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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46661

Chapter 46661 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hudson, D.A.; Krige, J.E., 1995:
Melanoma in black South Africans

Tate, P.S.; Ronan, S.G.; Feucht, K.A.; Eng, A.M.; Das Gupta, T.K., 1993:
Melanoma in childhood and adolescence: clinical and pathological features of 48 cases

Spatz, A.; Avril, M.F., 1998:
Melanoma in childhood: review and perspectives

Wu, S.J.; Lambert, D.R., 1997:
Melanoma in children and adolescents

Pensler, J.M.; Hijjawi, J.; Paller, A.S., 1993:
Melanoma in prepubertal children

Ackerman, A.B., 1998:
Melanoma in situ

Tremblay, J.F.; O'Brien, E.A.; Chauvin, P.J., 2000:
Melanoma in situ of the oral mucosa in an adolescent with dysplastic nevus syndrome

Torres, J.E.; Torres, S.M.; Sánchez, J.L., 1994:
Melanoma in situ on facial skin damaged by sunlight

Weyers, W.; Bonczkowitz, M.; Weyers, I.; Bittinger, A.; Schill, W.B., 1996:
Melanoma in situ versus melanocytic hyperplasia in sun-damaged skin. Assessment of the significance of histopathologic criteria for differential diagnosis

Lipsker, D.; Heid, E.; Grosshans, E.; Cribier, B., 1998:
Melanoma in the Strasbourg University Hospital. A 30-year study

Kelly, J.W., 1998:
Melanoma in the elderly--a neglected public health challenge

Blecker, D.; Abraham, S.; Furth, E.E.; Kochman, M.L., 1999:
Melanoma in the gastrointestinal tract

Rabb, D.C.; Lesher, J.L., 1993:
Melanoma in the nineties

Fazaa, B.; Zghal, M.; Bailly, C.; Zeglaoui, F.; Goucha, S.; Mokhtar, I.; Kharfi, M.; Ezzine, N.; Kamoun, M.R., 2001:
Melanoma in xeroderma pigmentosum: 12 cases

Armstrong, B., 1996:
Melanoma incidence In Europe

Dennis, L.K., 1999:
Melanoma incidence by body site: effects of birth-cohort adjustment

Polednak, A.P., 2000:
Melanoma incidence in Connecticut by town of residence

Bevona, C.; Sober, A.J., 2002:
Melanoma incidence trends

Rigel, D.S.; Friedman, R.J.; Kopf, A.W.; Robinson, J.K.; Amonette, R.A., 1997:
Melanoma incidence: if it quacks like a duck..

Kligman, L.H.; Elenitsas, R., 2001:
Melanoma induction in a hairless mouse with short-term application of dimethylbenz[a]anthracene

Bichakjian, C.K.; Schwartz, J.L.; Wang, T.S.; Hall, J.M.; Johnson, T.M.; Biermann, J.Sybil., 2002:
Melanoma information on the Internet: often incomplete--a public health opportunity?

Bosserhoff, A.K.; Dreau, D.; Hein, R.; Landthaler, M.; Holder, W.D.; Buettner, R., 2000:
Melanoma inhibitory activity (MIA), a serological marker of malignant melanoma

Schaller, U.C.; Mueller, A.J.; Bosserhoff, A.K.; Haraida, S.; Löhrs, U.; Buettner, R.; Kampik, A., 2000:
Melanoma inhibitory activity (MIA). Evaluation of a new tumor-associated antigen as a serum marker for uveal melanomas

Christophers, A.J., 1999:
Melanoma is not caused by sunlight

Orn, P., 1998:
Melanoma markers as a possibility in selective radiotherapy

Hood, A.F., 1993:
Melanoma matters

Platz, A.; Ringborg, U.; Brahme, E.M.; Lagerlöf, B., 1994:
Melanoma metastases from patients with hereditary cutaneous malignant melanoma contain a high frequency of N-ras activating mutations

Uren, R.F.; Thompson, J.F.; Howman-Giles, R.; Shaw, H.M., 2000:
Melanoma metastases in triangular intermuscular space lymph nodes

