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Methoxy-ether and crown-ether derivatives of tetrahomodioxa- and octahomotetraoxacalix[4]arenes

Methoxy-ether and crown-ether derivatives of tetrahomodioxa- and octahomotetraoxacalix[4]arenes

Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Crystal Structure Communications 57(Pt 8): 978-981

Three methoxy-ether and one methoxy-ether/crown-ether derivatives of p-tert-butyltetrahomodioxa- and p-R-octahomotetraoxacalix[4]arenes (R = methyl, tert-butyl, H) have been investigated. The first three compounds, 7,15,21,27-tetra-tert-butyl-29,30,31,32-tetramethoxy-3,11-dioxapentacyclo[,9).1(13,17).1(19,23)]ditriaconta-1(29),5,7,9(30),13,15,-17(31),19,21,23(32),25,27-dodecaene, C(50)H(68)O(6), 33,34,35,36-tetramethoxy-7,15,23,31-tetramethyl-3,11,19,27-tetraoxapentacyclo[,9).1(13,17).1(21,25)]hexatriaconta-1(33),5,7,9(34),13,15,17(35),21,23,25(36),29,31-dodecaene, C(40)H(48)O(8), and 7,23-di-tert-butyl-33,34,35,36-tetramethoxy-3,11,19,27-tetraoxapentacyclo[,9).1(13,17).1(21,25)]hexatriaconta-1(33),5,7,9(34),13,15,17(35),- 21,23,25(36),29,31-dodecaene, C(44)H(56)O(8), in the partial-cone or 1,2-alternate conformations, present the common feature of methoxy-ether self-inclusion, while the fourth, 42,43-dimethoxy-7,15,23,31-tetramethyl-3,11,19,27,34,37,40-heptaoxahexacyclo[,9).1(21,25).0(13,41).0(29,33)]tritetraconta-5(42),6,8,13(41),14,16,21(43),22,24,29(33),30,32-dodecaene, C(42)H(50)O(9), adopts the 1,3-alternate conformation owing to the presence of a 1,3-polyether chain.

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Accession: 046676826

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PMID: 11498633

DOI: 10.1107/s010827010100823x

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