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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46639

Chapter 46639 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Koch, D.D., 1993:
Measurements of corneal curvature

Yokota, H.; Yamamoto, Y.; Naoe, Y.; Fuse, A.; Sato, H.; Unemoto, K.; Kurokawa, A., 2000:
Measurements of cortical cellular pH by intracranial tonometer in severe head injury

Preidler, K.W.; Brossmann, J.; Daenen, B.; Pedowitz, R.; De Maeseneer, M.; Trudell, D.; Resnick, D., 1997:
Measurements of cortical thickness in experimentally created endosteal bone lesions: a comparison of radiography, CT, MR imaging, and anatomic sections

Asaoka, Y.; Shikaze, Y.; Abe, K.; Anraku, K.; Fujikawa, M.; Fuke, H.; Haino, S.; Imori, M.; Izumi, K.; Maeno, T.; Makida, Y.; Matsuda, S.; Matsui, N.; Matsukawa, T.; Matsumoto, H.; Matsunaga, H.; Mitchell, J.; Mitsui, T.; Moiseev, A.; Motoki, M.; Nishimura, J.; Nozaki, M.; Orito, S.; Ormes, J.F.; Saeki, T.; Sanuki, T.; Sasaki, M.; Seo, E.S.; Sonoda, T.; Streitmatter, R.; Suzuki, J.; Tanaka, K.; Tanizaki, K.; Ueda, I.; Wang, J.Z.; Yajima, Y.; Yamagami, Y.; Yamamoto, A.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yamato, K.;, 2002:
Measurements of cosmic-ray low-energy antiproton and proton spectra in a transient period of solar field reversal

Miller, G.; Boulter, C.J., 2002:
Measurements of criticality in the Olami-Feder-Christensen model

Liu; Chinitz; Abe; Breedon; Fujii; Kurihara; Maki; Nozaki; Omori; Sagawa; Sakai; Sasaki; Sugimoto; Takaiwa; Terada; Kirk; Cheng; Gao; Yan; Ye; Abashian; Gotow; Mattson; Piilonen; Sterner; Lusin; Rosenfeld; Wilson; Zheng; Fry; Tanaka; Ko; Lander; Rowe; Smith; Stuart; Kanda; Olsen; Ueno; Kajino; Poling; Thomas; Aso; Miyano; Miyata; Okubo; Oyoshi; Shirai; Yamashita; Lee; Sannes; Schnetzer; Stone; Vinson; Bodek; Kim; Kumita; Li; Velisarris; Walker; Kobayashi; Murakami; Sahu; Zomorrodian, 1994:
Measurements of cross section and asymmetry for e+e--->bb-bar and heavy quark fragmentation at KEK TRISTAN

Falk; Auld; Giles; Jones; Lolos; Ziegler; Walden, 1985:
Measurements of cross sections and analyzing powers for the inclusive pp-->pn pi

Suzuki; Suzuki; Currell; Ohtani; Takayanagi; Wakiya, 1996:
Measurements of cross sections and oscillator strengths by electron impact for the 5d and 7s levels of Xe

Suzuki; Suzuki; Ohtani; Min; Takayanagi; Wakiya, 1994:
Measurements of cross sections and oscillator strengths for Ne by electron-energy-loss spectroscopy

Schappe; Schulman; Anderson; Lin, 1994:
Measurements of cross sections for electron-impact excitation into the metastable levels of argon and number densities of metastable argon atoms

Lesko; Norman; Larimer; Kuhn; Meekhof; Crane; Bussell, 1988:
Measurements of cross sections relevant to gamma -ray line astronomy

Gekko, K., 1995:
Measurements of density and partial specific volume

Arnold; Benton; Bosted; Clogher; DeChambrier; Katramatou; Lambert; Lung; Petratos; Rahbar; Rock; Szalata; Gearhart; Debebe; Frodyma; Hicks; Hotta; Peterson; Alster; Lichtenstadt; Dietrich; van Bibber K, 1987:
Measurements of deuteron magnetic form factor high momentum transfer

Lee; Schmitt; Baghaei; Beck; Bosted; Churchwell; Frois; Hicks; Hotta; Martino; Miskimen; Peterson; Platchkov; Spengos; Turchinetz; Wang; Williamson; Yates; Zumbro, 1991:
Measurements of deuteron threshold electrodisintegration: A probe of short-range meson exchange

Jansson, T.T.; Mast, T.D.; Waag, R.C., 1998:
Measurements of differential scattering cross section using a ring transducer

