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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46666

Chapter 46666 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Turner-Boutle, M.; Sowden, A.; Gilbody, S., 1997:
Mental health promotion in high-risk groups

Paul, D.; Hagan, L., 1988:
Mental health promotion in the local community service centres in Quebec

Richardson, G.E.; Waite, P.J., 2002:
Mental health promotion through resilience and resiliency education

Massé, G., 1996:
Mental health prospects in France

Sokalska, M.E., 1996:
Mental health protection

Anonymous, 1998:
Mental health provider contracts for intensive community services

Gabel, S.; Oster, G.D., 1999:
Mental health providers confronting organizational change: process, problems, and strategies

Pallarito, K., 1994:
Mental health providers find a financing formula minus the usual red tape

Ford, R.; Sathyamoorthy, G., 1996:
Mental health purchasing. Team games

Lasko, K.; Vadrevu, K.Prasad.; Nguyen, T.Thi.Nhat., 2018:
Analysis of air pollution over Hanoi, Vietnam using multi-satellite and MERRA reanalysis datasets

Horsfall, J.; Cleary, M., 2002:
Mental health quality improvement: what about ethics?

Paris, M.L., 1997:
Mental health quality measurement in the Department of Defense. A developing system

O'Brien, C., 1999:
Mental health questions for licensure. Who benefits?

Anonymous, 1999:
Mental health record can blight your career

Hostetler, D., 1986:
Mental health record section meeting focuses on quality

Krajewska, C., 1997:
Mental health records in Scotland: some considerations associated with long-term retention

Carpenter, J., 2002:
Mental health recovery paradigm: implications for social work

Swenson, J.Robert.; Bradwejn, J., 2002:
Mental health reform and evolution of general psychiatry in Ontario

Rochefort, D.A., 1996:
Mental health reform and inclusion of the mentally ill: dilemmas of U.S. policy-making

Berland, A., 2002 :
Mental health reform in British Columbia

Elliott, R.L., 1996:
Mental health reform in Georgia, 1992 to 1996

Hasan, M.K.; Shellhorse, M., 1996:
Mental health reform: a practical approach

Cloud, J., 1999:
Mental health reform: what it would really take

Tomov, T., 2002:
Mental health reforms in Eastern Europe

Fursland, E., 2002:
Mental health rehabilitation

Imamura, K., 1996:
Mental health research in Japan

King, M., 1998:
Mental health research in general practice: from head counts to outcomes

Anonymous, 1997:
Mental health research network

Hoffmann, N.E., 1994:
Mental health resources in the United States

Anonymous, 2001:
Mental health resources in the world: initial results of Project ATLAS

Michaelson, A.; Nitzberg, L.; Rubinton, P., 1985:
Mental health resources library: a consumer guide to the literature

Kasim, O.Faith.; Abshare, M.Woldetisadik.; Agbola, S.Babatunde., 2017:
Analysis of air quality in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Aroian, K., 1993:
Mental health risks and problems encountered by illegal immigrants

Reinstein, M., 1984:
Mental health scenery: MHAM perspectives

Feijó, R.B.; Saueressig, M.; Salazar, C.; Chaves, M.L., 1997:
Mental health screening by self-report questionnaire among community adolescents in southern Brazil

Regan, J.; Alderson, A., 2002:
Mental health series. Predicting dangerousness

Wagenfeld, M.O.; Murray, J.D.; Mohatt, D.F.; DeBruyn, J.C., 1997:
Mental health service delivery in rural areas: organizational and clinical issues

Pasnau, R.O.; Stoessel, P., 1994:
Mental health service for medical students

Anonymous, 1984:
Mental health service guide. High impact; low cost

Galbis, R., 1977:
Mental health service in a Hispano community

Carter, J.H., 1977:
Mental health service in a black community

Windle, C.; Sharfstein, S.S., 1982:
Mental health service policy and program evaluation: living in sin?

