, Q., 1995:
Life of Wan Quan and some of his anecdotes

Takahashi, Y., 2001:
Life of aged patients with dementia viewed from the experience of patient day dare

Debabov, V.G., 2000:
Life of bacteria outside laboratories

Sasaki, K., 1995:
Life of elderly patient at Farnham Hospital in England

Sasaki, M., 1995:
Life of elderly patients at Farnham Hospital in England

Holmberg, S.; Holmberg, M.; Ekström, L.; Herlitz, J., 1999:
Life of more people with heart arrest outside hospital can be saved. Improved organization and education is required

McKay, C.P.; McKay, C.P., 1990 :
Life on Mars

Anonymous, 1996:
Life on Mars is bigger than all of us

Helgesen, V.B., 1994:
Life on a diet. Interview by Marit Fonn

Mussehl, P., 1994:
Life on a rural PAC

Goodson, J.M.; Goodson, J.M., 1996:
Life on a string: development of the tetracycline fiber delivery system

Nowotny, M.L., 2000:
Life on a ventilator

Erich, J., 2001:
Life on alert. Nation remains jittery as threats keep coming

Reinikainen, P., 2000:
Life on earth

McNamara, K., 2002:
Life on hold. Kaiser fined for deadly delay

Schlogl, R.W., 1991:
Life on planets of other planetary systems?

Fohey, T.; Cassidy, J.L., 1998:
Life on the arc: principle-centered comprehensive care

Tian, X.C.; Yang, X.J., 1998:
Life on the bio-pharm: therapeutic proteins from transgenic organisms. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Transgenic Production of Human Therapeutics. Waltham, MA, USA, 29-30 June 1998

Palmer, K., 1998:
Life on the cutting edge

Hern, W.M.; Hern, W.M., 1994:
Life on the front lines

Miller, J.K.; Gergen, K.J., 1998:
Life on the line: the therapeutic potentials of computer-mediated conversation

Twain, 2000:
Life on the mississippi

Goldstein, G.M., 1991:
Life on the red line

Ives, D.H.; Ikeda, S., 1998:
Life on the salvage path: the deoxynucleoside kinase of Lactobacillus acidophilus R-26

Niemira, D., 1993:
Life on the slippery slope. A bedside view of treating incompetent elderly patients

Lubic, R.W., 1999:
Life on the "Genius" track

Somlai, A.M.; Kelly, J.A.; Heckman, T.G.; Hackl, K.; Runge, L.; Wright, C., 2001:
Life optimism, substance use, and AIDS-specific attitudes associated with HIV risk behavior among disadvantaged innercity women

Harris, J., 1986:
Life or death debate

Colen, B.D., 1974:
Life or death for infants: doctors consult parents of defective children

Ren-Heidenreich, L.; Lum, L.G., 2002:
Life or death of T cells with antigen-specific receptors--using T cells for cancer adoptive immunotherapy/gene therapy

Adams, J.G., 1996:
Life or death: physician-assisted suicide and emergency medicine

Rippe, R.A., 1998:
Life or death: the fate of the hepatic stellate cell following hepatic injury

Gallagher, C.E., 1989:
Life or death: where should the line be drawn?

Vassiliou, G., 1991:
Life or death: whose choice?

Smith, H.M., 1982:
Life or death? Patient's decision, doctor's dilemma

Ross, L.Thompson.; Kaplan, K.J., 1993:
Life ownership orientation and attitudes toward abortion, suicide, doctor-assisted suicide, and capital punishment

Jonsdottir, H., 1999:
Life patterns of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: isolation and being closed in

Kovács, A.; Szalay, L., 2000:
Life perspectives for patients treated with chronic hemodialysis

Williams, S., 1998 :
Life plan

Jung, S., 1996:
Life planning and psychosis--treatment of schizophrenia in unusual circumstances

Gorman, C.; Horvitz, H.R., 2001:
Life preserver

Válek, J.; Vlasáková, Z.; Jirkovská, A.; Storková, H., 1998:
Life prognosis and macrovascular complications 10 years after diagnosis of type 2 diabetes

Couloumet, M.C.; Dezier, P., 1994:
Life projects for the elderly. Leaving the institution for a while

Fiuza Pérez, M.D.; Jarillo Ibáñez, M.D.; Rodríguez Pérez, J.C., 2002:
Life quality and increased blood pressure

