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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46766

Chapter 46766 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Braden, B.R.; Cowan, C.A.; Lazenby, H.C.; Martin, A.B.; McDonnell, P.A.; Sensenig, A.L.; Stiller, J.M.; Whittle, L.S.; Donham, C.S.; Long, A.M.; Stewart, M.W., 1999:
National health expenditures, 1997

Cowan, C.A.; Lazenby, H.C.; Martin, A.B.; McDonnell, P.A.; Sensenig, A.L.; Stiller, J.M.; Whittle, L.S.; Kotova, K.A.; Zezza, M.A.; Donham, C.S.; Long, A.M.; Stewart, M.W., 2001:
National health expenditures, 1998

Cowan, C.A.; Lazenby, H.C.; Martin, A.B.; McDonnell, P.A.; Sensenig, A.L.; Smith, C.E.; Whittle, L.S.; Zezza, M.A.; Donham, C.S.; Long, A.M.; Stewart, M.W., 2002:
National health expenditures, 1999

Murray, C.J.; Govindaraj, R.; Musgrove, P., 1994:
National health expenditures: a global analysis

Freeland, M.S.; Schendler, C.E., 1981:
National health expenditures: short-term outlook and long-term projections

Gostin, L.O., 2001:
National health information privacy: regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Weil, T.P., 1991:
National health insurance and its impact on group practice. Part one

Rucker, T.D., 1976:
National health insurance and prescription benefits

Trout, M.E., 1978:
National health insurance and the patient

Godkins, T.R., 1979:
National health insurance and the physician assistant

Weil, T.P., 1991:
National health insurance and the role of material management

Allen, R.D., 1980:
National health insurance and the single specialist

Sabo, M.O., 1978:
National health insurance and the states

Geisel, J., 1979:
National health insurance bills: proponents & proposals

Goldsmith, J., 1989:
National health insurance catches corporate attention

Appelbaum, A.L., 1975:
National health insurance dominates AMA socio-economics congress

Terris, M., 2000:
National health insurance in the United States: a drama in too many acts

Himmelstein, D.U.; Woolhandler, S., 2003:
National health insurance or incremental reform: aim high, or at our feet?

Simon, W.E., 1979:
National health insurance policy: a guarantee for good health?

Carter, J., 1978:
National health insurance principles: White House principles

Anonymous, 1978:
National health insurance principles: discussion

Mongan, J., 1978:
National health insurance principles: interview with Dr. James Mongan

Bredder, C., 1975:
National health insurance problems abroad: a report on socialized medicine in Britain, Sweden, Soviet Union

Kenkel, P.J., 1989:
National health insurance proposals aired

Battistella, R.M.; Weil, T.P., 1990:
National health insurance reconsidered: dilemmas and opportunities

Knauer, R.H., 1998:
National health insurance refused high dose chemotherapy. "Death sentence" based on financial considerations?

Rozovsky, L.E., 1977:
National health insurance vs. the citizen

Iglehart, J.K., 1978:
National health insurance--Carter's conflicting promises

Saalwaechter, J.J., 1991:
National health insurance--to be or not to be

McCutcheon, J.E., 1982:
National health insurance--what price survival?

Simon, W.E., 1979:
National health insurance: a bitter pill we shouldn't swallow

Nurkin, H.A., 1990:
National health insurance: a system reaction

Heyssel, R.M., 1990:
National health insurance: academic medical center reaction

Thompson, F.J., 1983:
National health insurance: an implementation perspective

Wolfe, B.L., 1981:
National health insurance: another alternative

Prussin, J.A., 1978:
National health insurance: another chapter in a continuing saga

Prussin, J.A., 1976:
National health insurance: born again?

Oglesby, D.K., 1990:
National health insurance: community hospital reaction

Davis, K., 1990:
National health insurance: government activity

Pauly, M.V., 1980:
National health insurance: government regulation or consumer choice?

Cahan, E.B., 1981:
National health insurance: how would the courts take it?

McBarnette, L.M., 1993:
National health insurance: is this the answer for the poor and underserved?

Woolhandler, S.; Himmelstein, D.U., 2002:
National health insurance: liberal benefits, conservative spending

Anonymous, 1978:
National health insurance: medicine's Loch Ness monster

Doty, P.; Etzioni, A., 1979:
National health insurance: mobilizing profit for public service

Anonymous, 1980:
National health insurance: now, later, never?

Weil, T.P., 1990:
National health insurance: prospects and problems

Berman, R.A., 1978:
National health insurance: reintroduction of federal controls

Long, H.W., 1987:
National health insurance: some policy options

Schwartz, H., 1988:
National health insurance: still a pie in the sky?

Lavin, J.H., 1981:
National health insurance: the debacle Down Under

Felch, W.C., 1980 :
National health insurance: the medical profession's perspective

Pitcher, V.L., 1980:
National health insurance: the view from Washington

Bourne, P.G., 1978:
National health insurance: what Carter will push

Anonymous, 1975:
National health insurance: which way to go?

Cameron, A.S., 1994:
National health intelligence

Hupkens, C.L.; van den Berg, J.; van der Zee, J., 1999:
National health interview surveys in Europe: an overview

Akinde, A.D.; Soriyan, H.A.; Makanjuola, R.O., 1997:
National health management information system: issues of funding and support

Bergen, J.V., 1980:
National health manpower policy: implications for pharmacy

Kilpatrick, J.J., 1979:
National health needs a private prescription

Herrington, B.S., 1978:
National health plan act rolls along

Wagner, L., 1990:
National health plan opposed

Dugbatey, K., 1999 :
National health policies: sub-Saharan African case studies (1980-1990)

Nakamura, Y., 1995:
National health policy administrators conference, hospital function evaluation system, enhancing the community health program

Conley, V.M.; Walker, M.K., 1999:
National health policy influence on Medicare home health

Bansal, R.D.; Mehra, M., 1995:
National health policy--a need for review

Anonymous, 1993:
National health policy: back to the future. Ad Hoc Committee on National Health Policy American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Gebbie, K.M., 1996:
National health policy: lessons from a hot seat

Chartikavanij, K.; Hemachudha, C.; Rosenfield, A.G., 1976:
National health programs in Thailand

Smith, S.; Heffler, S.K.; Calfo, S.; Clemens, K.; Freeland, M.; Seifert, M.L.; Sensenig, A.; Stiller, J., 2001:
National health projections through 2008

Goldfield, N., 1993:
National health reform advocates retrench and prepare for Medicare

Williams, R.M., 1993:
National health reform and emergency medicine

Bigley, J., 1993:
National health reform's administrative simplification: effect on managed care

Bruder, P., 1993:
National health reform. Fact finding vs. truth finding

Anonymous, 1991:
National health reform: putting the pieces together

Coile, R.C., 1993:
National health reform: the restructuring of American health care