Toews, J., 1980:
Mental health service priorities in a time of restraint

Johnson, S.; Zinkler, M.; Priebe, S., 2002:
Mental health service provision in England

Hewitt, M.; Rowland, J.H., 2002:
Mental health service use among adult cancer survivors: analyses of the National Health Interview Survey

Caton, C.L., 1995:
Mental health service use among homeless and never-homeless men with schizophrenia

Becker, M.; Stiles, P.; Schonfeld, L., 2002:
Mental health service use and cost of care for older adults in assisted living facilities: implications for public policy

Matthews, A.K.; Hughes, T.L., 2001:
Mental health service use by African American women: exploration of subpopulation differences

Narrow, W.E.; Regier, D.A.; Norquist, G.; Rae, D.S.; Kennedy, C.; Arons, B., 2000:
Mental health service use by Americans with severe mental illnesses

Bartels, S.J.; Forester, B.; Miles, K.M.; Joyce, T., 2000:
Mental health service use by elderly patients with bipolar disorder and unipolar major depression

Leaf, P.J.; Alegria, M.; Cohen, P.; Goodman, S.H.; Horwitz, S.M.; Hoven, C.W.; Narrow, W.E.; Vaden-Kiernan, M.; Regier, D.A., 1996:
Mental health service use in the community and schools: results from the four-community MECA Study. Methods for the Epidemiology of Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders Study

Ross, H.E.; Lin, E.; Cunningham, J., 1999:
Mental health service use: a comparison of treated and untreated individuals with substance use disorders in Ontario

Forrest, S.; Risk, I.; Masters, H.; Brown, N., 2000:
Mental health service user involvement in nurse education: exploring the issues

Al-Krenawi, A., 2002:
Mental health service utilization among the Arabs in Israel

Cooper-Patrick, L.; Gallo, J.J.; Powe, N.R.; Steinwachs, D.M.; Eaton, W.W.; Ford, D.E., 1999:
Mental health service utilization by African Americans and Whites: the Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area Follow-Up

New, M.; Berliner, L., 2000:
Mental health service utilization by victims of crime

Goodwin, R.D.; Hoven, C.W.; Lyons, J.S.; Stein, M.B., 2003:
Mental health service utilization in the United States. The role of personality factors

Ell, K.; Larson, D.; Finch, W.; Sattler, F.; Nishimoto, R., 1988:
Mental health services among ambulatory patients with human immunodeficiency syndrome infections

Alem, A., 2001:
Mental health services and epidemiology of mental health problems in Ethiopia

Fogel, B., 1993:
Mental health services and outcome-driven health care

Castle, N.G.; Shea, D.G., 1997:
Mental health services and the mortality of nursing home residents

Lipton, G.L., 1982:
Mental health services are a part of health service delivery

Yamey, G., 1999:
Mental health services are failing children and adolescents

Kovess, V., 1997:
Mental health services description. Prospects for the future

Moreno Küstner, B.; Torres González, F.; Godoy García, J.F., 2002:
Mental health services evaluation

Dana, R.H., 2002:
Mental health services for African Americans: a cultural/racial perspective

Bartels, S.J.; Colenda, C.C., 1998:
Mental health services for Alzheimer's disease. Current trends in reimbursement and public policy, and the future under managed care

Manson, S.M., 2000:
Mental health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives: need, use, and barriers to effective care

Takeuchi, D.T.; Mokuau, N.; Chun, C.A., 1992:
Mental health services for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Lorenzo, M.K.; Adler, D.A., 1984:
Mental health services for Chinese in a community health center

Hough, R.L.; Hazen, A.L.; Soriano, F.I.; Wood, P.; McCabe, K.; Yeh, M., 2002:
Mental health services for Latino adolescents with psychiatric disorders

Lindsey, C., 2002:
Mental health services for children and adolescents. Raised profile of child health services is welcome

O'Donnell, M., 2002:
Mental health services for children and adolescents. Titles are ridiculous

Schneiderman, M.; Connors, M.M.; Fribourg, A.; Gries, L.; Gonzales, M., 1998:
Mental health services for children in out-of-home care

Pfefferbaum, B.; Call, J.A.; Sconzo, G.M., 1999:
Mental health services for children in the first two years after the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing

Groves, B.M., 2000:
Mental health services for children who witness domestic violence

Plaut, S.M.; Maxwell, S.A.; Seng, L.; O'Brien, J.J.; Fairclough, G.F., 1993:
Mental health services for medical students: perceptions of students, student affairs deans, and mental health providers

Prizzia, R.; Mokuah, N., 1992:
Mental health services for native Hawaiians: the need for culturally relevant services

Shea, D.G.; Smyer, M.A.; Streit, A., 1993:
Mental health services for nursing home residents: what will it cost?