Seland, J.G.; Hafskjold, B., 1998:
Measurements of diffusion in porous polyethylene powder using PFGSTE NMR

Prosser, S.; Biasiolo, R., 1998:
Measurements of directional hearing aid function

Becchetti; Liu; Roberts; Jänecke; Kolata; Morsad; Kong; Warner, 1989:
Measurements of discrete nuclear reactions induced by a radioactive 8Li beam

Lee, Y.C., 2001:
Measurements of dispersion curves of leaky Lamb waves using a lensless line-focus transducer

Aprile; Hausammann; Heer; Hess; Lechanoine-Leluc; Leo; Morenzoni; Onel; Rapin; Rascher; Jaccard; Konter; Mango, 1986:
Measurements of double- and triple-spin parameters in pp elastic scattering between 440 and 560 MeV

He; Yang; Lu; Wang, 1992:
Measurements of dynamic scaling from epitaxial growth front: Fe film on Fe(001)

So, J.H.; Gladden, J.R.; Hu, Y.F.; Maynard, J.D.; Li, Q., 2003:
Measurements of elastic constants in thin films of colossal magnetoresistance material

Sill; Arnold; Bosted; Chang; Gomez; Katramatou; Martoff; Petratos; Rahbar; Rock; Szalata; Sherden; Lambert; Lombard-Nelsen, 1993:
Measurements of elastic electron-proton scattering at large momentum transfer

Winfield; Austin; DeVito; Berg; Chen; Sterrenburg, 1986:
Measurements of elastic neutron scattering from sup12C and 32S at 30.3 and 40.3 MeV: Limits on charge symmetry breaking in the nuclear mean field

Photinos; Saupe, 1991 :
Measurements of electric conductivity and reorientation times for the cesium perfluorooctanoate-D2O micellar system

Adler, D.; Margulies, L.; Mahler, Y.; Israeli, A., 1999:
Measurements of electromagnetic fields radiated from communication equipment and of environmental electromagnetic noise: impact on the use of communication equipment within the hospital

Ding, G.X.; Cygler, J.E., 1998:
Measurements of electron beam peak scatter factors

Kodama; Kado; Tanaka; Yamauchi; Mochizuki; Yamanaka; Nakai; Yamanaka, 1988:
Measurements of electron temperature in x-ray heated plasmas

Freund; Wetzel; Shul, 1990:
Measurements of electron-impact-ionization cross sections of N2, CO, CO2, CS, S2, CS2, and metastable N2

Roth, K.M.; Yasseri, A.A.; Liu, Z.; Dabke, R.B.; Malinovskii, V.; Schweikart, K-Heinz.; Yu, L.; Tiznado, H.; Zaera, F.; Lindsey, J.S.; Kuhr, W.G.; Bocian, D.F., 2003:
Measurements of electron-transfer rates of charge-storage molecular monolayers on Si(100). Toward hybrid molecular/semiconductor information storage devices

Clark; Krushelnick; Davies; Zepf; Tatarakis; Beg; Machacek; Norreys; Santala; Watts; Dangor, 2000:
Measurements of energetic proton transport through magnetized plasma from intense laser interactions with solids

Ogawa; Sakamoto; Katayama; Haruyama; Saito; Yoshida; Tosaki; Susuki; Kimura, 1996:
Measurements of energy losses of 10-MeV neutral hydrogen atoms in carbon foils

Blau, W.S.; Arora, S.; Dogra, S., 1997:
Measurements of epidural pressures that occur during walking in patients with or without spinal stenosis

Datla; Roberts; Durst; Hodge; Klepper; Rowan; Mann, 1987 :
Measurements of excitation rate coefficients for Al-like ions: Fe XIV, Ni XVI, and Cu XVII

Schwab; Pantke; Hvam; Klingshirn, 1992:
Measurements of exciton diffusion by degenerate four-wave mixing in CdS1-xSex

Stasi, M.; Casanova Borca, V.; Fiorino, C., 1998:
Measurements of exit dose profiles in 60Co beams with a conventional portal film system

Winhart; Eidmann; Iglesias; Bar-Shalom, 1996:
Measurements of extreme uv opacities in hot dense Al, Fe, and Ho

Su; Rollins; Hunt, 1987:
Measurements of f( alpha ) spectra of attractors at transitions to chaos in driven diode resonator systems

Fisher; McChesney; Parks; Duong; Medley; Roquemore; Mansfield; Budny; Petrov; Olson, 1995:
Measurements of fast confined alphas on TFTR

