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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46751

Chapter 46751 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kennedy, M.E.; Limbird, L.E., 1993:
Mutations of the alpha 2A-adrenergic receptor that eliminate detectable palmitoylation do not perturb receptor-G-protein coupling

Mowszowicz, I.; Mestayer, C., 1997:
Mutations of the androgen receptor gene a possible role in prostate cancer

Benitez, R.; Godelaine, D.; Lopez-Nevot, M.A.; Brasseur, F.; Jiménez, P.; Marchand, M.; Oliva, M.R.; van Baren, N.; Cabrera, T.; Andry, G.; Landry, C.; Ruiz-Cabello, F.; Boon, T.; Garrido, F., 1999:
Mutations of the beta2-microglobulin gene result in a lack of HLA class I molecules on melanoma cells of two patients immunized with MAGE peptides

Creighton, J.E.; Lyall, R.; Wilson, D.I.; Curtis, A.; Charnley, R.M., 2000:
Mutations of the cationic trypsinogen gene in patients with hereditary pancreatitis

Patrizio, P.; Leonard, D.G., 2000:
Mutations of the cystic fibrosis gene and congenital absence of the vas deferens

Ren, C.L., 1999:
Mutations of the cystic fibrosis gene and pancreatitis

Truninger, K.; Malik, N.; Ammann, R.W.; Muellhaupt, B.; Seifert, B.; Müller, H.J.; Blum, H.E., 2001:
Mutations of the cystic fibrosis gene in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Ockenga, J.; Stuhrmann, M.; Ballmann, M.; Teich, N.; Keim, V.; Dörk, T.; Manns, M.P., 2000:
Mutations of the cystic fibrosis gene, but not cationic trypsinogen gene, are associated with recurrent or chronic idiopathic pancreatitis

Shiga, N.; Akita, H.; Yokoyama, M., 2000:
Mutations of the dystrophin gene in dilated cardiomyopathy

Bidaud, C.; Salomon, R.; Edery, P.; Van Camp, G.; Pelet, A.; Bonduelle, M.; Nihoul-Fékété, C.; Willems, P.J.; Munnich, A.; Lyonnet, S., 1997:
Mutations of the endothelin-3 gene in isolated and syndromic forms of Hirschsprung disease

Kusafuka, T.; Puri, P., 1997:
Mutations of the endothelin-B receptor and endothelin-3 genes in Hirschsprung's disease

Akkarapatumwong, V.; Oranwiroon, S.; Pung-amritt, P.; Treesucon, A.; Thanootarakul, P.; Veerakul, G.; Mahasandana, C.; Panyim, S.; Yenchitsomanus, P., 1999:
Mutations of the factor VIII gene in thai hemophilia A patients

Zhao, P.; Ma, H.; Wang, Y.; Mi, Z.; Wu, Y.; Jiang, M.; Gao, H.; Li, Y., 1999:
Mutations of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 gene in achondroplasia

Stratakis, C.A., 2002:
Mutations of the gene encoding the protein kinase A type I-alpha regulatory subunit (PRKAR1A) in patients with the "complex of spotty skin pigmentation, myxomas, endocrine overactivity, and schwannomas" (Carney complex)

Attie, K.M., 1996:
Mutations of the growth hormone receptor--widening the search

Santos, M.; Clevers, H.C.; Marx, J.J., 1997:
Mutations of the hereditary hemochromatosis candidate gene HLA-H in porphyria cutanea tarda

Oetting, W.S.; Gardner, J.M.; Fryer, J.P.; Ching, A.; Durham-Pierre, D.; King, R.A.; Brilliant, M.H., 2000:
Mutations of the human P gene associated with Type II oculocutaneous albinism (OCA2). Mutations in brief no. 205. Online

Oetting, W.S.; Fryer, J.P.; King, R.A., 2000:
Mutations of the human tyrosinase gene associated with tyrosinase related oculocutaneous albinism (OCA1). Mutations in brief no. 204. Online

Genschel, J.; Lochs, H.; Schmidt, H.H., 2000:
Mutations of the lamin A/C gene causing familial partial lipodystrophy: significance for the development of hyperlipidemia and insulin resistant diabetes mellitus

Barrera-Ramírez, C.F.; Barragán-Campos, H.M.; Sánchez-Guerrero, J., 2000:
Mutations of the mitochondrial genome and its clinical expression in cardiology

Rothman, S.M., 2000:
Mutations of the mitochondrial genome: clinical overview and possible pathophysiology of cell damage

Kotorii, S.; Takahashi, K.; Kamimura, K.; Nishio, T.; Arima, K.; Yamada, H.; Uyama, E.; Uchino, M.; Suenaga, A.; Matsumoto, M.; Kuchel, G.; Rouleau, G.A.; Tabira, T., 2001:
Mutations of the notch3 gene in non-caucasian patients with suspected CADASIL syndrome

Ichikawa, A.; Hotta, T.; Saito, H., 1993:
Mutations of the p53 gene in B-cell lymphoma

Li, T.; Hongyo, T.; Syaifudin, M.; Nomura, T.; Dong, Z.; Shingu, N.; Kojya, S.; Nakatsuka, S.; Aozasa, K., 2000:
Mutations of the p53 gene in nasal NK/T-cell lymphoma

Aranda, M.; Náquira, N.; Karque, R.; Mendoza, H.; Sepúlveda, C.; Silva, C., 1998:
Mutations of the p53 suppressor gene in gastric adenocarcinoma

Chen, J.M.; Mercier, B.; Audrezet, M.P.; Raguenes, O.; Quere, I.; Ferec, C., 2001:
Mutations of the pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor (PSTI) gene in idiopathic chronic pancreatitis

Iwata, E.; Matsuda, H.; Fukuda, T.; Fukuen, S.; Motomura, T.; Igarashi, T.; Yamamoto, I.; Azuma, J., 2001:
Mutations of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) gene in a Japanese population : the Pro12Ala mutation in PPAR gamma 2 is associated with lower concentrations of serum total and non-HDL cholesterol

Frank-Raue, K.; Höppner, W.; Frilling, A.; Kotzerke, J.; Dralle, H.; Haase, R.; Mann, K.; Seif, F.; Kirchner, R.; Rendl, J.; Deckart, H.F.; Ritter, M.M.; Hampel, R.; Klempa, J.; Scholz, G.H.; Raue, F., 1996:
Mutations of the ret protooncogene in German multiple endocrine neoplasia families: relation between genotype and phenotype. German Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Study Group

Rozet, J.M.; Gerber, S.; Ghazi, I.; Perrault, I.; Ducroq, D.; Souied, E.; Cabot, A.; Dufier, J.L.; Munnich, A.; Kaplan, J., 2000:
Mutations of the retinal specific ATP binding transporter gene (ABCR) in a single family segregating both autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa RP19 and Stargardt disease: evidence of clinical heterogeneity at this locus

Schiavon, F.; Rampazzo, A.; Merlini, L.; Angelini, C.; Mostacciuolo, M.L., 1998:
Mutations of the same sequence of the myelin P0 gene causing two different phenotypes

Seo, H., 1996:
Mutations of the thyroxine-binding globulin gene in Japanese

Park, K.C.; Park, S.K.; Lee, Y.S.; Youn, S.W.; Park, B.S.; Kim, K.H.; Lee, S.T., 1996:
Mutations of the tyrosinase gene in three Korean patients with type I oculocutaneous albinism

Carethers, J.M.; Pham, T.T., 2000:
Mutations of transforming growth factor beta 1 type II receptor, BAX, and insulin-like growth factor II receptor genes in microsatellite unstable cell lines

Meisler, M.H.; Kearney, J.A.; Sprunger, L.K.; MacDonald, B.T.; Buchner, D.A.; Escayg, A., 2002:
Mutations of voltage-gated sodium channels in movement disorders and epilepsy

Remijn, J.A.; Lounes, K.C.; Hogan, K.A.; Lord, S.T.; Galanakis, D.K.; Sixma, J.J.; De Groot, P.G., 2001:
Mutations on fibrinogen (gamma 316-322) are associated with reduction in platelet adhesion under flow conditions

