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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46842

Chapter 46842 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Chatenoud, L., 1993:
OKT3-induced cytokine-release syndrome: prevention effect of anti-tumor necrosis factor monoclonal antibody

First, M.R.; Schroeder, T.J.; Hariharan, S., 1993:
OKT3-induced cytokine-release syndrome: renal effects (cytokine nephropathy)

Zamora, I.; Simón, J., 1993:
OKT3: a therapeutic alternative in recurrence of focal glomerulosclerosis in the transplanted kidney?

Henell, K.R.; Cheever, J.M.; Kimball, J.A.; Lye, W.C.; Munar, M.Y.; Misiti, J.; Vitow, C.; Norman, D.J., 1993:
OKT4A (a murine IgG2a anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody) in human organ transplantation: pharmacokinetics and peripheral pharmacodynamics

Fisher, M.J., 1982:
OKs prospective payments

Shalev, M., 2001:
OLAW clarifies stance on use of alternate members on IACUCs and protocol and program reviews at collaborating institutions

Kelley, L.A.; Sutcliffe, M.J., 1998:
OLDERADO: on-line database of ensemble representatives and domains. On Line Database of Ensemble Representatives And DOmains

Shima, K., 1998:
OLETF rat. Otsuka Long-Evans-Tokushima Fatty

Smith, J.M., 1993:
OLIGOGET--a computerized database system for controlling oligonucleotide production

Woods, S.E., 1991:
OLIO+: an osteopathic medicine database

Banghart, S.F.; Tomaselli, L.A., 1984:
OLRA and AAHA publish report analyzing the revised JCAH medical staff standards

Anthonisen, N.R., 1997:

Scully, H., 1988:
OMA (Ontario Medical Association) "arm-twisting" government

Sibbald, B., 2000:
OMA fights rising tuition fees with bursaries, other provinces to follow suit

Brazda, J.F., 1987:
OMB begins budget process with key health issues pending

Webster, G.D., 1983:
OMB considers changes in statutes covering nonprofit lobbying

Tokarski, C., 1990:
OMB offers ideas for $2.7 billion in Medicare savings for fiscal '92

Lightle, M.A., 1980:
OMB publishes memorandum on limiting federal support for hospital construction

Peterson, R.N., 1984:
OMB publishes revised not-for-profit lobbying rules

Robinson, M.L., 1983:
OMB relents, Congress prevails in fight over Medicare hospice benefits

Weissenstein, E., 1991:
OMB seeks $4 billion in Medicare restraints

Wallace, C., 1983:
OMB's support of House planning bill opens new road to compromise

Anonymous, 1997:
OMERACT III. Outcome Measures in Arthritis Clinical Trials. Cairns, Australia, April 16-19, 1996. Proceedings

Anonymous, 1999:
OMERACT IV. Outcome Measures in Rheumatology. Cancún, Mexico, April 16-20, 1998

Strand, V., 1993:
OMERACT and the clinical evaluation of new therapeutic agents: a bird's eye view. OMERACT Committee

Tugwell, P.; Boers, M., 1993:
OMERACT conference on outcome measures in rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials: introduction

Boers, M.; Tugwell, P., 1993:
OMERACT conference questionnaire results. OMERACT Committee

Anonymous, 1993:
OMERACT, Conference on Outcome Measures in Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Trials. Proceedings. Maastricht, The Netherlands, April 29-May 3, 1992

Ruff, B., 1999:
OMERACT: economic evaluations and health policy

Lewtas, J., 1996:
OMERED: Outcome measures in rheumatology education

Malgouyat, R., 1982:
OMGA copper: prescribe or proscribe (letter)

MacFarlane, M., 2001:
OMInously, a mitochondrial serine protease is now unveiled as the third 'MAC'

Pogrel, M.Anthony., 2002:
OMS baby bust?

Hallaian, K.M.; Fonseca, R.J., 1998:
OMS programs offering MD degrees: survey of admission and educational requirements. Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Keller, J.A., 1993:
OMT enhances any medical regimen

Anonymous, 1987:
ON 7/7/7 is first choice for 60% of CTU survey respondents

Dees, J.G., 1985:
ON CALL answers for doctors

Fortin, S.; Itaya, S.K.; Chemtob, S.; Molotchnikoff, S., 1998:
ON and OFF field potentials in the rat superior colliculus during development

Freed, M.A.; Pflug, R.; Kolb, H.; Nelson, R., 1996:
ON-OFF amacrine cells in cat retina

Anonymous, 1997:
ONA assisted suicide guidelines

Toland, P., 1998:
ONA helps OHD launch statewide latex study

Toland, P.A., 1997:
ONA intensifies campaign against hazardous powdered latex gloves

Marron, S., 1997:
ONA promotes image of nursing

Anonymous, 1997:
ONA provides guidance on nurses' dilemma

Kabele, P., 1997:
ONA pushes powdered latex ban

Stone, T., 1998:
ONA remains vocal on multi-state licensure

Anonymous, 2002:
ONA sponsors patient protection legislation

King, S., 1999:
ONA takes leadership on multi-state licensure

Anonymous, 2002:
ONA, ANA lead the fight for safer devices

Scholz, J.A., 2002:
ONA-PRS, Inc. collaborate on nursing quality indicators

Kamanzi, C.; Avutsekubwimana, B.; Hakiruwizera, C., 1990:
ONAPO and its information, education, communication [IEC] program: ten year assessment (1981-1991) and prospects

Fulton, D.W., 1996:
ONC recertification: some common questions

Fabrégas, B., 2001:
ONCO-RESE 19, a coordinated oncologic network

Séroussi, B.; Bouaud, J.; Antoine, E.C., 2001:
ONCODOC: a successful experiment of computer-supported guideline development and implementation in the treatment of breast cancer

Katsube, N.; Sunaga, K.; Aishita, H.; Chuang, D.M.; Ishitani, R., 1998:
ONO-1603, a potential antidementia drug, delays age-induced apoptosis and suppresses overexpression of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in cultured central nervous system neurons

Mikawa, K.; Kodama, S.I.; Nishina, K.; Obara, H., 2001:
ONO-1714, a new inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, attenuates diaphragmatic dysfunction associated with cerulein-induced pancreatitis in rats

Kobayashi, M.; Nagayasu, H.; Hamada, J.; Takeichi, N.; Hosokawa, M., 1994:
ONO-4007, a new synthetic lipid A derivative, induces differentiation of rat myelomonocytic leukemia cells in vitro and in vivo

Trifilieff, A., 2002:
ONO-6818 Cortech/Ono

Mafrica, L.; Ballon, L.G.; Culhane, B.; McCorkle, M.; Miller Murphy, C.; Worrall, L., 2002:
ONS 2002 environmental scan: a basis for strategic planning

Pandian, S.; Satish, L.; Rameshkumar, R.; Muthuramalingam, P.; Rency, A.Sagina.; Rathinapriya, P.; Ramesh, M., 2018:
Analysis of population structure and genetic diversity in an exotic germplasm collection of Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn. using genic-SSR markers

Anonymous, 2002:
ONS CEO visits White House for update on war on cancer

Anonymous, 1993:
ONS Chapter Directory

Beck, S., 1999:
ONS Leadership Development Institute prepares nurses for the future: submit your application to participate in inaugural class

