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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46703

Chapter 46703 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Arcuni, J.; Wang, L.; Franson, R.; Sonnino, R.E., 2000:
Modification of disaccharidase activity measurement in rat bowel

Maul, G.G.; Guldner, H.H.; Spivack, J.G., 1993:
Modification of discrete nuclear domains induced by herpes simplex virus type 1 immediate early gene 1 product (ICP0)

Cowley, B.D.; Grantham, J.J.; Muessel, M.J.; Kraybill, A.L.; Gattone, V.H., 1996:
Modification of disease progression in rats with inherited polycystic kidney disease

Bar-Zvi, D.; Yoshida, M.; Shavit, N., 1996:
Modification of domains of alpha and beta subunits of F1-ATPase from the thermophylic bacterium PS3, in their isolated and associated forms, by 3'-O-(4-benzoyl)benzoyl adenosine 5'-triphosphate (BzATP)

Yeung, T.K.; Chakrabarti, K.; Wilding, D.; Hopewell, J.W., 2003:
Modification of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity: manipulation of the dosage schedule

Mets, A.G., 1997:
Modification of drainage procedure

Dredán, J.; Antal, I.; Zelkó, R.; Rácz, I., 1999:
Modification of drug release with application of pharmaceutical technological methods

Ban, S.; Hasegawa, J., 2002:
Modification of electrochemically deposited apatite using supercritical water

Bennett, F.S.; Carter, P.A.; Rowley, G.; Dandiker, Y., 1999:
Modification of electrostatic charge on inhaled carrier lactose particles by addition of fine particles

Alvarez-Lerma, F., 1996:
Modification of empiric antibiotic treatment in patients with pneumonia acquired in the intensive care unit. ICU-Acquired Pneumonia Study Group

Halangk, W.; Matthias, R.; Nedelev, B.; Schild, L.; Meyer, F.; Schulz, H.U.; Lippert, H., 1997:
Modification of energy supply by pancreatic mitochondria in acute experimental pancreatitis

Aldhous, M.C.; Meister, D.; Ghosh, S., 2002:
Modification of enteral diets in inflammatory bowel disease

Leszczyńska, J., 2000:
Modification of enzymatic method of cholesterol determination

Zhou, G.P.; Anderson, K.P.; Joiner, C.H.; Gallagher, P.G., 2001:
Modification of erythrocyte hydration in the treatment of sickle cell disease

Kegeles, L.S., 1993:
Modification of esophago-intestinal anastomosis

Seliutina, C.N.; Seliutin, A.Iu.; Pal', A.I., 2000:
Modification of estimation the concentrations of serum TBA-active product

Ulashchik, V.S.; Chichkan, D.N., 2001:
Modification of experimental fever reaction by various physiotherapeutic factors

Chen, R.; Zhang, X.; He, G., 2002:
Modification of facial mask on the dead space effect in non-invasive mask ventilation

Bareille, N.; Faverdin, P.; Hay, M., 1997:
Modification of feed intake response to a beta 2-agonist by bovine somatotropin in lactating or dry dairy cows

Malik, J.K.; Srivastava, A.K., 1993:
Modification of fenitrothion-induced circulating enzymatic alterations in Bubalus bubalis by 2,3-butanedione monoxime

Córdoba-Díaz, M.; Córdoba-Borrego, M.; Córdoba-Díaz, D., 1999:
Modification of fluorescent properties of norfloxacin in the presence of certain antacids

Effenberger, H.; Imhof, M.; Witzel, U.; Kaelin, P.; Rieger, W., 2002:
Modification of form, material and modularity of threaded acetabulum cups

Nomura, T., 1994:
Modification of forms of birth certificates and death certificates

Sun, L.; Bulter, T.; Alcalde, M.; Petrounia, I.P.; Arnold, F.H., 2002:
Modification of galactose oxidase to introduce glucose 6-oxidase activity

Danielian, P.S.; Muccino, D.; Rowitch, D.H.; Michael, S.K.; McMahon, A.P., 1998:
Modification of gene activity in mouse embryos in utero by a tamoxifen-inducible form of Cre recombinase

Shibata, H.; Kanamaru, R.; Noda, T., 1997:
Modification of gene targeting method for functional analysis of the target gene in vivo

Nussbaumer, R., 2002:
Modification of gestational age requirement--the facts

Rajesh, P.; Kamath, M.P., 1999 :
Modification of glass ionomer cements

Germer, A.; Jahnke, C.; Mack, A.; Enzmann, V.; Reichenbach, A., 1997:
Modification of glutamine synthetase expression by mammalian Müller (glial) cells in retinal organ cultures

Schleyer, R., 1993:
Modification of ground water quality by airborne pollutants

Hagendorf, U., 1993:
Modification of ground water quality by unsealed water channels

Voigtländer; Zinner; Weber; Bonzel, 1995:
Modification of growth kinetics in surfactant-mediated epitaxy

Serpell, J.W.; Paddle-Ledinek, J.E.; Johnson, W.R., 1996:
Modification of growth of desmoid tumours in tissue culture by anti-oestrogenic substances: a preliminary report

Suzuki, T.; Nishiyama, J.; Hasegawa, J.; Ito, K.; Takiguchi, M.; Takahashi, M.; Oda, M., 2002:
Modification of guide wire for 22-gauge safe guide

Liu, S.Y.; Yu, C.H.; Hays, J.A.; Panagia, V.; Dhalla, N.S., 1998:
Modification of heart sarcolemmal phosphoinositide pathway by lysophosphatidylcholine

Stettler, L.B.; Kull, C.; Cathomas, G.; Meier, R., 2002:
Modification of hemodynamic parameters by gastrointestinal hemorrhage of uncertain etiology. Bleeding Meckel diverticulum without heterotopic mucosa

Zyablitskii, V.M.; Kaplan, M.A.; Lyubina, L.V.; Nikitina, R.G.; Romanovskaya, V.N.; Starosel'skaya, A.N.; Malygina, A.I.; Mikhal'skaya, T.Y.; Panarina, L.V., 2001:
Modification of hemostatic status improves antitumor efficiency of photodynamic therapy

Siess, M.H.; L.B.n, A.M.; Canivenc-Lavier, M.C.; Suschetet, M., 1998:
Modification of hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes in rats treated with alkyl sulfides

Muoz; Chetty; Martin, 1990:
Modification of heterojunction band offsets by thin layers at interfaces: Role of the interface dipole

Sullivan, B.M.; Wong, S.; Schuman, E.M., 1997:
Modification of hippocampal synaptic proteins by nitric oxide-stimulated ADP ribosylation

Yamasaki, K.; Daiho, T.; Saino, T.; Kanazawa, T., 1998:
Modification of histidine 5 in sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase by diethyl pyrocarbonate causes strong inhibition of formation of the phosphoenzyme intermediate from inorganic phosphate

Zerby, D.B.; Patton, J.R., 1998:
Modification of human U4 RNA requires U6 RNA and multiple pseudouridine synthases

Imam, A.M.; Patrinos, G.P.; de Krom, M.; Bottardi, S.; Janssens, R.J.; Katsantoni, E.; Wai, A.W.; Sherratt, D.J.; Grosveld, F.G., 2000:
Modification of human beta-globin locus PAC clones by homologous recombination in Escherichia coli

Acan, N.L.; Ozer, N., 2002:
Modification of human erythrocyte pyruvate kinase by an active site-directed reagent: bromopyruvate

Matziolis, G.; Rau, H.M.; Klever, P.; Erli, H.J.; Paar, O., 2002:
Modification of human osteoblasts by various analgesics

Grygielska, B.; Fiszer, D.; Domagała, A.; Kurpisz, M., 2002:
Modification of humoral antisperm response

Arsenov, D.V.; Golubeva, M.B.; Kisel', M.A.; Konoplya, N.A.; Lyubin, G.S.; Kuz'mitskii, B.B.; Strel'chenok, O.A., 2002:
Modification of humoral immune response in C57Bl/6 mice with a complex of alpha-fetoprotein and retinoid acid derivatives

Chong, A.S.; Ma, L.L.; Shen, J.; Blinder, L.; Yin, D.P.; Williams, J.W., 1998:
Modification of humoral responses by the combination of leflunomide and cyclosporine in Lewis rats transplanted with hamster hearts

Kahane, P.; Mauguière, F., 1999:
Modification of ictal cerebral blood flow studied by positron emission tomography (PET) and stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG)

Pecaut, M.J.; Smith, A.L.; Jones, T.A.; Gridley, D.S., 2001:
Modification of immunologic and hematologic variables by method of CO2 euthanasia

D'Alfonso, A.; Picariello, A.; Maccarone, D.; Palumbo, F.; Casciani, C.U.; Moscarini, M., 1993:
Modification of immunologic parameters in physiologic pregnancy

Iacobelli, M.; Micara, G.; Morgia, F.; Linari, A.; Emiliani, S.; Aragona, C., 1997:
Modification of in vitro insemination techniques in the treatment of severe male factors in assisted reproduction

Armistead; Thorp, 2000:
Modification of indium tin oxide electrodes with nucleic acids: detection of attomole quantities of immobilized DNA by electrocatalysis

Yang, I.V.; Thorp, H.H., 2001:
Modification of indium tin oxide electrodes with repeat polynucleotides: electrochemical detection of trinucleotide repeat expansion

Heine, H.G.; Hyatt, A.D.; Boyle, D.B., 1994:
Modification of infectious bursal disease virus antigen VP2 for cell surface location fails to enhance immunogenicity

Tchórzewski, H.; Banasik, Młgorzata.; Głowacka, E.; Lewkowicz, Pław., 2003:
Modification of innate immunity in humans by active components of shark liver oil

Piacentini, M.P.; Piatti, E.; Bucchini, A.; Fazi, A.; Accorsi, A., 1996:
Modification of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate concentration of human erythrocytes under "in vivo" physiological conditions

Petrov, V.; Lijnen, P., 2000:
Modification of intracellular calcium and plasma renin by dietary calcium in men

Ingemansson, M.P.; Carlson, J.; Olsson, S.B., 1998:
Modification of intrinsic AV-nodal properties by magnesium in combination with glucose, insulin, and potassium (GIK) during chronic atrial fibrillation

Supino, R.; Cecchi, C.; Mapelli, E.; Sanfilippo, O., 1994:
Modification of invasion and differentiation in human melanoma cell clones

Gürke, L.; Marx, A.; Erhard, P.; Sutter, P.M.; Landmann, J.; Heberer, M., 1993:
Modification of ischemia and reperfusion damage of skeletal muscles with allopurinol: in vivo 31P MR spectroscopy of the posterior limb of the rat

