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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46801

Chapter 46801 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hegedüs, L.; Ladocsi, B.; Wellner, I.; Oláh, A., 2001:
New surgical method in the treatment of severe hemorrhoidal bleeding caused by decompensated liver cirrhosis

Zubarev, P.N.; Ivanov, S.A.; Ignatovich, I.G., 2002:
New surgical methods for treating hepatic hydatic cyst

Didier, M.; Laccoureye, O.; Brasnu, D.; Vignon, M., 1993:
New surgical obturator prosthesis for hemimaxillectomy patients

Lowe, J.B.; Tung, T.R.; Mackinnon, S.E., 2002:
New surgical option for radial nerve paralysis

Jaklitsch, M.T.; Bueno, R.; Swanson, S.J.; Mentzer, S.J.; Lukanich, J.M.; Sugarbaker, D.J., 2000:
New surgical options for elderly lung cancer patients

Odejinmi, F.; Cutner, A., 2001:
New surgical options for menorrhagia

McCarthy, P.M., 1999:
New surgical options for the failing heart

Suma, H.; Horii, T.; Ichihara, T.; Hisamochi, K.; Takuma, S.; Iwahashi, K., 1997:
New surgical procedure for patients with dilated heart and end-stage cardiac failure (Batista procedure)

Kaneko, K.; Ando, H.; Tsuda, M., 2002 :
New surgical procedure for sliding inguinal hernia repair in female infants and girls

Barlow, R.D., 1991:
New surgical procedure spurs laparoscope purchases

Anonymous, 1993:
New surgical procedure to remove rectal tumors said to reduce hospital stays, complications

Christiansen, J., 1999:
New surgical procedures for the treatment of anal incontinence

Róth, E., 1999:
New surgical procedures in postgraduate medical education

Lekholm, U., 1993:
New surgical procedures of the osseointegration technique A.M. Brånemark

Gates, E.A., 1997:
New surgical procedures: can our patients benefit while we learn?

Hasan, A.; Pozzi, M.; Hamilton, J.R., 2000:
New surgical procedures: can we minimise the learning curve?

Furmanov, I.A.; Savitskaia, I.M., 1996:
New surgical scalpels with zirconium dioxide base

Chow, T.K.; Bok, W.S., 1993:
New surgical splint for segmental maxillary osteotomies

Dubois, F., 2000:
New surgical strategy for gastroduodenal ulcer: laparoscopic approach

Yamamoto, O.; Oguchi, K.; Korematsu, M.; Hashimoto, M.; Hosoda, Y.; Mimura, T.; Ito, K., 1993:
New surgical strategy for secondary hyperparathyroidism

Ono, I.; Tateshita, T., 2000:
New surgical technique for macrostomia repair with two triangular flaps

Wilson, S.K.; Delk, J.R.; Henry, G.D.; Siegel, A.L., 2002:
New surgical technique for sphincter urinary control system using upper transverse scrotal incision

Stassen, L.F.; Kerawala, C.J., 2000:
New surgical technique for the correction of congenital muscular torticollis (wry neck)

Wang, Y.; Greenwald, R.M.; Dang, G., 1997:
New surgical technique for treatment of extraarticular knee ankylosis

Isu, T.; Minoshima, S.; Takeda, M.; Takebayashi, S.; Seki, T., 1996:
New surgical technique of anterior decompression for cervical disc disease: vertebral column autograft with the intervertebral disc after anterior cervical decompression

Amano, H.; Ohara, K.; Nie, M.; Miyoshi, Y.; Yoshimura, H., 2003:
New surgical technique of left ventricular free wall rupture: double patch sealing method

Ignjatović, M.; Cuk, V.; Zivotić-Vanović, M.; Minić, L., 1998:
New surgical technique of omental pedicle graft preparation for omentomyelopexy

de Mol, B.A., 2001:
New surgical techniques and informed consent--safety first

D.F.lippo, R.E.; Bauer, S.B., 2001:
New surgical techniques in pediatric urology

Stöckle, E., 1997:
New surgical techniques in soft tissue sarcoma

Alder, H.C.; Lewis, S.J., 1991:
New surgical techniques will improve outcomes, decrease costs

Schaff, H.V., 1997:
New surgical techniques: implications for the cardiac anesthesiologist: mini-thoracotomy for coronary revascularization without cardiopulmonary bypass

Pukander, J.; Aitasalo, K.; Mäkitie, A., 2001:
New surgical therapies for cancer of head and neck area

Anonymous, 1997:
New surgical tools for minimally invasive heart surgery

Beyersdorf, F.; Sarai, K.; Mitrev, Z.; Eckel, L.; Ihnken, K.; Satter, P., 1994:
New surgical treatment for severe limb ischemia

Lopatkin, N.A.; Zhitnikova, L.H.; Berestennikov, K.A., 2001:
New surgical treatment of late-stage neuromuscular ureteral dysplasia

Garrido, M.J.; Oz, M.C., 2002:
New surgical treatments for heart failure

York, J.; Glaser, B.; Murphy, R., 2002:
New surgical treatments for macular degeneration

Anonymous, 2002:
New surgical wing for Monaghan General. Modular facility precisely meets requirements

Patel, D.D.; Haynes, B.F., 1998:
New surrogate markers for autoimmune disease activity

Anonymous, 1995:
New surveillance tool makes surveys easier

Anonymous, 1996:
New survey explores effects of induced abortion on breast cancer risk

Westley, S.B., 1995:
New survey finds fertility decline in India

Anonymous, 2000:
New survey measures diabetes satisfaction

Anonymous, 1986:
New survey of healthcare consumers finds market competition focused on consumers ineffective; doctor allegiance is low

Affeldt, J.E., 1983:
New survey procedures to increase flexibility of appeals process

Grimaldi, P.L., 1992:
New survey process expands sanctions. HCFA proposes more enforcement remedies and broader disclosure requirements for nursing facilities

Foltz-Gray, D., 1996:
New survey process rocks Michigan facility

Terry, K., 1996:
New survey results. Managed-care participation--and income--keep rising

Anonymous, 2002:
New survey reveals potential for medication errors

Anonymous, 1997:
New survey reveals rise in savvy equipment buyers

Anonymous, 1978:
New survey shows how and what associations publish

Miller, P., 1998:
New survey shows rift between health executives and radiologists

Momoki, T.Soga., 2018:
Analysis of HPeV genotype in Yokohama district from 2000-2016

Kubacki, R.T., 1989:
New survey technique medication pass observation

Anonymous, 1995:
New surveys seek to measure managed care quality

Dennis, M.; Spiegler, B.J.; Hetherington, R., 2000:
New survivors for the new millennium: cognitive risk and reserve in adults with childhood brain insults

Craddock, N.; Lendon, C., 1998:
New susceptibility gene for Alzheimer's disease on chromosome 12?

Anonymous, 1999:
New suspected child abuse and neglect program (SCAN) unveiled

Bocca, M.; Coscia, D.; Bottalico, L.; Delpiano, I.M., 2000:
New suture techniques in oral surgery. Description and comparison with traditional sutures

Ikeda, Y.; Koyanagi, N.; Ezaki, T.; Toyomasu, T.; Sue, K.; Minagawa, S.; Sugimachi, K., 1997:
New suturing device for transanal endoscopic microsurgery

Wallerstein, C., 2000:
New sweet potato could help combat blindness in Africa

Adgent, A., 1980:
New switchboard at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Luty; March-Russell; Murayama, 1995:
New symmetries of supersymmetric effective Lagrangians

Gürses, 1993:
New symmetries of the vacuum Einstein equations

Hata; Nojiri, 1987:
New symmetry in covariant open-string field theory

Burglin; Dudek; Heydon; El-Aouad; Rowley; Satula; Szymanski, 1995:
New symmetry in many-body effective Hamiltonians: An example of rotating nuclei

Hasnain, S.S.; Kamitsubo, H.; Mills, D.M., 2001:
New synchrotron radiation sources and the next-generation light sources

van der Knaap, M.S.; Naidu, S.; Pouwels, P.J.W.; Bonavita, S.; van Coster, R.; Lagae, L.; Sperner, Jürgen.; Surtees, R.; Schiffmann, R.; Valk, J., 2002:
New syndrome characterized by hypomyelination with atrophy of the basal ganglia and cerebellum

Courtens, W.; Perlmutter, N.; Dan, B.; Vamos, E., 1997:
New syndrome or severe expression of Gordon syndrome? A case report

Newbury-Ecob, R.A.; McKeever, P.A.; Gosden, C.; Young, I.D., 1993:
New syndrome with features overlapping the Baller-Gerold and Roberts syndromes

Ehara, H.; Kurimasa, A.; Ohno, K.; Takeshita, K., 1998:
New syndrome with the Sakoda complex, bilateral anophthalmia, and cortical dysgenesis

Holmes, L.B.; Schoene, W.C.; Benacerraf, B.R., 1997:
New syndrome: brain malformation, growth retardation, hypokinesia and polyhydramnios in two brothers

Verloes, A.; Lesenfants, S., 2001:
New syndrome: clavicle hypoplasia, facial dysmorphism, severe myopia, single central incisor and peripheral neuropathy

Jampol, M.; Repetto, G.; Keith, D.A.; Curtin, H.; Remensynder, J.; Holmes, L.B., 1998:
New syndrome? Prominent, constricted ears with malformed condyle of the mandible

Balci, S.; Bostanoğlu, S.; Altinok, G.; Ozaltin, F., 2000:
New syndrome?: Three sibs diagnosed prenatally with situs inversus totalis, renal and pancreatic dysplasia, and cysts

Mubashir, M.A.; Sabry, M.A.; Farah, S.; Haseeb, N.; Quasrawi, B.; al-Busairi, W.; al-Dabbous, R.; al-Awadi, S.A.; Farag, T.I., 1999:
New syndromic entity of situs inversus totalis

Coscarón, S.; Miranda-Esquivel, D.R., 1998:
New synonymy to Simulium (Inaequalium) inaequale (Paterson & Shannon, 1927)

Zard, S.Z., 2002:
New syntheses of alkynes: a tale of serendipity and design

Jacobi, P.A.; DeSimone, R.W.; Ghosh, I.; Guo, J.; Leung, S.H.; Pippin, D. , 2000:
New syntheses of the C,D-ring pyrromethenones of phytochrome and phycocyanin

Nakamura, Y.; Mori, K., 2000:
New syntheses of the rice moth and stink bug pheromones by employing (2R, 6S)-7-acetoxy-2,6-dimethyl-1-heptanol as a building block

Ryabov, A.D.; Sukharev, V.S.; Alexandrova, L.; L.L.gadec, R.; Pfeffer, M., 2001:
New synthesis and new bio-application of cyclometalated ruthenium(II) complexes for fast mediated electron transfer with peroxidase and glucose oxidase

Velea, D.; Hautefeuille, M.; Vazeille, G.; Lantran-Davoux, C., 1999:
New synthesis empathogenic agents

Pope, S.A.; Burtin, G.E.; Clayton, P.T.; Madge, D.J.; Muller, D.P., 2001:
New synthesis of (+/-)-alpha-CMBHC and its confirmation as a metabolite of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E)

Dharmaratne, H.R.; Shackleton, C.; Roitman, E.; Caspi, E., 1993:
New synthesis of 2 beta-hydroxy-19-oxoandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione and its 2 beta-18O analog

Rao, P.N.; Wang, Z., 1997:
New synthesis of delta 6-estrogens

Ferbinteanu, M.; Roesky, H.W.; Cimpoesu, F.; Atanasov, M.; Köpke, S.; Herbst-Irmer, R., 2001:
New synthetic and structural aspects in the chemistry of alkylaluminum fluorides. The mutual influence of hard and soft ligands and the hybridization as rigorous structural criterion

