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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46746

Chapter 46746 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Karalis, V.; Tsantili-Kakoulidou, A.; Macheras, P., 2003:
Multivariate statistics of disposition pharmacokinetic parameters for structurally unrelated drugs used in therapeutics

Schenzle; Tél, 1985:
Multivariate stochastic processes with exponentially correlated broadband noise

Herruzo Cabrera, R., 1997:
Multivariate study of hospital infection and mortality of critical patients with burns

Noguchi, M.; Mizukami, Y.; Michigishi, T.; Koyasaki, N.; Ohta, N.; Miyazaki, I., 1993:
Multivariate study of prognostic factors for differentiated thyroid carcinoma: the significance of histologic subtype

Martínez Navas, A.; Echevarría Moreno, M.; Gómez Reja, P.; Merino Grande, S.; Caba Barrientos, F.; Rodríguez Rodríguez, R., 2000:
Multivariate study of risk factors for arterial hypotension in pregnant patients at term undergoing Caesarean section under subarachnoid anesthesia

Qiou, Z.; Ravishanker, N.; Dey, D.K., 2001:
Multivariate survival analysis with positive stable frailties

Hill, M.E., 1999:
Multivariate survivorship analysis using two cross-sectional samples

Thompson, P.A.; Bell, W.R.; Long, J.F.; Miller, R.B., 1989:
Multivariate time series projections of parameterized age-specific fertility rates

Moulton, L.H.; Dibley, M.J., 1998:
Multivariate time-to-event models for studies of recurrent childhood diseases

Mainardi, L.T.; Bianchi, A.M.; Furlan, R.; Piazza, S.; Barbieri, R.; di Virgilio, V.; Malliani, A.; Cerutti, S., 1997:
Multivariate time-variant identification of cardiovascular variability signals: a beat-to-beat spectral parameter estimation in vasovagal syncope

Tarter, R.E.; Kirisci, L.; Mezzich, A., 1997:
Multivariate typology of adolescents with alcohol use disorder

Nielsen, P.J., 1997:
Multivariate versus vector analysis

Dimitri, P.S.; Wall, C.; Rauch, S.D., 2002:
Multivariate vestibular testing: laterality of unilateral Ménière's disease

Dimitri, P.S.; Wall, C.; Rauch, S.D., 2002:
Multivariate vestibular testing: thresholds for bilateral Ménière's disease and aminoglycoside ototoxicity

Meyer, D.J.; Edinger, L.R., 1990:
Multivendor EMS (energy management systems) for nursing homes

Smith, E.M.; Wandtke, J.C.; Robinson, A.E., 2001:
Multivendor phased approach: an alternative route to PACS

Stahl, P.D.; Barbieri, M.Alejandro., 2002:
Multivesicular bodies and multivesicular endosomes: the "ins and outs" of endosomal traffic

Cameron, R.G.; Neuman, M.G.; Shear, N.; Blendis, L.M., 1997:
Multivesicular stellate cells in primary biliary cirrhosis

Tyagi, S.; Jolly, N.; Khalilullah, M., 1993:
Multivessel angioplasty in Takayasu's arteritis

O'Neill, W.W., 1998:
Multivessel balloon angioplasty should be abandoned in diabetic patients!

Seth, A.; Bhaskaran, A.; Gupta, J.; Bhatia, M.L., 1995:
Multivessel coronary angioplasty with anomalous origin of the left main coronary artery

Suma, H., 1996:
Multivessel coronary artery bypass grafting with arterial conduits

Duca, M.D.; Dougherty, J.E.; Heller, G.V., 1995:
Multivessel coronary artery disease (CAD): coronary bypass surgery versus coronary angioplasty

Foley, D.P.; Hermans, W.R.; van Domburg, R.; Serruys, P.W., 1998:
Multivessel coronary artery disease: elective stenting versus bypass surgery

Groh, M.; Grossi, E.A., 2000:
Multivessel coronary bypass grafting with minimal access using cardiopulmonary bypass

Dewey, T.M.; Mack, M.J., 2000:
Multivessel coronary bypass grafting without cardiopulmonary support