Flament; Lacis; Bacri; Cebers; Neveu; Perzynski, 1996:
Measurements of ferrofluid surface tension in confined geometry

Huang, M.; Cerezo, A.; Clifton, P.H.; Smith, G.D., 2002:
Measurements of field enhancement introduced by a local electrode

Torrón; Díaz; Pomar; Veira; Vidal, 1994:
Measurements of fluctuation-induced diamagnetism above the superconducting transition in YBa2Cu3O7- delta single crystals in low magnetic fields: Comparison with paraconductivity

Deblock; Noat; Bouchiat; Reulet; Mailly, 2000:
Measurements of flux-dependent screening in aharonov-bohm rings

Thomas, E.; Annaratone, B.M.; Morfill, G.E.; Rothermel, H., 2002:
Measurements of forces acting on suspended microparticles in the void region of a complex plasma

Remky, A.; Arend, O., 1996:
Measurements of foveal cysts in branch retinal vein occlusion

Sommar, J.; Feng, X.; Gårdfeldt, K.; Lindqvist, O., 2001:
Measurements of fractionated gaseous mercury concentrations over northwestern and central Europe, 1995-99

Moreno; Griem; Goldsmith; Knauer, 1989:
Measurements of gain and line broadening in lithiumlike aluminum

Wells, M.; Lipman, J., 1997:
Measurements of glomerular filtration in the intensive care unit are only a rough guide to renal function

DiGirolamo, M., 2001:
Measurements of glucose conversion to its metabolites

Langford, J.Kevin.; Sanderson, R.D., 2002:
Measurements of glycosaminoglycan-based cell interactions

Yang, X.; Huan, C.; Candela, D.; Mair, R.W.; Walsworth, R.L., 2002:
Measurements of grain motion in a dense, three-dimensional granular fluid

Averkiou, M.A.; Hamilton, M.F., 1995:
Measurements of harmonic generation in a focused finite-amplitude sound beam

Hüning, M.; Schlarb, H.; Schmüser, P.; Timm, M., 2002:
Measurements of harmonic wake fields excited by rough surfaces

Jursinic, P.A.; Thomadsen, B.R., 1999:
Measurements of head-scatter factors with cylindrical build-up caps and columnar miniphantoms

Sevre, K.; Rostrup, M., 2002:
Measurements of heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity

Pai, C.H.; Hu, W.H.; Wang, K.Y.; Ting, C.T., 1995:
Measurements of heart rate variability in patients with unexplained syncope

Kudryavtsev, M.I.; Bogomolov, A.V.; Bogomolov, V.V.; Denisov YuI; Svertilov, S.I., 2001:
Measurements of high-energy neutron and proton fluxes on-board "Mir-Spectr" orbital complex

Qu; Singh; Cantrell, 1996:
Measurements of higher order photon bunching of light beams

Leach, M.O.; Verrill, M.; Glaholm, J.; Smith, T.A.; Collins, D.J.; Payne, G.S.; Sharp, J.C.; Ronen, S.M.; McCready, V.R.; Powles, T.J.; Smith, I.E., 1998:
Measurements of human breast cancer using magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a review of clinical measurements and a report of localized 31P measurements of response to treatment

Lamarcq, L.; Deeds, J.; Ginzinger, D.; Perry, J.; Padmanabha, S.; Smith-McCune, K., 2002:
Measurements of human papillomavirus transcripts by real time quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction in samples collected for cervical cancer screening

Chen, Q.M.; Tu, V.C.; Liu, J., 2001:
Measurements of hydrogen peroxide induced premature senescence: senescence-associated beta-galactosidase and DNA synthesis index in human diploid fibroblasts with down-regulated p53 or Rb

Goble; Maleki, 1990:
Measurements of hyperfine constants in Ca+

Tomer, A.; Harker, L.A., 1996:
Measurements of in vivo megakaryocytopoiesis: studies in nonhuman primates and patients

Anderson, S.; Frolov, V.V.; Kubota, Y.; Lee, S.J.; Li, S.Z.; Poling, R.; Smith, A.; Stepaniak, C.J.; Urheim, J.; Metreveli, Z.; Seth, K.K.; Tomaradze, A.; Zweber, P.; Ahmed, S.; Alam, M.S.; Jian, L.; Saleem, M.; Wappler, F.; Eckhart, E.; Gan, K.K.; Gwon, C.; Hart, T.; Honscheid, K.; Hufnagel, D.; Kagan, H.; Kass, R.; Pedlar, T.K.; Thayer, J.B.; von Toerne, E.; Wilksen, T.; Zoeller, M.M.; Muramatsu, H.; Richichi, S.J.; Severini, H.; Skubic, P.; Dytman, S.A.; Mueller, J.A.; Nam, S.; Savinov, V.; C, 2003:
Measurements of inclusive B-->psi production