Levit, K.R.; Lazenby, H.C.; Braden, B.R., 1998:
National health spending trends in 1996. National Health Accounts Team

Bakke, K.A., 1994:
National health supervision: staffing of neonatal units should be reassessed

Küpper, C., 1996:
National health survey--sobering facts

Conde Olasagasti, J.L.; Infante Campos, A., 1994:
National health system: present and future

Harrison, J., 2002:
National health: time for occupational health

Anonymous, 2002:
National healthcare coalition releases student focus group results. First step in advertising campaign to fight nursing shortage

Anonymous, 2002:
National healthcare information infrastructure

Jackson, J., 1988:
National healthcare plan a must

Sabin, M.D., 1992:
National healthcare reform: politics, passion and power

Eastaugh, S.R., 2001:
National healthcare spending and fiscal control: comparisons among 15 countries

Branche, C., 2001:
National healthcare strategy in New Zealand

Anonymous, 1978:
National healthcare survey

Anonymous, 2001:
National healthcare transaction network deal announced

Brandt, K.H.; Bruin, A.; van Hattum, J.; van Leeuwen-Gilbert, P.; de Man, R.A., 2001:
National hepatitis B vaccination closer to implementation, but not soon enough; recommendation from the Dutch Health Council

Galama, J.M., 2001:
National hepatitis B vaccination closer to implementation, but not soon enough; recommendations from the Dutch Health Council

Ennals, D., 1979:
National heritage crying out to be preserved

Levy, R.I., 1978:
National high blood pressure conference

Anonymous, 1997:
National high school survey finds resurgence in marijuana use and increased tobacco use

Marcus, A.I., 1981:
National history through local social evils and the origin of municipal services in Cincinnati

Anonymous, 2003:
National hormone & peptide program-NIDDK: recombinant hormones, hypothalamic peptides & other hormones, antisera, reagents, & hormone assay services available

Anonymous, 2002:
National hormone & peptide program: peptide hormones (recombinant & natural), hypothalamic peptides, hormones-antisera, other reagents & hormone assay services available

Graves, E.J.; Gillum, B.S., 1997:
National hospital discharge survey: annual summary, 1994

Graves, E.J.; Kozak, L.J., 1999:
National hospital discharge survey: annual summary, 1996

Kozak, L.J.; Lawrence, L., 1999:
National hospital discharge survey: annual summary, 1997

Freeland, M.S.; Anderson, G.; Schendler, C.E., 1980:
National hospital input price index

D.B.er, J.; D.J.ng, A.; Visser, H., 1993:
National household forecasts 1993

Pellizzari, E.D.; Perritt, R.L.; Clayton, C.A., 1999:
National human exposure assessment survey (NHEXAS): exploratory survey of exposure among population subgroups in EPA Region V

Dew, K., 2000:
National identity and controversy: New Zealand's clean green image and pentachlorophenol

Hopkins, N., 2001:
National identity: pride and prejudice?

McIntyre, P.B.; Heath, T.C.; O'Brien, E.D.; Hull, B.P., 1998:
National immunisation coverage--interpreting the first three quarterly reports from the ACIR

Carlisle, D., 2002:
National immunisation day

John, T.J., 1999:
National immunisation days and global eradication of poliomyelitis

Anonymous, 1994:
National immunization days and status of poliomyelitis eradication--Philippines, 1993

Burdick, J.F.; Rosendale, J.D.; McBride, M.A.; Kauffman, H.M.; Bennett, L.E., 1998:
National impact of pulsatile perfusion on cadaveric kidney transplantation

Brew, M., 1999:
National implementation of nurse prescribing

Roche, E.; Menon, A.; Gill, D.; Hoey, H.M.C.V., 2002:
National incidence of type 1 diabetes in childhood and adolescence

Phaneuf, G.; Tonmyr, L., 1998:
National incidence study of child abuse and neglect

Anonymous, 2000:
National increase in Salmonella typhimurium DT104--update

Pieris-Caldwell, I.; van Ommeren, M.; Gajanayake, I.; Bhatia, K., 1999:
National indicators for monitoring diabetes mellitus

Anonymous, 1994:
National infant immunization week

Anonymous, 2001:
National infection rates fail to show HIV/AIDS threat in Asia

Curran, M.; Hampson, A., 1998:
National influenza surveillance 1997

Japsen, B., 1993:
National information network launched

Raic, G., 2000:
National information system on hospital treatment

Westrick, E., 1999:
National initiatives: management of heart disease and stroke

Gillenwater, J.Y., 1994:
National institute of kidney and urologic diseases

Larsen, Øivind., 2002:
National insurance and the society

Brazda, J.F., 1989:
National insurance resurfaces

Anonymous, 2002:
National intelligence estimate: the global infectious disease threat and its implications for the United States

Angus, D.C.; Ramakrishnan, N., 1999 :
National intensive care unit datasets: lost at sea without a compass?

Aronson, R.D., 2001:
National interest waiver eligibility for international medical graduates

Anonymous, 1994:
National interests

Mitchell, P., 1999:
National intranet takes shape in England

Schraffenberger, L.A., 1998:
National job analysis of the hospital-based certified coding specialist

Kopple, J.D., 2001:
National kidney foundation K/DOQI clinical practice guidelines for nutrition in chronic renal failure

Malakoff, D., 2003:
National laboratories. UC ties at stake in Los Alamos shakeup

Anonymous, 2002:
National laboratory inventory as part of global poliovirus containment--United States, June 2002

Lawler, A., 2003:
National labs. IBM scientist to lead Brookhaven

Ostrow, L.S., 1997:
National leaders meet on public access defibrillation

Hamre, J.J., 2002:
National leadership in confronting bioterrorism: 1

Kennedy, E.M., 2002:
National leadership in confronting bioterrorism: 2

Harvey, J.D., 1985:
National leadership in healthcare: the role of the hospital CEO

Bishop, C.E., 1982:
National long term care insurance

Anonymous, 1996:
National managed care companies increase share of HMO enrollment

Edwards, W.J.; Rickman, J., 1976:
National marriage data: a re-aggregation of John Rickman's marriage returns

Slabber, C.F., 1993:
National measles immunisation policy, 1993

Bremner, A.S., 1993:
National meat hygiene service

Hide, T.A., 1997:
National mechanisms for the selection of trainees. Procedure in Great Britain

Nerheim, G., 2002:
National medical museum at the Norwegian Museum of Technology

Børdahl, P.E.; Larsen, Ø.; Natvig, J.B., 2002:
National medical museum--but how?