Van Stone, W.W.; Goldstein, M.Z., 1993:
Mental health services for older adults in the VA system

Hassiotis, A.; Barron, P.; O'Hara, J., 2000:
Mental health services for people with learning disabilities. A complete overhaul is needed with strong links to mainstream services

Neville, B.G., 2001:
Mental health services for people with learning disabilities. Medical needs are important too

Doody, G., 2001:
Mental health services for people with learning disabilities. People with comorbidity can fall between two stools

Cutler, L.A., 2002:
Mental health services for persons with mental retardation: role of the advanced practice psychiatric nurse

Chalifoux, Z.; Neese, J.B.; Buckwalter, K.C.; Litwak, E.; Abraham, I.L., 1996:
Mental health services for rural elderly: innovative service strategies

Finkel, S.I., 1984:
Mental health services for the elderly: current policies & future directions

Symington, R., 1998:
Mental health services for young people: 'inadequate and patchy'

Ferriman, 1999:
Mental health services framework welcomed

Anonymous, 2001:
Mental health services guide. Who provides what, where: mental health

Engel, C.C.; Kroenke, K.; Katon, W.J., 1994:
Mental health services in Army primary care: the need for a collaborative health care agenda

Phillips, M.R., 2000:
Mental health services in China

Schwartz, H.I., 2000:
Mental health services in Connecticut: troubled systems in a time of crisis

Hollingsworth, E.J., 1996:
Mental health services in England: the 1990s

McClelland, R.; Webb, M.; Mock, G., 2000:
Mental health services in Ireland

Aviram, U., 1996:
Mental health services in Israel at a crossroads: promises and pitfalls of mental health services in the context of the new national health insurance

Kaplan, Z.; Koler, M.; Witztum, E., 2001:
Mental health services in Israel--reforms and directions

Kates, N., 1993:
Mental health services in Israel: current state and future directions

Mino, Y., 1994:
Mental health services in Japan: development of community care for mentally ill patients and their families

Wilson, J., 2000:
Mental health services in New Zealand

Davis, P.S.; Rees, C.S., 1998:
Mental health services in Perth nursing homes

Svab, V.; Tomori, M., 2002 :
Mental health services in Slovenia

Taylor, R.J.; Ellison, C.G.; Chatters, L.M.; Levin, J.S.; Lincoln, K.D., 2000:
Mental health services in faith communities: the role of clergy in black churches

Moak, G.; Borson, S., 2000:
Mental health services in long-term care: still an unmet need

Colenda, C.C.; Banazak, D.; Mickus, M., 1998:
Mental health services in managed care: quality questions remain

Baruch, G., 2001:
Mental health services in schools: the challenge of locating a psychotherapy service for troubled adolescent pupils in mainstream and special schools

Bezold, C., 1994:
Mental health services in the 21st century: challenges and vision

Okasha, A., 2000:
Mental health services in the Arab world

Mechanic, D., 1993:
Mental health services in the context of health insurance reform

Muzekari, L.H.; Lonigan, C.J.; Hatton, A.Y.; Rowe, C., 1999:
Mental health services in the county jail: a critical partnership?

Kates, N.; Craven, M.; Crustolo, A.M.; Nikoloau, L., 1998:
Mental health services in the family physician's office: a Canadian experiment

Mayo, T.L., 1997:
Mental health services in the home: a balance of sophistication and caring

Ito, H.; Sederer, L.I., 1999:
Mental health services reform in Japan

Takeuchi, D.T.; Kramer, E.J., 2002:
Mental health services research in Asian Americans

Moul, D.E., 1996:
Mental health services research on the aging: new opportunities and challenges for clinical researchers

Anonymous, 1999:
Mental health services should aim to improve safety

Ettner, S.L., 1997:
Mental health services under Medicare: the influence of economic incentives

Rodriguez, A.R., 1995:
Mental health services under health reform: the less government, the better

