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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46859

Chapter 46859 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Babchuk, V.G.; Klimov, I.A.; Skolunov, N.P.; Shilin, I.M., 2001:
On the 60th year of graduation of doctor's assistants from Krondshtadt Navy medical school

Rodríguez Arias, B.; Barraquer i Bordas, L., 1994:
On the 70th anniversary of Professor Lluis Barraquer i Bordas

Fritzsche, H.; Höfer, R., 1993:
On the 70th birthday of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Höfer

Hayabuchi, Y.; Ono, A.; Homma, Y.; Kagami, S., 2018:
Analysis of Right Ventricular Myocardial Stiffness and Relaxation Components in Children and Adolescents With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Kapronczay, K.; Arkövy, J., 1997:
On the 75th anniversary of the death of József Arkövy

Anonymous, 1998:
On the 75th anniversary of the founding of the journal Urologiia

Geshelin, S.A., 2001:
On the 80th anniversary of the Odessa Surgical Society (a brief history)

Sokolov, E.N., 2001:
On the 80th birthday of Evgeniĭ Nikolaevich Sokolov

Shalimov, O.O., 1998:
On the 80th birthday of Oleksandr Oleksiĭovych Shalimov

Knipst, I.N.; Korol'kova, T.A.; Livanov, M.N., 1998:
On the 90th anniversary of the birth of Academician Mikhail Nikolaevich Livanov (1907-1986)

Kulaev, B.S.; Chernigovskiĭ, V.N., 1998:
On the 90th anniversary of the birth of V. N. Chernigovskiĭ

Kaewpitoon, S.J.; Sawaspol, S.; Phandee, M.Chaimeerang.; Phandee, W.; Phanurak, W.; Rujirakul, R.; Wakkuwattapong, P.; Matrakool, L.; Tongtawee, T.; Panpimanmas, S.; Benjaoran, F.; Namvichaisirikul, N.; Jamkoa, D.; Joosiri, A.; Kaewpitoon, N., 2016:
Analysis of Risk Areas of Opisthorchis viverrini in Rural Communities by Using SUT-OV-001

Ozerniuk, N.D.; Astaurov, B.L., 2000:
On the 95th anniversary of the birth of B. L. Astaurov

Muñoz, R.F.; Hollon, S.D.; McGrath, E.; Rehm, L.P.; VandenBos, G.R., 1994:
On the AHCPR depression in primary care guidelines. Further considerations for practitioners. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research.AHCPR

Maiboroda, D.A.; Babaev, E.V.; Jug, K., 2001:
On the Alternation Effect in Substituted Indolizines and Their Aza-analogs

Jin, J.; Deng, J.; Liang, H.; Sun, C.; Guo, X.; Guo, J.; Bai, H.; Liu, H.; Zhang, N., 2018:
Analysis of risk factor of perioperative complications in patients with radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer and its influence on prognosis

Xiao, G.; Li, X.; Jiang, H.; Peng, Z.; Liu, W.; Lu, Q., 2018:
Analysis of risk factors and changing trends the infection rate of intestinal schistosomiasis caused by S. japonicum from 2005 to 2014 in Lushan city

Dawidowicz; Patrykiejew; Wianowska, 1999:
On the Anomalous Behavior of Alcohol Adsorption on Polymer-Coated Siliceous Materials

de Cicco, D., 1995:
On the Antimicrobial Activity of NO

Zuyi; Taiwei, 2000:
On the Applicability of the Langmuir Equation to Estimation of Adsorption Equilibrium Constants on a Powdered Solid from Aqueous Solution

Song, X., 1994:
On the Arabian imperial medicine--wu ming yi

de Lera, A.R.; Alvarez, R.; Lecea, Bña.; Torrado, A.; Cossío, F.P., 2001:
On the Aromatic Character of Electrocyclic and Pseudopericyclic Reactions: Thermal Cyclization of (2Z)-Hexa-2,4-5-trienals and Their Schiff Bases

Whitehead, C.C., 2002:
On the Asclepian spirit and the future of psychoanalysis

Lees; Xu, 1999:
On the Assignment of Optically Pumped Far-Infrared Laser Emission from CH(3)OH

