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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46744

Chapter 46744 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Voltz, R.; Hartmann, M.; Spuler, S.; Scheller, A.; Mai, N.; Hohlfeld, R.; Yousry, T., 1997:
Multiple sclerosis: longitudinal measurement of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist

Donker, G.A.; Foets, M.; Spreeuwenberg, P., 1996:
Multiple sclerosis: management in Dutch general practice

Stenager, E.; Knudsen, L.; Jensen, K., 1994:
Multiple sclerosis: methodological aspects of cognitive testing

Amor, S.; Layward, L.; van Noort, J.M., 1998:
Multiple sclerosis: modelling the future. The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Conference: Frontiers in Science and Patient Care Disease Management

Ebers, G.C., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: new insights from old tools

Hauw, J.J.; Lubetzki, C.; Tourbah, A., 1999:
Multiple sclerosis: one or several diseases?

Booss, J., 2002:
Multiple sclerosis: paradox and public policy

Brissaud, O.; Palin, K.; Chateil, J.F.; Pedespan, J.M., 2001:
Multiple sclerosis: pathogenesis and manifestations in children

Raine, C.S., 1996 :
Multiple sclerosis: prospects for remyelination

Sandyk, R.; Awerbuch, G.I., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: relationship between seasonal variations of relapse and age of onset

Arruda, W.O.; Scola, R.H.; Teive, H.A.; Werneck, L.C., 2001:
Multiple sclerosis: report on 200 cases from Curitiba, Southern Brazil and comparison with other Brazilian series

Vukusic, S.; Moreau, T.; Bouhour, F.; Adeleine, P.; Confavreux, C., 2001:
Multiple sclerosis: spontaneous course, natural history

O'Brien, M.T., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: stressors and coping strategies in spousal caregivers

Flynn, S., 2002:
Multiple sclerosis: the Treetops model of residential care

Fox, R.J.; Cohen, J.A., 2001:
Multiple sclerosis: the importance of early recognition and treatment

Murai, H.; Kira, J., 2001:
Multiple sclerosis: the recent progress of research and treatment

O'Brien, M.T., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: the relationship among self-esteem, social support, and coping behavior

Sandyk, R., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: the role of puberty and the pineal gland in its pathogenesis

O'Brien, M.T., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: the role of social support and disability

Sandyk, R.; Awerbuch, G.I., 1993:
Multiple sclerosis: the role of the pineal gland in its timing of onset and risk of psychiatric illness

Huber, S.; Spycher, M.; Lechner-Scott, J.; Bellaiche, Y.; Steck, A.J.; Kappos, L., 1996:
Multiple sclerosis: therapy with recombinant beta-1b interferon: initial results with 30 multiple sclerosis patients in northwest Switzerland

Sato, T., 1995:
Multiple sclerosis: update on current therapies

Olsson, T., 1994:
Multiple sclerosis:cerebrospinal fluid

Scheinberg, L.C., 1994:
Multiple sclerosis:therapeutic strategies

Cutler, K.B.; Alagheband, M., 2002:
Multiple scrotal exophytic papules

Egan, C.A.; Rallis, T.M.; Zone, J.J., 1998:
Multiple scrotal lymphangiomas (lymphangiectases) treated by carbon dioxide laser ablation

Akhtar, S.; Oza, K.K.; Roulier, R.G., 2002:
Multiple sebaceous adenomas and extraocular sebaceous carcinoma in a patient with multiple sclerosis: case report and review of literature

Cook, D.K.; Georgouras, K., 1994:
Multiple seborrhoeic keratoses associated with metastatic breast carcinoma

Warnock, L.J.; Hunninghake, G.W., 1995:
Multiple second messenger pathways regulate IL-1 beta-induced expression of PGHS-2 mRNA in normal human skin fibroblasts

Motomura, K.; Komoike, Y.; Inaji, H.; Hasegawa, Y.; Kasugai, T.; Noguchi, S.; Koyama, H., 2002:
Multiple sectioning and immunohistochemical staining of sentinel nodes in patients with breast cancer