Zhang, F.J.; Cortez, C.; Harvey, R.G., 2000:
New synthetic approaches to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their carcinogenic oxidized metabolites: derivatives of benzo[s]picene, benzo[rst]pentaphene, and dibenzo[b,def]chrysene

Swan, H., 1994:
New synthetic buffer compositions need evaluation

Schnabelrauch, M.; Wittmann, S.; Rahn, K.; Möllmann, U.; Reissbrodt, R.; Heinisch, L., 2001:
New synthetic catecholate-type siderophores based on amino acids and dipeptides

King, L.A.; Poortman Van-Der Meer, A.J., 2001:
New synthetic drugs in the European Union

Klar, U.; Graf, H.; Schenk, O.; Röhr, B.; Schulz, H., 1999:
New synthetic inhibitors of microtubule depolymerization

Chew, M.; Lim, T.C.; Lim, J.; Tan, W.T., 1998:
New synthetic orbital implant for orbital floor repair

Rinke, K.; Grünert, R.; Bednarski, P.J., 2001:
New synthetic route to [bis-1,2-(aminomethyl)benzene]dichloroplatinum(II) complexes, screening for cytotoxic activity in cisplatin-sensitive and resistant human cancer cell lines, and reaction with glutathione

Koike, K.; Tanabe, J.; Toyama, S.; Tsubaki, H.; Sakamoto, K.; Westwell, J.R.; Johnson, F.P.; Hori, H.; Saitoh, H.; Ishitani, O., 2001:
New synthetic routes to biscarbonylbipyridinerhenium(I) complexes cis,trans-[Re(X2bpy)(CO)2(PR3)(Y)n+ (X2bpy = 4,4'-X2-2,2'-bipyridine) via photochemical ligand substitution reactions, and their photophysical and electrochemical properties

Hevia, E.; Pérez, J.; Riera, Víctor.; Miguel, D.; Kassel, S.; Rheingold, A., 2002:
New synthetic routes to cationic rhenium tricarbonyl bipyridine complexes with labile ligands

Semple, J.E.; Owens, T.D.; Nguyen, K.; Levy, O.E., 2000:
New synthetic technology for efficient construction of alpha-hydroxy-beta-amino amides via the Passerini reaction

Nicolaou, K.C.; Baran, P.S.; Zhong, Y.L.; Choi, H.S.; Fong, K.C.; He, Y.; Yoon, W.H., 2000:
New synthetic technology for the synthesis of hindered alpha-diazoketones via acyl mesylates

Lu, P.P.; Hindsgaul, O.; Compston, C.A.; Palcic, M.M., 1996:
New synthetic trisaccharide inhibitors for N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase-V

Buchmeiser, M.R., 2001:
New synthetic ways for the preparation of high-performance liquid chromatography supports

Richard, A.J.; Mosier, V.; Atkinson, J.S., 2002:
New syringe acquisition and multi-person use of syringes among illegal drug users

Chaffer, D., 1997:
New system

Anonymous, 1982:
New system at DMC for spinal patients

Anonymous, 1999:
New system brings all hospital databases to ED

Dalton, T.J., 1976:
New system devised to control hospital's rising supply costs

Carnall, D., 2000:
New system for GP recruitment

Anonymous, 1995:
New system for Mental Health Act in operation at Ngawhatu

Burakovskiĭ, V.I.; Lishchuk, V.A.; Gazizova, D.Sh., 1993:
New system for diagnosing acute circulatory disorders and assessing drug choice and dosage

Hu, Q.; Mahler, F., 1999:
New system for image analysis in nailfold capillaroscopy

Anonymous, 1998:
New system for seafood safety

Svensson, P.J.; Follrud, C.; Thulin, L.; Berntorp, E., 1999:
New system for testing mechanical heart valves. Self-monitoring at home of anti-vitamin K therapy means greater freedom for the patient

Anonymous, 1998:
New system for wheelchair users

Anonymous, 1984:
New system helps control quality and cost of medical care

Anonymous, 1997:
New system makes charting outcomes easier

de Lafuente, D., 1993:
New system now law in Wash

Mundim, H.P.; Cardeal, J.O.; Campos, C.J., 1999:
New system of ambulatory EEG monitoring: analysis and classification of epileptic discharges in 100 patients

Anonymous, 2000:
New system protects staff from pathogens

Moore, T., 1988:
New system unravels waiting lists riddles

Goldsmith, F.J., 1976:
New systems being sought for organizing health services. Where does environmental health fit?

Magerlein, D.B.; Hancock, W.M.; Butler, F.W.; Mallet, G.M.; Young, D.R., 1978:
New systems can mean real savings. Part 1. effect of contemporary admissions scheduling

Magerlein, D.B.; Hancock, W.M.; Butler, F.W.; Mallet, G.M.; Young, D.R., 1978:
New systems can mean real savings. Part 2: Preadmission testing, concurrent review and outpatient surgery

Slimowitz, R., 2001:
New systems for preventing errors involving antineoplastic agents

Anonymous, 1987:
New systems in Reno plant cut linen costs

Della Bella, P., 1998:
New systems of cardiac mapping or life to the electrophysiologist may become complicated

Bobrovnik, S.A., 2000:
New systems of coordinates in the study of ligand-receptor interaction

Herrero Vanrell, R., 2001:
New systems of drug administration through a topical ocular administration approach

D.Hoff, J.B., 1993:
New systems of health protection

Okladnova, O.V.; Kufittig, S., 1994:
New systems of locus-specific instability in Drosophila melanogaster, not dependent on P-M hybrid dysgenesis

Johnson, R.L., 1981:
New systems taking over as field's keystone

Hoyer, D.; Kaplan, D.; Palus, M.; Pompe, B.; Seidel, H., 1998:
New systems--analytical approaches to nonlinear coordination

Harvey, C., 1994:
New systems: the restructuring of cancer care delivery and economics

Anonymous, 2000:
New table for assessing coronary risk has high specificity and sensitivity

Wagner, L., 1993:
New tack tried to gain ER renovation funds

Ledger, W.J., 1978:
New tactics increase ob/gyn infections

Semenov, S.V., 1994:
New tactics of WHO on health and environment

Ma, E-Pu.; Liu, X-Zhen.; Han, Y.; Liu, M-Dong.; Ren, S-Ping.; Liu, A.; Jin, P.; Bu, F-Rong.; Wu, Z-Ze., 2003:
New tactics of human red blood cells stored at 4 degrees C-protective effect of antioxidant solution on red blood cells damage

Levenson, D., 2002:
New tactics shorten hospital stays for prostate patients

Ohtsuka, T.; Furuse, A.; Kohno, T.; Nakajima, J.; Yagyu, K.; Omata, S., 1997:
New tactile sensor techniques for localization of pulmonary nodules

Sutton, A.E.; Seigal, B.A.; Finnegan, D.F.; Snapper, M.L., 2002:
New tandem catalysis: preparation of cyclic enol ethers through a ruthenium-catalyzed ring-closing metathesis-olefin isomerization sequence

Andes, C.; Harkins, S.B.; Murtuza, S.; Oyler, K.; Sen, A., 2001:
New tantalum-based catalyst system for the selective trimerization of ethene to 1-hexene

Anonymous, 2001:
New target group for HIV prevention

Iwarson, S., 1998:
New target groups for vaccination against hepatitis A: homosexual men, addicts and persons with chronic liver disease

Tura, S.; Zinzani, P.L., 1994:
New target of chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment

Kwon, H.Y.; Cho, N.H.; Koh, K.S.; Moon, H.S., 1977:
New target setting for the family planning program during the fourth and fifth five-year period (1976-1986)

Dufva, I.H.; Birgens, H., 2001:
New target-aimed molecular cancer treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Hill, M.N., 1998:
New targeted AHA research program: Cardiovascular Care and Outcomes

Bunn, P.A., 2002:
New targeted therapies for lung cancer: expectations and reality

Walsh, T.J.; Viviani, M.A.; Arathoon, E.; Chiou, C.; Ghannoum, M.; Groll, A.H.; Odds, F.C., 2001:
New targets and delivery systems for antifungal therapy

Szekeres, T.; Novotny, L., 2002:
New targets and drugs in cancer chemotherapy

Huff, B., 2002:
New targets bring new challenges

Pestell, K., 2001:
New targets for Crohn's disease

Rehfeld, J.F., 1993:
New targets for anti-ulcer agents?

Arbuck, S.G.; Dancey, J.; Pluda, J.M.; Grochow, L.; Murgo, A.J.; Ivy, P.; Wright, J.; Blaylock, B.; Via, L.E.; Sausville, E.A., 2001:
New targets for cancer chemotherapy

Coombes, R.C., 1993:
New targets for cancer therapy

Givertz, M.M.; Colucci, W.S., 1998:
New targets for heart-failure therapy: endothelin, inflammatory cytokines, and oxidative stress

Brousseau, M.E.; Schaefer, E.J., 2002:
New targets for medical treatment of lipid disorders

Ruiz van Haperen, V.W.; Peters, G.J., 1994:
New targets for pyrimidine antimetabolites for the treatment of solid tumours. 2: Deoxycytidine kinase

Canepari, P.; Fontana, R.; Satta, G., 1991:
New targets for the mechanism of action of antibiotics active against gram-positive cocci

Bradbury, J., 2002:
New targets identified for preventing cognitive decline after cranial irradiation

Solignac, M., 2001 :
New targets in the treatment of lung cancer. Role of EGF-R tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Yin, L-Lan.; Wang, Y-Qun., 2002:
New targets of anticancer drugs and their pathways

Arvieux, J.; Darnige, L.; Sarrot-Reynauld, F., 1997:
New targets of antiphospholipid antibodies

Watanabe, N., 1998:
New targets of rho GTPases, mDia and Bnilp, and formin homology protein family

Dyer, O., 1996:
New targets set for cervical screening

Robert, J., 2000:
New targets, new drugs

Goddet, B., 2002:
New tariffs, reform or revolution?