Bull, L., 2000:
On the Baldwin effect

Yang, J., 1994:
On the Bama longevity zone and the local environment for survival

Tounissou; Hebrant; Tondre, 1996:
On the Behavior of Micellar Solutions in Tangential Ultrafiltration Using Mineral Membranes

Lagerge; Keh; Partyka; Lindheimer, 2000:
On the Behavior of Nonionic Surfactants at the N-Heptane/Silica Gel Interface: Influence of the Presence of Interfacial Water Inferred from Adsorption Isotherms and Calorimetric Data

Cheng, Y.; Gao, Y.; Chang, R.; Juma, A.N.; Chen, W.; Zhang, C., 2018:
Analysis of risk factors and classification of aortic fistula after esophagectomy

Arkes, H., 2003:
On the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000

Castilho, E.A.; Cohn, A., 2001:
On the Brazilian National Medical Educational Examination

Bernard, A.; Chevillard, J., 2001:
On the C(1)Sigma(+) State of LaH

Vilar, D., 1994:
On the Cairo polemic: a comparative perspective

Adamo, C.; Barone, V.; Bencini, A.; Totti, F.; Ciofini, I., 2001:
On the Calculation and Modeling of Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Weakly Bonded Systems: The Case of the Ferromagnetic Copper(II) &mgr;(2)-Azido Bridged Complexes

Mundere Sebuntu, 1977:
On the Colloquium on "Desirable Births, Family Well-Being and National Development", October 18-25, 1976

Miyajima; Mori; Ishiguro; Chung; Moon, 1996:
On the Complexation of Cd(II) Ions with Polyacrylic Acid

Lee, M.D., 2001:
On the Complexity of Additive Clustering Models

Nakano; Makino, 1999:
On the Cusp around Central Black Holes in Luminous Elliptical Galaxies

Matsubara, K., 2000:
On the DNA sequence determination of human chromosome 22

Kuenstler, K., 1998:
On the DPT

Tanaka, H.; Mohanty, U., 2002:
On the Debye-Waller factor of hexagonal ice: a computer simulation study

Cui, 2000:
On the Disappearance of Kilohertz Quasi-periodic Oscillations at a High Mass Accretion Rate in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries

Arvidsson, U.; Risling, Mårten.; Cullheim, S.; Dagerlind, A.; Lindå, H.; Shupliakov, O.; Ulfhake, B.; Hökfelt, T., 1992:
On the Distribution of GAP-43 and its Relation to Serotonin in Adult Monkey and Cat Spinal Cord and Lower Brainstem

Lin, J.Y.; Hartmann, W.M., 1997:
On the Duifhuis pitch effect

Catalán, J., 2001:
On the E(T) (30), pi, P(y), S', and SPP Empirical Scales as Descriptors of Nonspecific Solvent Effects

Sato, K.; Kamiya, S.; Okawa, M.; Hozumi, S.; Hori, H.; Hishikawa, Y., 1996:
On the EEG component waves of multi-infarct dementia seniles

McLachlan, G.J., 1997:
On the EM algorithm for overdispersed count data

Hennenberg; Slavtchev; Weyssow; Legros, 2000:
On the Earnshaw and the Van den Tempel-Lucassen Compositional Viscoelastic Theories

Yount, 1997:
On the Elastic Properties of the Interfaces That Stabilize Gas Cavitation Nuclei

Bencheikh, 1997:
On the Electronic Structure of FeF and Its Cations

Frank; Lemus; Pérez-Bernal; Bijker, 1999:
On the Elimination of Spurious Modes in Algebraic Models of Molecular Vibrations

Aullón, G.; Alemany, P.; Alvarez, S., 1996:
On the Existence of a Pyramidality Effect in d(8).d(8) Contacts. Theoretical Study and Structural Correlation

Reynolds, 2000:
On the Formulation of Lagrangian Stochastic Models for Heavy-Particle Trajectories

Claussen; Schneider; Koltchev, 1995:
On the Functional State of Central Vestibular Structures in Monoaural Symptomatic Tinnitus Patients (BEAM-VbEP Study)

Ohshima, 2000:
On the General Expression for the Electrophoretic Mobility of a Soft Particle

Ioannidis; Chatzis, 2000:
On the Geometry and Topology of 3D Stochastic Porous Media

