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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46745

Chapter 46745 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hwa; Wang, 1989:
Multiplicity distributions in high-energy hadron-nucleus collisions. I. Formalism

Wang; Hwa, 1989:
Multiplicity distributions in high-energy hadron-nucleus collisions. II. Phenomenology

Capella; Casado; Pajares; Ramallo; Tran Tranh Van J, 1987:
Multiplicity distributions in nuclear collisions

Bialas; de Groot EH.R.ijgrok, 1987:
Multiplicity distributions in pp-bar collisions at 540 GeV and "bremsstrahlung analogy"

Singh; Sengupta; Jain, 1988:
Multiplicity distributions in pseudorapidity intervals with 32S at 200 GeV/nucleon and 16O at 200 and 60 GeV/nucleon

Dremin; Hwa, 1996:
Multiplicity distributions of squeezed isospin states

Friedlander; He; Shih; Weiner, 1991:
Multiplicity distributions, transverse momenta, and nonstationary effects

Chou; Yang, 1985:
Multiplicity fluctuation and single-particle spectrum in two-jet events in e+e- annihilation

Coffman; McCormick; Swinney, 1986:
Multiplicity in a chemical reaction with one-dimensional dynamics

Yang, S.Z.; Zhou, C.Y.; Wang, F.; Sun, B.C.; Han, Z.L.; Shen, Y.; Han, J.H.; Zhang, H.J., 2018:
Analysis of curative effect of transoral radiofrequency ablation microsurgery on glottic carcinoma with anterior commissure involvement at the early stage

Zhuang; Liu, 1990:
Multiplicity moments and nuclear geometry in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Tang, X.W..; Hsu, C.-C..; Sun, Y..; Wu, E..; Yang, C.-Y..; Wu, J.-Y.., 1996:
Multiplicity of Brain Cysteine Sulfinic Acid Decarboxylase - Purification, Characterization and Subunit Structure

Ballistreri, F.P..; Barbuzzi, E.G..M..; Tomaselli, G.A..; Toscano, R.M.., 1996:
Multiplicity of Reaction Pathways in the Processes of Oxygen Transfer to Secondary Amines by Mo(VI) and W(VI) Peroxo Complexes

Enomoto, R.; Ogita, K.; Yoneda, Y., 1993:
Multiplicity of [3H]1,3-di-o-tolylguanidine binding sites with low affinity for haloperidol in rat brain

Ishikawa, Y., 1994:
Multiplicity of adenylylcyclase and regulation of G-protein

Sun, Y., 1997:
Multiplicity of antioxidant enzyme catalase in mouse liver cells

Chern; Lin, 1991:
Multiplicity of bifurcation in weakly ionized magnetoplasmas

Sugiyama, Y.; Kato, Y.; Chu, X., 1998:
Multiplicity of biliary excretion mechanisms for the camptothecin derivative irinotecan (CPT-11), its metabolite SN-38, and its glucuronide: role of canalicular multispecific organic anion transporter and P-glycoprotein

Wiemer, J.; Winkelmann, B.R.; Beyersdorf, F.; Sarai, K.; Reifart, N.; Hofmann, M.; Klepzig, H., 1996:
Multiplicity of clinical symptoms and manifestations of unruptured aneurysms of the sinus of Valsalva--3 case reports

Heidmann, O.; Rougeon, F., 1983:
Multiplicity of constant kappa light chain genes in the rabbit genome: a b4b4 homozygous rabbit contains a kappa-bas gene

Inoue, A.; Nakata, Y., 2000:
Multiplicity of dopamine receptors

Agrez, M.V.; Bates, R.C.; Mitchell, D.; Wilson, N.; Ferguson, N.; Anseline, P.; Sheppard, D., 1996:
Multiplicity of fibronectin-binding alpha V integrin receptors in colorectal cancer

Monod, M.; Togni, G.; Hube, B.; Sanglard, D., 1994:
Multiplicity of genes encoding secreted aspartic proteinases in Candida species

Bosma, P.T.; Blázquez, M.; Collins, M.A.; Bishop, J.D.; Drouin, G.; Priede, I.G.; Docherty, K.; Trudeau, V.L., 1999:
Multiplicity of glutamic acid decarboxylases (GAD) in vertebrates: molecular phylogeny and evidence for a new GAD paralog

Klausen, C.; Chang, J.P.; Habibi, H.R., 2003:
Multiplicity of gonadotropin-releasing hormone signaling: a comparative perspective