Rainer, R.S.; Wanat, F.E.; Nanda, N.C.; Chang, L.K., 1990:
Multiple secundum type atrial septal defects: identification by transthoracic color Doppler echocardiography

Hyogo, T.; Nakagawara, J.; Nakamura, J.; Suematsu, K., 1996:
Multiple segmental agenesis of the cerebral arteries: case report

Rachmiel, A.; Levy, M.; Laufer, D.; Clayman, L.; Jackson, I.T., 1996:
Multiple segmental gradual distraction of facial skeleton: an experimental study

Harrigan, P.W.; Browne, S.M.; Quail, A.W., 1996:
Multiple seizures following re-exposure to propofol

Anaya-Prado, R.; Ramos-Kelly, J.Ricardo.; Toledo-Pereyra, L.H.; Walsh, J.; Ward, P.A., 2002:
Multiple selectin blockade with a small-molecule selectin inhibitor does not affect survival after a second inflammatory challenge with nonlethal LPS

Kosta, L., 1993:
Multiple sensitivities

Wolf, B.; Brischwein, M.; Baumann, W.; Ehret, R.; Kraus, M., 1997:
Multiple sensor systems for online analysis of cellular signals: the PhysioControl microsystem

Higgins, D.G.; Taylor, W.R., 2000:
Multiple sequence alignment

Campagne, F.; Maigret, B., 1998 :
Multiple sequence alignment in HTML: colored, possibly hyperlinked, compact representations

Gaskell, G.J., 2000:
Multiple sequence alignment tools on the Web

Jeanmougin, F.; Thompson, J.D.; Gouy, M.; Higgins, D.G.; Gibson, T.J., 1998:
Multiple sequence alignment with Clustal X

Althaus, E.; Caprara, A.; Lenhof, H-Peter.; Reinert, K., 2002:
Multiple sequence alignment with arbitrary gap costs: computing an optimal solution using polyhedral combinatorics

Mullan, L.J., 2002:
Multiple sequence alignment--the gateway to further analysis

Taylor, W.R.; Munro, R.E., 1997:
Multiple sequence threading: conditional gap placement

Klix, N.; Jolly, C.J.; Davies, S.L.; Brüggemann, M.; Williams, G.T.; Neuberger, M.S., 1998:
Multiple sequences from downstream of the J kappa cluster can combine to recruit somatic hypermutation to a heterologous, upstream mutation domain

Gosden, J.R.; Lawson, D., 1997:
Multiple sequential oligonucleotide primed in situ DNA syntheses (MULTI-PRINS)

Freiman, S.; Marom, L.; Ofer, A.; Hoffman, A.; Calif, E., 2002:
Multiple sequential posttraumatic pseudoaneurysms following high-energy injuries: case report and review of the literature

Dourish, C.T., 1995:
Multiple serotonin receptors: opportunities for new treatments for obesity?

Julander, I.; Hoffner, S.; Petrini, B.; Ostlund, L., 1996:
Multiple serovars of Mycobacterium avium complex in patients with AIDS

García Olmo, D.; Vázquez Aragón, P.; López Fando, J., 1994:
Multiple setons in the treatment of high perianal fistula

Das, H.; Taribagil, S.; Rathi, P.; Kumar, M.; Sawant, P., 1999:
Multiple sewing needles retrieved from the gut

Santelli, J.S.; Brener, N.D.; Lowry, R.; Bhatt, A.; Zabin, L.S., 1998:
Multiple sexual partners among U.S. adolescents and young adults

Pruneau, T.P., 2001:
Multiple shifts as a solution to limited resources

Batista; Viana; Lopes, 2000:
Multiple short-term memories in coupled weakly nonlinear map lattices

Tuli, S.; Drake, J.M., 1999:
Multiple shunt failures: an analysis of relevant features