Szabo, M.E.; Droy-Lefaix, M.T.; Doly, M.; Braquet, P., 1993:
Modification of ischemia/reperfusion-induced ion shifts (Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+) by free radical scavengers in the rat retina

Frost, R.L.; Makó, E.; Kristóf, J.; Kloprogge, J.T., 2002:
Modification of kaolinite surfaces through mechanochemical treatment--a mid-IR and near-IR spectroscopic study

Basselin, M.; Badet-Denisot, M.A.; Robert-Gero, M., 1998:
Modification of kinetoplast DNA minicircle composition in pentamidine-resistant Leishmania

Reith, H.B.; Mittelkötter, U.; Niedmann, M.; Debus, S.; Kozuschek, W., 1996:
Modification of laparotomy wound healing in colon surgery by local antibiotic administration

Tamou, S.; Trott, K.R., 1994:
Modification of late radiation damage in the rectum of rats by deproteinized calf blood serum (ActoHorm) and pentoxifylline (PTX)

Appleby, M.C., 1999:
Modification of laying hen cages to improve behavior

Wang, C.H.; Cherng, W.J.; Hung, M.J., 1997:
Modification of left ventricular isovolumic relaxation time during dobutamine echocardiography as a diagnostic method for ischemic heart disease

Akoev, I.G.; Mel'nikov, V.M.; Usachev, A.V.; Kozhokaru, A.F., 1994:
Modification of lethal radiation injury in mice by postradiation exposure to low-intensity centimeter-band radio frequency waves

Hütter; Öttinger, 1996:
Modification of linear response theory for mean-field approximations

Lopes-Virella, M.F.; Klein, R.L.; Virella, G., 1996:
Modification of lipoproteins in diabetes

Galle, J.; Wanner, C., 2000:
Modification of lipoproteins in uremia: oxidation, glycation and carbamoylation

Lahousen, M., 1995:
Modification of liver parameters by adjuvant administration of proteolytic enzymes following chemotherapy in patients with ovarian carcinoma

Balagopalakrishna, C.; Nirmala, R.; Rifkind, J.M.; Chatterjee, S., 1997:
Modification of low density lipoproteins by erythrocytes and hemoglobin under hypoxic conditions

Vainio, H., 2001:
Modification of lung cancer prevention by gene-nutrient interaction

Zhang, H.; Spitz, M.R.; Tomlinson, G.E.; Schabath, M.B.; Minna, J.D.; Wu, X., 2003:
Modification of lung cancer susceptibility by green tea extract as measured by the comet assay

Bhalla, D.K.; Hoffman, L.A.; Pearson, A.C., 1996:
Modification of macrophage adhesion by ozone: role of cytokines and cell adhesion molecules

Murakami, T.; Yamada, N., 1996:
Modification of macrophage function and effects on atherosclerosis

Rao, S.R.; Kamath, B.G.; Bhagwat, A.S., 1997:
Modification of maize NADP-malic enzyme by Woodward's reagent 'K'

Zheng, J.; Northrup, S.R.; Hornsby, P.J., 1998:
Modification of materials formed from poly(L-lactic acid) to enable covalent binding of biopolymers: application to high-density three-dimensional cell culture in foams with attached collagen

Sternad, H.; Albrecher, B.; Langsteger, W.; Eber, O., 1993:
Modification of maximal binding capacity and radio-T3/T4 distribution by carbamazepine and diclofenac

Akutsu, T.; Komatani, A.; Yamaguchi, K.; Takahashi, K.; Konta, T., 1998:
Modification of measurement of effective renal plasma flow from blood pool clearance curve of I-123-orthoiodohippurate using single blood sampling

Pacilio, C.; Florio, S.; Pagnini, U.; Crispino, A.; Claudio, P.P.; Pacilio, G.; Pagnini, G., 1999:
Modification of membrane fluidity and depolarization by some anthracyclines in different cell lines

Wang, X.; Cai, S.X.; Luo, X.D.; Wang, P.; Luo, Q.; Liang, G.P.; Yang, Z.C., 2002:
Modification of membrane lipid of human umbilical vein endothelia cells after direct lipopolysaccharide injury

Stavitskaya, E.Y.; Egorova, A.B.; Salmin, V.V.; Zobova, S.N.; Provorov, A.S., 2001:
Modification of membrane-toxic effect of Nd-YAG laser by preliminary induction of cytochrome P-450 in bone marrow cells

Novitskaia, V.P., 2000:
Modification of method for detection the monoamines in leukocytes on blood smears

Gisak, S.N.; Sidel'nikova, V.I.; Lifshits, V.M.; Isaĭkin, O.A.; Miasoedov, S.V., 1999:
Modification of method for determination of medium-molecular peptides and its application in pediatric surgery

Kuznetsov, V.G., 2000:
Modification of method of detection virulent Yersinia using crystal violet

Markarian, N.V., 1999:
Modification of methods of histochemical detection of the microcirculatory bed in the brain of laboratory animals

Parry, G.W.; Batrick, N.C.; Lau, O.J.; Cameron, C.R., 1995:
Modification of minitracheostomy technique to limit bleeding complications

Keelan, P.C.; Miyauchi, K.; Caplice, N.M.; Ashai, K.H.; Schwartz, R.S., 1999:
Modification of molecular events in coronary restenosis using coated stents: The Mayo Clinic Approach

Suzuki, T., 2002:
Modification of morphine dependence under chronic pain and its mechanism

Kamei, J.; Ohsawa, M.; Suzuki, T.; Nagase, H., 1998:
Modification of morphine-induced place preference by diabetes

Shishkina, L.N.; Sergeev, A.N.; P'iankova, O.G.; Bulychev, L.G.; Petrishchenko, V.A.; Shishkin, A.V.; Buriak, G.A.; Bocharov, E.F.; Zhukov, V.A., 2000:
Modification of mouse resistance to A/Aichi/2/68 influenza virus by a glucocorticoid immunosuppressant kenalog

Matveeva, L.N.; Bekkali, M.; Poglazov, B.F., 1997:
Modification of muscle succinyl-coA-synthetase by diethylpyrocarbonate

Shibuya, N.; Nakamura, K.; Ogoshi, K.; Ohta, T.; Hori, Y.; Kodama, K.; Yamamoto, M., 2000:
Modification of mutagenic activities of pro-mutagens by glyco-ursodeoxycholic acid in the Ames assay

Roth, J.A., 1996:
Modification of mutant K-ras gene expression in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Bagger, J.P., 1996:
Modification of myocardial biopsy technique with long sheath

Watanabe, J.; Karibe, A.; Horiguchi, S.; Keitoku, M.; Satoh, S.; Takishima, T.; Shirato, K., 1993:
Modification of myogenic intrinsic tone and [Ca2+]i of rat isolated arterioles by ryanodine and cyclopiazonic acid

Hay, J.G.; McElvaney, N.G.; Herena, J.; Crystal, R.G., 1995:
Modification of nasal epithelial potential differences of individuals with cystic fibrosis consequent to local administration of a normal CFTR cDNA adenovirus gene transfer vector

Nováková, O.; Hofr, C.; Brabec, V., 2000:
Modification of natural, double-helical DNA by antitumor cis- and trans-[Cl(2)(Me(2)SO(4))(4)Ru] in cell-free media

Mizumura, K.; Kumazawa, T., 1996:
Modification of nociceptor responses by inflammatory mediators and second messengers implicated in their action--a study in canine testicular polymodal receptors

Liszewska, F.; Blaszczyk, A.; Sirko, A., 2002:
Modification of non-protein thiols contents in transgenic tobacco plants producing bacterial enzymes of cysteine biosynthesis pathway

Claussen, M.; Sill, V., 1993:
Modification of nonspecific bronchial hyperreactivity to cold air hyperventilation and carbachol by nedocromil and budesonide

Hokazono, T., 2000:
Modification of noxious spinal stimulation on trigemino-trigeminal reflex--analysis in an in vitro brainstem-spinal cord preparation from newborn rats

Friar; Reiss, 1987:
Modification of nuclear beta decay by intense low-frequency electromagnetic waves

Delgado Hito, P.; Sola Prado, A.; Mirabete Rodríguez, I.; Torrents Ros, R.; Blasco Afonso, M.; Barrero Pedraza, R.; Catalá Gil, N.; Mateos Dávila, A.; Quinteiro Canedo, M., 2001:
Modification of nursing practice through reflection: participatory action research

Larrea, J., 1999:
Modification of nutritional septic risk in perioperative transfusion

Barnes, G.R., 1983:
Modification of nystagmus suppression by peripheral location and strobe rate of head-fixed targets

Sasaki, H.; Yamamura, K.; Mukai, T.; Nishida, K.; Nakamura, J.; Nakashima, M.; Ichikawa, M., 2001:
Modification of ocular permeability of peptide drugs by absorption promoters

Rudin, I.E., 2001:
Modification of one-stage urethral plastic surgery by Hodgson III in proximal hypospadia in boys

Singh, V.; Singh, R.C., 2000:
Modification of ovine luteinizing hormone subunits with SMPT and its effect on subunit recombination, immunological activity, receptor binding and steroidogenic activity

Sola, A.; Hotter, G.; Prats, N.; Xaus, C.; Gelpi, E.; Roselló-Catafau, J., 2001:
Modification of oxidative stress in response to intestinal preconditioning

Heinrichs, W.; Weiler, N., 1993:
Modification of oxygen consumption following major abdominal surgery by epidural anesthesia

Ward, C.M.; Pechar, M.; Oupicky, D.; Ulbrich, K.; Seymour, L.W., 2002:
Modification of pLL/DNA complexes with a multivalent hydrophilic polymer permits folate-mediated targeting in vitro and prolonged plasma circulation in vivo

Lyons, B.; Lohan, D.; Flynn, C.; McCarroll, M., 1996:
Modification of pain on injection of propofol. A comparison of pethidine and lignocaine

Tsuzuku, T.; Vitte, E.; Sémont, A.; Berthoz, A., 1995:
Modification of parameters in vertical optokinetic nystagmus after repeated vertical optokinetic stimulation in patients with vestibular lesions

Amor, J.C.; Juiz, P.; Rubio, J.P.; Rossi, J., 1999:
Modification of particle replacement in a case of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) of the horizontal canal

Zonierczyk-Zreda, D., 2000:
Modification of pathological type A as worksite stress management and disease prevention intervention

Semenov, V.A.; Kazachkov, E.L., 2000:
Modification of pathologo-anatomic method of heart dissection after valve prosthesises implantation