Frank, S.A., 2002:
Multiplicity of infection and the evolution of hybrid incompatibility in segmented viruses

Shabram, P.; Aguilar-Cordova, E., 2000:
Multiplicity of infection/multiplicity of confusion

Raymond, J.R.; Mukhin, Y.V.; Gelasco, A.; Turner, J.; Collinsworth, G.; Gettys, T.W.; Grewal, J.S.; Garnovskaya, M.N., 2002:
Multiplicity of mechanisms of serotonin receptor signal transduction

Vernigora, A.N.; Nikihin, N.N.; Gengin, M.T., 1993:
Multiplicity of molecular forms of soluble carboxypeptidase-B-like enzymes in the cat brain

Kaya; Nihat Berker A, 2000:
Multiplicity of ordered phases in frustrated systems obtained from hard-spin mean-field theory

Kitamura, S.; Katsura, H.; Tatsumi, K., 1996:
Multiplicity of rat liver 15-ketoprostaglandin delta 13-reductases

Golikova, L.N.; Netosova, N.A.; Gutorov, V.V.; Belavin, P.A.; Abdurashitov, M.A.; Gonchar, D.A.; Degtiarev, S.Kh., 2000:
Multiplicity of site-specific DNA-methyltransferases of the BstF5I restriction modification system from Bacillus stearothermophilus F5

Lipowski, A., 2000:
Multiplicity of species in some replicative systems

Matsui, M., 1998:
Multiplicity of sulfotransferases

Lepetit; Malrieu; Pelissier, 1989:
Multiplicity of symmetry-broken Hartree-Fock solutions in multiple bonds and atomic clusters: An asymptotic view

Hirsch, R.D.; Meier-Baumgartner, H.P., 1999:
Multiplicity of symptoms in dementia and their modification: a central gerontopsychiatric responsibility

Feshchenko, V.A.; Reinsel, R.A.; Veselis, R.A., 2001:
Multiplicity of the alpha rhythm in normal humans

Youinou, P.; Simon, I., 1994:
Multiplicity of the immunological targets of corticoids

Boyce, N., 2001:
Multiplicity's perils

Shaffer, J.Popper., 2002:
Multiplicity, directional (type III) errors, and the null hypothesis

Shivpuri; Kotha, 1987:
Multiplicity, rapidity, and rapidity correlations in 800-GeV proton-nucleus interactions

Schmieder; Leidert; Kelly; Oschkinat, 1998:
Multiplicity-Selective Coherence Transfer Steps for the Design of Amino Acid-Selective Experiments-A Triple-Resonance Experiment Selective for Asn and Gln

Paley, D.; Bhave, A.; Herzenberg, J.E.; Bowen, J.R., 2000:
Multiplier method for predicting limb-length discrepancy

van Duijn E; Gavrila; Muller, 1996:
Multiply Charged Negative Ions of Hydrogen Induced by Superintense Laser Fields

Coffey, T.J.; Berrón, S.; Daniels, M.; Garcia-Leoni, M.E.; Cercenado, E.; Bouza, E.; Fenoll, A.; Spratt, B.G., 1996:
Multiply antibiotic-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae recovered from Spanish hospitals (1988-1994): novel major clones of serotypes 14, 19F and 15F

Muder, R.R.; Brennen, C.; Drenning, S.D.; Stout, J.E.; Wagener, M.M., 1998:
Multiply antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacilli in a long-term-care facility: a case-control study of patient risk factors and prior antibiotic use

Morgan, W., 1977:
Multiply by a billion: a glimpse of China's population

Dreuw, A.; Cederbaum, L.S., 2002:
Multiply charged anions in the gas phase

Baragiola; Madey; Lanzillotto, 1990:
Multiply charged ions from electron bombardment of SiO2

Yannouleas, C.; Landman, U.; Herlert, A.; Schweikhard, L., 2001:
Multiply charged metal cluster anions

Hodges, B.L.; Serra, D.; Hu, H.; Begy, C.A.; Chamberlain, J.S.; Amalfitano, A., 2000:
Multiply deleted [E1, polymerase-, and pTP-] adenovirus vector persists despite deletion of the preterminal protein

D'Addato, M.; Faggioli, G.L., 1999:
Multiply distributed atherosclerotic arteriopathy. Indications and limits of surgical treatment

Hird; Armstrong; Gauthier, 1993:
Multiply ionized atom production in keV-N+-Si-surface scattering