Cochran, A.J., 2001:
Melanoma metastases through the lymphatic system

Serrano-Ortega, S.; Buendia-Eisman, A.; Ortega del Olmo, R.M.; Linares Solano, J., 2001:
Melanoma metastasis in donor site of full-thickness skin graft

Bootz, F.; Breuninger, H.; Lindstedt-Hilden, M., 1994:
Melanoma metastasis in the oropharynx

Plavsic, B.M.; Robinson, A.E.; Freundlich, I.M.; Williams, J.P.; Tan, E.H., 1994:
Melanoma metastatic to the bronchus: radiologic features in two patients

Martí Mestre, J.; Oliva Encina, J.; Sánchez Martín, F.; Delagneau Rivas, J.; Mendoza Cárcamo, M.; González Núñez, F.; Bosch Príncep, R., 2002:
Melanoma metastatic to the female urethra. Report of a case

Wong, T.Y.; Duncan, L.M.; Mihm, M.C., 1993:
Melanoma mimicking dermal and Spitz's nevus ("nevoid" melanoma)

Reintgen, D., 1996:
Melanoma nodal metastases: biologic significance and therapeutic considerations

Reziapkin, V.V.; Katkov, I.L.; Kuznetsov, D.V.; Schastnaia, T.A., 2001:
Melanoma of glans penis

Korovin, S.I., 1998:
Melanoma of human skin: its epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis

Gołabek, W.; Siwiec, H.; Klatka, J.; Morshed, K., 2002:
Melanoma of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus mucosa

Pisani-Moreau, M.N.; Merigou, D.; Gautier, C.; Bioulac, P.; Geniaux, M.; Delaunay, M.M., 1997:
Melanoma of soft tissues

González, Q.H.; Medina-Franco, H.; Aldrete, J.S., 2002:
Melanoma of the bile ducts. Report of a case and review of the literature

Lam, L.; Krementz, E.; McGinness, C.; Godfrey, R., 2001:
Melanoma of the clavicular region: multimodal treatment

Arrevola Velasco L; Domingo Gordo B; Acero Peña A; Fernández De Castro Pombo J; Martínez Montero JC, 2001:
Melanoma of the eyelid margin: clinical management and oncopathologic study

Hudson, D.A.; Krige, J.E.; Grobbelaar, A.O.; Morgan, B.; Grover, R., 1998:
Melanoma of the face: the safety of narrow excision margins

Varo Solís, C.; Bachiller Burgos, J.; Soto Delgado, M.; Juárez Soto, A.; Hens Pérez, A.; Alvarez-Ossorio, J.L.; Castiñeiras Fernández, J., 1999:
Melanoma of the female urethra: a very infrequent tumor

Hudson, D.A.; Fenn, C.; Krige, J.E.; Johnson, C., 1996:
Melanoma of the foot in white South Africans

Lahoz Zamarro, M.T.; Martínez Subias, J.; Muniesa Soriano, J.A.; Laguía Pérez, M., 2001:
Melanoma of the hard palate

Lentsch, E.J.; Myers, J.N., 2001:
Melanoma of the head and neck: current concepts in diagnosis and management

Ortiz Rey, J.A.; Antón Badiola, I.; Rouco Rouco, J.S.; San Miguel Fraile, P.; Alvarez Alvarez, C.; de la Fuente Buceta, A., 2000:
Melanoma of the intestine in a patient without a known previous primary tumor

Papadopoulos, T.; Thompson, J.F.; Quinn, M.J., 1996 :
Melanoma of the lip

Nepomniashchaia, E.M.; Svetitskiĭ, P.V.; Birina, L.M., 1993:
Melanoma of the mucosa of the mouth and upper respiratory tract

Garzino Demo, P.; Carbon, M.; Carrozzo, M.; Broccoletti, R.; Gandolfo, S., 1997:
Melanoma of the oral cavity. Review of the literature

Ferrari, S.; Delitala, F.; Sesenna, E., 1996:
Melanoma of the palate. Experience with two cases

Phieffer, L.S.; Jones, E.C.; Tonneson, M.G.; Kriegel, D.A., 2002:
Melanoma of the scalp: an underdiagnosed malignancy?