Anonymous, 1993:
ONS Special Interest Group (SIG) Directory

Anonymous, 1996:
ONS drafts position statement on the use of placebos for pain management in patients with cancer

Anonymous, 2002:
ONS goes on record in demanding that seniors have access to oral anticancer therapies

Anonymous, 1999:
ONS guidelines on office-based clinical trials

Moore, P., 2001:
ONS helps oncology nurses face the challenges of providing quality end-of-life care

Moore, P., 1999:
ONS helps to support oncology nurses around the globe

Meier, E., 1999:
ONS members are urged to support clinical trials legislation

Baniewicz, D.; Riese, N.; Weinel, P., 1993:
ONS members observe health care in former Soviet Union

Mathews, A., 2000:
ONS must set the standard for health promotion

Gomez, E., 1999:
ONS online redesign offers improved functionality, expanded content, and increased access

Anonymous, 1998:
ONS position on the care of individuals with HIV infection announced

Rieger, P.T., 2001:
ONS resources help nurses, patients through a difficult time

Weekes, D.P., 1997:
ONS strives to ensure and promote multiculturalism

Moore, P., 2002:
ONS supports bedside nurses with many professional resources

Moore, P., 1999:
ONS upholds tradition of excellence in quality cancer care

Halpern, I.M.; Waters, B., 2002:
ONS workshop addresses "assuring access to quality cancer care" for Medicare beneficiaries

Anonymous, 2002:
ONS, oncology nursing press resources help ensure safe practice

Mistry, P.; Folkes, A., 2002:
ONT-093 (Ontogen)

Towt, J.; Tsai, S.C.; Hernandez, M.R.; Klimov, A.D.; Kravec, C.V.; Rouse, S.L.; Subuhi, H.S.; Twarowska, B.; Salamone, S.J., 1995:
ONTRAK TESTCUP: a novel, on-site, multi-analyte screen for the detection of abused drugs

Heise, C.; Sampson-Johannes, A.; Williams, A.; McCormick, F.; Von Hoff, D.D.; Kirn, D.H., 1997:
ONYX-015, an E1B gene-attenuated adenovirus, causes tumor-specific cytolysis and antitumoral efficacy that can be augmented by standard chemotherapeutic agents

Cohen, E.E.; Rudin, C.M., 2002:
ONYX-015. Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Weiss, R.A., 1998:
ONg retroviral particles in chick cell grown vaccines

LaPrade, T., 1988:
OOH (Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital) centers on smooth recoveries

Cammarota, M.; Huppes, V.; Gaia, S.; Degoulet, P., 1999:
OOMM--Object-Oriented Matrix Modelling: an instrument for the integration of the Brasilia Regional Health Information System

Chew, T.C., 1996:
OOS--a new industrial malady

Anonymous, 1997:
OP Web page aids consumers and professions

Anonymous, 1999:
OP dips: farmers urged to follow recommended precautions

Friedlaender, G.E., 2001:
OP-1 clinical studies

L.R.ux, P.; Behar, S.; Higgins, D.; Charette, M., 2000:
OP-1 enhances dendritic growth from cerebral cortical neurons in vitro

Jeppsson, C.; Säveland, H.; Rydholm, U.; Aspenberg, P., 2000:
OP-1 for cervical spine fusion: bridging bone in only 1 of 4 rheumatoid patients but prednisolone did not inhibit bone induction in rats

Forslund, C.; Aspenberg, P., 1999:
OP-1 has more effect than mechanical signals in the control of tissue differentiation in healing rat tendons

de Zegher, I.; Milstein, C.; Séné, B.; Dhalberg, B.; Harding, N.; Kostrewski, B.; Venot, A., 1993:
OPADE: development of an European computerized drug prescription system

Cheng, T.O., 1999:
OPALS study

Lipcaman, G.H.; Giles, C.R., 1986:
OPAM's goal: to provide well matched organs to awaiting patients

Moore, R.W.; Hart, W.T., 2001:
OPAP--a new approach to the management of obstructive sleep apnea

Saika, S.; Yamanaka, O.; Kawashima, Y.; Ohkawa, K.; Ohnishi, Y.; Ooshima, A.; Kimura, M.; Nakano, Y.; Kao, W.W., 1998:
OPC-15161 suppresses the proliferation of Tenon's capsule fibroblasts and the production of type I collagen and fibronectin stimulated by TGF-beta1 in vitro

Wait, M.A., 2001:
OPCAB selection bias

Arom, K.V.; Emery, R.W.; Flavin, T.F.; Kshettry, V.R.; Petersen, R.J., 2001:
OPCAB surgery: a critical review of two different categories of pre-operative ejection fraction

Ascione, R.; Angelini, G.D., 2003:
OPCAB surgery: a voyage of discovery back to the future. Off-pump coronary artery bypass

D'Ancona, G.; Donias, H.W.; Karamanoukian, R.L.; Bergsland, J.; Karamanoukian, H.L., 2002:
OPCAB therapy survey: off-pump clopidogrel, aspirin or both therapy survey

Boxer, S.C., 1980:
OPCS and the 1981 census

Li, Z.Y.; Li, Y.; Chen, U.Z., 1995:
OPD care for asthmatic children

Chase, S., 1993:
OPD visits are not random events

Streeck-Fischer, A., 1999:
OPD-diagnostics of child play

Wehlau, 1995:
OPE's and the dilaton beta function for the two-dimensional N=1 supersymmetric nonlinear sigma model

Barton, S.R., 1978:
OPEC decision: hospital bombshell

Lee, K.P., 1999:
OPG radiation dosages

Tomlin, A.C., 2002:
OPL--small blessings

Tomlin, A.C., 2002:
OPL. Factors affecting OPL performance

Tomlin, A.C., 2001:
OPL. Keeping up: distance learning and the solo librarian

Tomlin, A.C., 2002:
OPL. Myths and legends 101

Tomlin, A.C., 2001:
OPL. Practical tips for the solo practitioner

Rózylo, J.K.; Zabinska, A.; Matysiak, J.; Niewiadomy, A., 2003:
OPLC and HPTLC methods in physicochemical studies of a new group of antimycotic compounds

Haid, S.D., 1996:
OPO financial benchmarking: a boon for donation

Colombi, M.; Guffanti, A.; Alietti, A.; Latargia, M.L.; Vener, C.; Maiolo, A.T.; Baldini, L., 2001:
OPP-EBV-CAD regimen as salvage treatment in advanced refractory or resistant multiple myeloma

Bernard, N.; Bellemin, B.; Thirion, X.; Chuniaud-Louche, C.; Descotes, J., 2002:
OPPIDUM, a tool for assessing the local misuse of psychotropic drugs?