Awad, R.W.; el-Gohary, T.M.; Skilton, J.S.; Elder, J.B., 1993:
Life quality and psychological morbidity with an ileostomy

Busch, P.; Schwendener, P.; Leu, R.E.; von Dach, B.; Castiglione, M., 1994:
Life quality assessment of breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant therapy using incomplete data

Dew, M.A.; Kormos, R.L.; Roth, L.H.; Armitage, J.M.; Pristas, J.M.; Harris, R.C.; Capretta, C.; Griffith, B.P., 1993:
Life quality in the era of bridging to cardiac transplantation. Bridge patients in an outpatient setting

Chen, L.; Dai, N.; Shi, X.; Tao, S.; Zhang, W., 2002:
Life quality of patients after cholecystectomy

Ramirez, P.; Miras, M.; Pons, J.A.; Maria, C.; Sanchez, F.; Robles, R.; Lujan, J.; Rodriguez, P.; Perez Abad, J.M.; Acosta, F.; Megias, D.; Parrilla, P., 1994:
Life quality of patients undergoing liver transplantation

Aminian, A.M., 2001:
Life quality test and nationwide screening program increase asthma awareness

Koch, T., 2000:
Life quality vs the 'quality of life': assumptions underlying prospective quality of life instruments in health care planning

Kolesnikova, I.Iu., 2001:
Life quality, mental status and specific features of the course of diseases in patients with peptic ulcer

Punt, 2000:
Life rafts for thymocytes

Morse, J.; Corliss, R.; Ripley, A.; Stein, J.; Tyrangiel, J., 2001:
Life resumes. Tending the wounds

Haight, B.K.; Michel, Y.; Hendrix, S., 1998:
Life review: preventing despair in newly relocated nursing home residents short- and long-term effects

Haight, B.K., 2002:
Life reviews: helping Alzheimer's patients reclaim a fading past

Touitou, Y., 1999:
Life rhythms in children

Amirikian, R.A., 1975:
Life safety code under Medicare and Medicaid

Reynolds, K.P., 1980:
Life safety codes: over-regulated or over-designed?

Sullivan, E., 2001:
Life safety in the perianesthesia care environment: planning for internal disasters

Gotay, A., 1993:
Life safety issues in healthcare facilities

Illman, C.E., 1993:
Life safety systems in UK hospitals

Anonymous, 1978:
Life safety: $40 = $1,000 per bed? It's true!

Murphy, P., 1986:
Life satisfaction a reality at Beverly

Corrigan, J.D.; Bogner, J.A.; Mysiw, W.J.; Clinchot, D.; Fugate, L., 2001:
Life satisfaction after traumatic brain injury

Wilson, S.M.; Henry, C.S.; Peterson, G.W., 1997:
Life satisfaction among low-income rural youth from Appalachia

Mancini, J.A., 1980:
Life satisfaction among middle-aged adults: a research note

Hillerås, P.K.; Jorm, A.F.; Herlitz, A.; Winblad, B., 2001:
Life satisfaction among the very old: a survey on a cognitively intact sample aged 90 years or above

Matas, A.J.; Halbert, R.J.; Barr, M.L.; Helderman, J.Harold.; Hricik, D.E.; Pirsch, J.D.; Schenkel, F.A.; Siegal, B.R.; Liu, H.; Ferguson, R.M., 2002:
Life satisfaction and adverse effects in renal transplant recipients: a longitudinal analysis

Given, J.E.; Range, L.M., 1990:
Life satisfaction and death anxiety in elderly nursing home and public housing residents

O'Dea, I.; Hunter, M.S.; Anjos, S., 2002:
Life satisfaction and health-related quality of life (SF-36) of middle-aged men and women

Kataoka, M.; Yasuda, N.; Toyota, M.; Fujimura, T.; Ohara, H.; Genda, K., 1995:
Life satisfaction and its related factors among institutionalized patients at a Hansen's disease sanatorium

Quintard, B.; Croze, P.; Mazaux, J.M.; Rouxel, L.; Joseph, P.A.; Richer, E.; Debelleix, X.; Barat, M., 2002:
Life satisfaction and psychosocial outcome in severe traumatic brain injuries in Aquitaine