Poli, A.; Vandoni, P.; Cafiero, F.; D'Urbano, M.; D.S.rvi, S., 2002:
Multivessel coronary disease: angioplasty of the culprit lesion or complete revascularization

Alfieri, O.; Castiglioni, A., 2002:
Multivessel coronary disease: complete revascularization

Briguori, C.; Nishida, T.; Adamian, M.; D.M.rio, C.; Moses, J.; Colombo, A., 2000:
Multivessel coronary stenting: predictors of early and late outcome

Terada, H.; Satoh, H.; Uehara, A., 2000:
Multivessel coronary thrombosis, acute myocardial infarction, and no reflow in a patient with essential thrombocythaemia

Vlassov, G.P.; Ermolov, A.S.; Deyneka, K.S.; Travine, N.O.; Belinskiy, M.B.; Klimovskiy, S.D.; Zhuravlev, I.V., 2001:
Multivessel minimally invasive coronary surgery with endoscopic support

Niinami, H.; Takeuchi, Y.; Ichikawa, S.; Ban, T.; Higashita, R.; Suda, Y.; Yamamoto, M., 2002:
Multivessel off-pump coronary aortic bypass grafting with an impaired and severely dilated left ventricle using the Starfish heart positioner

Demers, P.; Cartier, R., 2001:
Multivessel off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery in the elderly

Hart, J.C., 2002:
Multivessel off-pump coronary bypass with the Octopus experience in 226 patients

Wah, D.S.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y.Q.; Zhang, R.Y.; Chui, M., 2001:
Multivessel spasm during coronary and peripheral angiography

Foulet, A.; Bendjaballah, F.; Manganella-Meduri, G.; Paradis, V.; Hiesse, C.; Benoit, G.; Vieillefond, A., 1996:
Multivisceral Kaposi's disease and encrusted pyelitis in a renal transplantation recipient

Petrassi, A.; Rossi, M.; Venettoni, S.; Alfani, D.; Roncone, A.; Cortesini, R., 1999:
Multivisceral cluster transplantation: a preliminary experience

Gullo, L.; Golfieri, R.; Orcioni, G.F.; Pileri, S., 2000:
Multivisceral eosinophilic fibrosis: a new clinical presentation

Sandmann, W.; Schulte, K.M., 2000:
Multivisceral fibromuscular dysplasia in childhood: case report and review of the literature

Luna-Pérez, P.; Rodríguez-Ramírez, Súl.E.; De la Barrera, M.Gutiérrez.; Zeferino, Més.; Labastida, S., 2002:
Multivisceral resection for colon cancer

Lehnert, T.; Methner, M.; Pollok, A.; Schaible, A.; Hinz, U.; Herfarth, C., 2002:
Multivisceral resection for locally advanced primary colon and rectal cancer: an analysis of prognostic factors in 201 patients

Lopez, M.J., 2001:
Multivisceral resections for colorectal cancer

Sökmen, S.; Terzi, C.; Unek, T.; Alanyali, H.; Füzün, M., 2000:
Multivisceral resections for primary advanced rectal cancer

Kamoun, M.R.; Fazaa, B.; Zeglaoui, F.; Mokhtar, I.; Bejaoui, M., 1994:
Multivisceral sarcoidosis with cutaneous disclosure in children

Bösing, N.; Verreet, P.R.; Röher, H.D., 1995:
Multivisceral surgery in advanced gastric carcinoma

Spechtenhauser, B.; Königsraner, A.; Steurer, W.; Riedmann, B.; Pomarolli, A.; Hörmann, C.; Mair, P.; Margreiter, R., 2000:
Multivisceral transplantation

Ramji, S., 1996:
Multivitamin supplementation in newborns

Jacobs, E.J.; Connell, C.J.; Patel, A.V.; Chao, A.; Rodriguez, C.; Seymour, J.; McCullough, M.L.; Calle, E.E.; Thun, M.J., 2002:
Multivitamin use and colon cancer mortality in the Cancer Prevention Study II cohort (United States)

Matsubara, H.; Shimada, S., 2001:
Multivitamin-prefiled-syringe as additives to the TPN

Anonymous, 2000:
Multivitamins should be taken early in pregnancy

Little, J., 2000:
Multivitamins, folate, and colon cancer

Anonymous, 2001:
Multivitamins. Do you need one?