Peltomäki, P.; Vasen, H.F., 1997:
Mutations predisposing to hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer: database and results of a collaborative study. The International Collaborative Group on Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer

Eisenberg, I.; Grabov-Nardini, G.; Hochner, H.; Korner, M.; Sadeh, M.; Bertorini, T.; Bushby, K.; Castellan, C.; Felice, K.; Mendell, J.; Merlini, L.; Shilling, C.; Wirguin, I.; Argov, Z.; Mitrani-Rosenbaum, S., 2002:
Mutations spectrum of GNE in hereditary inclusion body myopathy sparing the quadriceps

Leibovitch, B.A.; Campbell, D.B.; Krishnan, K.S.; Nash, H.A., 1995:
Mutations that affect ion channels change the sensitivity of Drosophila melanogaster to volatile anesthetics

Sato, Y.; Fukuda, Y.; Hirano, H.Y., 2002:
Mutations that cause amino acid substitutions at the invariant positions in homeodomain of OSH3 KNOX protein suggest artificial selection during rice domestication

Arens, J.S.; Hang, Q.; Hwang, Y.; Tuma, B.; Max, S.; Feiss, M., 1998:
Mutations that extend the specificity of the endonuclease activity of lambda terminase

Ruegger, M.; Chapple, C., 2002:
Mutations that reduce sinapoylmalate accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana define loci with diverse roles in phenylpropanoid metabolism

Ahmad, M.; Lin, C.; Cashmore, A.R., 1995:
Mutations throughout an Arabidopsis blue-light photoreceptor impair blue-light-responsive anthocyanin accumulation and inhibition of hypocotyl elongation

Rich, T.C.; Yeola, S.W.; Tamkun, M.M.; Snyders, D.J., 2001:
Mutations throughout the S6 region of the hKv1.5 channel alter the stability of the activation gate

Fang, T.Y.; Coutinho, P.M.; Reilly, P.J.; Ford, C., 1998:
Mutations to alter Aspergillus awamori glucoamylase selectivity. I. Tyr48Phe49-->Trp, Tyr116-->Trp, Tyr175-->Phe, Arg241-->Lys, Ser411-->Ala and Ser411-->Gly

Liu, H.L.; Coutinho, P.M.; Ford, C.; Reilly, P.J., 1998:
Mutations to alter Aspergillus awamori glucoamylase selectivity. III. Asn20-->Cys/Ala27-->Cys, Ala27-->Pro, Ser30-->Pro, Lys108-->Arg, Lys108-->Met, Gly137-->Ala, 311-314 Loop, Tyr312-->Trp and Ser436-->Pro

Liu, H.L.; Ford, C.; Reilly, P.J., 1999:
Mutations to alter Aspergillus awamori glucoamylase selectivity. IV. Combinations of Asn20-->Cys/Ala27-->Cys, Ser30-->Pro, Gly137-->Ala, 311-4 loop, Ser411-->Ala and Ser436-->Pro

Abdulkarim, F.; Liljas, L.; Hughes, D., 1994:
Mutations to kirromycin resistance occur in the interface of domains I and III of EF-Tu.GTP

Ng, P.W.; Jänicke, R.U.; Porter, A.G., 1998:
Mutations which abolish phosphorylation of the TRAF-binding domain of TNF receptor 2 enhance receptor-mediated NF-kappa B activation

Allen, K.E.; Everett, R.D., 1997:
Mutations which alter the DNA binding properties of the herpes simplex virus type 1 transactivating protein Vmw175 also affect its ability to support virus replication

Wojcik, E.G.; Simioni, P.; d Berg, M.; Girolami, A.; Bertina, R.M., 1996:
Mutations which introduce free cysteine residues in the Gla-domain of vitamin K dependent proteins result in the formation of complexes with alpha 1-microglobulin

Ko, F.C.; Chow, K.L., 2000:
Mutations with sensory ray defect unmask cuticular glycoprotein antigens in Caenorhabditis elegans male tail

Michnoff, C.H.; Parikh, V.S.; Lelsz, D.L.; Tucker, P.W., 1994:
Mutations within the NH2-terminal transmembrane domain of membrane immunoglobulin (Ig) M alters Ig alpha and Ig beta association and signal transduction

Wallis, G.A.; Rash, B.; Sykes, B.; Bonaventure, J.; Maroteaux, P.; Zabel, B.; Wynne-Davies, R.; Grant, M.E.; Boot-Handford, R.P., 1996:
Mutations within the gene encoding the alpha 1 (X) chain of type X collagen (COL10A1) cause metaphyseal chondrodysplasia type Schmid but not several other forms of metaphyseal chondrodysplasia

Downing, S.R..; Jackson, P.; Russell, P.J.., 2001:
Mutations within the tumour suppressor gene p53 are not confined to a late event in prostate cancer progression. a review of the evidence

Travis, J.M.J.; Travis, E.R., 2002:
Mutator dynamics in fluctuating environments

Koval'tsova, S.V.; Gracheva, L.M.; Evstiukhina, T.A.; Fedorova, I.V.; Korolev, V.G., 1996:
Mutator genes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Interaction between HIM- and HSM-genes

Gracheva, L.M.; Evstiukhina, T.A.; Koval'tsova, S.V.; Fedorova, I.V.; Korolev, V.G., 1996:
Mutator genes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Repair of artificial heteroduplexes in him and hsm mutants

Koval'tsova, S.V.; Gracheva, L.M.; Evstiukhina, T.A.; Fedorova, I.V.; Alekseev, S.Iu.; Korolev, V.G., 1996:
Mutator genes of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Interaction of mutations him and his with mutations blocking three principal pathways of repair of induced DNA damage

Lisch, D., 2002:
Mutator transposons

Miller, J.H., 1999:
Mutators in Escherichia coli

Scholtz, H.J.; Phillips, V.M.; Knobel, G.J., 1997:
Muti or ritual murder

Ragouilliaux, R., 2000:
Mutilate in order to exist?

Virevialle, M.H.; Brouzes, F.; Lamaury, I.; Naudillon, Y.; Strobel, M., 1996:
Mutilating acrodystrophic neuropathy of alcoholic origin in the French West Indies

Rieger, H.; Dietl, K.H.; Wetterkamp, D.; Fingerhut, D.; Semjonow, A.; Fiedler, R., 1998:
Mutilating complex trauma of the pelvis

Patterson, W.M.; Stibich, A.S.; Dobke, M.; Schwartz, R.A., 2000:
Mutilating facial acne conglobata

Arellano, A.O.; Wegener, E.E.; Freeland, A.E., 1999:
Mutilating injuries to the hand: early amputation or repair and reconstruction

Kanwar, A.J., 1996:
Mutilating lesion in porokeratosis of Mibelli

Hallock, G.G., 1994:
Mutilating shredder/chipper hand injuries

Purhonen, M., 1993:
Mutilation of female genitalia

Waska, R.T., 2002:
Mutilation of self and object: the destructive world of the paranoid-schizoid patient and the struggle for containment and integration

Stockwell, R.F., 1995 :
Mutilation of the dentition: an initiation rite observed in aboriginal Australians

Ofodile, F.A., 1994:
Mutilation of the genitalia by burning: a Lorrena Bobbitt phenomenon

el Gbouri, H.; Rzin, A.; Boulaadas, M.; Bencheikh, R.; Nassih, M.; Ihrai, H.; Jidal, B., 1996:
Mutilation of the lower lip. Repair using the Karapandjic technic. Apropos of 2 cases

Dickes, S.D., 1989:
Mutiny or bounty?