Choi, J.; Kim, I.K.; Oh, N.S., 2002:
Multiple sialoliths in sublingual gland: report of a case

Tsien, C.L.; Kohane, I.S.; McIntosh, N., 2000:
Multiple signal integration by decision tree induction to detect artifacts in the neonatal intensive care unit

Wood, J.R.; Strauss, J.F., 2002:
Multiple signal transduction pathways regulate ovarian steroidogenesis

Dell, G.C.; Morley, S.D.; Mullins, J.J.; Williams, B.C.; Walker, S.W., 1996:
Multiple signal transduction systems regulate angiotensin II type 1 (AT1) receptor mRNA expression in bovine adrenocortical cells

Morgan, M.M.; Mahowald, A.P., 1996:
Multiple signaling pathways establish both the individuation and the polarity of the oocyte follicle in Drosophila

Yu, C.T.; Shih, H.M.; Lai, M.Z., 2000:
Multiple signals required for cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein (CREB) binding protein interaction induced by CD3/CD28 costimulation

Beck-Bornholdt, H.P.; Dubben, H.H., 2000:
Multiple significance tests and their importance in the judging of results. A quality analysis of the journal Strahlentherapie und Onkologie

Uematsu, H.; Yamada, H.; Sadato, N.; Hayashi, N.; Yamamoto, K.; Yonekura, Y.; Ishii, Y., 1998:
Multiple single sections Turbo FLASH MR arterial portography in the detection of hepatic neoplasms

Baker, S.N.; Philbin, N.; Spinks, R.; Pinches, E.M.; Wolpert, D.M.; MacManus, D.G.; Pauluis, Q.; Lemon, R.N., 2000:
Multiple single unit recording in the cortex of monkeys using independently moveable microelectrodes

Chance, J.J.; Li, D.J.; Sokoll, L.J.; Silberman, M.A.; Engelstad, M.E.; Nichols, J.H.; Liu, X.; Mohammad, A.A.; Petersen, J.R.; Okorodudu, A.O., 2000:
Multiple site analytical evaluation of a portable blood gas/electrolyte analyzer for point of care testing

Kim, Y-Gyun.; Maas, S., 2002:
Multiple site-directed mutagenesis in vitro

Ohkawa, J.; Yuyama, N.; Takebe, Y.; Nisikawa, S.; Homann, M.; Sczakiel, G.; Taira, K., 1993:
Multiple site-specific cleavage of HIV RNA by transcribed ribozymes from shotgun-type trimming plasmid

Floch; Pannetier; Dénès, 1986:
Multiple sites and mobility in ionic conductors by NMR dipolar transient effects

Joseph, A.T.; Chandramani, S., 1996:
Multiple sites for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in women--does it matter?

Hammer, M.; Menzel, R., 1999:
Multiple sites of associative odor learning as revealed by local brain microinjections of octopamine in honeybees

Wack, A.; Corbella, P.; Harker, N.; Crispe, I.N.; Kioussis, D., 1997:
Multiple sites of post-activation CD8+ T cell disposal

Hung, G.U.; Tan, T.S.; Kao, C.H.; Wang, S.J., 2001:
Multiple skeletal metastases of Ewing's sarcoma demonstrated on FDG-PET and compared with bone and gallium scans

Chan; Yeo; Ahuja; King, 2000:
Multiple skeletal muscle metastases

Brass, E.P.; Wang, H.; Hiatt, W.R., 2001:
Multiple skeletal muscle mitochondrial DNA deletions in patients with unilateral peripheral arterial disease

Estève, E.; Georgescu, V.; Heitzmann, P.; Martin, L., 2001:
Multiple skin and mouth squamous cell carcinomas related to long-term treatment with hydroxyurea

Tachibana, N., 2000:
Multiple sleep latency test

Rosenow, F.; Kotagal, P.; Cohen, B.H.; Green, C.; Wyllie, E., 2000:
Multiple sleep latency test and polysomnography in diagnosing Kleine-Levin syndrome and periodic hypersomnia