Hong; Kim; Pac, 1990:
Multivortex solutions of the Abelian Chern-Simons-Higgs theory

Buitelaar, M.R.; Bachtold, A.; Nussbaumer, T.; Iqbal, M.; Schönenberger, C., 2002:
Multiwall carbon nanotubes as quantum dots

Andrews, R.; Jacques, D.; Qian, D.; Rantell, T., 2002:
Multiwall carbon nanotubes: synthesis and application

Zheng, Q.; Jiang, Q., 2002:
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as gigahertz oscillators

Sargent; Zhou; Koch, 1988:
Multiwave mixing in semiconductor laser media

Terwilliger, T.C., 1997 :
Multiwavelength anomalous diffraction phasing of macromolecular structures: analysis of MAD data as single isomorphous replacement with anomalous scattering data using the MADMRG Program

During, A.; Fossati, C.; Commandré, M., 2002:
Multiwavelength imaging of defects in ultraviolet optical materials

Mitchell, R.C.; Salter, C.J.; Tam, K.Y., 2000:
Multiwavelength spectrophotometric determination of acid dissociation constants: Part III. Resolution of multi-protic ionization systems

Tam, K.Y.; Quéré, L., 2002:
Multiwavelength spectrophotometric resolution of the micro-equilibria of cetirizine

Dehghani, H.; Pogue, B.W.; Poplack, S.P.; Paulsen, K.D., 2003:
Multiwavelength three-dimensional near-infrared tomography of the breast: initial simulation, phantom, and clinical results

Rocchi, E.; Vigo, J.; Viallet, P.; Bonnard, I.; Banaigs, B.; Salmon, J.M., 2000:
Multiwavelength videomicrofluorometric study of cytotoxic properties of a marine peptide, didemnin B, using adriamycin as reference compound

Thakor, N.V.; Natarajan, A.; Tomaselli, G.F., 1994:
Multiway sequential hypothesis testing for tachyarrhythmia discrimination

Haynor, D.R.; Kaplan, M.S.; Miyaoka, R.S.; Lewellen, T.K., 1995:
Multiwindow scatter correction techniques in single-photon imaging

Clément, 1994:
Multiwormholes and multi-black-holes in three dimensions

Lamers, L.M.; van Vliet, R.C., 1996:
Multiyear diagnostic information from prior hospitalization as a risk-adjuster for capitation payments

Volkov, A.N.; Druzhinin, V.G., 2001:
Multiyear dynamics of cytogenetic abnormalities in adolescents from a large industrial city

Zhao, K.; Wang, Y.; Zuo, T.; Wang, H., 1998:
Multizone and transition zone photorefractive keratectomy for high myopia

Morinaga, 1992:
Multizone optical Ramsey resonance with traveling waves

Williams, D.K., 1997:
Multizone photorefractive keratectomy for high and very high myopia: long-term results

Zato, M.A.; Matilla, A.; Gomez, T.; Jimenez, V., 1996:
Multizone versus monozone in the treatment of high and moderate myopia with an excimer laser

Campbell, E.J., 2001:
Multum in parvo: explorations with a small bag of carbon dioxide

Sonoda, T., 2001:
Mulvihill-Smith syndrome

Danielson, J., 1996:
Mum died in a nursing home. Thank God!

Rosenthal, D.A.; Feldman, S.S.; Edwards, D., 1999:
Mum's the word: mothers' perspectives on communication about sexuality with adolescents

Anonymous, 2001:
Mum's the word: what and how to tell the children

Chinai, R., 2002:
Mumbai slum dwellers' sewage project goes nationwide

Reddy, P.S.; Adsul, B.B.; Gandewar, K.; Desai, A., 2001:
Mumfer (iron polymaltose complex) in the management of anaemia in pregnancy--an Indian study

Deiner, L., 1973:
Mummies, art, and papyrus

Diener, L., 1975:
Mummies, magic, and medicine

Jalakas, M., 2001:
Mummification of fetal membranes in the bovine vagina: a case report

Saeed, M.; Rufai, A.A.; Elsayed, S.E., 2001:
Mummification to plastination. Revisited