Summerfelt, W.T.; Foster, E.M.; Saunders, R.C., 1996:
Mental health services utilization in a children's mental health managed care demonstration

Levin, B.L., 1992:
Mental health services within the HMO group

McFadyen, J.A.; Farrington, A., 1998:
Mental health services--maintaining strategic direction

Burd, M.; Chambers, R.; Cohen, A.; King, M.; Lloyd, H.; Maxwell, R.; Robson, D.; Tudor-Miles, P.; Tylee, A.; Wright, A., 2000:
Mental health services--primary concerns for the future

Campbell, P., 1993:
Mental health services--the user's view

Clarke, P.; McCarthy, T., 2001:
Mental health services. Called to the bench

Jaycock, J.; Bamber, T., 2001:
Mental health services. On the look-out

Korman, N., 1984:
Mental health services. Planning a change for the better

Mahoney, J.; Sashidharan, S., 1999:
Mental health services. Poor relations

Lelliott, P.; Audini, B.; Knapp, M., 1996:
Mental health services. The cost of living

Pottle, C.H., 1983:
Mental health services: stalemate in development

Anonymous, 1993:
Mental health share of state health and welfare spending dropped between 1981-90, study shows

Ebrahim, S., 1997:
Mental health should be measured by same instrument in different ethnic populations

Davies, M.; Woolgrove, M., 2001:
Mental health social work and the use of supervision registers for patients at risk

Firth, M.T., 1997:
Mental health social work in primary care

Scheffler, R.; Ivey, S.L., 1998:
Mental health staffing in managed care organizations: a case study

Moore, C.; Muijen, M., 1994:
Mental health staffing. The secret service

Anonymous, 1977:
Mental health standards and human rights

Randhawa, J.; Riley, R., 1996:
Mental health statistics, 1982-83 to 1993-94

Malgady, R.G.; Rogler, L.H., 1993:
Mental health status among Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, and non-Hispanic whites: the case of the misbegotten hypothesis

Constantian, A.R., 1998:
Mental health status and visit rates of active duty members and their families: findings from the 1994-1995 Department of Defense Health Beneficiary Survey

Keyes, E.F., 2001:
Mental health status in refugees: an integrative review of current research

Mościcka, A.; Makowska, Z.; Merecz, D.; Kolasa, W., 2002:
Mental health status in workers: the results based on the Munich version of the International Composite Diagnostic Interview (M-CIDI)

Carlson, E.B.; Rosser-Hogan, R., 1993:
Mental health status of Cambodian refugees ten years after leaving their homes

Khavarpour, F.; Rissel, C., 1998:
Mental health status of Iranian migrants in Sydney

Holtz, T.H.; Salama, P.; Lopes Cardozo, B.; Gotway, C.A., 2002:
Mental health status of human rights workers, Kosovo, June 2000

Taylor, A.W.; Wilson, D.H.; Dal Grande, E.; Ben-Tovim, D.; Elzinga, R.H.; Goldney, R.D.; MacFarlane, A.C.; Cheok, F.; Kirke, K., 2000:
Mental health status of the South Australian population

Boyle, M.H.; Offord, D.R.; Campbell, D.; Catlin, G.; Goering, P.; Lin, E.; Racine, Y.A., 1996:
Mental health supplement to the Ontario Health Survey: methodology

Maynard, L., 1996:
Mental health support for senior NHS managers

Ueno, N.; Fujita, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Tome, M.; Asano, H., 1998:
Mental health surveys of old people, using self-rating depression scale(SDS) comparison between ones in hospital with ones at home

Shera, W.; Aviram, U.; Healy, B.; Ramon, S., 2002:
Mental health system reform: a multi country comparison

Baskin, D., 1983:
Mental health systems and services abroad

Baskin, D., 1982:
Mental health systems and services in the United States

Corrigan, P.W.; Lickey, S.E.; Campion, J.; Rashid, F., 2000:
Mental health team leadership and consumers satisfaction and quality of life

Hanily, F., 1995:
Mental health teams in the community

Kendrick, T.; Burns, T., 1996:
Mental health teams should concentrate on psychiatric patients with greatest needs

Lessing, K.; Blignault, I., 2001:
Mental health telemedicine programmes in Australia