Anonymous, 2000:
OPPS begins with shaky start and mixed reviews

Ponting, C.P.; Ito, T.; Moscat, J.; Diaz-Meco, Mía.T.; Inagaki, F.; Sumimoto, H., 2002:
OPR, PC and AID: all in the PB1 family

McGough, H., 2001:
OPRR and FDA propose revised expedited review categories

Maloney, D.M., 2002:
OPRR issues final findings in its investigation of university

Thurmayr, R.; Thurmayr, G.R., 1999:
OPS-301/ICPM: experiences and problems

Pesut, D.J.; Herman, J., 1998:
OPT: transformation of nursing process for contemporary practice

Schmid, E., 1994:
OPTIMA--quality management in the clinic

Gheorghiade, M.; Gattis, W.A.; Klein, L., 2003:
OPTIME in CHF trial: rethinking the use of inotropes in the management of worsening chronic heart failure resulting in hospitalization

Bell, S.M.; Gurholt, K.J.; Yolton, R.L.; Griffith, W.T., 1997:
OPTX 20/20 and Press-On Optics bifocal segments: an evaluation

Schiele, F.; Bassand, J.P., 2000:
OPUS and routine angiography

Nordentoft, M.; Jeppesen, P.; Abel, M.; Kassow, P.; Petersen, L.; Thorup, A.; Krarup, G.; Hemmingsen, R.; Jørgensen, P., 2002:
OPUS study: suicidal behaviour, suicidal ideation and hopelessness among patients with first-episode psychosis. One-year follow-up of a randomised controlled trial

Barnes, T.M., 1994:
OPUS: a growing family of gap junction proteins?

Fescharek, R.; Budde, R.K.; Arras, C., 1997:
OPV vs IPV--could placental immunity reduce the number of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis?

Hood, E., 2001:
OPs cause bad trips?

Patterson, P., 1991:
OR 'super unit' makes use of QI in improving service

Yeung, A., 2000:
OR Manager of Year a team builder

Walker, J.F.; Leva, D., 1998:
OR Manager of Year is 'player coach'

Luffy, S., 1996:
OR Nurse Week observed November 12-18

Anonymous, 2002:
OR RN competence holds up, but new nurses' does not

O'Reilly, B., 1979:
OR X-ray plan: new UCLA suites benefit surgeons, patients

Souhrada, L., 1999:
OR and materials: the yin and yang

Anonymous, 1993:
OR automation pushes into intraop charting, integration

Anonymous, 2003:
OR automation systems

Belkin, N.L.; Koch, F.T., 1998:
OR barrier materials--necessity or extravagance?

Anonymous, 1999:
OR benchmarks. 'Best performer' demonstrates savings

Anonymous, 1998:
OR benchmarks. Can you save on terminal cleaning?

Anonymous, 1999:
OR benchmarks. Rhinoplasty best performers

Anonymous, 2001:
OR business managers are not just number crunchers

Patterson, P., 1992:
OR construction challenges for managers

Anonymous, 1998:
OR costing and an MD 'report card'

Gehrki, B., 2002:
OR design & construction, Part 1. New Mayo ORs allow for rapid change

Anonymous, 2002:
OR design & construction. Healing environments in surgical suites

Ulrich, R.S., 2002:
OR design & construction. What do we know about healing environments?

Patterson, P., 1988:
OR director's role is critical during a strike

Patterson, P., 1986:
OR directors are hot property with positions harder to fill

Patterson, P., 1987:
OR directors plan strategies for new outpatient PPS

Anonymous, 2002:
OR directors share their advice for surviving a building project

Anonymous, 2002:
OR directors' raises keep pace, but scope of job keeps growing

Hohler, S.; Worley, D.; Tolbert, M.J.; Voerg, L., 1997:
OR dream team: a continuous quality improvement project

Mathias, J.M., 2001:
OR efficiency. New policy smoothes add-on cases

Anonymous, 1978:
OR expansion helps Baylor meet a 'critical' need

Patterson, P., 1993:
OR exposure to electrosurgery smoke a concern

Belkin, N.L., 1999:
OR gowns--even a "pass" can fail

Mathias, J.M., 1995:
OR has a role in controlling 'superbugs'

Mathias, J.M., 1990:
OR inventory management is challenging

Souhrada, L., 1996:
OR inventory systems: who's doing what--and why?

Bonifazi, W.L., 2001:
OR leaders take steps to curb visitors, vendors in surgery

Brightbill, T., 1988:
OR liaison may provide link to savings and reduced inventory

Hoke, L., 1996:
OR management

Fleming, D., 1980:
OR management of the kidney harvest patient

Knoll, S.F., 1993:
OR manager of the year is Stephen F. Knoll

Lambrechts, D., 1996:
OR manager of the year is a master of change

Patterson, P., 1989:
OR managers are working to restructure the surgical suite

Patterson, P., 1989:
OR managers share strategies for custom pack programs

Patterson, P., 1996:
OR managers squeeze out costs in Florida

Anonymous, 1996:
OR managers' raises take dip but compare well

Anonymous, 1995:
OR managers' salaries hold up under pressure

Fenerty, D., 1992:
OR managers, staffs handle injuries from Los Angeles riots

Anonymous, 1996:
OR med mix-up likely cause of boy's death

Failla, S.D., 1991:
OR newsletter bridges communication gap

Anonymous, 2002:
OR nurse relegated to 'dummy room' sues under ADA. Case on point: Brown v. Lester E. Cox Med. Ctrs., No. 01-1096 (8th Cir. 4/17/02) S.W.3d.-MO

Patterson, P., 1990:
OR nurses are joining efforts to stem medical waste stream

Mathias, J.M., 1990:
OR nurses concerned about environment

Buresh, B., 1996:
OR nurses don't fight stereotypes on TV--a loss for all nurses

McVeigh, P., 1993:
OR nursing and environmental ethics. Medical waste reduction, reuse, and recycling

Baxter, B., 1998:
OR nursing in the Net

Wilson, T.S., 1996:
OR nursing--switching to a perioperative perspective

Mathias, J.M., 1994:
OR of the future to be less complicated, more efficient

Mathias, J.M., 1998:
OR on wheels moves into high gear

Haugh, R., 1999:
OR planning. Suite success

Anonymous, 1995:
OR project dramatically increases contraceptive prevalence in Mali

Anonymous, 1995:
OR quality of patient care hasn't been affected ... yet!

Weinger, M.B., 1996:
OR reading debate continues in my opinion: lack of outcome data makes reading a personal decision, states OR investigator

Patterson, P., 1987:
OR renovation. Plan for services analyzes workload, staffing, equipment

Hollingsworth-Fridlund, P.; Bernal Hall, J.; Dias, J.B., 1993:
OR resuscitation for trauma patients

Cofield, D.; Sarlatte, G.; Triller, M.; Tubbe, R., 2000:
OR roundtable. Managers share supply strategies

Avigne, J.; McHugh, N.; Manley, M.; Sievers, L., 1999:
OR roundtable. Managers' advice on OR staffing

Ebertowski, S.; Noll, D.; Townsend, I., 1999:
OR roundtable. Managers' tips on OR scheduling

Nevius, L., 1986 :
OR satellite pharmacies: demographics, services, and implementation

Atkin, D.H., 2000:
OR scheduling algorithms

Schildkamp, D.E.; Callahan, J.A., 1996:
OR services get a boost from 'quick wins'

Anonymous, 1995:
OR staff files suit over sexual harassment

Earnhart, S.W., 2002:
OR staff is upset about plans to build ASC

Anonymous, 1988:
OR staff make own decisions in shared governance model

Anonymous, 2002:
OR staffing holds up, but coping with shortage is more challenging

Souhrada, L., 1994:
OR supply survey: whose job is it anyway?

Anonymous, 1990:
OR tables. ECRI

Squires, N.M., 1980:
OR technicians--who, what, where?