Currance, P., 1999:
National medical response teams

Nath, K.J., 2001:
National meet on environment & health: challenges for the 21st century

Jiang, X.; Hao, Y., 2018:
Analysis of expression profile data identifies key genes and pathways in hepatocellular carcinoma

Araújo, A.Margarida.; Moreira, N.; Lima, A.Rita.; de Lourdes Bastos, M.; Carvalho, Félix.; Carvalho, Márcia.; de Pinho, P.Guedes., 2018:
Analysis of extracellular metabolome by HS-SPME/GC-MS: optimization and application in a pilot study to evaluate galactosamine-induced hepatotoxicity

Jeong, H.; Han, C.; Cho, S.; Gianchandani, Y.; Park, J., 2018:
Analysis of extracellular vesicles using coffee-ring

Anonymous, 1981:
National meeting on birth control techniques ends

Carroll, J., 2002:
National mental health parity bill poised to pass this time around

Prévost, M., 2002:
National mentoring program for HIV/AIDS

Klemencic, V., 1993:
National minorities as an element of the demographic and spatial structure of the Alpine-Adriatic-Pannonian region

Schmidt, P., 2001:
National model for the education of family physicians in the county Gyór-Moson-Sopron

Loza, E.; Morosini, M.; Negri, M.C.; Almaraz, F.; Cantón, R.; Baquero, F., 2000:
National multicenter study of the in vitro activity of moxifloxacin against respiratory tract pathogens. Spanish Study Group on Moxifloxacin

Moroz, V.M.; Shaparenko, P.F.; Sobchuk, G.S.; Pirogov, N.I., 2002:
National museum in the country estate of Vinnitsa--past and present (on the 120th anniversary of the death of N. I . Pirogov)

Anonymous, 1996:
National mycology strategic planning workshop

Etzwiler, D.D., 1982:
National needs for support of categorical programs of patient care and patient education

Aranburu, E.; Ayape, M.L.; Ardanaz, M.F.; Esquiroz, P.; Medarde, A., 1997:
National network of phenotyped erythrocytes: report on the current situation

Anonymous, 2002:
National news. Bangladesh. Mobilizing the youth through youth clubs. Population education for girls: PSTC experience

Anonymous, 2002:
National news. Cambodia. The future of ARH

Anonymous, 2002:
National news. China. Giving adolescents a healthy outlook on life

Anonymous, 2002:
National news. India. First things first: a general framework for adolescence education. The urban educated Indian youth

Anonymous, 2002:
National news. Indonesia. Promoting ARH awareness

Anonymous, 1994:
National notifiable diseases reporting--United States, 1994

Sklaren, B.; Turner, M., 1993:
National nurse practitioner leadership summit--1993

Anonymous, 2001:
National nursing database offers hospitals opportunity to obtain external benchmarks

Anonymous, 2000:
National nursing facility survey provides details on industry

Anonymous, 1979:
National nursing home week

Anonymous, 1982:
National nursing home week planning guide

Anonymous, 2002:
National nursing legislation updates

Andrews, J., 1998:
National nursing organisations--advancing the practice of nursing

Ogata, H., 1995:
National nursing policy. Interim report on newly proposed caregiving system for the elderly

Nakamura, Y., 1995:
National nursing policy. Report on informed consent by the Ministry's Special Committee

Moriyama, M., 1994:
National nursing policy: the law amended to enable male nurses to become public health nurses starting in 1994

Kumar, A., 2001:
National nutritional anaemia control programme in India

Bouvenot, G., 2000:
National observation of prescriptions and consumption and pharmacoepidemiology

Blanchard, D.; Chevalier, B.; Danchin, N.; Finet, G.; Lablanche, J.M.; Lancelin, B.; Lefèvre, T.; Meyer, P.; Puel, J., 2002:
National observational study of diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization by the French Society of Cardiology: list and definition of basic data

Khor, L.J.; Jeskins, G.; Cooper, G.M.; Paterson-Brown, S., 2000:
National obstetric anaesthetic practice in the UK 1997/1998

Anonymous, 2001:
National occupational health research strategies. Report of "the Conference on Occupational Health Research Strategies in the 21st Century", supported by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Anonymous, 1996:
National occupational research agenda

Cole, B.L., 2002:
National or global?

Frencken, J.E.; Sithole, W.D.; Mwaenga, R.; Htoon, H.M.; Simon, E., 2000:
National oral health survey Zimbabwe 1995: dental caries situation

Frencken, J.E.; Sithole, W.D.; Mwaenga, R.; Htoon, H.M.; Simon, E., 2000:
National oral health survey Zimbabwe 1995: periodontal conditions

Frencken, J.E.; Sithole, W.D., 1999:
National oral health survey Zimbabwe 1995: quality of restorations

Anonymous, 1988:
National organ donor register

Anonymous, 1984:
National organ registry bill wins House approval

Krieger, L., 1985:
National organ transplant policy passed

Metelko, Z.; Sestan-Crnek, S.; Babić, Z.; Roglić, G.; Pavlić-Renar, I.; Granić, M.; Skrabalo, Z., 1996:
National organization of health care in diabetes based on the "Croatian model"

Nordberg, M., 1999:
National organization works for volunteers ... National Volunteer Fire Council

Anonymous, 1995:
National organizations responding to AIDS elects new chairs

Hollon, C.J.; Bright, T.L., 1983:
National origin harassment in the work place: recent guideline developments from the EEOC

Silva, L.C.; Pino, A.; Miranda, Z.; Martínez, V.; Pérez, C., 1994:
National origin of articles published or cited in the "Bulletin of the Pan American Health Office" from 1971 to 1990

Rushdy, A.A.; Stuart, J.M.; Ward, L.R.; Bruce, J.; Threlfall, E.J.; Punia, P.; Bailey, J.R., 1998:
National outbreak of Salmonella senftenberg associated with infant food

Pallak, M.S., 1994:
National outcomes management survey: summary report

Javitt, J.C.; Street, D.A.; Tielsch, J.M.; Wang, Q.; Kolb, M.M.; Schien, O.; Sommer, A.; Bergner, M.; Steinberg, E.P., 1994:
National outcomes of cataract extraction. Retinal detachment and endophthalmitis after outpatient cataract surgery. Cataract Patient Outcomes Research Team

Farrell, M.J., 1998:
National palliative care education and training needs analysis

Anonymous, 1977:
National panel seeks to curb abuses of confidentiality on health records

Anonymous, 1996:
National panel urges better RN, staff training

Edwards, W.J., 1976:
National parish register data: an evaluation of the comprehensiveness of the areal cover

Smith, R.D.; Vance, R.P.; Anderson, R.E.; Long, T.A., 1993:
National pathology manpower survey of 1991. Projected needs in community hospitals and private laboratory practice

Lapsley, P., 1998:
National patient groups are a resource underutilised by GPs

Kondro, W., 2001:
National patient-safety strategy in the works

Janes, R.H.; Niederhuber, J.E.; Chmiel, J.S.; Winchester, D.P.; Ocwieja, K.C.; Karnell, J.H.; Clive, R.E.; Menck, H.R., 1996:
National patterns of care for pancreatic cancer. Results of a survey by the Commission on Cancer

Stafford, R.S.; Farhat, J.H.; Misra, B.; Schoenfeld, D.A., 2000:
National patterns of physician activities related to obesity management

Gray, P., 1997:
National pay is back?