Willis, J., 1999:
Mental health therapies

Secker, J.; Hill, K., 2002:
Mental health training and development needs of community agency staff

Garfield, C.A.; Larson, D.G.; Schuldberg, D., 1983:
Mental health training and the hospice community: a national survey

Anonymous, 1979:
Mental health training for Appalachian nurses

Vamvakas, A.; Rowe, M., 2001:
Mental health training in emergency homeless shelters

Secker, J.; Pidd, F.; Parham, A., 2000:
Mental health training needs of primary health care nurses

Norris, C.; Cooke, E., 2002:
Mental health training scheme for police officers

Tanabe, N.; Vasilescu, Dş.M.; Kirby, M.; Coxson, H.O.; Verleden, S.E.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Kinose, D.; Nakano, Y.; Paré, P.D.; Hogg, J.C., 2018:
Analysis of airway pathology in COPD using a combination of computed tomography, micro-computed tomography and histology

Winett, R.A.; Majors, J.S.; Stewart, G., 1979:
Mental health treatment and referral practices of clergy and physician caregivers

Holder, H.D.; Blose, J.O., 1986:
Mental health treatment and the reduction of health care costs: a four-year study of U.S. Federal employees enrollment with the Aetna Life Insurance Company

Anonymous, 1978:
Mental health treatment for minors

Parikh, S.V.; Lin, E.; Lesage, A.D., 1998:
Mental health treatment in Ontario: selected comparisons between the primary care and specialty sectors

Hendryx, M.S.; Doebbeling, B.N.; Kearns, D.L., 1994:
Mental health treatment in primary care: physician treatment choices and psychiatric admission rates

Hodgins, S., 1993:
Mental health treatment services in Québec for persons accused or convicted of criminal offences

Yank, G.R.; Barber, J.W.; Spradlin, W.W., 1994:
Mental health treatment teams and leadership: a systems model

Brahams, D., 1993:
Mental health tribunal overruled

Jiménez, A.L.; Alegría, M.; Peña, M.; Vera, M., 1997:
Mental health utilization in women with symptoms of depression

Mahon, N.E.; Yarcheski, A.; Yarcheski, T.J., 2001:
Mental health variables and positive health practices in early adolescents

Dallender, J.; Nolan, P., 2002:
Mental health work observed: a comparison of the perceptions of psychiatrists and mental health nurses

Benyakar, M.; Kretsch, R.; Baruch, E., 1994:
Mental health work with Gulf War evacuees: the use of a transitional therapeutic space

Lueger, R.J., 1981:
Mental health workers' ratings of the importance of the goals of a cooperative CMHC-state hospital screening-aftercare program

Anonymous, 1996:
Mental health workforce development

Melnyk, B.Mazurek.; Feinstein, N.Fischbeck.; Tuttle, J.; Moldenhauer, Z.; Herendeen, P.; Veenema, T.Goodwin.; Brown, H.; Gullo, S.; McMurtrie, M.; Small, L., 2002:
Mental health worries, communication, and needs in the year of the U.S. terrorist attack: national KySS survey findings

Hersch, R.G., 1995:
Mental health's contribution to the financial performance of a utilization management program

Klusch, L., 1999:
Mental health's impact on payment under PPS

Luckhurst, A.J., 1991:
Mental health, HIV and AIDS: a review of the literature

French, M.T.; Zarkin, G.A., 2002:
Mental health, absenteeism and earnings at a large manufacturing worksite

Deikman, A.J., 2001:
Mental health, aging, and the role of service

Montoya, I.D.; Bell, D.C.; Atkinson, J.S.; Nagy, C.W.; Whitsett, D.D., 2002:
Mental health, drug use, and the transition from welfare to work

Weist, M.D.; Proescher, E.; Prodente, C.; Ambrose, M.G.; Waxman, R.P., 2001:
Mental health, health, and education staff working together in schools

Thommasen, H.V.; Lavanchy, M.; Connelly, I.; Berkowitz, J.; Grzybowski, S., 2001:
Mental health, job satisfaction, and intention to relocate. Opinions of physicians in rural British Columbia

Ebersole, P.R., 1997:
Mental health, mental illness, and old age

Lester, N., 1999:
Mental health, mental retardation embracing the new millennium: a nursing prospective for Arlington Developmental Center