Patterson, P., 1995:
OR technology decisions shift to outcomes

Anonymous, 1994:
OR technology: microrobots, computer aids, tissue welding

Robinson, J.A., 1993:
OR time delays. A time management plan that works

Ward, S., 1990:
OR turnaround: focusing on problem areas

Ward, S., 1990:
OR turnaround: looking at problem areas

Rutledge, B., 1993:
OR's QI team focuses on supply chain

Anonymous, 1996:
OR, materials management communication is improving

Souhrada, L., 1998:
OR, materials: stronger partnerships needed

Lesová, K.; Sturdíková, M.; Proksa, B.; Pigos, M.; Liptaj, T., 2001:
OR-1--a mixture of esters of glyceric acid produced by Penicillium funiculosum and its antitrypsin activity

Sieggreen, M., 1998:
OR-acquired pressure ulcers in vascular surgery patients

Patterson, M.A., 1980:
OR/CS supervisor: a new breed

Roberts, P.B., 1983:
OR/MM relationships: an analysis

Whetstone, S.N., 1999:
ORA's role at FDA headquarters and in the field for product recalls

Kenyon, S.; Taylor, D.J.; Tarnow-Mordi, W.O., 2002:
ORACLE--antibiotics for preterm prelabour rupture of the membranes: short-term and long-term outcomes

Anonymous, 2001:
ORBIS International in India

Wilbert, R.; Illes, S.; Gyenes, L., 1996:
ORBIS OpenMed project: technical fundamentals

Anonymous, 2003:
ORBIS personnel schedule with new automated schedule planning

Watts, K.; Taylor, H.; Taylor, K., 1998:
ORBIS--training nurses worldwide in ophthalmic care

Winter, M.; Behrendt, S.; Rochels, R., 1998:
ORBIT-NET. Discussion forum on orbitology on the internet

Bellgard, M.I.; Hiew, H.L.; Hunter, A.; Wiebrands, M., 2000:
ORBIT: an integrated environment for user-customized bioinformatics tools

Hansten, P.D.; Horn, J.R.; Hazlet, T.K., 2001:
ORCA: OpeRational ClassificAtion of drug interactions

van Ginneken, A.M.; Stam, H.; van Mulligen, E.M.; de Wilde, M.; van Mastrigt, R.; van Bemmel, J.H., 2000:
ORCA: the versatile CPR

Stokes, T., 2001:
ORCAstrating plant primary and secondary metabolism

Anonymous, 1997:
ORDA reports

Cade, N.V., 2002:
OREM's self-care deficit theory applied to hypertensive patients

Schurr, M.O.; Buess, G., 1995:
OREST II--ergonomic workplace and systems platform for endoscopic technologies

Sear, J.W., 1997:
ORG 21465, a new water-soluble steroid hypnotic: more of the same or something different?

Ginsburg, R.; Lippmann, M., 1993:
ORG 9426, succinylcholine or vecuronium: which agent provides "overall superiority" for short outpatient procedures

Bhat, P.N., 1991:
ORG surveys of family planning practices in India: a statistical review

Bivens, L.W., 1994:
ORI and misconduct investigations

Anderson, C.; Gallo, R.C., 1993:
ORI drops Gallo case in legal dispute

Taha, J.M.; Zuccarello, M., 1996:
ORION anterior cervical plate system

Goldstein, S.A.; Price, L.A.; Rosenthal, D.N.; Pausch, M.H., 1996:
ORK1, a potassium-selective leak channel with two pore domains cloned from Drosophila melanogaster by expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Portmann, D.; Marraco, M.; Lacombe, D.; Taine, L.; Gadan, C.; Siberchicot, F., 1997:
ORL and speech aspects in DiGeorge syndrome

Carrat, X.; Richaud, P.; Devars, F.; Traissac, L., 1993:
ORL cancers in patients under the age of 45 years. Epidemiology, prognosis and treatment: apropos of 106 cases

Clarke, L.K., 1995:
ORL data elements: the foundation of our specialty practice

Gardet, V., 1997:
ORL drugs and doping

Anonymous, 1997:
ORL infections. 10th consensus conference on anti-infectious therapeutics. Under the collaboration of the French Societies of Infectious Diseases, of ORL and of Pediatrics

Portmann, D.; Herman, D.; Rodrigues, E., 1996:
ORL involvement and Noonan syndrome

Koffi-Aka, V.; Akon, J.C.; Koné, M.; Yotio, A.; Ehouo, F., 1999:
ORL manifestations in malignant hemopathies

Sacko, H.B.; A.M.hamed, A.; Maiga, M.Y.; Kalle, A.; Doumbia, S.Y.; Guindo, A., 1995:
ORL manifestations observed in AIDS. Apropos of 65 cases

Bravo Domínguez, O.; Foglia Fernández, M.; González Compte, X.; Jiménez Montoya, R.; Girons Bonells, J.; Dicenta Sousa, M., 2001:
ORL manifestations of myasthenia gravis

Clarke, L.K., 1994:
ORL nurses can make a difference

Clarke, L.K., 1994 :
ORL nurses in advanced practice: the wave of the future

McKennis, A.; Adams, J., 2002:
ORL nursing: where we have been and where we are going

Jiménez Morales, J.; Delgado Moreno, F.; Sánchez Gómez, S.; Ceballo Pedraja, J.; Mata Maderuelo, F.; Dapena Fernández, J., 1993:
ORL pathology in cystic fibrosis

Sigler, B., 1994:
ORL-head and neck nursing: a specialty of opportunity

Röver, S.; Wichmann, J.; Jenck, F.; Adam, G.; Cesura, A.M., 2000:
ORL1 receptor ligands: structure-activity relationships of 8-cycloalkyl-1-phenyl-1,3,8-triaza-spiro[4.5]decan-4-ones

Bucher, B., 1999:
ORL1 receptor-mediated inhibition by nociceptin of noradrenaline release from perivascular sympathetic nerve endings of the rat tail artery

Hjelmqvist, L.; Tuson, M.; Marfany, G.; Herrero, E.; Balcells, S.; Gonzàlez-Duarte, R., 2002:
ORMDL proteins are a conserved new family of endoplasmic reticulum membrane proteins

Hill, M., 2000:
ORNAC approved post basic OR education programs

Schaller, J.L.; Behar, D., 2001:
OROS medications confounding kidney stone diagnosis

Anonymous, 1994:
ORS -- outstanding issues

Hudelson, P.M., 1993:
ORS and the treatment of childhood diarrhea in Managua, Nicaragua

Choudhri, Y.; Walop, W.; Squires, S.; Tam, T.; King, A.; Skowronski, D.; Warrington, R.; Wood, J., 2002:
ORS during the 2000-2001 influenza vaccination season

Agrawal, S.C., 1995:
ORS: controversies and perspectives

Beckmann, U.; Dietrich, W.; Radeglia, R., 1999:
ORSAT and modifications of SEFT and APT

Anonymous, 1994:
ORT and ORS: what is the difference?

Pierce, N., 1988:
ORT and vomiting. Reply to Tambawal letter

Anonymous, 1988:
ORT in practice: India. CDD market research

Anonymous, 1998:
ORYX PLUS: what you must know about JCAHO's 'accelerated option'

Anonymous, 1999:
ORYX and organization status changes: two scenarios

Anonymous, 2001:
ORYX data collection valuable but difficult and labor-intensive, some say

Anonymous, 2000:
ORYX data come to life in pre-survey reports

Anonymous, 2003 :
ORYX data to play key role in new JCAHO survey process

Anonymous, 2003:
ORYX data transmission requirement suspended for behavioral health care, home care, and long term care

Mahady, M., 1999:
ORYX enters the accreditation race

Anonymous, 1997:
ORYX is right around the corner; is your department ready?