Hagenbjörk-Gustafsson, A.; Forsberg, B.; Hestvik, G.; Karlsson, D.; Wahlberg, S.; Sandström, T., 1996:
Measurements of indoor and outdoor nitrogen dioxide concentrations using a diffusive sampler

Larsen, M.O.; Rolin, B.; Wilken, M.; Carr, R.D.; Gotfredsen, C.F., 2002:
Measurements of insulin secretory capacity and glucose tolerance to predict pancreatic beta-cell mass in vivo in the nicotinamide/streptozotocin Göttingen minipig, a model of moderate insulin deficiency and diabetes

Bali; Hoffmann; Simán; Walker, 1996:
Measurements of intensity correlations of scattered light from laser-cooled atoms

Tanihata; Hamagaki; Hashimoto; Shida; Yoshikawa; Sugimoto; Yamakawa; Kobayashi; Takahashi, 1985:
Measurements of interaction cross sections and nuclear radii in the light p-shell region

Allen, V.; Ryan, D.W.; Murray, A., 1994:
Measurements of interface pressure between body sites and the surfaces of four specialised air mattresses

Hao, M.; Shi, Y.; Dong, M., 2002:
Measurements of interleukin-6, interleukin-8 and transforming growth factor-beta 1 levels in peritoneal fluid of patients with endometriosis

Liu; Buchanan; Wasilewski, 1991:
Measurements of intersubband photocurrents from quantum wells in asymmetrical-double-barrier structures

Morgan, J.M.; Lynn, S.; Gillespie, J.I.; Greenwell, J.R., 1993:
Measurements of intracellular Ca2+ in cultured human myometrial smooth muscle cells bathed in low Na+ solutions

Csernoch, L.; Bernengo, J.C.; Szentesi, P.; Jacquemond, V., 1998:
Measurements of intracellular Mg2+ concentration in mouse skeletal muscle fibers with the fluorescent indicator mag-indo-1

Swartz, H.M., 1994:
Measurements of intracellular concentrations of oxygen: experimental results and conceptual implications of an observed gradient between intracellular and extracellular concentrations of oxygen

Seiler, C.; Fleisch, M.; Kaufmann, U.; Meier, B., 1997:
Measurements of intracoronary pressure and blood flow velocity

Van Putten, J.P.; Weel, J.F.; Grassmé, H.U., 1994:
Measurements of invasion by antibody labeling and electron microscopy

Liu; De Groot JS; Matte; Johnston; Drake, 1994:
Measurements of inverse bremsstrahlung absorption and non-Maxwellian electron velocity distributions

Dougherty, 1992:
Measurements of ionization produced in silicon crystals by low-energy silicon atoms

Muneta, T.; Ogiuchi, T.; Imai, S.; Ishida, A., 1999:
Measurements of joint moment and knee flexion angle of patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency during level walking and on one leg hop

Blecic, D.D., 1999:
Measurements of journal use: an analysis of the correlations between three methods

Wisshak; Voss; Käppeler; Reffo, 1990:
Measurements of keV neutron capture cross sections with a 4 pi barium fluoride detector: Examples of 93Nb, 103Rh, and 181Ta

Edris, A.; Choi, B.; Aguilar, G.; Nelson, J.Stuart., 2003:
Measurements of laser light attenuation following cryogen spray cooling spurt termination

Willi; Tabatabaei; Riley; Hauer; Delamater; Chenais-Popovics; Apte; Cole, 1989:
Measurements of laser plasma coronal conditions and thermal transport with time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy

Glendinning; Dixit; Hammel; Kalantar; Key; Kilkenny; Knauer; Pennington; Remington; Wallace; Weber, 1996:
Measurements of laser-speckle-induced perturbations in laser-driven foils

Shepard; Campbell, 1989:
Measurements of lateral thermal smoothing of 0.53- microm laser intensity nonuniformities via shock-wave analysis

Plein, S.; Smith, W.H.; Ridgway, J.P.; Kassner, A.; Beacock, D.J.; Bloomer, T.N.; Sivananthan, M.U., 2001:
Measurements of left ventricular dimensions using real-time acquisition in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging: comparison with conventional gradient echo imaging