Xia, X.; Liu, S.; Huang, P.; Wu, Z.; Tan, X.; Mei, E.; Hu, S., 1997:
Mutiple factors analysis of the effects of excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy

Gelabert-González, M.; Fernández-Villa, J., 2001:
Mutism after posterior fossa surgery. Review of the literature

Plese, J.P.; de Aguiar, P.H., 1995:
Mutism after posterior fossa tumor surgery: report of 2 cases

Boratyński, W.; Wocjan, J., 1993:
Mutism after surgeries with removal of posterior cranial fossa neoplasms

Mastronardi, L., 1996:
Mutism and pseudobulbar symptoms after resection of posterior fossa tumors in children: incidence and pathophysiology and transient cerebellar mutism after posterior fossa surgery in children

Bersnev, V.P.; Lassan, L.P.; Iatsuk, S.L.; Goven'ko, F.S., 1994:
Mutism following neurosurgical operations in children

Quattrini, A.; Del Pesce, M.; Provinciali, L.; Cesarano, R.; Ortenzi, A.; Paggi, A.; Rychlicki, F.; Fioravanti, P.; Papo, I., 1997:
Mutism in 36 patients who underwent callosotomy for drug-resistant epilepsy

Coplin, W.M.; Kim, D.K.; Kliot, M.; Bird, T.D., 1997:
Mutism in an adult following hypertensive cerebellar hemorrhage: nosological discussion and illustrative case

Su; Wu; Yang, 1996:
Mutual Exclusion Statistics between Quasiparticles in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Tropp, 1997:
Mutual Inductance in the Bird-Cage Resonator

Roberts, A.; Tunstall, M.J., 1990:
Mutual Re-excitation with Post-Inhibitory Rebound: A Simulation Study on the Mechanisms for Locomotor Rhythm Generation in the Spinal Cord of Xenopus Embryos

Anonymous, 1998:
Mutual Recognition of the Food and Drug Administration and European Community Member State Conformity Assessment Procedures; pharmaceutical GMP inspection reports, medical device quality system evaluation reports, and certain medical device premarket evaluation reports--FDA. Proposed rule

Davis-Floyd, R., 2001:
Mutual accommodation or biomedical hegemony? Anthropological perspectives on global issues in midwifery

Duffy, S., 1992:
Mutual accord

Labonte, R., 1999:
Mutual accountability in partnerships: health agencies and community groups

Nicolaysen, K.G., 1997:
Mutual agreements for use of scientific databases in health services?

Guay, J., 1996:
Mutual aid as a complement to professional intervention

Adam, D.; Hoehne, D., 1989:
Mutual aid in remote areas: addressing the obstacles

Albalá-Ortiz, M., 2000:
Mutual aid societies for industrial accidents and occupational diseases in the social security service within the framework of the Prevention of Occupational Risk Act

Berman, E.; Freud, S.; Ferenczi, S., 1997:
Mutual analysis: boundary violation or failed experiment?

Sarman; Evans; Baranyai, 1992:
Mutual and self-diffusion in fluids undergoing strong shear

Wu, W.; Glinka, A.; Delius, H.; Niehrs, C., 2001:
Mutual antagonism between dickkopf1 and dickkopf2 regulates Wnt/beta-catenin signalling

Abecassis, M.; Hartup, W.W.; Haselager, G.J.T.; Scholte, R.H.J.; Van Lieshout, C.F.M., 2002:
Mutual antipathies and their significance in middle childhood and adolescence

Ding, M.; Odgaard, A.; Danielsen, C.Christian.; Hvid, I., 2002:
Mutual associations among microstructural, physical and mechanical properties of human cancellous bone

Brook, J.S.; Whiteman, M.; Finch, S.; Cohen, P., 1998:
Mutual attachment, personality, and drug use: pathways from childhood to young adulthood

Ren; Hemker; Fonseca; Duda; Mori, 2000:
Mutual attraction of laser beams in plasmas: braided light

Uhlenberg, P., 1996:
Mutual attraction: demography and life-course analysis

Snow, C., 1999:
Mutual benefit. Study boosts hospital links with assisted-living firms

McLeod, M.W., 1980:
Mutual benefits in hospital-based clinical education for the allied health professions: a position

Yotsu-Yamashita, M.; Shoji, Y.; Terakawa, T.; Yamada, S.; Miyazawa, T.; Yasumoto, T., 2003:
Mutual binding inhibition of tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin to their binding protein from the plasma of the puffer fish, Fugu pardalis

Sabourin, P.; Ferenczi, S., 1989:
Mutual co-subordination. A formula by Ferenczi that anticipates the double-bind

Kochan; Carmichael; Morrow; Raizen, 1995:
Mutual coherence and interference in resonance fluorescence

Nixon Speechley, K.; Maunsell, E.; Desmeules, M.; Schanzer, D.; Landgraf, J.M.; Feeny, D.H.; Barrera, M.E., 2000:
Mutual concurrent validity of the child health questionnaire and the health utilities index: an exploratory analysis using survivors of childhood cancer

Monaco-Malbet, S.; Berthet-Colominas, C.; Novelli, A.; Battaï, N.; Piga, N.; Cheynet, V.; Mallet, F.; Cusack, S., 2000:
Mutual conformational adaptations in antigen and antibody upon complex formation between an Fab and HIV-1 capsid protein p24

Itoh, H.; Ushijima, S., 1998:
Mutual connection between sleep-wake rhythm and other circadian rhythms

Fourré, C.; Petiet, A.; Colas-Linhart, N., 1996:
Mutual contribution by "track" microradioautography method (MRA) and secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) microscopy: prospects in technetium dosimetry at-the cellular level

Yerushalmi, R.; Noy, D.; Baldridge, K.K.; Scherz, A., 2002:
Mutual control of axial and equatorial ligands: model studies with [Ni]-bacteriochlorophyll-a

Praillet, T.; Reverchon, S.; Nasser, W., 1997:
Mutual control of the PecS/PecM couple, two proteins regulating virulence-factor synthesis in Erwinia chrysanthemi

Henderson, D.S.; Wiegand, U.K.; Norman, D.G.; Glover, D.M., 2000:
Mutual correction of faulty PCNA subunits in temperature-sensitive lethal mus209 mutants of Drosophila melanogaster

Kamala, C.R.; Ayappa, K.G.; Yashonath, S., 2002:
Mutual diffusion in a binary Ar-Kr mixture confined within zeolite NaY

Zhou; Miller, 1996:
Mutual diffusion in binary Ar-Kr mixtures and empirical diffusion models

Laikhtman; Solomon, 1990:
Mutual drag of two- and three-dimensional electron gases in heterostuctures

Maslov, 1992:
Mutual drag of two- and three-dimensional electron gases: A collective-collisions approach

Egorov, S.N.; Semenova, I.N.; Maksimov, V.N., 2000:
Mutual effect of invertase and acid phosphatase from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae on their secretion into culture media

Kotova, E.Iu.; Kreĭndlin, E.Ia.; Barskiĭ, V.E.; Mirzabekov, A.D., 2000:
Mutual effect of oligonucleotides and fluorescent probes on the effectiveness of hybridization with oligonucleotides, immobilized on biological microchips

Brinchmann-Hansen, A.; Hoftvedt, B.O.; Oien, I.J.; Skoglund, E., 1996:
Mutual evaluation of teaching hospital departments. A way to improve the quality of specialist education

Lange, A.; Levin, M., 1996:
Mutual exchange at a study visit to Lithuania

Jackson, J.A.; Tinsley, R.C.; Hinkel, H.H., 1999:
Mutual exclusion of congeneric monogenean species in a space-limited habitat

Granzow, B., 1999:
Mutual features of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity

Shin; Hyun; Yee, 1995:
Mutual fractional statistics of relativistic Chern-Simons solitons

Gramila; Eisenstein; MacDonald; Pfeiffer; West, 1991:
Mutual friction between parallel two-dimensional electron systems

Kopnin, 1993:
Mutual friction in superfluid 3He. II. Continuous vortices in 3He-A at low temperatures

Kopnin; Salomaa, 1991:
Mutual friction in superfluid 3He: Effects of bound states in the vortex core

Owens, E.P., 1996:
Mutual fund Q&A. Health care: the sector that just keeps on booming

Goldsmith, M.F., 1996:
Mutual fund investors advised to sniff out tobacco

Pallarito, K., 1993:
Mutual fund will let hospitals, charities in Mass. gain access to funds for small projects

Campbell, S., 1997:
Mutual fund, charge card companies could emerge as competitors to HMOs

Deluccia, D.J., 1990:
Mutual funds offer investment benefits

Lindsay, L., 1994:
Mutual funds revisited

Mack, G.S., 1993:
Mutual funds: getting through the quicksand

te Welscher, P.; Fernandez-Teran, M.; Ros, M.A.; Zeller, R., 2002:
Mutual genetic antagonism involving GLI3 and dHAND prepatterns the vertebrate limb bud mesenchyme prior to SHH signaling

Criel, B.; Van Dormael, M., 1999:
Mutual health organizations in Africa and social health insurance systems: will European history repeat itself?