Zbiba, H.; Farah, H.; Brahim, R., 1993:
New tarsotomy technique in the treatment of post trachomatous trichiasis: 3000 case reports

Kuntz, E.F., 1981:
New tax act incentives boost leasing's appeal

Ealey, T., 1982:
New tax equity act mixes good with bad

Hopkins, B., 1978:
New tax law carries seeds of destruction for charity

Colman, T.W., 1986 :
New tax law favors office condominiums

Bowen, D., 1993:
New tax law highlights. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993

Goldblatt, S.J., 1982:
New tax law hobbles tax-exempt hospitals

Meadors, G.M., 2002:
New tax law makes qualified retirement plans more attractive

McClure, R.C., 1984:
New tax law may discourage some donations, but foundations better off

Flanagan, E.M., 1988:
New tax law means changes for home health industry

Burda, D., 1996:
New tax law opens books of not-for-profits

Weber, R.D., 2001:
New tax law: estate and gift taxes

Grass, A.B., 1990:
New tax rules for health plans

Goldberg, M.A., 1994:
New tax traps in buy-sell agreement

Yanish, D.L., 1980:
New tax-exempt bond program cuts interest cost for hospital equipment

Lavelle, Fçois., 2002:
New taxanes and epothilone derivatives in clinical trials

Ojima, I.; Bounaud, P.Y.; Takeuchi, C.; Pera, P.; Bernacki, R.J., 1999:
New taxanes as highly efficient reversal agents for multidrug resistance in cancer cells

Landry, V.L., 1999:
New teaching tool for biostatistics

Anonymous, 1997:
New team system speeds billing time

García-Valdecasas, J.C., 1995:
New technical aspects in liver transplantation. The preservation of the vena cava of the recipient

Vollert, K., 1999:
New technical aspects of B-image ultrasound

Riederer, S.J.; Jack, C.R.; Grimm, R.C.; Rydberg, J.N.; Slavin, G.S., 1995:
New technical developments in magnetic resonance imaging of epilepsy

Grasso, M.; Lania, C.; Castelli, M.; Rigatti, P., 1994:
New technical expedient for epididymovasostomy

Lavergne, T.; Sebag, C.; Ollitrault, J.; Emery, Y.H.; Piot, O.; L.H.uzey, J.Y.; Guize, L., 2000:
New technics of cartography for radiofrequency ablation

Faden, H.; Heimerl, M.; Goodman, G.; Winkelstein, P.; Varma, C., 2002:
New technique (the NOW test) for rapid detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae in the nasopharynx

Dubrovskií, A.K.; Ivlev, V.A., 1997:
New technique and methods of combined hemosorption

Watanabe, T.; Yagi, Y.; Shiikawa, A.; Nakano, H.; Hayashi, K.; Endo, M.; Koyanagi, H., 1989:
New technique and the problems of cryosurgical ablation of accessory atrioventricular pathways via epicardial approach

Anonymous, 1998:
New technique blocks the pain of breast surgery

Odrich, S., 2000:
New technique during complex tube-shunt implantation

Siebenrock, K.A.; Gautier, E.; Matta, J.M.; Mehne, D.; Ganz, R., 1996:
New technique for a hip arthrodesis using an anterior approach and a ventral plate

Silverman, W.; Slivka, A., 1996:
New technique for bilateral metal mesh stent insertion to treat hilar cholangiocarcinoma

el-Bokle, D.; Smith, S.J.; Germane, N.; Sharawy, M., 1993:
New technique for creating permanent experimental alveolar clefts in a rabbit model

Martini, M.A.; Hellinger, M.D., 1995:
New technique for creation of stapled ileal J-pouch

Townsend, V.R.; Hazelton, S.R.; Felgenhauer, B.E.; Spring, J.H., 2000:
New technique for examining invertebrate membranes using high resolution scanning electron microscopy

Agarwal, R.; Shah, D.; Mathew, S., 1995:
New technique for exchanging an "over-the-wire" balloon dilatation catheter

Ozmen, M.Mahir.; Coskun, F., 2002:
New technique for finding the ruptured bile duct into the liver cysts: scope in the cave technique

Romanowska, B.; Kukiełczak, B.; Bryk, J.; Mirkiewicz-Sieradzka, B.; Heitzmann, J.; Lukiewicz, S., 1995:
New technique for implanting Bomirski melanoma into the anterior chamber of Syrian hamster eyes

Gundlach; Adelberger; Heckel; Swanson, 1996:
New technique for measuring Newton's constant G

Hofstetter, W.L.; Vukasin, P.; Ortega, A.E.; Anthone, G.; Beart, R.W., 1998:
New technique for mesh repair of paracolostomy hernias

Menon; Allen, 1986:
New technique for molecular-dynamics computer simulations: Hellmann-Feynman theorem and subspace Hamiltonian approach

Adham, M.N., 2002:
New technique for nasal tip cartilage graft in primary rhinoplasty

Guerra, A.Benjamin.; Khoobehi, K.; Metzinger, S.Eric.; Allen, R.Johnson., 2003:
New technique for nipple areola reconstruction: arrow flap and rib cartilage graft for long-lasting nipple projection

Lombezzi, R.; Galleano, R.; Lucarini, L.; Falchero, F., 2002:
New technique for optical control of the first trocar insertion

Hanania, M., 1997:
New technique for piriformis muscle injection using a nerve stimulator

von Flüe, M.; Harder, F., 1994:
New technique for pouch-anal reconstruction after total mesorectal excision

Logemann, T.N.; Murdock, D.K.; Engelmeier, R.S.; Hoffmann, M.T.; Olson, K.J.; Kuester, S.L., 1997 :
New technique for prepping the Johnson & Johnson stent delivery system

Ohkohchi, N.; Itagaki, H.; Doi, H.; Taguchi, Y.; Satomi, S.; Satoh, S., 2000:
New technique for producing hybridoma by using laser radiation

Brawer, M.K.; Defalco, A.J., 1993:
New technique for repair of rectal injury

Tascón Pérez, J.C.; Delgado Jiménez, J.F.; Gomez Pajuelo, C.; Albarran Gonzalez, A.; Llovet Verdugo, A.; Kabbani, Z.; Dussac, J.A., 1993:
New technique for right heart catheterization using a Mullins' sheath

Schoeller, T.; Wechselberger, G.; Otto, A.; Rainer, C.; Schwabegger, A.; Lille, S.; Ninković, M., 1998:
New technique for scarless umbilical reinsertion in abdominoplasty procedures

Lirici, M.M.; Buess, G.; Melzer, A.; Weinreich, S.; Wehrmann, M.; Becker, H.D., 1993:
New technique for sigmoid colectomy

Wahid, S.R., 1993:
New technique for starting i.v. lines (Wahid's maneuver)

Abdelmeguid, A.E., 1997:
New technique for stent jail: another niche for the rotablator

Tantawy, H.S., 1996:
New technique for subcuticular suture in lengthy wounds

Rommerdale, E., 1995:
New technique for surface flattening in facial reconstruction

Bartha, I.; Damjanovich, L.; Kósa, C.; Nèmeth, A., 2001 :
New technique for surgical treatment of enterovaginal fistula

Iwasaki, A.; Hiratsuka, M.; Kawahara, K.; Shirakusa, T., 2001:
New technique for the cystic mediastinal tumor by video-assisted thoracoscopy

Révész, T.; Bierings, M.; Rademaker, C., 1999:
New technique for the intrathecal administration of chemotherapeutic agents

Minami, K.; Bonkohara, Y.; Arusoglu, L.; El-Banayosy, A.; Körfer, R., 1999:
New technique for the outflow cannulation of right ventricular assist device

Leopold, D., 1994:
New technique for the sterile introduction of flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopes

Kmietowicz, Z., 2000:
New technique helps to assess vegetative state

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New technique in anastomotic surgery--experimental and preliminary clinical experience

Bateman, C., 2002:
New technique in ear reconstruction

Frullini, A., 2000:
New technique in producing sclerosing foam in a disposable syringe

Ferreira; D.S.queira ML, 1986:
New technique in the calculation of defects in solids by molecular methods: Pure and Cu-doped ZnS

Butcher, J., 2001:
New technique may lead to a test for abnormal prion protein

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New technique of experimental partial liver transplantation: hemodynamic study during surgery

de Petriconi, R.C.; Gschwendt, J.; Hautmann, R.E., 1995:
New technique of hypothermic renal protection in surgery for tumor of the solitary kidney

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New technique of laparoscopic-assisted excision of a cholecystocolic fistula: report of a case

Kawamura, A.; Saitoh, M.; Yonekawa, M.; Horie, T.; Ohizumi, H.; Tamaki, T.; Kukita, K.; Meguro, J., 1999:
New technique of leukocytapheresis by the use of nonwoven polyester fiber filter for inflammatory bowel disease

Claris, O.; Salle, B.L.; Lapillonne, A.; Ronin, E.; Picaud, J.C.; Besnier, S., 1996:
New technique of nasal continuous positive pressure in neonatology

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New technique of non-conduit repair for type III transposition of the great arteries: differences from Lecompte procedure and how to do it

Sarifakioğlu, N.; Aslan, Gürcan.; TerzIoğlu, A.; Ateş, L., 2002:
New technique of one-stage reconstruction of a large full-thickness defect in the upper lip: bilateral reverse composite nasolabial flap

Ahmad, A.; Quayle, A.R., 1993:
New technique of open laparoscopy

Cardenas Restrepo, J.Carlos.; Munoz Ahmed, J.Alberto., 2002:
New technique of plication for miniabdominoplasty

Izumoto, H.; Kiyoyuki, E.; Ohuchi, S.; Kawazoe, K., 2000:
New technique of posterior mitral annuloplasty

Shukla, N.K.; Deo, S.V.; Kar, M., 2001:
New technique of reconstruction following hemimandibulectomy using titanium plate

Barinaga, M., 1993:
New technique offers a window on bacteria's secret weapons

Edwards, M.; Twin, J.; Wilkinson, S., 2002:
New technique to assess the axilla for breast cancer metastases using cell separation technology

Soderman, M., 1996:
New technique to confirm placement in the epidural space

Azar, D.T., 1994:
New technique to correct strabismus and diplopia

Spain, T.L.; Agrawal, C.M.; Athanasiou, K.A., 1999:
New technique to extend the useful life of a biodegradable cartilage implant

Chapman, M.A.; Grahn, M.F.; Giamundo, P.; O'Connell, P.R.; Onwu, D.; Hutton, M.; Maudsley, J.; Norton, B.; Rogers, J.; Williams, N.S., 1993:
New technique to measure mucosal metabolism and its use to map substrate utilization in the healthy human large bowel

Fitzpatrick, M., 1999:
New technique treats male infertility

Kitagawa, M.; Sugiura, K.; Omi, H.; Akiyama, Y.; Kanayama, K.; Shinya, M.; Tanaka, T.; Yura, H.; Sago, H., 2002:
New technique using galactose-specific lectin for isolation of fetal cells from maternal blood

Kuroiwa, M.; Tsukamoto, Y.; Naitoh, Y.; Hirooka, Y.; Furukawa, T.; Katou, T., 1994:
New technique using intraductal ultrasonography for the diagnosis of bile duct cancer

Genicot, J.L.; Alzetta, J.P., 1997:
New technique using room temperature diodes for the direct assessment of internal contamination by low energy gamma-ray emitters

Dalvi, B.; Goyal, V.; Narula, D.; Kulkarni, H.; Ramakantan, R., 1997:
New technique using temporary balloon occlusion for transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus with Gianturco coils

Guérot, F., 1994:
New technique; new organization

Brown, R.H.; Zerhouni, E., 1998:
New techniques and developments in physiologic imaging of airways

Fine, I.H.; Lewis, J.S., 1995:
New techniques and instruments for lens implantation

Yasujima, M., 2001:
New techniques and laboratory examinations in the detection and evaluation of hypertension

Bidart, J.M.; Assicot, M., 2001:
New techniques and methods in oncological biology: forward to molecular biopathology

Pocard, M.; Elias, D., 2001:
New techniques and methods in the surgery of digestive cancers

Carrie, C.; Ginestet, C., 2001:
New techniques and methods in transcutaneous radiotherapy

Labrèze, L., 2001:
New techniques and methods of means of communication in oncology

Petsch, R.; Helmberger, T.; Scheidler, J.; Reiser, M., 1999:
New techniques and pulse sequences in MRI of the liver

McCann, J., 1997:
New techniques catch lung cancers earlier

Berland, L.; Westbrook, P., 2001:
New techniques create a new smile

Scott, L., 1995:
New techniques deployed against infertility

Köstler, W.; Strohm, P.C.; Südkamp, N.P., 2002:
New techniques for bone synthesis on the humerus

Koch, P.S., 1995:
New techniques for cataract surgery

Carpentier, P.H., 1999:
New techniques for clinical assessment of the peripheral microcirculation

Hirsch, F.R.; Hansen, H.H., 2001:
New techniques for early diagnosis of lung cancer

Turlington, J.Z.; Higgins, W.E., 2001:
New techniques for efficient sliding thin-slab volume visualization

McIvor, M.E.; Rosenthal, A.D.; Lawson, J., 1993:
New techniques for guiding catheter management during directional coronary atherectomy

Beal, M.F., 1997:
New techniques for investigating mitochondrial DNA in neurodegenerative diseases

Ariño-Irujo, J.J.; Perucho-González, A.; López-Timoneda, F., 1997:
New techniques for laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation

Sra, J.; Thomas, J.M., 2002:
New techniques for mapping cardiac arrhythmias

Quirós, E.; González, I., 1993:
New techniques for nucleic acid amplification

Loennechen, T.; Lysaa, R.Andre.; Giverhaug, T.; Sylte, I.; Mathiesen, L-Eirik.; Aarbakke, J., 2002:
New techniques for optimization of thiopurine therapy in leukemia and transplantation

Xapsos, M.A.; Summers, G.P.; Shapiro, P.; Burke, E.A., 1996:
New techniques for predicting solar proton fluences for radiation effects applications

Flanders, D.H., 1996:
New techniques for removing separated root canal instruments

Nystrand, A., 1997:
New techniques for retinal surgery. Cell transplantation, a future therapeutic method?