Ampolsk, A.G., 1989:
National perspective

Owen, W.F.; Szczech, L.; Johnson, C.; Frankenfield, D., 1999:
National perspective on iron therapy as a clinical performance measure for maintenance hemodialysis patients

Quinn, B., 1988:
National perspective. The importance of an expanded practice base

Hine, D.D., 2001:
National perspective: United Kingdom

Hamburg, M.A., 2001:
National perspective: United States

Mejia Restrepo, S.; Velez Arango, A.Lucía.; Buritica Arboleda, O.Clemencia.; Arango Mejia, Mía.Cristina.; Rio Gomez, J.Alberto.del., 2002:
National pharmaceutical policy in Colombia and social security reform: access and rational use of medicines

Young, D., 2002:
National pharmaceutical stockpile aids homeland health security

Henry, T., 1986:
National physicians' society launches "serve Medicare" project

Anonymous, 2000:
National plan against cancer in France

Anonymous, 1976:
National plan for health care services in the rural areas

Langlands, A., 2001:
National plan. Batting for a new century

Klein, R., 2001:
National plan. Heard the one about...

Clarke, G., 2002:
National plan: strategic development for the NHS

Anonymous, 1979:
National plans and guidelines

Kaufmann, T., 2002:
National plans for maternity care

Elkwood, A.; Matarasso, A.; Rankin, M.; Elkowitz, M.; Godek, C.P., 2001:
National plastic surgery survey: brow lifting techniques and complications

Matarasso, A.; Elkwood, A.; Rankin, M.; Elkowitz, M., 2000:
National plastic surgery survey: face lift techniques and complications

Therre, H., 2001:
National policies for preventing antimicrobial resistance - the situation in 17 European countries in late 2000

Zöllner, H., 2002:
National policies for reducing social inequalities in health in Europe

Wilfond, B.S.; Nolan, K., 1993:
National policy development for the clinical application of genetic diagnostic technologies. Lessons from cystic fibrosis

Anonymous, 2002 :
National policy dialogue to advance integrated health care: finding common ground. October 31-November 3, 2001. Washington DC, USA

Soedjatmoko, 1979:
National policy implications of the basic needs model

Robinson, E., 1996:
National policy in the fight against cancer

Tiblets, C., 2002:
National policy on confidential student information

Oosthuizen, H., 2001:
National policy on testing for HIV in South Africa: an urgent need

Graham, R., 1978:
National policy toward the foreign medical graduate: the legislative history, the policy and how it will work

Malcoe, L.H., 1994:
National policy, social conditions, and the etiology of maternal mortality

Anonymous, 1994:
National poliomyelitis immunization days--People's Republic of China, 1993

Cruijsen, H.; Keilman, N., 1989:
National population forecasts in industrialized countries: main findings of an international workshop

Leeuw, F.; Van, D.V.ll, M., 1984:
National population policies in industrial countries: praxis or paradox?

Anonymous, 1979:
National population policies. Costa Rica. Oficina de Planificacion Nacional y Politica Economica

Singh, K., 1976:
National population policy: a statement of the government of India

D.B.er, J.; D.J.ng, A., 1996:
National population scenarios for countries of the European Economic Area

Tyrer, S.B., 1984:
National porous load log book

Stiefelhagen, P., 2002:
National practice guideline for diabetes. Managing your diabetic patient properly

Mauer, K.A.; Abrahams, E.B.; Arslanian, C.; Schoenly, L.; Taggart, H.M., 2002:
National practice patterns for the care of the patient with total joint replacement

Lucci, A.; Kelemen, P.R.; Miller, C.; Chardkoff, L.; Wilson, L., 2001:
National practice patterns of sentinel lymph node dissection for breast carcinoma

Foster, J.G.W.; Kish, S.K.; Keenan, C.H., 2002:
National practice with assessment and monitoring of neuromuscular blockade

Weise, K.L.; Smith, M.L.; Maschke, K.J.; Copeland, H.Liesel., 2002:
National practices regarding payment to research subjects for participating in pediatric research

Weber, R.D., 2001:
National practitioner data bank reporting requirements

Passin, P.; Haberek, J., 1990:
National practitioner data bank: how to exercise your rights

Anonymous, 1990:
National practitioner data bank; user fee--HRSA

Todd, M., 2001:
National precedent for voluntary coverage of cancer treatment

Eldad, A., 2002:
National preparedness for biological mass casualty event: between the devil and the deep blue sea

Luo, R.D.; Belleti, D.A.; Tran, D.; Arcona, S.; Salen, P.N., 2002:
National prescribing patterns in the management of extrapyramidal symptoms among patients with schizophrenia

Ausband, S.C.; March, J.A.; Brown, L.H., 2002:
National prevalence of palliative care protocols in emergency medical services

Anonymous, 1993:
National prevalence survey of hospital acquired infections: definitions. A preliminary report of the Steering Group of the Second National Prevalence Survey

Hirst, J., 1994:
National pride and multiculturalism

Anonymous, 2002:
National primary drinking water regulations: Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. Final rule

McGinnis, J.M., 1989:
National priorities in disease prevention

Stuckless, E.R.; Carroll, J.K., 1994:
National priorities on educational applications of technology for deaf and hard of hearing students

Shapiro, M.F.; Berk, M.L.; Berry, S.H.; Emmons, C.A.; Athey, L.A.; Hsia, D.C.; Leibowitz, A.A.; Maida, C.A.; Marcus, M.; Perlman, J.F.; Schur, C.L.; Schuster, M.A.; Senterfitt, J.W.; Bozzette, S.A., 1999:
National probability samples in studies of low-prevalence diseases. Part I: Perspectives and lessons from the HIV cost and services utilization study

Frankel, M.R.; Shapiro, M.F.; Duan, N.; Morton, S.C.; Berry, S.H.; Brown, J.A.; Burnam, M.A.; Cohn, S.E.; Goldman, D.P.; McCaffrey, D.F.; Smith, S.M.; S.C.air, P.A.; Tebow, J.F.; Bozzette, S.A., 1999:
National probability samples in studies of low-prevalence diseases. Part II: Designing and implementing the HIV cost and services utilization study sample

Anonymous, 1998:
National program aims to set standards for managed senior care

Anonymous, 1994:
National program for the prevention and control of acute respiratory diseases, Mexico, 1994