Lussier, V.; David, H.; Ouimet, L., 1996:
Mutual help among new mothers, an answer to their pathogenic isolation

Kingree, J.B.; Thompson, M., 2000:
Mutual help groups, perceived status benefits, and well-being: a test with adult children of alcoholics with personal substance abuse problems

Decowski; Gierlik; Box; Griffioen; Meijer; van Nieuwenhuizen GJ; Kamermans; Wilschut; Giorni; Morand; Demeyer; Guinet, 1992:
Mutual inelastic excitation in the 28Si+28Si reaction at 19.7 and 30 MeV/nucleon

Fain; Rojansky, 1986:
Mutual influence of energy transfer and lattice phonons

Brunner; Brako; Brenig, 1987:
Mutual influence of rotational and vibrational energy transfer of molecules at surfaces

Boylan, L.S., 1999:
Mutual influences between paroxysmal hypertension and psychiatric disturbance

Choisy, J.L., 1979:
Mutual influences of architectural design and engineering services

Thiede, M.; Traub, S., 1997:
Mutual influences of health and poverty. Evidence from German panel data

Klus, G.T.; Song, A.; Schick, A.; Wahde, M.; Szallasi, Z., 2001:
Mutual information analysis as a tool to assess the role of aneuploidy in the generation of cancer-associated differential gene expression patterns

Carruthers; Shih, 1989:
Mutual information and forward-backward correlations in multihadron production

Kim, B.; Boes, J.L.; Frey, K.A.; Meyer, C.R., 1997:
Mutual information for automated unwarping of rat brain autoradiographs

Greenfield, E.; Lecar, H., 2001:
Mutual information in a dilute, asymmetric neural network model

Kang, K.; Sompolinsky, H., 2001:
Mutual information of population codes and distance measures in probability space

Bollé, D.; Dominguez, D.R.; Amari, S., 2000:
Mutual information of sparsely coded associative memory with self-control and ternary neurons

Butte, A.J.; Kohane, I.S., 2000:
Mutual information relevance networks: functional genomic clustering using pairwise entropy measurements

Brunel, N.; Nadal, J.P., 1998:
Mutual information, Fisher information, and population coding

Martinerie; Albano; Mees; Rapp, 1992:
Mutual information, strange attractors, and the optimal estimation of dimension

Shekhar, R.; Zagrodsky, V., 2002:
Mutual information-based rigid and nonrigid registration of ultrasound volumes

Shimokawa, A., 1994:
Mutual inhibition between positive and negative emotions

Finlay, F.; Hitch, G.J.; Meudell, P.R., 2001:
Mutual inhibition in collaborative recall: evidence for a retrieval-based account

Hsu, K.S.; Huang, C.C.; Gean, P.W., 1996:
Mutual inhibitory effects between dopamine and carbachol on the excitatory synaptic transmission in the rat neostriatum

Li, K.; Wang, L.; Cheng, J.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Mou, J.; Hong, Y.; Liu, Y.; Duan, H.; Wang, G.; Li, L.; Chen, J., 2002:
Mutual interaction between hepatitis C virus core protein and translin, a recombination hotspot binding protein

Shams, H.; Heron, I., 2000:
Mutual interactions between DTaP-IPV and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)-conjugated vaccines in laboratory animal models

Lovell, T.; Stranger, R.; McGrady, J.E., 2001:
Mutual interdependence of spin crossover and metal-metal bond formation in M2Cl9(3-) (M = Fe, Ru, Os)

Heimann, P.; Augustin, M.; Wieneke, S.; Heising, S.; Jockusch, H., 1999:
Mutual interference of myotonia and muscular dystrophy in the mouse: a study on ADR-MDX double mutants

Rosen-Zvi, M.; Klein, E.; Kanter, I.; Kinzel, W., 2003:
Mutual learning in a tree parity machine and its application to cryptography

Williams, S.D., 1988:
Mutual of Omaha launches ExclusiCare to offer more options

Anonymous, 2002:
Mutual of Omaha lifts AIDS coverage cap

Gérardin, M.O., 2001:
Mutual protection, a curb in communication

Horton, L., 1999:
Mutual recognition agreements and harmonization

Preiss, S., 2000:
Mutual recognition agreements and what they mean to industry and regulatory bodies

Anselmann, N., 1996:
Mutual recognition and global harmonization

Kelly, C., 2002:
Mutual recognition of nurse licensure

Dickson, B.R., 2002:
Mutual recognition of nursing licenses on the horizon for Mississippi RNs

Anonymous, 1998:
Mutual recognition of pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice inspection reports, medical device quality system audit reports, and certain medical device product evaluation reports between the United States and the European Community--FDA. Final rule

Anonymous, 1998:
Mutual recognition practice model a step closer to reality

Van den Eede, C., 1998:
Mutual recognition: experiences and problems in various countries

Park, J.Yun., 2018:
Analysis of data on capecitabine-related adverse drug reactions from the Korean adverse event reporting system database

Aron, L.; Bushra, A., 1998:
Mutual regression: altered states in the psychoanalytic situation

Wang, P.; Liu, J.; Liao, W.; Xu, S.; Luo, D.; Sun, B., 1997:
Mutual regulation of proliferation between pulmonary artery endothelial cells and pulmonary smooth muscle cells in vitro

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Mutual relationships based on equality. Specialists and nurses: the pillars of hospital care

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Mutual supervision by colleagues. A method of quality assurance in patient care

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Mutual support

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Mutual support for carers

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Mutual support in times of change

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Mutuality as the central dimension of family dynamics

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Mutuality--an expression of nursing presence

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Mutually induced formation of host-guest complexes between p-sulfonated calix[8]arene and photolabile cholinergic ligands

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Mutually potentiating effect of joint action of carbacholine and histamine on secretion and the isoenzyme spectrum of pepsin from frog gastric mucosa cells

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Mutually responsive orientation between mothers and their young children: implications for early socialization

Anonymous, 1977:
Mutuelles administer social security health plan in Belgium; some firms provide additional coverage

Asa, R., 1996:
Muzzle-free at BJC

Muñoz; Pérez-Díaz, 1995:
Muñoz and Pérez-Díaz reply

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Mx transgenic mice--animal models of health

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Mx1 sensitivity: Batken virus is an orthomyxovirus closely related to Dhori virus

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MxA GTPase blocks reporter gene expression of reconstituted Thogoto virus ribonucleoprotein complexes

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MxA GTPase: oligomerization and GTP-dependent interaction with viral RNP target structures

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MxA overexpression reveals a common genetic link in four Fanconi anemia complementation groups

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Mxi1, a protein that specifically interacts with Max to bind Myc-Max recognition sites

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Mxi2, a splice variant of p38 stress-activated kinase, is a distal nephron protein regulated with kidney ischemia

Goldsmith, A.L., 1999:
My 'Y-can' can't

Holm, S., 1994:
My (Danish) living will

Laitinen, L.V.; Laitinen, L.V.; Leksell, L.; Talairach, J., 2002:
My 50 years of interest in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery

Anonymous, 1998:
My 8-year-old granddaughter gets terrible headaches. Do children get migraines? What can we do for her?

Anonymous, 2002:
My 9.11 reality call. By Caveman

Fedor, M., 1993:
My AIDS education Part I: Assuming the sick position

Fedor, M., 1993:
My AIDS education. Part II: History lessons

Fedor, M., 1993:
My AIDS education. Part III: Political "realities"

Hilditch, 2000:
My Addison's disease

Keltner, M., 1997:
My Bonnie. When a nurse befriends a dying patient, do the gains outweigh the losses?