Reed, C.E.; Eloubeidi, M.A., 2002:
New techniques for staging esophageal cancer

Patel, A.; Fuchs, G.J., 1997:
New techniques for the administration of topical adjuvant therapy after endoscopic ablation of upper urinary tract transitional cell carcinoma

Tack, J.; Sifrim, D., 2001:
New techniques for the detection of gastro-oesophageal reflux

Vinik, A.I., 2001:
New techniques for the evaluation of diabetic neuropathies

El-Shafei, A.; Kern, M.J., 2002:
New techniques for the evaluation of the vulnerable plaque

Meissner, A.; Sorensen, O.W., 2000:
New techniques for the measurement of C'N and C'H(N) J coupling constants across hydrogen bonds in proteins

Voigt, J.U.; von Bibra, H.; Daniel, W.G., 2000:
New techniques for the quantification of myocardial function: acoustic quantification, color kinesis, tissue Doppler and "strain rate imaging"

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New techniques for understanding Huntington's disease

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New techniques in MR imaging of brain tumors

Bollaert, P.E., 2001:
New techniques in artificial ventilation

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New techniques in burn wound management

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New techniques in chest radiography

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New techniques in childbirth assistance. Experience and results of theoretical and practical training

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New techniques in cytology: liquid milieu and thin slides

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New techniques in endoscopy: rubber band ligation of esophageal varices

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New techniques in gastroenterologic endoscopy

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New techniques in glaucoma surgery

Cella, L.; Lomax, A.; Miralbell, R., 2002:
New techniques in hadrontherapy: intensity modulated proton beams

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New techniques in heart surgery

Rüedi, T.P.; Sommer, C.; Leutenegger, A., 1998:
New techniques in indirect reduction of long bone fractures

Pavlides, G.S., 1998:
New techniques in interventional cardiology

Alio, J.L.; Shah, S.; Barraquer, C.; Bilgihan, K.; Anwar, M.; Melles, G.R.J., 2002:
New techniques in lamellar keratoplasty

Eastwood, J.D.; Hudgins, P.A., 1999:
New techniques in magnetic resonance imaging

Roser, M.; Cornelius, C.P.; Topka, H., 1998:
New techniques in maxillofacial surgery: local injection treatment with botulinum toxin A

Vaezi, M.F.; Shay, S.S., 2001:
New techniques in measuring nonacidic esophageal reflux

Perlmutter, J.S., 1993:
New techniques in neuroimaging: when are pretty pictures clinically useful?

Haase, J., 1998:
New techniques in neurosurgery

Rübeling, G., 1999:
New techniques in spark erosion: the solution to an accurately fitting screw-retained implant restoration

Anonymous, 1986:
New techniques in the field of human fertilization and embryology

DesRosiers, P.M.; Cardenes, H.; Woodburn, R.; Randall, M.E., 1998:
New techniques in the radiotherapeutic treatment of gynecological malignancies

Capderou, A., 1999:
New techniques in the study of pulmonary circulation

Mondello, E.; Montanini, S., 2002:
New techniques in training and education: simulator-based approaches to anesthesia and intensive care

Krettek, C.; Tscherne, H., 1997:
New techniques in trauma surgery

Webb, L.X., 2002:
New techniques in wound management: vacuum-assisted wound closure

Patterson, P., 1994:
New techniques needed as CFCs are taken off market

Cheng, T.Q.; He, X.J.; Huan, J.H.; Lin, C.Z.; Huang, D.B., 1993:
New techniques of cultivating Ganoderma lucidum (W. Curt.:Fr)Karst.,Rev. with woodlog

Ma, Y.; Liu, Y., 1996:
New techniques of mechanical ventilation: liquid ventilation and partial liquid ventilation

Gérard, J.P.; Romestaing, P.; Ardiet, J.M.; Marquis, I.; Rocher, F.; Sentenac, I., 1993:
New techniques of radiotherapy. Intraoperative radiotherapy. High dose rate brachytherapy

Ziegler, J., 1996:
New techniques promise improved breast imaging

Morris, J.L.; Jones, L.J., 1994:
New techniques to establish the subtalar joint's functional axis

Alfonso, I.; Papazian, O.; Dunoyer, C.; Yaylali, I., 2002:
New techniques used to monitor cerebral function in the newborn

Kauko, M., 1998:
New techniques using the ultrasonic scalpel in laparoscopic hysterectomy

Corallo, G., 2002:
New techniques: blue/yellow perimetry--HRP(10')

Brusini, P., 2002:
New techniques: frequency doubling technology perimetry, objective perimetry and flicker and motion perimetry

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New technological capacities of the 3d millennium mammography. Proceedings of ECR-2000, Vienna, March 4-10, 2000

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New technological developments in radiology: a challenge to preserving the specialty in Turkey

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New technological equipments and their economical impact in ambulatory care

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New technological means in medical diagnosis

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New technological solutions to the problem of repeat prescriptions

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New technologies affecting medical records: an overview

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New technologies altering cardiology

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New technologies and DNA resources for high throughput biology

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New technologies and genetics of type 1 diabetes

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New technologies and interventions in neonatology

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New technologies and methods in neurosurgery--ethical dilemmas

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New technologies and new iatrogenic damage

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New technologies and research in heart disease: a brief overview

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New technologies and techniques in the care of stomas

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New technologies and workers' health: mechanization of sugar cane harvesting

Fini, H., 1994:
New technologies assist neonatal care providers. Hospitals across US reap benefits of point-of-care testing

Anonymous, 1998:
New technologies breathe new life into the hospital communications equipment market

Gray, S.P., 1997:
New technologies emerge

Chin, J.L.; Pautler, S.E., 2002:
New technologies for ablation of small renal tumors: current status

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New technologies for amperometric biosensors

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New technologies for chemical genetics

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New technologies for diagnosing and monitoring glaucomatous optic neuropathy

Farr, C., 2003:
New technologies for interdisciplinary solutions

Lapekas, P., 1994:
New technologies for laboratory productivity

McCoy, R.W., 2002:
New technologies for lighter portable oxygen systems

Anonymous, 1995:
New technologies for quantifying HIV: amplification assays directly measure the virus at all stages of infection

Mitamura, Y., 2000:
New technologies for the 21st century

Williams, R.C.; Howell, T.H., 1993:
New technologies for the diagnosis of periodontal disease

Bandera, C.A.; Ye, B.; Mok, S.C., 2003:
New technologies for the identification of markers for early detection of ovarian cancer

Corash, L., 2000:
New technologies for the inactivation of infectious pathogens in cellular blood components and the development of platelet substitutes

Eliasson, T.; Wagrell, L., 2000:
New technologies for the surgical management of symptomatic benign prostatic enlargement: tolerability and morbidity of high energy transurethral microwave thermotherapy

Anonymous, 1987:
New technologies for your hospital to consider. A strategic planning and capital budgeting checklist

Anonymous, 1995:
New technologies greatly enhance capabilities of electronic tour systems

Vigouroux, M.A., 1999:
New technologies helping in the schooling of children

Anonymous, 1992:
New technologies improve CCTV (closed circuit television) performance in garages

Boyd, R.L.; Hochman, M.; Vanarsdall, R.L., 2002:
New technologies in adult orthodontics. Interview by Mark J. Friedman

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New technologies in diagnosing occupational asbestosis

Freed, J.H., 2000:
New technologies in electron spin resonance

Violaris, A.G.; Serruys, P.W., 1994:
New technologies in interventional cardiology

Cuschieri, A., 2001:
New technologies in laparoscopic surgery

Zajtchuk, R., 1999:
New technologies in medicine: biotechnology and nanotechnology

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New technologies in pediatric neurology. Near-infrared spectroscopy

Cortina Horts, H., 1997:
New technologies in pediatric thoracic pathology

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New technologies in stress echocardiography

Ste-Marie, F., 2000:
New technologies in teaching. For an approach to education which is selective and adapted to the nurses' needs

Ott, K.; Johnson, K.; Ahrens, T., 2001:
New technologies in the assessment of hemodynamic parameters

Mollenkopf, H.; Wahl, H.W.; Reichert, M., 2000:
New technologies in the daily lives of the elderly

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New technologies in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Sazhinov, G.Iu.; Kruglik, V.I.; Solomadina, L.V., 1996:
New technologies in the manufacture of prospective products for child nutrition

Van Ness, B., 2002:
New technologies in the myeloma gene mine

Lavrov, V.N., 2002 :
New technologies in the surgical treatment of tuberculous spondylitis

Trapeznikova, M.F.; Bazaev, V.V.; Mezentsev, V.A., 1996:
New technologies in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Wilson, H.K.; Monster, A.C., 2000:
New technologies in the use of exhaled breath analysis for biological monitoring

Barba, M.; Leyh, H.; Hartung, R., 2000:
New technologies in transurethral resection of the prostate

Picano, E., 1999:
New technologies in two-dimensional echocardiography: marketing gadget or clinical tool?

Vernon, R.B.; Gooden, M.D., 2003:
New technologies in vitro for analysis of cell movement on or within collagen gels

Murray, G.B., 1983:
New technologies media for fund raising are on the way

Ma, J-ping.; Wang, H-wen.; Guan, Y-feng., 2003:
New technologies of solid-phase microextraction

Roman, K.M., 1994:
New technologies present potential for new liability exposure

Canavan, K., 1996:
New technologies propel nursing profession forward: nursing informatics offers limitless opportunities

Vogt, C., 1993:
New technologies proving useful for breast cancer diagnosis

Anonymous, 1991:
New technologies raise concerns about protecting patient confidentiality

Montserrat, J.M.; Farré, R.; Navajas, D., 2002:
New technologies to detect static and dynamic upper airway obstruction during sleep

Kobak, K.A.; Greist, J.H.; Jefferson, J.W.; Katzelnick, D.J.; Mundt, J.C., 2001:
New technologies to improve clinical trials

Matsue, H.; Morita, A.; Matsue, K.; Takashima, A., 2000:
New technologies toward dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapies

Holzman, D., 1996:
New technologies yield insight into how cells go awry

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New technologies, standard setting and department policy in the system of the state sanitary-epidemiologic surveillance

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New technologies. Taming the tiger!

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New technologies: how can journals best serve their readers?

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New technologies: their implementation and the future

Novoa, J.C.; Novoa, J.C., 1997:
New technologies?