Anonymous, 2002:
ORYX pricing model for performance measurement systems approved for 2003

Anonymous, 1999:
ORYX requirements modified for behavioral health and home care organizations

Anonymous, 1999:
ORYX requirements simplified

Anonymous, 1997:
ORYX. The next evolution in accreditation. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Anonymous, 1999:
ORYX: 'there has to be a better way to do this'

Anonymous, 1998:
ORYX: March 2 is breathing down your neck

Anonymous, 1997:
ORYX: how will it affect you?

Rudman, W.; Hewitt, C., 1999:
ORYX: opportunity gained or lost?

Anonymous, 1998:
ORYX: problems arise with reporting infections

Friedman, M.M., 1998:
ORYX: the next evolution in accreditation

Scott, L., 1995:
ORex may wash away waste disposal problem

Anonymous, 2001:
ORs benchmark activities for the day of surgery

Pinker, S., 2001:
ORs closed after Aspergillus discovered at Royal Vic

Anonymous, 2002:
ORs consider how to comply with JCAHO staffing standard

Anonymous, 1994:
ORs face pressure to change skill mix

Patterson, P., 1991:
ORs facing pressure for higher utilization

Patterson, P.; Krampf, L., 1993:
ORs join the move to 'seamless organizations'

Anonymous, 2000:
ORs moving to flat-rate charges

Patterson, P., 1992:
ORs prepare to meet OSHA's bloodborne pathogen standard

Anonymous, 1992:
ORs reorganizing services for endoscopic surgery

Mathias, J.M., 1995:
ORs return to one room for pre, postop care

Patterson, P., 1994:
ORs streamline patient care, control resource utilization

Anonymous, 1998:
ORs tap bar codes to track supplies

Patterson, P., 1996:
ORs try to overcome 'islands of automation'

Barbiera, F.; Bellissima, G.; Iovane, A.; D.M.ria, M., 2003:
OS acromiale producing rotator cuff impingement and rupture. A case report

Sosnov, D.L.; Molev, A.I.; Kurochkin, E.D., 2002:
OS-250-01 illumination for endoscopic apparatus

Zwillich, C.W., 1996:
OSA and cardiovascular morbidity: Will CPAP prove to be effective?

Childs, B.W., 1990:
OSCAR (our system cares about recovery): an intuitive system for Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center

Hodges, B.; Regehr, G.; McNaughton, N.; Tiberius, R.; Hanson, M., 1999:
OSCE checklists do not capture increasing levels of expertise

Schmidts, M.B., 2000 :
OSCE logistics--handheld computers replace checklists and provide automated feedback. Objective structured clinical examination

Des Marchais, J.Etienne., 2002:
OSCE means 'Scotland' in French

Regehr, G.; Freeman, R.; Robb, A.; Missiha, N.; Heisey, R., 1999:
OSCE performance evaluations made by standardized patients: comparing checklist and global rating scores

Kyle, V.; Burns-Cox, C.; Box, L.; Burgess, B., 2000:
OSCEs for house officers

Anonymous, 1998:
OSDH explains newborn metabolic disorder screening rule revisions

Anonymous, 1996:
OSDH nutrition program successful in reducing childhood anemia rate

Anonymous, 1996:
OSDH receives grant to assist pregnant women with HIV, AIDS

Anonymous, 1998:
OSDH reminds physicians of Oklahoma's Newborn Hearing Screening Program

Sandrick, K., 1998:
OSF-St. Mary Medical Center in Galesburg, IL, has landed a prestigious award for its total quality management strategy

Cuny, E., 2001:
OSHA 2000: a review of compliance issues

Sawner, J., 2001:
OSHA 300 wizard

Roll, F.G., 1996:
OSHA 3148: Analysis of workplace violence guidelines

Anonymous, 1985:
OSHA EO standard

Anonymous, 1996:
OSHA Revises TB enforcement

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA TB proposal criticized by infection control experts

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA TB standard adds teeth to CDC guidelines. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anonymous, 1996:
OSHA aims at nursing facilities; HCFA survey may provide targets

Bonner, P., 1996:
OSHA and dentistry: a progress report

Sierocinski, D.M.; Gore, R.J., 1993:
OSHA and the decontamination area

Anonymous, 2000:
OSHA announces enforcement of safety devices

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA begins inspections under its nursing home safety initiative

Anonymous, 2000:
OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard update

DiMaggio, S.L., 1994:
OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard withstands health care provider challenges

De la Mare, D., 1997:
OSHA casts a broader net for inspections

Goodman, G., 1996:
OSHA celebrates silver anniversary

Dear, J.A., 1994:
OSHA chief: a new voice on safety. Interview by Ellen Weisman

Anonymous, 1979:
OSHA cites Cyanamid on sterilization issue

Anonymous, 1994:
OSHA cites hospital for failure to protect workers against exposure to tuberculosis

Pugliese, G., 1996:
OSHA clarifies position on recapping of needles

Anonymous, 2002:
OSHA clarifies, updates Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

Yohay, S.C., 1993:
OSHA compels disclosure of safety and health audits: smart enforcement or misguided policy?

Cross, J.R.; West, K., 1992:
OSHA compliance

Anonymous, 1999:
OSHA consultation services for dentistry.U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Turk, A.R., 1997:
OSHA cuts red tape on injury/illness reporting

Okleshen, W., 1996:
OSHA draws up interim enforcement policy for TB

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA enforcement policy and procedures for occupational exposure to tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1990:
OSHA enforces free hepatitis B vaccination requirement

Purcell, S., 1989:
OSHA enforcing law on employees' "right to know"

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA ergonomics standard has sweeping requirements

Anonymous, 1982:
OSHA evaluates EPA standard for use of EO gas

Phillips, G.B.; Jorkasky, J.F., 1983:
OSHA evaluates the EtO exposure standard

Anonymous, 1982:
OSHA examining need for new EtO standard

Anonymous, 1989:
OSHA explains final formaldehyde-exposure rule

Hayes, M., 1982:
OSHA final rule gives employees the right to see their exposure and medical records

Anonymous, 1990:
OSHA finds most hospitals using universal precautions

Goodman, G., 1996:
OSHA first aid training regulations

Blankenau, R., 1993:
OSHA focuses on pathogens-standard compliance

Anonymous, 2000:
OSHA focuses on safe needle devices

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA focusing on ergonomic hazards; help is on the Web

Weller, S.C., 1992:
OSHA gets into dirty laundry

Bleicher, B.K., 1992:
OSHA gets tough on protecting providers

Anonymous, 1995:
OSHA gives green light to use 'N95' respirators. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Anonymous, 1996:
OSHA guidelines aim at reducing violence in health care settings

Threlkeld, D.M., 1994:
OSHA indoor air quality regulations would increase health care facilities' compliance burden

Anonymous, 1991:
OSHA inspection procedures and fine schedules

Maloney, S.A.; Lasky, P.C., 1978:
OSHA inspections: what can you expect?