Pizzoferrato; Pichini; Marinelli; Zammit; Scudieri; McGraw, 1994:
Measurements of light-intensity noise during nondegenerate two-wave mixing in a Kerr medium

Pizzoferrato; Zammit; Marinelli; McGraw; Rogovin, 1993:
Measurements of light-scattering noise accompanying two-wave mixing in a Kerr medium

Wang; Griem; Huang; Böttcher, 1992:
Measurements of line broadening of B V H alpha and L delta in a laser-produced plasma

Beiersdorfer; Nilsen; Osterheld; Vogel; Wong; Marrs; Zasadzinski, 1992:
Measurements of line overlap for resonant photopumping of 4-->4 transitions in highly charged nickel-like ions

Elliott; Beiersdorfer; MacGowan; Nilsen, 1995:
Measurements of line overlap for resonant spoiling of x-ray lasing transitions in nickel-like tungsten

Amiot-Peron; Stemmler; Soullie; Greiner; Populus; Chevallier; Protas, 2000:
Measurements of linear absorption coefficients of liquid scintillators using synchrotron radiation

Lumbardo, D.F.; Koeneman, J.B.; Longo, J.A., 1993:
Measurements of long-term periprosthetic bone changes around a unique composite implant

Ellis, M.R.; Wynne, M.K., 1999:
Measurements of loudness growth in 1/2-octave bands for children and adults with normal hearing

Colonna, N.; Beaulieu, L.; Phair, L.; Wozniak, G.J.; Moretto, L.G.; Chu, W.T.; Ludewigt, B.A., 1999:
Measurements of low-energy (d,n) reactions for BNCT. Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Endo, K., 1997:
Measurements of lung volume and its subdivisions by spirography

Devoret; Martinis; Clarke, 1985:
Measurements of macroscopic quantum tunneling out of the zero-voltage state of a current-biased Josephson junction

Vass; Mountford; Kumbartzki; Benczer-Koller; Tanczyn, 1993 :
Measurements of magnetic moments in 150Sm

Zhang; Lynn; Majkrzak; Satija; Kang; Wu, 1995:
Measurements of magnetic screening lengths in superconducting Nb thin films by polarized neutron reflectometry

Planert, J.; Modler, H.; Vosshenrich, R., 1996:
Measurements of magnetism-related forces and torque moments affecting medical instruments, implants, and foreign objects during magnetic resonance imaging at all degrees of freedom

Haas, D.W.; Martinez, D.F.; Eckert, G.J.; Diers, N.R., 2001:
Measurements of mandibular length: a comparison of articulare vs condylion

Berkenkamp, S.; Menzel, C.; Hillenkamp, F.; Dreisewerd, K., 2002:
Measurements of mean initial velocities of analyte and matrix ions in infrared matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry

Fuschini; Malaguti; Ostuni; Verondini; Vannini; Bracco; Iori; Moroni; Fioretto; Ricci; Boccaccio; Vannucci; D'Arrigo; Giardina; Taccone, 1992:
Measurements of mean reaction times for fusion-fission and fusion-evaporation processes in the 28Si+28Si interaction

Knapp; Follstaedt, 1987:
Measurements of melting temperatures of quasicrystalline Al-Mn phases

Rosowski, J.J.; Ravicz, M.E.; Teoh, S.W.; Flandermeyer, D., 1999:
Measurements of middle-ear function in the Mongolian gerbil, a specialized mammalian ear

Svendsen, K.; Børresen, E., 1999:
Measurements of mineral oil mist, hydrocarbon vapor, and noise in engine rooms of ships

Wack; Webb, 1988:
Measurements of modulated lamellar P beta ' phases of interacting lipid membranes

Prakash, Y.S.; Smithson, K.G.; Sieck, G.C., 1993:
Measurements of motoneuron somal volumes using laser confocal microscopy: comparisons with shape-based stereological estimations

Frankel, K.; Schimmerling, W.; Rasmussen, J.O.; Crowe, K.M.; Bistirlich, J.; Bowman, H.; Hashimoto, O.; Murphy, D.L.; Ridout, J.; Sullivan, J.P.; Yoo, E.; McDonald, W.J.; Salomon, M.; Xu, J.S.; Schimmerling, W., 1986:
Measurements of n-p correlations in the reaction of relativistic neon with uranium

Richardson; Ehrlich; Wagner, 2000:
Measurements of nanometer scale interface diffusion between tungsten and niobium thin films using high frequency laser based ultrasound