Beattie, I.R.; Brown, J.M.; Crozet, P.; Ross, A.J.; Yiannopoulou, A., 1997:
On the Geometry of the CuCl(2) Molecule

Workman; Arndt; Pavan, 1992:
On the Goldberger-Miyazawa-Oehme sum rule

Cicchetti, S.; Saint Francis of Assis; Greccio, 1996:
On the Gravissima malattia agli occhi of Francesco d'Assisi in Greccio

Boldyrev; Simons, 1998:
On the Ground Electronic States of TiF and TiCl

Ploski, R.; Ek, J.; Thorsby, E.; Sollid, L.M., 1993:
On the HLA-DQ(alpha 1*0501, beta 1*0201)-associated susceptibility in celiac disease: a possible gene dosage effect of DQB1*0201

Hautot, 1986:
On the Hill-determinant method

Bulger, R.J.; Barbato, A.L., 2000:
On the Hippocratic sources of Western medical practice

Levin, B., 1996:
On the Holm, Simes, and Hochberg multiple test procedures

Schuurbiers, J.C.; von Birgelen, C.; Wentzel, J.J.; Bom, N.; Serruys, P.W.; de Feyter, P.J.; Slager, C.J., 2001:
On the IVUS plaque volume error in coronary arteries when neglecting curvature

Tyatyushkin, A.N.; Velarde, M.G., 2001:
On the Interfacial Deformation of a Magnetic Liquid Drop under the Simultaneous Action of Electric and Magnetic Fields

Nordhaus-Bike, A.M., 1996:
On the Internet. It takes a 'virtual village'

Anonymous, 1996:
On the Internet. Security alert!

Ganz, C.H., 1996:
On the Internet: education on the information highway

Schwarz, W.; Ischebeck, A., 2001:
On the Interpretation of Response Time vs Onset Asynchrony Functions: Application to Dual-Task and Precue-Utilization Paradigms

Halstead; Bouvier; Hansen, 1997:
On the Issue of Functional Form Choice in Hedonic Price Functions: Further Evidence

Gavras, H.; Gavras, I., 1994:
On the JNC V report. A different point of view

Katagiri, K., 1984:
On the Jinmensozusetsu by Katsuragawa Hoken--Holdings of the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden] (Jpn)

Faria, M.A., 1994:
On the Journal's new look and the right to self-protection

Aleksandrova, T.E.; Nosova, R.A.; Ustinova, E.I., 2000:
On the Kraup-Posner-Schlossmann syndrome

Angenent, S.; Haker, S.; Tannenbaum, A.; Kikinis, R., 1999:
On the Laplace-Beltrami operator and brain surface flattening

Mackay-Sim, A.; Kittel, P.W., 1991:
On the Life Span of Olfactory Receptor Neurons

Gupta; Nadim; Haj-Hariri; Borhan, 1999:
On the Linear Stability of a Circular Drop Translating in a Hele-Shaw Cell

Alonso; Sanz; Santamaría; León; Várez; Fernández-Díaz, 2000:
On the Location of Li(+) Cations in the Fast Li-Cation Conductor La(0.5)Li(0.5)TiO(3) Perovskite

Sternberg, S., 1992:
On the London equations

Hiess; Bonnet; Burlet; Ressouche; Sanchez; Waerenborgh; Zwirner; Wastin; Rebizant; Lander; Smith, 1996:
On the Magnetic Interactions in Metal-Be13 Compounds

Sajantila, A., 2003:
On the Maid Finland, the Neandertal human and shortly on the diet of Otz. Time traveling with the help of a molecule

Waterman, A.M., 1987:
On the Malthusian theory of long swings

Gill; Schastok; Soffel; Ruder, 1989:
On the Mashhoon-Theiss "anomaly"

Baumgarte; Shapiro; Shibata, 1999:
On the Maximum Mass of Differentially Rotating Neutron Stars

Pearson, N.; Burchell, P., 1996:
On the McKenzie approach

Terech; Rossat; Volino, 2000:
On the Measurement of Phase Transition Temperatures in Physical Molecular Organogels

Xi, Q-Sheng.; Pan, W.; Zhang, Q.; Qian, X-Guo.; Li, Z-Ping.; Gan, R-Bao., 2002:
On the Mechanism of Growth Inhibition of Epiregulin in A431 Epidermal Carcinoma Cells