Lynch, L., 2003:
My Christmas bell

Jackson, A., 2000:
My GP doesn't know that I smoke

Smith, A.; Smith, A., 2000:
My MFFP dissertation

Barr, G., 2001:
My NP "job" at the gas station

Mosocco, D., 2002:
My OBQI Experience

Morneau, P.M.; Stothart, J.P., 1999:
My aching back. The effects of system status management & ambulance design on EMS personnel

Kriss, V.M., 2001:
My aching back: a serious complaint in children

Rothman, K.J., 2001:
My actual beliefs

Rycroft, B., 2002:
My adventure with breast cancer

Latkowski, B., 1999:
My adventure with otosclerosis

Senders, J.W., 2002:
My adventures as a hospital patient

Forster, R., 2001:
My affair with TR

Rogers, S.; Davies, M.W., 1997:
My anaesthetic machine's on fire

Bazzoli, F., 1999:
My approach to Helicobacter pylori eradication

Mohib, S.; Beaugrand, M., 2000:
My approach to increased liver enzymes in the diabetic patient

Castell, D., 1999:
My approach to the difficult GERD patient

Colombel, A.; Charbonnel, B., 2000:
My approach to the management of a type I diabetic treated with short-acting insulin analogue

Milgrom, F.; Hirszfeld, L.; Milgram, F., 1998:
My association with Ludwik Hirszfeld, Wrocław 1945-1954

Anonymous, 2001:
My atrial fibrillation has returned after five years. Why? What should I do?

Fujiwara, T., 2002:
My attendance at the 13th International Congress of Arabidopsis

Braun, E., 1996:
My attitude--the key to fulfilling my God-given potential

Russell, W.D., 1975:
My baby's dead

Bertsh, D., 1993:
My baby's dying!

Yaremichuk, P., 1999:
My battle with obsessive compulsive disorder

Shoemaker, N.E., 1981:
My battle with the nursing home that barred me

Hadridge, P.; MacDonald, R., 2002:
My beautiful career

Mooney, J.H., 2002:
My best quit-smoking aid: Philip Morris

Richards, D., 2001:
My billiant career--finance. Making it count. Interview by Lyn Whitfield

McLean, M.T., 1999:
My birth changes

Breitung, J.C., 2000:
My birthday party

Dolan, M.B., 1994:
My boat is so small

Beyleveld, D.; Brownsword, R., 2001:
My body, my body parts, my property?

McDonagh, E.L., 1999:
My body, my consent: securing the constitutional right to abortion funding

Levine, R., 1984:
My body, my life, my baby, my rights

Grant, G.F., 1996:
My brain stem stroke

Maslin, A., 1998:
My brilliant career

Murray, E., 2003:
My brilliant career--clinical governance. Oar inspiring. Interview by Lyn Whitfield

Elliott, B., 2002:
My brilliant career--finance directors. Inteview by Ann Dix

Kennedy, C., 2001:
My brilliant career--finance. Adding up from the start. Interview by Seamus Ward

Christmas, P., 2001:
My brilliant career--health promotion. Going public. Interview by Ann Dix

Stiling, C., 2002:
My brilliant career--health promotion. In development. Interview by Ann Dix

James, S., 2002:
My brilliant career--human resources. Escalating skills

Sargent, J., 2001:
My brilliant career--human resources. Man with the plan. Interview by Lyn Whitfield

Brown, M., 2002:
My brilliant career--mental health manager. Northern lights. Interview by Ann Dix

Gillham, A., 2002:
My brilliant career--mental health. Soldiering on

Small, M., 2002:
My brilliant career--nurse management. Slice of life. Interview by Lyn Whitfield

Hughes, L., 2001:
My brilliant career--social services. Down to a fine art

Wicker, P., 1998:
My brilliant career. Interview by Chris Mahony

Crawshaw, R., 1981:
My brother and his keepers

Douglass, K., 1997:
My brother's gatekeeper

Hadley, L.; Berry, T.R., 1984:
My brother's keeper: assisting the impaired PA

Richmond, 1998:
My cancer and the magic bullet

Roby, K., 1999:
My canister runneth over!

Sharp, A.W., 1996:
My car, myself

Mante, E., 1995:
My challenges as a Christian nurse teacher

Hopson, B., 1998:
My changing role

Haar, H.O., 1992:
My charge slips make E/M (evaluation/management) coding a breeze

Demmich, M., 1994:
My child and I are living with a brain tumor

Lücke, G., 1998:
My child has a cleft lip and cleft palate--now what? A mother's experience

Downie, L.L.; Lucarotti, C.L., 1996:
My child has hypospadias!

Koester, M.; Nekham-Heis, D.; Matthäus, J., 2002:
My child stutters! Which speech disorders are to be treated by a specialist?

Anonymous, 1993:
My childbirth experience

Ryff, C.D.; Lee, Y.H.; Essex, M.J.; Schmutte, P.S., 1994:
My children and me: midlife evaluations of grown children and of self

Morton, R.S., 2000:
My choice: 27 years of uninterrupted contact tracing: the "Tyneside scheme"

Sandström, E., 2000:
My choice: Now on stage--chlamydia

Ripa, T., 2000:
My choice: The shift of paradigm or "the chlamydial bandwagon"

Empkie, T.M., 1993:
My clergy, my doctor

Waterhouse, C., 1998:
My clients and other animals

Chanecka, E., 1999:
My clinical practicum in Belize

Jákó, János., 2018:
Analysis of D-dimer laboratory findings and clinical evaluation

Wajcman, J.; Martin, B., 2002:
My company or my career: managerial achievement and loyalty

Okumura, M., 1998:
My conception of cytokine in experimental Chagas' disease

Wehlage, D.F., 1982:
My confidentiality rules make everyone angry-except patients

Post, S.G.; Fleck, L., 1995:
My conscience, your money

Ikegami, S., 1993:
My consulting physicians and nurse

Patterson, C.C., 1996:
My costly lesson in leasing equipment

Tebby, B., 1996:
My courtroom drama

Fitzpatrick, J.J., 2000:
My cousin Sue, RN

Palejwala, 2000:
My cuban experience

Vanek, J.A., 2001:
My cure for burnout: job sharing

Hughes, J.R., 1996:
My dad can predict better than your dad: so what?

Bennett, H.J., 1994:
My daughter is a Klingon

Wong, T.Y., 1997:
My daughter is dying

Keillor, G., 2000:
My day at the clinic

Anderson, L.G., 2002:
My day in the OR--frequently asked questions

Benson, D.F.; Luria, A.R., 1996:
My day with Luria

Jascoll, J., 1995:
My days with Uncle Dupie: a look back at the 'personal sell'

Attewell, A.; Mowbray, P.; Bonham-Carter, H.; Nightingale, F., 1995 :
My dear Harry: a life of Henry Bonham-Carter

Harrison, M.B.; Harrison, T.S.; Cushing, H.; Harrison, P.W., 1996:
My dear Paul: letters from Harvey Cushing

Weinstein, M.M.; Mrtek, R.G.; Ebert, A.E.; Kremers, E., 1971:
My dear Professor Kremers: the Ebert letters

Gullickson, C., 1993:
My death nearing its future: a Heideggerian hermeneutical analysis of the lived experience of persons with chronic illness

Holm, W.L., 2000:
My depression has made me a better doctor

Fujimaki, M., 1997:
My device for operation of esophageal and gastric cancer

Yoshimochi, G., 2002:
My diary in Dandeldhura Hospital

Gallant, J.E., 2001:
My doc wants me to have another genotype panel. The HMO will not pay for this test. Last time, it cost my lover and me more than $900 from a lab in California. Do you know of some less costly providers of genotype tests? $900 is a lot of money! And do you have any information on when (if ever) the FDA is going to approve these tests, so the insurance companies will pay for them?

Simon, H.B., 1999:
My doctor always tells me my blood pressure readings, but the numbers confuse me. Can you please explain what they mean?

Longmore, L., 1997:
My doctor and my Gods

Rosen, D.S., 2001 :
My doctor prescribed a brand-name drug, but the pharmacist filled the prescription with a generic version. Will the generic work, and is it safe?

Lee, T.H., 1998:
My doctor prescribed a particular cholesterol-lowering drug. When I went to the pharmacy, I found that my insurance company wanted me to use a different drug! The pharmacist called my doctor, who agreed with the change, and I got the second medication. What's going on?