Fietze, I.; Quispe-Bravo, S.; Franke, I.; Witt, C.; Baumann, G., 1997:
Multiple sleep latency test in patients with obstructive snoring

Drake, M.E.; Weate, S.J.; Newell, S.A.; Padamadan, H.; Pakalnis, A., 1994:
Multiple sleep latency tests in epilepsy

Hasson, O.; Levy, Y.; Nahlieli, O.; Ziccardi, V.B., 2001:
Multiple slow-growing nodules on the cheek

Vermeesch, J.R.; Duhamel, H.; Petit, P.; Falzetti, D.; Fryns, J.P.; Marynen, P., 2000:
Multiple small accessory marker chromosomes from different centromeric origin in a moderately mentally retarded male

Carolin, K.; Turfah, F.H., 2001:
Multiple small bowel metastasis after laparoscopically assisted abdominoperineal resection

Scriven, J.M.; Berry, D., 1996:
Multiple small bowel perforations in a patient on treatment of tuberculosis

Münchbach, M.; Nocker, A.; Narberhaus, F., 1998:
Multiple small heat shock proteins in rhizobia

Karpov, S.Iu.; Cherevko, D.A., 2000:
Multiple small intestine fistulas and subdiaphragmatic abscess in an emaciated patient wounded in the abdomen

Amrein, I.; Baud, P.; Giachino, D.; Birrer, S.; Markwalder, R.; Voegtli, B., 2001:
Multiple small intestine ulcers in an HIV-positive patient

Akagi, S.; Watanabe, M.; Hamamoto, S.; Tanaka, S.; Uchida, Y.; Fukuda, R.; Kinoshita, Y., 2000:
Multiple small lesions of hepatocellular carcinoma controlled by percutaneous and laparoscopic ethanol injection--a case report

Maleux, G.; van Steenbergen, W.; Stockx, L.; Vanbeckevoort, D.; Wilms, G.; Marchal, G., 2000:
Multiple small pseudoaneurysms complicating pancreatitis: angiographic diagnosis and transcatheter embolization

Mazumder; Sequeira, 1990:
Multiple small-angle scattering from a bidisperse Markov medium

Mazumder; Sequeira, 1989:
Multiple small-angle scattering from a polydispersed random medium

Miller, S.D.; Vinson, R.P.; McCollough, M.L.; Keeling, J.H., 1998:
Multiple smooth skin nodules. Chordoma cutis

Brown, J.W.; Clark, G.P.; Leader, D.J.; Simpson, C.G.; Lowe, T., 2002:
Multiple snoRNA gene clusters from Arabidopsis

Li, Y.; Wolters, A.M.; Malawey, P.V.; Sweedler, J.V.; Webb, A.G., 1999:
Multiple solenoidal microcoil probes for high-sensitivity, high-throughput nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gómez, E.; Portal, C.G.; Seco, M.A.; Alvarez-Grande, J., 1999:
Multiple solid malignancies in a renal transplant patient

Bhalay, G.; Cowell, D.; Hone, N.D.; Scobie, M.; Baxter, A.D., 1997:
Multiple solid-phase synthesis of hydantoins and thiohydantoins

Torres, A.J.; Díez Valladares, L.; Hernando, F.; Sánchez-Pernaute, A.; Pérez-Aguirre, E.; González, O.; Cantero, R.; Gutiérrez-del Olmo, A.; Balibrea, J.L., 2000:
Multiple solitary leiomyomata of the esophagus

Nomoto, K.; Murahashi, M.; Jimi, T.; Wakayama, Y., 1997:
Multiple solitary lesions in deep white matter in the early stage of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. A case report

Jouyban-Gharamaleki, A.; Romero, S.; Bustamante, P.; Clark, B.J., 2000:
Multiple solubility maxima of oxolinic acid in mixed solvents and a new extension of Hildebrand solubility approach