Lanza, D.C., 1996 :
New technology

Way, D., 1992:
New technology allows hospitals to roll with mother nature. Base isolation shows promise in search for earthquake safety

Anonymous, 1998:
New technology allows physicians to cleanse "bad" cholesterol from patient's blood without removing healthy elements

Goodspeed, N.B.; Sylvester, B.S., 1984:
New technology and economic incentives will spur the growth of dialysis at home

O'Connell, M.T.; Gordon, M.S., 1998:
New technology and medical education

Rice, M.J.; McDonald, R.W.; Li, X.; Shen, I.; Ungerleider, R.M.; Sahn, D.J., 2002:
New technology and methodologies for intraoperative, perioperative, and intraprocedural monitoring of surgical and catheter interventions for congenital heart disease

Cerutti, S.; Porta, A.; Baselli, G.; Lombardi, F., 1998:
New technology and methods for analysis of representation of signal variability in ventricular repolarization

Bergan, J.J., 1996:
New technology and recurrent varicose veins

Powell, B.J., 1992:
New technology and service in the admitting/healthcare environment

Abele, J.E., 1994:
New technology and the gastrointestinal endoscopist. A different perspective

Price, H.; White, J., 2001 :
New technology assists in meeting A.S.P.E.N. and A.S.H.P. safety guidelines to minimize total parenteral nutrition compounding errors

Hodnett, J., 1996:
New technology born of FISH

Anonymous, 1987:
New technology brief. Fetoscopy

Anonymous, 1987:
New technology brief. Plasmapheresis by secondary processing

Anonymous, 1987:
New technology brief. Short dialysis

Gardner, E.; Wagner, M., 1988:
New technology calling for switch in phone systems

Bex, M., 1984:
New technology communications network. Rx for planned obsolescence in older hospital communication networks

Gaskill, M., 1993:
New technology conserves energy, saves money

Schmitz, H.H.; Ura, S., 1985:
New technology considerations in system selection

Kast, J., 1985:
New technology eases access to books for handicapped patrons

O'Hehir, T., 1993:
New technology edges toward tools that stay sharp longer

Faure, P., 2002:
New technology enables high-speed, secure access for service

Anonymous, 2001:
New technology enhances surveillance, access control in parking lots

Patterson, P., 1992:
New technology expanding endoscopic surgery market

Stein, T., 1995:
New technology expands use of radiosurgery

Langberg, J., 1993:
New technology for catheter ablation of atrial arrhythmias

Wagner, M., 1989:
New technology for critically ill newborns needs solid planning

Chen, J.; Keltner, L.; Christophersen, J.; Zheng, F.; Krouse, M.; Singhal, A.; Wang, S-shi., 2002:
New technology for deep light distribution in tissue for phototherapy

Zenner, H.P., 1997:
New technology for endonasal paranasal sinus surgery

Fujimoto, J.G.; Bouma, B.; Tearney, G.J.; Boppart, S.A.; Pitris, C.; Southern, J.F.; Brezinski, M.E., 1998:
New technology for high-speed and high-resolution optical coherence tomography

Roth, J.A.; Henderson, L.M., 2001:
New technology for improved vaccine safety and efficacy

Haywood, R.M.; Perks, A.G., 2001 :
New technology for interactive teaching

Laycock, W.S.; Trus, T.L.; Hunter, J.G., 1996:
New technology for the division of short gastric vessels during laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. A prospective randomized trial

Woods, M.L., 1980:
New technology forces hospitals to recognize need for radiology nurse

Fontes, C.K.; Miles, P.C., 1993:
New technology goes to Taiwan. Perioperative nurses make international journey with new technology

Kenkel, P.J., 1992:
New technology helps companies, providers find best routes for marketing, expansion

Anonymous, 2001:
New technology helps data management

Anonymous, 2001:
New technology helps detect and treat tooth decay

Stafford, P., 1997:
New technology helps prevent fluid intravasation during operative hysteroscopy

Larkin, M., 2002:
New technology identifies bacteria in space

Dunton, C.J., 2000:
New technology in Papanicolaou smear processing

Abramov, S.S.; Avetisian, A.G.; Afanas'eva, O.Iu.; Bashkhadzhiev, N.Kh.; Klimkov, M.V.; Prokhorenko, S.V.; Chernyshov, K.A.; Shpaner, M.A.; Abramov, A.S., 2001:
New technology in craniofacial human identification

Carrillo, E.H.; Linker, R.W.; Richardson, J.D., 1998:
New technology in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pleural space

Kotlow, L.A., 1996:
New technology in pediatric dentistry

Skupchenko, V.V.; Miliudin, E.S., 1997:
New technology in plastic surgery

Marcos, S., 2002:
New technology in refractive and intraocular surgeries: toward an optimization of correction?

Reeve, L.; Rew, D.A., 1997:
New technology in the analytical cell sciences: the laser scanning cytometer

Marshall, B.G.; Shaw, R.J., 1996:
New technology in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Nelson, D.B., 2002:
New technology in the endoscopy center

Mark, J.B., 1997:
New technology in the treatment of an old disease

Matsuno, K.; Ishizuka, S., 1998:
New technology of automated blood cell differential counting

Gavrilenko, V.S., 1999:
New technology of medical service for patients with tuberculosis in outpatient facilities

Anonymous, 1998:
New technology offers 'real time' picture of patients' status

Rusting, R., 1978:
New technology offers hope to patients in renal failure

Zelingher, J., 1996:
New technology on the Internet

Anonymous, 1997:
New technology revamps telemetry unit, cuts costs

Larkin, M., 2001:
New technology to combat terrorism set for deployment

Densert, B.; Arlinger, S.; Odkvist, L.M., 2000:
New technology to control symptoms in Ménière's disease

Anonymous, 1999:
New technology tracks patients post treatment

Floyd, M.; Cornes, P.; Boeckenfoerde, G., 1993:
New technology training for people with disabilities in Great Britain

Persoon, T.; Schwabbauer, M., 1995:
New technology, Part 1. Introducing new technology into the clinical laboratory

Phillips, L., 1994:
New technology, old struggles plague vaccine developers

Zhang, Z.; Sun, H.; Chen, Y.; Cao, T.; Songyang, Z.; Huang, J.; Huang, Y., 2018:
Analysis of hpf1 expression and function in early embryonic development of zebrafish

Nylenna, M., 1999:
New technology--old habits

Kalis, D.J., 1989:
New technology: a dilemma for the pharmacy manager

Anonymous, 1999:
New technology: continuous-speech voice activated dictation

Anonymous, 1987:
New technology: lasers. Making national news

Anonymous, 2000:
New teen- and parent-friendly Web site: www.iwannaknow.org

Anonymous, 1982:
New teenage cancer wing

Marwick, C., 1993:
New telecommunications relay services, other communication advances, will aid disabled people

Narum, M., 1997:
New telemedicine law changing insurance reimbursement policies in California

Wagner, F.M.; Weber, A.; Park, J.W.; Schiemanck, S.; Tugtekin, S.M.; Gulielmos, V.; Schüler, S., 2000:
New telemetric system for daily pulmonary function surveillance of lung transplant recipients

Irie, K.; Kajiyama, S.; Okuno, S.; Kondo, M.; Koshimizu, K.; Hayashi, H.; Arai, M.; Nishino, H.; Iwashima, A., 1994:
New teleocidin-related metabolites, (-)-7-geranylindolactam V and blastmycetin F, from Streptoverticillium blastmyceticum

Noel, M.J., 1981:
New telephone options prove more efficient

Hutcheson, B., 1990:
New telephone system makes it easy

Minagi, S.; Natsuaki, N.; Nishigawa, G.; Sato, T., 1999:
New telescopic crown design for removable partial dentures

Ward, C.F., 1999:
New temperature monitoring guidelines: an observation and caveat

Prager, L.O., 2001:
New templates give labs an in with outcomes

Ohm, O.J.; Breivik, K.; Segadal, L.; Engedal, H., 1995:
New temporary atrial and ventricular pacing leads for patients after cardiac operations

Benda, E., 1977:
New tendencies in the development of fundamental rights in the Federal Republic of Germany

Fortson, 1987:
New term in atomic Zeeman energy

Bhagwagar, Z.M., 1994:
New terminology for ECT

Tovi, M., 1997:
New terminology for peripheral vascular malformations. A stringent classification is of advantage for the overall view

Arshinoff, S., 2000:
New terminology: ophthalmic viscosurgical devices

Anonymous, 1993:
New terms for the pharmaceutical price regulation scheme

Maatooq, G.T.; Gohar, A.A.; Hoffmann, J.J., 2002:
New terpenoids from Haplopappus multifolius

Johnston, O., 2002:
New territory. Interview by Derek Hand

Barinaga, M., 1993:
New test catches drug-resistant TB in the spotlight

Charbonneau, R., 1991:
New test for AIDS

Anonymous, 1996:
New test for HIV in blood donors

Batian, A.N.; Titov, L.P.; Batian, O.N., 1993:
New test for detection of hypersensitivity to mycobacterial tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1978:
New test for hepatitis A ready

Anonymous, 2001:
New test for intermittent claudication

Anonymous, 2001:
New test may help determine atherosclerosis risk

Anonymous, 1995:
New test may predict course of AIDS

Anonymous, 1994:
New test may predict progression of HIV

Graham, J., 1987:
New test may simplify legal requirements involved in tax-exempt hospital financings

Anonymous, 2001:
New test method addresses medical face mask resistance to blood

Majumder; Pipkin, 1989:
New test of QED from a measurement of the 4 2S1/2-4 (2)F5/2 three-photon transition in He+

Bertotti; Ciufolini; Bender, 1987:
New test of general relativity: Measurement of de Sitter geodetic precession rate for lunar perigee

Gabriel; Haugan; Mann; Palmer, 1991:
New test of nonsymmetric theories of gravity: Observational limits on gravity-induced depolarization of solar spectral lines

Holslin; McAninch; Quin; Haeberli, 1988:
New test of nucleon-nucleon potential models

Fischbach; Greene; Hughes, 1991:
New test of quantum mechanics: Is Planck's constant unique?

Haugan; Kauffmann, 1995:
New test of the Einstein equivalence principle and the isotropy of space

Hughes, 1992:
New test of the equivalence principle for the antiproton

Lee; Benenson; Bloch; Chen; Radtke; Kashy; Mohar; Morrissey; Blue; Ronningen, 1990:
New test of the excited state population method for measurements of nuclear temperatures

Shriner; Mitchell; Bilpuch, 1987:
New test of the reduced-width-amplitude distribution

Anonymous, 2003:
New test provides ease in detecting colon cancer

Anonymous, 1979:
New test requirement upsets foreign nurses

Bosch, X., 2002:
New test simplifies genetic testing for breast cancer

Anonymous, 1999:
New test speeds detection of E. coli

Ebeling, F.; Pettersson, T.; Muukkonen, L.; Vahtera, E.; Rasi, V., 2002:
New test to diagnose thrombosis tendency

Anonymous, 2000:
New testing method may detect heart disease earlier

Voss, G.C.; Jockusch, H., 1996:
New testis-specific expressed genes on mouse Chromosome 11

Leibovich, M., 2002:
New testosterone therapy OK'd

Morse, S.A., 2002:
New tests for bacterial sexually transmitted diseases

Apgar, B.S., 2001:
New tests for cervical cancer screening

Cummings, J.L., 2000:
New tests for dementia

Woehrle, T.A.; Branson, B., 1998:
New tests for detecting HIV infection

Karlberg, B.E., 1997:
New tests for diagnosis of primary aldosteronism

Dennehy, P.H., 1993:
New tests for the rapid diagnosis of infection in children

Raffle, A.E., 1998:
New tests in cervical screening

Damour; Schäfer, 1991:
New tests of the strong equivalence principle using binary-pulsar data

Su; Heckel; Adelberger; Gundlach; Harris; Smith; Swanson, 1994:
New tests of the universality of free fall

Vollaro, L.; Scioli, C., 1995:
New tests of virucidal activity of 2 disinfectants versus HBV DNA positive sera: slot-blot and polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Anonymous, 1982:
New tests to monitor diabetes at home

Kikuchi, C.; Suzuki, H.; Hiranuma, T.; Koyama, M., 2002:
New tetrahydrobenzindoles as potent and selective 5-HT(7) antagonists with increased In vitro metabolic stability