Cornell; Monroe; Wieman, 1991:
Multiply loaded, ac magnetic trap for neutral atoms

Leicht, S., 1996:
Multiply recurrent cellulitis

Grigg, A.P., 1999:
Multiply recurrent extramedullary plasmacytomas without marrow relapse in the context of extensive chronic GVHD in a patient with myeloma

Byrnes, P., 1993:
Multiply resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae infection

Holloway, Y.; Schiphuis, J.; Kooistra-Smid, M.; Snijder, J.A.; Appelbaum, P.C.; Spangler, S.K., 1994:
Multiply resistant pneumococci in The Netherlands

Xiang, Y.; Pant, B.; Eisen, A.; Beddoes, M.P.; Poole, D., 1993:
Multiply sectioned Bayesian networks for neuromuscular diagnosis

Hall; Flüeli; Monot; Borel, 1991:
Multiply twinned structures in unsupported ultrafine silver particles observed by electron diffraction

Walters, J., 1983:
Multiply your clout with a grassroots lobbying network

Tertov, V.V.; Kaplun, V.V.; Sobenin, I.A.; Orekhov, A.N., 1996:
Multiply-modified disialyated low-density lipoproteins: physico-chemical properties

Hassan, M., 1995:
Multiply-resistant Salmonella typhi in children

Hawe, P.; Noort, M.; King, L.; Jordens, C., 1996:
Multiplying health gains: the critical role of capacity-building within health promotion programs

Akrich, M.; Pasveer, B., 2000:
Multiplying obstetrics: techniques of surveillance and forms of coordination

Hansen, P.A., 1994:
Multiplying the benefits of research training

Mackowiak, P.A.; Brown, B.J.; Smith, J.W., 1978:
Multiplyresistant Serratia on urology service

Tsong, Y.; Hammerstrom, T.; Chen, J.J., 1997:
Multipoint dissolution specification and acceptance sampling rule based on profile modeling and principal component analysis

Gessler, D.D.; Xu, S., 2000:
Multipoint genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci with dominant markers in outbred populations

Fife, M.S.; Fisher, S.A.; John, S.; Worthington, J.; Shah, C.J.; Ollier, W.E.; Panayi, G.S.; Lewis, C.M.; Lanchbury, J.S., 2000:
Multipoint linkage analysis of a candidate gene locus in rheumatoid arthritis demonstrates significant evidence of linkage and association with the corticotropin-releasing hormone genomic region

Chiu, Y.F.; Addington, A.M.; Beaty, T.H.; Klein, A.P.; Liang, K.Y., 2002:
Multipoint linkage analysis under heterogeneity: incorporation of parametric and nonparametric approaches

Teng, J.; Siegmund, D., 1999:
Multipoint linkage analysis using affected relative pairs and partially informative markers

Towers, J.D.; Holbert, J.M.; Britton, C.A.; Costello, P.; Sciulli, R.; Gur, D., 2000:
Multipoint rank-order study methodology: observer issues

Chiang, Y-Ju.; Wang, L.; Chen, H-Shyang.; Yang, C-Chung.; Liu, W-Fung., 2002:
Multipoint temperature-independent fiber-Bragg-grating strain-sensing system employing an optical-power-detection scheme

Blignault, I., 2000:
Multipoint videoconferencing in health: a review of three years' experience in Queensland, Australia

Zhu; Wong, 1992:
Multipolar contributions to coherent optical second-harmonic generation at an interface between two isotropic media: A quantum-electrodynamical calculation

Zhu; Shen, 1990:
Multipolar contributions to optical second-harmonic generation in isotropic fluids

Hernando, 1991:
Multipolar electrostatic sums in numerical simulations with wall boundary conditions

Triedman, J.K.; Jenkins, K.J.; Colan, S.D.; Van Praagh, R.; Lock, J.E.; Walsh, E.P., 1997:
Multipolar endocardial mapping of the right heart using a basket catheter: acute and chronic animal studies

Brown; Ciftan, 1989:
Multipolar expansions for the empty-lattice problem

Chiricozzi, E.; Masciovecchio, C.; Villani, M.; Sotgiu, A.; Testa, L., 1998:
Multipolar laminated electromagnet for low-field magnetic resonance imaging and electron paramagnetic resonance imaging

Girard, 1992:
Multipolar propagators near a corrugated surface: Implication for local-probe microscopy