Viles, J.H.; Mitchell, J.B.; Gough, S.L.; Doyle, P.M.; Harris, C.J.; Sadler, P.J.; Thornton, J.M., 1996:
Multiple solution conformations of the integrin-binding cyclic pentapeptide cyclo(-Ser-D-Leu-Asp-Val-Pro-). Analysis of the (phi, psi) space available to cyclic pentapeptides

Bidlingmeyer, B., 2001:
Multiple solvents and methods on a single HPLC system

Rijntjes, M.; Buechel, C.; Kiebel, S.; Weiller, C., 2000:
Multiple somatotopic representations in the human cerebellum

Alonso, M.A.; Fan, L.; Alarcón, B., 1998:
Multiple sorting signals determine apical localization of a nonglycosylated integral membrane protein

Bauer, I., 1993:
Multiple sorting technique--an example for its application in nursing research

Scherg, M.; Bast, T.; Berg, P., 1999:
Multiple source analysis of interictal spikes: goals, requirements, and clinical value

Maloney, D.M., 2002:
Multiple sources for financial damages after research subject dies in experiment

Hocini, M.; Haïssaguerre, M.; Shah, D.; Jaïs, P.; Peng, J.T.; Yamane, T.; Deisenhofer, I.; Garrigue, S.; Fuimaono, K.; Pike, R.; Clémenty, J., 2001:
Multiple sources initiating atrial fibrillation from a single pulmonary vein identified by a circumferential catheter

Baker, R.H.; DeSalle, R., 2002:
Multiple sources of character information and the phylogeny of Hawaiian drosophilids

Shah, U.; Augsburger, L., 2002:
Multiple sources of sodium starch glycolate, NF: evaluation of functional equivalence and development of standard performance tests

Ino, T.; Shimazaki, S.; Kaneko, K.; Yabuta, K.; Yamaguchi, H.; Kaneko, K., 1994:
Multiple spasms of renal arteries following percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty in children

Lien, M.C.; Proctor, R.W., 2000:
Multiple spatial correspondence effects on dual-task performance

Gu, Y.; Patwardhan, A., 2002:
Multiple spatially distributed stimulators and timing programs for entrainment of activation during ventricular fibrillation

Eckenhoff, M.Fazen.; Chan, K.; Eckenhoff, R.G., 2001:
Multiple specific binding targets for inhaled anesthetics in the mammalian brain

Joh, D.; Speziale, P.; Gurusiddappa, S.; Manor, J.; Höök, M., 1999:
Multiple specificities of the staphylococcal and streptococcal fibronectin-binding microbial surface components recognizing adhesive matrix molecules

Mendicute, J.; Seminario, M.; Eder, F.; Müller-Thyssen, A.; Genua, I.; Lamsfus, J.M., 1993:
Multiple sphincterotomies in the surgical treatment of cataracts in narrow pupils

Capuani, S.; Alessandri, F.M.; Bifone, A.; Maraviglia, B., 2002 :
Multiple spin echoes for the evaluation of trabecular bone quality

Alessandri, F.M.; Capuani, S.; Maraviglia, B., 2002:
Multiple spin echoes in heterogeneous systems: physical origins of the observed dips

Nakstad, P.H.; Hald, J.K.; Bakke, S.J., 1993:
Multiple spinal arteriovenous fistulas in Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome treated with platinum fibre coils

Akiyama, H.; Katayama, S.; Tanaka, K.; Korosue, K., 2002:
Multiple spinal arteriovenous fistulas occurring at conus medullaris and dura of the sacral region: a case report

Balaban, H.; Sener HO.E.den, I.; Cağlar, S.; Sahin, A.; Yücemen, N., 2001:
Multiple spinal intramedullary cavernous angioma: case report

Latka, D.; Hendryk, S.; Słowiński, J.; Pieniazek, J.; Mrówka, R., 1997:
Multiple spinal meningeal cysts in the thoracic region associated with lymphedema of the legs (Milroy's disease)