Conti, J.B.; Woodard, D.A.; Tucker, K.J.; Bryant, B.; King, L.C.; Curtis, A.B., 1997:
Modification of patient driving behavior after implantation of a cardioverter defibrillator

Hüppe, M.; Schmidt-Atzert, L., 1996:
Modification of performance by activation in the elderly

Okada, K.; Takahashi, S., 1997:
Modification of peritoneal dialysis: intermittent automated peritoneal dialysis

Wilhelm, L.; Wilhelm, E.; Thomas, H.; Bernhardt, H., 1996:
Modification of phagocytic microbicide function by antifungal agents--measuring luminol enhanced chemoluminescence in full blood

Artamonov, M.V., 2000:
Modification of phospholipid composition of rat isolated heart tissue using N-stearoylethaonolamine (NSE) in a model of acute ischemia-reperfusion

Corder, M.P., 1996:
Modification of physician behavior by performance feedback

van de Sande, K.; Pawlowski, K.; Czaja, I.; Wieneke, U.; Schell, J.; Schmidt, J.; Walden, R.; Matvienko, M.; Wellink, J.; van Kammen, A.; Franssen, H.; Bisseling, T., 1996:
Modification of phytohormone response by a peptide encoded by ENOD40 of legumes and a nonlegume

Gall, B.; Zehetner, A.; Scherz, A.; Scheer, H., 1998:
Modification of pigment composition in the isolated reaction center of photosystem II

Mitchell, C.A.; Mitchell, C.A., 1992:
Modification of plant growth and development by acceleration and vibration: concerns and opportunities for plant experimentation in orbiting spacecraft

Sartipy, P.; Hurt-Camejo, E., 2000:
Modification of plasma lipoproteins by group IIA phospholipase A(2): possible implications for atherogenesis

Mitzner, E.; Groth, T., 1996:
Modification of poly(ether urethane)elastomers by incorporation of poly(isobutylene)glycol. Relation between polymer properties and thrombogenicity

Phaneuf, M.D.; Quist, W.C.; Bide, M.J.; LoGerfo, F.W., 1995:
Modification of polyethylene terephthalate (Dacron) via denier reduction: effects on material tensile strength, weight, and protein binding capabilities

Watson, D.R.; Watson, W.D., 1999:
Modification of port-access coronary artery bypass in high-risk patients

Rix, U.; Fischer, C.; Remsing, L.L.; Rohr, Jürgen., 2002:
Modification of post-PKS tailoring steps through combinatorial biosynthesis

Neues, C.; Haas, E., 2000:
Modification of postoperative wound healing by showering

Feinglos, M.N.; Thacker, C.H.; English, J.; Bethel, M.A.; Lane, J.D., 1997:
Modification of postprandial hyperglycemia with insulin lispro improves glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes

Kristinsson, K.G., 2002:
Modification of prescribers' behavior: the Icelandic approach

Chidiac, Jé.Johann.; Chidiac, G., 2002:
Modification of probe for use as a crown remover

Fleck, U.; Schischke, F.; Hecker, H.P., 2001:
Modification of process and outcome quality within the scope of a field study of oncological management of patients with rectal carcinoma

Matsuda, M.; Mori, T., 1996:
Modification of prolactin receptor (PRL-R) expression by PRL in the mouse liver: estimation of the ratio of two forms of PRL-R mRNAs by "one-sided competitive PCR"

Jerosch, J.; Schmidt, K.; Prymka, M., 1997:
Modification of proprioceptive ability of knee joints with primary gonarthrosis

Bureau, J.; Fabre, E.J.; Hecquet, C.; Pouliquen, Y.; Lorans, G., 1993:
Modification of prostaglandin E2 and collagen synthesis in keratoconus fibroblasts, associated with an increase of interleukin 1 alpha receptor number

Mueller, A.; Wallner, K.; Merrick, G.; Courveau, J.; Sutlief, S.; Butler, W.; Gong, L.; Cho, P., 2003:
Modification of prostate implants based on postimplant treatment margin assessment

Hazen, S.L.; Hsu, F.F.; Gaut, J.P.; Crowley, J.R.; Heinecke, J.W., 1999:
Modification of proteins and lipids by myeloperoxidase

Sledziński, Z.; Antosiewicz, J.; Woźniak, M.; Ostrowski, M.M.; Stanek, A.; Wajda, Z., 1997:
Modification of proteins in the course of oxidative stress in acute experimental pancreatitis

Inada, Y.; Matsushima, A.; Hiroto, M.; Nishimura, H.; Kodera, Y., 1994:
Modification of proteins with polyethylene glycol derivatives

Galebskaia, L.V.; Solovtsova, I.L.; Riumina, E.V., 2001:
Modification of proteolytic complement cascade after treatment with exogenous heparin

Bisht, K.S.; Prabhu, S.; Devi, P.U., 2001:
Modification of radiation induced damage in mouse intestine by WR-2721

Chlebovsky, O.; Praslicka, M., 1984:
Modification of radiation response by K and Mg aspartates in continuously irradiated rats and mice

Ewing, D.; Fielden, E.M.; Roberts, P.B., 1974:
Modification of radiation sensitivity of Bacillus megaterium spores by N2O and p-nitroacetophenone

Vereshchako, G.G.; Khodosovskaya, A.M.; Artemenko, O.V.; Konoplya, E.F., 2002:
Modification of radiation-induced changes in the reproductive system of male rats with sodium succinate

Weiss, J.F.; Landauer, M.R.; Hogan, J.B.; Gunter-Smith, P.J.; Benson, K.A.; Neta, R.; Hanson, W.R., 1997:
Modification of radiation-induced gastrointestinal and hematopoietic injury in mice by combinations of agents: effects of indomethacin and caffeine

Britten, R.A., 2002:
Modification of radiosensitivity following chemotherapy exposure: potential implications for combined-modality therapy

Dongre, P.M.; Khole, V.; Kadu, B.B., 2000:
Modification of radiosensitivity of chlorpromazine with biological metal ions in Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Stashkov, A.M.; Gorokhov, I.E., 1998:
Modification of radiosensitivity of mice by combination of alternating magnetic field and fractionated irradiation with small daily doses over many days

McIntosh, P.; Southan, A.P.; Akhtar, S.; Sidera, C.; Ushkaryov, Y.; Dolly, J.O.; Robertson, B., 1998:
Modification of rat brain Kv1.4 channel gating by association with accessory Kvbeta1.1 and beta2.1 subunits

Temur'iants, N.A.; Mikhaĭlov, A.V.; Malygina, V.I., 1995:
Modification of reactions of rats to the effect of weak variable magnetic fields using a stress factor

de Waal, F.B.; Johanowicz, D.L., 1993:
Modification of reconciliation behavior through social experience: an experiment with two macaque species

Carr, A.C.; Vissers, M.C.; Domigan, N.M.; Winterbourn, C.C., 1998:
Modification of red cell membrane lipids by hypochlorous acid and haemolysis by preformed lipid chlorohydrins

Samoĭlov, M.O.; Mokrushin, A.A., 2002:
Modification of redox sites of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors affects changes in bioelectrical activity of olfactory cortex slices induced by anoxia in rats

Stein, R.B.; Yang, J.F.; Bélanger, M.; Pearson, K.G., 1993:
Modification of reflexes in normal and abnormal movements

Langa; de la Cruz P; de la Hoz, A.E.pildora; Cossio; Lecea, 2000:
Modification of regioselectivity in cycloadditions to C70 under microwave irradiation

Specht, F., 1995:
Modification of rehabilitation possibilities by psychiatric disorders. Concepts and explanations in implementing section 35 of the child and adolescent welfare regulation

Risler, T.; Erley, C.M., 1993:
Modification of renal hemodynamics and proteinuria in patients with arterial hypertension and kidney diseases

Kawata, T.; Kameda, Y.; Taniguchi, S., 2000:
Modification of repeat coronary bypass grafting for the left anterior descending artery with a minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass technique

Kawata, T.; Abe, T.; Ueda, T.; Taniguchi, S., 2002:
Modification of repeat lateral minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass; left axillary artery to circumflex artery bypass

Khandker, S.K.; Mukerjee, D.; Gurtu, S.; Pant, K.K.; Dhawan, K.N.; Sinha, J.N., 1994:
Modification of reserpine-induced emetic response in pigeons by alpha 2-adrenoceptors

Wang, W-Xue.; Dong, J-Ying.; Zhou, S-Yuan.; Li, W-Li.; Zhao, Y., 2002:
Modification of ricin and its hepatotoxicity and activity against hepatocellular cancer in mice

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Modification of risk factors after cerebral infarct: results of the Klosterneuburg Stroke Databank

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Modification of sagittal split ramus osteotomy to avoid unfavorable fracture around impacted third molars

Cui, L.; Hung, H.M.; Wang, S.J., 2001:
Modification of sample size in group sequential clinical trials

Smiddy, W.E., 1998:
Modification of scleral suture fixation technique for dislocated posterior chamber intraocular lens implants

Saad, J.S.; Scarcia, T.; Shinozuka, K.; Natile, G.; Marzilli, L.G., 2002:
Modification of second-sphere communication, leading to an unusually high abundance of the head-to-head conformer of cisplatin cross-link retro models

Park, Q.H.; Boyd, R.W., 2001:
Modification of self-induced transparency by a coherent control field

Yamamoto, H.; Zheng, K-cheng.; Ariizumi, M., 2002:
Modification of serum lipid concentrations in young men exposed to a hot environment

Windler, E., 2000 :
Modification of serum lipids and cardiovascular risk by estrogenic active compounds

Pyun, J.C.; Cheong, M.Y.; Park, S.H.; Kim, H.Y.; Park, J.S., 1998:
Modification of short peptides using epsilon-aminocaproic acid for improved coating efficiency in indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA)

Görög, P., 1993:
Modification of simple and specific test for measuring lipid peroxides in plasma

O'Mullane, G.; Knox, P.C., 2000:
Modification of smooth pursuit initiation by target contrast

Assal, J.; Assal, P.; Arnaud, C., 2001:
Modification of some occlusion concepts in implant dentistry: thoughts inspired by clinical experience

Timus; Cincu; Bradley; Craciun; Mateescu, 2000:
Modification of some properties of polyamide-6 by electron beam induced grafting

Ferlito, S.; Bonomo, T.; Costa, R.; D.S.lvo, M.M.; Attanasio, L.; Finocchiaro, P.M.; Condorelli, M.; Mazzone, D., 1996:
Modification of some prothrombotic indices after treatment with iloprost in arterial disease patients