Fulton, J.P., 1996:
Melanoma of the skin in Rhode Island

Claassen, A.T.; van Berlo, C.L.; Coebergh, J.W., 2001:
Melanoma of the skin: excision policy and pathology report writing in the 'Integraal Kankercentrum Zuid' region is in accordance with the guideline in slightly more than half of the patients

Tanaka, N.; Kohama, G., 1997:
Melanoma of the tongue: case report

Anbari, K.K.; Schuchter, L.M.; Bucky, L.P.; Mick, R.; Synnestvedt, M.; Guerry, D.; Hamilton, R.; Halpern, A.C., 1997:
Melanoma of unknown primary site: presentation, treatment, and prognosis--a single institution study. University of Pennsylvania Pigmented Lesion Study Group

Gaube, K.; Paul, E., 2002:
Melanoma on congenital nevus. Malignant differentiation after radiotherapy?

Ariad, S.; Barchana, M., 2000:
Melanoma on kibbutzim

Charles, C.A.; Marghoob, A.A.; Busam, K.J.; Clark-Loeser, L.; Halpern, A.C., 2002:
Melanoma or pigmented basal cell carcinoma: a clinical-pathologic correlation with dermoscopy, in vivo confocal scanning laser microscopy, and routine histology

Balch, C.M.; Ross, M.I., 1999:
Melanoma patients with iliac nodal metastases can be cured

Söllner, W.; Zschocke, I.; Augustin, M., 1998:
Melanoma patients: psychosocial stress, coping with illness and social support. A systematic review

Weber, J., 2000:
Melanoma peptide vaccines: from preclinical background to clinical trials

Lefkowitz, A.; Schwartz, R.A.; Janniger, C.K., 1999:
Melanoma precursors in children

Shaw, H.M.; McCarthy, W.H., 1994:
Melanoma recurrence after excision: is a wide margin justified?

Warso, M.A.; Das Gupta, T.K., 1994:
Melanoma recurrence in a previously dissected lymph node basin

Piepkorn, M., 1998:
Melanoma resection margin recommendations, unconventionally based on available facts

Williams, M.L.; Sagebiel, R.W., 1994:
Melanoma risk factors and atypical moles

Vandaele, M.M.; Richert, B.; Van der Endt, J.D.; Boyden, B.; Brochez, L.; del Marmol, V.; De Boulle, K.; Garmyn, M.; Laporte, M.; Maselis, I.; Pirard, C.; Roseeuw, D.; Schramme, M.; Tromme, I., 2001:
Melanoma screening: results of the first one-day campaign in Belgium ('melanoma Monday')

Manivannan, R.; Aleem, M.A.; Rajarathinam, A.; Rajendran, P.; Meikandan, D.; Chandrasekaran, M.; Raveendran, S.; Ramasubramanian, D., 1999:
Melanoma secondaries presenting as stroke

Bradbury, J., 2001:
Melanoma spread involves signals in cellular environment

Nguyen, C.L.; McClay, E.F.; Cole, D.J.; O'Brien, P.H.; Gillanders, W.E.; Metcalf, J.S.; Maize, J.C.; Baron, P.L., 2001:
Melanoma thickness and histology predict sentinel lymph node status

Sober, A.J., 1993:
Melanoma thickness and prognosis

Theisen, C., 2002:
Melanoma treatment activates immune system against cancer

Djukanovic, D.; Hofmann, U.; Sucker, A.; Schadendorf, D., 2002:
Melanoma tumour markers S100B and MIA: evaluation of stability in serum and blood upon storage and processing

Frank, W.; Rogers, G.S., 1993:
Melanoma update. Second primary melanoma

Jonasch, E., 2002:
Melanoma vaccination: state-of-the-art and experimental approaches

Howe, M., 2002:
Melanoma vaccine launch may be too early

Timms, B., 2001:
Melanoma vaccine launched in Australia

Fintor, L., 2000:
Melanoma vaccine momentum spurs interest, investment

Anonymous, 1998:
Melanoma vaccines

Wobbes, T.; Bonenkamp, J.J., 2002:
Melanoma while using levodopa due to Parkinson's disease--causal association unlikely