Meijer, A.M.; Habekothé, R.T.; van den Wittenboer, G.L., 2002:
Mental health, parental rules and sleep in pre-adolescents

MacDonald, C.; Chamberlain, K.; Long, N.; Pereira-Laird, J.; Mirfin, M.K., 1998:
Mental health, physical health, and stressors reported by New Zealand Defence Force peacekeepers: a longitudinal study

Pérodeau, G.; Lauzon, S.; Lévesque, L.; Lachance, L., 2001:
Mental health, stress correlates and psychotropic drug use or non-use among aged caregivers to elders with dementia

Anonymous, 1998:
Mental health, substance abuse programs receive 15 percent funding hike

Roberts, H., 2002:
Mental health, truth, and justice in Guatemala

Prosser, D.; Johnson, S.; Kuipers, E.; Dunn, G.; Szmukler, G.; Reid, Y.; Bebbington, P.; Thornicroft, G., 1999:
Mental health, "burnout" and job satisfaction in a longitudinal study of mental health staff

Prosser, D.; Johnson, S.; Kuipers, E.; Szmukler, G.; Bebbington, P.; Thornicroft, G., 1996:
Mental health, "burnout' and job satisfaction among hospital and community-based mental health staff

Hollahan, M.J., 1976:
Mental health--United States ex rel. Mathew v. Nelson--civil commitment of the mentally ill based on a finding of dangerousness is constitutional

Hopton, J., 1998:
Mental health--a blast from the past

Robinson, D., 1988:
Mental health--a community care perspective

Warner, L., 1998:
Mental health--don't just role over and die

Repper, J., 1997:
Mental health--fear and loathing

Garfinkel, P.E.; Goldbloom, D.S., 2000:
Mental health--getting beyond stigma and categories

Burrow, S., 1993:
Mental health--inside the walls

Zito, J., 1998:
Mental health--lessons from the outside

Keukens, R.; van Pernis, H., 1998:
Mental health--out of the darkness

Wurst, E.; Maslo, R., 1996:
Mental health--personality--existentialism. An empirical contribution from the existential analytic viewpoint

Goodman, R., 1979:
Mental health--restraint or treatment in institutions--right to refuse treatment based on right of privacy

McGovern, J.J., 1976:
Mental health--the right to refuse drug therapy under "emergency restraint statutes"

Carlowe, J., 1997:
Mental health--the secret history

Safran, M.A.; Waller, R.R., 1996:
Mental health-related calls to the CDC National AIDS Hotline

White, C., 1997:
Mental health. A bad press

Moore, A., 1998:
Mental health. A mind to change with the times

Burnett, S., 1994:
Mental health. A new lease on life

Barker, P., 1994:
Mental health. A partnership for change

Patmore, C., 1994:
Mental health. A problem shared ...

Heginbotham, C.; Bosanquet, N., 1995:
Mental health. A promise of better things to come

Renshaw, J.; Gardner, C., 1994:
Mental health. Acting on the evidence

Zilkha, D., 1999:
Mental health. Addicted to self-affirmation?

Anonymous, 2000:
Mental health. Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Anonymous, 2002:
Mental health. All about satisfaction

Minghella, E.; Ford, R., 1997:
Mental health. All for one or one for all?

Naya, K.; Ford, R., 1997:
Mental health. All the way there and back again

O'Dowd, A., 2002:
Mental health. All you need is help

Woodhead, A., 1995:
Mental health. An extra-special relationship

Adshead, G.; Morris, F., 1995:
Mental health. Another time, another place

Ford, R., 2000:
Mental health. As you don't like it

Jolley, D.; Pyrah, M.; Morris, T.; Read, K.; Collier, J.; Qureshi, J., 1997:
Mental health. Back from the brink

Leff, J.; Trieman, N.; Knapp, M.; Carrier, J., 1995:
Mental health. Beyond the asylum

Wallcraft, J., 1993:
Mental health. Bitter lessons

Munro, R., 2002:
Mental health. Bringing patients back from the brink

Anonymous, 1996:
Mental health. Budget cut here, service cut there

Hemmings, A., 1997:
Mental health. Calls for help

Hart, C., 2000:
Mental health. Care out of chaos

Murray, S.; Fraser, A.; Williams, M.; Clancy, M., 1997:
Mental health. Careering around