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Modification of sonic boom wave forms during propagation from the source to the ground

Fuchs; Labaune; Depierreux; Baldis; Michard, 2000:
Modification of spatial and temporal gains of stimulated brillouin and raman scattering by polarization smoothing

Asakura; Lauterbach; Rotermund; Ertl, 1994:
Modification of spatiotemporal pattern formation in an excitable medium by continuous variation of its intrinsic parameters: CO oxidation on Pt(110)

Chuenkongkaew, T., 2003:
Modification of split-thickness skin graft: cosmetic donor site and better recipient site

Björk; Machida; Yamamoto; Igeta, 1991:
Modification of spontaneous emission rate in planar dielectric microcavity structures

Pitera, R.; Pitera, J.E.; Mufti, G.J.; Salisbury, J.R., 1993:
Modification of standard proteinase K/phenol method for extraction of DNA from small tumour biopsies

Gloor, M.; Bettinger, J.; Gehring, W., 1998:
Modification of stratum corneum quality by glycerin-containing external ointments

Lesser, T.; Ritvo, E.; Moy, L.S., 1999:
Modification of subcutaneous adipose tissue by a methylxanthine formulation: a double-blind controlled study

Tamesada, M.; Kawabata, S.; Bian, Z.; Fujiwara, T.; Kimura, S.; Hamada, S., 1997:
Modification of sucrose dependent cell adherence by deletion and reintroduction of the gtf genes in Streptococcus mutans

Suko, J.; Hellmann, G., 1998:
Modification of sulfhydryls of the skeletal muscle calcium release channel by organic mercurial compounds alters Ca2+ affinity of regulatory Ca2+ sites in single channel recordings and [3H]ryanodine binding

Roberts, A.K.; Shone, C.C., 2000:
Modification of surface histidine residues abolishes the cytotoxic activity of Clostridium difficile toxin A

Wan, C.; Duan, Y.; Zhang, E.; Wu, G.; Yue, Y.; Huang, Y., 2000:
Modification of surface of Dacron materials by UV irradiation for prevention of microbial adhesion

Lapuk, V.A.; Varlamova, E.Iu.; Mozoleva, A.P.; Anisimov, N.V.; Timofeev, V.P., 2000:
Modification of surface residues of lysine in immunoglobulin G using the spin marker 2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-3-maleimidopyrrolidine-1-oxyl

Memmel; Rangelov; Bertel; Dose, 1991:
Modification of surface states by alkali-metal adsorption and surface reconstruction: An inverse-photoemission study of Na/Ni(110)

Herrmann, W.D., 1994:
Modification of surgery equipment for ovine surgery

Wüllenweber, H.P.; Sutter, C.; Kadmon, M.; Gebert, J.; von Knebel-Doeberitz, M.; Herfarth, C., 1999:
Modification of surgical strategy in HNPCC by molecular and clinical aspects

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Modification of systemic signs and elastase in neutrophilic granulocytes in inflammatory rheumatic diseases in childhood by immunoglobulin therapy

Tobisch, R.; Irnich, W.; Fuchs, P.; Schwarzer, D., 1997:
Modification of technical medical equipment by cellular telephones

McGuire, R.A.; Harkey, H.L., 1995:
Modification of technique and results of atlantoaxial transfacet stabilization

Narula, A.S., 1972:
Modification of tetracyclic triterpenes into steroid hormone analogues

Musat; Wang; Dhalla, 2000:
Modification of the ATP-Induced Increase in

Takato, T.; Yonehara, Y.; Susami, T.; Uoshima, K., 1996:
Modification of the Abbé flap for reconstruction of the vermilion tubercle and Cupid's bow in cleft lip patients

Traina, S.M.; Holtgrewe, J.L.; King, S., 1998:
Modification of the Bankart reconstruction using a suture anchor

Lemon, J.C.; Lewin, J.S.; Chambers, M.S.; Martin, J.W., 2002:
Modification of the Barton button for tracheoesophageal speech: an innovative maxillofacial prosthetic technique

Rechtman, I., 1997:
Modification of the Benjamin Jet Tube

Piergeorge, A.R., 1975:
Modification of the Bennett MA-1 ventilator for intermittent mandatory ventilation

Bloomfield, K.L.; Baldwin, B.L.; Harkin, D.G.; Tonissen, K.F., 2002:
Modification of the Boyden chamber to improve uniformity of cell invasion of matrigel-coated membranes

Halfpenny, W.; Davies, H., 2002:
Modification of the Brånemark irrigation system for use in free tissue transfer

Callaway, J.E.; Lai, J.; Haselbeck, B.; Baltaian, M.; Bonnesen, S.P.; Weickmann, J.; Wilcox, G.; Lei, S.P., 1993:
Modification of the C terminus of cecropin is essential for broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity

Acevedo, J.I.; Myerson, M.S., 2000:
Modification of the Chrisman-Snook technique

Spearing, M.K.; Post, R.M.; Leverich, G.S.; Brandt, D.; Nolen, W., 1998:
Modification of the Clinical Global Impressions (CGI) Scale for use in bipolar illness (BP): the CGI-BP

Lasaridis, N.; Dalabiras, S.; Karakassis, D., 1994:
Modification of the Conley incision for neck dissection

Arutiunina, S.G.; Mamasakhlisov, E.Sh.; Morozov, V.F.; Dalian, E.B.; Khachikian, R.E.; Vardevanian, P.O.; Orioli, P.; Bruni, B., 1997:
Modification of the DNA spatial structure when complexed with cisplatin

Oliver, J.J.; Rao, J., 1994:
Modification of the Doughty blade for the Boyle-Davis gag

Hamer, E.; Schoner, W., 1993:
Modification of the E1ATP binding site of Na+/K(+)-ATPase by the chromium complex of adenosine 5'-[beta,gamma-methylene]triphosphate blocks the overall reaction but not the partial activities of the E2 conformation

Osoba, D.; Aaronson, N.; Zee, B.; Sprangers, M.; te Velde, A., 1997:
Modification of the EORTC QLQ-C30 (version 2.0) based on content validity and reliability testing in large samples of patients with cancer. The Study Group on Quality of Life of the EORTC and the Symptom Control and Quality of Life Committees of the NCI of Canada Clinical Trials Group

Ramirez; Batlogg; Bucher; Cooper, 1986:
Modification of the Fermi-surface instability in UPt3 by Th substitution

Bartlett, J.M.; Crilly, A.; White, A.; Madhok, R., 2000:
Modification of the GeneScan 2500 fluorescent dye standard for accurate product sizing

Harper, M.C., 1998:
Modification of the Gould modification of the Broström ankle repair

Humphrey, G.M.; Najmaldin, A., 1994:
Modification of the Hasson technique in paediatric laparoscopy

Chernyshenko, D.V., 2001:
Modification of the Hungate vessel for cultivation of facultative and obligate anaerobic bacteria

Smith, G.I.; Brennan, P.A.; Oh, S.Seob.; Markus, A.F., 2002:
Modification of the Hunsuck sagittal split osteotomy using a nerve hook. Technical note

Marangoni, R.; Bubniak, G.A.; Cantão, M.P.; Abbate, M.; Schreiner, W.H.; Wypych, F., 2001:
Modification of the Interlayer Surface of Layered Copper(II) Hydroxide Acetate with Benzoate Groups: Submicrometer Fiber Generation

Eicher, 1989:
Modification of the Jahn-Teller theorem: Temperature-dependent rhombic distortion of the 2E1g ground state of cobaltocene inferred from susceptibility and NMR measurements

Frost; Kristof; Paroz; Kloprogge, 1998:
Modification of the Kaolinite Hydroxyl Surfaces through Intercalation with Potassium Acetate under Pressure

Frost; Kristof; Horvath; Kloprogge, 1999:
Modification of the Kaolinite Hydroxyl Surfaces through the Application of Pressure and Temperature, Part III

Malicky, E.S.; Levine, D.S.; Sangeorzan, B.J., 1999:
Modification of the Kidner procedure with fusion of the primary and accessory navicular bones

Cobley, T.D.; Orlando, A.; Page, K.; Mercer, N.S., 2000:
Modification of the Koken nasal splint

Delrue, V.; Veyckemans, F.; D.P.tter, P., 2000:
Modification of the LMA no. 1 for diode laser photocoagulation in ex-premature infants

Gerzic, Z.B., 1998 :
Modification of the Merendino procedure

Freund, E.I., 1999:
Modification of the Mitchell osteotomy

Hilger, P.; Khosh, M.M.; Nishioka, G.; Larrabee, W.F., 1997:
Modification of the Mustardé otoplasty technique using temporary contouring sutures

Davey, P.A.; Simonis, R.B., 2002:
Modification of the Nicoll bone-grafting technique for nonunion of the radius and/or ulna

Vecchio, J., 1996:
Modification of the PEG procedure to facilitate reinsertion of the gastroscope

Quincampoix, J.C.; Legarff, M.; Rittling, C.; Andiva, S.; Toulon, P., 2001:
Modification of the ProC Global assay using dilution of patient plasma in factor V-depleted plasma as a screening assay for factor V Leiden mutation

Hanna; Hallahan; Wayne; Weischselbaum, 1996:
Modification of the Radiation Response by the Administration of Exogenous Genes

Grigsby, 2000:
Modification of the Radiation Response of Patients With Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix

Gerosa, G.; Casarotto, D., 1994:
Modification of the Ross operation to facilitate hemostasis and repair of associated malformations

Minami, A.; Kato, H.; Iwasaki, N., 2000:
Modification of the Sauvé-Kapandji procedure with extensor carpi ulnaris tenodesis

Mo, X.Y.; Sangster, M.Y.; Tripp, R.A.; Doherty, P.C., 1997 :
Modification of the Sendai virus-specific antibody and CD8+ T-cell responses in mice homozygous for disruption of the interleukin-4 gene

Latkowski, B.; Durko, T.; Morawiec-Bajda, A.; Klamka, T., 1993:
Modification of the Shea type prosthesis in ossicular chain reconstruction

Takano, I.; Yasuda, I.; Nishijima, M.; Hitotsuyanagi, Y.; Takeya, K.; Itokawa, H., 2001:
Modification of the Skeleton of Homoharringtonine through Unusual Rearrangements

Gökrem, S.; Ozdemir, O.M.; Demirseren, M.E.; Can, Z.; Katircioglu, A., 2001:
Modification of the Skoog principle of digital flap interposition with a new technique of web space reconstruction