Fuchs; Claro, 1987:
Multipolar response of small metallic spheres: Nonlocal theory

Saxena; Bishop, 1991:
Multipolaron solutions of the Gross-Neveu field theory: Toda potential and doped polymers

Sebastian; Grotch; Ridener, 1992:
Multipole amplitudes in parity-changing one-photon transitions of charmonium

Sebastian, 1994:
Multipole amplitudes in the one-photon radiative transitions of the singlet D state of charmonium

Damour; Iyer, 1991:
Multipole analysis for electromagnetism and linearized gravity with irreducible Cartesian tensors

Savkli; Tabakin; Yang, 1996:
Multipole analysis of spin observables in vector meson photoproduction

Au, 1988:
Multipole and nonadiabatic corrections to the two-Coulomb-exchange effective potential in electron- or positron-atom scattering at threshold energy

Yildirim; Harris; Erwin; Pederson, 1993:
Multipole approach to orientational interactions in solid C60

Dragoun; Rysavy; Günther, 1993:
Multipole character of the proposed 220 eV transition in 229Pa

Govil; Fulbright; Cline; Wesolowski; Kotlinski; Backlin; Gridnev, 1986:
Multipole collectivity in 168Er from inelastic scattering

Sokalski, W.A.; Keller, D.A.; Ornstein, R.L.; Rein, R.; Rein, R., 1993:
Multipole correction of atomic monopole models of molecular charge distribution. I. Peptides

Cooper, 1990:
Multipole corrections to the angular distribution of photoelectrons at low energies

Mercer; Rapaport; Whitten; Adams; Byrd; Chen; Fazely; Gülmez; Goodman; Huang; Igo; Ling; Marchlenski; Prout; Rybarcyk; Sugarbaker; Taddeucci, 1994:
Multipole decomposition of the 16O(p,n)16F and 18O(p,n)18F reactions at 494 MeV

Xia; Quinn, 1994:
Multipole edge plasmons of two-dimensional electron-gas systems

Kuang; Yi; Fu, 1990:
Multipole expansion in quantum chromodynamics and the radiative decays J/ psi --> gamma + eta and J/ psi --> gamma + pi 0

Rahal; Ren, 1990:
Multipole expansion of conserved tensor currents and the number of form factors

Zhang, 1986:
Multipole expansions of the general-relativistic gravitational field of the external universe

Dey; Sinha, 1994:
Multipole mixing ratios of the 198 and 177 keV gamma -ray transitions in 169Tm

Lobodzinski; Gawlik, 1996:
Multipole moments and trap states in forward scattering of resonance light

Blanpied; Mishra; Ritchie, 1986:
Multipole moments for 12C from coupled channels analysis of 0.8 and 1.0 GeV proton scattering

Suen, 1986:
Multipole moments for stationary, non-asymptotically-flat systems in general relativity

Wallet, 1985:
Multipole moments of (composite) W's and the magnetic moment of the muon

Lay; Banks; Spicer; Shute; Officer; Ronningen; Crawley; Anantaraman; DeVito, 1985:
Multipole moments of 176Yb and 182W nuclei from inelastic scattering of 134 MeV protons

Tsuei; Plummer; Liebsch; Kempa; Bakshi, 1990:
Multipole plasmon modes at a metal surface

Krause; Kloor; Fischbach, 1994:
Multipole radiation from massive fields: Application to binary pulsar systems

Berends; Kedzierski; Krause, 1988:
Multipole relaxation in 52P potassium atoms by collisions with He, Ne, and Ar

Bertulani; Sustich, 1992:
Multipole response of 11Li

Serra; Garcias; Barranco; Barberán; Navarro, 1990:
Multipole response of metal spheres to q-dependent excitation operators

Weber; Heil; Kneissl; Pecho; Wilke; Emrich; Kihm; Knöpfle, 1987:
Multipole strength distributions and form factors for E1, E2/E0, and E3 from 238U(e,e'f) coincidence experiments

DeAngelis; Calarco; Wise; Emrich; Neuhausen; Weyand, 1995:
Multipole strength in 12C from the (e,e' alpha ) reaction for momentum transfers up to 0.61 fm-1

Hicks; Celler; Häusser; Henderson; Jackson; Pointon; Rapaport; Vetterli; Yen, 1991:
Multipole strength in 16O(n,p)16N at 298 MeV

Camus; Cohen; Pruvost; Bolovinos, 1993:
Multipole structure in asymmetrical double Rydberg states