Morgenstern, T.F.; Millstein, M., 1993:
OSHA interprets bloodborne pathogens standard

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA issues HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Response) instructions

Anonymous, 1991:
OSHA issues citation for laser safety

Anonymous, 1999:
OSHA issues controversial advisory on risks of latex

Weller, C., 1988:
OSHA issues enforcement procedures on occupational exposure to HBV and HIV. Is your plant ready for an OSHA inspection?

Anonymous, 1996:
OSHA issues guidelines to protect healthcare workers from violence

Anonymous, 2002:
OSHA issues hazard bulletin for exposure to beryllium in dental labs

Goodman, G., 1997:
OSHA issues hepatitis B disinfectant policy

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA issues its enforcement guidelines for TB

Anonymous, 2002:
OSHA issues new ergonomic rules

Anonymous, 1979:
OSHA issues new guidelines on lead

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA issues safety rule for confined-space entry

Findley, M.E., 1991:
OSHA lab-safety standard requires written plans

Pallarito, K., 1992:
OSHA lacks hospital experience, some fear

Jorkasky, J.F., 1985:
OSHA legislation and regulation

Anonymous, 1992:
OSHA mandates AIDS protection

Sachs, G.M., 1990:
OSHA mandates infection control for EMS and fire service

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA mandates reporting of illness and injury data

Brown, M.P.; Lippin, T.M.; Eckman, A.K., 2001:
OSHA matters: workers and managers say it backs them up

Welsh, D., 1982:
OSHA medical records affect retention, access

Anonymous, 1994:
OSHA modifies hazard communication rule

Plunkett, L.R., 2001:
OSHA moves to protect employees from work-related injuries

Anonymous, 1984:
OSHA news. New ethylene oxide standard

Khoo, B.S., 1998:
OSHA on the Internet

Anonymous, 1999:
OSHA plans action on sharps injuries

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA plans to enforce TB safety standards

Garza, M.A., 1993:
OSHA policies and procedures for TB protection

Kadzielski, M.A., 1989:
OSHA proposals create cost and compliance problems

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA proposes TB standard

Anonymous, 2000:
OSHA proposes ergonomics rule

Stoker, J., 2002:
OSHA proposes ergonomics rule that will affect home and hospice

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA proposes mandatory TB standard; requirements vary according to risk of workplace exposure

Branzelle, J., 1987:
OSHA proposes new rules aimed at employer work practices

Anonymous, 1990:
OSHA proposes revised asbestos regulations

Anonymous, 1998:
OSHA proposes standard for occupational exposure to TB

Anonymous, 1994:
OSHA publishes proposed indoor air rule

Hardy, M.J., 1988:
OSHA publishes short term limit on ethylene oxide

Wallace, C., 1983:
OSHA pushes EtO limit too fast: AHA

Dohms, J., 1993:
OSHA recordkeeping guidelines for occupational injuries and illnesses

Maguire, S.P., 1978:
OSHA records and privacy: competing interests in the workplace

Hill, C.J., 1992:
OSHA regulation of blood-borne pathogens

Brown, B.L.; Brown, J.W., 1992:
OSHA regulations demand strict documentation, compliance

Garber, N., 1993:
OSHA regulations on universal precautions: a sample training curriculum

Childs, N., 2000:
OSHA releases ergonomics standard

Anonymous, 1999:
OSHA reopens record for TB rule

Stoker, J., 2002:
OSHA revises bloodborn pathogens compliance directive

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA revises bloodborne pathogen standard--mandates sharps safety devices

Anonymous, 2000:
OSHA revises bloodborne pathogens compliance directive

Makulowich, G.S., 1995:
OSHA revises booklet on personal protective equipment

Thomas, P., 1989:
OSHA rules are inching forward

Miller, C., 1994:
OSHA rules lack guides for patient protection

Dohms, J., 1993:
OSHA safety requirements for hazardous chemicals in the workplace

Weisman, E., 1993:
OSHA searches for right fit on its ergonomics standard

Anonymous, 1996:
OSHA seeks comments from health care and other "high hazard" industries on best way to report injury and illness

Railton, W.S., 1994:
OSHA sets new direction

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA sharpens blood safety rule

Jemison, T., 1983:
OSHA staff disagrees. Ethylene oxide 'rift'

Souhrada, L., 1992:
OSHA standard prompts questions from CS

Patterson, P., 1993:
OSHA steps up action on waste anesthetic gases

Tselikis, P., 2001:
OSHA stiffens its ergonomics stance

Thomison, J.B., 1993:
OSHA stuff and nonsense

Costello, L., 1990:
OSHA tackles infection control

Peterson, C., 1996:
OSHA targeted for "reform"

Kurland, O.M., 1992:
OSHA targets AIDS in the workplace

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA targets reducing needlesticks among HCWs. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Bleckman, J., 1992:
OSHA to develop second lead-exposure standard

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA to inspect hospitals, medical clinics for use of safer needles. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Tokarski, C., 1990:
OSHA to issue worker protection rules next year

Anonymous, 1997:
OSHA to target sites with high rates of injuries/illnesses; nursing facilities are on the hit list

Guttman, R.A., 1993:
OSHA to use general duty clause to enforce CDC guidelines during pendency of TB rule-making petition

Soifer, P., 1983:
OSHA told to lower exposure standards. Stricter controls ordered for hospital sterilant

Hensley, S., 2000:
OSHA toughens its needlestick policy

Brown, J.W.; Brown, B.L., 1992:
OSHA training must reflect employee education, literacy levels

Duffie, L.T., 1988:
OSHA will focus on health care employers in '88

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA's Eto blood test questioned

Weller, S.C., 1992:
OSHA's bloodborne pathogens rule an opportunity/threat

Smith, P.W., 1994:
OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard: a review of physician office compliance after the first year

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard: analysis and recommendations

Ferdinand, M., 1993:
OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard: enforcement, compliance and comment

Dohms, J.A., 1993:
OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard: new job-safety requirements for healthcare

Fluke, C., 1992:
OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard: what you don't know can hurt you

Stead, W.E.; Stead, J.G., 1982:
OSHA's cancer prevention policy: where did it come from and where is it going?

Fluke, C., 1993:
OSHA's citation system

Anonymous, 2000:
OSHA's compliance directive

Carney, L., 2002:
OSHA's directive requires the use of safer needle technology

Brooks, R., 2002:
OSHA's eTool for Lockout/Tagout

Whiting, B.J., 1980:
OSHA's enforcement policy

Wilson, T.H., 2001:
OSHA's ergonomic standard in the health care workplace

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA's ergonomics final rule and healthcare: what's the motivation?

Barlow, R.; Handelman, E., 1993:
OSHA's final bloodborne pathogens standard: Part II

Okleshen, W., 1994:
OSHA's final rule on asbestos cuts permissible exposure in half

Domin, M.A.; Smith, C.E., 1992:
OSHA's final rule on occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA's hazard communication standard. What it means for U.S. hospitals

Anonymous, 1989:
OSHA's hepatitis and AIDS plan: steep costs foreseen by hospitals

Anonymous, 1990:
OSHA's laboratory chemical hazards standard

Anonymous, 1999:
OSHA's latest latex legerdemain

Wellington, T., 1996:
OSHA's new asbestos rule: what you need to know

Yohay, S.C.; White, F.A., 1994:
OSHA's new personal protective equipment standard--a potentially significant enforcement tool

Rink, G.S., 1999:
OSHA's new respiratory protection standard. Applicability to the worksite

Roup, B.J., 1993:
OSHA's new standard: exposure to bloodborne pathogens

Presson, A.C.; McDiarmid, M.A., 1996:
OSHA's perspective on occupational exposure to hazardous drugs

Rettig, P.C., 1989:
OSHA's proposal ignores the CDC's guidelines

Jagger, J.; Perry, J., 2000:
OSHA's push toward safety

Anonymous, 1993:
OSHA's respiratory protection standard

Corbin, D.E., 2001:
OSHA's revised pathogens standard

Anonymous, 2001:
OSHA's revised record-keeping requirements

Schneider, C.M., 1994:
OSHA's safety equipment rules: what is and isn't required?