Castro-Córdoba, F.; Arenas-Huertero, F.; Salazar-Flores, M.; Osornio-Vargas, A., 1993:
Modification of the Smith and Naylor technique for the identification of ferruginous bodies

Liu, Y.; Vederas, J.C., 1996:
Modification of the Swern Oxidation: Use of Stoichiometric Amounts of an Easily Separable, Recyclable, and Odorless Sulfoxide That Can Be Polymer-Bound

Gardner, T.G.; Kearse, K.P., 1999:
Modification of the T cell antigen receptor (TCR) complex by UDP-glucose:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase. TCR folding is finalized convergent with formation of alpha beta delta epsilon gamma epsilon complexes

Johnston, R.L., 2000:
Modification of the Tano Diamond Dusted Scraper

Dorantes, A.; Stavchansky, S., 1994:
Modification of the U.S.P. dissolution method for the analysis of norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol tablets

Pérez-Franco, A.M., 1996:
Modification of the UniVision lens for a low-vision bifocal user

Nigg, D.W.; Wemple, C.A.; Risler, R.; Hartwell, J.K.; Harker, Y.D.; Laramore, G.E., 2000:
Modification of the University of Washington Neutron Radiotherapy Facility for optimization of neutron capture enhanced fast-neutron therapy

Merkel, K.D.; Reinus, W.R.; Miller, G.; Koudsi, B., 1997:
Modification of the Van Nes rotationplasty: report of a case

Park, T.S.; Kim, Y.H., 1999:
Modification of the Weaver-Dunn procedure

Gapeev, A.B.; Safronova, V.G.; Chemeris, N.K.; Fesenko, E.E., 1996:
Modification of the activity of murine peritoneal neutrophils upon exposure to millimeter waves at close and far distances from the emitter

Schuster, G.; Tomakidi, P.; Kohl, A.; Komposch, G., 1996:
Modification of the agar overlay assay: assessment of the influence of acrylics used in orthodontics on proliferation and differentiation of primary and transformed fibroblasts

Afanasyev, A.P.; Chebotarev, S.P.; Ryazantsev, A.N., 1985:
Modification of the age transition model with implications for regional migration rates and their influence on the reproduction structure of a population

Bossier, P.; Top, E.M.; Huys, G.; Kersters, K.; Boonaert, C.J.; Rouxhet, P.G.; Verstraete, W., 2001:
Modification of the aggregation behaviour of the environmental Ralstonia eutropha-like strain AE815 is reflected by both surface hydrophobicity and amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) patterns

Dong, X.; An, B.; Salvucci Kierstead, L.; Storkus, W.J.; Amoscato, A.A.; Salter, R.D., 1999:
Modification of the amino terminus of a class II epitope confers resistance to degradation by CD13 on dendritic cells and enhances presentation to T cells

Zeng, X-Nian.; Coll, J.; Zhang, S-Xue.; Liu, X-Qing.; Camps, F., 2003:
Modification of the analytical method for rotenoids in plants

Seifert, D.; Jerolimov, V.; Vukovojac, S.; Catović, A., 1999:
Modification of the angle of the lower third of the face

Dada, V.K.; Sharma, N.; Pangtey, M.S.; Dada, T., 2001:
Modification of the aspiration port to aid OVD removal and prevent posterior capsule tear

Orekhova, E.V.; Wallin And, B.Gunnar.; Hedström, A., 2002:
Modification of the average reference montage: dynamic average reference

Guarna, A.; Lombardi, E.; Machetti, F.; Occhiato, E.G.; Scarpi, D., 2000:
Modification of the aza-robinson annulation for the synthesis of 4-methyl-benzo[c]quinolizin-3-ones, potent inhibitors of steroid 5alpha-reductase 1

Shalyapina, V.G.; Turkina, E.V.; Rybnikova, E.A.; Rakitskaya, V.V.; Pivina, S.G., 1998:
Modification of the behavioral effects of corticoliberin by early post-natal administration of corticosteroid hormones

Shaliapina, V.G.; Turkina, E.V.; Rybnikova, E.A.; Rakitskaia, V.V.; Pivina, S.G., 1997:
Modification of the behavioral effects of corticoliberin by the early postnatal administration of corticosteroid hormones

Rosenzweig-Lipson, S.; Bergman, J., 1993:
Modification of the behavioral effects of the selective dopamine D2 agonist (+)-4-propyl-9-hydroxynaphthoxazine by dopamine antagonists in monkeys

Small, K.M.; Brown, K.M.; Forbes, S.L.; Liggett, S.B., 2001:
Modification of the beta 2-adrenergic receptor to engineer a receptor-effector complex for gene therapy

Bellavía, S.L.; Gallará, R.V., 1999:
Modification of the beta- and alpha2-adrenergic sensitivity of rat submandibular glands by environmental stimuli and stress

Bhargava, H.N.; Kumar, S., 1997:
Modification of the binding of [3H]MK-801 to brain regions and spinal cord of rats treated chronically with U-50,488H, a kappa-opioid receptor agonist

Trepod, C.M.; Mott, J.E., 2001:
Modification of the carboxy-terminal amino acid sequence alters the Escherichia coli expression of a gene encoding multiple repeats of a bovine growth hormone releasing factor analog

Dingemanse, J.; Guentert, T.; Gieschke, R.; Stabl, M., 1996:
Modification of the cardiovascular effects of ephedrine by the reversible monoamine oxidase A-inhibitor moclobemide

Silva, I.J.; Azevedo, M.S.; Manso, C.F., 1994:
Modification of the catalytic properties of diamine oxidase (DAO) by reducing agents

Nair, V.; Mackie, J.D., 1974:
Modification of the central nervous system syndrome in head-irradiated rabbits with pharmacologic agents

Moon, M.G., 1997:
Modification of the centric lock assembly of a semiadjustable articulator

Blum, M.; David, F., 1982:
Modification of the cervical flora by IUCD

Mutzbauer, T.S.; Neubauer, B.; Mueller, P.H.; Tetzlaff, K., 1999:
Modification of the closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus LAR V makes it suitable for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Sun; Wang, 1995 :
Modification of the completeness relation of the eigenstates of the operator ak

Burkhardt, D.; Lauck, G.; Badenheim, W.; Höblinger, K.H.; Manz, M., 1997:
Modification of the detection and stimulation behavior of active and passive fixed bipolar pacemaker electrodes by depot dexamethasone

Sparks, S.M.; Lien-Gieschen, T., 1994:
Modification of the diagnostic content validity model

Fournier, P.E.; Casalta, J.P.; Habib, G.; Messana, T.; Raoult, D., 1996:
Modification of the diagnostic criteria proposed by the Duke Endocarditis Service to permit improved diagnosis of Q fever endocarditis

Colditz, J.C.; Schneider, A.M., 1995:
Modification of the digital serial plaster casting technique

Zhang, L.; Barrett, J.E., 1991:
Modification of the discriminative stimulus effects of 8-OH-DPAT, buspirone and the beta-adrenoreceptor antagonist pindolol after chronic administration of the 5-HT(1A) agonist 8-OH-DPAT in the pigeon

Podkovkin, V.G.; Pisareva, E.V.; Alenina, N.V., 2000:
Modification of the effect of high temperature on biochemical processes by perturbed geomagnetic field

Köhn, F.M., 1996:
Modification of the effectiveness of contraceptives

Podkovkin, V.G.; Uglova, I.B., 1999:
Modification of the effects of microwave irradiation on biochemical processes by using foreign protein

Wilder; Vasquez; Edwards, 1993:
Modification of the eikonal relation for chemical waves to include fluid flow

Cole, K.D.; Tellez, C.M.; Nguyen, R.B., 2000:
Modification of the electrokinetic properties of reversible electrophoresis gels for the separation and preparation of DNA. Addition of linear polymers

Brummell; Nicholas; Hopkins; Harris; Foxon, 1987:
Modification of the electron-phonon interactions in GaAs-GaAlAs heterojunctions

Yokoyama, T.; Macka, M.; Haddad, P.R., 2002:
Modification of the electroosmotic flow and separation selectivity of anions in electrochromatography with pseudo-stationary phases of C14-alkyldimethylammoniopropane sulfonate zwitterionic surfactants by addition of salts to the background electrolyte

Abiru, N.; Yu, L.; Redondo, M.J.; Redondo, M.; Eisenbarth, G.S., 2001:
Modification of the environment is not the most efficient way to prevent type 1 diabetes

Yao; Yuan, 1988:
Modification of the equivalence theorem due to loop corrections

Tetik, C.; Gudemez, E., 2002:
Modification of the extension block Kirschner wire technique for mallet fractures

Cavalieri; Arimondo; Matera, 1992:
Modification of the far-wing absorption profile due to collisional coherence

Lysionek, A.E.; Zubillaga, M.B.; Calmanovici, G.P.; Salgueiro, M.J.; Sarabia, M.I.; Barrado, A.D.; Caro, R.A.; Weill, R.; Boccio, J.R., 1999:
Modification of the ferrozine technique to analyze iron contents in different foods: comparative study using an internal standard as reference methodology

Lentner, A.; Späth, F.; Wienert, V., 1996:
Modification of the flexibility of the upper and lower ankle joint by medical compression stockings

Miks, Aín., 2002:
Modification of the formulas for third-order aberration coefficients

Nishimura, I.; Yuhta, T.; Ikubo, K.; Shimooka, T.; Murabayashi, S.; Mitamura, Y., 1993:
Modification of the frictional surfaces of artificial joints

Zemskov, V.M.; Subbotin, S.M.; Volkov, I.T.; Kiriukhin, A.Iu.; Andreev, S.M.; Nekhaev, I.V.; Umenko, E.N.; Petrukhina, A.O.; Vafina, M.G.; Molodtsov, N.V., 1995:
Modification of the functional activity of neutrophils by a synthetic peptide from the V3-loop of the HIV envelope protein gp120

Brooks, S.E.; Dacey, M.P.; Lee, M.B.; Baerveldt, G., 1994:
Modification of the glaucoma drainage implant to prevent early postoperative hypertension and hypotony: a laboratory study

Judge, B.A.; García-Aguilar, J.; Landis, G.H., 2000:
Modification of the gluteal perforator-based flap for reconstruction of the posterior vagina

Ohjimi, H.; Ogata, K.; Setsu, Y.; Haraga, I., 1996:
Modification of the gluteus maximus V-Y advancement flap for sacral ulcers: the gluteal fasciocutaneous flap method

Romanova, T.A.; Krasnov, P.O.; Avramov, P.V., 2001:
Modification of the heme electronic structure induced by complex formation with nitric oxide and the atomic backbone dynamics at room temperature