Sammakia, T.; Latham, H.A., 1996:
On the Mechanism of Oxazoline-Directed Metalations: Evidence for Nitrogen-Directed Reactions

Sanchez, A.M.; Barra, Mónica.; de Rossi, R.H., 2001:
On the Mechanism of the Acid/Base-Catalyzed Thermal Cis-Trans Isomerization of Methyl Orange

Stratakis, M., 1997:
On the Mechanism of the Ortho-Directed Metalation of Anisole by n-Butyllithium

Li, X.; Chen, J.J.; Tanner, D.D., 1996:
On the Mechanism of the Reaction of alpha-Substituted Ketones with Allyltributylstannane

Li, Z-Hui.; Liu, D-Gan.; Li, Z-Ping., 1996:
On the Molecular Mechanism of the Tumor Suppressor Function of cDNA Clone p14-6

Ruckenstein, 1998:
On the Nature of The Liquid Expanded/Liquid Condensed Phase Transition in Monolayers of Polar Molecules

Li; Ray; Dey; Dey; Bombaci, 1999:
On the Nature of the Compact Star in 4U 1728-34

Kleindienst, 1999:
On the Nile Corridor and the Out-of-Africa Model

Hernández-Monteagudo; Atrio-Barandela; Mücket, 1999:
On the Number Density of Sunyaev-Zeldovich Clusters of Galaxies

Cousins, A.K., 1997:
On the Nusselt number in heat transfer between multiple parallel blood vessels

Kitzhaber, J.; Kemmy, A.M., 1995:
On the Oregon trail

Bulger, R.J., 1993:
On the Oxford Perinatal Care model and medical education

Frauendiener, J., 2001:
On the Penrose inequality

Malec, E.; Mars, M.; Simon, W., 2002:
On the Penrose inequality for general horizons

Fröberg; Ederth, 1999:
On the Possibility of Glue Contaminations in the Surface Force Apparatus

D.Giulio, M., 1998:
On the RNA world: evidence in favor of an early ribonucleopeptide world

Burrows; Guillot; Hubbard; Marley; Saumon; Lunine; Sudarsky, 2000:
On the Radii of Close-in Giant Planets

Minkwitz, R.; Schneider, S.; Kornath, A., 2001:
On the Reaction of Phosphorous Acid with Superacids and the Crystal Structure of H(5)O(2)(+)SbF(6)(-) and Me(4)N(+)HPF(5)(-)

El-Mabrouk; Sankoff, 2000:
On the Reconstruction of Ancient Doubled Circular Genomes Using Minimum Reversals

Marshall, J.A.; Jablonowski, J.A.; Welmaker, G.S., 1996:
On the Relative Reactivities of Allyl, Crotyl, alpha-Oxygenated Crotyl, gamma-Oxygenated alpha-Methylallyl, and Allenyl Tri-n-butylstannane Reagents in Lewis Acid Promoted Additions to Aldehydes

Schneider; Koch; Fuchs, 1999:
On the Reversible Conjugation of

Beeler, G.W., 2000:
On the Rim: the making of HL7's Reference Information Model

Xu, X.-J.; Wiesenfeld-Hallin, Z.; Villar, M.J.; Fahrenkrug, J.; Hökfelt, T., 1990:
On the Role of Galanin, Substance P and Other Neuropeptides in Primary Sensory Neurons of the Rat: Studies on Spinal Reflex Excitability and Peripheral Axotomy

Cannizzo, 2000:
On the Role of Irradiation and Evaporation in Strongly Irradiated Accretion Disks in the Black Hole X-Ray Binaries: Toward an Understanding of FREDs and Secondary Maxima

Corbin, 2000:
On the Role of Minor Galaxy Mergers in the Formation of Active Galactic Nuclei

Cordero-del-Campillo, M.; Verminus, 2001:
On the Roman god Verminus

Ulenikov; Onopenko; Tyabaeva; Schroderus; Alanko, 1999:
On the Rotational Analysis of the Ground Vibrational State of CH3D Molecule