Coutts, M., 1997:
National program hopes to improve outcomes for ESRD patients with indicator tool

Zieliński, J.; Roszkowski-Sliz, K., 2002:
National program of early detection and prevention of COPD

Anonymous, 1993:
National project of health restoration and promotion in the Czech Republic

Kanonowicz, L., 1993:
National project to publicize link between literacy, health

Howe, M., 2002:
National prostate tumour bank launched in Australia

Anonymous, 2000 :
National protocol on the organization of emergency services in schools and local public educational establishments

Anonymous, 2000:
National protocol on the organization of medical care and first aid in schools and public educational institutions (2)

Anonymous, 2000:
National protocol on the organization of medical care and first aid in schools and public educational institutions.1

Reintgen, D.S.; Cox, C.E., 1999:
National protocols for lymphatic mapping

Schwartz, R., 1993:
National provider groups converge on New Jersey Boren suit. Appeal hinges on highest practicable level of care

Windsor, A.M.; Glynn, C.J.; Mason, D.G., 1996:
National provision of acute pain services

Agren, H.; Aberg-Wistedt, A.; Hällström, T., 1998:
National psychiatric guidelines compiled

Evans, C.A., 1996:
National public health leader Caswell Evans talks of 'doing less with less'. Interview by Thomas Cole

Bickford, L.S.; Hodgkin, J.E.; McInturff, S.L., 1995:
National pulmonary rehabilitation survey. Update

Ferrara, G.B., 2000:
National quality control of genomic HLA typing

Coste, J.; Fournier, C.; Lindecker, V.; Segarra, C.; Maisonneuve, P., 2001:
National quality control of plasma RNA-HCV in the year 2000

Quintieri, F.; Pugliese, O.; Mariani, M., 2000:
National quality control of serologic HLA typing

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National quality monitoring of Medicare health plans: the relationship between enrollees' reports and the quality of clinical care

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National quality of care activities in Germany

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National ratings of happiness, suicide, and homicide

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National recording of environmental incidents in Scotland

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National recording systems and the measurement of international migration in Canada: an assessment

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National reference centers for surveillance of infectious diseases in Switzerland: results of a delphi study

Jones, J., 2000:
National register will monitor hip replacements

Rahme, H.; Salomonsson, B.; Jacobsen, M., 1999:
National registries for shoulder and elbow arthroplasties are established

Lindman, A.; Eliasson, M.; Skoglund, C., 1997:
National registries have no quality guarantee. The data used should be from an unidentified material from the counties

de Charro, F., 2001:
National registries in Europe: present and future

Nora, P.F., 1990:
National registry collects data on expert witnesses

Anonymous, 1983:
National registry formed to track various implants

Anonymous, 1983:
National registry helps hospitals notify implant patients of risks

Miles, J., 1998:
National registry is also needed for neurological implants

Douglas, J.V., 2000:
National registry of clinical trials

Anonymous, 1981:
National registry of emergency medical technicians

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National registry of heart transplantation. Seventh report (1984-1995)

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National registry of non-invasive electrocardiology in 1999

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National registry of percutaneous mitral commissurotomy. 8-year's experience

Randall, T., 1993:
National registry seeks scarce data on pregnancy outcomes during chemotherapy

Campion, C., 1997:
National registry targets occupational HIV exposure

Weiss, H.P., 1999:
National report calls for more teeth in implementing enforcement remedies

Guerra Garcia, M., 1994:
National report on population and development

Anonymous, 1997:
National report: state of the association

Anonymous, 1998:
National reporting of Shiga-like toxin (verotoxin) producing Escherichia coli infections and associated syndromes

Bain, S.C.; Barnett, A.H., 1994:
National repositories of family material: important research resource

Daubert, G., 1995:
National repositories of information: a comparison of the National Practitioner Data Bank in the United States and the National Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths in the United Kingdom

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National research agenda for prevention research. The National Institute of Mental Health Report

Zenker, B.M.; Kittredge, D.; Deutsch, S.; Davidoff, F., 1994:
National resources

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Analysis of Extreme Phenotype Bulk Copy Number Variation (XP-CNV) Identified the Association of rp1 with Resistance to Goss's Wilt of Maize

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National results of cervix cytology diagnosis in 1992; efficacy of screening could be improved

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National review of specialist nurse education

Anonymous, 2001:
National round table results. Support for comprehensive prevention resource centre

Goddet, B., 2001:
National rules on Alzheimer disease

Gregory, G.; Humphreys, J., 1997:
National rural health policy and the role of the National Rural Health Conferences

Johnson, J., 1993:
National safety congress emphasizes that workplace safety equals quality

Anonymous, 2000:
National safety partnership urges adoption of best practices

Gregory, E.; Marcontel, M., 2002:
National school nurse certification. Part I: An ongoing process

Gregory, E.K.; Marcontel, M., 2002:
National school nurse certification. Part II: Questions and answers

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National school nurse day. Who is today's school nurse?

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National school teachers' knowledge of asthma and its management

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National scientific registry of organ transplantation: data needs and uses

Kniazhev, V.A.; Bogatyrev, A.N.; Bol'shakov, O.V.; Voĭtkevich, N.D., 1994:
National scientific-technical programs of the Russian Ministry of Science and solving problems of improving population nutrition and food product safety

Siwicki, B., 1997:
National scientists work to create 'virtual' patient record

Clements, C., 2002:
National screening programme for diabetic retinopathy. Digital image may be better for screening

Prasad, S.; Swindlehurst, H.; Cleaqrkin, L.G., 2001:
National screening programme for diabetic retinopathy. Screening by optometrists is better than screening by fundus photography

Prince, C.B., 2002:
National screening programme for diabetic retinopathy. Screening by retinal photography offers holistic package of diabetic care

Broughton, R., 2002:
National screening programme for diabetic retinopathy. Staff are already available to do this job

Schmidt, C., 2002:
National security at the cost of environmental protection?

Marshall, E., 2001:
National security. MIT military critic rejects secrecy claims

Malakoff, D., 2002:
National security. Pentagon proposal worries researchers

Enserink, M.; Lawler, A., 2002:
National security. Research chiefs hunt for details in proposal for new department

Edler, R.J., 1994:
National self-abuse?