Mardanian, S.S.; Aĭrapetian, R.L.; Arutiunian, A.V., 1996:
Modification of the histidine in rat skeletal muscle deaminase by diethylpyrocarbonate

Reilly, K.; Hammond, G., 2002:
Modification of the human blink reflex by transient and sustained features of acoustic prestimulation

Kloen, P.; Siebenrock, K.A.; Ganz, R., 2002:
Modification of the ilioinguinal approach

Alvarez-Fernández, B.; García Ordóñez, M.A.; López Trigo, J.A.; Marín Carmona, J.M.; Gómez Huelgas, R.; Juárez Fernández, C., 2002:
Modification of the immune response in the elderly with nutritional treatments

Nishimura, H.; Yoshikai, Y., 1996:
Modification of the immune system by heat shock protein induced by bacterial infection

Navarro-Blasco, F.J.; Sempere, J.M., 1998:
Modification of the inflammatory activity of psoriatic arthritis in patients treated with extract of Polipodium leucotomos (Anapsos)

Welter, H.F.; Kreitmair, A., 1994:
Modification of the infrared light coagulator LC 250. Development of probes for endoscopic use

Kulik, L.V.; Kukushkin, I.V.; Kirpichev, V.E.; v Klitzing, K.; Eberl, K., 2001:
Modification of the intersubband excitation spectrum in a two-dimensional electron system under a perpendicular magnetic field

Schachinger; Greeson; Carbotte, 1990:
Modification of the isotope effect due to energy-dependent electronic density of states

Carbotte; Greeson; Perez-Gonzalez, 1991:
Modification of the isotope effect due to pair breaking

Sasaki, T.; Mann, K.; Timpl, R., 2001:
Modification of the laminin alpha 4 chain by chondroitin sulfate attachment to its N-terminal domain

Genzwuerker, H.V.; Kuhnert-Frey, B., 2000 :
Modification of the laryngeal tube

Ivanov, A.I.; Sarnatskaia, V.V.; Korolenko, E.A.; Korolik, E.V.; Meleshchenko, L.A.; Nikolaev, V.G.; Nikolaĭchik, V.V.; Iushko, L.A.; Zhbankov, R.G., 1996:
Modification of the ligand load and structure of human serum albumin with different methods of isolation

Popov, E.V.; Kononenko, E.V., 1993:
Modification of the lipid membrane matrix with magnesium

Brízida, L.; Mendes, M.; Adegas, A.; Seabra-Gomes, R., 1996:
Modification of the lipid profile in coronary patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation

Oĭmatov, M.; Shakarbaev, E.B.; Zaitova, A.Z., 1996:
Modification of the liver phospholipid status of cattle by Orientobilharzia turkestanica trematodes

Ivanova, R.; Lindman, B.; Alexandridis, P., 2001:
Modification of the lyotropic liquid crystalline microstructure of amphiphilic block copolymers in the presence of cosolvents

Matos; Bonfait; Henriques; Almeida, 1996:
Modification of the magnetic-field dependence of the Peierls transition by a magnetic chain

Posnick, J.C.; Tompson, B., 1993:
Modification of the maxillary Le Fort I osteotomy in cleft-orthognathic surgery: the bilateral cleft lip and palate deformity

Hall, H.D., 1996:
Modification of the modified condylotomy

De, K.; Ramamurthy, T.; Ghose, A.C.; Islam, M.S.; Takeda, Y.; Nair, G.B.; Nandy, R.K., 2002:
Modification of the multiplex PCR for unambiguous differentiation of the El Tor & classical biotypes of Vibrio cholerae O1

Semenov, V.V.; Ibragimova, M.Ia.; Barabanshchikov, B.I., 1998:
Modification of the mutagenic effect of ethylmethane sulfonate by adrenaline

Vitvitskiĭ, V.N.; Bakhitova, L.M.; Soboleva, L.S.; Shevchenko, V.A., 1996:
Modification of the mutagenic effects of gamma radiation by heavy metal salts

Mikheev, V.S.; Togo, E.F.; Pol'kina, S.I., 1993:
Modification of the mutagenicity of drugs by their immobilization. Effect of immobilization of analgin in starch in mice

Beck, A.M.; Ovesen, L., 1999:
Modification of the nutrition questionnaire for elderly to increase its ability to detect elderly people with inadequate intake of energy, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D

Larrea, J.; Pérez, A.; Martínez, T.; Pérez, J.F.; Núñez, V., 1998:
Modification of the nutritional septicemic risk (RSN) by means of perioperative transfusion

Hentschel, R.; Suska, A.; Volbracht, A.; Brune, T.; Jorch, G., 1997:
Modification of the open circuit N2 washout technique for measurement of functional residual capacity in premature infants

Marchesi, D.; Arlet, V.; Stricker, U.; Aebi, M., 1998:
Modification of the original Luque technique in the treatment of Duchenne's neuromuscular scoliosis

Bornemann; Morris; Sinha; Chandrachood; Liu, 1993:
Modification of the oxygen-isotope effect in high-temperature superconductors due to transition-metal doping

Rump, E.T.; de Vrueh, R.L.; Manoharan, M.; Waarlo, I.H.; van Veghel, R.; Biessen, E.A.; van Berkel, T.J.; Bijsterbosch, M.K., 2001:
Modification of the plasma clearance and liver uptake of steroid ester-conjugated oligodeoxynucleotides by association with (lactosylated) low-density lipoprotein

Müller-Oerlinghausen, B., 1998:
Modification of the prescribing practice of the physician by decisions of drug committees, specialty groups and consensus conferences

Wartensleben, H., 1998:
Modification of the prescribing practice of the physician by drug approval decisions of federal agencies

Bergmann, K.O., 1998:
Modification of the prescribing practice of the physician by legislation with special reference to non-approved drugs

Luque Garrocho, A.; Hernández Jiménez, M.J.; Charques Velasco, E.; Alonso Martínez, M.M., 2001:
Modification of the prescription of anticholesteremic agents

Morrow, H.E., 2002:
Modification of the prompts in the CISD model for bereavement in the workplace

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Modification of the running tie-over dressing

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Modification of the sales contract

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Modification of the sample size and the schedule of interim analyses in survival trials based on data inspections

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Modification of the saturated magnetization state

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Modification of the sentinel node technique: it was a hit in New York, but will it play in Poughkeepsie?

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Modification of the sinus lift procedure for septa in the maxillary antrum

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Modification of the stages in total reconstruction of the auricle: Part I. Grafting the three-dimensional costal cartilage framework for lobule-type microtia

Nagata, S., 1994:
Modification of the stages in total reconstruction of the auricle: Part II. Grafting the three-dimensional costal cartilage framework for concha-type microtia

Nagata, S., 1994:
Modification of the stages in total reconstruction of the auricle: Part III. Grafting the three-dimensional costal cartilage framework for small concha-type microtia

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Modification of the stages in total reconstruction of the auricle: Part IV. Ear elevation for the constructed auricle

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Modification of the subunit principle

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Modification of the surgical technique in radical cystectomy

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Modification of the surgical template as a flap retractor in implantation procedures

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Modification of the technique for intraperitoneal instillation of x-ray media in PD patients

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Modification of the temporalis muscle and fascia flap for the management of ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint

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Modification of the "wrap around" tendon anastomosis of fascia lata graft with a slim double tendon of palmaris longus

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Modifications in Classic Relationships Corresponding to Gas/Solid Physical Adsorption

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Modifications in myocardial energy metabolism in diabetic patients]

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Modifications of the Deloyers procedure in order to perform a cecal-rectal anastomosis without torsion of the vascular pedicle

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Modifications of the Lejour vertical mammaplasty: analysis of results in 100 consecutive patients

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Modifications of the alpha,beta-double bond in chalcones only marginally affect the antiprotozoal activities

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Modifications of the cardiovascular system with aging

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Modifications of the distal jet

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Modifications of the duodenum-preserving pancreatic head resection

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Modifications of the prospective payment system and payments for Medicare psychiatric admissions

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Modifications of the rate matrix required for the quantitative analysis of NOESY spectra of proteins

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Modifications of the sex pheromonal communication of trichogramma brassicae by a sublethal dose of deltamethrin

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Modifications of the subpedicle connective tissue graft technique: a predictable procedure for covering exposed roots

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Modifications of the tensor and spin-orbit interactions and the stretched states in 208Pb

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Modifications of tissular oxygenation and systemic hemodynamics after the correction of hypocapnia induced by mechanical ventilation

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Modifications on PVC films by ultrasound

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Modifications to Rives technique for midline incisional hernia repair

Tsetlin, E.M.; Romanova, L.N., 1993:
Modifications to a method of controlling the immunogenic activity of rabies vaccines

Anonymous, 1997:
Modifications to home care decision rules approved

Tremblay, M.S.; Lovely, D.F.; McInnis, M.D.; Sexsmith, J.R., 1994:
Modifications to hydra-gym equipment provide for clinically useful strength measurements

Yasunaga, S.; Feierabend, L., 1976:
Modifications to improve Air-Shields negative-pressure incubator-respirator

Burgstaler, E.A.; Pineda, A.A.; Geissler, U.C., 1995:
Modifications to increase accuracy and consistency of anticoagulant delivery using the Fenwal CS3000 plus

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Modifications to physicochemical and nutritional properties of hard-To-cook beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by extrusion cooking

Widener, J.; Yang, C.; Costello, P.; Allen, K., 1999:
Modifications to standard guidelines and changes in blood pressure readings: use of an automatic blood pressure device

Crosby, E.T., 1998:
Modifications to the Bullard laryngoscope; when time is short

Poole, G.H.; Frizelle, F.A., 1996:
Modifications to the Hasson technique

Gerrow, J.D.; Boyd, M.A.; Donaldson, D.; Watson, P.A.; Henderson, B., 1998:
Modifications to the National Dental Examining Board of Canada's certification process

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Modifications to the cavopulmonary anastomosis do not eliminate early sinus node dysfunction

Dyrting, 1996:
Modifications to the chaotic dynamics of laser-cooled atoms due to spontaneous emission

Anonymous, 1999:
Modifications to the disability determination procedures; disability claims process redesign prototype. Social Security Administration. Notice of a prototype involving modifications to the disability determination procedures

Cochrane, J.P., 2002:
Modifications to the double-staple technique for oesophago-jejunal anastomosis

Ledoux, P.; Lamblin, D.; Targowski, R., 2001:
Modifications to the mechanical behavior of the wrist after fracture of the scaphoid. Modeling by finite element analysis