Sodi, S.A.; Chakraborty, A.K.; Platt, J.T.; Kolesnikova, N.; Rosemblat, S.; Keh-Yen, A.; Bolognia, J.L.; Rachkovsky, M.L.; Orlow, S.J.; Pawelek, J.M., 1999:
Melanoma x macrophage fusion hybrids acquire increased melanogenesis and metastatic potential: altered N-glycosylation as an underlying mechanism

Check, W.A., 1994:
Melanoma's problems are more than cosmetic

Buske, L., 1998:
Melanoma's toll is on the rise

Ferrone, S., 1994:
Melanoma, immune surveillance, and immunotherapy

James, D.B., 1993:
Melanoma, vitiligo and topographic antigens

O'Connor, W.J.; Barnes, L., 1994:
Melanoma--a five year audit

Oakley, A.; Duffill, M.; Astwood, D.; Reeve, P., 1996 :
Melanoma--diagnosis by telemedicine

Klopfer, M.; Schmidt, T.; Leipert, K.P.; Ugi, I.; Boeck, K.; Hofmann, S., 1997:
Melanoma-associated retinopathy with night blindness. Case report

Bret-Dibat, C.; Rougier, M.B.; Le Rebeller, M.J.; Delaunay, M., 1996:
Melanoma-associated retinopathy. Apropos of a case and review of the literature

Chan, C.; O'Day, J., 2001:
Melanoma-associated retinopathy: does autoimmunity prolong survival?

Dréau, D.; Bosserhoff, A.K.; White, R.L.; Buettner, R.; Holder, W.D., 1999:
Melanoma-inhibitory activity protein concentrations in blood of melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy

Waanders, G.A.; Rimoldi, D.; Liénard, D.; Carrel, S.; Lejeune, F.; Dietrich, P.Y.; Cerottini, J.C.; Romero, P., 1997:
Melanoma-reactive human cytotoxic T lymphocytes derived from skin biopsies of delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions induced by injection of an autologous melanoma cell line

Siders, W.M.; Halloran, P.J.; Fenton, R.G., 1998:
Melanoma-specific cytotoxicity induced by a tyrosinase promoter-enhancer/herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase adenovirus

Ruiter, D.; Bogenrieder, T.; Elder, D.; Herlyn, M., 2002:
Melanoma-stroma interactions: structural and functional aspects

Reeves, M.E.; Coit, D.G., 2000:
Melanoma. A multidisciplinary approach for the general surgeon

Anonymous, 2001:
Melanoma. Epidemiology, diagnosis, clinical and histopathologic criteria of prognosis, clinical course and screening

Arbiser, J.L., 1998:
Melanoma. Lessons from metastases

Ernstoff, M.S., 2000:
Melanoma. Screening and education

Hoffman, S.; Yohn, J.; Robinson, W.; Norris, D., 1994:
Melanoma: 1. Clinical characteristics

Yohn, J.; Hoffman, S.; Norris, D.; Robinson, W., 1994:
Melanoma: 2. Diagnosis and treatment

Négrier, S., 1997:
Melanoma: a new interferon is coming ... handle with care!

MacKenzie-Wood, A.R.; Milton, G.W.; de Launey, J.W., 1998:
Melanoma: accuracy of clinical diagnosis

Dorval, T., 1998:
Melanoma: current controversies and future perspectives

Kelly, J.W., 1994:
Melanoma: detection and management

Dreiling, L.; Hoffman, S.; Robinson, W.A., 1996:
Melanoma: epidemiology, pathogenesis, and new modes of treatment

Cornish, D.; Smith, M.; Polack, E.P., 2001:
Melanoma: latest diagnosis methods, surgical treatments and follow-up procedures

Heenan, P.J., 2002:
Melanoma: margins for error

Thomas, J.M., 1996:
Melanoma: questions for the future

Aubin, F.; Humbey, O.; Humbert, P.; Laurent, R.; Mougin, C., 2001:
Melanoma: role of ultraviolet radiation: from physiology to pathology