Schafer, A., 2000:
My doctor recently recommended that I take low-dose aspirin to minimize the risk of a heart attack or stroke. I routinely take ibuprofen for arthritis pain. Do I need both, and is it safe to combine the two?

Lee, T.H., 1999:
My doctor says I have sick sinus syndrome. I was recently hospitalized because of runs of rapid heart rates. When they gave medications to make my heart slow down, it went too slowly. Finally, they put a pacemaker in me and now I take pills every day. Is all this necessary?

Lee, T.H., 1998:
My doctor says that I have calcium deposits around my aortic valve and these deposits are causing a heart murmur. Is there any treatment that can halt their progress or reverse this calcification?

Anonymous, 1998:
My doctor told me I tend to get dehydrated. Can I substitute other liquids for water?

Lee, T.H., 1999:
My doctor told me to check my heart rate when I feel certain symptoms, but I am embarrassed to say that I do not know how

Pozuelo Paje, S., 1993:
My dream

Smalkowski, F., 1993:
My dream come true

Wolter, T., 1994:
My drug problem

Reed, O.K., 1993:
My early-morning business lesson

Katz, D.A., 2002:
My egg, your sperm, whose preembryo? A proposal for deciding which party receives custody of frozen preembryos

Vaughn-D'Annibale, T., 1997:
My encounter with cancer. One woman's battle with cancer and today's health system

Cifuentes Delatte, L.; Cifuentes Delatte, L., 1993:
My endoscopic surgery learning (United States--1946)

Pearson, S.D., 2000:
My ethical beacons: Plato, Aristotle ... and Mr. Phillips

Hill, B.J., 2002:
My evolving self: from dean to faculty member (with apologies to Robert Kegan)

Nyasulu, D., 1993:
My experience as a DEPAM facilitator (Decentralised Education Programme for Advanced Midwifery)

Nicholson, B., 1993:
My experience as an adult with cystic fibrosis

Suresh, R., 2002:
My experience as the spouse of an overseas doctor

Wantz, G.E., 1997:
My experience in repairing, without tension, primary inguinal hernia in men

Guntrip, H.; Guntrip, H.; Fairbairn, W.R.; Winnicott, D.W., 1996:
My experience of analysis with Fairbairn and Winnicott. (How complete a result does psychoanalytic therapy achieve?) 1975

Keys, J.J., 2000:
My experience on home hemo and nocturnal dialysis

Hadjipanayis, C.G.; Plata-Salaman, C.R., 1996:
My experience with 33 patients infected with HIV

Gimenez, R., 2002:
My experience with a second brain aneurysm

Hagen, B., 2001:
My experience with acoustic neuroma

Levenspiel, B., 2001:
My experience with daily dialysis

Terrell, C.B., 2001:
My experience with health care reform

Newton, S.; Haylock, P.J., 2002:
My experience with the Cancer Survival Toolbox

Bäcker, T., 1997:
My experiences as a student intern in the Mannheim Pediatric Hospital

Devoe, J., 2000:
My experiences at an 'orphan' school: the importance of finding 'parents'

Aida, K.; Nightingale, F., 1993:
My experiences in F. Nightingale's 'Notes on Nursing'

Skjoldborg, H., 1995:
My experiences of the war and the liberation

Ambjørn, A., 1996:
My experiences with Zovir herpes tablets

Höller, A., 1996:
My experiences with patient care planning and its conversion into practice

Marois, P., 1997:
My experiences with the mental health care system

Plunkett, L.R., 2001:
My expert's better than your expert

Jendryczko, A., 1998:
My explanation concerning the situation regarding articles identified as plagiarism

Brorsson, A.; Troein, M.; Lindbladh, E.; Selander, S.; Widlund, M.; Råstam, L., 1995:
My family dies from heart attacks. How hypercholesterolaemic men refer to their family history

Lee, T.H., 1998:
My father died of a heart attack when he was 55 years old. I am in my late 40s and so far seem pretty healthy. I even go running five days a week. How important is my family history of heart disease?

Absolon, C.M., 1998:
My father died of dementia...

Anonymous, 1999:
My father has developed "trigger finger." What is this?

Reagan, M.; Reagan, R., 2000 :
My father's battle with Alzheimer's. You start with a 600-acre ranch and wind up in the den. What I've learned from his struggle

Leone, A.T., 1995:
My father's choice

Taylor, D.C., 2002:
My father's madness

van Dalen, A.; Glasserman, M., 1997:
My father, Frankenstein: a child's view of battering parents

Artigues, M.F., 2000:
My father, my life, and chlorpromazine

Hill, L.; Hill, L.L., 1971:
My father: Dr. Luther Leonidas Hill

Dasch, P.; Kross, J., 1996:
My favorite Martians: NASA uncovers evidence of ancient life on Mars

Plattner, H., 2002:
My favorite cell--Paramecium

English, P., 2002:
My favourite software

Brindley, P.; Maheswaran, R., 2002:
My favourite software: Geographic Information Systems

Hill, A., 2003:
My favourite software: using templates in Word

Greco, D.C., 2000 :
My fellow doctors hurt my child

Jagim, M., 2001:
My field of dreams

Fry, G.A.; Fry, G.A., 1996:
My fifty years in ophthalmic standards

Loring, T.W.; Loring, T.W., 1997:
My fifty-year odyssey in obstetrics and gynecology

Shi, M.; Liu, F.; Xu, L.; Liu, M.; Tang, F.Z.; Liang, J.P.; Lu, Q.T.; Zhai, S.H.; Huang, J.; Chen, R.C., 2018:
Analysis of deafness-related gene mutations in 23 nonsyndromic hearing impairment families in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Gates, T.J., 1996:
My first cricothyrotomy

Teplis, P., 2001:
My first fee

Niedzolkowski, M., 1997:
My first major choice--hope or hype? (a conversation with myself)

Yamamoto, Y., 1995:
My first paper presentation at ICN Congress in Madrid

Matsuka, H.Kh.; Matsuka, H.Kh., 2001:
My first steps in science at the Institute of Biochemistry

Smith, P., 1996:
My first year

Adelman, R., 1995 :
My first year as a nurse. Daughters of Miriam

D'Auria, M., 1995:
My first year on the job. The mission at home

Kolbert, V., 1995:
My first year on the job. You stole my tongue

Anonymous, 2000:
My friend says the peanut butter she buys is healthier than mine. Is that possible?

Ross, R.B., 1993:
My friend the cranial base: why is it so normal?

Hilmers, D.C., 2002:
My friend the witch doctor

Anonymous, 2002:
My friend told me there are health benefits to eating fish at least twice a week. Is that true?

Anonymous, 2001:
My friend work up with sudden vision loss from what her doctor called a "stroke in the eye." What is this? What can be done?

Campbell, P.N., 2002:
My friendship with Africa

Thom, J., 2000:
My furry friends

Adams, J., 1998:
My gallstones, my choice

Peele, S.; DeGrandpre, R., 1995 :
My genes made me do it

Bailey, D., 1999:
My glittering career

White, S., 2002:
My good friend Roe

Falzeder, E., 1994:
My grand-patient, my chief tormentor: a hitherto unnoticed case of Freud's and the consequences

Lidberg, L., 1998:
My grandfather worked as a psychiatric aid at the Birgitta Hospital in Vadstena

Koretz, R.L., 1993:
My grandmother's intravenous chicken soup

Anonymous, 2003:
My greatest fear

Gilbert, B., 2000:
My guardian angel wore a big hat at Sea World!

Geiger, B.F.; Tierney, M.A., 1996:
My guardian angel: a learning exercise for adolescent AIDS education

Olsen, E.A., 2002:
My hair is thinning on the top of my head. What treatments are available for hair loss in women?

McGaffic, C., 2003:
My heart is naked

Anonymous, 1998:
My heart sometimes seems to skip a beat. Is this normal? Should I be alarmed?

Oakman, P., 1993:
My heart-lung transplant

Eich, W.F., 1994:
My helicopter ambulance flight

Da Mota, H.C., 2001:
My history of pediatrics

Lee, T.H., 1999:
My home blood-pressure monitor always gives me readings in the normal range, but when I go to my doctor, the readings are 160/90, or higher. I think I have white-coat hypertension, but how can I be sure?