Cimetière, B.; Dubuffet, T.; Landras, C.; Descombes, J.J.; Simonet, S.; Verbeuren, T.J.; Lavielle, G., 1999:
New tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives as combined thromboxane receptor antagonists and thromboxane synthase inhibitors

Setifi, F.; Ouahab, Lène.; Golhen, Séphane.; Hernandez, O.; Miyazaki, A.; Enoki, T.; Toita, T.; Yamada, J-ichi.; Nishikawa, H.; Łapiński, A.; Swietlik, R., 2002:
New tetrathiapentalene-derived charge transfer salts with paramagnetic transition metal complex anion: kappa-(EDDH-TTP)(3)[Cr(phen)(NCS)(4)] x 2CH(2)Cl(2) and kappa(21)-(BDH-TTP)(5)[Cr(phen)(NCS)(4)](2) x 2CH(2)Cl(2)

Ba, Y., 1997:
New textbook compilation for reformed teaching of English in nursing courses

Dow; Hook, 1985:
New texture with flow in 3He-A

Sieck, 2000:
New thematic series

Chen, T.; Amari, S.I., 2001:
New theorems on global convergence of some dynamical systems

Delerue; Lannoo; Allan, 1989:
New theoretical approach of transition-metal impurities in semiconductors

Messmer; Schultz, 1986:
New theoretical description of the carbon-carbon triple bond

Eto; Kamimura, 1988:
New theoretical method for strongly correlated random systems and application to Anderson-localized states in Si:P

Jackson; Pederson, 1991:
New theoretical model for the diamond 1s core exciton

Brand; Pleiner, 1988:
New theoretical results for the Lehmann effect in cholesteric liquid crystals

Seligmann, J.; Gosnell, M.; Raine, G., 1984:
New theories about AIDS

Krishnamurthy, G.T., 1993:
New theories based on inappropriate application of high technology

Bachinski, L.L.; Roberts, R., 1999:
New theories. Causes of dilated cardiomyopathy

Alexandrov, 1988:
New theory of strong-coupling superconductors and high-temperature superconductivity of metallic oxides

O'Neil, 1985:
New theory of transport due to like-particle collisions

Maelicke, A.; Weichel, C., 2002:
New theory! Galantamine and nicotinic-cholinergic transmission

Jarkovský, J., 1994:
New therapeutic activity in geriatric psychiatry

Besson, G.; Carpentier, F., 1999:
New therapeutic agents in the management of multiple sclerosis

Brandes, A.A.; Pasetto, L.M., 2000:
New therapeutic agents in the treatment of recurrent high-grade gliomas

Hussar, D.A., 1994:
New therapeutic agents marketed in 1993

Hussar, D.A., 1996:
New therapeutic agents marketed in 1995

Saano, V., 1996:
New therapeutic application of thalidomide

Sawada, T.; Chung, Y.S.; Sowa, M., 1996:
New therapeutic approach to pancreatic cancer by monoclonal antibodies

Sanguinetti, C.M., 2001:
New therapeutic approach to persistent asthma

Mitin, V.N.; Mkheidze, D.M.; Solov'ev, I.N.; Iagnikov, S.A.; Kozlovskaia, N.G.; Garanin, D.V.; Pirogova, N.A., 1998:
New therapeutic approach to prophylaxis of lung metastasis in spontaneous osteogenic sarcoma

Hanauer, S.B.; Schulman, M.I., 1995:
New therapeutic approaches

Michalková, D.; Jancová, E.; Barák, L.; Silesová, J.; Tomecková, E., 1993:
New therapeutic approaches and evaluation of metabolic compensation in juvenile diabetes

Livingston, J.Andrew.; Wang, W-Lien.; Tsai, J-Wei.; Lazar, A.J.; Leung, C.Hong.; Lin, H.; Advani, S.; Daw, N.; Santiago-O'Farrill, J.; Hollomon, M.; Gordon, N.B.; Kleinerman, E.S., 2018:
Analysis of HSP27 and the autophagy marker LC3B+ puncta following preoperative chemotherapy identifies high-risk osteosarcoma patients

Davies, J.C., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches for cystic fibrosis lung disease

Igarashi, T., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches for patients with Fabry disease

Abdelaty, E.M.; Schumacher, H.R., 2000:
New therapeutic approaches for rheumatoid arthritis

Mazurová, Y., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches for the treatment of Huntington's disease

Cézard, J.P.; Hugot, J.P., 2001:
New therapeutic approaches in Crohn's disease

Marie, J.P., 1997:
New therapeutic approaches in acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML) and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML)

Schmid, P.; Possinger, K., 2000:
New therapeutic approaches in advanced breast carcinoma. Palliative measures are increasingly more tolerable

Cooper, K.D., 1993:
New therapeutic approaches in atopic dermatitis

Mavroudis, D., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches in non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC), stages IV

Locatelli, F.; Pozzi, C.; Del Vecchio, L.; Andrulli, S.; Bolasco, P.; Fogazzi, G.; Altieri, P.; Ponticelli, C., 1999:
New therapeutic approaches in primary IgA nephropathy

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New therapeutic approaches in sepsis: a critical review

Gil-Nuñez, A.C., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches in stroke prevention

Bonetti, A., 2000:
New therapeutic approaches in the treatment of advanced stage carcinoma of the colorectum

Reach, G., 1993:
New therapeutic approaches in type II diabetes

Sartor, R.B., 2000:
New therapeutic approaches to Crohn's disease

Jin, M.; Otaka, M.; Watanabe, S., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches to peptic ulcer using mucosal protective agents

Sonnenberg, G.E.; Kotchen, T.A., 1998:
New therapeutic approaches to reversing insulin resistance

Hughes, L.B.; Moreland, L.W., 2001:
New therapeutic approaches to the management of rheumatoid arthritis

Thivolet, C., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches to type 1 diabetes: from prevention to cellular or gene therapies

Sano, H., 2001:
New therapeutic approaches. 1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and selective COX-inhibition

Eguchi, K., 2001:
New therapeutic approaches. 2. New anti-rheumatic drugs: with special reference to methotrexate

Takeuchi, T.; Amano, K., 2001 :
New therapeutic approaches. 3. Current status and overview of biological products

Laskey, W.K., 1998:
New therapeutic approaches: safety first

Nitz, U.; Dall, P., 2002:
New therapeutic approaches: stem cell assisted high dose chemotherapy and molecular techniques in breast carcinoma

Neudorf, U., 1993:
New therapeutic aspects in Kawasaki syndrome and personal experiences

Heinzl, S., 1999:
New therapeutic attacks on cancer

Young, J.B., 2002:
New therapeutic choices in the management of acute congestive heart failure

Anonymous, 2000:
New therapeutic concepts in the management of venous leg ulcer: a compression system enhances healing

Karsenti, P., 1996:
New therapeutic data in inflammatory colitis

Larsen, P.J.; Tang-Christensen, M.; Vrang, N., 2002:
New therapeutic developments in the regulation of food intake by neuropeptides

Rennard, S.I., 2002:
New therapeutic drugs in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Maeda, Y.; Miyatake, J.; Sono, H.; Sumimoto, Y.; Matsuda, M.; Horiuchi, F.; Tatsumi, Y.; Irimajiri, K.; Horiuchi, A., 1996:
New therapeutic effects of retinoid for adult T-cell leukemia

Vincent, J.L., 2000:
New therapeutic implications of anticoagulation mediator replacement in sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome

Montserrat, E., 1998:
New therapeutic issues in CLL

Bondeson, J., 1997:
New therapeutic methods against rheumatoid arthritis--1. Potent pharmaceuticals already at the debute of the disease

Bondeson, J., 1997:
New therapeutic methods against rheumatoid arthritisp6. Antibodies against TNFalpha significant for the progress

Ingerslev, H.J., 1993:
New therapeutic methods for childless couples when the man's quality of semen is strongly reduced

Ohm, O.J.; Hoff, P.I.; Hegbom, F.; Faerestrand, S., 1995:
New therapeutic methods for tachycardia

Ottesen, B., 1994:
New therapeutic methods in bleeding disorders

Anonymous, 1996:
New therapeutic methods in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Artén, B., 1998:
New therapeutic methods must be respected

Virgilis, D.; Augarten, A.; Szeinberg, A.; Yahav, Y., 1995:
New therapeutic modalities for pulmonary disease in cystic fibrosis

Rachmilewitz, D., 2000:
New therapeutic modalities in Crohn's disease

Piascik, P., 1998:
New therapeutic monoclonal antibodies target kidney transplant rejection and cancer

Hillery, 1999:
New therapeutic options for HIV patients

Límová, Méta., 2002:
New therapeutic options for chronic wounds

Ruffié, P., 2003:
New therapeutic options for mesothelioma

Benson, J.T., 2002:
New therapeutic options for urge incontinence

Wille-Jørgensen, P., 2000:
New therapeutic options in DVT prophylaxis

Reimer, P.; Rückle-Lanz, H., 2001:
New therapeutic options in chemotherapy of advanced colorectal cancer

Wilkes, G.M., 2002:
New therapeutic options in colon cancer: focus on oxaliplatin

Talbert, R.L., 2002:
New therapeutic options in the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III

Anonymous, 2000:
New therapeutic options in the treatment of GERD and other acid-peptic disorders. Based on a presentation by Duane D. Webb, MD, FACG

Miller, C.K., 1997:
New therapeutic options in the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Martinotti, R.; Evangelista, W.; Goss, M.; Angelini, F.; Satolli, M.A., 2001:
New therapeutic options in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Wardyn, K.A.; Zycińska, K.; Oledzka-Oreziak, M.; Ostrowski, K.; Krawczyk, M.; Królicki, L.; Caplin, M., 2002:
New therapeutic options of carcinoid syndrome metastatic to the liver

Ambrosioni, E.; Bacchelli, S.; Borghi, C., 1995:
New therapeutic outlooks in the treatment of the hypertensive patient

Peczkowska, M.; Kabat, M.; Janaszek-Sitkowska, H., 1997:
New therapeutic perspectives associated with the introduction of angiotensin II receptor antagonists

Currò Dossi, B.; Amadori, A.; Cirafisi, C.; Lorusso, S.; Pasquinelli, M.; Piscaglia, M.G.; Ravasio, A., 2000:
New therapeutic perspectives for demyelinating retrobulbar optic neuritis

Ladekarl, M.; Grau, C.; Andersen, J., 2001:
New therapeutic perspectives in breast ductal carcinoma in situ

Querleu, D.; Leblanc, E.; Castelain, B.; Lanvin, D.; Denoit, V., 2000:
New therapeutic plans for cancer of the cervix

Weinstabl, R.; Nau, T., 1999:
New therapeutic possibilities for ankle injuries

Westh, H.; Kolmos, H.J., 1999:
New therapeutic possibilities for infertile couples, when the men suffer of azoospermia. The Danish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Schoysman, R.; Lejeune, B.; Segal, L.; van Roosendaal, E.; Vanderzwalmen, P.; Nijs, M.; Bertin, S.G.; Vandamme, B., 1995:
New therapeutic possibilities handling residual azoospermia

Heinzl, S., 1996:
New therapeutic possibilities in AIDS

Criblez, D.H., 2000:
New therapeutic possibilities in chronic hepatitis C

Zeitz, M., 1997:
New therapeutic possibilities in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases

Kamm, M.A., 2001:
New therapeutic possibilities in inflammatory bowel disease

Cady, B.; Stone, M.D.; Wayne, J., 1993:
New therapeutic possibilities in primary invasive breast cancer

Konietzko, N., 1998:
New therapeutic possibilities in pulmonary emphysema. Conservative therapy--surgical lung volume reduction--lung transplantation