Anonymous, 1980:
OSHA's sterilization ruling is overturned

Japsen, B., 1994:
OSHA's strict interim TB guidelines result in steep finds for hospitals

Chelius, J.; Stark, H.F., 1984:
OSHA's voluntary protection program

Anonymous, 1999:
OSHA's working draft of an ergonomics standard

Taravella, S., 1991:
OSHA, CDC issues rules on infection control

Leonard, K., 1992:
OSHA, dollars & fun: counting CAI's benefits

Carter, S.D., 1993:
OSHA--authority over reason

Berman, D.A., 2002:
OSHA--is your practice in compliance?

Henning, S., 1994:
OSHA: What is it? And how does it work?

Combs, R., 1993:
OSHA: bad business or new opportunity?

Alpert, L.I., 1990:
OSHA: new player in the battle against AIDS

Infante, M., 1994:
OSHA: the other regulator

Simpson, F., 2001:
OSHLINE database: staying on top of health and safety literature

Hoisington, R., 1992:
OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) to implement fully automated plan review

Jameson, R., 1981:
OSHRC rules sterilization is not an occupational hazard

Anonymous, 2002:
OSI Pharmaceuticals, Genentech and Roche announce data from clinical studies of Tarceva

Norman, P., 2002:
OSI-774 OSI Pharmaceuticals

Khanna, R.; Richmond, S., 1993:
OSIRIS trial. Northern Neonatal Nursing Initiative

Green, D., 1999:
OSLER marks first birthday with contest

Weedn, R.J., 2000:
OSMA launches physicians' campaign for a healthier Oklahoma

Anonymous, 1993:
OSMA tackles health care reform with its own game plan

Dodd, E., 1993:
OSTAR-Oklahoma Schedule II abuse reduction: an electronic point of sale diversion control system

Anonymous, 1995:
OSU Medical Center makes a large center feel small, friendly. A large academic medical center improves internal and external communications

Aoyama, 1988:
OSp(2,2||4) for open-string fields

Bellucci, 1987:
OSp(N,4)-invariant dimensional regularization

Tokier, V., 1993:
OT kitchen focuses on special needs to promote self-care

Henley, M.B., 2001:
OTA Presidential Address. Minding the store: practice management metrics for physician managers

Burns, A.K., 1985:
OTA finds ProPAC work progressing, highlights need to involve public

Humm, M., 1985:
OTA issues report on medical device policy

Kellam, J.F., 1998:
OTA presidential address

Wagner, L.; Weissenstein, E., 1993:
OTA report assails profits on new drugs

Anonymous, 1977:
OTA report weighs medical data systems

Rittinger, K.; Lesparre, M., 1980:
OTA studies estimates of physician supply in 1990

Anonymous, 1995 :
OTA swan song has many verses

Blankenau, R., 1993:
OTA takes closer look at cost of drugs

Krieger, L., 1984:
OTA: no new laws are needed to regulate certain gene therapies

Chase, S.L., 1996:
OTC NSAIDs: patients need to know about side effects

Sanfilippo, J.S., 2000:
OTC access to emergency contraception-"the French model"-what's your vote?

Landow, K., 2001:
OTC agents for ringworm?

Agrawal, M., 2000:
OTC cold, cough and allergy products: more choice or more confusion?

Archambault, G.F., 1977:
OTC drowsy or legend drowsy

Johnson, R.E.; Ried, L.D., 1996:
OTC drug use in an HMO: comparing the elderly and younger adults

Juhl, R.P., 1975:
OTC drugs and clinical pharmacy: the use of community pharmacies as teaching laboratories

Weiss, B., 2002:
OTC emergency contraception?

Chase, S.L., 1993 :
OTC interactions. Antacids

Rodman, M.J., 1993:
OTC interactions. Asthma medications

Cerrato, P.L., 1993:
OTC interactions. Vitamins and minerals

Anonymous, 1998:
OTC labeling reform

Shuster, J., 2000:
OTC laxative woes

Anonymous, 2003:
OTC loratadine

Parmley, W.W., 2000:
OTC or not OTC--that is the question

Clark, C., 1997:
OTC prescribing

Chase, S.L., 1996:
OTC products help smokers quit

Anonymous, 1997:
OTC spermicides: how helpful in STD prevention?

Anonymous, 1995:
OTC switch considered for asthma

DiSantostefano, J.; Hagan, B.; Worley, J., 1999:
OTC treatment for candidiasis

Anonymous, 1997:
OTC treatments: preparations for mouth care

Anonymous, 1997:
OTC update: heat rubs and topical analgesics for muscular pain

Chase, S.L., 1993:
OTC. GI remedies

Engle, J.P., 1993:
OTCs' role in cost-effective health care

McCarthy, R., 1999:
OTCs: the wild card in cost effectiveness

Karavatselou, E.I.; Economou, G.P.; Chassomeris, C.A.; Danelli-Mylonas, V.; Lymberopoulos, D.K., 2001:
OTE-TS--a new value-added telematics service for telemedicine applications

Glantz, C.H.; Richman, N., 1997:
OTR-COTA collaboration in home health: roles and supervisory issues

Bakeman, R.; Quera, V., 2000:
OTS: a program for converting Noldus Observer data files to SDIS files

Ferrero, V.; Steffenino, G.; Vado, A., 1999:
OTTO: the Intra-Hospital Organization of and Time to the Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarct. A regional multicenter observational study. ANMCO Regionale Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta

Kangilaski, J., 1977:
OURS appears good way for peer review

Madiyalakan, R.; Yang, R.; Schultes, B.C.; Baum, R.P.; Noujaim, A.A., 1997:
OVAREX MAb-B43.13:IFN-gamma could improve the ovarian tumor cell sensitivity to CA125-specific allogenic cytotoxic T cells

Cioffi, M.; Fratta, M.; Gazzerro, P.; Di Finizio, B.; Tucci, A.; Molinari, A.M., 1997:
OVCA (CA125) second generation: technical aspects and serum levels in controls, patients with liver disease, pregnant women and patients with ovarian disease

Mannisto, M., 1982:
OVCPs serve as advocates of voluntarism

Mamalis, N., 2002:
OVDs. viscosurgical, viscoelastic, and viscoadaptive. What does this mean?