Ramanaiah, N.V.; Detwiler, F.R.; Byravan, A., 1997:
Life satisfaction and the five-factor model of personality

Bach, J.R.; Tilton, M.C., 1994:
Life satisfaction and well-being measures in ventilator assisted individuals with traumatic tetraplegia

Hicken, B.L.; Putzke, J.David.; Novack, T.; Sherer, M.; Richards, J.Scott., 2002:
Life satisfaction following spinal cord and traumatic brain injury: a comparative study

Anderson, C.J.; Krajci, K.A.; Vogel, L.C., 2002:
Life satisfaction in adults with pediatric-onset spinal cord injuries

Olsson, G.B.; Söderfeldt, B.; Samuelsson, M., 1996:
Life satisfaction in persons with lacunar infarction--a comparative analysis of two measures of life satisfaction

Hricik, D.E.; Halbert, R.J.; Barr, M.L.; Helderman, J.H.; Matas, A.J.; Pirsch, J.D.; Schenkel, F.A.; Siegal, B.; Ferguson, R.M., 2001:
Life satisfaction in renal transplant recipients: preliminary results from the transplant learning center

Sturesson, M.; Inga-Britt Bränholm, 2002:
Life satisfaction in subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Fabian, T.; Straka, G.A., 1993:
Life satisfaction of elderly Turkish migrants

Parsons, C., 1993:
Life satisfaction of the home care client

Olson, M.; Dulaney, P., 1993:
Life satisfaction, life review, and near-death experiences in the elderly

Ozgür, F.; Tuncali, D.; Güler Gürsu, K., 1998:
Life satisfaction, self-esteem, and body image: a psychosocial evaluation of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery candidates

Lester, D., 1998:
Life satisfaction, suicide, and homicide

Dennerstein, L.; Dudley, E.; Guthrie, J.; Barrett-Connor, E., 2000:
Life satisfaction, symptoms, and the menopausal transition

Sherman, E.; Cooper, P., 1988:
Life satisfaction: the missing focus of marketing to seniors

Broos, P.L.; Janzing, H.M.; Vandermeeren, L.A.; Klockaerts, K.S., 2001:
Life saving surgery in polytrauma patients

Ballerini, M.; Milani, M.; Costato, M.; Squadrini, F.; Turcu, I.C., 1997 :
Life science applications of focused ion beams (FIB)

Ruyters, G.; Hoffmann, H.U., 2001:
Life science experiments during the German-Russian MIR '97 mission

Brown, J.W., 1991:
Life sciences

Anonymous, 1964:
Life sciences and space research II: a session of The Fourth International Space Science Symposium, Warsaw, June 3-12, 1963

Anonymous, 1965:
Life sciences and space research III: a session of the Fifth International Space Science Symposium, Florence, 12-16 May 1964

Zhang, F.; Hao, G.; Shao, M.; Nham, K.; An, Y.; Wang, Q.; Zhu, Y.; Kusminski, C.M.; Hassan, G.; Gupta, R.K.; Zhai, Q.; Sun, X.; Scherer, P.E.; Oz, O.K., 2018:
An Adipose Tissue Atlas: An Image-Guided Identification of Human-like BAT and Beige Depots in Rodents

Cui, J.; Dimitrov, I.E.; Cheshkov, S.; Gu, M.; Malloy, C.R.; Wright, S.M., 2018:
An adjustable-length Dipole Using Forced-Current Excitation For 7T MR

Aksoy, Gülşah.Kaya.; Koyun, M.; Çomak, E.; Mutlu, C.; Akman, S., 2018:
An adolescent presenting with acquired acute renal damage: Questions

Anonymous, 2018:
An adolescent with chronic scaling of the lips

D'hoore, E.; Emmery, P.; Van Roie, E., 2018:
An adolescent with conversion deafness

Jung, Y.Seok.; Kim, G.Moon.; Bae, J.Min., 2018 :
An Adolescent With Desquamation of Both Feet

Pang, Y.J.; Zhang, J.Y.; Chen, X.H.; Dong, Z.; Wu, S.F.; Zhang, F.F.; Gao, J.L., 2018:
An adolescent with Hashimoto's encephalopathy after surgery and ¹³¹I radiotherapy for papillary thyroid carcinoma: one case report