Bendig, L., 1993:
New therapeutic possibilities in the management of congenital pulmonary valve stenosis

Horsmans, Y., 1999:
New therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of hepatitis B

Kornhuber, J.; Weller, M., 1996:
New therapeutic possibilities with low-affinity NMDA receptor antagonists

Rubbert, A.; Burmester, G.R., 1993:
New therapeutic possibilities. Future aspects

Aquilonius, S.M.; Naver, H., 1998:
New therapeutic principle in severe hyperhidrosis. Botulinum toxin injections can replace cutting of nerves

Anonymous, 1997:
New therapeutic principle in the management of cardiac insufficiency: A II antagonists. Results of the ELITE study (Evaluation of Losartan In The Elderly)

Anonymous, 1996:
New therapeutic principle in the management of hypertension

Schweiger, M., 1999:
New therapeutic products and difficult decisions

Green, C.; Akehurst, R., 1998:
New therapeutic products and difficult decisions. The case of recombinant factor VIII in the management of haemophilia A

Rouhart, F., 1995:
New therapeutic prospects in Alzheimer disease

Capone, A.; Carfagna, P.; Paravati, V.; Bianco, G.; Battista, M.; Brandimarte, C., 1999:
New therapeutic prospects in heart failure. ACE inhibitors and beta blockers

Lorusso, V.; Crucitta, E., 2002:
New therapeutic prospects in microcytoma

Venturini, M.; Catzeddu, T., 2002:
New therapeutic prospects with capecitabin in breast carcinoma

Dominiak, P., 2000:
New therapeutic recommendations. Lowering blood pressure--but evidence-based, please

Anonymous, 1996:
New therapeutic strategies against HIV

L.C.sne, A.; Arriagada, R.; Grunenwald, D.; Baldeyrou, P.; Girard, P.; Bretel, J.J.; L.C.evalier, T., 1997:
New therapeutic strategies and current research in inoperable locally advanced non small-cell lung cancers (stage IIIB)

Goldman, M., 1994:
New therapeutic strategies for cell-mediated autoimmune diseases

Arrigo, Aé-Patrick., 2017:
Analysis of HspB1 (Hsp27) Oligomerization and Phosphorylation Patterns and Its Interaction with Specific Client Polypeptides

Edan, G., 1999:
New therapeutic strategies for multiple sclerosis: unanswered questions

Tolcher, A.W., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies for prostate cancer: reasons for optimism and reflection

Lingen, M.W.; Emami, B.; Clark, J.I., 2000:
New therapeutic strategies for the treatment and prevention of head and neck cancer

Nagler, R., 2000:
New therapeutic strategies for xerostomia in chronic graft versus host disease patients

Salamaca-Gómez, F., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies in Alzheimer's disease

Delfraissy, J.F., 1997:
New therapeutic strategies in HIV infection

Colao, A.; Pulcrano, M.; Dorato, M.; Müller, F.; Rossi, F.W.; D.M.rtino, M.C.; Biondi, B.; Lombardi, G., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours

Mariotti, R.; Biadi, O.; Mariani, M., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies in heart failure. Pharmacologic therapy

Padeletti, L.; Costoli, A.; Colella, A.; Michelucci, A.; Porciani, M.C.; Pieragnoli, P.; Vena, S.; Gensini, G.F., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies in heart failure. Which patients need defibrillation backup?

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New therapeutic strategies in juvenile chronic arthritis

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New therapeutic strategies in liver fibrosis: pathogenic basis

Comella, G.; Panza, N., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies in microcytoma

Berger, E.; Rumbach, L., 1999:
New therapeutic strategies in multiple sclerosis

Portier, A.; Antonetti, J.F., 2000:
New therapeutic strategies in schizophrenia: apropos of acute decompensation treated with olanzapine

Carbone, E.; Nacinovich, F.; Stamboulian, D., 2002:
New therapeutic strategies with teicoplanin

Nakamori, M.; Iwahashi, M.; Tani, M.; Yamaue, H.; Ueda, K.; Matsuda, K.; Tanimura, H., 2001:
New therapeutic strategy against colon cancer based on a tumor-specific approach

Ogawa, N., 1997:
New therapeutic strategy for Parkinson's disease based on pharmacological profiles

Ishibashi, H.; Shigematsu, H.; Shimoda, S.; Nakamura, M., 1998:
New therapeutic strategy for autoimmune diseases. 1) An antigenic peptide analog

Takasaki, Y.; Abe, K.; Tokano, Y.; Hashimoto, H., 1998:
New therapeutic strategy for autoimmune diseases. 2) Abnormality in expression of cell surface molecules in systemic erythematodes and its therapeutic application

Nishimoto, N.; Yoshizaki, K.; Kishimoto, T., 1998:
New therapeutic strategy for autoimmune diseases. 3) Treatment of autoimmune diseases by cytokine signal transduction inhibition

Taji, H.; Morishima, Y., 1999:
New therapeutic strategy for malignant lymphoma targeting cell surface antigens

Sánchez De Cos Escuín, J., 2002:
New therapeutic targets and strategies in lung cancer

Dinant, H.J.; Dijkmans, B.A., 1999:
New therapeutic targets for rheumatoid arthritis

Jorgensen, C., 2000:
New therapeutic targets in rheumatoid arthritis

Ulevitch, R.J., 2001:
New therapeutic targets revealed through investigations of innate immunity

Chapman, R., 1998:
New therapeutic technique for treatment of uterine leiomyomas using laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (LITT) by a minimally invasive method

Anonymous, 2002:
New therapeutic tool in diabetes management

Chatelain, C., 1999:
New therapeutic trends in benign hypertrophy of the prostate

Tashiro, M.T.; Orlandi, R.; Martins, R.C.; dos Santos, E., 2002:
New therapeutic trends in nursing--natural therapies--assistance programs

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New therapeutic uses for an old family of drugs: travels of a dental researcher from the lab to the university's office of technology transfer and beyond

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New therapeutical approaches to type 2 diabetes

Steegmann, J.L., 1993:
New therapeutical uses of the interferons

Mann, D.L.; Deswal, A.; Bozkurt, B.; Torre-Amione, G., 2002:
New therapeutics for chronic heart failure

Salamanca-Gómez, F., 2000:
New therapies against cancer

Pryor, J.L.; Redmon, B., 2000:
New therapies and delivery mechanisms for treatment of erectile dysfunction

Foster, C.; Nadel, S., 2002:
New therapies and vaccines for bacterial meningitis

Carrol, E.D.; Thomson, A.P.; Hart, C.A., 2002:
New therapies and vaccines for meningococcal disease

O'Neill, N., 2000:
New therapies enhance patient care

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New therapies for Fabry's disease

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New therapies for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS):--a review

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New therapies for adults with acute lung injury. High-frequency oscillatory ventilation

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New therapies for cystic fibrosis

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New therapies for cytomegalovirus retinitis

Cunningham, E.T., 1997:
New therapies for cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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New therapies for functional bowel diseases

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New therapies for idiopathic ulcerative colitis

van Hogezand, R.A.; Verspaget, H.W., 1997:
New therapies for inflammatory bowel disease: an update on chimeric anti-TNF alpha antibodies and IL-10 therapy

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New therapies for multiple sclerosis--when?

Guy, J., 2001:
New therapies for optic neuropathies: development in experimental models

Zenz, W.; Muntean, W., 1998:
New therapies for severe meningococcal disease

Duncan, A., 1997:
New therapies for severe meningococcal disease but better outcomes?

Barnett, A., 2002:
New therapies for the management of type 2 diabetes

El-Sayed, Y.Y.; Lyell, D.J., 2002:
New therapies for the pregnant patient with diabetes

Soubrane, G.; Kuhn, D.; Oubraham, H.; Quaranta, M.; Coscas, G., 2001:
New therapies for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration

Burger, A.J.; Burger, M.R.; Aronson, D., 2003:
New therapies for the treatment of congestive heart failure

Barton, S.; Worlidge, P., 1994:
New therapies for the treatment of genital warts

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New therapies for treating hypertension: what every physician should know

Stone, R.M., 2002:
New therapies in leukemia: renewed hope

Angelini, C.; Bonifati, D.M., 2001:
New therapies in muscular dystrophies

Vermeulen, M.; de Haan, R.J., 1999:
New therapies in neurology, but who benefits?

Bellido Guerrero, D.; Carreira Arias, J., 1994:
New therapies in obesity

Rautenstrauch, J., 2000:
New therapies in rheumatoid arthritis. Stopping joint deterioration

Solsky, M.A.; Wallace, D.J., 2002:
New therapies in systemic lupus erythematosus

Shafer, P.O., 1999:
New therapies in the management of acute or cluster seizures and seizure emergencies

Kaiser, L.R., 1997:
New therapies in the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma

Neyrolles, N.; Blicklé, J.F.; Brogard, J.M., 1998:
New therapies in type 2 diabetes

Kjeldsen, J.; Brynskov, J.; Madsen, J.R., 2001:
New therapies of chronic inflammatory bowel disease: anti-TNF antibodies and probiotics. The Danish Society of Gastroenterology

Macdonald, D.R., 1995:
New therapies of primary CNS lymphomas and oligodendrogliomas

Brown, W.V., 2001:
New therapies on the horizon

Anonymous, 2001:
New therapies result in decreased death rate

Stephenson, J., 2001:
New therapies show promise for patients with leukemia, hemophilia, and heart disease

Mejico, L.J.; Bergloeff, J.; Miller, N.R., 2001:
New therapies with potential neuro-ophthalmologic toxicity

Holen, K.D.; Saltz, L.B., 2002:
New therapies, new directions: advances in the systemic treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

Helmuth, L., 2002:
New therapies. New Alzheimer's treatments that may ease the mind

Anonymous, 1996:
New therapies: new hope. Reports from the International Nursing Satellite symposium and the Eleventh International Conference on AIDS, Vancouver, Canada, 6-12 July, 1996

Saydain, G.; George, L.; Raoof, S., 2002:
New therapies: plasmapheresis, intravenous immunoglobulin, and monoclonal antibodies

Anonymous, 2000:
New therapy approaches for HIV infected patients. Hope on the immune front

Adam, O.; Forth, W., 2001:
New therapy approaches in rheumatoid arthritis. Preventing early joint destruction

Sendler, A.; Stein, H.J.; Fink, U.; Siewert, J.R., 2001:
New therapy approaches in tumors of the upper gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach)

Karg, O., 1997:
New therapy aspects of chronic respiratory insufficiency

Yamada, R.; Nakamura, K.; Nishida, N.; Matsuoka, T.; Yamada, K.; Tanaka, K.; Terada, M.; Sato, M., 2001:
New therapy complementary to transcatheter arterial embolization for hepatocellular carcinoma

Behr, J., 1996:
New therapy concepts in fibrosing lung diseases

Lorenz, H.M.; Kalden, J.R., 2002:
New therapy developments in rheumatoid arthritis

Foreman, M., 1996:
New therapy for AIDS: a double-edged sword

Kümper, H., 1994:
New therapy for acute abomasal tympany in calves

Kocián, J., 1994:
New therapy for osteoporosis

Kasperk, H.C., 2002:
New therapy for painful vertebral fractures. Filling with cement instead of analgesics? (interview by Dr. Judith Neumaier)

Langs, G., 2001:
New therapy for panic patients. Desensitization with computer? (interview by Dr. Beate Schumacher)

Ringe, J.D., 2001:
New therapy for severe osteoporosis. Bone development with parathyroid hormone? (interview by Brigitte Moreano)

Kasper, S-Mario., 2002:
New therapy for systemic infection and sepsis

Rautenstrauch, J., 2000:
New therapy for the most severe rheumatism. Healing in sight