Shavrin, P.I.; Kuzhevskij, B.M.; Kuznetsov, S.N.; Nechaev, O.Yu.; Panasyuk, M.I.; Ryumin, S.P.; Yushkov, B.Yu.; Bratolyubova-Tsulukidze, L.S.; Lyagushin, V.I.; Germantsev, Y.L., 2002:
Measurements of neutron fluxes with energies from thermal to several MeV in near-Earth space: SINP results

Chen; Dupont; Leleux; Lipnik; Macq; Ninane, 1985:
Measurements of neutron-deuteron elastic and charge exchange scattering

Hansen, T.S.; Kruse, M.; Nissen, H.; Glasius, M.; Lohse, C., 2001:
Measurements of nitrogen dioxide in Greenland using Palmes diffusion tubes

Han; Joo; Suck Salk SH; Shin; Lee, 1992:
Measurements of noise spectral densities for a high-Tc superconductor: Single-crystal Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox

Froula, D.H.; Divol, L.; Glenzer, S.H., 2002:
Measurements of nonlinear growth of ion-acoustic waves in two-ion-species plasmas with thomson scattering

Bosted; Lung; Andivahis; Stuart; Alster; Arnold; Chang; Dietrich; Dodge; Gearhart; Gomez; Griffioen; Hicks; Hyde-Wright; Keppel; Kuhn; Lichtenstadt; Miskimen; Peterson; Petratos; Rock; Rokni; Sakumoto; Spengos; Swartz; Szalata; Tao, 1992:
Measurements of nu W2 and R= sigma L/ sigma T from inelastic electron-aluminum scattering near x=1

König; Hinfurtner; Hagn; Zech; Eder, 1996:
Measurements of nuclear magnetic moments and electric quadrupole moments of Lu isotopes

Zorbas, Y.G.; Afonin, V.B.; Charapakhin, K.P.; Tsiamis, C.B.; Denogratov, S.D., 2002:
Measurements of nuclear size in collecting tubules of the kidney of rats during prolonged hypokinesia and ambulatory conditions

Chen; Elliott, 1990:
Measurements of optical phase variations using interfering multiphoton ionization processes

Gilja, O.H.; Hausken, T.; Berstad, A.; Odegaard, S., 1999:
Measurements of organ volume by ultrasonography

Schön, F.; Müller, J., 1999:
Measurements of ossicular vibrations in the middle ear

Ikeda, T.; Kurosaki, T.; Takayama, K.; Kano, K.; Miki, K., 1996:
Measurements of oxidoreductase-like activity of intact bacterial cells by an amperometric method using a membrane-coated electrode

Veasey, D.A.; Oldfield, K.W., 1999:
Measurements of oxygen concentration of air within totally encapsulating chemical-protective suits

Harris, N.D.; Ibrahim, S.; Radatz, M.; Ward, J.D., 1997:
Measurements of oxygen saturation in normal human sural nerve by micro-lightguide spectrophotometry and endoscopy

Liss, P.; Nygren, A.; Revsbech, N.P.; Ulfendahl, H.R., 1997 :
Measurements of oxygen tension in the rat kidney after contrast media using an oxygen microelectrode with a guard cathode

Alessi, M.C.; Aubert, J.; Négrel, R., 2001:
Measurements of peptide and nonpeptide secretory products from adipocytes

Dutta; Archie, 1985:
Measurements of persistent melting-pressure depression during melting of polarized 3He

Haider, T.K.; el-Khatib, E.E., 1994:
Measurements of phantom scatter factors for small field sizes in high energy x rays

Delgado, Jé.U.; Morel, J.; Etcheverry, M., 2002:
Measurements of photon emission probabilities from the decay of 226Ra and daughters

Tröger, L.; Kappen, P.; Nishino, Y.; Haack, N.; Materlik, G., 2001:
Measurements of photon interference X-ray absorption fine structure (piXAFS)

Qu; Singh, 1995:
Measurements of photon statistics in second-harmonic generation

Mostovych; Kearney; Stamper; Schmitt, 1991:
Measurements of plasma opacity from laser-produced optically thin strongly coupled plasmas

Wilburn; Gould; Haase; Huffman; Keith; Koster; Roberson; Tornow, 1993:
Measurements of polarized-neutron-polarized-proton scattering: Implications for the triton binding energy

Iwata; Greaves; Murphy; Tinkle; Surko, 1995:
Measurements of positron-annihilation rates on molecules

Zhou; Parikh; Kauppila; Kwan; Lin; Surdutovich; Stein, 1994:
Measurements of positronium formation cross sections for positron scattering by K, Na, and Ar atoms