Atag, E.; Bas Ikizoglu, N.; Gokdemir, Y.; Erdem Eralp, E.; Kiyan, G.; Yilmazbayhan, D.; Karadag, B., 2018:
An adolescent with idiopathic pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis. Case report

Anonymous, 2018:
An Adrenergic-Neurotrophin Feedforward Loop Promotes Pancreatic Cancer

Graae, A-Sofie.; Hollensted, M.; Kloppenborg, J.T.; Mahendran, Y.; Schnurr, T.M.; Appel, E.Vincent.R.; Rask, J.; Nielsen, T.R.H.; Johansen, M.Ø.; Linneberg, A.; Jørgensen, M.E.; Grarup, N.; Kadarmideen, H.N.; Holst, B.; Pedersen, O.; Holm, J-Christian.; Hansen, T., 2018:
An adult-based insulin resistance genetic risk score associates with insulin resistance, metabolic traits and altered fat distribution in Danish children and adolescents who are overweight or obese

Coen, M.; Daniel, L.; Serratrice, J., 2018:
An adult case of plastic bronchitis: a rare and multifactorial disease

Schuster, H.Joséphine.; Gompelman, M.; Ang, W.; Kooter, A.Jozef., 2018:
An adult case with shigellosis-associated encephalopathy

Ebner, N.C.; Luedicke, J.; Voelkle, M.C.; Riediger, M.; Lin, T.; Lindenberger, U., 2018:
An Adult Developmental Approach to Perceived Facial Attractiveness and Distinctiveness

Kaneko, H.; Taniwaki, M.; Matsumoto, Y.; Yoshida, M.; Shimura, K.; Fujino, T.; Uchiyama, H.; Kuroda, J., 2018:
An adult-onset case of chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection with fulminant clinical course

Imai, T.; Kato, B.; Ohsima, J.; Hasegawa, Y., 2018:
An adult onset sporadic neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease case reminiscent with Fisher syndrome

Barrios, L.; Robaeys, G., 2018:
An adult patient with alcoholic liver cirrhosis and IgA vasculitis

Ocampo, V.; Ortiz-Sierra, M-Clara.; Echeverri, Aés.F.; Posso-Osorio, Ián.; Suso, J-Pablo.; Tobón, G.J., 2017:
An Adult Patient With a Novel Mutation in NLRP3 Gene Associated With Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome Mimicking Adult-Onset Still Disease

Georgakopoulos, N.; Diamantopoulos, P.; Micci, F.; Giannakopoulou, N.; Zervakis, K.; Dimitrakopoulou, A.; Viniou, N-Athina., 2018:
An Adult Patient with Early Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with t(12;17)(p13;q21)/ZNF384-TAF15

Butterworth, W.A.; Butterworth, J.W., 2018:
An adult presentation of midgut volvulus secondary to intestinal malrotation: A case report and literature review

Anonymous, 1963:
Life sciences and space research: a session of the Third International Space Science Symposium, Washington, D.C., April 30-May 9, 1962

Kern, V.D.; Bhattacharya, S.; Bowman, R.N.; Donovan, F.M.; Elland, C.; Fahlen, T.F.; Girten, B.; Kirven-Brooks, M.; Lagel, K.; Meeker, G.B.; Santos, O., 2001:
Life sciences flight hardware development for the International Space Station

Mutschler, W., 1999:
Life sciences on the march

Rowbury, R.J., 1998:
Life sciences up-date. Do we need to rethink our ideas on the mechanisms of inducible processes in bacteria?

Rowbury, R., 1997:
Life sciences update: environmental pollution; further fears on "new variant CJD"; attacking "superbugs"

Smith, P.M., 2000:
Life sciences' stewardship of science

Atta, O.N.; Alhawari, H.H.; Murshidi, M.M.; Tarawneh, E.; Murshidi, M.M., 2018:
An adult ureterocele complicated by a large stone: A case report

Leong Chuah, K.; Chew, I.; Hon Lim, K.; Wui Tan, H.; Ming Yap, W., 2018:
An adult with lung nodules and renal mass: diagnosis on cytology Part 1

Tye, M.T.; Montgomery, J.E.; Hobbs, M.R.; Vanpelt, K.T.; Masino, M.A., 2018:
An Adult Zebrafish Diet Contaminated with Chromium Reduces the Viability of Progeny