Kuang; Liang, 1992:
On the Rácz and Szabados constructions of the c-boundary

Jin, J.; Chen, J., 1997:
On the SAR and field inhomogeneity of birdcage coils loaded with the human head

Jonsson; Wallin; Lindgren, 1998:
On the Singlet Spectrum of ZrS

Heath, 1999:
On the Social Psychology of Agency Relationships: Lay Theories of Motivation Overemphasize Extrinsic Incentives

Schryber; Polyansky; Jensen; Tennyson, 1997:
On the Spectroscopically Determined Potential Energy Surfaces for the Electronic Ground States of NO2 and H2O

Lance; Blanquet; Walrand; Bouanich, 1997:
On the Speed-Dependent Hard Collision Lineshape Models: Application to C2H2 Perturbed by Xe

Shanahan, M.E.R.; Carré, A., 2001:
On the Spreading of Glycerol Trioleate

Santiago-Rosanne, M.; Vignes-Adler, Mèle.; Velarde, M.G., 2001:
On the Spreading of Partially Miscible Liquids

Starov; de Ryck, A.V.larde, 1997:
On the Spreading of an Insoluble Surfactant over a Thin Viscous Liquid Layer

Nakanishi, Wô.; Hayashi, S.; Kihara, H., 2001:
On the Stability and the Bonding Model of n-->sigma Type Molecular Complexes, R(2)Z-X-X: Proposal of 3c-4e Description for Z-X-X in the Adducts

Del Pópolo, M.G.; Leiva, E.P.M.; Schmickler, W., 2002:
On the Stability of Electrochemically Generated Nanoclusters-A Computer Simulation

Jenkins, R., 1998:
On the State of the Public Health: the Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health of England, 1995: an example of increased visibility of mental health at a national level

Schröder, D.; Kretzschmar, I.; Schwarz, H.; Rue, C.; Armentrout, P.B., 2001 :
On the Structural Dichotomy of Cationic, Anionic, and Neutral FeS(2)

Otte, 2000:
On the Suggested Bone Flute from Slovenia

Aguirre, 1999:
On the Superradiance of Spin-1 Waves in an Equatorial Wedge around a Kerr Hole

Michalski; Hardy; Saramago, 1998:
On the Surface Free Energy of PVC/EVA Polymer Blends: Comparison of Different Calculation Methods

Li, S.; Tang, B-Yun.; Zhang, B.; Wang, C-Ping.; Zhang, W-Bo.; Yang, S.; Chen, J-Bin., 2018:
Analysis of risk factors and establishment of a risk prediction model for cardiothoracic surgical intensive care unit readmission after heart valve surgery in China: A single-center study

Koenderink; Kluijtmans; Philipse, 1999:
On the Synthesis of Colloidal Imogolite Fibers

Fricker, J., 1999:
On the TRAIL to a new cancer therapy

Baetu, T.M.; Hiscott, J., 2002:
On the TRAIL to apoptosis

Miyashita, S., 1985:
On the Taohsing chih-chi fang or the Taohsing's treatment, written in the sixth century, China] (Jpn)

Cheng, B., 1985:
On the Taoists' thought in traditional Chinese medicine] (Chi)

Machesky, M.L.; Wesolowski, D.J.; Palmer, D.A.; Ridley, M.K., 2001:
On the Temperature Dependence of Intrinsic Surface Protonation Equilibrium Constants: An Extension of the Revised MUSIC Model

Ryde; Svensson, 1999:
On the Time Evolution of Gamma-Ray Burst Pulses: A Self-Consistent Description

González-Diaz, 1989:
On the Tolman-Hawking wormhole

Yin, J.; Lu, Z.P.; Zhang, K.; Wu, J.L.; Gao, W.T.; Guo, F.; Chen, J.M.; Wei, J.S.; Wu, P.F.; Xu, D.; Jiang, K.R.; Miao, Y., 2018:
Analysis of risk factors and outcomes for delayed gastric emptying following pancreaticoduodenectomy: a single center experience of 492 cases

Kolb; Engelmann; Ziegler, 2000:
On the Unusual Electrochemical Stability of Nanofabricated Copper Clusters This work was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through grant No. Ko 576/10-2. One of us (G.E.E.) gratefully acknowledges receipt of a stipend from the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie. We acknowledge helpful discussions with Prof. Jacek Lipkowski, Guelph, and Prof. Uwe Kreibig, Aachen