Allen, C.; Rodrigues, L., 1997:
Mental health. Changing of the old guard

Dralle, P.W., 2002:
Mental health. Coalition needed to address lack of resources for dually diagnosed

McGarrell, E.; Bennett, E.; Wright, C., 1998:
Mental health. Commissioned for service

Hyde, A., 1985:
Mental health. Commitment to an identity

Brown, D.; Carson, J.; Fagin, L.; Bartlett, H.; Leary, J., 1994:
Mental health. Coping with caring

Morning, D., 1994:
Mental health. Coping with violence: workshops for CPNs

Gray, P.; Baulcombe, S., 1996:
Mental health. Crisis de coeur

Bender, M., 1986:
Mental health. Crisis of closure

Ness, M.; Ryrie, I.; McNamee, G., 1996:
Mental health. Crisis points

Cobb, A., 1994:
Mental health. Crisis? What crisis?

Keeble, P.; Metcalfe, C.; Riley, T.; Waterson, J.; Winter, D., 1997:
Mental health. Cross purposes

Warner, L.; Ford, R.; Sathymoorthy, G., 1996:
Mental health. Divisions and revisions

Peck, E.; Wigg, S., 2001:
Mental health. Doing the hurdles

Hart, C., 2002:
Mental health. Dollar values

Minghella, E.; Ford, R., 1998:
Mental health. Doorstep delivery

McEvoy, P., 2000:
Mental health. Drawing the line

Tunmore, R., 1994:
Mental health. Encouraging collaboration

Gaze, H., 2002:
Mental health. Enough respect

Reynolds, A.; Pitts-Brown, S.; Thornicroft, G., 1996:
Mental health. Everybody needs good neighbours

Richards, A.; Richards, D.; Barkham, M., 2001:
Mental health. Eye off the ball?

Warner, L.; Harris, J.; Ford, R.; Patel, K.; Nicholas, S., 2000:
Mental health. Facing hard truths

Morrissey, M., 1999:
Mental health. Fellow feelings

Minghella, E.; Ford, R., 1997:
Mental health. Focal points

Mulholland, H., 2002:
Mental health. Focus on the positive

Simpson, A., 2000:
Mental health. Focus on training

Browning, R.; Hollingbery, T., 2001:
Mental health. For good measure

Bunter, H.; Bailey, S., 2000:
Mental health. Forbidden fruit

Whitehill, I., 1996:
Mental health. General reflections

Sayce, L., 1993:
Mental health. Given a voice

Holden, C., 2000:
Mental health. Global survey examines impact of depression

Mulholland, H., 2002:
Mental health. Grim wards an acute problem

Kipping, C.; Hickey, G., 1996:
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Mental health. Heads and tales

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Mental health. Hear our voices

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Mental health. Home help

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Mental health. Hot seat

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Mental health. How to prevent burnout?

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Mental health. If you're happy and you know it

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Mental health. In good hands

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Mental health. In search of a purpose

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Mental health. In the frame

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Mental health. Inquiring minds

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Mental health. Inquiry clears nurse suspended after patient killed girlfriend

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Mental health. Inspired to alternatives

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Mental health. International networker

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Mental health. Introducing training for care assistants

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Mental health. It's a fair cop

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Mental health. Joint resolutions

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Mental health. Knowing your mind

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Mental health. Labour intensive

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Mental health. Lay workers 'better than nurses'

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Mental health. Learning independence

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Mental health. Let's get physical

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Mental health. Look back at anger

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Mental health. Lullaby of Broadmoor

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Mental health. Lunatic poet

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Mental health. Making it together

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Mental health. Making the right links

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Mental health. Making women mad

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Mental health. Medicare exile

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Mental health. Medication clinics

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Mental health. More care out there

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Mental health. New number, same service

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Mental health. No easy option

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Mental health. Nought for their comfort

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Mental health. Nursing doubts

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Mental health. Obstacle course

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Mental health. Obtaining informed consent in an HIV setting can be difficult

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Mental health. Of primary importance