Boulanger, M., 1998:
My home community

Frye, S.M., 1999:
My home health agency's worst patient (me)

Bone, R.C., 1997:
My hope for medicine

Rigby, M., 1996:
My hospital at home

Valentino, J., 1997:
My hospital has a robot!

Lee, T.H., 1999:
My husband has fainted two times in the last year. Both times, I took him to the hospital. The doctors watched him overnight and then sent him home, because his EKG was fine and they said that there was nothing wrong. What could be causing this problem? Should he have any more tests?

Anonymous, 1998:
My husband was recently diagnosed with pseudogout. How is pseudogout related to gout?

Mathaba, N., 1999:
My hysterectomy

McPherson, K., 2002:
My ideal minister of health

Gartland, S., 2002:
My illnesses are so big and I feel so small

Sims, A.C., 1994:
My impressions of Sri Lanka: criticism without offence

Otis, A.B.; Otis, A.B.; Fenn, W.; Rahn, H., 2000:
My initiation into respiratory physiology

Webb, D., 1997:
My insurance company says you charge too much!

Lee, T.H., 1999:
My insurance company won't pay for my prescription for Viagra without a letter from my doctor saying that I have been evaluated. As far as I know, I am the only one who can tell whether I have impotence. What does the insurance company want?

Valtueña Borque, O.; Velázquez, 2000:
My interpretation as a pediatrician of "Las Meninas"

Huber, D., 1997:
My introduction to metallic esophageal stents with case reviews

Kopecky, G., 2001:
My involvement in ophthalmic nursing

Montgomery, K., 1993:
My job as a staff nurse will change

Arndt, K.A., 1994:
My journal is smaller than your journal

Zahn, H.; Zahn, H., 2000:
My journey from wool research to insulin

Standard, K.Livingstone., 2002:
My journey in public health in the Caribbean

Davies, E., 2002:
My journey into the literature of Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch: Part 1

Davies, E., 2002:
My journey into the literature of Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch: Part 2

McCallum, G., 2002:
My journey of pain

Staicer, C., 2000:
My journey to natural family planning

Nowotny, M.L., 1998:
My journey with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Brahams, D., 1998:
My kidney as property

Lindsay, M., 1997:
My kidney failure experiences

Vilajuana Español, M.; Espinàs Boquet, J.; Esteve Oller, C., 2003:
My knee has been hurting for a month. Can't you do something for me?

Anderson, R., 1997:
My labyrinth

Heron, E., 2002:
My last shift

Manderson, L., 2002:
My left arm: experiencing brachial plexopathy

Herrick, K.; Hansten, R.; O'Neil, L.; Hayes, P.; Washburn, M., 1994:
My license is not on the line: the art of delegation

Vane, J.R., 2001:
My life and times with enzymes and mediators

Reno, J., 2001:
My life as a guinea pig

Ju, G.; Ju, G., 1997:
My life as a neuroscientist

Ibsen, B., 1993:
My life as a physician

Cerletty, J.M., 1996:
My life as a surgeon

Masson, V., 1993:
My life as a symptom

Desforges, J.F.; Desforge, J.F., 1993:
My life at the Journal, 1961-1993

McCain, J.; McCain, C., 2001:
My life has been full of narrow escapes. John McCain and his wife, Cindy, on the senator's battle with melanoma

Rose, 1997:
My life on the street

Nosé, Y., 1993:
My life with ASAIO

Nosé, Y.; Kolff, W.J., 1998:
My life with Dr. Willem Kolff

Jensen, H.Peter.; Schellman, J.A., 2002:
My life with John A. Schellman

Hayaishi, O.; Hayaishi, O., 1993:
My life with tryptophan--never a dull moment

Schen, R., 2001:
My love affair with geriatric medicine

Glasscoe, D., 2000:
My love affair with periodontal disease

Pomerenke, K., 2000:
My malpractice case was a blessing in disguise

File, A.E., 2001:
My malpractice case was literally a trial by fire

Gardner, N., 2002:
My mama told me

Lovejoy, E.C.; Hallam, B.; Lovejoy, E.P., 1974:
My medical school (1890-1894)

Janotka, H., 2002:
My memories of 1945

Maki, Y., 1997:
My memories of Japanese pediatric neurosurgery

Gatti, J.E., 1999:
My modest proposal

Gordon, M., 1994:
My mother and the US health care system

Anonymous, 2002:
My mother had numerous spinal fractures due to osteoporosis. I've just gone through menopause and tests show I don't have osteoporosis now. I have chosen not to take hormone replacement therapy. Under my doctor's directions, I'm getting adequate calcium and regular exercise. Are there any exercises I can do to reduce my risk of spinal fractures down the line?

Dubé, C., 1993:
My mother is going to die...

Devinsky, O., 2000:
My mother recently had a stroke and was put on Dilantin (phenytoin) to prevent seizures. I've heard Dilantin can interfere with coordination and the ability to think clearly. Is there an alternative drug?

Aaronson, K., 2001:
My mother was recently diagnosed with Graves' disease. Does this mean I'm more likely to develop it?

Christopher, M., 2002:
My mother's gift--the link between honesty and hope

Kenner, C.A., 2002:
My mother's passing taught about both living & dying

Eckler, J., 1994:
My mother, my patient

Panush, R.S., 1993:
My mother, the patient

Crawford, E., 1997:
My name is Ellen and I'm a recovering...

Wallace, N.L., 2002:
My name is Jim. Do you know me?

Anonymous, 1999:
My name is John ... and I'm an alcoholic

Anbar, R.D., 2000:
My name shouldn't be in the malpractice data bank--but it is

Dickinson, M., 2002:
My neck hurts: an audit of self presenting patients with neck injury

Arnold, L., 1997:
My needlestick

Psioda, R., 1993:
My neighbor, my patient

Silverstein, H., 1998:
My neurosurgeon retired.... What now?

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My new dishwasher and free-market health care

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My new image

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My new liver

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My not-so-near-death experience

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My oath!

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My odyssey in engaging in physiology

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My old school

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My opinions on the division of periods in Chinese medical history] (Chi)

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My orthopedic mentor

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My other career: how the military enriches my practice

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My own method of biopsying deeply located tissues

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My pack is cuter than your pack

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My parent's dignified death is different from mine: moral problem solving about euthanasia

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My parent--not myself. Contrasting themes in family care

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My parents' final request: help us die

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My partner's privacy had a price--and I paid it

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My path in military medicine

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My path to becoming an aesthetic plastic surgeon and my evolution

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My patient died today

Schofield, C., 2002:
My patient may have a UTI--what next?

Overstreet, M., 2003:
My patient's been poisoned-what are my responsibilities?

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My patient's car is his castle

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My patient, my friend: a community health nursing experience

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My patient, my subject, my patient

Marraché, L.Tessier., 2002:
My patients are also my constituents

Hussain, R.A., 2002:
My patients built me a practice

Leibowitz, M., 1988:
My patients carry their own medical records

Nathan, M.P., 2001:
My patients got an HMO to take me back

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My personal distress over the inclusion of personal distress

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My personal experience with speech therapy for stuttering at the Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania

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My personal idea on authorship of Nanjing (Classic of Questioning)

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My personal idea on "seven reduction and eight boost" in plain question of inner canon

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My personal recollections of Radslav Kinsky's immunological career on the occasion of his 70th birthday

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My perspective as an ADN student

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My philosophy of professional nursing

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My place or yours--what is the best place for early stroke care?

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My platform moveth and that's all that's needed!

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My practice almost destroyed me

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My practice of clinical psychiatry

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My private Joshua

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My private--and sometimes, public--hell

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My privilege

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Analysis of demands of African students for China-Africa malaria prevention training

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My quality is not low!

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My quest for inner peace

Simon, H.B., 1998:
My question, our 12-year-old son. Almost every time he eats ice cream he gets a terrible headache. I don't think he is allergic to milk, since he drinks it by the quart. What's wrong?