Martell, R.E.; Xu, F.J.; Davis, W.Z.; Anselmino, L.; Yu, Y.H.; Daly, L.; Bast, R.C., 1999:
OVX1 and CEA in patients with colon carcinoma, colon polyps and benign colon disorders

Bleasby, A.J.; Akrigg, D.; Attwood, T.K., 1994:
OWL--a non-redundant composite protein sequence database

Weinberg, A.D.; Lemon, M.; Jones, A.J.; Vainiene, M.; Celnik, B.; Buenafe, A.C.; Culbertson, N.; Bakke, A.; Vandenbark, A.A.; Offner, H., 1996:
OX-40 antibody enhances for autoantigen specific V beta 8.2+ T cells within the spinal cord of Lewis rats with autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Weinberg, A.D.; Vella, A.T.; Croft, M., 1998:
OX-40: life beyond the effector T cell stage

Ohshima, Y.; Yang, L.P.; Uchiyama, T.; Tanaka, Y.; Baum, P.; Sergerie, M.; Hermann, P.; Delespesse, G., 1998:
OX40 costimulation enhances interleukin-4 (IL-4) expression at priming and promotes the differentiation of naive human CD4(+) T cells into high IL-4-producing effectors

Gri, G.; Gallo, E.; D.C.rlo, E.; Musiani, P.; Colombo, M.P., 2002 :
OX40 ligand-transduced tumor cell vaccine synergizes with GM-CSF and requires CD40-Apc signaling to boost the host T cell antitumor response

Pan, P-Ying.; Zang, Y.; Weber, K.; Meseck, M.L.; Chen, S-Hsia., 2002:
OX40 ligation enhances primary and memory cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in an immunotherapy for hepatic colon metastases

Kopf, M.; Ruedl, C.; Schmitz, N.; Gallimore, A.; Lefrang, K.; Ecabert, B.; Odermatt, B.; Bachmann, M.F., 2000:
OX40-deficient mice are defective in Th cell proliferation but are competent in generating B cell and CTL Responses after virus infection

Haraguchi, Y.; Chung, A.B.; Neill, S.; Wallace, D.C., 1994:
OXBOX and REBOX, overlapping promoter elements of the mitochondrial F0F1-ATP synthase beta subunit gene. OXBOX/REBOX in the ATPsyn beta promoter

Yarbrough, M.I., 1993:
Oak Ridge Health Studies Agreement

Johnson, P.L., 1981:
Oak Ridge cancer treatment

Wharton, W.V., 1979:
Oakdale Center for Developmental Disabilities

Smith, O.G., 1986:
Oakley Smith's five lost years in chiropractic

Beideman, R.P.; Smith, O., 1994:
Oakley Smith's schism of 1908: the rise and decline of naprapathy

Nutbeam, D., 1999:
Oakley's case for using randomised controlled trials is misleading

Cravens, H.; Kevles, D.J., 1986:
Oaks and cacti

Wills, T., 1997:
Oaks from acorns grow

Simpson, F., 1981:
Oakville's approach to health care

Phua, S.H.; van Stijn, T.; Broom, M.F., 1998:
OarSHP1 and OarSHP2: two ovine microsatellite markers and their chromosomal assignments

Girard, T.; Fior, R.; Capron, F.; Maître, S.; Boué, F.; Galanaud, P., 1999:
Oases in the desert...

Jones, R., 1992:
Oasis comes to the FORE: health information management model on display

Sperling, R., 1999:
Oasis is coming--OASIS is here!

Sheine, J., 1991:
Oasis of healing. Hi-Desert Medical Center, Joshua Tree, California

Benbow, M., 2002:
Oasis: an innovative alternative dressing for chronic wounds

Janatuinen, E.; Julkunen, R.; Uusitupa, M., 1997:
Oat and celiac disease

Kontula, P.; von Wright, A.; Mattila-Sandholm, T., 1999:
Oat bran beta-gluco- and xylo-oligosaccharides as fermentative substrates for lactic acid bacteria

Pick, M.E.; Hawrysh, Z.J.; Gee, M.I.; Toth, E.; Garg, M.L.; Hardin, R.T., 1996:
Oat bran concentrate bread products improve long-term control of diabetes: a pilot study

Vazquez, E., 2001:
Oat bran treats diarrhea

García Víctor, F.; Lapuerta Torres, E.; Moreno Pérez, F.; Calatrava Gadea, S.; Díaz Calleja, E., 2000:
Oat cell bladder carcinoma. Report of a case

Delgadillo, L.A.; Nichols, D.E., 1998:
Oat cell carcinoma metastasis to the foot

Herrera Puerto, J.; Barragán Casas, J.M.; Galán Velasco, J.J.; Hoyos Fitto, C.; Pierna Manzano, J.; Isusquiza Garro, I., 2002:
Oat cell carcinoma of the bladder

Rahal, P.S.; Cornelius, V., 1994:
Oat cell carcinoma of the lung in patients with CLL

Mitchell, R.B.; Stedeford, J.; Buchanan, G., 1998:
Oat cell carcinoma of the tongue from an unknown primary

Senen, D.; Adanali, G.; Tuncel, A.; Erdoğan, Bülent., 2002:
Oat cell lung cancer diagnosed following metastasis to the skin

Valls, C.; Sanchez-Laforga, A.; Benasco, C., 1994:
Oat-cell carcinoma of the esophagus

Benito, J.; de Mier, M.; Morote, F.; Porras, E.; García, N.; Pérez-Requena, J., 2001:
Oat-cell carcinoma of the tongue: report of a case

Needham, C.W., 1997:
Oath of Hippocrates vs the Wall Street Journal?

Hall, R.T., 1994:

Mills, S., 2003:
Oaths & courses

Singh, M., 1997:
Oaths, codes, ethics and the essence of medicine: a time for resurrection

Hallert, C.; Olsson, M.; Störsrud, S.; Lenner, R.A.; Kilander, A.; Stenhammar, L., 1999:
Oats can be included in gluten-free diet

Branski, D.; Shine, M., 1996:
Oats in celiac disease

Walder, K.; Willet, M.; Zimmet, P.; Collier, G.R., 1998:
Ob (obese) gene expression and leptin levels in Psammomys obesus

Rayner, D.V.; Trayhurn, P., 1996:
Ob (obese) gene expression in white adipose tissue of obese Zucker (fa/fa) rats

Aizawa-Abe, M.; Ogawa, Y.; Masuzaki, H.; Nakao, K., 2000:
Ob gene

Anonymous, 1983:
Ob's. face ethical questions raised by in-vitro, in-vivo fertilization

Gangi, D.M., 1999:
Ob-Gyn interactive case challenge--a case of sadness and anxiety 9 months postpartum

Everson, G.T., 1998:
Ob-Gyn interactive case challenge--liver disease in the third trimester of pregnancy

Anonymous, 1979:
Ob-gyn staff quits in battle over surgical turf

Anonymous, 1975:
Ob-gyn. who halted in-vitro conception responds to lawsuit

Anonymous, 1981:
Ob. gyns. will need to keep up with rapid genetic advances: wrongful life suits to rise

Albertson, D., 1982:
Ob/Gyns see new challenges to reputations and incomes

Asakawa, A.; Inui, A.; Ueno, N.; Makino, S.; Uemoto, M.; Fujino, M.A.; Kasuga, M., 2002:
Ob/ob mice as a model of delayed gastric emptying

Johnson, J.B.; Ichinose, H.; Obagi, Z.E.; Laub, D.R., 1996:
Obagi's modified trichloroacetic acid (TCA)-controlled variable-depth peel: a study of clinical signs correlating with histological findings

Collazo, E.; Luna, M., 1994:
Obeid's technique for treatment of pilonidal sinus

Al-Qattan, M.M., 2002:
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