Barrett, J.; Flynn, A.; Parry, F., 2000:
National sentinel audit on stroke--cognitive assessments

Grant, R.L.; Batty, G.M.; Aggarwal, R.; Lowe, D.; Potter, J.M.; Pearson, M.G.; Oborne, A.; Jackson, S.H.D., 2002:
National sentinel clinical audit of evidence-based prescribing for older people: methodology and development

Anonymous, 2002:
National sentinel surveillance of HIV infection in China from 1995 to 1998

Anonymous, 2000:
National sentinel surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Hutchins, S.S.; Redd, S.C.; Schrag, S.; Kruszon-Moran, D.; Wooten, K.; McQuillan, G.M.; Bellini, W.; Meyer, P.A.; Hadler, S., 2001:
National serologic survey of measles immunity among persons 6 years of age or older, 1988-1994

Kenny, C., 2002:
National service framework for children. No time for delay

Lloyd-Mostyn, R., 2000:
National service framework for coronary heart disease. Ambiguities need to be clarified

Jolly, K.; rouse, A.; Lip, G.Y., 2000:
National service framework for coronary heart disease. Many operators and facilities will not meet standards set out in framework

Cracknell, P., 2000:
National service framework for coronary heart disease. Target of lowering cholesterol by 30% needs to be justified

McIntyre, D., 2001:
National service framework heart failure

Wierzbicki, A.S.; Reynolds, T.M., 2001:
National service framework's financial implications are huge

Rouse, A.M., 2001:
National service frameworks. Framework's claim that GPs should devote more time to preventing coronary heart disease needs scrutiny

Jolley, D.; Read, K., 2002:
National service frameworks. National service framework for older people is worth a try

Currie, L., 2002:
National service frameworks: what are they?

Fishbein, T.M.; Bodian, C.A.; Miller, C.M., 2001:
National sharing of cadaveric isolated intestinal allografts for human transplantation: a feasibility study

Anonymous, 1997:
National skin care survey highlights training shortcomings

Raw, M.; McNeill, A.; Watt, J.; Raw, D., 2001:
National smoking cessation services at risk

Anonymous, 1997:
National snapshot of ambulatory surgery now available

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National social data series: a compendium of brief descriptions

Walter, B., 2001:
National socialist "children's euthanasia" program in the province of Westphalia (1940-1945)

Smart, R.F., 1996:
National spending on health

Finke, L.M., 2002:
National spotlight on children's mental health

Driver, N.D., 1993:
National standard for entry into general practice

Anonymous, 1998:
National standard health care provider identifier--HCFA. Proposed rule

Vogler, J.H., 1997:
National standardization of fetal monitoring terminology and competency validation: a call for interdisciplinary collaboration

FitzGerald, M.; Thirlby, D.; Bell, G.; Bedford, C., 1996:
National standards for contact tracing in gonorrhoea. Royal College of Physicians, National Audit Development Programme in Sexual Health

Buyuk, S.Kutalmış.; Genc, E.; Simsek, H.; Karaman, A., 2018:
Analysis of facial soft tissue values and cranial skeletal widths in different body mass index percentile adolescent subjects

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National standards for general practice

Vail, S., 1996:
National standards for health care

Huber, R.; Borders, K.W.; Badrak, K.; Netting, F.E.; Nelson, H.W., 2001:
National standards for the long-term care ombudsman program and a tool to assess compliance: the Huber Badrak Borders Scales

FitzGerald, M.; Bedford, C., 1996:
National standards for the management of gonorrhoea

McCann, B.A.; Enck, R.E., 1986:
National standards in hospice care

Thomas, L., 1998:
National standards of service

Chapman, P., 2000:
National standards or pseudo-competencies?

Anonymous, 2001:
National standards proposed to protect patients' personal medical records

Socolov, D.; Anton, C.; Azoicăi, D.; Zanoschi, C.; Socolov, R., 2002:
National statistical parameters of cervical cancer in Romania: 1992-1997

Sasamori, N., 1993:
National statistics on multiphasic health testing (Human Dock, AMHTS)--with special reference to annual changes in the last eight years

Sasamori, N., 1990:
National statistics on multiphasic health testing (human dock and AMHTS)--especially for the annual-course change during the last five years

Stolberg, M., 1999:
National statistics on the causes of death in nineteenth-century Bavaria

Anonymous, 2002:
National strategic plan for TB control in Australia beyond 2000

Alvarez, R.O., 1995:
National strategy document on HIV / AIDS launched

Purandark, B.N., 1979:
National strategy for action presented at the first national seminar on "physician and population change."

Nolan, M., 1999:
National strategy for carers: the way forward?

Levi, L.; Michaelson, M.; Admi, H.; Bregman, D.; Bar-Nahor, R., 2002:
National strategy for mass casualty situations and its effects on the hospital

Fleming, A.F.; Martin, D.J., 1993:
National strategy for serological diagnosis of HIV infection. Subcommittee of the AIDS Advisory Group on Strategies for HIV Testing

Anonymous, 1996:
National strategy on endocrine disruptors

Rudd, A.G.; Pearson, M., 2003:
National stroke audit

Rudd, A.G.; Lowe, D.; Irwin, P.; Rutledge, Z.; Pearson, M., 2001:
National stroke audit: a tool for change?

Johnson, K.C.; Mao, Y., 2001:
National stroke surveillance program needed in Canada

Turnbull, F.M.; McIntyre, P.B.; Achat, H.M.; Wang, H.; Stapledon, R.; Gold, M.; Burgess, M.A., 2002:
National study of adverse reactions after vaccination with bacille Calmette-Guérin

Ducret, N.; Mercier, S.; Colin, C.; Vergnon, P.; Laroche, C.; Bailly, F.; Caillette, A.; Labeeuw, M.; Trepo, C., 1998:
National study of screening practices for hepatitis C among hemodialysis patients. Hepatitis Group

Horan, J., 2000:
National study of the impact of managed care on osteopathic physicians

Smits, L.J.; van de Laar, M.J., 1999:
National study of the spread of hepatitis B to provide a foundation for future vaccination policy

Boot, H.; van der Meché, F.G., 1993:
National study of the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome using uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or continuous positive pressure

Harrist, M., 1994:
National study reveals possible keys to success for PHOs

Nye, M.J., 1993:
National styles? French and English chemistry in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Beskow, J.; Thorson, J.; Oström, M., 1994:
National suicide prevention programme and railway suicide

Wellman, G.S., 2001:
National supply-chain survey of drug manufacturer back orders

Vogel, V.G.; Costantino, J.P.; Wickerham, D.Lawrence.; Cronin, W.M., 2003:
National surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project update: prevention trials and endocrine therapy of ductal carcinoma in situ

Anonymous, 1999:
National surveillance misses most infectious intestinal disease

Wedderkopp, A.; Rattenborg, E.; Madsen, M., 2001:
National surveillance of Campylobacter in broilers at slaughter in Denmark in 1998

Juul, K.V.; Thomsen, O.O.; Nissen, A.; Hallas, J.; Kolmos, H.J.; Funch-Jensen, P.M.; Lauritsen, K., 2000:
National surveillance of Helicobacter pylori eradication in Denmark. Results based on registration of 34.582 drug prescriptions

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National surveillance of dialysis associated diseases in the United States, 1991

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National surveillance of dialysis associated diseases in the United States, 1993

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National surveillance of dialysis associated diseases in the United States, 1995

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National surveillance of dialysis associated diseases in the United States--1994

Tokars, J.I.; Miller, E.R.; Alter, M.J.; Arduino, M.J., 2000:
National surveillance of dialysis-associated diseases in the United States, 1997

Tokars, J.I.; Frank, M.; Alter, M.J.; Arduino, M.J., 2002:
National surveillance of dialysis-associated diseases in the United States, 2000

Tokars, J.I.; Alter, M.J.; Favero, M.S.; Moyer, L.A.; Bland, L.A., 1993:
National surveillance of hemodialysis associated diseases in the United States, 1990

Noone, A.; O'Brien, S.J., 1997:
National surveillance of hospital-acquired infection--can performance indicators be developed?