Sellarès; Barberán, 1994:
Multipole surface-plasmon modes on simple metals

Tiouririne; Turner; Lau, 1994:
Multipole traps for non-neutral plasmas

Masters; Murray; Pascual; Standage, 1996:
Multipole treatment of radiation trapping in a stepwise-excitation, electron-photon coincidence experiment

Brack, 1989:
Multipole vibrations of small alkali-metal spheres in a semiclassical description

Yodh; Mossberg; Thomas, 1986:
Multipole-specific, model-independent, velocity-change spectra of collisionally perturbed 3P1-state 174Yb atoms

Hogan, M.; Johnson, J.F., 1996:
Multipolypoid intussusceptum: a distinctive appearance of ileoileocolic intussusception at the ileocecal valve

Kish, L., 1994:
Multipopulation survey designs: five types with seven shared aspects

Aya, A.G.; Mangin, R.; Lalourcey, L.; Eledjam, J.J., 1998:
Multiport versus uniport epidural catheters

De Bari, C.; Dell'Accio, F.; Tylzanowski, P.; Luyten, F.P., 2001:
Multipotent mesenchymal stem cells from adult human synovial membrane

Snyder, E.Y.; Macklis, J.D., 1995:
Multipotent neural progenitor or stem-like cells may be uniquely suited for therapy for some neurodegenerative conditions

Magrassi, L., 2001:
Multipotent neuroepithelial stem cell differentiation: some caveats for future clinical applications

Woźniak, W., 2000:
Multipotent stem cells in the adult mammalian central nervous system

Natarajan, D.; Grigoriou, M.; Marcos-Gutierrez, C.V.; Atkins, C.; Pachnis, V., 1998:
Multipotential progenitors of the mammalian enteric nervous system capable of colonising aganglionic bowel in organ culture

Goodell, M.A., 2003:
Multipotential stem cells and 'side population' cells

Brink, A.A.; Oudejans, J.J.; Jiwa, M.; Walboomers, J.M.; Meijer, C.J.; van den Brule, A.J., 1997:
Multiprimed cDNA synthesis followed by PCR is the most suitable method for Epstein-Barr virus transcript analysis in small lymphoma biopsies

Baranger, 1990:
Multiprobe electron waveguides: Filtering and bend resistances

Ramacher, U.; Raab, W.; Anlauf, J.; Hachmann, U.; Beichter, J.; Brüls, N.; Wesseling, M.; Sicheneder, E.; Männer, R.; Glass, J., 1993:
Multiprocessor and memory architecture of the neurocomputer SYNAPSE-1

Mullarkey, K.; Keeley, P.; Playle, J.F., 2002:
Multiprofessional clinical supervision: challenges for mental health nurses

de Sá Brito, D.T.; de Siqueira, V.H.; Marteleto, M.A.; de Sá, D.T., 1999:
Multiprofessional demand and clientele: influences and challenges for a Master's degree course in educational technology in the health sciences

Vrbová, H.; Holmerová, I.; Hrubantová, L., 1997:
Multiprofessional education in social medicine and clinical ethics

Wahlström, O.; Sandén, I.; Hammar, M., 1998:
Multiprofessional education in the medical curriculum

Wray, J.; Maresh, M., 1997:
Multiprofessional guidelines: can we move beyond tribal boundaries?

Peduzzi, M., 2001:
Multiprofessional healthcare team: concept and typology

Horsburgh, M.; Lamdin, R.; Williamson, E., 2001:
Multiprofessional learning: the attitudes of medical, nursing and pharmacy students to shared learning

Koffman, J., 2001:
Multiprofessional palliative care education: past challenges, future issues

Dowell, L., 2002:
Multiprofessional palliative care in a general hospital: education and training needs

Glasper, E.A.; Brooking, J.; Raphael, H., 2000:
Multiprofessional perceptions of a paediatric nursing development unit

Guareschi, A.P.; Martins, L.M., 1998:
Multiprofessional relationship with children and family: a challenge for the staff

Lessa, G.M., 2002:
Multiprofessional residency as experience of interdisciplinary action in family health care

Bligh, J.; Parsell, G., 1999:
Multiprofessional working: learning from experience

Vyas, D.R.; McCarthy, J.J.; Tsika, G.L.; Tsika, R.W., 2000:
Multiprotein complex formation at the beta myosin heavy chain distal muscle CAT element correlates with slow muscle expression but not mechanical overload responsiveness