Surdutovich; Jiang; Kauppila; Kwan; Stein; Zhou, 1996:
Measurements of positronium-formation cross sections for positrons scattered by Rb atoms

Rameika; Beretvas; Deck; Devlin; Luk; Whitman; Cox; Dukes; Dworkin; Overseth; Handler; Lundberg; Pondrom; Sheaff; Wilkinson; Heller, 1986:
Measurements of production polarization and decay asymmetry for Xi - hyperons

Bernardi, G.; Tuniz, D.; Morocutti, G.; Fontanelli, A., 1997:
Measurements of productivity and efficiency of a first level director in a cardiology referral clinic. Their use in the final determination of work load in accordance with DL 29/1993

Battistini, B.; Picard, S.; Borgeat, P.; Sirois, P., 1999:
Measurements of prostanoids, leukotrienes, and isoprostanes by enzyme immunoassays

Powell, K.D.; Fitzgerald, M.C., 2001:
Measurements of protein stability by H/D exchange and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry using picomoles of material

Baslund, B.; Petersen, J.; Permin, H.; Wiik, A.; Wieslander, J., 1994:
Measurements of proteinase 3 and its complexes with alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor and anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibodies (ANCA) in plasma

Hurt-Camejo, E.; Camejo, G.; Sartipy, P., 1999:
Measurements of proteoglycan-lipoprotein interaction by gel mobility shift assay

Wang, G.L.; Qi, Z.N.; Chen, M.; Huang, Z.X.; Li, X.G., 2001:
Measurements of proton response of two lithium fluoride detectors with different thicknesses

Eliyakut-Roshko; McCamis; van Oers WT; Carlson; Cox, 1995:
Measurements of proton total reaction cross sections for 58Ni and 60Ni including nonrelativistic and relativistic data analyses

Casas Anguita, J.; Ramón Repullo Labrador, J.; Pereira Candel, J., 2001:
Measurements of quality of life related with health. Basic concepts and cultural adaptation

Montgomery; Landen; Drake; Estabrook; Baldis; Batha; Bradley; Procassini, 1994:
Measurements of radial heat wave propagation in laser-produced exploding-foil plasmas

Synakowski; Stratton; Efthimion; Fonck; Hulse; Johnson; Mansfield; Park; Scott; Taylor, 1990:
Measurements of radial profiles of He2+ transport coefficients on the TFTR tokamak

Vasil'ev, V.N.; Kokontsev, A.A., 1998:
Measurements of radiation depth-dose curves of radiotherapy device RTA

Beaujean, R.; Kopp, J.; Roos, F.; Reitz, G., 2001:
Measurements of radiation exposure in civil aircraft

White; Foster; Hansom; Rosen; Rose, 1994:
Measurements of radiation heat transport in germanium: Validationinebreak of an opacity model

Catravas, P.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Esarey, E.; Leemans, W.P.; Assmann, R.; Decker, F.J.; Hogan, M.J.; Iverson, R.; Siemann, R.H.; Walz, D.; Whittum, D.; Blue, B.; Clayton, C.; Joshi, C.; Marsh, K.A.; Mori, W.B.; Wang, S.; Katsouleas, T.; Lee, S.; Muggli, P., 2001:
Measurements of radiation near an atomic spectral line from the interaction of a 30 GeV electron beam and a long plasma

Beiersdorfer; Chen; MacLaren; Marrs; Vogel; Wong; Zasadzinski, 1991:
Measurements of radiative branching ratios of K x-ray transitions in Cr21+, Mn22+, Fe23+, Ni25+, and Ge29+

Fang; Kwong; Wang; Parkinson, 1993:
Measurements of radiative-decay rates of the 2s22p(2P degrees)-2s2p2(4P) intersystem transitions of C+

Pachocki, K.; Gorzkowski, B.; Majle, T.; Rózycki, Z.; Peńsko, J.; Poreba, I., 1996:
Measurements of radon 222Rn in water from the deep borehole in Warsaw

Srivastava, R.A.; Schonfeld, G., 1994:
Measurements of rate of transcription in isolated nuclei by nuclear "run-off" assay

Srivastava, R.A.; Schonfeld, G., 1998:
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Measures for the disposal of non-regulated alternative medical wastes--effects of disinfectants on activated sludges

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Measures for the disposal of non-regulated alternative medical wastes--prion protein-polluted medical waste

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Measures for the disposal of non-regulated alternative medical wastes--safe handling of cytotoxic drugs