Lee, K.S.; Cheang, C.M.; Lieu, A.S.; Howng, S.L., 1999:
Multiple spinal meningiomas--a case report

Roessler, K.; Dietrich, W.; Haberler, C.; Goerzer, H.; Czech, T., 1999:
Multiple spinal "miliary" hemangioblastomas in von Hippel-Lindau (vHL) disease without cerebellar involvement. A case report and review of the literature

Harvell, J.D., 2003:
Multiple spindle cell lipomas and dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans within a single patient: evidence for a common neoplastic process of interstitial dendritic cells?

Bernard, N.; Lacoste, D.; Lifermann, F.; Morlat, P.; Labouyrie, E.; Broustet, A.; Beylot, J., 1995:
Multiple splenic abscesses in a 42-year-old man. Uncommon manifestation of myeloma

Gatica, M.A.; Morales, H.; Harz, C.; Espinoza, A., 1993:
Multiple splenic abscesses. Report of 2 cases

Cassar, S.L.; Wong, A.L.; Jadavji, T.; Leung, A.K.C., 2002:
Multiple splenic infarcts associated with toxic shock syndrome

Obernolte, R.; Ratzliff, J.; Baecker, P.A.; Daniels, D.V.; Zuppan, P.; Jarnagin, K.; Shelton, E.R., 1998:
Multiple splice variants of phosphodiesterase PDE4C cloned from human lung and testis

Maynard, M.A.; Qi, H.; Chung, J.; Lee, E.H.L.; Kondo, Y.; Hara, S.; Conaway, R.C.; Conaway, J.W.; Ohh, M., 2003:
Multiple splice variants of the human HIF-3 alpha locus are targets of the von Hippel-Lindau E3 ubiquitin ligase complex

Bresson-Bépoldin, L.; Jacquot, M.C.; Schlegel, W.; Rawlings, S.R., 1998:
Multiple splice variants of the pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide type 1 receptor detected by RT-PCR in single rat pituitary cells

Burkey, D.; Love, J.; Fanning, J.; Lambrew, C., 1993:
Multiple spontaneous coronary artery dissections in a middle aged woman: support for an underlying eosinophilic arteritis predisposing to intimal disruption

Piovaccari, G.; Coccolo, F.; Melandri, G.; Tartagni, F.; Marzocchi, A.; D.P.squale, G.; Branzi, A.; Magnani, B., 1995:
Multiple spontaneous coronary dissection. Case report and review of the literature

Mirete Ferrer, C.; Tovar Beltrán, J.; Noguera Pons, R.; Navarro Blasco, F., 2001:
Multiple spontaneous fractures: an exceptional presentation of Cushing's syndrome

Turnbull, R.G.; Hayashi, A.H.; McLean, D.R., 1994:
Multiple spontaneous intestinal perforations from atheroembolism after thrombolytic therapy: a case report

Andonopoulos, A.P.; Maraziotis, T.; Rigas, G.; Yarmenitis, S.; Papapetropoulos, T., 1998:
Multiple spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages in a patient with progressive systemic sclerosis

Lessin, M.S.; Schwartz, D.L.; Wesselhoeft, C.W., 2000:
Multiple spontaneous small bowel anastomosis in premature infants with multisegmental necrotizing enterocolitis

Genet, P.; Pulik, M.; Lionnet, F.; Petitdidier, C.; Touahri, T., 1996:
Multiple spontaneous vascular infarcts in sickle-cell trait: a case report

Lipoff, J.I., 1999:
Multiple spontaneously occurring coronary artery-left ventricular communications: a case report

Dragos, V.; Bracko, M.; Sever-Novosel, M., 2000:
Multiple spontaneously regressing nodules in a newborn

Schneider, B.B.; Douglas, D.J.; Chen, D.D.Y., 2002:
Multiple sprayer system for high-throughput electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Kirby, B.; Chalmers, R.J., 1999:
Multiple squamous cell carcinomas following photochemotherapy for atopic eczema