Benharroch, D.; Brousset, P.; Goldstein, J.; Gopas, J., 1998:
Mummified Hodgkin cells and apoptosis

Kanitakis, J.; Claudy, A., 2000:
Mummified ossified melanocytic naevus

Macleod, R.I.; Wright, A.R.; McDonald, J.; Eremin, K., 2000:
Mummy 1911-210-1

Morell, V., 1994:
Mummy settles TB antiquity debate

Berkowitz, J.M., 1995:
Mummy was a fetus: motherhood and fetal ovarian transplantation

Warr, R.; Drew, P., 2002:
Mummy's little helper

Lobstein, T., 1994:
Mummy, where do chips grow?

Wandel, G., 1999:
Mumps component in combined measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines

Fernández de la Hoz Zeitler, K.; García Colmenero, C.; Puchades Belenguer, M.J.; Verde López, C.; Carpintero Redondo, J.L.; Alcázar Casanova, F., 1997:
Mumps epidemic in the health area of Toledo with immunization intervention. Estimation of vaccine effectiveness

Ströhle, A.; Eggenberger, K.; Steiner, C.A.; Matter, L.; Germann, D., 1997:
Mumps epidemic in vaccinated children in West Switzerland

Zabicka, J., 1996:
Mumps in 1994

Zabicka, J., 1997:
Mumps in 1995

Zabicka, J., 1999:
Mumps in 1997

Zabicka, J., 2000:
Mumps in 1998

Zabicka, J., 2001:
Mumps in Poland in 1999

Stefanoff, Pł., 2002:
Mumps in Poland in 2000

de los Ríos Martín, R.; García Marín, N.; Sanz Moreno, J.; Ballester Orcal, E., 2001:
Mumps in a urban area of the Community of Madrid. Vaccination status, diagnosis and intervention measures

Caplan, C.E., 1999:
Mumps in the era of vaccines

True, D.; Graham, D., 1995:
Mumps infection and immunisation

Kanra, Güler.; Kara, A.; Cengiz, A.Bülent.; Isik, P.; Ceyhan, M.; Ataş, A., 2003:
Mumps meningoencephalitis effect on hearing

Leboreiro-Fernandez, A.; Moura-Ribeiro, M.V.; Leboreiro, I.E.; Sawan, F.M.; Ventura, A.R.; Barbosa, K.C., 1997:
Mumps meningoencephalitis. An epidemiological approach

López Pacios, J.C.; Parra Muntaner, L.; Piñeiro Fernández, M.C.; Gómez Cisneros, S.C.; Sánchez Sánchez, E.; Rivas Escudero, J.A.; Madrid García, F.J.; García Alonso, J., 1998:
Mumps orchitis; review of 8 cases

Kuhlman, J.C., 1994:
Mumps outbreak aboard the USS Reuben James

Reaney, E.A.; Tohani, V.K.; Devine, M.J.; Smithson, R.D.; Smyth, B., 2002:
Mumps outbreak among young people in Northern Ireland

Montes, M.; Cilla, G.; Artieda, J.; Vicente, D.; Basterretxea, M., 2003:
Mumps outbreak in vaccinated children in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country), Spain

Gay, N.; Miller, E.; Hesketh, L.; Morgan-Capner, P.; Ramsay, M.; Cohen, B.; Brown, D., 1997:
Mumps surveillance in England and Wales supports introduction of two dose vaccination schedule

Pelosi, J.; Meyer, P.A.; Schluter, W.W., 2001:
Mumps surveillance: results of improved case investigation and serologic testing of suspected cases, Texas, 1995-1996

Peltola, H., 1993:
Mumps vaccination and meningitis

Forsey, T., 1994:
Mumps vaccines--current status

Takeuchi, K.; Hishiyama, M.; Kato, A., 1999:
Mumps virus

Mouchel, T.; L.G.ffic, R.; Patard, J-Jacques.; Samson, M., 2002:
Mumps virus and orchitis: towards a physiopathologic approach

Linder, T.E.; Brestel, R.; Schlegel, C., 1996:
Mumps virus infection: case report of an unusual head and neck manifestation