Mosnier, A., 2000:
National surveillance of influenza in France: the regional influenza observation group

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National surveillance of nosocomial blood stream infection due to species of Candida other than Candida albicans: frequency of occurrence and antifungal susceptibility in the SCOPE Program. SCOPE Participant Group. Surveillance and Control of Pathogens of Epidemiologic

Barbour, E.K.; Hamadeh, S.K.; Hilan, C.; Kallas, M.; Eid, A.; Sakr, W., 1998:
National surveillance of poultry diseases in Lebanon

Settimi, L.; Davanzo, F.; Miceli, G.; Minnielli, S.; Vanacore, N.; Ballard, T.J.; Maiozzi, P.; Faraoni, L.; Cecere, E., 2002:
National surveillance system for acute poisoning caused by pesticides

Njoo, H., 2001:
National surveillance: a Canadian perspective

Berglund, S.; Nordström, L., 2001:
National survey (Sweden) of routines for intrapartum fetal surveillance

Anonymous, 1991:
National survey asks about health care reform

Anonymous, 1995:
National survey finds increases in illicit drug use by 12- to 17-year-olds and adults over 35

Anonymous, 2001:
National survey identifies gender differences in rosacea

Moon, H.; Paik, D.; Horowitz, A.M.; Kim, J., 1998:
National survey of Korean dentists' knowledge and opinions: dental caries etiology and prevention

Anonymous, 1993:
National survey of NDMDA members finds long delay in diagnosis of manic-depressive illness

Takada, A.; Tsutsumi, M., 1995:
National survey of alcoholic liver disease in Japan (1968-91)

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National survey of blindness and low vision in Lebanon

Mendes, M., 2001:
National survey of cardiac rehabilitation programs in Portugal--situation in 1999

Anonymous, 1992:
National survey of community pharmacists on technicians

Fontaine, J.; Beauchet, A.; Saiag, P., 2002:
National survey of dermatologists

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Analysis of factors affecting baseline SF-36 Mental Component Summary in Adult Spinal Deformity and its impact on surgical outcomes

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National survey of genetics content in basic nursing preparatory programs in the United States

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National survey of gynecologists-obstetricians and general practitioners

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National survey of hepatitis testing and vaccination services provided by drug services in England and Wales

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National survey of hospital-based pharmacokinetic services

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National survey of imaging technologists in nuclear medicine 1998/99

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National survey of internal medicine residency program directors regarding problem residents

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National survey of internal medicine residency programs of their 1st-year experience with the electronic residency application service and national resident match program changes

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National survey of job satisfaction and retirement intentions among general practitioners in England

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National survey of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Belgian hospitals: detection methods, prevalence trends and infection control measures. The Groupement pour le Dépistage, l'Etude et la Prévention des Infections Hospitalières

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National survey of notifications of tuberculosis in England and Wales in 1988

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National survey of nursing program options designed for the second degree student

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National survey of quality assurance activities for pharmacy-prepared sterile products in hospitals and home infusion facilities--1995

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National survey of radionuclide gastric emptying studies

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National survey of school counselors working with deaf and hard of hearing children. Two decades later

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National survey of self-reported breast implants: 1988 estimates

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National survey of stress ulcer prophylaxis

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National survey of the impact of low vision device use among veterans

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National survey of the infrastructure of research centers in advanced biotechnology and molecular epidemiology in Mexico

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National survey of the states: policies and practices regarding drug-using pregnant women

Wehmeyer, M.L., 1998:
National survey of the use of assistive technology by adults with mental retardation

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National survey of the use of endomyocardial biopsy in Japan

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National survey of training and credentialing methods in pharmacist-managed anticoagulation clinics

Anonymous, 1998:
National survey of tuberculosis in England and Wales 1998

Viner, R.M., 2001:
National survey of use of hospital beds by adolescents aged 12 to 19 in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1997:
National survey offers snapshot of break-even PMPMs

Wadland, W.C.; Havron, A.F.; Garr, D.; Schneeweiss, R.; Smith, M., 1994:
National survey on hospital-based privileges in family practice obstetrics

Bajpai, M., 2000 :
National survey on hydrocephalus & spina bifida (IAPS members): need for consensus conference

Vincent-Hamelin, E.; Pallares, A.C.; Felipe, J.A.; Roselló, E.L.; Caperochipi, J.A.; Cantero, J.L.; Gomis, F.D.; Corvinos, F.F.; Sanchez, S.P.; Lesquereux, J.P., 1994:
National survey on laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Spain. Results of a multiinstitutional study conducted by the Committee for Endoscopic Surgery (Associación Española de Cirujanos)

Legendre, C.; Saltiel, C., 1994:
National survey on temporary vascular access for hemodialysis

Strang, D.; Gagnon, M.; Molloy, W.; Bedard, M.; Darzins, P.; Etchells, E.; Davidson, W., 1996:
National survey on the attitudes of Canadian physicians towards drug-detailing by pharmaceutical representatives

Anonymous, 1999:
National survey on the concept of retention

Goffinet, F.; Humbert, R.; Clerson, P.; Philippe, H.J.; Bréart, G.; Cabrol, D., 1999:
National survey on the use of induced labor by obstetricians. Study Group on Induced Labor

Martin, D.; Barthélémy, I.; Pélissier, P.; Mondié, J.M., 1999:
National survey on therapeutic strategy in facial epitheliomas

Gershon, H., 1998:
National survey results. Behavioral integrated systems come of age

Ringel, M., 1996:
National survey results: automation is everywhere

Anonymous, 1979:
National survey results: we know--but don't change--our unhealthy habits

Anonymous, 1996:
National survey reveals serious concerns among Americans about cost-cutting trends in patient care

Anonymous, 1998:
National survey reveals widespread public misperceptions about lung cancer

Anonymous, 1993:
National survey shows rise in drug use among young secondary school students

Cordery, R.; Harvey, R.; Frost, C.; Rossor, M., 2002:
National survey to assess current practices in the diagnosis and management of young people with dementia

Cavendish, R.; Lunney, M.; Luise, B.K.; Richardson, K., 1999:
National survey to identify the nursing interventions used in school settings

Wieners, W., 1989:
National survey yields data on QA automation

Shindul-Rothschild, J., 1997:
National survey. Nurses: hospital quality, safety compromised

Jahn, M., 1991:
National survey. Personal computers in the clinical laboratory. Part I. Available in most labs, fully utilized by few

Jahn, M., 1991:
National survey. Personal computers in the clinical laboratory. Part II. Fighting resistance, many use PCs in wise and creative ways

Anonymous, 1998:
National survey. Today's hospitals: on the precipice?