D.S.mone, C.; Guerriero, C.; Guidi, B.; Rotoli, M.; Venier, A.; Tartaglione, R., 1998:
Multiple squamous cell carcinomas of the skin during long-term treatment with hydroxyurea

Aste, N.; Fumo, G.; Biggio, P., 2001:
Multiple squamous epitheliomas during long-term treatment with hydroxyurea

Roest, M.A.; Keane, F.M.; Agnew, K.; Hawk, J.L.; Griffiths, W.A., 2001:
Multiple squamous skin carcinomas following excess sunbed use

Burchmore, N.A., 1998:
Multiple stab wounds: a short-term respiratory case study

Marzetti, F.; Pezzuto, R.W.; Ducci, M., 1997:
Multiple stage cervical laryngotracheal reconstruction after trauma with extensive tissue loss

Norkin, L.C.; Anderson, H.A., 1996:
Multiple stages of virus-receptor interactions as shown by simian virus 40

Campolieti, M., 2001:
Multiple state hazard models and workers' compensation claims: an examination of workers compensation data from Ontario

Newman; Stein, 1992:
Multiple states and thermodynamic limits in short-ranged Ising spin-glass models

Danchin, A., 1972:
Multiple states in macromolecules I. Qualitative model for a single nucleation process

Danchin, A.; Thang, M.N., 1972:
Multiple states in macromolecules II. Entropic behaviour of tRNA degraded by polynucleotide phosphorylase

Córdoba; Luque, 1986:
Multiple steady states on an adsorbent surface

Europa, A.F.; Gambhir, A.; Fu, P.C.; Hu, W.S., 1999:
Multiple steady states with distinct cellular metabolism in continuous culture of mammalian cells

Ponde, C.K.; Watson, P.S.; Aroney, C.N.; Dooris, M.; Garrahy, P.J.; Cameron, J.; McEniery, P.T.; Bett, J.H., 1997:
Multiple stent implantation in single coronary arteries: acute results and six-month angiographic follow-up

Gradden, C.; McWilliams, R.; Gould, D.; Williams, P.; Harris, P., 2003:
Multiple stenting in Takayasu arteritis

Garcia-Cantu, E.; Corcos, T.; Favereau, X.; Guérin, Y.; Boutot, F.; Ouzan, J.; Souffrant, G., 1995:
Multiple stenting in acute myocardial infarction with double vessel occlusion, complicated with cardiogenic shock

Sedov, V.M.; Azovtsev, R.A.; Maĭor, L.; Gulachi, I., 2001:
Multiple stenting of the right coronary artery in a patient with ischemic heart disease

Mayo-Smith, W.W., 1999:
Multiple stents in treatment of obstructive jaundice associated with Klatskin's tumor

Lee, S.C.; Kim, D.H.; Won, Y.H., 2001:
Multiple sterile abscesses in antiphospholipid antibody syndrome

Kuriĭ, M.F.; Kuriĭ, A.M.; Iaremchuk, G.G., 1999:
Multiple stones in a solitary cyst of the kidney

Dunkle, L.M., 1980:
Multiple strategies control staph infections in nursery

Hoge, M.A.; Flaherty, J.A., 2001:
Multiple strategies of change

de Jong-Brink, M.; Bergamin-Sassen, M.; Solis Soto, M., 2002:
Multiple strategies of schistosomes to meet their requirements in the intermediate snail host

Leung, S.P., 2000:
Multiple strawberry haemangiomas-side effect of rhuEpo?