Fong, B.; Stryjewski, W.; Russo, P.S., 2001:
On the Use of Pattern Fluorescence Photobleaching Recovery with Modulation Detection to Obtain Colloidal Size Distributions

Labajos-Broncano; González-Martín; Bruque; González-García; Jańczuk, 1999:
On the Use of Washburn's Equation in the Analysis of Weight-Time Measurements Obtained from Imbibition Experiments

López-García, J.J.; Horno, J.; Grosse, C.; Delgado, A.V.; Shilov, V.N., 2001:
On the Use of the Hypothesis of Statistically Homogeneous Suspensions in the Calculation of Their Conductivity

Hellaby, 1994:
On the Vaidya limit of the Tolman model

Danov, K.D., 2001:
On the Viscosity of Dilute Emulsions

Schlag, 1997:
On the Way to New Horizons: Telemedicine in Oncology

Cheng, 1988:
On the Wilson coefficient of the penguin operator

García-Expósito, E.; González-Moreno, R.; Martín-Vilà, M.; Muray, E.; Rifé, J.; Bourdelande, J.L.; Branchadell, V.; Ortuño, R.M., 2000:
On the Z-E photoisomerization of chiral 2-pentenoate esters: stationary irradiations, laser-flash photolysis studies, and theoretical calculations

Ecker; Grimus, 1986:
On the Z4 model of flavor mixing

Mandich, A.; Buckolz, E.; Polatajko, H., 2002:
On the ability of children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) to inhibit response initiation: the simon effect

Baranski; Pigeau; Angus, 1994:
On the ability to self-monitor cognitive performance during sleep deprivation: a calibration study

Liu, G.X., 1990:
On the academic contention of representative physicians of the Jin-Yuan period] (Chi)

Leeuw, F.L., 1987:
On the acceptability and feasibility of pronatalist population policy in the Netherlands

Spier, R., 1996:
On the acceptability of biopharmaceuticals

Anderson, A.B.; Prentice, R.L., 1999:
On the accommodation of disease rate correlations in aggregate data studies of disease risk factors

Johnson, H.A., 2000:
On the accumulation of small insults

Germano, G.; Berman, D.S., 1999:
On the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative gated myocardial perfusion SPECT

Moser, K.W.; Georgiadis, J.G.; Buckius, R.O., 2000:
On the accuracy of EPI-based phase contrast velocimetry

Matz, C.; Bauer-Brandl, A.; Rigassi, T.; Schubert, R.; Becker, D., 1999:
On the accuracy of a new displacement instrumentation for rotary tablet presses

Hynson, J.M.; Katz, J.A.; Mangano, D.T., 1998:
On the accuracy of intra-arterial pressure measurement: the pressure gradient effect

D.D.ene, Y.; Reynaert, N.; D.W.gter, C., 2001:
On the accuracy of monomer/polymer gel dosimetry in the proximity of a high-dose-rate 192Ir source

Fernandes, Cáudio.Pinheiro.; Glantz, P.Olof.; Nilner, K., 2003:
On the accuracy of some in vitro models for mechanical studies of maxillary removable partial dentures

Börgers, C.; Larsen, E.W., 1996:
On the accuracy of the Fokker-Planck and Fermi pencil beam equations for charged particle transport

Shannon, K.; Axe, J.D., 2002:
On the acoustic signature of golf ball impact

Nava, A.; Reyes, P.A., 2000:
On the acquisition of a human cardiomyocyte cell line

Atanassova, M., 2001:
On the acquisition of temporal conjunctions in Finnish

Bakels, R.H.; van Walraven, H.S.; Krab, K.; Scholts, M.J.; Kraayenhof, R., 1993:
On the activation mechanism of the H(+)-ATP synthase and unusual thermodynamic properties in the alkalophilic cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis

Trams, E.G.; Lauter, C.J.; Banfield, W.G., 1976:
On the activation of plasma membrane ecto-enzymes by treatment with neuraminidase

Ondarza, R.N.; Abney, R., 1970:
On the active site of the NADPH-dependent CoA-SS-Glutathione reductase from yeast and rat liver

King, P., 1988:
On the activities and influence of the British psychoanalysts during the Second World War