Aldrete, J.A., 1998:
Modifications to the postanesthesia score for use in ambulatory surgery

Tam, L.Q., 1997:
Modifications to the problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum increase opportunities for learning basic sciences

Anonymous, 1994:
Modifications to the rules for virus nomenclature

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Modifications to the solution for reperfusion of the ischemic heart

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Modifications to the technic of cesarean section after Stark

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Modifications to the transverse Caspar cervical retractor blades optimized for a single-level anterior cervical discectomy

Marcellino, L.H.; Neshich, G.; Grossi de Sá, M.F.; Krebbers, E.; Gander, E.S., 1996:
Modified 2S albumins with improved tryptophan content are correctly expressed in transgenic tobacco plants

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Modified 8-aminoquinolines cure mouse Pneumocystis carinii infection

Shaw, D.L.; D.B.er, P.G., 1993:
Modified AO bone clamp used as a distractor

Ellsworth, P.I.; Barraza, M.A.; Stevens, P.S., 1996:
Modified ASOPA procedure (Hodgson XX) achieves the goals of hypospadias repair

Papp, T.; Jafari, M.; Diener, U.; Dudley, N.; Schiffmann, D., 1993:
Modified ASRA facilitates the characterization of activating point mutations in tumors, in which cancer cells constitute only a minor part of the investigated tissue

Bialostocki, A.; Tan, S.T., 1999:
Modified Antia-Buch repair for full-thickness upper pole auricular defects

Trnka, H.J.; Zembsch, A.; Wiesauer, H.; Hungerford, M.; Salzer, M.; Ritschl, P., 1997:
Modified Austin procedure for correction of hallux valgus

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Modified Bagolini striated glass test: clinical applications of starlight test in binocular visual field screening

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Modified Bankart procedure for recurrent anterior dislocation and subluxation of the shoulder in athletes

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Modified Bentall technique for aortic root replacement: a simplified approach to the short left coronary artery

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Modified Bentall's operation necessitating coronary artery bypass grafting: a case report

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Modified Blalock-Taussig shunt patency for pulmonary atresia: assessment with electron beam CT

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Modified Body technique in the treatment of epithympanic cholesteatoma. Otologic group, Piacenza

Yamataka, A.; Fujiwara, T.; Lane, G.; Tsuchioka, T.; Sunagawa, M.; Miyano, T., 1997:
Modified Boerema technique for the closure of congenital abdominal wall defects to prevent incisional herniation and infection

Kornah, B., 1996:
Modified Boyd amputation

Chatterjee, N.D.; Nath, C.; Pal, A.Kisor.; Baksi, D.P., 2002:
Modified Boytchev procedure for the treatment of recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder

Paden, M.H.; Stone, P.A.; McGarry, J.J., 1994:
Modified Brostrom lateral ankle stabilization utilizing an implantable anchoring system

Johnson, 1988:
Modified Broyden's method for accelerating convergence in self-consistent calculations

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Modified Burch colposuspension for stress urinary incontinence in females

Fatthy, H.; E.H.o, M.; Samaha, I.; Abdallah, K., 2001:
Modified Burch colposuspension: laparoscopy versus laparotomy

Dang, M.; Greenbaum, S.S., 2000:
Modified Burow's wedge flap for upper lateral lip defects

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Modified CHOP and radiation therapy in an aged patient with angioendothelial lymphoma

Embrey, R.P., 1993:
Modified Cabrol's technique for composite replacement of the aortic valve and ascending aorta

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Modified Campbell diagram to assess respiratory muscle action in speech

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Modified Coulomb potentials with analytic energy levels: A semiclassical derivation

van de Ree, J.K.minski; Gavrila, 1988:
Modified Coulomb scattering in intense, high-frequency laser fields

Nakajima, M.; Tsuchiya, K.; Inoue, H.; Naito, Y.; Mizutani, E., 2003:
Modified Daggett's technique for early repair of postinfarct posterior ventricular septal rupture

Wilhelmi, B.J.; Calianos, T.A.; Appelt, E.A.; Ortiz, M.E.; Heggers, J.P.; Phillips, L.G., 1999:
Modified Dakin's solution for cutaneous vibrio infections

Cramer, C.K.; Epstein, J.B.; Sheps, S.B.; Schechter, M.T.; Busser, J.R., 2002:
Modified Delphi survey for decision analysis for prophylaxis of post-radiation osteonecrosis

Sasaki, S., 2002:
Modified Desmanet's intramedullary pinning for fractures of the distal radius

Gillespie, D.; Eisenberg, R.S., 2001:
Modified Donnan potentials for ion transport through biological ion channels

Bahador, A., 1999:
Modified Duhamel operation using a newly designed crushing clamp

Tayama, K.; Eriguchi, N.; Futamata, Y.; Harada, H.; Yoshida, A.; Matsunaga, A.; Mitsuoka, M., 2003:
Modified Dumon stent for the treatment of a bronchopleural fistula after pneumonectomy

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Modified Duplay technique in the treatment of hypospadias. Report of 585 cases

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Modified Dyplay technique in the treatment of anterior hypospadias. Immediate and long term results in 321 cases and review of the literature

Pandya, K.S.; Nash, A.; Ince, C.S., 1998:
Modified ECG electrode for severely burned patients

Devanand, D.P.; Sackeim, H.A.; Finck, A.Donald., 1987:
Modified ECT Using Succinylcholine After Remission of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Brodie, S.; Breton, M.E., 1995:
Modified ERG-jet contact lens electrodes for use in infants and toddlers

Oztürk, M.Akif.; Barişta, I.; Altundağ, M.Kadri.; Türker, A.; Yalçin, S.; Celik, I.; Güllü, I.; Güler, Nüfer.; Ozişik, Y.; Kars, Aşe.; Kansu, E.; Baltali, Eşmen.; Tekuzman, Gülten., 2002:
Modified ESHAP as salvage chemotherapy for recurrent or refractory non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: results of a single-center study of 32 patients. Modified etoposide, methylprednisolone, cytarabine and cisplatin

Reed, T.M., 1996:
Modified Elmslie lateral ankle stabilization procedure

Rillmann, P.; Dutly, A.; Kieser, C.; Berbig, R., 1998:
Modified Elmslie-Trillat procedure for instability of the patella

Semenowicz, J., 1999:
Modified Ender nail in the treatment of unstable peritrochanteric fractures

Kincaid; Pérez; Cohen, 1988:
Modified Enskog theory for fluid mixtures

Drvaric, D.M.; Kruger, L.M., 2001:
Modified Ertl osteomyoplasty for terminal overgrowth in childhood limb deficiencies

Lu, W.; Chen, Y.; Xia, Z.; Fang, Z., 1998:
Modified Evans blue fluorimetry for determination of pulmonary vascular permeability in rats sustaining burns, and delayed fluid resuscitation of burn shock

Alston, 1996:
Modified Faddeev treatment of electron capture

Li; Hahn, 1995:
Modified Fokker-Planck approach to steady-state distributions in plasmas

Komiya, T.; Ohge, H.; Imai, K.; Shiraga, K.; Kohno, S.; Kanzaki, Y., 1994:
Modified Fontan procedure for complex cardiac anomaly with nonconfluent pulmonary artery

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Modified Fontan procedure in ninety-nine cases of atrioventricular valve regurgitation

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Modified Fontan procedure on 106 cases: indication and surgical results

Tam, V.K.; Miller, B.E.; Murphy, K., 1999:
Modified Fontan without use of cardiopulmonary bypass

da Silveira, W.L.; Pena, P.G.; Daltro, C.A.; Leite, A.F.; Fernandes, R.L.; Cunha, O.A.; Nazzetta, H.E.; Batista, M.A.; de Oliveira, V.G., 1995:
Modified Fontan's operation

Zaim, 1999:
Modified GDP Through Health Cost Analysis of Air Pollution: The Case of Turkey

Dixon, A.M.; Widmalm, G.; Bull, T.E., 2000:
Modified GOESY in the analysis of disaccharide conformation

Farey, I.D.; Nadkarni, S.; Smith, N., 1999:
Modified Gallie technique versus transarticular screw fixation in C1-C2 fusion

el-Zimaity, H.M.; Wu, J.; Graham, D.Y., 2000:
Modified Genta triple stain for identifying Helicobacter pylori

Nano, M.; D.S.mone, M.; Casalegno, P.A.; Giaccone, M.; Lale-Murix, E., 1994:
Modified Gilbert's technique in the treatment of persistent inguino-scrotal hernias in aged patients

Giebel, G., 1997:
Modified Gilchrist bandage

Bódis, J.; Domány, B.; Török, A.; Buzogány, I.; Götz, F., 1997:
Modified Gittes's needle colposuspension method complemented with the laparoscopic ventrosuspension of the uterus for the treatment of stress incontinence associated with stage III or IV pelvic organ prolapse

Cha, 1992:
Modified Glauber model II description for heavy-ion elastic scattering

Vitturi; Zardi, 1987:
Modified Glauber model for the description of elastic scattering between heavy ions

Danton, M.H.; Byrne, J.G.; Flores, K.Q.; Hsin, M.; Martin, J.S.; Laurence, R.G.; Cohn, L.H.; Aklog, L., 2001:
Modified Glenn connection for acutely ischemic right ventricular failure reverses secondary left ventricular dysfunction

Claeys, G.; Verschraegen, G.; Temmerman, M., 2001:
Modified Granada Agar Medium for the detection of group B Streptococcus carriage in pregnant women

Weger; Fay, 1986:
Modified Gutzwiller theory of the metal-insulator transition: Application to heavy-fermion systems

Netter, H.J.; Hsieh, S.Y.; Lazinski, D.; Taylor, J., 1993:
Modified HDV as a vector for the delivery of biologically-active RNAs

Fox, S.J.; Wilson, R.H.; Jones, J.W., 2003:
Modified HIPAA privacy rule affects research, marketing, security

Park, F.; Kay, M.A., 2001:
Modified HIV-1 based lentiviral vectors have an effect on viral transduction efficiency and gene expression in vitro and in vivo

Roberts, C.; Dawson, E.; Lee, J., 2002:
Modified Harada-Ito procedure in bilateral superior oblique paresis

Wu, Y-Kan.; Wang, Y-Huei.; Tsai, C-Hong.; Yung, J-Chung.; Hwang, M-Huo., 2002:
Modified Hassab procedure in the management of bleeding esophageal varices--a two-year experience

Stave, J.; Zinser, G.; Grümmer, G.; Guthoff, R., 2002:
Modified Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph HRT. Initial results of in vivo presentation of corneal structures