Kawamura, S., 1998:
Multiple streams of time consciousness: a new model of retrospective timing

Singwe, M.; L.G.rs, L.; Karneff, A.; Prier, A.; Kaplan, G., 1998:
Multiple stress fractures in a scleroderma patient on methotrexate therapy

Mäenpää, H.; Savolainen, A.; Lehto, M.U.; Belt, E.A., 2001:
Multiple stress fractures in a young girl with chronic idiopathic arthritis. Extended case report

Geiselhart, H.P.; Abele, T., 1999:
Multiple stress fractures of the anterior and posterior pelvic ring with progressive instability. Description of a pronounced case with review of the literature

Lambros, G.; Alder, D., 1997:
Multiple stress fractures of the tibia in a healthy adult

Hinton, D.E., 1999:
Multiple stressors in the Sacramento River watershed

Pérez-Cuadrado, E.; Molina Pérez, E., 2001:
Multiple strictures in jejunal Crohn's disease: push enteroscopy dilation

Leibowitz, N.; Fligelman, Z.Y.; Nussinov, R.; Wolfson, H.J., 2000:
Multiple structural alignment and core detection by geometric hashing

Good, L.F.; Maggirwar, S.B.; Kealiher, A.; Uhlik, M.; Sun, S.C., 1996:
Multiple structural domains within I kappa B alpha are required for its inducible degradation by both cytokines and phosphatase inhibitors

Altier, C.; Spaetgens, R.L.; Nargeot, J.; Bourinet, E.; Zamponi, G.W., 2001:
Multiple structural elements contribute to voltage-dependent facilitation of neuronal alpha 1C (CaV1.2) L-type calcium channels

Zhang, J.F.; Ellinor, P.T.; Aldrich, R.W.; Tsien, R.W., 1996:
Multiple structural elements in voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels support their inhibition by G proteins

Raymond, J.L.; Lisberger, S.G.; Raymond, J.L., 1997:
Multiple subclasses of Purkinje cells in the primate floccular complex provide similar signals to guide learning in the vestibulo-ocular reflex

Levitt, J.; Lutfi Ali, S.A.; Sapadin, A., 2002:
Multiple subcutaneous angiolipomas associated with new-onset diabetes mellitus

Lohmann, D.R.; Gillessen-Kaesbach, G., 2000:
Multiple subcutaneous granular-cell tumours in a patient with Noonan syndrome

Fotiades, C.I.; Kouerinis, I.A.; Zografos, G.C., 2002:
Multiple subcutaneous lipomas: do they need further diagnostic approach before excision?

Kumaravel, S., 1995:
Multiple subcutaneous lipomatosis in a case of relapsed lepromatous leprosy masquerading as histoid leprosy

Trizna, Z.; Tschen, J.; Natelson, E.A., 1998:
Multiple subcutaneous nodules on the torso and leg. Leukemia cutis

Donnelly, L.F.; Bissett, G.S.; Vydareny, K.H.; Thompson, W.M., 1997:
Multiple submissions of abstracts: is honesty the policy?

Banfalvi, G.; Mikhailova, M.; Poirier, L.A.; Chou, M.W., 1998:
Multiple subphases of DNA replication in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) cells

Nakase, H.; Ohnishi, H.; Touho, H.; Watabe, Y.; Furuoka, N.; Yamada, K.; Takaoka, M.; Senoh, M.; Takahashi, H.; Karasawa, J., 1993:
Multiple subpial transection after lesionectomy in an intractable epilepsy case

Buelow, J.M.; Aydelott, P.; Pierz, D.M.; Heck, B., 1996:
Multiple subpial transection for Landau-Kleffner syndrome

Smith, M.C.; Byrne, R., 2000:
Multiple subpial transection in neocortical epilepsy: Part I

Zhao, Q.; Liu, Z.; Li, S.; Tian, Z.; Liu, J.; Cui, Y.; Lin, H.; Guan, X., 2002:
Multiple subpial transection in surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy

Polkey, C.E., 2000:
Multiple subpial transection: a clinical assessment

Wyler, A.R., 2000:
Multiple subpial transections in neocortical epilepsy: Part II

West, R., 2001:
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Multiple vaccines received during deployment may explain gulf war illness

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Multiple-segment osteotomy in maxillofacial surgery

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