Hamdan, H.; Carrington, D.; Gledhill, R.F., 1993:
Mumps virus meningoencephalitis complicated by subarachnoid haemorrhage

Crowley, B.; Afzal, M.A., 2003:
Mumps virus reinfection--clinical findings and serological vagaries

Shukla, A.; Kumar, P.; Kalra, O.P., 2001:
Mumps with cerebellar encephalitis

Hofmann, F.; Sydow, B.; Michaelis, M., 1994:
Mumps--occupational exposure and aspects of epidemiologic susceptibility

Aiello, F.B.; Calabrese, F.; Furian, L.; Baldan, N.; Marchini, F.; Rigotti, P.; Valente, M., 2002:
Mumps-associated nephritis mimicking acute rejection in a patient under chronic dialysis treatment because of graft dysfunction

Lagardère, B., 1994:
Mumps. Epidemiology, diagnosis, course, prevention

Vigneron, P., 2001:
Mumps. Epidemiology, diagnosis, etiology, prevention

Gassner, M.; Hess, U.; Berger, R., 1995:
Mumps: efficacy of booster immunization

Mun; Lee; Lee, 1996:
Mun, Lee, and Lee Reply

Zhang, W.; Efanov, A.; Yang, S.N.; Fried, G.; Kolare, S.; Brown, H.; Zaitsev, S.; Berggren, P.O.; Meister, B., 2000:
Munc-18 associates with syntaxin and serves as a negative regulator of exocytosis in the pancreatic beta -cell

Thurmond, D.C.; Kanzaki, M.; Khan, A.H.; Pessin, J.E., 1999:
Munc18c function is required for insulin-stimulated plasma membrane fusion of GLUT4 and insulin-responsive amino peptidase storage vesicles

Feldman, M.D., 2000:
Munchausen by Internet: detecting factitious illness and crisis on the Internet

Feldman, M.D.; Brown, R.M.A., 2002:
Munchausen by Proxy in an international context

Weintrob, A., 2000:
Munchausen by proxy

Schreier, H., 2002:
Munchausen by proxy defined

Weston, W.L.; Moreli, J.G., 1998:
Munchausen by proxy syndrome

Bodegård, G., 2001:
Munchausen by proxy syndrome. When a parent who seems to engaged falsifies symptoms of his child

Pasqualone, G.A.; Fitzgerald, S.M., 2000:
Munchausen by proxy syndrome: the forensic challenge of recognition, diagnosis, and reporting

Ayoub, C.C.; Schreier, H.A.; Keller, C., 2002:
Munchausen by proxy: presentations in special education

McGuire, L.C.; Munro, P.T., 2001:
Munchausen files in Scottish A&E Departments: a review of current practice

Füessl, H.S., 2001:
Munchausen in general practice. Experiences with factitious disorder patients

Reuber, M.; Zeidler, M.; Chataway, J.; Sadler, M., 2000:
Munchausen syndrome by phone

Bennett, K., 2002:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy abuse

Marcus, A.; Ammermann, C.; Klein, M.; Schmidt, M.H., 1995:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy and factitious illness: symptomatology, parent-child interaction, and psychopathology of the parents

Milroy, C.M. , 1999:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy and intra-alveolar haemosiderin

Briand, E., 2000:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy hits journalists!

Davis, P.M.; Sibert, J.R., 1996:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy or factitious illness spectrum disorder of childhood

Maida, A.M.; Molina, M.E.; Erazo, R., 2001:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy, an unusual presentation

Lundin, B.; Croner, S., 2001:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Child abuse by falsification of symptoms

Berthier, M.; Oriot, D., 1996:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Level of maternal responsibility and management

Sahin, F.; Kuruoğlu, A.; Işik, A.Fuat.; Karacan, E.; Beyazova, U., 2002:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: a case report

Giniès, J.L.; Cascarigny, F.; Bouygues, D.; Limal, J.M., 1996:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: continued

Schreier, H.A.; Libow, J.A., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: diagnosis and prevalence

Hughes, L.M.; Corbo-Richert, B., 2000:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: literature review and implications for critical care nurses

Baldwin, M.A., 1994:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: neurological manifestations

Bath, A.P.; Murty, G.E.; Gibbin, K.P., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: otolaryngologists beware!