Lee, K.; Chong, Y.; Shin, H.B.; Kim, Y.A.; Yong, D.; Yum, J.H., 2001:
Modified Hodge and EDTA-disk synergy tests to screen metallo-beta-lactamase-producing strains of Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter species

Burden, D.J.; Pine, C.M.; Burnside, G., 2001:
Modified IOTN: an orthodontic treatment need index for use in oral health surveys

Vanroose, W.; Broeckhove, J.; Arickx, F., 2002 :
Modified J-matrix method for scattering

Ide, H.; Eguchi, R.; Nakamura, T.; Hayashi, K.; Kobayashi, A.; Oota, M.; Tanigawa, K.; Narumiya, K., 2000:
Modified Jekler and Lhotka operation in minimized laparotomy for achalasia

Faraj, A.A., 1997:
Modified Jones procedure for post-polio claw hallux deformity

Berdjis, F.; Mahon, D.J., 2000:
Modified Judkins catheters for selective coronary angiography in infants and young children

Lee, I.S.; Lee, J.B.; Kim, H.S.; Lew, H.; Han, S.H., 2000:
Modified Kestenbaum surgery for correction of abnormal head posture in infantile nystagmus: outcome in 63 patients with graded augmentaton

Dawson, D.M.; Julsrud, M.E.; Erdmann, B.B.; Jacobs, P.M.; Ringstrom, J.B., 1998:
Modified Kidner procedure utilizing a Mitek bone anchor

Sakurai, H.; Maeda, M.; Miyahara, K.; Nakayama, M.; Murayama, H.; Hasegawa, H., 2000:
Modified Konno procedure for a child with left ventricular outflow tract obstruction after repair of atrioventricular septal defect: a transaortic transpulmonary approach

Stober, R.; Traub, S., 1998:
Modified Krukenberg-plasty with callus distraction of the stump and complete skin closure of both forearm branches

Gardner, G.; Banka, C.L.; Roberts, K.A.; Mullick, A.E.; Rutledge, J.C., 1999:
Modified LDL-mediated increases in endothelial layer permeability are attenuated with 17 beta-estradiol

Dolcher; Grosso; Martinelli; Parravicini, 1996:
Modified Lanczos procedure for Wannier-Stark resonances in solids

Wiecko; Chiappe, 1989:
Modified Lanczos simulation of the localized superconductivity for a chain with interaction and disorder

Kholodenko; Beyerlein, 1986:
Modified Langer-Zittartz method for the electrostatic excluded-volume problem

Maroof, M.; Khan, R.M.; Siddique, M.; Bhatti, T.H., 1996:
Modified Laryngeal Mask Airway--a useful aid to fiberoptic intubation

Narayan, D.; Persing, J.A., 1998:
Modified Le Fort III osteotomy in adult Crouzon disease

Kim, Y.J.; Park, J.J.; Lee, J.R.; Rho, J.R.; Yun, Y.S.; Choi, J.Y.; Noh, C.I., 2001:
Modified Lecompte procedure for the anomalies of ventriculoarterial connection

Gupta, V.; Agarwal, V.K.; Mathur, S.; Tripathi, V.N.; Agarwal, A.; Bhalla, M.; Khadwal, A., 1994:
Modified Levinson's test in rapid diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis

Chastan, P., 2000:
Modified Lichtenstein technique for inguinal hernia cure

Ara, Y.; Koshino, T.; Takagi, T.; Saito, T., 2001:
Modified Loeffler's medial capsulotomy for osteoarthritis of the knee: 20 years' follow-up

Lloyd, D.; Ho, K.S.; Seow-Choen, F., 2002:
Modified Longo's hemorrhoidectomy

Newnam, P.T.; Fry, E.N., 1995:
Modified Macintosh laryngoscope blade and the real McCoy

Landa; Rosenblum, 1995:
Modified Mackey-Glass model of respiration control

Xu, R.; Ebraheim, N.A.; Klausner, T.; Yeasting, R.A., 1998:
Modified Magerl technique of lateral mass screw placement in the lower cervical spine: an anatomic study

Hoebeke, P.; Boemers, T.M.; D.J.ng, T.P., 1996:
Modified Mathieu technic for hypospadias with moderate chordae

Ozek, C.; Gurler, T.; Alper, M.; Gundogan, H.; Bilkay, U.; Songur, E.; Akin, Y.; Cagdas, A., 1999:
Modified McIndoe procedure for vaginal agenesis

Vats; Katayama; Kim; Mauer; Fish; McGLENNEN, 1999:
Modified Method for Competitive Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction for Rapid and Automated Quantitation of Messenger RNA in Multiple Samples

Nasioulas; Sheffield; Mansie; Forrest, 1997:
Modified Method for the Detection of the CAG Repeat Expansion in Huntington's Disease and Application to a Predictive Testing Protocol

Chen; Lee; Tseng, 1986:
Modified Migdal-Kadanoff renormalization for the Potts model

Lee; Chen; Tseng, 1988:
Modified Migdal-Kadanoff renormalization for the spin-(1/2 anisotropic Heisenberg model

McDonald, M.G.; Stevens, D.B., 1996:
Modified Mitchell bunionectomy for management of adolescent hallux valgus

Kuo, C.H.; Huang, P.J.; Cheng, Y.M.; Huang, K.Y.; Chen, T.B.; Chen, Y.W.; Lin, S.Y., 1998:
Modified Mitchell osteotomy for hallux valgus

Wu, K.K., 1997:
Modified Mitchell's bunionectomy (Wu's bunionectomy)

Lee; Kalotas; Adams, 1998:
Modified Morse Potential for Diatomic Molecules

Chen, 1990:
Modified Möbius inverse formula and its applications in physics

Hammond, B.D., 2002:
Modified NTP

Nawata, S.; Sugi, K.; Kaneda, Y.; Esato, K., 1994:
Modified Naclerio-Langer method under thoracoscopic procedure for pneumothorax due to rupture of a large bulla

Evans, R.D.; Jones, A.G., 1994:
Modified Nance appliance for cases with missing anterior teeth

Dje, K.; Weber, O.; Adjiman, S.; Flam, T.; Zerbib, M.; Debré, B., 1994:
Modified Nesbit's operation in the treatment of incurvations of the penis. Apropos of 26 cases

Price, M.R.; Janik, J.S.; Wayne, E.R.; Janik, J.E.; Martinez, L.A.; Burrington, J.D., 1997:
Modified Nissen fundoplication for reduction of fundoplication failure

Tsimoyiannis, E.C.; Lekkas, E.T.; Berekos, K.; Tsianos, E.V., 1993:
Modified Nissen fundoplication in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease

Drinkwater, D.C.; Aharon, A.S.; Quisling, S.V.; Dodd, D.; Reddy, V.S.; Kavanaugh-McHugh, A.; Doyle, T.; Patel, N.R.; Barr, F.E.; Kambam, J.K.; Graham, T.P.; Chang, P.A., 2002:
Modified Norwood operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Poirier, N.C.; Drummond-Webb, J.J.; Hisamochi, K.; Imamura, M.; Harrison, A.M.; Mee, R.B., 2000:
Modified Norwood procedure with a high-flow cardiopulmonary bypass strategy results in low mortality without late arch obstruction

Hamilton, 1990:
Modified Nosé-Hoover equation for a one-dimensional oscillator: Enforcement of the virial theorem

Perry, D.W., 1976:
Modified PEEP equipment for the Emerson 3-PV ventilator

Bapat, R.D.; Jadhav, R.N.; Mohite, J.D.; Rohandia, O.S., 1997:
Modified Partington's procedure for pancreaticojejunostomy in chronic pancreatitis

Monda, L.A., 1996:
Modified Pawlow projection for the upper thoracic spine

Wu, Q.; Yu, Q.; Yang, X., 2003:
Modified Rastelli procedure for double outlet right ventricle with left-malposition of the great arteries: report of 9 cases

Metras, D.; Kreitmann, B., 2001:
Modified Rastelli using an autograft: A new concept for correction of transposition of the great arteries with ventricular septal defect and left ventricular outflow tract obstruction (with an extension to other congenital heart defects)

Znojil, 1987:
Modified Rayleigh-Schrödinger perturbation theory

Salem; Montemayor, 1991:
Modified Ricatti approach to partially solvable quantum Hamiltonians: Finite Laurent-type potentials

Montemayor; Salem, 1991:
Modified Riccati approach to partially solvable quantum Hamiltonians. II. Morse-oscillator-related family

Salem; Montemayor, 1993:
Modified Riccati approach to partially solvable quantum Hamiltonians. III. Related families of Pöschl-Teller potentials

Minami, H.; Wakita, N.; Mimura, T.; Inoue, K.; Sakata, M.; Okita, Y., 2002:
Modified Ross procedure with stentless bioprosthesis and pericardial xenograft for the right ventricular outflow tract. Usefulness of autologous pericardial patch for hemostasis

Zerrog, B.; al-Zahrani, S.; Ali, A.A., 1998:
Modified Salter's innominate osteotomy

López-Villanueva; Melchor; Cartujo; Carceller, 1993:
Modified Schrödinger equation including nonparabolicity for the study of a two-dimensional electron gas

Altman, E.; Ben-Nun, A.; Curtis, W.; Best, L.A., 2001:
Modified Seldinger technique for the insertion of standard chest tubes

Ahmed, R.; Dua, H.S., 2000:
Modified Sheridan-Gardiner vision test with a semitransparent card

Biswas, 1987:
Modified Sjölander-Stott integral equation for the electron distribution around an impurity

Kälbermann, 1993:
Modified Skyrme model and the nucleon-nucleon interaction

Reinhardt; Dang, 1988:
Modified Skyrme model with correct QCD scaling behavior on S3

Silverman, W.B., 1997:
Modified Soehendra stent extractor

Watanabe, M.; Harada, Y.; Takeuchi, T.; Satomi, G.; Yasukouchi, S., 2002:
Modified Starnes operation for neonatal Ebstein's anomaly

Brunelli, G.A.; Vigasio, A.; Brunelli, G.R., 1995:
Modified Steindler procedure for elbow flexion restoration

Baillie; Johnston, 1992:
Modified Steiner functional string action

Suszcynsky; Borovsky, 1992:
Modified Sternglass theory for the emission of secondary electrons by fast-electron impact

Atsumi, T.; Kuroki, Y., 1997:
Modified Sugioka's osteotomy: more than 130 degrees posterior rotation for osteonecrosis of the femoral head with large lesion