Kramer, M.R.; Bublil, M., 2000:
National survey: flexible bronchoscopy in Israel

Gulley, E., 1985:
National survey: what doctors are doing about the malpractice threat

Jiang, M.; Weng, L.; Wu, Y.; Wu, S., 2001:
National symposium on clinical application of mifepristone in obstetrics and gynecology

Bateman, D.N.; McElhatton, P., 1997:
National system for monitoring all drug use in pregnancy already exists

Weinehall, L., 2001:
National targets for public health. Focusing on factors of social environment

Gupta, A.; Punatar, S.; Gawande, J.; Mathew, L.; Kannan, S.; Khattry, N., 2017:
Analysis of factors affecting initial cyclosporine level and its impact on post transplant outcomes in acute leukemia

Mitchell, J.L., 1994:
National technician certification program planned

McGeary, P., 2002:
National tobacco control legislation needs support of North Dakota nurses

Gregg, P., 1996:
National total hip replacement audit project

Blazey, M.E.; Williams, M.M., 1999:
National training for a new nurse staffing resource management methodology

Anonymous, 1993:
National transplantation pregnancy registry established

Swigert, N.B., 1997:
National treatment outcomes data for professionals and consumers

Klingemann, H., 1999:
National treatment systems in global perspective

Winchester, D.J.; Menck, H.R.; Winchester, D.P., 1997:
National treatment trends for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast

Morrow, M., 1998:
National treatment trends for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast. Arch Surg 1997 Jun;132:660-665

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National trends in behavioral sciences (1981-1996)

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National trends in diabetes. An epidemiologic perspective

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National trends in gastroesophageal reflux surgery

Molloy, D.; Crosdale, S., 1996:
National trends in gynaecological endoscopic surgery

Anonymous, 1990:
National trends in health benefits cost containment strategies

Fisk, R.P.; Batton, G.G., 1987:
National trends in hospital advertising

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National trends in the management of cardiovascular disease risk factors in children: second NHLBI survey of primary care physicians

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National trends in the prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the prescribing of methylphenidate among school-age children: 1990-1995

Oberman, S.E., 1984:
National trends in union contract settlements

Burt, C.W., 2002:
National trends in use of medications in office-based practice, 1985-1999

Geduld, J.; Archibald, C., 2000:
National trends of AIDS and HIV in Canada

Anonymous, 2001:
National trends of HIV in Canada

Fava, G.A.; Montanari, A., 1996:
National trends of research in behavioral and medical sciences

Fava, G.A.; Montanari, A., 1999:
National trends of research in neuroscience

Fava, G.A.; Montanari, A., 1997:
National trends of research in psychology and psychiatry (1981-1995)

Bosman, M.C.; Swai, O.B.; Kwamanga, D.O.; Agwanda, R.; Idukitta, G.; Misljenovic, O., 1998:
National tuberculin survey of Kenya, 1986-1990

Overpeck, M.D.; Brenner, R.A.; Cosgrove, C.; Trumble, A.C.; Kochanek, K.; MacDorman, M., 2002:
National underascertainment of sudden unexpected infant deaths associated with deaths of unknown cause

Anonymous, 1992:
National uniformity for paraprofessional title, qualifications and supervision. Homemaker-Home Aide Association of America

Tunney, D., 1983:
National union seeks health coverage for unemployed

Khatami, S.M.; Kamrava, S.K.; Ghalehbaghi, B.; Mirzazadeh, M., 2001:
National university hospital discharge survey in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Anonymous, 1995:
National update conference. Phill Wilson tells 2,250 attendees: we will prevail, because we must

Anonymous, 2001:
National urine-based HIV and STD testing service

Anonymous, 1993:
National uro-oncologic registry

Anonymous, 1999:
National vaccination coverage levels among children aged 19-35 months--United States, 1998

Anonymous, 2001:
National vaccine effort seen as insufficient

Forestier, I., 2002:
National video accounts in mental health, patients present their films

Pratt, P., 2000:
National vocational qualifications. Associate practitioners in the critical care unit

Hoskins, C., 2000:
National vocational qualifications. NVQs: its time they got the recognition they deserve

Garbett, R., 1997:
National vocational qualifications?

Nunns, D.; Higgins, S.P.; Mandal, D., 1995:
National vulvodynia questionnaire

Darko, E.O.; Fletcher, J.J., 1999:
National waste management infrastructure in Ghana

Piloni, V.; Genovesi, N.; Grassi, R.; Lazzini, S.; Pieri, L.; Pomerri, F., 1993:
National working team report on defecography

Haq, M., 1979:
National workshop on population education

Finke, L.M.; Siantz, M.L., 1993:
National workshop: implementation of practice with severely mentally and emotionally disturbed children and adolescents

Mastroianni, A.C., 2001:
National, independent oversight: reinforcing the safety net for human subjects research

Anonymous, 1996:
National, state and urban area vaccination coverage levels among children aged 19-35 months--United States, July 1994-June 1995

Luman, E.T.; Barker, L.E.; Simpson, D.M.; Rodewald, L.E.; Szilagyi, P.G.; Zhao, Z., 2002:
National, state and urban-area vaccination-coverage levels among children aged 19-35 months, United States, 1999

Anonymous, 1998:
National, state, and urban area vaccination coverage levels among children aged 19-35 months--United States, 1997

Herrera, G.A.; Smith, P.; Daniels, D.; Klevens, R.M.; Coronado, V.; McCauley, M.; Stokley, S.; Maes, E.F.; Ezzati-Rice, T.M.; Wright, R.A.; Cordero, J.F., 2000:
National, state, and urban area vaccination coverage levels among children aged 19-35 months--United States, 1998

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Native needs

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Native valve infective endocarditis caused by Streptococcus bovis. Efficacy of short-term antibiotic therapy and usefulness of serial echocardiographic evaluation

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Native, industrial and fossil chitins

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Native-American RNs join program to improve tribal health care

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Native-state HX

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Nativity, declining health, and preferences in living arrangements among elderly Mexican Americans: implications for long-term care

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Natof, Northwest Surgicare join national chain; trend continues

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Natriuretic peptide approved for use in decompensated CHF

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