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Mental health. On the case

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Mental health. On the team

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Mental health. Only connect

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Mental health. Open and shut case

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Mental health. Out with the old

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Mental health. Over the rainbow

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Mental health. Paper chase

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Mental health. Partners, not adversaries

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Mental health. Past tense--future imperfect

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Mental health. Penny-pinching at a cost to patients with schizophrenia

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Mental health. Picking up the pieces

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Mental health. Points of view

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Mental health. Positive force for change

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Mental health. Private investigation

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Mental health. Providing a military service

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Mental health. Rapid reaction, speedy recovery

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Mental health. Reach out and join up

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Mental health. Reasoning the needs

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Mental health. Recovery is a state of mind

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Mental health. Relieving depression

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Mental health. Relieving distress in the community

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Mental health. Research project

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Mental health. Right approach

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Mental health. Risk from mentally ill is exaggerated

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Mental health. Risky business

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Mental health. Saturday night's all right

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Mental health. Screen test

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Mental health. Security cheques

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Mental health. Sending in the paras

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Mental health. Seriously misguided

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Mental health. Shift keys

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Mental health. Short stays or short cuts?

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Mental health. Should HIV-infected parents tell their children? If so, how?

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Mental health. Sounds good

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Mental health. Special agents

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Mental health. Sticks and stones

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Mental health. Still life on Leros

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Mental health. Suitable cases for treatment?

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Mental health. Supervision orders--where next?

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Mental health. Taking a pounding

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Mental health. Taking back control

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Mental health. Taking responsibility for care

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Mental health. Taking the drama out of a crisis

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Mental health. Talk of a lay-off

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Mental health. Talking blues

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Mental health. The aboriginal experience

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Mental health. The incentives war

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Mental health. The industrial impact of the change process

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Mental health. The nurse's support role

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Mental health. The powers that be

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Mental health. Thin on the ground

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Mental health. This time next year...

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Mental health. Time for a meeting of minds

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Mental health. Too close for comfort

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Mental health. Trading places

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Mental health. Tribune group

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Mental health. Valuable insights

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Mental health. Wait not, want not?

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Mental health. What's in a name?

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Mental health. Wilson's model of family caregiving

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Mental health. Without these walls

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Mental health. Wrestling with demons ended in tragedy

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Mental health. Wrong side of beds

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Mental health/substance abuse

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Mental health: a model statute to regulate the administration of therapy within mental health facilities

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Mental health: falling on deaf ears

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Mental health: family counsel

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Mental health: financial arrangements for long-stay residents

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Mental health: flying the nest

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Mental health: good as new

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Mental health: hair today ... gone tomorrow

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Mental health: international perspectives

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Mental health: into the community

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Mental health: is this a public health issue?

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Mental health: listening to voices

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Mental health: market power and governance

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Mental health: meeting the needs of neglected patients

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Mental health: progress and problems

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Mental health: progress but in slow tempo

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Mental health: shaping new models in the European workshop

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Mental health: smoke screen

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Mental health: solving the quality problem

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Mental health: sporting chances

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Mental health: strategic thinking

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Mental health: taking a punch

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Mental health: tenacious prejudices

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Mental health: the cooperative dividend

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Mental health: the cutting edge

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Mental health: the gap between knowledge and practice in the community--how can we help?

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Mental health: we told you so

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Mental health: what do we know, how did we find it out and what does it mean for nurses?

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Mental health: who's in charge, nurse?

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Mental health: women doing it for themselves. Interview by Roger Busby

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Mental health: working in partnership

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Mental healthcare for rural seniors. An outreach program in Cedar Rapids, IA, uses an integrated approach to break down barriers to care

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Mental healthcare for seniors

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Mental healthcare management developing

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Mental healthcare providers applaud Pentagon's revision of payment system

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Mental healthcare spokesman

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Mental healthcare. Action for ethnic minorities

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Mental healthcare. From institution to community--a move that must be planned

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Mental healthcare: access, excess, and fragmentation

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Mental healthcare: expand with caution. There is more involved than financial incentives

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Mental hospital accredited

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Mental hospital drugging--atomistic and structural remedies

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Mental hospital regime in England and Wales

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Mental illness

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Mental patient has right to treatment

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