Logan, T.J.; Moberg, K.H.; Hall, D.J., 1998 :
Multiprotein complex formation on the c-myc promoter

Udupa, J.K.; Nyúl, L.G.; Ge, Y.; Grossman, R.I., 2001:
Multiprotocol MR image segmentation in multiple sclerosis: experience with over 1,000 studies

Wieczorek, S.; Krauskopf, B.; Lenstra, D., 2002:
Multipulse excitability in a semiconductor laser with optical injection

Erickson, 1992:
Multipulse photon echoes in LaF3:Pr3+

Kevrekidis, P.G., 2001:
Multipulses in discrete Hamiltonian nonlinear systems

Marchese; Bocko; Onofrio, 1992:
Multipump and quasistroboscopic back-action evasion measurements for resonant-bar gravitational-wave antennas

Norris, J., 1978:
Multipurpose centers in a rural county

Goldstein, R.E., 2000:
Multipurpose laser offers unique approach to restorative dentistry

Kling, J., 2001:
Multipurpose nanopore sensors

Balas, E.A.; Gardner, D.; Hamdy, O.; Li, Z.R.; Mitchell, J.A., 1995:
Multipurpose practice guideline modules for clinical decision analysis and quality improvement

Freiherr, G., 1996:
Multipurpose rooms expand imaging options

Navon, G.; Shinar, H.; Eliav, U.; Seo, Y., 2001:
Multiquantum filters and order in tissues

Maize; Kim, 1987:
Multiquark compound states and the triton charge form factor

Obuchowski, N.A., 1995:
Multireader receiver operating characteristic studies: a comparison of study designs

Dofrman, D.D.; Berbaum, K.S.; Lenth, R.V., 1995:
Multireader, multicase receiver operating characteristic methodology: a bootstrap analysis

Obuchowski, N.A., 1995:
Multireader, multimodality receiver operating characteristic curve studies: hypothesis testing and sample size estimation using an analysis of variance approach with dependent observations

Borda, T.G.; Cremaschi, G., 1997:
Multireceptor interactions of haloperidol on rat cerebral frontal cortex "in vitro"

Polák, R.; Fiser, J., 2002:
Multireference CI calculation of nuclear quadrupole coupling constants of CN+ and CN-: rovibrational dependence

James, C.J.; Hagan, M.T.; Jones, R.D.; Bones, P.J.; Carroll, G.J., 1997:
Multireference adaptive noise canceling applied to the EEG

Parsa, V.; Parker, P.A., 1994:
Multireference adaptive noise cancellation applied to somatosensory evoked potentials

Pal, 1989:
Multireference coupled-cluster response approach for the calculation of static properties

Beck; Datta, 1993:
Multireference relativistic configuration-interaction calculations for (d+s)n transition-metal atomic states: Application to Zr II hyperfine structure

Weiss, 1995:
Multireferent superposition-of-configurations calculations of core-correlation effects on energy levels and oscillator strengths: Be and B+

Filipov, D., 1985:
Multiregional approaches in demography

Congdon, P., 1992:
Multiregional demographic projections in practice: a metropolitan example

Foot, D.K.; Milne, W.J., 1989:
Multiregional estimation of gross internal migration flows

Eckhardt, R.B.; Wolpoff, M.H.; Thorne, A.G., 1993:
Multiregional evolution

Rees, P.H., 1979:
Multiregional population analysis: the accounting approach

Yadava Kns; Singh Srj, 1983:
Multiregional population projection and urbanization momentum: with application to reproductive value

Nath, D.C., 1987:
Multiregional two-sex population model

Ueno, E.; Oshima, H.; Saito, I.; Matsumoto, H., 2002:
Multiresidue analysis of organophosphorus pesticides in vegetables and fruits using dual-column GC-FPD, -NPD

Obana, H.; Akutsu, K.; Okihashi, M.; Kakimoto, S.; Hori, S., 2000:
Multiresidue analysis of pesticides in vegetables and fruits using a high capacity absorbent polymer for water

Pichon, V.; Charpak, M.; Hennion, M.C., 1998:
Multiresidue analysis of pesticides using new laminar extraction disks and liquid chromatography and application to the French priority list

Hernández, F.; Pitarch, E.; Serrano, R.; Gaspar, J.V.; Olea, N., 2002:
Multiresidue determination of endosulfan and metabolic derivatives in human adipose tissue using automated liquid chromatographic cleanup and gas chromatographic analysis