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My quick route to a tough diagnosis

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My recent daily life especially on hemo dialysis

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My recognition on integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine

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My reconstruction period

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My reflections and opinions on hand transplantation

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My reimbursement insurance "policy"

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My reincarnation as a hospital administrator

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My reminiscences of Sir Arthur Hurst

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My reverie

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My road to Asclepius - and away from there

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My road to midwifery

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My role as a consumer-provider: challenges and opportunities

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My role in the assessment program of the Office of Strategic Services

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My role model

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My rose garden; a close-up view of the mentally ill shows they're like flowers planted in an alley

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My rotation through ER

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My route to a steroid psychosis

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My science pilgrimage

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My search for a medical software

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My search for meaning & purpose

Anonymous, 2002:
My second life

Hagan, J.C., 2000:
My second specialty? It's suing lawyers

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My secret life (in the gingival crevice)

Khan, M.A., 2001:
My self-portrait

Bidlingmeyer, B.A., 2001:
My separation is initially fine using a methanol-water mobile phase at pH 7; but over a week or so, the performance rapidly decreases and is not usable

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My short (but wide) list of state priorities

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My sister's death

Dover, J.S., 2002:
My skin has become drier and more fragile as I've aged. Why is that, and what can I do about it?

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My son Andrew

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My son Lukas has cancer. The role of the family in health care

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My son, the clinical pharmacist

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My son, the nurse?

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My story. Surviving a neurological accident

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My story: evolving a faculty-student practice in a homeless shelter

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My struggle to provide natural family planning

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My summer in Africa

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My summer scare. One doctor, reading my breast X ray, ordered a surgical biopsy. I panicked--and I'm glad I did

Joubert, I., 2003:
My suprapubic catheter

Anonymous, 1994:
My sweet hospital deal left me bankrupt

Unnikrishnan, D., 2001:
My teacher and guide

Mansurov, K.Kh.; Miasnikov, A.L., 1999:
My teacher--Aleksandr Leonidovich Miasnikov

Anonymous, 1998:
My teeth look yellow and I've considered bleaching them. Can I do this at home or do I need to go to the dentist?

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My term as Dean Seth GS Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital (1959-1970)

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Analysis of Demineralized Chemical Substances for Disinfecting Gutta-percha Cones

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My thanks, and an offer

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My thoughts on doctors

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My thoughts on using cyclosporine in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

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My three mothers--on children's right to know their origin

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My three valves

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My time as a minority student at Meharry Medical College

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My time in Timor Loro-sae. Working as a volunteer for Polyclinica PAS

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My top 10 favorite complementary modalities

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My toughest choice

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My town, my hospital

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My transformation as a leader in cardiovascular nursing

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My transforming peak experience was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia

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My troubled heart

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My twelve years in the U.K. health system

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My twin has been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. How likely am I to get it?

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My two cents on the issue of clean versus sterile wound care

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My two mums. Have genetically engineered children arrived by stealth?

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My university. What I learned from the Productive Cooperative Movement to Promotion of Humanistic Family Planning

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My use of the Association Française d'Etudes des Ambroisies pollen calendar for Lyon-Bron (P. Cour collector)

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My useful niche as send-out technologist

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My valedictory on the differences in biological potency between RRR-alpha-tocopheryl and all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate

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My view of veterinary medicine in the early nineteen thirties at Belmond, Iowa

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My view on fluoridation

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My viewpoint on clinical teaching

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My viewpoints on how to develop traditional Chinese medicine

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My visit to the gynecologist

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My visit to urgent care

Ansorge, J.Jovaag., 2002:
My visit with Dolly

Compton, M.T., 1998:
My vocation

Chase, W.R., 1993:
My volunteer experience in Brazil

Sibbald, B., 1999:
My wallet's getting THIN even if I'm NOT

Eguchi, S., 1993:
My way of cardiothoracic surgery--way of thinking, ideas, evolution and succession

Maruyama, H., 1978:
My way of medical history study

Brekke, K.A., 2001:
My way to diagnosis

Feinberg, A.W., 2002:
My wife and I are both over 70 and suffer from frequent nighttime leg cramps that interfere with our sleep. What can we do to prevent or treat these cramps?

Lee, T.H., 1999:
My wife and I have a glass of white wine most nights, but one of our friends says that we should switch to red wine because it is better for our hearts. Is he right?

Simon, H.B., 1999:
My wife has very painful bunions. She is seeing a foot doctor, but if she needs an operation I'd like her to see my orthopedic surgeon. Do you think podiatrists should perform surgery?

Hallberg, J., 2000:
My wife, my hero

Marder, 2000:
My word. Colored chalk

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My word. Money isn't everything

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My word. Will biotech venture thrive in the new climate in Japan?

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My work place. An unusual emergency case

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My work place: maternity department Haukeland Hospital. Hands and ears. Interview by Marit Fonn

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My working life. Independent living

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My working place: Rikshospitalet, Oslo--coordination of transplantations. Interview by Kari Anne Aase

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My workplace. Central Hospital in Rogaland. One of the top people in the health system. Interview by Erik Dale

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My workplace. Diagnosis: drunk

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My workplace: Air Force Health School Stavern. Commander's quarters from 1750. Nurse and captain in the Armed Forces. Interview by Erik Dale

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My workplace: Aker Hospital, Psychiatric Division, Section Gaustad. At home behind locked doors. Interview by Kari Ann Aase

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My workplace: Bergen community emergency service--next please.... Interview by Erik Dale

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My workplace: Casefinding Service, Addictive Drugs Secretariat--help for the less fortunate, Oslo. Interview by Marit Fonn

Hoel, A.C., 1997:
My workplace: IVF Department in Ullevål Hospital, Oslo a new chance. Interview by Kari Anne Aase

Bakke, K.A., 1997:
My workplace: Intervention Center, Rikshospitalet. Expert gathering over children with heart disease

Grønli, M.A., 1998:
My workplace: National Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Oslo. You want to--and you don't want to..... Interview by Marit Fonn

Halvorsen, M., 1997:
My workplace: Orthopedic Department Vestfold Central Hospital, Tønsberg--among hips, knees and prostheses. Interview by Erik Dale

Eknes, A.K., 1998:
My workplace: Oslo Health Organization Rheumatism Hospital--connecting link. Interview by Marit Fonn

Braastad, R., 1998:
My workplace: Røsumtunet Habiliteringssenter for persons with epilepsy--safety before all. Interview by Marit Fonn

Vetlesand, N., 1997:
My workplace: Social Medical Section for Children and Youths, Aker Hospital. Children with secrets. Interview by Marit Fonn

Steffensen, E.K., 1997:
My workplace: Voksentoppen, University Clinical Center for Asthma and Allergy, Oslo. Children with eczema in Voksentoppen. Interview by Kjell Arne Bakke

Andreassen, H.B., 1998:
My workplace: Wanda Center, Drammen--pizza and understanding. Interview by Kari Anne Aase

Botne, B., 1997:
My workplace: county physicians in Rogaland--a county community watch dog?. Interview by Erik Dale

Johansen, H., 1997:
My workplace: dialysis department, Regional Hospital in Trondheim. Patients nurses and machines. Interview by Kari Anne Aase

Vilsvik, K., 1997:
My workplace: emergency admissions unit, Haukeland Hospital, Bergen. Where time is both friend and enemy. Interview by Erik Dale

Hjerpaasen, M., 1998:
My workplace: head nurse surgical department, Kongsvinger Hospital. A hazardous position. Interview by Kjell Arne Bakke

Andreassen, G.; Haegeland, A., 1997:
My workplace: home treatment team for HIV/AIDS patients, Ulevål Hospital, Oslo--persons one gets to like. Interview by Kari Anne Aase

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My workplace: intensive Care Unit, Notodden Hospital. Interview by Erik Dale

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My world and welcome to it. An HMO's view of strategic planning in the prospective payment environment

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My world now. Life in a nursing home, from the inside

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My world, and welcome to it

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My worst learning experience ever

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My worst nightmare. A nurse's personal account of assault and recovery

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My year of living dangerously

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My years with lyme disease

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My "deadbeat" patient made me a bundle

Cummings, J.M., 1998:
My "funny" malpractice suit was no laughing matter

Kreider, K.A., 1995 :
My "plain people" changed the way I practice

Schwab, I.R., 2002:
My, what big eyes you have..

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