Lacey, S.R.; Cooper, C.; Runyan, D.K.; Azizkhan, R.G., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: patterns of presentation to pediatric surgeons

Byard, R.W.; Beal, S.M., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: repetitive infantile apnoea and homicide

Fernández-Jaén, A.; Martínez-Bermejo, A.; López-Martín, V.; Pascual-Castroviejo, I., 1998:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: report of one case with epilepsy

Mercer, S.O.; Perdue, J.D., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: social work's role

Jimenez Hernandez, J.L.; Figuerido-Poulain, J.L., 1996:
Munchausen syndrome in Spanish pediatrics

Kaufman-Walther, V.; Laederach-Hofmann, K., 1997:
Munchausen syndrome in a 66-year-old patient

Zahner, J.; Schneider, W., 1994:
Munchausen syndrome in hematology: case reports of three variants and review of the literature

Rabinerson, D.; Kaplan, B.; Orvieto, R.; Dekel, A., 2003:
Munchausen syndrome in obstetrics and gynecology

Sierra San Miguel, P.; Bueno Lledó, Jé.; Livianos Aldana, L., 2002:
Munchausen syndrome in two brothers

Kos, M.I.; Guyot, J.P., 2002:
Munchausen syndrome mimicking Meniere's disease

Bretz, S.W.; Richards, J.R., 2000:
Munchausen syndrome presenting acutely in the emergency department

Cheng, T.O.; Chang, T.O., 2000:
Munchausen syndrome presenting as acute coronary syndrome

Chew, B.H.; Pace, K.T.; Honey, R.John.D'A., 2002:
Munchausen syndrome presenting as gross hematuria in two women

Meek, S.J.; Kendall, J.; Cornelius, P.; Younge, P.A., 1996:
Munchausen syndrome presenting as major trauma

Ørum, A.K.; Ulrik, A.M.; Mydtskov, M., 2001:
Munchausen syndrome--a risk to patient and caregiver

Oostendorp, I.; Rakoski, J., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome. Artefacts in dermatology

Amarilli, P.; Patris, M., 1995:
Munchausen syndrome. Case report of a "patient" above suspicion

Murray, J.B., 1997:
Munchausen syndrome/Munchausen syndrome by proxy

Blouin, A.M., 1993:
Munchausen syndrome: a test of clinical reasoning

Williams, B.K., 1994:
Munchausen syndrome: prevalence and intervention

Johnston; Harvey, 1999:
Munchausen syndrome: reply

Munro, R., 2002:
Munchausen's by proxy. Nurses warned on spy videos

Meessen, N.E.; Walenkamp, G.H.; Jacobs, J.A., 1998:
Munchausen's microbes?

Turner, J.; Reid, S.; Asher, R.A.J., 2002:
Munchausen's syndrome

Oyewole, D., 1996:
Munchausen's syndrome and HIV infection: a trap for the unwary

Wemyss-Gorman, P.B., 1998:
Munchausen's syndrome and chronic pain

Hoorntje, T.M.; Langerak, W.; Sreeram, N., 1999:
Munchausen's syndrome by proxy identified with an implantable electrocardiographic recorder

Wojaczyńska-Stanek, K.; Skubacz, M.; Marszał, E., 2001:
Munchausen's syndrome by proxy--a malignant form of child abuse

Robertson, M.M.; Hossain, G., 1997:
Munchausen's syndrome coexisting with other disorders

Edi-Osagie, E.C.; Hopkins, R.E.; Edi-Osagie, N.E., 1998:
Munchausen's syndrome in obstetrics and gynecology: a review

Gibbon, K.L., 1998:
Munchausen's syndrome presenting as an acute sexual assault

Tellioglu, T.; Oates, J.A.; Biaggioni, I., 2000:
Munchausen's syndrome presenting as baroreflex failure

Rusakow, L.S.; Gershan, W.M.; Bulto, M.; Szajnberg, N.M., 1993:
Munchausen's syndrome presenting as cystic fibrosis with hemoptysis

Looi, J.C.; Bennett, M.H., 1999:
Munchausen's syndrome presenting as decompression illness