Roudaut, B., 1999:
Multiresidue method for the determination of avermectin and moxidectin residues in the liver using HPLC with fluorescence detection

Livermore, D., 1998:
Multiresistance and 'superbugs'

Hyvärinen, J.; Huovinen, P.; Järvinen, H.; Kotilainen, P., 1995:
Multiresistance in Staphylococcus spp. blood isolates in Finland with special reference to the distribution of the mecA gene among the Staphylococcus epidermidis isolates. The Finnish Study Group for Antimicrobial Resistance

Huovinen, P.; Valtonen, V., 1996:
Multiresistance microbes and antimicrobial antibiotic policy in Finland

Harbarth, S.; Pittet, D., 1999:
Multiresistance of gram-negative bacteria in intensive care units: bad news from without

Levin, A.S., 2002:
Multiresistant Acinetobacter infections: a role for sulbactam combinations in overcoming an emerging worldwide problem

Wallet, F.; Marquette, C.H.; Courcol, R.J., 1994:
Multiresistant Corynebacterium xerosis as a cause of pneumonia in a patient with acute leukemia

Paz, A.; Bauer, H.; Potasman, I., 2001:
Multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa associated with contaminated transrectal ultrasound

Tassios, P.T..; Gennimata, V.; Spaliara-Kalogeropoulou, L.; Kairis, D.; Koutsia, C.; Vatopoulos, A.C..; Legakis, N.J.., 1997:
Multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa serogroup O:11 outbreak in an intensive care unit

Anonymous, 1997:
Multiresistant Salmonella typhimurium

Anonymous, 1998:
Multiresistant Salmonella typhimurium DT 104, Czech Republic

Wall, P.G.; Threllfall, E.J.; Ward, L.R.; Rowe, B., 1996:
Multiresistant Salmonella typhimurium DT104 in cats: a public health risk

Sloos, J.H..; Dijkshoorn, L.; Trienekens, T.A..M..; van Harsselaar, B.; van Dijk, Y.; van Boven, C.P..A.., 1996:
Multiresistant Staphylococcus epidermidis in a neonatal care unit

Bonacorsi, S.; Bingen, E., 1998:
Multiresistant bacteria in pediatrics

Drejewicz, H.; Toczynska, B., 2001:
Multiresistant bacterial strains in infections of children treated at the National Research Institute of Mother and Child in 1999

Gonzalez-Vertiz, A.; Alcantar-Curiel, D.; Cuauhtli, M.; Daza, C.; Gayosso, C.; Solache, G.; Horta, C.; Mejia, F.; Santos, J.I.; Alpuche-Aranda, C., 2002:
Multiresistant extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae causing an outbreak of nosocomial bloodstream infection

Cantón, R.; Girón, R.; Martínez-Martínez, L.; Oliver, A.; Solé, A.; Valdezate, S.; Máiz, L., 2002:
Multiresistant pathogens in cystic fibrosis

Kolmos, H.J.; Nielsen, L.P., 1996:
Multiresistant pneumococci: status and perspectives

Papa, A..; Alexiou-Daniel, S..; Danielidis, B..D..; Antoniadis, A.., 1996:
Multiresistant strain of Listeria monocytogenes in Greece

Valencia, M.E.; Moreno, V.; Laguna, F.; González-Lahoz, J.M., 2001:
Multiresistant tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium bovis and human immunodeficiency virus infection. Are there new therapeutic possibilities?

Viskum, K.; Kok-Jensen, A., 1998:
Multiresistant tuberculosis in Denmark 1993-1996

Salfinger, M., 1993:
Multiresistant tuberculosis in New York

Menéndez Villanueva, R.; Cremades Romero, M.J., 1998:
Multiresistant tuberculosis in Spain: threat or fact?

Brändli, O., 1993:
Multiresistant tuberculosis in Switzerland--a new problem?

Krejbich, F.; Trnka, L.; Danková, D., 2001:
Multiresistant tuberculosis in the Czech Republic in 1998 and causes of its occurrence

Linnenberg, H.S.; Pfyffer, G.E.; Brändli, O., 1993:
Multiresistant tuberculosis in the Zurich Höhenklinik Wald from 1984 to 1992

Broekmans, J.F.; van Klingeren, B., 1993:
Multiresistant tuberculosis: a hazard for public health?

van Deutekom, H.; Braat, M.C.; Coutinho, R.A., 1993:
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