Isenberg, S.R.; Crossnohere, N.L.; Patel, M.I.; Conca-Cheng, A.; Bridges, J.F.P.; Swoboda, S.M.; Smith, T.J.; Pawlik, T.M.; Weiss, M.; Volandes, A.E.; Schuster, A.; Miller, J.A.; Pastorini, C.; Roter, D.L.; Aslakson, R.A., 2018:
An advance care plan decision support video before major surgery: a patient- and family-centred approach

Mitchell, S.L.; Shaffer, M.L.; Cohen, S.; Hanson, L.C.; Habtemariam, D.; Volandes, A.E., 2018:
An Advance Care Planning Video Decision Support Tool for Nursing Home Residents With Advanced Dementia: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

Dale, Z.; Jie, H.; Luyu, H.; Cancan, Z.; Yun, Z.; Yarui, S.; Suoping, L., 2018:
An Advanced Backcross Population through Synthetic Octaploid Wheat as a "Bridge": Development and QTL Detection for Seed Dormancy

Rundo, F.; Conoci, S.; Ortis, A.; Battiato, S., 2018:
An Advanced Bio-Inspired PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) and ECG Pattern Recognition System for Medical Assessment

Dualé, C.; Cardot, J-Michel.; Joanny, F.; Trzeciakiewicz, A.; Martin, E.; Pickering, Gèle.; Dubray, C., 2018:
An Advanced Formulation of a Magnesium Dietary Supplement Adapted for a Long-Term Use Supplementation Improves Magnesium Bioavailability: In Vitro and Clinical Comparative Studies

Eisemann, T.; Costa, B.; Strelau, J.; Mittelbronn, M.; Angel, P.; Peterziel, H., 2018:
An advanced glioma cell invasion assay based on organotypic brain slice cultures

Wu, J.; Wang, J.; Ling, Y.; Xu, H., 2017:
An Advanced Hybrid Technique of DCS and JSRC for Telemonitoring of Multi-Sensor Gait Pattern

Marinakis, V.; Doukas, H., 2018:
An Advanced IoT-based System for Intelligent Energy Management in Buildings

Nelissen, J.Laurent.; Traa, W.A.; de Boer, H.H.; de Graaf, L.; Mazzoli, V.; Savci-Heijink, C.Dilara.; Nicolay, K.; Froeling, M.; Bader, D.L.; Nederveen, A.J.; Oomens, C.W.J.; Strijkers, G.J., 2018:
An advanced magnetic resonance imaging perspective on the etiology of deep tissue injury

Harrington, E.A.; Gawronski, K.M., 2018:
An advanced pharmacy practice experience in academia: More benefit than burden!

Peng, X.; Dai, X., 1993:
Life security of the elderly: rural population control

Anonymous, 1998:
Life sentence for spreading AIDS

Anonymous, 1997:
Life sentence sought

Brenner, S., 2002:
Life sentences: Ontology recapitulates philology

Brenner, S., 2002:
Life sentences: elementary zenetics--do or dai

Wissing, U.; Ek, A-C.; Unosson, M., 2002:
Life situation and function in elderly people with and without leg ulcers

Kivling-Bodén, G.; Sundbom, E., 2002:
Life situation and posttraumatic symptoms: a follow-up study of refugees from the former Yugoslavia living in Sweden

Enskär, K.; Carlsson, M.; Golsäter, M.; Hamrin, E.; Kreuger, A., 1997:
Life situation and problems as reported by children with cancer and their parents

Gulbrandsen, P.; Brage, S., 1998:
Life situation as a reason for sick leave

Enskär, K., 1997:
Life situation in children with cancer. Questionnaire helps in determining quality of life

Flemme, I.; Bolse, K.; Ivarsson, A.; Jinhage, B.M.; Sandstedt, B.; Edvardsson, N.; Fridlund, B., 2002:
Life situation of patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator: a descriptive longitudinal study

Larsen, A.; Hole, K.H., 1999:
Life situation of patients with ileoanal anastomosis

Lange, A.L.; Fischbein, S., 1996:
Life situation, self reported health and coping ability of 35-year old twins and controls--a follow-up of a longitudinal Swedish twin study at adolescence

Cronin, M.E., 1996:
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