Achten, G.; André, J., 1993:
Melanoma: some data

McCarthy, J.T., 1997:
Melanoma: stop the epidemic

Trimble, E.L., 1996:
Melanomas of the vulva and vagina

Slingluff, C.L.; Colella, T.A.; Thompson, L.; Graham, D.D.; Skipper, J.C.; Caldwell, J.; Brinckerhoff, L.; Kittlesen, D.J.; Deacon, D.H.; Oei, C.; Harthun, N.L.; Huczko, E.L.; Hunt, D.F.; Darrow, T.L.; Engelhard, V.H., 2001:
Melanomas with concordant loss of multiple melanocytic differentiation proteins: immune escape that may be overcome by targeting unique or undefined antigens

Halaban, R.; Miglarese, M.R.; Smicun, Y.; Puig, S., 1998:
Melanomas, from the cell cycle point of view (Review)

Rennie, I., 1993:
Melanomas, metastases, and survival

Laughon, S.K.; Shinn, L.L.; Nunley, J.R., 2001:
Melanonychia and mucocutaneous hyperpigmentation due to hydroxyurea use in an HIV-infected patient

Vélez, A.; Fernández-Roldán, J.C.; Linares, M.; Casal, M., 1996:
Melanonychia due to Candida humicola

Korzets, Z.; Rathaus, M., 2000:
Melanonychia--a perplexing differential diagnosis

Provance, D.William.; James, T.L.; Mercer, J.A., 2002:
Melanophilin, the product of the leaden locus, is required for targeting of myosin-Va to melanosomes

Panda, S.; Sato, T.K.; Castrucci, A.Maria.; Rollag, M.D.; DeGrip, W.J.; Hogenesch, J.B.; Provencio, I.; Kay, S.A., 2002:
Melanopsin (Opn4) requirement for normal light-induced circadian phase shifting

Kirchner, J.; Kirchner, E.M., 2001:
Melanoptysis: findings on CT and MRI

LeBoit, P.E., 2002:
Melanosis and its meanings

Pardi, D.S.; Tremaine, W.J.; Rothenberg, H.J.; Batts, K.P., 1998:
Melanosis coli in inflammatory bowel disease

Bertram, P.D., 1993:
Melanosis coli: a consequence of "alternative therapy" for psoriasis

Kuo, Y.C.; Lee, P.H.; Lo, T.H., 1999:
Melanosis duodeni: a case report

Murray, C.; D'Intino, Y.; MacCormick, R.; Nassar, B.; Walsh, N., 1999:
Melanosis in association with metastatic malignant melanoma: report of a case and a unifying concept of pathogenesis

Banai, J.; Fenyvesi, A.; Gonda, G.; Petö, I., 1997:
Melanosis jejuni

Bogomoletz, W.V.; Lecat, M.; Amoros, F., 1997:
Melanosis of the oesophagus in a Western patient

Veinot, J.P.; Ghadially, F.N., 1999:
Melanosis thyroidi

Brilliant, M.; Gardner, J., 2001:
Melanosomal pH, pink locus protein and their roles in melanogenesis

Hach, P.; Borovanský, J.; Vedralová, E., 1993:
Melanosome--a sophisticated organelle

Kim, I.T.; Choi, J.B., 1999:
Melanosomes of retinal pigment epithelium--distribution, shape, and acid phosphatase activity

Valentijn, J.A.; Vaudry, H.; Kloas, W.; Cazin, L., 1994:
Melanostatin (NPY) inhibited electrical activity in frog melanotrophs through modulation of K+, Na+ and Ca2+ currents

Shabanov, P.D.; Lebedev, A.A.; Nozdrachev, A.D., 1999:
Melanostatin analog alaptide is a functional marker of social isolation state in rats

Mello, R.J..V..; Vidal, A.K..L..; Fittipaldi, Hácio.M..; Montenegro, L.T..; Calheiros, L.M..C..; Rocha, Gúlio.I.., 2001:
Melanotic Neuroectodermal Tumor of Infancy: Clinicopathologic Study of a Case, with Emphasis on the Chemotherapeutic Effects

Menni, S.; Boccardi, D., 2001:
Melanotic macules of the tongue in a newborn

Vorontsova, N.V.; Klimashevskiĭ, V.F.; Uporov, A.V.; Iurin, A.G., 1996:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor in a newborn