Bjornson, C.L.; Kirk, V.G., 2001:
Munchausen's syndrome presenting as hemoptysis in a 12-year-old girl

Kwan, P.; Lynch, S.; Davy, A., 1997:
Munchausen's syndrome with concurrent neurological and psychiatric presentations

Azodo, B.; Esen, U., 2003:
Munchausen's syndrome with predilection [correction of predeliction] for gynaecology

Park, A.J.; Scerri, G.V., 1996:
Munchausen's syndrome--masquerading as necrotizing fasciitis

Baker, P.G., 1999:
Munchausen's syndrome. Still alive and well

Leland, D.G., 1993:
Munchausen's syndrome: a brief review

Yucel, E.A.; Keles, N.; Arami, K.; Orhan, S.; Deger, K., 2001:
Munchausen's syndrome: a case report with multiple symptoms

Tlacuilo-Parra, J.A.; Guevara-Gutiérrez, E.; Barrón-Pérez, E.; Estrada-Contreras, M., 1999:
Munchausen's syndrome: a diagnostic challenge

Mydlo, J.H.; Macchia, R.J.; Kanter, J.L., 1997:
Munchausen's syndrome: a medico-legal dilemma

Gluckman, G.R.; Stoller, M., 1993:
Munchausen's syndrome: manifestation as renal colic

Hokama, A.; Hirata, H.; Kinjo, F.; Saito, A., 1998:
Munchausen's syndrome: patients' lives and rights

McKane, J.P.; Anderson, J., 1997:
Munchausen's syndrome: rule breakers and risk takers

Ludviksson, B.R.; Griffin, J.; Graziano, F.M., 1993:
Munchausen's syndrome: the importance of a comprehensive medical history

Foster, T., 1996:
Munchausen's syndrome? We've met it head on

Chatterjee, A.; Tosyali, M.C., 1994:

Holmberg, L., 1993:
Munchausen's-by-proxy syndrome

Gluckman, L.; Munchausen, 2001:
Munchausen, his attitudes to medicine

Szajnberg, N.M.; Moilanen, I.; Kanerva, A.; Tolf, B., 1996:
Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome: countertransference as a diagnostic tool

Heimbach, D.; Brühl, P., 1995:
Munchhausen's syndrome in urology

Wagner, M., 1992:
Muncie, Inc., nurses sue two firms over 'defective' gowns

Muncy, J.F., 1996:
Muncy comprehensive spiritual assessment

Markiewicz, T.; Wells, N.L., 1997:
Mundanatories no more

Anonymous, 2000:
Munich Declaration--nurses and midwives: a force for health

Ziegler, W.; Hartmann, E., 1993:
Munich Intelligibility Profile. Studies of reliability and validity

Schneeweiss, S.; Weitkunat, R.; Abel, T.; Schlipköter, U.; Uberla, K., 1996:
Munich public health education. Experiences, graduates, public health physicians

Borm, P.J.A., 2002:
Munich workshop on evaluation of fiber and particle toxicity: an introduction

Brauch, J.A., 1999:
Municipal activism v. federal law: why ERISA preempts San Francisco-style domestic partner ordinances

Kurz, F., 2001 :
Municipal bond basics

Conley, C.; Peppe, R.F., 1984:
Municipal bond insurance may create two tiers of healthcare borrowers

Cohen, R., 1994:
Municipal bond investing

Nemes, J., 1990:
Municipal bond volume declines in first quarter

Weyer, P.J.; Cerhan, J.R.; Kross, B.C.; Hallberg, G.R.; Kantamneni, J.; Breuer, G.; Jones, M.P.; Zheng, W.; Lynch, C.F., 2001:
Municipal drinking water nitrate level and cancer risk in older women: the Iowa Women's Health Study

Johnson, A.T., 1985:
Municipal employee assistance programs: managing troubled employees

Austin, C.C.; Dussault, G.; Ecobichon, D.J., 2002:
Municipal firefighter exposure groups, time spent at fires and use of self-contained-breathing-apparatus

Rogers, B., 2000:
Municipal healthcare workers: work-related health hazards

Shriver, K., 1995:
Municipal hospitals becoming converts

Barondess, J.A., 1993:
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