Góngora, L.; Máñez, S.; Giner, R.M.; Recio, M.C.; Ríos, J.L., 2001:
On the activity of trifluoperazine and palmitoylcarnitine in mice: delayed hypersensitivity models

Sugita, K., 1990:
On the actual conditions of medical care during the Nara Era] (Jpn)

Berl, 2000:
On the adaptation of renal cells to hypertonicity

Shatz, M., 2000:
On the adequacy of buzzsaws

Thewissen, M.; Rühl, A.; Enck, P., 2000:
On the adequate stimulus for rectal mechanoreception and perception: a study in cat and humans

Ferraudi, G., 2001:
On the adiabaticity contribution to the rate of outer-sphere electron transfers. Reactions of cytochrome c and related transition metal compounds

González de Aledo, A., 1997:
On the administration of fluor to infants

Lindh, L., 2002:
On the adsorption behaviour of saliva and purified salivary proteins at solid/liquid interfaces

McCourt, P.A.; Gustafson, S., 1998:
On the adsorption of hyaluronan and ICAM-1 to modified hydrophobic resins

Myers, N.Pauline.; Harris, M.D.; Myers, N.Pauline., 2002:
On the advantages of getting into a rut. 1930

Lachmann, M.; Sell, G.; Jablonka, E., 2000:
On the advantages of information sharing

HedenstrOM.S.nada, 1998:
On the aerodynamics of moult gaps in birds

Balter, L., 2000:
On the aesthetic illusion

Todd, J.T.; Oomes, A.H.; Koenderink, J.J.; Kappers, A.M., 2001:
On the affine structure of perceptual space

Kuciarska-ciesielska, M., 1982:
On the aged population: with regard to the Year of the Elderly

Parish, C., 2003 :
On the agenda

Lin, Y.; Liu, X.; Cao, D-Q.; Tang, J-H.; Wen, J-J.; Li, T-F.; Liu, P-F.; Xia, T-S., 2017:
Analysis of risk factors and prevention strategies of post-ERCP pancreatitis

Anonymous, 2001:
On the alert

Yerge-Cole, G., 2002:
On the alert for pregnancy-induced hypertension

Wang, Y.; Wu, D.; He, B., 1998:
On the algorithm for computing body surface Laplacians in an inhomogeneous volume conductor of arbitrary shape

O'Rourke, K., 1999:
On the alleged protective effect of stratification against "type I" error

Marsh, F.H., 1993:
On the allocation of critical care resources

Wang, J.; Li, H.; Liu, J.; Duan, Y.; Jiang, S.; Yan, S., 2003:
On the alpha --> beta transition of carbon-coated highly oriented PVDF ultrathin film induced by melt recrystallization

Knoche, H., 2001:
On the amount of prismatic correction in cases of angular ametropia and diplopia: a preliminary communication

Reyes, G.; Medina, R.; Castillo, E.F.; Herrera, J.E.; Tinajero, J.; Chaves, F.; Valdes, B., 1998:
On the analgesic effect of sodium diclofenac in pain-induced functional impairment in the rat

Nguyen, T.V.; Hillman, K.M., 2001:
On the analysis and interpretation of spontaneous variability of cardiac output

Lawson, A.B., 1993:
On the analysis of mortality events associated with a prespecified fixed point

Napolitano, P., 1988:
On the analysis of population distribution over a predetermined territory

Miller, J.; Ulrich, R., 2002:
On the analysis of psychometric functions: the Spearman-Kärber method

Lang, C.; Ohser, J.; Hilfer, R., 2001:
On the analysis of spatial binary images

Moral García, V.; Díaz Espallardo, C., 2001:
On the analysis of the cost-effectiveness ratio for autologous transfusion programs

Steinberg, I.Z., 1996:
On the analytic solution of electrotonic spread in branched passive dendritic trees

Orengo-García, F., 1998:
On the anatomo-physiological basis of trance and dissociation

Verstraten, F.A.; Aristotle; Carus, T.L., 1996:
On the ancient history of the direction of the motion aftereffect

Yasue, M., 1983:
On the ancient manuscript named "A Togoku-ohayashi-ninjin"] (Jpn)

Yasue, M., 1984:
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