Jurincic-Winkler, C.; Metz, K.A.; Klippel, K.F., 1994:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy (MNTI) in the epididymis. A case report with immunohistological studies and special consideration of malignant features

Eckardt, A.; Swennen, G.; Teltzrow, T., 2001:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy involving the mandible: 7-year follow-up after hemimandibulectomy and costochondral graft reconstruction

Khoddami, M.; Squire, J.; Zielenska, M.; Thorner, P., 1999:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy: a molecular genetic study

Gomez, R.S.; Carvalho Silva, E.; Castro, W.H., 1996:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy: report of a case

Nishio, S.; Morioka, T.; Murakami, N.; Fukui, M.; Inamitsu, T.; Ishihara, S., 1999:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of infancy at the anterior fontanelle

Franchi, G.; Sleilati, F.; Soupre, V.; Boudjemaa, S.; Josset, P.; Diner, P.A.; Vazquez, M.P., 2002:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of infancy involving the orbit and maxilla: surgical management and follow-up strategy

Kalra, N.; Srivastava, D.; Goswami, A.; Narang, A.; Rani, U., 2002:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of infancy: a case report

Sharma, M.C.; Mahapatra, A.K.; Sudha, K.; Gaikwad, S., 1996:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of infancy: immunohistochemical and histogenetic consideration

Gorhan, C.; Soto-Ares, G.; Ruchoux, M.M.; Blond, S.; Pruvo, J.P., 2002:
Melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of the pineal region

Vajtai, I.; Varga, Z.; Bodosi, M.; Vörös, E., 1995:
Melanotic papilloma of the choroid plexus: report of a case with implications for pathogenesis

Dilu, N.J.; Bobe, A.; Sokolo, M.R., 1998:
Melanotic progonoma. Apropos of a voluminous tumor in an infant

Aka, G.K.; Adou, A.; Crezoit, G.E.; Coulibaly, N.; Konan, E.; Assa, A.; Angoh, Y.; Gadegbeku, S., 1994:
Melanotic progonoma: apropos of 3 cases

Konez, O.; Vyas, P.K.; Goyal, M., 2000:
Melanotic schwannoma mimicking myositis ossificans

Di Bella, C.; Declich, P.; Assi, A.; Cenacchi, G.; Sironi, M.; Cozzi, L.; Griner, A., 1997:
Melanotic schwannoma of the sympathetic ganglia: a histologic, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study

Konjiki, O.; Fujii, H.; Masaru, T.; Ebihara, Y., 1998:
Melanotic schwannoma with a high level of catecholamine in an elderly patient

Bouziani, A.; Kammoun, N.; Zidi, B.; Ben Hamadi, F.; Benzarti, H.; Khelil, A.; Ben Ayed, M., 1994:
Melanotic schwannoma. A case with review of the literature

Junko, J.T.; Agamanolis, D.; Weiner, S.D., 1999:
Melanotic schwannoma. An unusual case of an ossified soft tissue mass

Kanitakis, J.; Brutzkus, A.; Butnaru, A.Cristina.; Claudy, A., 2002:
Melanotrichoblastoma: immunohistochemical study of a variant of pigmented trichoblastoma

Panova, I.G.; Sologub, A.A.; Burlakova, O.V.; Stroeva, O.G., 1993:
Melanotropic activity in the hypophysis and blood of Wistar rats in early postnatal development

Jiang, J.; Sharma, S.D.; Fink, J.L.; Hadley, M.E.; Hruby, V.J., 1996:
Melanotropic peptide receptors: membrane markers of human melanoma cells

Kauh, Y.C.; Zachian, T.F., 1999:

Sarkar, R.; Jain, R.K.; Puri, P., 2003:
Melasma in Indian males

Johnston, G.A.; Sviland, L.; McLelland, J., 1999:
Melasma of the arms associated with hormone replacement therapy

O'Brien, T.J.; Dyall-Smith, D.; Hall, A.P., 1997:
Melasma of the forearms

Guevara, I.L.; Pandya, A.G., 2001:
Melasma treated with hydroquinone, tretinoin, and a fluorinated steroid