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Measures for the eradication of hepatitis B

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Measures mandating information on abortion and breast cancer "link" pose new threat to reproductive health

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Measures needed to curb HIV spread among blacks

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Measures of effect based on the sufficient causes model. 1. Risks and rates of disease associated with a single causative agent

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Measures of effect based on the sufficient causes model. 2. Risks and rates of disease associated with a single preventive agent

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Measures of success. Looking beyond incident rates helps uncover critical elements bridging the gap to a safe, productive workplace

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Measures of trust in health care

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Measures of urbanization from the results of a population census

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Measures of visuospatial short-term memory: the Knox Cube Imitation Test and the Corsi Blocks Test compared

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Measures preventing BSE-contamination during the slaughter of cattle

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Measures short on quality

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Measures taken against the plague in Diest in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries

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Measures to bolster nursing home quality considered

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Measures to contain drug costs and quality indicators in the use of drugs: prescribe less or prescribe better?

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Measures to control tobacco use: immunity, advertising restrictions, and FDA control as proposed in the failed tobacco settlement

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Measures to curb rising sex ratio at birth

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Measures to decrease complications of diabetes

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Measures to encourage professional competence

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Measures to facilitate the reintegration of migrants upon return to their countries of origin

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Measures to facilitate the reintegration of returning migrant workers: international experiences

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Measures to facilitate the reintegration of returning migrants into their countries of origin

Anonymous, 1986:
Measures to facilitate the return and reintegration of highly skilled migrants into African countries

Anonymous, 2002:
Measures to improve ARH programmes

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Measures to improve recovery in the acute phase of stroke

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Measures to improve the medical care of adolescents

Anonymous, 1999:
Measures to improve underfunding are central to scottish election health policies

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Measures to meet the side effects of sulfonylurea (SU) in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

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Measures to meet the side effects of the orally administered antihyperglycemic drugs

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Measures to prevent and control the transmission of tuberculous infection, especially multiresistant tuberculosis

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Measures to prevent endometrial cancer in hyperplastic processes

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Measures to prevent injuries related to bicycle seats

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Measures to prevent renal impairment after resection of retroperitoneal neuroblastoma

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Measures to promote healthy dietary habits among schoolchildren

Anonymous, 1988:
Measures to promote literacy and primary education among women, 1988

Anonymous, 2002:
Measures to reduce occupational asthma

Anonymous, 1998:
Measures to stop the spread of HIV don't stop the spread of hepatitis C infection

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Measures to take after exposure to blood

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Measures which host countries and countries of origin could adopt to promote the return of migrants

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Measuring 'intangibles'

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Measuring (13)C-(2)D dipolar couplings with a universal REDOR dephasing curve

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Measuring America's opinions on health reform

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Measuring Bacterial Production in Deep-Sea Sediments using 3H-Thymidine Incorporation: Ecological Significance

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Measuring CP asymmetry in B--> rho pi decays without ambiguities

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Measuring CP violation in the B0B-bar0 system with asymmetric-energy e+e- beams

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Measuring Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa parameters with CP asymmetry and isospin analysis in B--> pi K

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Measuring Chinese psychological well-being with Western developed instruments

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Measuring Cosmological Bulk Flows via the Kinematic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect in the Upcoming Cosmic Microwave Background Maps

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Measuring DNA adducts by gas chromatography-electron capture-mass spectrometry: trace organic analysis

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Measuring DNA synthesis rates with [1-13C]glycine

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Measuring Diffusion in the Presence of Material Strain

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Measuring Drosophila (fruit fly) activity during microgravity exposure

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Measuring EEG complexity for studying the state of mental load

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Measuring Glasnost in and out of the U.S.S.R

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Measuring HIPAA's impact

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Measuring HIV treatment adherence in clinical practice

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Measuring HIV-1 seroprevalence among English newborns: blood spot size

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Measuring HR value-added from the outside in

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Measuring Implosion Symmetry and Core Conditions on the National Ignition Facility

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Measuring Kupffer cell clearance capacity (KCCC) using an isolated hepatic perfusion technique

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Measuring Lamb wave dispersion curves of a bi-layered plate and its application on material characterization of coating

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Measuring Leapfrog's impact

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Measuring Maxwell's displacement current inside a capacitor

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Measuring Mäori health status accurately--more needs doing

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Measuring Newtonian viscosity from the phase of reflected ultrasonic shear wave

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Measuring Nitrate in Plant Cells by in Vivo NMR Using Gd3+ as a Shift Reagent

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