Bower, J.O., 1994:
New therapy for ventricular arrhythmias. Implantable cardioverter/defibrillators with pacing therapies

Anonymous, 2002:
New therapy for visceral leishmaniasis

Anonymous, 1993:
New therapy injects drugs directly into liver tumors

Behrens, P.; Ehlers, E.M.; Köchermann, K.U.; Rohwedel, J.; Russlies, M.; Plötz, W., 2000:
New therapy procedure for localized cartilage defects. Encouraging results with autologous chondrocyte implantation

Stephenson, J., 2001:
New therapy promising for genital herpes

Anonymous, 2000:
New therapy replaces major uterine surgery

Mykha, A.I., 1997 :
New therapy with blood components in vascular diseases of fundus oculi

Goto, S., 2002:
New therapy with monoclonal antibodies--abciximab, chimeric anti-GP IIb/IIIa antibody

Palangana; Depeyrot; Figueiredo Neto AM, 1990:
New thermal instability in a lyotropic uniaxial nematic liquid crystal

Baldwin, J.E.; Leber, P.A., 2001:
New thermal reactions of deuterium-labeled bicyclo[3.2.O]hept-2-enes: bicyclic skeletal inversion and epimerization at C7

Liu, J.; Chen, X.; Xu, L.X., 1999:
New thermal wave aspects on burn evaluation of skin subjected to instantaneous heating

Destri; de Vega HJ, 1992:
New thermodynamic Bethe ansatz equations without strings

Becker, S.; Böhm, A.; Müllen, K., 2000:
New thermotropic dyes based on amino-substituted perylendicarboximides

Lesyk, R.; Vladzimirska, O.; Zimenkovsky, B.; Horishny, V.; Nektegayev, I.; Solyanyk, V.; Vovk, O., 1998:
New thiazolidones-4 with pyrazolone-5 substituent as the potential NSAIDs

Balkan, A.; Tozkoparan, B.; Ertan, M.; Sara, Y.; Ertekin, N., 1996:
New thiazolo[3,2-a] pyrimidine derivatives, synthesis and calcium antagonistic activities

Darias, V.; Sánchez-Mateo, C.C.; Expósito-Orta, M.A.; Albertos, L.M.; Díaz, J.A.; Vega, S., 1999:
New thieno and pyrazolo[2,1]benzothiazepine derivatives with antidepressant activity

Morrissey, J., 1999:
New think tank links info tech execs

Zach, I.E., 1996:
New thinking about nursing...

Campbell, S., 1997:
New thinking about partnerships in health care

Cocowitch, V., 1997:
New thinking for health care leaders

Fehrenbach, C., 1997:
New thinking on childhood asthma

Williams, N., 2002:
New thinking on gene patents

Rappaport, A., 1999:
New thinking on how to link executive pay with performance

Mirakian, R.; Howarth, P.; Scadding, G., 1997:
New thinking on the treatment of rhinitis

Ajanki, T., 1998:
New thinking results in new antibiotics

Abraham, A.; McGuire, J.J.; Galivan, J.; Vishnuvajjala, B.R.; Nair, M.G., 1993:
New thiophene substituted 10-deazaaminopterins: synthesis and biological evaluation

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New thiophenes from Echinops grijisii

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New third-class drugs

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New thoughts on old bones

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New thoughts on the role of the beta-gamma subunit in G-protein signal transduction

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New threat to HMOs. Bill to amend ERISA would allow patients to sue

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New threat to U.S. healthcare hospitals without nurses

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New threats and old enemies: challenges for critical care medicine

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New threats from an old enemy. A physician update on pneumococcus

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New threats to blacks: brain surgery to control behavior

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New threats to community/public health nursing in Australia

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New threats to privacy of medical records

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New thrombin inhibiting strategies for coronary artery disease

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New thrombin inhibitors based on D-cha-Pro-derivatives

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New thrombocyte aggregation inhibitor in therapy of unstable angina

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New thrombolytic agents. Thrombin and factor Xa inhibitors

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New thrombolytic regimens in acute myocardial infarction

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New thrombolytic strategy: bolus administration of tPA and urokinase-fibrinogen conjugate

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New thrombolytics, anticoagulants, and platelet antagonists: the future of clinical practice

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New thyroid theory: how maternal hormone affects developing brains

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New ties: population and environment

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New time contour for equilibrium real-time thermal field theories

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New times, old words, new meanings

Marable, S.L., 2000:
New tobacco clinical practice guidelines

Anonymous, 2001:
New tobacco industry documents Website unveiled

Anonymous, 1998:
New tobacco industry strategy is to appear anti-tobacco, UCSF study concludes

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New tobacco industry strategy to prevent local tobacco control

Dean, M., 1995:
New tobacco wars reach China

Bloch, R.A., 1997:
New toll-free hotline matches cancer patients with cancer survivors

Kozai, K.; Okamoto, M.; Nagasaka, N., 1999 :
New tongue protector to prevent decubital lingual ulcers caused by tongue thrust with myoclonus

Anonymous, 2002:
New tool allows cardiologists to refine estimates of surgery risk

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New tool assesses effectiveness of nutritional intervention

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New tool combination: XeCl-excimer laser and tapered fiber enhances potential for atraumatic hard tissue operations

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New tool for diagnosis--3-dimensional scanner

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New tool for epidermal and cosmetic formulation studies by attenuated total-reflection spectroscopy using a flexible mid-infrared fiber probe

Anonymous, 1994:
New tool for predicting AIDS onset?

Baker, 1987:
New tool for quantum many-body theory

Anonymous, 2002:
New tool for the management of canine diabetes?

Anonymous, 2001:
New tool helps benchmark, negotiate risk contracts, and test capitation scenarios

Anonymous, 2000:
New tool places resources where they're most needed

Sollid, L.M.; Scott, H., 1998:
New tool to predict celiac disease on its way to the clinics

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New tool use by wild Sumatran orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus abelii)

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New tools and old for management of STDs

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New tools and resources for analysing protein structures and their interactions

Anonymous, 1998:
New tools ask patients to report, not rate

Anonymous, 1982:
New tools available for promoting security awareness and your department's image

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New tools extend value of intravascular therapy

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New tools for better home modifications

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New tools for better staging of colorectal cancer--therapeutic applications

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New tools for biotech product development

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New tools for combat casualty care

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New tools for cost-effective delivery of breast imaging

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New tools for decision making in the 1990s

Anonymous, 2002:
New tools for health care providers and the public to combat overweight and obesity

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New tools for healthcare decision-making

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New tools for laboratory design and management

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New tools for learning

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New tools for leprosy control

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New tools for low energy dynamical supersymmetry breaking

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New tools for malaria therapy

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New tools for prevention of restenosis could decrease the "oculo-stento" reflex

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New tools for solving the solar-neutrino problem

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New tools for taking control of Alzheimer disease

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New tools for the diagnosis of peritoneal carcinomatosis?

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New tools for the diagnosis of tuberculosis: the perspective of developing countries

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New tools for the herpes virologist

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New tools for the study of animal trypanosomiasis in the Sudan: model-building of dangerous epidemiological passage by remote sensing geographic information systems

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New tools for tuberculosis control: do we really need them?

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New tools from the ACR (American College of Radiology): appropriateness criteria and utilization analysis

Anonymous, 2002:
New tools help behavioral health providers boost quality while documenting value

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New tools in an old trade: CS1 pilus morphogenesis

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New tools in diagnosing catheter-related infections

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New tools in molecular pathology

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New tools in therapeutic research--prostatic cancer and models

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New tools in ventilatory support: high frequency ventilation, nitric oxide, tracheal gas insufflation, non-invasive ventilation

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New tools need new approaches. The artistry of SPD (sterile processing department)

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New tools ready for Chlamydia diagnosis, treatment, but teens need education most

Anonymous, 2002:
New tools to combat obesity

Anonymous, 2001:
New tools to help you quit smoking

Orlando, L., 2001:
New tools to look at NO

Goehring, K.S., 2001:
New tools to measure patient satisfaction

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New tools to trace populations of inflammatory cells in the CNS

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New tools, new thinking. Interview by Joe Flower

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New tools--new models to integrate outcomes into quality measurement

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New tools. A new breed of high-tech detectives

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New topical antiandrogenic formulations can stimulate hair growth in human bald scalp grafted onto mice

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New topical medications in the treatment of glaucoma

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New topicals for mild and moderate psoriasis

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Analysis of human and organizational factors that influence mining accidents based on Bayesian network

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New topological aspects of fermionic correlation functions in the Schwinger model

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New topology for spatial infinity?

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New torquing turret for TMA wire

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New total parenteral nutrition solution (GA-1080)

Kirkiacharian, S.; Chidiack, H.; Maïga, S.; Brion, J.D., 2002:
New total synthesis of derrusnine

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New tracers revitalize brain scintigraphy field

Mooney, K.H., 1997:
New tradition launched at congress

Faugier, J., 1996:
New traditionalist

Perlove, D., 2003:
New trails blazed in the Upper Peninsula

Anonymous, 1989:
New training and certification program announced by N.E.H.A. (National Environmental Health Association)

Green, R.M., 2002:
New training paradigms: The three-plus-three program

Welling, R.E., 2002:
New training pardigms: The four-plus program

Champagne, A.M., 1998:
New training within the French community in Belgium

Wiman, K.G., 1998:
New transcription factor-based cancer therapy. Gene therapy, cell lysis, reactivation of p53 are the new approaches

Kusumi, K.; Inada, H.; Iba, K., 1998:
New transcriptional apparatus in plastids of higher plants

Stahl, D.A., 1999:
New transfer rule encourages acute care partnerships

Tschauner, O.; Mao, H.K.; Hemley, R.J., 2001:
New transformations of CO(2) at high pressures and temperatures

Lipley, N., 2002:
New transfusion safety role could help cut errors

Lu, Y., 2003:
New transition-metal-dependent DNAzymes as efficient endonucleases and as selective metal biosensors

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New translocation involving homologous chromosome 3 in acute myelogenous leukemia (M2)

Macera, M.J.; Sanchez, M.A.; Elizalde, A.M.; Gogineni, S.K.; Verma, R.S., 1994:
New translocations [t(6;15)(p25;q22) and t(6;19)(q16;q13.3)] with t(9;22)(q34;q11) in a Ph-positive chronic myelogenous leukemia

Barajas-López, C.; Huizinga, J.D., 1993:
New transmitters and new targets in the autonomic nervous system

Gäbel, H., 1996:
New transplant legislation in Sweden. The Transplantation Act and its introduction

Hensley, S., 1997:
New transplant policy

Anonymous, 1993:
New transplantation legislation being prepared. Medical problems at the borderline between life and death

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New transthyretin variants SER 91 and SER 116 associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy. Mutations in brief no. 151. Online

Pfeffer, M.A., 2001:
New treasures from old? EPHESUS. Eplerenome Post-AHI Heart Failure Efficacy and Survival Study

Hopkins, B., 1985:
New treasury proposals' effects on non-profits

Anonymous, 1997:
New treatment a cure? Moment of truth draws nigh

Eagan, J.T.; Strumpf, R.K.; Heuser, R.R., 1993:
New treatment approach for chronic total occlusions of saphenous vein grafts: thrombolysis and intravascular stents

Anonymous, 1997:
New treatment approach for high blood pressure patients defined as cardioprotective by physicians

Nanus, D.M., 2000:
New treatment approaches for metastatic renal cell carcinoma

D.Witte, T., 1994:
New treatment approaches for myelodysplastic syndrome and secondary leukaemias

Botet, J.F., 1996:
New treatment approaches to liver tumors

Anonymous, 2003:
New treatment approved for chronic hepatitis B

Anonymous, 2001:
New treatment approved for severe premenstrual symptoms