Paredes, D.; Rada, P.; Bonilla, E.; Gonzalez, L.E.; Parada, M.; Hernandez, L., 2000:
Melatonin acts on the nucleus accumbens to increase acetylcholine release and modify the motor activity pattern of rats

Luboshitzky, R.; Shen-Orr, Z.; Shochat, T.; Herer, P.; Lavie, P., 2000:
Melatonin administered in the afternoon decreases next-day luteinizing hormone levels in men: lack of antagonism by flumazenil

Görgün, F.Murat.; Oztürk, Z.; Gümüştaş, M.Koray.; Kökogu, E., 2002:
Melatonin administration affects plasma total sialic acid and lipid peroxidation levels in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Playe, S.J., 1999 :
Melatonin after night shift work

Takahashi, T.; Sasaki, M.; Itoh, H.; Yamadera, W.; Ozone, M.; Obuchi, K.; Hayashida, K-Ichi.; Matsunaga, N.; Sano, H., 2002:
Melatonin alleviates jet lag symptoms caused by an 11-hour eastward flight

Song, W.; Lahiri, D.K., 1998:
Melatonin alters the metabolism of the beta-amyloid precursor protein in the neuroendocrine cell line PC12

Poon, A.M.; Mak, A.S.; Luk, H.T., 1996:
Melatonin and 2[125I]iodomelatonin binding sites in the human colon

Hardeland, R.; Burkhardt, S.; Antolín, I.; Fuhrberg, B.; Coto-Montes, A., 2000:
Melatonin and 5-methoxytryptamine in the bioluminescent dinoflagellate Gonyaulax polyedra. Restoration of the circadian glow peak after suppression of indoleamine biosynthesis or oxidative stress

Teplitzky, S.R.; Blask, D.E.; Cheng, Q.; Myers, L.; Hill, S.M., 2000:
Melatonin and 9-cis-retinoic acid in the chemoprevention of NMU-induced rat mammary carcinoma

Brodner, W.; Krepler, P.; Nicolakis, M.; Langer, M.; Kaider, A.; Lack, W.; Waldhauser, F., 2000:
Melatonin and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Touitou, Y.; Bogdan, A.; Auzéby, A.; Selmaoui, B., 1999:
Melatonin and aging

Rúzsás, C.; Mess, Béla., 2001:
Melatonin and aging. A brief survey

Touitou, Y., 1997:
Melatonin and aging: facts and artifacts

Fauteck, J.D.; Dittgen, M.; Farker, K.; Hoffmann, A.; Hoffmann, H.; Lerchl, A.; Wittkowski, W., 2000:
Melatonin and aging: relevance for clinical approach?

Pevet, P., 1999:
Melatonin and biological rhythms

Touitou, Y.; Selmaoui, B.; Zhao, Z.Y.; San Martin, M.; Bogdan, A., 1996:
Melatonin and biological rhythms: various aspects in human physiopathology

Krause, D.N.; Geary, G.G.; Doolen, S.; Duckles, S.P., 2000:
Melatonin and cardiovascular function

Rapoport, S.I.; Shatalova, A.M., 2001:
Melatonin and cardiovascular performance regulation

Claustrat, B.; Brun, J.; Borson-Chazot, F., 2002:
Melatonin and circadian rhythm

Carranza-Lira, S.; García López, F., 2001:
Melatonin and climactery

Marktl, W.; Brugger, P.; Herold, M., 1998:
Melatonin and coronary heart disease

Fonzi, S.; Solinas, G.P.; Costelli, P.; Parodi, C.; Murialdo, G.; Bo, P.; Albergati, A.; Montalbetti, L.; Savoldi, F.; Polleri, A., 1994:
Melatonin and cortisol circadian secretion during ethanol withdrawal in chronic alcoholics

Bylesjö, I.; Forsgren, L.; Wetterberg, L., 2001:
Melatonin and epileptic seizures in patients with acute intermittent porphyria

Anisimov, V.N.; Aruiunian, A.V.; Khavinson, V.Kh., 1996:
Melatonin and epithalamin extinguishes the lipid peroxidation process in rats

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